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Monday, February 12

When Chris asked what Livvie was doing in his bed, she said that she wanted him to make love to her. Chris questioned her motives since the last time Livvie tried to seduce him she was trying to get information from him. Livvie said that this time was different. She said that Chris had been right all along about Jack and Lucy and Kevin. It didn't take Chris long to realize that Livvie and Jack had fought and she was using him to get back at Jack. Livvie admitted that that might be the case, but offered herself to Chris anyway.

Arianna was angry with Ben for talking about her having another baby so soon after her miscarriage. She said that it really wasn't even safe for her to get pregnant so soon. Ben accused Eve of putting those thoughts into Arianna's head and told her that the only way

she could renew her family's faith was to provide them with a legitimate grandchild.

Jamal walked into the Recovery Room and heard Alison telling Frank how much she could use some extra cash. That was all he needed to decide that he would take the drivers job that he had been offered $2,000 to perform.

Eve told Ian that she remembered everything from Christmas Eve to their time in the cabin. Ian was surprised and relieved to hear this until he remembered that he had a wife standing in his way now.

Chris covered Livvie and told her that even though he had wanted her for a long time, he didn't want her while she was acting like a spoiled little girl. Then, an angry Jack knocked on the door. When Chris opened the door, Jack pushed his way in and demanded to see Livvie. He was sure that she would be there because she always ran to Chris when she was upset. Just then, Livvie walked out of the bedroom buttoning one of Chris's shirts to cover herself. Chris played along like they had just slept together to anger Jack even more.

Arianna walked in on Eve and Ian. Eve left and promised to return soon when Arianna asked to speak with Ian. She told Ian that Ben had been to visit her and that he blamed Eve for his stay in jail. Specifically, Ben had said that Eve would be sorry that she crossed him. Meanwhile, Eve picked up an umarked package with her name on it from the nurses station. As she was getting ready to open it, Ian ran out and stopped her.

Jack knew that Livvie was only with Chris to get back at him. Livvie stood her ground and forced Jack to leave. Chris commented that Livvie was getting pretty good at making people think that they were sleeping together. Chris told her that she needed to start taking responsibility for her actions if she wanted to quit being a victim and told her that she needed to grow up in order to do that.

Just as Ian took away Eve's gift, the nurse returned with the card that was intended to go with the present. The box was a gift from a little girl that Eve had been caring for and turned out to be a harmless teddy bear. Eve was startled by Ian's reaction until Arianna explained that Ben had been released from jail and may come after her.

Eve and Ian went off alone to finish their conversation. Ian admitted to Eve that he loved her more than life itself, but his marriage to Arianna was a matter of life or death. He explained to Eve that Ben had come to take Arianna out of the country to kill her. Eve was horrified, but devastated that she and Ian could not be together right away. Still, Eve told Ian that she understood and Ian went home to be with his wife.

Tuesday, February 13

Lucy called Kevin over to tell him what had happened with Livvie. Kevin was furious that the secret was out, but didn't realize that Livvie was blaming him too until Lucy told him.

Chris spied on Livvie while she was looking in the mirror. Livvie started to cut at her hair with a big smile and put an equally big smile on Chris's face.

Eve and Karen hadn't seen each other since Eve said that she was going off to find Ian. Karen was eager to find out what had happened, but disappointed when Eve told her that nothing was going to happen. Eve confirmed the rumor that Ian had married Arianna, which completely confused Karen. She couldn't understand how Ian could have been so in love with Eve and then run off and get married to someone else. Eve kept Ian's secret and only told Karen that he got married because he thought that it was over with Eve. When Karen's confusion persisted, Eve got angry and told Karen to just drop it.

Ian told Joe that Eve had remembered what had happened between them. Ian expressed that he was so close to having everything he wanted, but it's not possible now. Joe couldn't believe that Eve accepted Ian's situation and was just going to leave it at that.

Lucy told Kevin how Jack was out trying to win back the woman he loved, but Kevin was more concerned with Livvie. Just as Kevin was getting ready to go out and find her, a changed Livvie entered the room. Wearing a low cut shirt, skin tight pants and sporting a new hair do Livvie told Kevin that he didn't need to worry about her. Lucy immediately commented on how Livvie seemed to look different. Livvie said that she was ready for a change and she had been shopping with her friend. When Chris entered the room and Livvie called him "Honey", Lucy and Kevin stood in shock.

At the Recovery Room, Mary invited Ian to bring Arianna to the Valentine's Day party that night. Mary was very eager to meet the new bride and had planned a special champagne toast for the new couple. Ian politely declined and offered to show off his new bride some other time.

Arianna was outside the Recovery Room looking in when Gabriela came upon her. Before going inside, Arianna surprised Gabriela by asking her when would be too soon to get pregnant after her miscarriage. Gabriela knew that their marriage was not real so she was very curious to find out what Arianna was thinking. Arianna played it off like she was just really depressed about losing her child so Gabriela tried to give her hope saying that maybe Ian would really care for her someday and a child might be possible.

Eve apologized to Karen for attacking her. Karen understood that it must be really hard for Eve to think about Ian and his new wife. They quickly changed the subject to Karen's life and Frank and her mom.

While Livvie went to gather some of her things, Lucy and Kevin blasted Chris for taking advantage of Livvie's vulnerability. Lucy said that Livvie is what Chris had wanted all along. When Livvie returned, Lucy tried to convince her that she belonged with Jack instead of Chris. Lucy and Kevin were quickly surprised to learn that Jack was Chris's little brother. Livvie and Chris took their exit by saying that they had a Valentine's party to attend. Kevin left shortly to go after Livvie and Lucy was left with her thoughts. Lucy decided that if she wanted the right people to be together she would have to take things into her own hands. She called Jack and told him to put on his best clothes so that he could take her to a party.

Kevin was so frustrated when he got home that he was talking to Livvie out loud. Eve came out to say hello surprising Kevin because he didn't know she was there. Kevin explained that Livvie was upset with him and Lucy and she was leaning on Chris for comfort and going to the V-day party with him. Kevin wanted to go over there and try to

stop her. Eve offered to go and help, but Kevin told her that it wasn't her problem. She decided to go along anyway saying that she may know a few ways to get to Chris.

Arianna was trying to fit in among the crowd at the party when Ian came over and told her that they would be leaving soon. Joe took Ian aside and told him that if he wanted this marriage to look real, he would have to play the part. Joe insisted that staying was the right thing to do, but Ian didn't need much convincing when the INS agents arrived at the party. Instantly, Ian took Arianna up to Mary and said that there had been a change of plans. He wanted to celebrate his love for his new wife and show her off to everyone.

Wednesday, February 14

In the middle of the Valentine's Day celebration, Chris and Livvie were admiring each other when Jack and Lucy showed up. Lucy had to stop Jack from taking his anger out on Chris and promised him that she would come up with a plan that would fix everything.

Just as Mary introduced the newlyweds, Eve and Kevin walked in to find Mr. and Mrs. Thornhart sharing a passionate kiss. Eve and Kevin tried to go back out the door, but Mary stopped them. Then, she took the liberty of making another toast, this time to Eve and Ian being alive and happy endings.

Kevin offered to take Eve home, but Eve insisted that they needed to deal with Livvie and Chris first. Kevin's first stop was to find out what Lucy was doing there with Jack. Lucy informed him that she was determined to make sure that the right people ended up together that night. Jack must not have been convinced because he left the party before even taking his coat off.

Alison and Jamal were sharing a Valentine's Day dance when Jamal spotted Travis watching through the window. Jamal made up an excuse and went to find out what he wanted. Just as Travis was leaving from making sure that Jamal was still in, Jack walked up wondering what Jamal was doing with a guy like him.

Kevin managed to get a moment alone with Livvie to let her know that Chris could ruin her life and he would be there if and when she needed him. Livvie seemed convinced that Chris was different with her, but allowed Kevin to lecture her anyway. Meanwhile, Eve asked Chris what he was doing with a young girl like Livvie. Chris maintained that he cared about Livvie and wouldn't hurt her, but Eve claimed that Chris wasn't capable of really caring about anyone. Chris dismissed Eve's accusations saying that she was just upset that her marriage was over and her lover was showing off his new wife.

Lucy had been so shocked to hear the news about Ian's marriage that she spit out her punch. Later, she got Ian alone to find out what was going on. Ian told her that love works in strange ways, but Lucy wasn't buying it. She said that she could tell he was still in love with Eve because he had been staring at her all night.

Jamal came back in and told Alison that he had got a new job that needed him to start right away. Alison was frantic that her big surprise for Jamal would be ruined so she called Frank over to assist. Frank told Jamal that he had a mechanic friend that was going to be needing some help and he had put in a good word for Jamal. Alison told Jamal that they had told the friend that he would stop by and gave him the address, but Jamal wasn't interested. Alison pushed, but Jamal said that he would just have to check it out some other time and went off to earn his $2,000.

Lucy convinced Victor to keep Chris occupied while Livvie went outside to watch the fireworks. Under the fireworks, Livvie ran into Jack. First, Livvie tried to return to the party, but Jack stopped her. He told her that if she what she wanted was to be even that she had succeeded and that she didn't need to be with Chris to get her revenge. Jack told her that all he could think about was her and that he really did care.

Kevin found Lucy and demanded to know what she was up to after he had seen Jack and Livvie outside. Lucy's only defense was that she was pretty sure that at that exact moment everyone was with the person they were meant to be with.

Frank called Karen and asked her to meet him at his place when she got off work. She arrived at his garage to find "Nellie" the big, ugly computer in it's new home. Karen laughed at how Frank had named the machine and she was completely caught off guard when Frank leaned over and pulled out a bouquet of flowers. They sweetly celebrated Valentine's Day with a kiss.

Stressed from trying to play the good husband all night, Ian went outside where he found Eve watching the fireworks alone. Neither said a word as they shared their own passionate kiss. Meanwhile, inside the party, Ben showed up and wondered where Arianna's new husband was. Arianna confidently told him that when they found him he would be convinced that their marriage was the real thing.

Thursday, February 15

Lucy and Kevin snarl at one another in the middle of the Valentine's Day party. As the couple's voices rise, the other revelers at the Recovery Room stop talking just in time to hear Kevin angrily declare that his marriage is over. Arianna offers to show a suspicious Ben how much in love she and her new husband are. Meanwhile, out in the alley, Ian and Eve are unable to keep their hands off one another. Chris intrudes on a quiet moment between his brother and Livvie, who icily reminds Jack she's no longer interested. Lucy presses Kevin to reveal the real reason he and his wife broke up. Alison confides to Frank that she's getting a bad feeling about the "easy payday" her boyfriend was promised. Ian tries to cover when Ben finds him in the alley with Eve. Livvie is overwhelmed when Chris supplies her with not only a place to live but also a new roommate in the form of her grandmother. Frank receives a call about a shooting in the warehouse district. Ben again threatens to kill Arianna unless she quickly produces a child. Chris quietly instructs Estelle's nurse to spy on Livvie. Having backed out of the robbery at the last minute, Jamal receives a surprise when he went to the bike shop to apply for the legit job. Kevin roughly confronts Ian in the alley, while Eve faces down Lucy in the ladies' room.

Friday, February 16

Gabriela encourages an obviously troubled Arianna to unburden herself. Kevin angrily informs Ian that he doesn't deserve Eve's love. Meanwhile, in the ladies' room, Lucy accuses Eve of ruining the lives of two good men. At the bike shop, Alison explains to an astonished Jamal how she's arranged for him to be his own boss. Arianna blurts out to Gabriela that she needs to have Ian's baby to prove to her dangerous family that the marriage is real. Kevin icily advises Ian to pack up and leave Port Charles before he does any more damage. As their quarrel winds down, Lucy grudgingly admits to Eve that they've both made bad mistakes which have hurt Kevin terribly. Confiding that Ian was the first man she ever kissed, Arianna told Gaby she does have warm feelings for her husband despite the peculiar circumstances which brought them together. Eve boards the first flight out of town. After drowning his sorrows in a bottle, a groggy Ian begins to take an interest in Arianna. Lucy learns that she might be pregnant.

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