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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 5, 2001 on GL
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Monday, February 5, 2001

At the Lighthouse:

Sam is climbing the lighthouse and is almost to the top. Tony says he looks like Spiderman. Sam slips and falls to the ground. Tony and Danny go to check on him and he is holding his side. Sam tells him that he is fine; he just had the wind knocked out of him. He tries to get back up and found that he had sprung his ankle. They don't want him to try again but he wraps his ankle and gets back up. He tells them that sometimes when it freezes the mortar will crumble and that is why he slipped. Tony tells him he has more guts them brains and Sam makes a little joke about Marah arguing with them when they get her back about taking their time. Sam starts climbing again and Tony looks worried. Tony asks Danny how many people he thinks Johnny has up there.

Sam is back nearing the top and is struggling. He stops, takes a deep breath, and keeps climbing. Tony asks Danny if he can be the first one in. Ray thinks he wants to be macho for Marah but Danny doesn't think so. Danny asks him what the real reason is. Tony tells him he doesn't want anyone else getting hurt for something that was his fault. He tells him he doesn't want anyone else taking a bullet. He rationalizes that Danny can't because he has a wife and a baby. Ray tells him that he is expendable and no one will shoot a priest. Tony tells him that his brother is not expendable. Ray tells him that his brother isn't either. Danny tells Tony he can lead them in.

Sam reaches the top and is securing the rope for the guys to climb up. One of the guards come up to the observation deck and Sam hides. Sam gets up and goes over to the guy, introduces himself and asks the guy if he is stargazing?

At the Bauers':

Frank tells Harley that something is going on but he can't talk about it. She thinks it has something to do Danny but says she won't push it. Michelle is making Frank's birthday cake and Rick comes in and he and Frank argue about who will get to lick the spoon. Harley takes Rick to the side and tells him that Frank and Michelle are hiding something for her and she can't stand it. Rick tells Harley she is getting her fire back and he is glad to see her spunky. She tells him she hasn't been that way since Phillip. Right on cue, Phillip walks in. Phillip gets the cold shoulder from Frank and Harley. He asks to speak to her and everyone goes into the other room. Harley tells him that there is nothing left for them to say, she will be getting her divorce. She tells him that he cannot change her mind. She keeps talking and isn't listening to him. He tells her that she is right and he is giving up. He said he thought they could fix things. He tells her that he loves her but realizes she can't forgive him. He admits that he screwed up and he wants them to be friends again. He wants her in his life and wants Zach to see the love and respect that brought him into the world. He tells her that he wasn't just stringing the divorce out to be in control, he was hoping that she would come around because he loves her. He realized that it was never going to work. He realized he could give her everything except for what she needs. He tells her that she can never be his first love but wishes it was enough for her that she will be his last. He tells her she deserves to be someone's entire life with no baggage. He tells her that is why he is giving her the divorce, no strings attached. Harley tells her that the guy who was just in the kitchen with her was the sweet man she fell in love with. She wonders why he can't be around all the time. Phillip tells her that he believes he is, she just chooses to look at him through the prism of Beth.

Harley is teary and Rick asks if everything is okay. Phillip tells him that everything is fine and that they will be no contesting the divorce. Rick tells them how sad it is but they assure him it is the best thing. Just then, right on cue again, Beth calls. Phillip says, 'Hello Beth'. Harley turns and stares. Phillip sits down and talks to Beth. Beth tells him that the kids are on their way home but she will be coming home later. She tells him that she and Edmund are sailing home. Phillip gets angry and starts shouting at her. Harley and Rick are in absolute shock at the irony. Phillip hangs up and starts yelling at Rick about Beth. Rick tells him how selfish he is. Everyone is yelling back and forth when Holly and Buzz walk in and ask how the party is. Buzz tells Phillip that he needs to leave because he is ruining his daughter's life and his son's birthday. Phillip tells Buzz that he ruined their lives for perpetuity years ago.

On the Royal Yacht:

Beth and Edmund are having champagne and talking about their trip. She asks how long it will take to get to New York. He tells her they can make it as long or as short as she wants. She tells him that she wants to watch the moonlight in the water and pretend that they are on a magic ship.

Edmund and Beth are dining. She wonders about her life now. He tells her that he thinks Jim would want her to be happy. She tells him that Jim was so good and she will never forget him. Edmund tells her that Jim wouldn't want his legacy with her to be tainted with sadness. Edmund tells her that he would like to help her have a happy life and he would give anything he could to do that for her. He leans in and kisses her and Beth remembers that she was supposed to call Phillip. She calls and tells him that she and Edmund are sailing home and that the kids should be home soon. Phillip starts to question her and she tells him her life is off limits to him and hangs up. Edmund and Beth are talking and she tells him that she is going to turn in. He bids her goodnight and she starts to leave. She comes back with that look in her eyes. Edmund tells her that 'it' wasn't the purpose of their trip. He tells her that he is willing to wait for her. She tells him that he said he would wait until she came to him. She walks over to him and tells him that she is there. They kiss.

At Olivia's:

Olivia is watching out the window towards the lighthouse. She is thinking about what Sam told her about his helping the Santo's family rescue Marah. He asked her not to tell Josh what he was doing. Josh walks in and he tells Olivia that he can't stand the waiting and wishes he knew something. Olivia tells him to call Frank. He hesitates but says he will.

Josh calls Frank and he tells him about the meeting. Josh asks if they need ransom money and if he can be there. Frank tells him that the cops will be there at a distance and assures Josh not to go crazy and tell Reva. Josh tells him he has to tell Reva but he will keep her calm.

Olivia begs Josh not to tell Reva about the meeting until they know everyone is safe. Josh tells her that he cannot keep it from her and Olivia reminds him that others are putting their lives on the line to save Marah as well. Josh stares at Olivia and realizes that she is really worried about this.

Reva calls and Josh tells her everything. Olivia is upset. She didn't want Reva to know. Josh tells her that they had to be honest and Reva had to know. Olivia said, "of course she did."

At the Lewis':

Reva and Shayne are crying. Noah is trying to hold them together. Reva called Josh and asked what he knows. He tells her what Frank told him and asked her not to go looking for trouble. He tells her to sit tight and he and Olivia will be over soon.

Josh and Olivia come in and Reva is yelling about wanting to do something. Reva goes to get on the phone to call Frank and Olivia yells at her to stop. Reva asks what she knows. Noah asks her if there is a rescue attempt. She admits that there is and that Sam left with his climbing gear. Reva tells her that she knows where her daughter is and asks her to tell them. She refuses and Reva tells her that she is calling Frank Cooper and Olivia can tell him what she is refusing to tell her. Reva yells at Olivia and tells her that if Marah gets hurt she is holding her responsible. Olivia tells Reva that if Sam gets hurt is she supposed to hold Marah responsible? She tells Reva that they should remain calm and try to support each other. Josh, Reva, Noah and Shayne are all staring at her.

Tuesday, February 6, 2001

At the Bauers':

The party is winding down and Holly mentions that it looks like a war had gone on in there. Michelle says that she wishes that Phil hadn't arrived to spoil the mood. Rick took Harley home and Michelle says Rick is a rock. Frank says guys would rather be thought of as dangerous and alluring then a 'rock'. Holly reminds Buzz that he promised her dinner and they leave after they wish Frank a happy birthday. Frank offers to help Michelle clean up and says he will call a squad car to check up on her after he leaves. She tells him she will be alright and he goes ahead and calls for backup. Frank gets a call from Reva and leaves.

Meta comes down and offers Michelle some chamomile tea to help her sleep. Michelle won't sleep until she hears from Danny or Frank. She trusts Danny to rescue Marah. Meta says it will take more than chamomile tea to calm her while working with Claire. Michelle thinks Meta is formidable and will hold her own. Michelle says she is also stronger than she looks and will use that strength to help Danny.

At the Lighthouse:

Marah is sitting blindfolded and tied. She is talking to the goon who is watching her and tells him she must be very intimidating to them to be kept tied up. She complains about having to go to the bathroom, being dehydrated and then of some pains she has. She begged the guy to untie her for only a moment. The guy comes over and says he would rather put duct tape on her mouth. Marah says her boyfriend will save her but the goon says with her mouth her boyfriend may have decided she isn't worth it.

On the observation deck the other goon is surprised when Sam comes over and starts talking about the stars. The guy wonders how Sam got up to the top of the lighthouse. Sam starts telling him about free climbing and how great it is except when it is freezing and the mortar cracks. Sam keeps the guy distracted while Tony climbs the rope. The guy pulls a gun on Sam and Sam asks him what his problem is. He just wanted to look at the stars and now he has a gun on him. Tony sneaks up over the railing and behind the guy and taps him on the shoulder. When the guy turns, Tony knocks him out. Sam starts tying the guy's hands behind him as Danny and Ray climb up the rope. Tony tells them that they got one of the men and there should only be one more. Danny tells him not to get overconfident. Tony and Sam are ready to go on to part two of their plan. Ray huddles them all together and they pray for the safety of Marah and themselves.

Marah is still complaining as Danny, Tony, Sam and Ray arrive outside the door where she is being held. Danny's cell phone rings and the guard goes out to check. Marah screams as she hears a shot. Tony comes in and unties Marah and she tells him she knew he would come. She was afraid he was shot. She thinks he is amazing but Tony admits Sam is the one who did the climbing. She thanks both of them. Sam thought they were toast when Danny's phone rang. Danny says it was the cops. Danny returns Frank's call and tells him he will bring Marah and Sam home. Frank says he will be waiting. Danny and Ray tell them that they all are going to the Lewis house.

On the Royal Yacht:

Edmund is kissing Beth, unzipping her top and taking it off. He offers to stop but she says no. She tells him she wants to forget everything and asks him to make love to her. The phone rings. Ed wants to get it but Beth tries to stop him. He picks up the phone and says he doesn't want any calls. He goes back to Beth and they sit on the couch kissing. A porter knocks on the door and tells Ed that Richard is on the phone with dire issues concerning the state. Edmund is frustrated and tells him to get out. Ed goes to Beth and tells her that he won't be long. He picks up the phone and Richard isn't happy to have been kept waiting. Ed says he was in the middle of something. Richard says that this is an emergency and a navy seaplane will pick him up in 15 minutes. Ed wants to know what to do with Beth and Richard says he will make arrangements for her to get back to Springfield. Richard tells Ed he now has 14 minutes and to be ready but won't say anything else. Ed tells Beth he has been summoned back to SC and the worst thing has happened. Beth looks worried.

Beth is dressed again and Ed apologizes for scaring her. He wanted this to be a special trip. Beth thinks this is unlike Richard and wonders why he called Ed back. They hear the plane getting ready to land. Ed doesn't want to leave her and she offers to go with him. She wants to be with him and Ed hugs her. Beth tells Ed it would just take her a few minutes to pack. Ed says he can't let her go. Judging from Richard's tone he expects a chilly reception and he wants her memories of SC to be of gardenias and horses. She says she can take a little reality. Beth says that Ed came through for her and her family. She wants to be there for him now, not because she is grateful but because she cares about him. Ed says he is speechless, which is a first. She is ready to go but he asks her not to argue with him. It would put his mind at ease if she went home to the children. Beth thinks it is potentially serious. Ed tries to make light of it and tells her he will visit her in SF in a few days. Beth wants to know what he thinks this is about. The phone rings again and Ed says he is on his way. He kisses her and leaves.

At the Lewises':

Olivia and Reva are arguing about the rescue. Reva wants to tell the police but Olivia doesn't want to interfere with the rescue. She says Danny asked them to stay out of it. Reva tells her she is calling Frank and picks up the phone. Reva tells Frank about Danny and Sam's rescue attempt and wants him to talk to Olivia. Olivia refuses to come to the phone. Frank says he will be there in 5 minutes. Reva is yelling at Olivia. Frank comes in and demands to know what Olivia knows. She tells him that she caught Sam with climbing gear and he told her he was helping Danny. Frank wants to know where he is climbing. They say Sam has no military training and can get hurt. Josh asks Olivia who it is that she doesn't trust. They are all trying to make her talk. Frank says he will call Danny.

The Santos' and Sam come in with Marah. Reva is hugging her. Frank confronts Danny and wants details. Danny tells them how Sam and Tony staged the rescue. Marah stands up for them saying they were hero's but Josh says Tony is the reason that Marah was kidnapped in the first place. Ray says he is proud of Tony but Josh says he has had enough of the Santos family. They get ready to leave and Marah tells Tony that she will never forget what he did. Sam tries to stand up for Tony and Danny, but Reva and Josh start in on him working with the mob instead of the police. Sam says Danny's plan worked and he is glad he could help. Reva says, "If you were my kid..." Olivia stops her and Josh suggests she take Sam home. Noah tries to make peace. Marah apologizes for ruining another honeymoon. Josh and Olivia are going to go home and Marah thanks Sam again. Josh hugs Marah. Josh gives the keys to Sam to go to the car. Olivia asks him if he understands why she withheld information. Josh tells her that he is angry.

At Company:

Buzz serves Holly a chilidog and sits across from her at the table. She asks if he is eating but he claims heartburn. She takes a small bite and Buzz says, "That's it, that is how you sample life?" Holly is offended and gets up to leave. She tells him he is rude. Buzz says he is impatient and he shares that trait with Harley. He says you get to see your DNA run amok in your kids. Holly says she had a lot of guilt after raising Blake but she learned in AA not to be your own judge and jury. She sits down and starts on her chilidog. She tells him it is very good and asks for another.

Holly has finished her second chilidog and Buzz teases her when she says the hot dog was better than Billy's barbecue. She asks Buzz how old he was when he married Nadine. He tells her he was 18 and talks about going to Vietnam and how he ended up committing bigamy with Lucy's mother. He tries to joke a little but he tells her she doesn't want him to be serious. Holly wants to go back to the other conversation. Buzz asks her what she plans for the rest of her life. She says she is going to run the newspaper and stay out of Blake's life. Buzz says he wants to run Company and stay out of his kid's lives as well. Holly prefers this conversation. Buzz wonders if they can keep this up.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001

At Company:

Josh, Olivia and Sam are at a table. Sam is trying to break the ice with a little teasing. Josh tells them all that he is waiting on Olivia to calm down before they proceed with this family meeting. Olivia tells him she is fine. Josh tells her that he is upset that she withheld vital information from him about Marah. Sam speaks up and tells Josh that if Olivia had told him they may not have been able to save Marah's life. He reminds him that he helped the situation by climbing the lighthouse and getting to Marah. Josh said he is glad it worked but is angry that he wasn't told. He thinks Olivia trusted Danny Santos more than she trusts her own husband. Olivia said that it isn't him she doesn't trust it is Reva and she knows he would have told her. Josh admits that he would have because he feels she has a right to know everything having to do with her kids. Things started to get heated and Olivia asks Sam to leave them alone. Sam tells them that he is going to see how Marah is. Olivia tells Josh that she understands what he is saying but she felt she had no other choice. By the time she found out, Sam was already committed and she knew she wouldn't be able to change his mind. Josh tells her that in the case of his kids he and Reva will be the ones to make the rules, not her. He asks her to admit that she was wrong but she doesn't. Instead she thinks they should just put down some guidelines for the future. Josh thinks that it is a good idea and tells her that he doesn't want to be treated like a child. She agrees. He tells her that they are a couple and should make all their decisions together. Olivia agrees again and asks if this is the part where they kiss. He leans over and kisses her and then tells her that he is going to see Marah and asks if she wants to go. She declines saying she doesn't feel like seeing Reva. She asks him if he will hear her out about Marah and Tony. He listens. Olivia thinks he should lighten up a bit because forbidden fruit always seems sweeter. Josh says he remembers how it is to be a teen. He kisses her again and tells her he will see her at the office.

At the Lewise':

Marah comes downstairs and Reva tells her that she has an appointment with a counselor for all of the trauma she had endured. Marah doesn't want to go all she wants to do is see Tony. Reva tells her no and then goes on to tell her how she is doing an exposť to show everyone what is really going on with the mob in Springfield. Marah begs her mom not to do that. She tells her that Tony is not a mobster and they don't have any proof that Danny is either. Reva tells her that they are all criminals. She tells her that they steal, extort and may even murder. Marah says that all Tony does is run Infierno. Reva isn't listening. Marah tells her that she believes she can't find a legitimate reason for her and Tony not to see each other so she has to do this. She tells her mom that she believes she is still upset about Olivia and Josh and since she has no one she doesn't want her to either.

The phone rings and it is Reva's assistant. She tells them to dig up all they can on the Santos family. Sam comes over and Marah goes to the door. Marah is glad to see him. He comes in and asks Reva if he is still enemy #1. She tells him that he should be able to understand why she would be upset with him and his sister. Sam says he understands but Marah is safe and that should make a difference. Marah reminds Reva that Sam and Tony saved her. Sam says that Tony was amazing and the bravest of all of them when it came down to getting Marah back. He wishes he could take more of the credit but without Tony Marah wouldn't be back with them yet.

Reva says that Marah is her daughter and she wants to protect her. If she shines a bright light on the Mob situation she feels Marah will be safe. Sam says that Danny is negotiating with the other families and it will make Danny look weak. The story will only make things worse and cause retaliation. Reva admits Sam has a point, but says Marah's relationship with Tony is over. Reva leaves and Marah is upset. Sam says he tried to help. Marah thanks him. He asks her if she slept okay. She says she was scared but knew Tony would rescue her and he did, thanks to Sam. Marah looks at Sam's bandaged hand and feels bad. He says the worst part is that he can't even brag about how he got hurt. Marah tells Sam that she appreciates what he did, even though they haven't been getting along. She is glad that he and Tony cooperated. He says he was happy to help even though he thinks she made the wrong choice.

Reva's phone rings and it is Richard with a story for her. She asks about Cassie and he tells her he has sent Cassie away for her protection due to political unrest. He is asking Reva to have his appearance on SC televised in Springfield. He tells her that he can trust her to handle it with sensitivity.

Josh arrives and Reva says she sees him now more often than when they were married. They go into the den and Marah asks again if she can see Tony. They tell her no and she storms off telling them she will just have to see him in secret then. Josh asks Reva if she thinks Marah will try to sneak around and see Tony. Reva says she does and then she makes a negative comment about Olivia and Josh says he was going to apologize until she said that. Reva says he married Olivia and now he is stuck with her.

In San Cristobel:

Richard tells Dax all these years he thought he was of royal blood. The second set of DNA tests confirm that Richard is not the heir, Edmund is. Dax tells him they don't have to tell anyone what they have learned but Richard wants to tell the truth. Dax offers to cover all the evidence so that Richard can remain on to the throne. He asks Richard if he want Edmund to rule. Richard says he can't hide the truth. That would make him worse than Edmund. Edmund enters and wants to know why Richard called him back and what is going on. Richard tells him he will be making a national television appearance at 6 PM and he wants Edmund there since it will affect him as well. Richard walks out and Edmund demands an explanation from Dax. Dax tells Edmund that his brother will address the nation and that is all he can say. Edmund says Richard interrupted an important trip and Dax is obligated to tell him what is going on. He is getting angry and says he isn't about to twiddle his thumbs waiting to hear the news with the rest of the nation. Dax is calm and tells him he can find something else to do. Edmund starts to reason and says that it mustn't be about him or Richard would have had him arrested by now. He thinks about Beth and tries to get her on her cell phone but can't. He wonders where she is, and then realizes where she must be.

The camera crew is setting up in the throne room. Edmund wants to talk to Richard about the appearance. Edmund asks what this is about and speculates it is about Cassie. Richard tells Edmund he is unfit to utter Cassie's name and to get out but to be back by 6 PM for the television appearance.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Beth comes in and asks where the kids are. Phillip tells her the baby is sleeping and Susan and Lizzie are at school. She turns her cell phone back on. Phillip wonders why she cut her trip short. She says Richard called Edmund back on state business. Phillip thinks that Edmund may be in hot water again. Beth doesn't want to discuss it and Phillip wonders how long she will turn a blind eye to Edmund's faults. Phillip tells her he is talking as a friend and somewhere inside she has to know that trusting Edmund is a big mistake.

Beth doesn't want Phillip to patronize her. Phillip says Edmund is evil, morally challenged, and unpredictable and Beth needs to stay away from him. He says she is a widow with three children who needs stability. She is relying on someone who is unpredictable. Beth says Phillip is calling her a silly twit who needs protection. Phillip tells her she needs some space. Beth tells Phillip he is the last one who should be telling her what she needs. Phillip tells Beth this is her chance to remember who she is. Beth wonders who that is. Phillip says the girl he grew up with. Beth says weak and passive. Phillip tells her no, she survived something terrible but she had the heart of an artist. She could look at something and make it beautiful. He reminds her of being in NYC on the run and how she made that seem wonderful to him. Beth asks Phillip if he doesn't think Edmund can bring out that side of her. Beth asks Phillip if he wants her to be alone. He tells her she hasn't been alone since they got divorced, she went from man to man and she needs time to be by herself. He asks when the last time she had time to herself to think. She tells him it was in San Cristobel . He wonders if that was when Edmund was seducing her. Beth is offended. She says she is not that girl anymore. Phillip tells her she deserves better than Edmund and there are a lot of people who would like to help her. Beth wonders if he thinks she needs some stability why he didn't provide it when she needed him. He says he left Arizona and she jumped into filing for divorce. Phillip accuses her of flipping out and having things her way. They keep arguing and shouting. Beth tells him she knows what she needs and she is getting it from Edmund. She doesn't owe Phillip an explanation. Phillip apologizes for upsetting her. He says he wants to help her anyway he can. He tells her that she has plenty of money in the trust fund so she doesn't have to worry about that. But he thinks she should let the family help her too. Let them meet her needs, not Edmund. Beth's phone rings, it's Edmund. He tells her he misses her and asks where she is. She tells him and asks him why he had to go back. Edmund says no one has told him yet. He speculates there is a palace coup and that Richard needs his help. He would rather be with her than helping rule the country. He reminds her that they had unfinished business and he asks her if she is blushing. She says maybe last night was not meant to be. He says that it will happen. The trouble will be over soon and he is very sure of them. Edmund tells Beth that it may be the best idea for her to stay in the same house with Phillip. She agrees and gets off the phone. Beth tells Phillip that she should move out. Phillip says that it is a good place for her to be and she can have the whole west wing. She tells him to stay out of her personal life and Phillip agrees. Beth says she will give it a try.

Thursday, February 8, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Richard is going over his notes for his international television address while the cameras are being set up. Edmund comes in and asks him when he is planning to tell him what is going on. He tells him that he was very rude to he and Beth interrupting their trip and ordering him home just to treat him like a servant. Richard tells him that he is sorry for being rude to Beth but that they are all servants to the throne. Richard tells him not to worry Beth will be able to see the broadcast tonight on WSPR. Edmund reasons that if Richard is having this televised internationally it must be serious. Richard sits at his desk while the cameras get ready for the broadcast. Edmund goes over and asks Dax if he knows about the speech. Edmund asks if he should run for the hills or if they will send a cart to take him to the guillotine. Dax tells him he needs to relax and stop thinking the worse.

Richard calls Cassie and tells her that she needs to stay in seclusion a few more days and when it is safe he will let her know. He tells her he has to go through with the statement and that he will call her after. He tells her he loves her and ends the call.

Richard sits down to do the broadcast and opens his notes. Edmund is looking over his shoulder from a seat beyond him. Richard greets the viewers and tells them that he has news of vital importance to San Cristobel. He says it is the most difficult thing he has had to do as their Prince but the only honorable choice is to come forward and trust in the good judgment of the people. He goes ahead to say that documentary evidence along with a DNA test has shown that he is not the hereditary heir to the throne. Prince George is his father but Princess Charlotte is not his mother. He was brought to the palace to continue the line of succession after the stillbirth of their first son. He repeats that he is not the rightful heir and that the rightful heir is his half-brother Edmund. He says it has been an honor and a privilege to serve them for so many years. Richard says only the peace of SC could have driven his father to such lengths but the deception must end. Richard continues by saying that he cannot in good conscience tell the people that his brother is fit to rule. He tells them that time and time again he has protected his brother out of love, thinking Edmund would never rule. He will present all the facts to the royal council and those facts will be given to the people so they can decide how they will be ruled. He thanks the people for their time and ends the statement. Richard turns to Edmund and they glare at each other. Edmund is stunned. He turns to Richard and tells him he will never forgive him for that.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Beth is talking to Lillian about her trip. She tells her that she cares for Edmund a great deal and without him she may have never gotten through the last month or so. She tells Lillian that she and the kids are going to start looking for a place of their own. Lillian says she is going to go back to work as well. Lillian asks why she came home so early and Beth tells her there was an important state matter. Lillian thinks that may be what Richards televised appearance is about. Beth didn't know about it. Lillian tells her that it will be on in a few moments and invites her to watch with her. They sit in the study watching. When Richard says that Edmund is the rightful heir to the throne, Beth jumps up and cheers for Edmund.

At Company:

David, Frank and Harley are at Company, discussing Marah's kidnapping and rescue. David is angry that Frank didn't let them in on what was going on. Frank tells him that it all worked out. David reminds him that next time he may not be so lucky. David wonders why Frank is trying to protect the Santos'. Frank says the Bauer's are involved with them too. Harley is glad that Marah is safe and says she will go visit her. Frank tells David that anyone involved with Danny Santos should watch their back. David and Harley want to know the specifics of the rescue and Frank starts to tell them when Susan walks up. She sits down with them and they order her some food. They continue to talk and Frank tells them all how Sam free climbed the lighthouse and lowered a rope down for the others and that is how they rescued Marah. Frank and David leave and Harley sits with Susan while she eats. Susan tells her that she doesn't have to watch her. Harley says that she doesn't have to go back to work yet and wants to spend time with her. Susan asks about her and Phillip. Harley says the divorce should go quickly. She is surprised Susan isn't happier about it. Susan says he is Zach's father. Harley asks Susan if she had thought about where she wants to live and invites her to live with her and Zach. Susan hasn't decided yet. Harley says she knows that Beth is her true connection to Jim and that is a bond for them. Harley says that before Jim died, Susan could barely stand Beth and now she can barely stand to be with Harley. She wonders if she resents Harley for being her only surviving parent. Susan thinks that Harley has been watching too much Oprah. Harley tells her about her feelings for Nadine and Buzz. Harley wants to reassure Susan that she loves her and isn't going anywhere. Sam enters and wants to know how she is. Susan kids him about being a super hero. They hug. Sam tells Susan about his climb. He says the guy that was up there this time was nowhere near as cute as she was the first time he climbed the beacon. He asks her about SC and Susan wonders how he could ever want to leave it. She tells him about all the things she did while on vacation. Sam says that it did her good and he can see the old Susan back in her eyes. Susan says Edmund helped out a lot. Sam asked if Eddie behaved himself? He thought Edmund would be all over Beth the first night. Susan says he was a total gentleman and a wonder why everyone thinks Edmund is so evil. Susan doesn't mind if Beth and Edmund get together because nothing will bring her father back and Beth has a right to be happy. Harley comes back over to the table and tells them that Richard is going to be on TV. They go over to the bar to watch the address. Meanwhile, Holly is outside Company wanting to go inside to see the speech. Buzz stops her and says he knows she came there to see him. Back inside, after the speech, Sam is cheering Richard for putting Edmund in his place. Harley thinks she needs to call Cassie. Susan is upset that Richard betrayed his brother on TV. She reminds them all that Edmund is human with real feelings. Sam says he always new Edmund would be the reason SC becomes a democracy.

At Infierno:

Danny and Tony are getting ready for a big meeting. Tony is upset that he can't spend time with Marah. Danny tells Tony her parents will never understand, that is why he is trying to change the way the family does business. May brings Abuela into the club. Abuela asks if something is different there. Danny assures her that nothing has changed and yet everything has changed. She comments that he has freed her from her imprisonment so she will cooperate with him. Abuela greets Tony. They are talking about the meeting. May is watching at the bar taking notes. Danny tells her he is having a meeting and they will open later than usual. He wants her to serve the guests a brandy and then leave for a few hours. She offers to stay but he tells her to go. May takes a miniature camera out of her purse.

All the mobsters start filing in and May takes a picture of each one. She leaves and Danny starts off by asking why Johnny would kidnap a little girl to get his attention when he has a phone to call him. Carlos says Johnny is sorry and will abide by the rules. Danny says Johnny promised that before, but didn't deliver. Carlos asks Danny to name his price. Danny says there is no price. He continues by saying the Santos family is out for good. Danny says he tried to bring them along and do business a better way but he is tired of dragging the rest of them into this century. His family is going out on their own and he wishes them well. He tells them to stay out of his way and he will stay out of there's. Carlos asks Danny if he is taking his people off the streets. Carlos says if he pulls his people, others will take it over. Danny tells them that is fine and repeats that the Santos family is out. Someone starts to talk and Danny tells him that he didn't call them there for a discussing, just to inform them of what is going on. Everyone leaves except the Santos' and Carlos. Carlos tells Danny that the men left there unhappy. Carlos tells Maria there will be big changes. Maria says she supports Danny. Carlos wishes them all good luck. Danny closes the door and tells them he feels great, like himself again. Tony says the guys don't really understand but they know they don't like it. He adds that once they figure it out, it will be open season on the Santos family. Tony says Danny just painted a big target on the backs of all their people. Danny says that all their people are off the streets and have been reassigned, so there will be no one for them to go after. The family is out of that kind of business and the rest of them can fight over the other everything. He tells Tony and Maria that there will be no more violence and they will live a long time and be able to be with the ones they care about. Tony is worried. May is on the phone with someone. She tells them that the mob guys are all leaving and she believes they need a debriefing in person.

Friday, February 9, 2001

At the Lewises':

Michelle comes in and scares an unsuspecting Marah. She says she didn't expect anyone to be there. She apologizes for being jumpy but says she has been that way since the kidnapping. Michelle tells her it will get better. Marah tells her that she is probably the only person she knows who truly understands. Marah says Tony told her that she was being followed earlier on by the same thugs. Michelle says the thugs go after anyone that Tony or Danny care about it. Michelle tells her that it hasn't scared her off and she is staying with Danny anyway. Marah says Tony is funny and exciting but wonders if falling for a Santos will lead to disaster. Michelle tells Marah that she wouldn't change anything and she truly believes Danny is worth it. She knows they belong together. Marah is impressed that Michelle can still say that after everything that has happened. Marah tells Michelle she makes it all sound so easy, but they are different. Michelle is not wasting her time wanting something she can't have. Marah says she is not Michelle and Tony is not Danny. People look at Danny and say he is a nice guy, trapped in a bad family. They think Tony is a thug. She says Tony is really sweet even though she has hurt him repeatedly. She would like to be the person that he sees her to be. Michelle says that Marah is the person Tony sees. She asks if Marah loves Tony. Marah doesn't want to say, she isn't sure she really knows what that means, but she thinks about him all the time and wants to be with him. The problem is her parents won't let her see him. Tony tried to convince her parents to let them see each other the day she was kidnapped. Michelle asks how about her? Marah doesn't see any way around her parents. Michelle offers to take her to Infierno with her to 'see Catalina'. Marah doesn't want to get grounded again and tells Michelle that she has already used that excuse. Michelle says the best way to break her heart is to deny her feelings. Michelle goes to leave and Marah hops up and decides to go with her.

At the Spauldings':

Lillian and Beth are stunned by Richard's speech. Phil comes in and tells them that Richard had to tell the country that he couldn't trust his own brother. Beth's reaction is that Richard is angry he is not prince anymore so he will take it out on Edmund.

Phil thinks Beth is crazy to take Ed's side. He turns and asks Lillian if she wants to jump in. Phil thinks Lillian knows what kind of man Ed is. Beth objects to Phil talking about her like she isn't here. Beth says Richard was just throwing around a lot of accusations without any facts to back them up. Phil leaves telling Beth she has problems.

Later, after Beth talked to Ed, she tells Phil that Ed sent his best. Beth tells him this is all a big misunderstanding and Ed is clearing up with Richard. Phil asks if Beth is staying in the house for a while. He says sooner or later she will see Ed for who he is and then will need help.

In San Cristobel:

Edmund calls Richard a bastard and Richard agrees that he is. Ed asks how long he has known and Richard says only a few weeks. Edmund is angry and tells Richard he had no right to summon the council. Richard dismisses Dax. Richard insists he has the right and says that he spared him for years. Richard did it because he knew how much Ed had suffered and he made himself believe that Edmund would change. Richard realizes Edmund will never change. He is a traitor to Richard and a traitor to his country. Tonight he is finally getting what he deserves. Edmund tells Richard he would be careful how he uses the word traitor since he falsely held the throne for years. Richard interrupts him with the news about finding Rourke and his revelations. Edmund says he threw away a monarchy because he is fighting with his wife. Richard says Ed belittled the throne and the monarchy, which was his intent behind the plot. Ed says Rourke is a liar and a traitor. Richard wants to have one honest conversation with him. Ed says Richard needs a confession from Ed because Richard has no real proof and he will have none because he, (Ed), didn't do anything. Ed wonders why Richard didn't come to him before he went public. Richard said it wouldn't have changed anything. Ed says someone was trying to drive a wedge between the two of them and now Richard is trying to dismantle the monarchy. Richard tells Edmund he is good. This is about who Ed is. Ed says it is about who Richard is not. Richard says he does not deserve to rule, but neither does Edmund.

Richard asks Edmund if he wants a list of all his crimes. Ed says no but assumes Richard would start his list at the age of nine. Richard says he lost a son; he lost a wife who would have died if he hadn't gotten there in time all because of Ed. How could Edmund be so flippant. Ed says that is the only way he could survive and he has changed in the last year. Richard says no he has just been biding his time and waiting for an opportunity. Richard says Ed cannot change when he is not healthy. Edmund says the view is different from this side, isn't it? Richard has only been on the other side for 48 hours and has decided if Richard can't rule, than Ed is not fit either. He denounced him on international TV? How far would he have gone if he had walked in Ed's shoes for a week? Dax interrupts and Richard leaves to meet with the council. Ed sits on the throne and his phone rings. It is Beth asking if he is all right. She is sorry and asks how Richard could do that to him. She asks if Richard apologized. Ed seems surprised at her support. Beth wants to come down to help him. Ed tries to talk her out of it but she insists. Edmund says some would say he has gotten what he deserved, one already did. He tells her he would love to see her but it is not the best time. Beth says she knows he has made mistakes but he is different now. Ed thanks her for the call and Beth says he sounds like a greeting card. Ed says when the mess is over he will come to see her and he has to go. He hangs up and the phone rings again. This time it is Susan and she is angry with Richard. She thinks Richard trashed him on TV. She thinks Richard is lying. She tells Ed to save himself the aggravation and just come back to SF. But that if he wants to be prince he should stay there and fight it. Machiavelli has some good tips. She tells him a lot of people know who he really is and she is on his side. Ed thanks her and has to be going. Susan tells him she loves him. Ed says he loves her and goodbye. Ed says when they all find out the truth, he won't have anyone. There will be no one to blame but himself. He looks remorseful for a second and then says, Richard, you did this to me and I'm not going to stand for it.

Richard is on the phone with Cassie. He tells her that he misses her and will call later. Dax comes in and Richard asks if there are mobs in the streets demanding Ed take the throne. Dax says there is not and that fact should show the people's faith in Richard. Dax asks how things were left with Edmund. Richard says it was their version of a loving embrace. Richard wishes he could believe that Edmund had not done all those things. Dax says Richard has all but abdicated and the council will be looking to him for advice. Dax wonders how willing he is to keep Edmund off the throne. An aide announces Mrs. Weymouth. She comes in and tells Richard she wants him to make no mistake about his brother Edmund. Mrs. Weymouth says she heard Richard's speech tonight. Richard asks Mrs. Weymouth if he was unfair to Edmund. Mrs. Weymouth says he was being too lenient. Edmund is guilty of treason, blackmail and her husband's death and she has the proof.

At Infierno:

Abuela tells Danny he turned his back on the old ways too quickly. He asks what her problem is, will she miss the money or the bloodshed. He reminds her that she has buried three of her sons. Maria says she has protected her three grandsons and wonders if Danny thinks he is really safe. Danny plans on watching his back and wants to protect his loved ones. Abuela says if Danny pulls back the business, does he think he can have the Santos family and his other family. Danny says no. Michelle comes in and greets Abuela. Danny asks her what she is doing there and she tells him that depends on him. Michelle tells Abuela it was nice to see her. Geraldo arrives to take her home and Abuela tells her to come by to visit sometime. Michelle tells Danny he got rid of Abuela quickly. Danny asks if she wanted to see Abuela and Michelle says Abuela is part of the package. Michelle wants to show Danny her latest sonogram. Danny tells Michelle she has to stop coming there, it is too dangerous. She puts the sonogram in front of him and starts massaging his shoulders. She says he is tense. She is trying to show him the length and size of the baby on the image. She can't wait to meet the baby and he admits he can't either. She tells him to come home to them soon. Michelle leaves.

Tony is working on the books and notices Marah. He is surprised to see her. Tony tells Marah he is worried about seeing her. Marah says they need a less public place to meet. Marah suggests the lighthouse as a meeting place and Tony wonders if she is sure. She says yes. He said he would find out the caretakers schedule.

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