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Junior learned of Tad and Dixie's betrayals. Leslie tried to kill Dixie, after shocking her with a tarantula. Gillian and Ryan headed for the mountains, but were stopped when Gillian fell ill. Leo admitted to Vanessa that he loved Greenlee. Mateo hauled Arlene back from the Caribbean, and all charges against Hayley were dropped. Adam offered to pay off Arlene's debt for stealing Vanessa's necklace, but only if she left Pine Valley for good. Roger told Greenlee that her birth had not been planned and had been a mistake.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 12, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, February 12, 2001

Aboard the Fidelity, Ryan reacted to the news that Jake had blurted out: Gillian was pregnant. Ryan didn't believe him. Jake told Ryan to "do the math" because he and Gillian made love that night on the yacht and they didn't use birth control. Jake told Ryan that he needs him to convince Gillian to take care of herself and his baby. Ryan said that there was no baby. Jake told Ryan that when she was at the hospital, he ran some other tests and confirmed the pregnancy. Jake tried to convince Ryan that she really needs to get some prenatal care and soon. Gillian was at the turret pacing back and forth. When Ryan showed up, she cried a bit before sinking down onto the bed. Gillian asked Ryan if Jake told him what they were arguing about and Ryan said, "yes, you were going to have a baby." Gillian ran to him and hugged him. Ryan asked Gillian if she wanted to talk. She told Ryan that she was so upset because she knew the child might not be Ryan's. Ryan told her that it could be. She told him that they always used protection and nothing is sure proof. Gillian told Ryan that she wanted to plan her wedding, she didn't want to buy baby clothes. She felt this was one stupid mistake that she made and this baby was caught right in the middle. Gillian said that she should have listened to her heart. Ryan said that there was a baby on the way and they needed to find a way to welcome it into the world. Ryan said that the child could be his. Gillian said that Jake wanted to do a DNA test on the baby. Ryan said that he will fight it and Jake will just have to wait until the baby is born. Ryan said that since her divorce will be final tomorrow, he and Gillian could go and get married this weekend. Gillian told Ryan that Jake was going to stop the divorce until he found out about the child. Ryan had a plan and he wanted to take the two of them out of Pine Valley. He wanted to pack their bags and leave. He told Gillian to name the place and the two of them would start over with the baby.

Erica and Bianca took Sarah into the emergency room. Erica told Joe that she is recovering anorexic and passed out on the way over. Erica said that she didn't know when Sarah had last eaten. Sarah said that she was scared and asked Bianca not to call her mother. Bianca said that she would stay there and not leave her. Bianca assured Sarah that the two of them would get through this together. After they took Sarah to a room, Bianca was pouring her heart out to her mother. Bianca told Erica about the first time she met Sarah and how scared she was because all Sarah did was stare at the ground. Bianca said that at the time she made a promise to make Sarah's life better. Bianca told Erica that she went for a walk one day and she saw a flower on the ground. She took it back to her room and put it in some dirt and gave it to Sarah. Bianca said that Sarah looked up at her and later told her that the day she got the flower was the day her life was saved. Bianca told Erica that they just had to save her because if she died, she would die too. Joe was checking Sarah's vital signs and said that everything looked good. He asked her if she was still feeling light headed and Sarah replied that she was felling ashamed. Bianca thanked her mom for helping her take care of Sarah. Bianca thanked her mother for not getting mad. Erica told Bianca that she wanted to help her anyway that she could. Bianca said she was wrong for not trusting her. As Bianca hugged her mother, she noticed Sarah's mother standing at the nurses' desk. Bianca pulled away from her mother and asked how Mrs. Livingston had gotten the new of Sarah's illness. Erica explained that she had called Sarah's mom. Joe was talking to Sarah's mother and was telling her that she was suffering from anorexia. Mrs. Livingston adamantly denied that her daughter was anorexic and claimed that she probably had gone on a crash diet to make herself look better for her new husband. Joe told her that Sarah was suffering from dehydration, exhaustion and depression. Her mother said that was ridiculous because she had nothing to be depressed about. She also said that she had a husband who loved her. Joe told her that the hospital has a workshop for parents of children with eating disorders. Mrs. Livingston said that would not be necessary. Mrs. Livingston went into the room to see her daughter. Bianca asked Erica how she could call Sarah's mother after she promised Sarah that she would not call her. Erica told Bianca that Sarah was sick and her mother had a right to be there. Bianca said that the only reason she called her was so that her mother would take Sarah away from her. Bianca told her mother that she was wrong about her, about ever trusting her. Bianca then ran away from her mother. Sarah's mother went into the room to see Sarah and tried to comfort her. Sarah told her mother that she could not go back to Ian because it was not the life for her. While Erica was outside the room listening, Sarah was telling her mother that she could not love Ian the way she is supposed to because she is gay. Her mother thought she was delirious and demanded that she not refer to herself as "gay" every again. In a fit, Sarah's mother walked out the examination room and passed Erica. Erica stopped her and asked her where she was going. She told her that she was leaving and going home. Erica told her that her daughter needed her and she almost died. Sarah's mother told Erica that as far as she was concerned, Sarah was dead.

Adam and Hayley were awaiting their arraignment. Barry was representing Adam and Jack was representing Hayley. Liza asked Hayley where Mateo was and she told her that he had something to do. Adam told Jack that they could not convict them because there is no body. Adam tried to convince Hayley that she did not kill her mother.

Arlene was in the Caribbean waiting on the fishing boat that she requested. She was told that it would be a couple of hours more because it had been rented out already for a fishing party. She said that she wasn't worried because she was sure nobody could connect her with the necklace. The waiter brought her a complimentary drink inside a pineapple. Arlene told the waiter that a back rub would go great with this drink because it would get out all the kinks. She sat back in the chair waiting for her back rub. The back rub started and she was really enjoying it until the hands did a chokehold around her neck. When she turned around, she was surprised to see Mateo. Mateo told Arlene that it was so good to see her. Arlene was in shock. Arlene looked at Mateo and said "small world." She asked Mateo how he found her and he told her "greed." Mateo told Arlene that selling the necklace on the Internet was not too smart. Mateo asked Arlene what happened the night on the yacht. Arlene told him that when she hit the "drink", it revived her and a very nice gentleman rescued her on his private yacht and she expressed her gratitude. Arlene told Mateo that she told him about how her family had turned on her and he took pity on her. He had taken her around the Caribbean for the past few months. Mateo told her that he dropped her because of her drinking and Arlene told Mateo that he had business back in the states. She started to leave and Mateo grabbed her arm and asked her why she didn't ask about Hayley. Mateo started to tell her about how she was pretending to be Arlene and how she had a nervous breakdown. Mateo told Arlene that Hayley wants to confess for killing her mother. He told Arlene that her sobriety was up to her. Mateo called Hayley and got Stuart on the phone. He told Stuart that he had good news but he wanted to tell Hayley first. He then tried to call Liza and when she answered the phone, she told him that she was at the courthouse with Hayley. Liza gave the phone to Hayley and Hayley told Mateo for him not to be mad with her. Mateo said that he was not mad and that she was "home free." Mateo told Hayley that he found Arlene, she was alive and she didn't kill her after all. Hayley told Mateo not to tell her lies and Mateo said that Arlene was with him and he would put her on the phone. Mateo handed Arlene the phone and told her to talk to her daughter. When Mateo's head was turned, Arlene hit him on the head with the phone and he fell to the ground. Arlene then disconnected the phone conversation. Adam and Hayley were ready to see the judge. Adam requested a few moments in private with the judge. Adam tried to bribe the judge while Barry, his lawyer, just looked on. When Hayley and Jack came in, they heard the judge telling Adam that he wasn't taking a bribe even if it would cost him a seat on the Supreme Court. When Jack saw Adam he grabbed his arm and asked him if he really tried to bribe the judge. Adam said that it wasn't a bribe. When the judge started to read the charges against Hayley and Adam, he was telling them maximum sentences were from 5 years to 30 years to life imprisonment to death from lethal injection. The judge denied bail and sentenced them both to jail until the hearing. Adam was fined $10,000 for contempt of court. Hayley asked the judge if she could speak and she told him that her family had already been through hell because of her and she didn't want them to go through a long trial and publicity. She asked to judge to accept her plea of guilty and she was ready to take her punishment. Adam jumped up and said that he would not allow it. Hayley tried to convince the judge that her dad did not do anything wrong. She told the judge that she was the one who killed her mother. The judge told Jackson that she would have her day in court in a few days and she could plead her case then. Adam started a fire in the garbage can and as everyone was trying to put it out, Adam grabbed Hayley by the hand and told her that they were going to make a run for it. The father-daughter team scampered out of the courtroom. As they rounded the corner, a voice called out for them to stop their escape. Hayley took a few more steps before gasping in shock. Before her stood Mateo and Arlene.

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

The mere mention that Mrs. Livingston thought of her daughter as "dead" both outraged and pained Erica. Mrs. Livingston, however, felt that her relationship with her daughter was none of Erica's business. "What if she really does die?" Erica asked pointedly. Surprisingly, Mrs. Livingston's hardened exterior started to crack. She softly mentioned that Sarah was her only child, adding that it sickened her that Sarah needed Bianca more than her. In the background, Bianca listened quietly from around the corner. Mrs. Livingston lashed out at Erica, accusing her of believing that she's more sophisticated and accepting of her daughter's alternative lifestyle. Erica bowed her head and confessed that she hadn't been as open-minded as Mrs. Livingston believed. Erica admitted to be "sick at heart" when Bianca told her that she was gay. Perhaps hearing Erica's candidness helped Mrs. Livingston open up because she fired back with a barrage of questions. She asked Erica if she believes that people are "born this way" and wondered if Erica blames herself for Bianca's homosexuality. Erica offered the woman some advice on how to talk to Sarah. She urged her to tell Sarah a story of the day she was born and to tell her that she's still the same person that she was on her very first day of life. Mrs. Livingston said nothing as she rose to her feet and walked back into Sarah's hospital room. Bianca emerged from hiding and approached her mother with tears in her eyes. Erica knew that her daughter had overheard her discussion with Sarah's mother. Bianca sat next to her mother and asked her for a favor. She recalled when she was battling anorexic Erica had told her that Mona's spirit was looking over her and protecting her. Bianca now asked if her mother could ask Mona to look over Sarah. Erica took Bianca in her arms and hugged her tightly, promising that her grandmother would surely look over Sarah. After they separated from their embrace, Erica told Bianca that she's afraid she'll be hurt. Bianca misunderstood, thinking that her mother meant that another girl would break her heart. When she stated that a boy could just as easily hurt her, Erica explained that she wasn't so much worried about a broken heart as she was with something much more serious. Erica feared that Bianca's safety could be at risk because of "the label" that had been attached to her. Bianca snapped that she believed her mother was only concerned about herself and that she was ashamed of her sexual orientation. Again Erica shook her head. She looked her daughter square in the eyes and said that she doesn't want Bianca to be ashamed of herself. Bianca's eyes again welled with tears as she smiled warmly at her mother and told her that she had taught her to "be myself every day of my life." Back inside Sarah's room, Mrs. Livingston was saying goodbye to her daughter. As Erica entered and overheard the farewell, she asked Mrs. Livingston why she was leaving. Sarah explained that her mother had some fundraisers to plan. Speaking for herself, Mrs. Livingston informed Erica that Sarah had made it clear that she did not want to return with her to Boston. Sarah meekly looked up at her mother and said that she couldn't carry on life with Ian. Mrs. Livingston nodded and said that she understood that and assured her daughter that she would not force her to carry on a life that was a lie. She told her daughter that she just wanted her to return home and be with her. Sarah smiled broadly and said that she'd like that arrangement very much. The two mothers stepped out of the room to get some coffee. After they'd left, Bianca promised Sarah that she'd visit her often. The two young woman held hands and breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Hayley smiled ear to ear as she spotted her mother. The reaction of everyone else was not quite as exuberant. "I tried to tell you," Mateo interjected as Hayley tried to determine if she was hallucinating. "It's me sweetie. I'm back," Arlene grinned. The judge exited the courtroom and happened upon the scene. He was shocked to learn that the supposed murder victim had somehow resurfaced. Since the fire had been extinguished, the judge saw no reason why the arraignment hearing could not continue. Still outside in the hallway, Mateo told Hayley that Arlene had been living it up in the Caribbean. Hayley was dismayed to learn that her mother hadn't planned to let anyone know that she was still among the living. Inside the courtroom, the judge saw no reason why Adam and Hayley should face murder charges. He did, however, wait until Arlene entered the courtroom to ask her if she wanted to file charges against anyone for her attempted murder. "There's a lot of blame on both sides," Arlene replied. "So let's let bygones be bygones." With that, Arlene turned and breezed out of the courtroom. She got no further than a few feet from the courtroom before running into Derek, Palmer and a wheelchair-bound Vanessa. Vanessa wasted no time with formality and immediately asked Arlene what she'd done with her necklace. Hayley slipped out of the courtroom and asked that Palmer and Vanessa lay off of Arlene. After all, she pointed out, Palmer's insurance company had already paid for the necklace. Vanessa questioned why Hayley was coming to her mother's defense. "She'd made a career out of seducing your husbands," Vanessa quipped. Hayley explained that her mother deserved a second chance... the same type of second chance that she'd been given. Mateo appeared by his wife's side and stated that he was inclined to side with Vanessa. Next to speak up was Adam, who said that he was glad Arlene wasn't dead because it had been playing havoc with Hayley's sanity. He did, however, let Arlene know that he loved the idea of her being "on the ocean floor feeding the fishes." Palmer continued to insist that Derek arrest Arlene for theft, but Adam stepped forward with another option. He told Palmer that he'd cut him a check for the price of the necklace - plus some additional money - if he agreed not to press charges against Arlene. Arlene was overjoyed, but she soon realized that there would be some strings attached to the offer. Adam told Arlene that she needed to sign off on their marriage and never return to Pine Valley. Mateo added that he didn't want Arlene to have any contract whatsoever with Hayley. Derek, meanwhile, reminded Palmer and Vanessa that it was their "civic duty" to make criminals pay for their crimes. Arlene reluctantly agreed to Adam's terms and conditions. Before signing off on the marriage, she headed back to the courtroom to find her coat. Palmer and Vanessa were quite pleased with Adam's arrangement. After all, Palmer had gotten his money back - and then some. Vanessa on the other hand was almost assured of getting an even better necklace than the one she'd lost. Adam and Liza were on their way out of the courthouse, but Derek blocked their path. Derek told Adam that he was going to be taken down to the police station to answer questions about the fire he'd started in the courtroom. On top of that, Derek said that he had suspicions that Duffy would peg Adam as the man who had hired him to shoot Vanessa Cortlandt.

In the bar at The Valley Inn, Leslie chatted with a bartender who warned her about creating any more scenes like she'd made the night before. As they talked, a man, presumably the hotel manager, approached Leslie and told her that he'd tallied her bill and expected her to check out within the hour. Leslie called the man's decision to give her to boot sexism. Furious with her impending eviction, Leslie tossed a cupful of coffee in the man's face. David raced over and apologized for Leslie's actions, saying that she was being medicated for an illness, before escorting Leslie out of the bar. David took Leslie upstairs where he informed her that Tad knew that she had Libidozone'd him. Leslie denied that she'd done any such thing, but her insistence subsided when David told her that the hospital had a videotape of her stealing the Libidozone from his office. Leslie was puzzled by the remark and said that she didn't know that the hospital had cameras set up in doctors' offices. David quickly replied that the cameras are hidden and that they are in place to protect the hospital from theft. Leslie seemed to buy the explanation and sadly told David that she was going to give up on her pursuit of Tad. Even under the influence of Libidozone, Tad had turned her down. Leslie said that she promised herself she'd cut her losses if Tad showed no sign of leaving Dixie. She flashed a frown at the doctor and said that she hoped he'd have better luck in his conquest of Dixie. David told Leslie that he'd leave her alone to pack up her belongings. Time passed and Leslie showed no signs of packing up anything. A little while later, a knock sounded on her door. Leslie allowed a man, whom she referred to as Staz, to enter her room. He told her that everything she'd asked for what in place and that it would only be a matter of time before Dixie was out of the picture.

Dixie sat in her living room looking happily at a floral arrangement. She read the card attached and learned that Tad had sent the flowers to her. At about the same time, Tad arrived at the house. He rang the doorbell rather than using his key to gain access. When Dixie answered the door, Tad reminded her that they had both promised to chaperone a Valentine's dance at Pine Valley High. Dixie agreed that their personal differences shouldn't interfere with a promise that they'd made. Tad looked into the room and spotted the flowers on the coffee table. He breezed past Dixie and walked over to check them out. "Kinda skimpy, don't you think?" he grumbled. Dixie smiled and said that she rather liked the flowers. Tad picked up the flowers and snapped that he found it reprehensible that David had sent flowers to Dixie on Valentine's Day. As Tad was about to toss the flowers out the front door, Junior burst into the room and revealed that he'd sent he flowers and had Tad's name signed on the card. After Junior left, Tad apologized to Dixie. He also apologized again for his rage the night before. He explained that he been given another dose of Libidozone. Dixie was surprised that Tad hadn't reported the incident to the police. Tad explained that he and Jake believed that David had somehow set Leslie up to cover for his involvement in the Libidozone fiasco on Ryan's yacht. Dixie was furious that Tad and Jake continued to believe the worst about David. Junior returned to the room with a computer printed Valentine's card for his mother. She opened the card and saw that Junior had printed out a photo of their entire family at a much happier time. Just as things were looking up, a deliveryman arrived with a large box for Dixie. Junior accepted the package and smiled in Tad's direction. He said that he knew that Tad would not forget to send Dixie flowers. Tad's silence clued Junior into the fact that he hadn't sent them. Junior threw the flowers to the ground and raced out of the house. Tad chased after the boy to talk to him. Dixie, meanwhile, decided to at least see what had been delivered in the box. She carefully removed the red ribbon around the box and gasped upon seeing the long-stemmed red roses inside. Oddly, there was no card. Dixie decided to poke around inside the poke for a card. As she pushed some of the roses aside, a tarantula crawled out of the box. Dixie threw the box across the room and screamed loudly. Her breathing became heavy as she continued to scream in horror.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Gillian and Ryan were cuddling in bed in the turret and discussed leaving Pine Valley and starting fresh somewhere else. Gillian said she couldn't ask him to give up everything he'd worked for, but Ryan said he could and would give everything up for her. She was amazed that he would give everything up for the baby she's carrying and he said that as long as he had her, he had everything. Gillian said she just didn't know what to do, that she felt as though she'd spoiled everything. Ryan asked her if she wanted this baby. She told him about a dream she'd had the night before, that the baby was his. But then she woke up and remembered it was probably Jake's. Ryan protested that there was a possibility that the baby was his but Gillian was afraid to hope for that. Ryan told her that as far as he was concerned the baby was theirs and that every time he hears the child laugh, he'll hear her laugh. He asked if she'd let herself celebrate having a baby growing inside her. Gillian finally got excited and said joyfully "I'm going to be a mother!". Ryan told her he'd be there every step of the way. They talked about diapers, homework, teaching their child how to ride a bike. They each told the other what a great parent they will be and fell back into bed together. Afterwards they were getting dressed and Gillian looked pensive. Ryan asked what she was thinking and she replied that their lives are going to change forever. He offered again to take her away from Pine Valley, forever or just for a short time, until she feels strong enough to face Jake. She said "Let's do it! Right now!" and they ran out of the turret.

At the Valentine Party, Tina told Leo that she'd gotten a message from Ryan that he wasn't coming. This left Leo as host of the event, much to his dismay. He tried to get Tina to take over the duties for him but she refused --- though she did agree to help him. Greenlee walked in and asked where Ryan was. Leo said Ryan wasn't coming and that he was the host for the evening. She scoffed at that and then offered her help. Before Leo could turn her down Laura showed up, dressed to kill. Leo was most impressed, telling her she was "incredibly hot" and kissed her. Greenlee was annoyed and left the party. Leo told Laura about being the man in charge of the party. Laura handed him a Valentine Day card and Leo was very touched, saying no one had ever given him a Valentine day card before. He handed her something and Laura thought it was going to be a similar card but it turned out to be cash for her first gig as the official photographer for She was less than pleased. He apologized for not getting a card, saying he'd been busy getting ready for this function. They briefly discussed Ryan's absence. Becca came over and explained the raffle contest they were holding. Everyone attending the party could put their most incredible dream on a card and put it in a drum. At some point in the evening one dream would be drawn and that person would win their dream, courtesy of While Becca was talking about the raffle the high school girl group (Mindy, Heather, etc.) came bounding in. Leo asked if they weren't supposed to be at the high school dance but they said the boys there were too immature. They tried to hit on Leo, who flatly turned them down. Leo and Laura went back to discussing the contest and Laura said she's never been lucky at things like this, all the while her fingers are crossed behind her back. When it was time for the drawing, Leo stood up and thanked everyone for coming and playing the raffle. He asked for last minute entries and Laura kissed her dream and put it in the drum. As the guests cheer, the drum spun round and round. Leo pulled the winning card out of the drum and announced that the winner was number 312. Mindy jumped up and ran to him. Her dream was to have a romantic date with Leo. Leo looked over at Laura's frowning face and announced that he'd have to disqualify the dream because he, was an Incredible Dream's employee, was not eligible to be part of the dream. The crowd insisted that Leo look the other way, so Leo agreed. "One dream, coming right up!" Mindy was thrilled and Laura was not happy. Laura asked if she could buy Mindy's dream for $200. Mindy didn't have to think long about her answer. Before the deal could be sealed, Greenlee appeared and offered Mindy $2000. Laura said she couldn't compete and bowed out of the dream-buying Greenlee handed Mindy a check, saying "Dreams really can come true."

Adam Junior walked in the party early on and looked around the room. Tad found him, admitting that he followed Junior when he left the house. Junior said he had nothing to talk about; he just wanted Dr. Hayward out of their lives. Junior got upset and ran out of the party with Tad close on his heels. They ended up in the park where Junior demanded that Tad leave him alone. Tad asked him to stop walking away from him, but Junior asked why Tad didn't do something about the situation with his mom. He wanted to know why Tad and his mom were acting so strange and asked if Dixie might be the person to blame. Tad told him not to blame his mother. He admitted that he'd made the mistakes; this was his fault. Junior asked if Tad had cheated on Dixie. Tad softly confirmed Junior's suspicions. Tad tried to explain how the incident happened. He told Junior about the yacht party, fighting with Dixie and then the Libidozone. Tad said he wasn't proud of what he did and that it was just that "one stupid time." Junior wanted to know why Tad couldn't fix things, and asked how David fit into the puzzle. Rather matter-of-factly, Junior asked if his mother and David had slept together. Tad declined to answer, telling Junior that this was a question he needed to take up with his mother. Junior got very upset and told Tad that everything was his fault -- that he had trusted him and he lied to him. He broke down sobbing in Tad's arms. Tad swore to Junior that everything would be okay. Tad admitted again that he was at fault here. Junior wanted to know what would happen to them and Tad said he didn't know. He told Junior how sorry he was, and that this whole thing should never have happened. Junior asked Tad if his mother and Dr. Hayward were dating and Tad told him no. "Don't blame your mother, it's my fault" Junior was told. Junior said he'd always thought of his mom as perfect and Tad said she was the closest thing to perfection. Tad told Junior it was time to go home, but Junior asked if he could go to Jamie and Brooke's house instead. Tad agreed.

At the Valley Inn, the manager handed Leslie her bill, including damages. Leslie was very angry and stomped out of the hotel.

David walked into Dixie's living room to find her screaming hysterically about the spider she'd received in her roses. He reached under a chair to grab it and yelped in pain. Dixie feared that he'd been bitten. In actuality, the "spider" David found turned out to be a harmless hockey puck. The spider scurried across the floor and David was horrified "What the hell?!!". Apparently, David had mistakenly thought that Dixie's spider was a run-of-the-mill house spider --- not a tarantula. Dixie handed David a letter opener and begged him to kill the spider. David's hesitance signaled to Dixie that he was afraid of spiders too. They got a trashcan to trap the spider and David put a book on top to keep it from escaping. They plopped down on the couch and Dixie reached over to run her fingers up David's neck. He yelped in surprise and jumped off the couch. They both laughed, but David asked Dixie not to tell anyone that he's afraid of spiders. They began kissing but Dixie stopped him, saying, "not here, not now." He agreed and took the trapped spider outside. Dixie sat on the couch with her head in her hands and David told her that the creature was gone and she was safe. But she said she wasn't safe. She told him about Tad being there and how they were to chaperone Junior's dance. She then showed David the Valentine card Junior had made her with the family picture. "How selfish can I be?" she wondered. David told her she was allowed to find her own happiness, to be her own person. She said if it hurts her son that's not the person she wants to be. She got upset with him for sending her the flowers, and he told her he hadn't done it, he knew better. They concluded it was Leslie who'd sent the roses and the spider. Dixie told him that Leslie had given Tad a dose of Libidozone and David said she'd been the one who'd poisoned the whole yacht full of people. Dixie thought Tad was in danger but David tried to convince her it was actually herself that was the object of Leslie's fury. He attempted to get Dixie to stay with him at the Inn until Leslie was out of their lives but she refused. She told him that she couldn't just pick up and go to the Valley Inn with him but David asked if she wanted to put Junior at risk. She promised to keep an eye on Junior and that they'd be fine. David promised her that he'd get Leslie out her life. He then handed her a Valentine's Day gift, a gold heart necklace. She told him he shouldn't have but David said "Now that I found my heart, it's yours". Dixie was touched and said she'd cherish it. He reminded her to watch out for Leslie then left Dixie alone. Dixie looked at the necklace again and her face showed her confusion. She started to clean up the flowers off the floor and heard a noise at the front door. She called out for Junior or Tad but got no answer. She went back to picking things up and heard a cry. She opened the door and found Leslie on the ground. Leslie reached up and begged Dixie to help her.

David went back to the Inn and found the manager in the bar. He asked if the man had seen Leslie and was told that she'd been given her bill and that she had said she was leaving Pine Valley for good. This made David happy.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

At BJ's, Leo asked an unamused Laura if she would let him handle Greenlee his way. Laura stormed out and told him he could do whatever he wanted. "Another blow to Laura's dismal life," Greenlee mused, as she came up behind Leo. She assured him that Laura would get over him, just as Becca had. Suddenly, Leo saw Ryan and Gillian enter the restaurant and he walked over to them. He explained what had just happened and Ryan told him that he was on his way to the mountains. Leo reluctantly agreed to handle the party himself and the pair left. Greenlee asked Leo if they could leave, but he resisted. He got everyone's attention so they could "witness a $2000 kiss" and he planted one on Greenlee. When it was over, he jumped back and announced to an astonished Greenlee and the gaggle of onlookers that their $2000 date was over. He declared that he didn't love Greenlee anymore and walked away. Tina informed everyone that the drinks were still on the house and the group dispersed. Jake walked up to Greenlee and reminded her of the advice he had given her in the hospital about "cutting (her) losses with Leo." Greenlee replied that she didn't appreciate his advice and informed him that he was in no position to lecture her, seeing as Gillian, the love of his life, just left with Ryan, the love of her life. Jake reluctantly agreed that if he was in love with someone as much as she was in love with Leo, he might have done the same thing. He offered to buy Greenlee a drink and, as she watched Leo leave BJ's, she asked if they could leave.

Liza rushed into the Valley Inn to meet Tad. She told him that Adam had been charged with some felonies but Tad was too upset to offer any sympathies. He informed Liza that, because of Leslie and David, he had lost his family forever. Tad retold to a surprised Liza his conversation with Junior in the park. She sat in disbelief as he told her that Junior had figured out that his mother had slept with David Hayward. When Liza asked why he didn't lie to him, Tad replied that he could never lie to Junior. Liza reasoned that the bond between him and Dixie was strong and she wasn't convinced that he had lost his wife and family. She told Tad that David had "snaked his way into Dixie's life when she was most vulnerable" and encouraged him to "get his life back right now." Tad replied that it wasn't as simple as that because he couldn't tell Dixie that he let her son find out that she slept with David. Liza countered that his love for his family was stronger than David and Leslie, but Tad remained resigned to the idea that he lost his family forever. He repeated to Liza what Jake had said to him when he suggested that Dixie found comfort in David because she wanted to, not because he tricked her. He confessed that he didn't feel like he could stand between them and went so far as to suggest that he shouldn't. "What's that look for?" he asked a dumbfounded Liza. "I'm waiting for your violins to start," she replied facetiously. She suddenly gave him a hard slap across the arm and told Tad that he was her best friend and she knew he had the strength to get his family back. She informed him that all women wanted to feel as if they should be fought for and told Tad not to come back until he was "beaten to a bloody pulp" with David driven out of town. When Tad appeared dubious, Liza stated that if he didn't start fighting now, their friendship would be over and she'd never speak to him again. As Tad chuckled, Liza told him that she was serious and told him again to go home and fight for Dixie. Their conversation stopped short when they witnessed Jake and Greenlee come in together. Tad reasoned that they had entered "the Twilight Zone."

As they sat down, Greenlee noticed her father sitting alone at a table. She asked Jake if she could take a rain check and she walked towards him. She asked Roger why he wasn't at home. "Home? What home?" Roger replied, and explained that her mother was divorcing him, all thanks to her. Greenlee asked how they could be divorcing because they were so happy together, but Roger confessed that they were just putting on a front. He told her that when her grandfather had followed Greenlee's orders and did an audit on her trust fund, her mother filed for divorce when she found that it was "a few pennies short." Greenlee reasoned that she could call her mother and convince her that everything was alright, but Roger countered that it would be better if she just stayed out of his life. Greenlee begged her father to change his mind, but Roger refused. He told Greenlee that they weren't planning on having children and that he was grateful that it had only happened once because she was "enough." Greenlee looked shocked as Roger coldly told her that pregnancies surprise many couples but he hated surprises. "You were a mistake, Greenlee," he told his daughter. "A mistake."

"I have an excuse for ruining my love life," Liza told Jake and Tad. "I was raised by my mother." She reasoned that they were raised by "two perfect saints" and had no excuses. She declared to Tad that they still had a deal, demanded that he fight for Dixie, then left. Alone, Tad told Jake that he had to get his wife back "or else." Jake agreed that it sounded like a good idea. He apologized for what he said earlier about Dixie choosing David because she wanted to and admitted that he didn't really believe that was the case. He tried to comfort Tad by telling him that Dixie understood that he had been under the influence of Libidozone and assured him that "Dixie would fight against the devil" for him.

At Dixie's doorstep, a fallen Leslie explained that she came to sort out their differences and had twisted her ankle as she came up the stairs. She reached her hand out to Dixie and she reluctantly helped Leslie into the house. Once she settled on the couch, Dixie cautiously asked Leslie if she liked flowers. Leslie replied that she had an allergy. Dixie asked her if she was allergic to tarantulas and threw the box of flowers at her. Leslie jumped up and ran from the couch. Dixie approached her and asked her why she sent the flowers but Leslie denied any involvement. Dixie informed her that it was her turn to "take a shot" and challenged, "If you want to play, let's play!" Leslie replied that she wasn't trying to play games with her, but Dixie countered that she walked pretty well for a woman with a sprained ankle. Leslie repeated that she didn't send the flowers and Dixie became enraged. She backed Leslie into the wall and told her that Junior, Becca or Jamie could have been bitten by the spider and asked her if she was trying to give her "a heart attack or something." Leslie asked why she would want to do that and told Dixie that she should leave. Dixie violently pushed her against the wall and told her that she was calling the police. When she picked up the phone, however, there was no dial tone. "Phone troubles?" Leslie inquired, as she moved closer to Dixie. "And here we are, all alone." Leslie told Dixie that it must have been a "freak accident" but reveled in the fact that they couldn't be disturbed now. Dixie replied that she was "way passed disturbed", but Leslie assured her that when it came to love, they were "two peas in a pod." She told her that her love for David was identical to her own love for Tad and reminded Dixie of her affair with David as further proof that they were similar. Dixie became angry and told Leslie that what she felt for Tad a fixation, not love and that she knew nothing about her feelings for David. Leslie sat down and declared that she had what Dixie wanted and suggested a "trade" to "fix everything" between them. Dixie announced that she was "deranged" and that she needed "professional help." Leslie tried to rationalize the situation by explaining that she could have Tad in exchange for David, but Dixie replied that Leslie's problem was that they both wanted her. Leslie got up and told Dixie that she couldn't understand why. She took her scarf off and began to tighten it in her hands and told a frightened Dixie that she would leave her and her family alone in exchange for Tad. Dixie backed towards the desk where the dead phone sat and asked Leslie if that was all it took. Leslie calmly put the scarf back around her neck, stepped closer to Dixie and asked if they had a deal. "No!" Dixie screamed, as she picked the phone up, hit Leslie in the face and knocked her to the ground. "I live in a house full of boys. I can knock you from here to Llanview!" Dixie screamed. Leslie asked her if she would let her stand up and leave and Dixie reluctantly agreed. She assured Leslie that she was going to call the police and warned her never to get near her family ever again. Leslie said nothing and left.

In the car on the way to the mountains, Gillian and Ryan decided to forget about Leo, Greenlee and the party and focus on themselves. Gillian asked Ryan if they were lost because of the heavy fog, but Ryan assured her that they were on the right "road to paradise" and as long as they were together, they were in "the right place." He offered to turn around and look for the farmhouse that they had passed, but Gillian only snuggled into his arm and told him that she felt safe as long as she was with him. Gillian pulled out a map to try to help Ryan but quickly put it back when she realized that she couldn't read it. Ryan laughed and told her that they weren't lost because he had an "impeccable sense of direction." Quietly, he hoped that if the baby was his, it would too. Gillian admitted that ever since she got in the car, she had been hoping that the baby was his. Suddenly, she sat straight up, and told Ryan that she was feeling some discomfort. Ryan replied that it was too early for the baby to be kicking and Gillian reasoned that she never knew what was going on with her body anymore. She leaned against Ryan's arm as he described the "paradise" that he was taking her to. As he finished, Gillian suddenly pulled back and screamed out in pain as she shrunk lower in her seat.

Leo arrived at Palmer and Vanessa's room and asked to speak to his mother. Vanessa came out and Palmer retreated to the bedroom to watch television. Alone, Leo's cheerful mood became sour. He warned her that he knew what she was up to and demanded that she stay out of his life. Vanessa told him that she didn't appreciate being threatened and denied any involvement with Greenlee. Leo replied that Greenlee's attempt at appearing to not care then "buying (him) like a gigolo" was her style and demanded again that she stay out of his life. Vanessa reminded him that only mere months ago, he had been begging for her help with the apartment, but Leo replied that things had changed. He stated that he didn't want to "be in business" with her anymore and suggested that this was due to "the whole murder charge thing" with Paolo. Quietly, Vanessa inched closer and reminded Leo of why they had come to Pine Valley in the first place and declared that "Greenlee Smythe was on the top of the list." Leo told her that he was quitting but Vanessa wouldn't relent. He asked her to not "force (his) hand in this" but Vanessa replied that she had to. She told him that she was sticking to their initial plan which was to "stake out" Pine Valley. Leo countered that they had found a home there but Vanessa only laughed and replied that Pine Valley wasn't home, it was a "weigh station." She admitted that she felt something for Palmer, but quickly brushed it off. She reminisced about trying to con Erica and declared that she was "fortunate enough to find Palmer" when that hadn't worked out. She quickly mentioned Palmer's will, but Leo told her that it wasn't "about the bottom line anymore." Vanessa nervously told him that Greenlee was "mad" about him and he had to keep up his end of the bargain. They both had Greenlee eating out of the palm of their hands and the "scam couldn't be better if (they) tried." Leo replied that she could do whatever she wanted with her life but he was "starting from scratch." Vanessa reasoned that he didn't know how to work or live on his own and told him that he should "take advantage of (his) good fortune" by letting Greenlee take care of him. Leo resisted and told her that he was done with her scheming. "I love her mother," he cried out. "I love Greenlee so much and I'm never going to do anything to hurt her."

Dixie used her portable phone to get through to the police station and was hurriedly leaving a message for Derek when the phone died. As she was looking for batteries, the lights suddenly went out and she screamed in fear. Slowly, the front door opened and a gloved Leslie Coulson made her way inside.

Thursday, February 16, 2001

At the Valley Inn, Leo and Vanessa talk about Greenlee. Leo has said he's in love with Greenlee. Vanessa remembers when he was younger, he gave her a ring and said she would always be his best girl. Vanessa says, "Well, I'm still your best girl and as such, I'm going to give you full out permission to fall head over heels in love with Greenlee Smythe. Leo says he doesn't want to be in love. Vanessa says, "That's no crime, not compared to our last capers. Darling, Look at me. I admit I'm genuinely fond of Palmer." Leo retorts, "You're in love with his lifestyle." Vanessa says, "Well, the two are not mutually exclusive." She tells Leo he can get his hands on Greenlee's trust fund because she adores him. Vanessa wants him to take Greenlee's money so she and Leo can sail off to Rio. Leo says, "No, forget it! It's out of the question. Greenlee can't be the target anymore." Vanessa reminds him of the cons they ran before in Europe. Leo says those people deserved to get taken and to count him out of the game. Vanessa admits she didn't come to Pine Valley because of David, but to take advantage of Erica and Palmer. She tells Leo that he likes living on Adam's yacht and he could have his own. Leo says, "You know, believe it or not, more important things than money." Vanessa says, "You can only say that because you are so very young. You say you're in love with Greenlee. But I know eventually that you will get tired of that little harpy and you will look for a quick getaway. All I'm asking you to do is make certain your pockets are lined with a little cash then." Leo says she was a much better accomplice than she was a mother. He says Greenlee's already been stolen from, her father has been looting her trust fund, "This guy's a real piece of work, believe me. Greenlee deserves better than he's delivered and I'm not going to be the last in a long line of disappointments for her." Vanessa says if the tables were turned, Greenlee would take advantage of him. Leo says he knows that, but he's still not going to steal from her. He asks Vanessa to be content with Palmer. Leo refuses to go back to Greenlee because he would have to tell her the truth-- that he came on to her for her money. " I can't do that to Greenlee. She would never survive the truth," he says. Vanessa says she accepts his decision, but when he leaves, she muses that he's not out of the game forever.

At the Valley Inn bar, Greenlee is stunned when her father tells her she was an accident. She says, "You and mommy didn't want me?" Roger says, "Your mother never liked to share the spotlight, dear. I'm sure you noticed that. Frankly, we both had an aversion to propagating the species. I aimed to be the end of the family line. The almighty Greenlee bucks were going to end right here." He tells her he and her mother got drunk and careless-that's how she was conceived. Greenlee, still unbelieving, asks why they didn't get rid of her. Roger says, "We thought about it. But your mother felt Woody and Millie would enjoy a grandchild, and they were thoroughly thrilled-just not thrilled enough to make me a partner in the family business, but the joke was on me. We had you for no reason at all." Greenlee says, "Oh God, I am such a stupid fool. I've spent my whole life trying to please you, trying to find that one thing that would make you proud of me, to get you to smile at me just once...I would have done anything for you-turned a hundred cartwheels, won a spelling bee, painted a perfect sunset. But it wouldn't have mattered. I never even existed for you, even after I was born." Roger tells her she's just like her mother, full of self-pity. Greenlee says, "You adore Mommy. That was always the problem. You were so crazy about each other, there wasn't even any room for me." Roger says they were never a love match. Greenlee asks why they stayed together all those years. Roger admits he married her mother for her money and says, "I should have walked long ago when I still had an opportunity to score a good settlement." Greenlee gets upset and leaves. Her father orders another drink.

Later on, Erica comes in as Roger is lighting a cigar. She tells him not to light it, and when he does, she takes in and extinguishes it in his drink. When he finds out who she is, he is very interested.

Ryan and Gillian are in a car on a remote road. Gillian is in pain, possibly having a miscarriage. The car stalls; Ryan tries to fix it, and cannot. He tries to phone for help, but his cell phone is out of range. He and Gillian try to walk to a service station, but Gillian sinks to the ground in pain, and Ryan puts her back in the car. She cries out in pain and prays that her baby will be all right. Ryan says he will flag down a car.

Meanwhile, a sobbing Greenlee gets into her car. "Damn you, Daddy!" she says, "I don't need you, I don't need anyone." She drives, but it is foggy and visibility is bad. She sees Ryan and swerves into a rail. She is angry with Ryan for causing the accident. He begs her to go for help, saying, "Gillian is very sick and we need to get her to a hospital. She needs a doctor ASAP." Greenlee retorts, "What do I look like, Ryan, a Siberian Husky? I can't get Gillian down this mountain." Ryan tells her Gillian is going to have a baby, and this affects Greenlee. Ryan says, "It's a matter of life and death...if you do this for me, I will do absolutely anything to repay you." Greenlee says, "You and your princess always treat me like I'm something you stepped in. If I were smart, I'd thumb a ride and leave you here to fend for yourself...But it's cold and a walk will warm me up, and I'll call an ambulance when I hit the service station." Ryan gives her the flashlight and she walks off.

At the Valley Inn bar, Tad and Jake talk. Jake says Tad should go see Dixie and try to work things out. Jake tells Tad about Gillian being pregnant. Tad reminds him that Gillian is with Ryan and it might not even be his child. Tad talks about Junior and how it's unfortunate that he found out about his mother and David Hayward. Jake says Tad should go home to Dixie and tell her that Junior knows.

Meanwhile, Dixie is at home, in the dark, trying to find a flashlight. She finds it, and searches the room with it. The light falls on Leslie. She taunts Dixie, saying, "The game is just beginning. We play until I win." Dixie threatens to call the police, but Leslie says, "Ooh, and how are you going to do that, Dixie Belle? The phone is on the fritz." Dixie says she has a cell phone, but Leslie reminds her that the battery is dead. Leslie moves around the room in the dark, taunting Dixie. Searching around the room with the flashlight, Dixie is tense and frightened. The jukebox goes on and she jumps, startled. Leslie grabs her from behind by the throat saying, "Die, you bitch, die!" They struggle and Leslie says, "I tried to play nice and cut you a deal-you give up Tad and set up house with David. You turned me down. My offer wasn't good enough. You had to have both men! Well, you know what? You can't have Tad. He's mine! You got it? That's it for you, Dixie Belle. You are going to fade out and I'm going to fade in like you never existed!" Dixie breaks away and clobbers Leslie across the face with the flashlight. Leslie falls to the floor, bleeding and not moving. Dixie finds the spare battery for the cellular phone and calls for the police and an ambulance. As she was about to tell the 911 operator that she had pummeled Leslie, she shined the flashlight on the floor and discovered that Leslie was gone. Only a small pool of blood was left behind. She hung up the phone and frantically searched the room with the flashlight. Suddenly, someone put a hand on her shoulder and Dixie screamed in terror.



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