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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 12, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, February 12, 2001

Hal walks downstairs at his house carrying two suitcases. He sits them down and sees his coffee cup on the table. It says, "World's Greatest Dad." He picks the cup up and sits it beside Barbara's coffee cup that says, "World's Greatest Mom." Jennifer walks in and says that she knows that she is late for her curfew and she doesn't want a lecture. Hal tells her that there will be no more lectures. She looks down and sees that he has packed his bags. She asks Hal if he is leaving? Then she says, "No, daddy, no!" She runs over to him and hugs him. She says that he doesn't want to leave, she is making him leave. He tells her that Barbara is her mother. Barbara walks in and sees the two hugging. Jennifer says that she is saying good-bye, if that is allowed? She tells her mother that if she wants to make a fool of herself, fine. But she is not going to stand around and watch. She goes upstairs. Hal picks up his luggage and starts toward the door. Barbara tells him to wait. He turns and looks at Barbara. He asks her if she still loves him. She says that they share kids and they have shared a life, but she doesn't feel like she loves him anymore. He tells her that she is lying to herself and he thinks that she does still love him. He picks up the luggage and again and gets to the door. He turns around and tells her that he is leaving only because she has asked him to and he knows that he still loves her. He promises that he will make his way back to her because he feels that they are not a mistake. He walks out the door and leaves Barbara in tears. After he is gone, Barbara goes over to Hal's coffee mug and takes it to the sink. She rinses it out and dries it and puts it on the top shelf in the cabinet. Jennifer comes downstairs and sees her mother putting the cup up high. She asks, "Out of sight, out of mind?" Barbara tells her that she doesn't expect her to understand. Jennifer says that she doesn't know if this is a mid-life crisis, but she is going to tell her something that her father couldn't say. She tells her mother that she is selfish and she has made their home some place that she doesn't want to be. Jennifer gets her coat and her purse and she leaves. After she is gone, Barbara checks her answering machine. Craig has left a message that he misses her and wants to see her. Barbara calls him and tells him that she needed to hear a friendly voice and she wants to see, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. She makes plans to meet him and hangs up and cries.

As Simon is running his car into Lucinda's house, Lucinda runs for cover. She gets out of the way just as Simon crashes into her house. He gets out of the car and walks across the top of his car. He tells Lucinda that her judgment day is here. Lucinda realizes that he is drunk and tells him that she is going to call the cops. He starts in on her about how she ruined everything between him and Lily. Margo and Katie come running in since Isaac at Java Underground tipped them off as to where Simon may have gone. Margo sees that Simon has run his car into Lucinda's house and she can smell that he has had too much to drink. She puts handcuffs on him and takes him to jail. When they get to the jailhouse, Katie tells Margo that she can let Simon go now. Margo informs her that Simon has committed a crime and Lucinda will be pressing charges and she will not let him go. Katie says that she will pay the bail, how much is it. Margo says that it will be morning before they will know anything and Simon will be spending the night in jail. As they are dragging Simon off to jail, he is yelling at Katie not to worry and take care of the baby. She says, "Baby, yeah right." Hal comes into the station with his luggage and Margo goes over to him and wants to know what is going on. Hal tells her that he does not want to talk about it. She says that she wants to know what is going on. Hal turns to her and says that she can give her brother a message; he is saving a place on his wall for when he can nail Craig Montgomery to it. Hal walks away.

Molly and Jake find the cemetery where Vicky is buried. Jake is reluctant to go in and Molly tells him that she will be with him all the way. They walk in and start to look around. They finally find Vicky's headstone, which is marked "Jane Doe." Molly leaves Jake alone and he bends down and talks to Vicky. He tells her that he is so sorry that he couldn't have been there for her. He says that he realizes how scared she was when she was in the water. He adds that he was so very lucky to have known her and loved her. And last, he says that he will not stop until he has found the babies and she can be at rest and cross over. He hangs his head and begins to cry. Molly comes back and he tells her that he should have been there for Vicky. Molly reminds him that he didn't know and he couldn't be there for her. She tells him that he did all that he could. Molly is walking around the cemetery and she tells Jake to shine the flashlight her way. When he does, she sees two small headstones and she says, "Please dear Lord, no!" She bends down and brushes the snow and leaves away. On the headstones it reads, Baby Girl and the date is 11-11-99 to 11-14-99. Jake bends down and looks at the headstones and says, "These are my baby girls." He tells Molly that they lived three days and he blew it. Molly tells him that he didn't blow it. He asks her what kind of a man does not search the ends of the earth to find his wife and daughters. She tells him that he didn't know. Jake says that they are gone now. Molly says that she is not and she will be there to see this through with him. They hug and the man that found Vicky in the water finally gets to the cemetery. The man sees that Jake has found the grave of the babies. Jake says that he sees that his daughters lived three days. The man says that Vicky made him promise that he would protect the babies from the man that was after her. Molly asks if he even called a doctor? The man says that he called his wife's brother who is a doctor and he said that there wasn't any hope, only to pray. Jake says that they were premature. Molly says that there is something that she doesn't understand, why did he not tell the authorities after Vicky and the babies died? The man reminds her that he promised Vicky and he would do anything for that woman. Molly asks him why he ran off when they questioned him about Vicky. He says that he shouldn't have run off, but Jake had accused him of hurting Vicky and he would have never, ever hurt her. Jake apologizes to him for that and he thanks the man for helping his wife and children. The man says that he is glad he could answer their questions, now they can get some peace. The man walks out of the cemetery. Jake smirks about the getting some peace comment. He tells Molly, "Maybe in a hundred years." He bends down and touches the baby's headstones and then he turns to Vicky's headstone and touches it. He stands up and he and Molly leave the cemetery. As they are leaving, Vicky's grave begins to glow and you can hear her moaning, "No, no!!"

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Holden visits Lily to see how she is doing. He tells her that Rose told him about her breakup with Simon. Holden asks if there is anything that he can do for her. She tells him that there is, she would like to take the children and go away for a little while. Holden asks her if she is running away from something or somebody. She says that she just needs time to think. Lucinda comes waltzing in with travel tickets for Lily. She and Lily had talked the night before about Lily going away for a vacation. Lucinda tells Lily to go and pack she is leaving today. Lily says that she can't go unless Holden says that it is OK. Lucinda says that Holden will surely say it is OK. Holden wants to know what the big rush is for Lily to leave today? Lucinda says that she made the plans and Lily needs the vacation. Holden says that is will be OK, but he is suspicious of Lucinda. Lily leaves to go start packing and Holden asks Lucinda what is up? Lucinda tells him about Simon running into her house with his car and he was drunk and now he is in jail. She tells him that she wants to get Lily off on her vacation before she finds out so she won't want to go rescue Simon. Holden tells Lucinda that she has to tell Lily. Lily walks in and says, "Tell Lily what?" Lucinda tries everything to keep Holden from telling Lily about Simon. Finally, Holden gets a word in and tells Lily about Simon being arrested. Lucinda grabs her and begs her not to go to Simon. Holden tells Lucinda that Lily can make up her own mind. Lily looks at her mother and then at Holden and then at her children. She tells Luke to come to her and he walks over to his mother. She asks him if he would like to go on a trip with her? He asks if his dad is coming too? She says that it will just be him and her and Faith. He says that it will be cool, he can skip school. She says that his grandmother has arranged for a tutor to go with them, so he will have to do school work. He says that he would still like to go. She tells the children to go upstairs and start to pack. She looks at her mother and Lucinda says, "Thank you." Lily says that it wasn't her, Holden allowed her to make this decision. She gives her mother a kiss and goes upstairs. Lucinda says to herself, "It's going to work....this is."

Carly and Tom are out at the Snyder barn and Carly tells Tom about the horse being the only thing that her dead husband had left her. She informs Tom that she has found out that this horse is worth millions. She tells him that she needs his help in getting the ownership back to her. Tom has a lot of questions about the situation. Joe D'Angelo shows up with a gun. Carly introduces herself and reminds him that they had met at her cousin Molly's house at Thanksgiving. He apologizes and tells them that they are expecting trouble over the horse. Tom has questions for Joe but Joe tells him to save his questions for Holden. Joe leaves to get a cup of coffee. Tom tells Carly that he can help her file the paperwork to get the ownership started, but he won't take her case. While he was asking her questions, he figured out that Craig is in on the deal somehow and he tells Carly that he represents Craig and that would be a conflict of interest. Carly tells Tom that she needs to sell the horse before her husband's investor finds out and comes after the horse. Tom says that he wouldn't touch this case with a ten-foot pole. Tom takes out his phone and says that he can get Craig on the phone and tell him the details and see if he can get him to corroborate. Carly grabs the phone and tells him not to call him. She says that if he tells Craig anything she will have him arrested because everything she told him is confidential. Tom tells her that this does not apply to him, because he is not her attorney. She says that his other client Lucinda Walsh won't be very happy about it either. Tom says that he sees the light now. Lucinda is mad at Craig for messing with his son's trust fund and now she is out to get him. Carly looks at Tom and says that she will get her money and no one is going to stop her, not even Craig.

Simon wakes up in his jail cell with a whopper of a headache. He asks the officer outside his cell what is going on and the officer tells him that he tied one on last night and did some major damage. The officer gets him out of the cell and lets him make a phone call. Simon calls Lily but before she can pick up, he hangs up. The officer tells him that he needs all the help he can get with all the charges that are pending on him. He tells the officer that he forgot he has no one to call. The officer puts him back in his cell and Katie comes in with a basket of goodies for him. The officer takes the basket to search it before he can give it to Simon. Katie starts to give the officer some grief and Simon tells her to leave him alone and just go home. He tells her that he can use the time and quiet in the cell to think. She tells him that she is not going to leave him like Lily did. The INS guy comes in and tells Simon that he is in enough trouble to get him deported. Katie says that he can't do that because he is married and they are going to have a baby. The INS guy backs off and tells Katie that the next time he sees her she should be getting fat. Katie looks at him and he says, "You know, because of the baby." Katie snaps out of it and says that he is right and she touches her stomach.

Craig is having breakfast in the dining room at the Lakeview and he gets a call from Mei-Lin. Craig asks her where has she been he has been trying to get in touch with her. She tells him that she just got to Hong Kong and she hasn't found anything on Winston Lowe yet. He tells her to give her people a warning, if they harm one hair on anyone that he cares about, there will be hell to pay. She tells him that she will tell them, but she doesn't think that they will listen. She hangs up and turns and starts toward a door. Barbara walks through the door! Mei-Lin is not in Hong Kong, she is still in Oakdale. Barbara walks in and joins Craig for breakfast. She tells Craig about Hal leaving and telling him that she wants a divorce. Craig asks how Hal handled that? She says that he told her that he still loves her. Craig tells her that the next thing that she needs to do is tomorrow, go to the Dominican Republic and get a quickie divorce and sit on the beach and he can join her there. She tells him that she is not sure about this plan. She says that she has been through a quick divorce before and she knows that Hal has to sign papers before she goes. Craig tells her that he doesn't mean to push her and he does believe in family, but he wants her to get a divorce, so they can spend time with each other and not have legalities to contend with. Barbara is still not sure. He is trying to convince her about a Caribbean vacation and Carly walks up. She tells them that getting away would be a great idea. She adds that Craig needs a break from all his business difficulties. Craig flashes her a look and Barbara asks, "Business difficulties?" Craig tells Carly that this is a private conversation. Carly looks at Barbara and says that Craig's middle name is difficult. Barbara takes that as her cue to leave. Before she goes she tells Craig that since he is thinking of making some changes, he should consider his houseguests and she walks away. Carly comments, "And her middle name is snippy." Craig says that it is inconvenient to see her. Carly asks how the fortune hunting is going and Craig says, "Slowly, much too slowly." Carly pats him on his chest and says, "We all can't be winners." Carly walks away and Craig has a puzzled look on his face.

The last scene of the day: Mei-Lin, talking in an American accent on the phone. She leaves a message for Holden saying that she is from Animal Welfare and the police have instructed her to come and pick up a horse by the name of Flashdance. She adds that she will be there first thing in the morning to pick up the animal. She says goodbye and hangs up and gets a big grin on her face.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Molly is uncomfortable when Jake wakes her with a Valentine's Day present. Denise cautions Rose against getting involved with Holden. Holden tells Joe he's not giving up on Flashdance until Jack gives him the official OK. A gun-toting Mei-Lin orders Henry to help her pick up Flashdance at the Snyder farm. Molly explains to Jake that she didn't get him anything for Valentine's Day and is touched to discover that her present is a CD of songs for them to dance to.

Craig tells Emily he needs his money back because his family is being threatened. Emily reveals that Craig's money was used to buy Flashdance and suggests he talk to Henry about it. When Joe refuses to give up guarding Flashdance, Mei-Lin pulls a gun on an unsuspecting Rose and Henry flees. Enos is upset when Jake announces he wants to bring the bodies of Vicky and the babies to Bay City to be re-buried.

Vicky's ghost appears when Jake tries to leave the cemetery. Craig corners Henry until he confesses that Mei Lein was the one who set up Craig and is trying to steal Flashdance from the Snyder barn. When Holden arrives, Mei-Lin shoots Joe. Rose cradles Joe as he loses consciousness, while Holden subdues Mei-Lin.

Vicky gives Jake a cryptic message to "look at the stones--Molly knows" before disappearing. Molly realizes the babies' gravestones are much newer than Vicky's and remembers that Enos had a children's Band-Aid on his hand. After Chris turns down Emily's invitation to celebrate, Emily discovers Chris's Valentine's Day gift to her was a picture of the two of them. After Holden escorts Rose to the hospital, Craig slips into the stables and sees Mei-Lin being led away. Molly surmises that Vicky's babies are still alive.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Hal has it out with Craig at the Snyder barn but Craig denies knowing anything about Mei-Lin's plans to steal the horse. Hal lets on that he knows all about Flash Dance and then takes the horse into police custody. Craig heads to the hospital where he approaches Holden and asks how much he wants for the horse. Holden sternly reprimands Craig for the danger Rose's father faced because of Craig's horse. Barbara's disappointed when Hal, not Craig, sends her roses for Valentine's Day.

Simon is caught off guard when Grady opens the door to his cell and announces he's free on bail. Katie brings Isaac and boasts that she convinced Isaac to pay the money to free him. Isaac informs Simon that he expects him to come work at the bar doing odd jobs until he's repaid him for the bail out. Simon doesn't like the offer until Isaac laughs at Simon's crashing his car into Lucinda's place. As they leave, Isaac overhears Hal placing Mei-Lin behind bars. Mei-Lin worries when Hal announces that he's going to call the Chinese consulate and offers to tell him what she knows about Craig if he doesn't drop a dime. She claims that Craig killed Winston by poisoning Winston with an overdose of his heart medication.

Bryant explains to Lucinda why he had to break into the mausoleum. Tom stops by with the bad news about Bryant's trust fund.

Bob reports to Rose that Joe made it through surgery but advises her that recovery from abdominal surgery takes very long.

Friday, February 16, 2001

Bryant angrily searched Craig's suite for the forged trust documents but came up empty. Craig denied forging Lucinda's signature on the documents and suggested that she was getting on in age and probably forgot that she signed them. In a serious moment, Craig informed Bryant that he intended to "take down" Lucinda because of her interference in his marriage with Sierra. They argued yet again about the trust fund, as well as Craig's lifestyle and Bryant left in a huff.

Jake and Molly broke into Cloche's house to search for signs of the twins. They were about to give up when a jubilant Molly found a jar of baby food in a kitchen cabinet. Jake remained skeptical until he found two identical baby dresses in a basket of dirty clothes. Finally convinced, they raced to Cloche's boat to find them and found Cloche and his wife but no babies. Cloche insisted they were mistaken but a furious Jake demanded to know the whereabouts of his children. Suddenly they heard the sound of a child crying!

Hal called Hong Kong to track down Winston Lowe's autopsy. While Carly was at the station dropping off Parker, Hal questioned her about Craig's actions on the day Winston Lowe died. Carly assured Hal that Craig was nowhere near Lowe on that day and that while he was many things, a murderer was not one of them.

Jake and Carly made a date to meet unaware that Julia was listening on the phone line. To get back at Carly, Julia decided to tell Craig about Carly's plans to steal Flashdance from him. Meanwhile, at the boathouse, an ecstatic Carly celebrated with Jack after obtaining the necessary proof that Flashdance belonged to her.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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