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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 5, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, February 5, 2001

On the ship, Jake and Molly see a vision of Vicky in labor, delivering twins. As Jake stares at the spot where Vicky gave birth, Enos states that she gave birth to twin girls. Revealing that it took two days for the birth, Enos reveals that Vicky caught a fever and died as he reached shore. Jake asks Enos about the twins but he runs off. Later, Enos calls to try to arrange a rendezvous. Though Craig is persistent in his feelings for her, Barbara refuses to go to bed with him while she is still married. He assures her can wait but then makes plans to marry her for her money. Emily hints to Hal and Jack about Craig's role in an illegal activity. After some thought, Jack finally guesses that Craig's the owner of Flashdance and is unaware that the horse is worth millions of dollars. Caught out in the barn, Julia talks to Emma about her playing with dolls as a way to ease the pain she's feeling after losing her baby. Asking Emma not to tell Jack anything, Julia claims that he would leave her if he found out she was acting this way. Carly reconsider Lucinda's offer until she learns from Tom that Winston had huge debts when he died and, as a result, she's been left with ownership of a horse. Unaware of how valuable the horse is, Carly turns down Lucinda's offer.

Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Hal has an officer bring Adam into the station to question him about the cemetery incident. At first Adam tries to lie about it and then he gives in and tells his father that he and Abigail and Bryant and Jennifer were there.

Lucinda breaks the news to Bryant about his trust fund. She explains that his father has taken out a loan against his trust fund. An officer shows up and tells Lucinda that Bryant will have to come down to the station to answer questions about the cemetery incident.

Joe shows up at the farm with information about Holden's horse. Emma invites him for breakfast. Emma asks if they should expect Rose. Joe informs her that he and his daughter have had a long talk about Holden and his marriage and she won't be showing up there any more. Just as he says this, Rose walks in the door.

Jack walks into the barn and tells Holden that he and Hal have started an investigation into Flashdance. Rose interrupts the two men when she walks into the barn. Rose has brought good news for Holden. She and her father had taken blood from Flashdance and found out that he came from royal stock. She tells them that Flashdance is worth millions. Joe comes into the barn and makes Rose leave the two men alone. Jack leaves and goes up to the house to talk to Emma. Emma tells him that she is worried about Julia. She tells Jack about Julia dressing her dolls and thinking that they are real babies. Jack tells her that he is going to go home to her and have a talk.

Craig is talking on the phone and telling someone that he is going to marry Barbara and that is going to get him out of financial trouble.

Emily tells Henry that she knows about Craig's horse and she is going to tell Craig that he is in on it. Craig calls Emily and Emily tells him that she knows where his money is and then she hangs up.

Craig shows up at Emily's office. Emily tells Craig that she will tell him where his money is if he gives up his ownership to the paper and turns it back over to her. Emily walks out on Craig. Craig summons Henry and the two men go back to Craig's hotel suite. Craig jumps all over Henry about what Emily knows about where his money is. He tells Henry to find out because it not only means he could lose his job, he could lose his life! Henry leaves and meets up with someone in a car. He is telling the person about Craig threatening his life. The person he is talking to is Mei-Lin. She reminds him that she is calling the shots and he is to obey her.

Later, Holden is in the barn and he hears someone sneaking around. He grabs a pitchfork and hides beside the door. Rose comes slithering in and Holden jumps at her. She screams and then she asks if that is a pitchfork he is holding or is he just happy to see her. The wind blows and Rose is scared again. Holden tells her that it is only the wind. The wind blows the door shut and Rose jumps on Holden.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001

When Hal calls in Jennifer, Abigail and Adam for questioning, Bryant steps forward and claims sole responsibility for the break-in at the mausoleum. Lisa warns Barbara about the dangers of being involved with two men at the same time. Simon tells Lily a doctor has confirmed Katie's pregnancy.

A troubled Chris confides in Kim that he's in love with Emily. Katie gloats to Rose that she's carrying Simon's baby, which changes everything. Lily sadly tells Simon that they must stop seeing each other. Bryant tells Hal that he discovered Gabriel Frank's grave was empty--he must've faked his own death. When Chris tells his mother that Emily broke up with him, Kim counsels her son that finding one's true love takes time.

Katie taunts Rose that Lily will turn to Holden for comfort now that Simon is committed to his marriage. Lily tells Simon they have to think about their children and their families--their relationship has to be over.

Hal surprises Bryant when he recommends that the vandalism charges against him be dropped, because he cleared Adam and Jennifer. Rose tells Katie that she's suspicious of her pregnancy and warns her she's going to investigate. Nancy introduces Kim to Joe.

A bitter Simon blames himself for getting involved with Lily--he was only supposed to steal the diamond. I can't go on living this way, Barbara announces to Hal--I want a divorce. Simon tells Lily that Katie was right--she just used him--and asks her to leave.

Thursday, February 8, 2001

Hal reacts to Barbara's request for a divorce by blaming Craig. She refuses to believe that Craig had anything to do with her decision and asks him to move out of the house. Stunned to hear from Lily that she has decided to stop seeing Simon, Rose argues that she deserves a chance with Holden and urges her to fight for Simon, the man she loves. When Holden interrupts by bringing the kids back home, Lily is caught off guard by how close he already is to Rose. Alone with Holden, Rose reveals to Holden that Lily has decided to dump Simon now that Katie is pregnant. Meanwhile, Katie arrives at the garage with a gift for Simon and finds her husband drunk and upset. She opts to show him the gift at another time. Accusing her of not knowing what love is, Simon smashes a bottle and screams that she's ruined his life. She apologizes and then lays into Lily after he shocks her with Lily's decision. Simon quickly orders her to stop badmouthing Lily. Realizing that it was Lucinda who sicced the INS on them, Simon decides it's time to strike back and hurries out, pushing Katie to the floor as he drives away. Bryant updates Lucinda on his latest close call with the law and passes along Hal's message that he's willing to deal. Meanwhile, Gabe and Ruby break into Lucinda's place and search for valuables. They make their way out without being seen but unknowingly leave Lucinda's computer on, a mistake Lucinda notices when she returns home.

Friday, February 9, 2001

Lily informed Lucinda of her decision to end her relationship with Simon. Lucinda was thrilled with the news and she and Lily had a heart to heart talk. Lily was torn about what to do with her life and decided to leave town with the children temporarily.

A devastated and inebriated Simon drowned his sorrows at Java Underground. When Isaac cut him off, he left the bar threatening to give Lucinda a piece of his mind. Once there, the drunken Aussie drove his car full force into Lucinda's living room, almost running her down! Fortunately, Lucinda got out of the way of the deadly vehicle and escaped the incident uninjured. She was shaken and distressed however, when Simon jumped out of the car and informed her that it was "judgment day."

Julia overheard Jack making a date with Carly on the phone and was distressed when he lied about who he was talking to and where he was going. Jack left to go meet Carly, unaware that Julia was following him. At the boathouse, Jack told Carly that he loved and wanted her, but wasn't sure when Julia was going to recover from her depression about losing the baby. Unfortunately, he had no idea that Julia overheard their entire conversation. Jack was stunned when Carly mentioned matter-of-factly that Winston Lowe had left her a horse instead of money. Carly was ecstatic when Jack informed her that the horse, Flashdance, was worth millions of dollars. After Jack left, Julia vowed not to lose Jack again.

Craig received a mysterious phone call from a man demanding the overdue payment and ordering Craig to meet him in a Milltown alley. Once he arrived, Craig founds photos of his daughter and wife tacked to a wall with huge Xs that appeared to be in blood drawn over their faces. Alarmed, he called Sierra to make sure that she and Lucy were okay and warned her to take precautions and tighten security.

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