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Leslie gave Tad some Libidozone, but he rebuffed her advances. Sarah and Bianca ran away together. Jake blurted out to Ryan that Gillian was pregnant. Hayley confessed to killing her mother, but Arlene was alive and well on a tropical island.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 5, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, February 5, 2001

Hayley (Arlene) fell asleep on the sofa with Mateo watching her. When she woke up, she was Arlene again. She started propositioning Mateo. She tried to get Mateo into bed but he put her off and said that he was hungry and offered to make her favorite breakfast. Hayley (Arlene) asked Mateo if he was slow. She crumbled up the wedding photo of Hayley and Mateo and started to throw it away. Mateo took the picture and had Hayley (Arlene) look at it. Mateo told her that he loved Hayley very much and he was waiting for her. Hayley (Arlene) told Mateo that Hayley was gone and wasn't coming back. Mateo told Arlene to tell Hayley to come back. Mateo started to massage her shoulders when Adam came bursting into the room. He told Hayley that he was really glad to see her and wanted to know if Arlene hurt her in any way. Adam, not knowing that Hayley was pretending to be Arlene belted him one in the stomach. Adam was stunned and asked her what that was for. Hayley (Arlene) said it was because he was a "rotten, stinking piece of garbage." Adam started to call her Hayley and she told him that Hayley was gone for good. Adam looked at Mateo with a puzzled look. Mateo told Arlene to go and freshen up while he took care of Adam. Mateo told Adam that Hayley feels so guilty about Arlene that she is taking her place now. Mateo told Adam that Hayley was the one who ruined his wedding cake, broke into their home, the notes. Adam said that must have been what Vanessa was trying to say at the hospital when she only to repeat the words Arlene and Hayley. Adam started to call Derek and let him know what was happening and Mateo took the phone from him and tossed it. Mateo told Adam that he was not going to put Hayley into a sanitarium. When Hayley (Arlene) came back, she told Mateo that he was supposed to get rid of Adam by now and wanted to know why he was still there. Mateo said that he was staying and they were leaving. They left and ended up at a cottage. When Hayley (Arlene) came in, she wanted to know why he brought her to a dump like this. She started to leave and Mateo took her arm and sat her down. He told her that she was not leaving until he could talk to Hayley.

Jack, Opal and Erica met at the Valley Inn for breakfast. They were celebrating the new Web site for the Glamorama that Opal owns. Erica told Jack and Opal that she and Bianca had a great time last night and it did help them get past some of the things that were keeping them apart. Jack wanted to know what happened. Erica told them that she removed some stumbling blocks and that would help with the communication problem that she and Bianca were having. Erica offered a toast to Opal and just as they were clicking their coffee cups together, Bianca came in shouting at her mother. She told her mother that she knew what she did last night. She told her mother that she knew she "paid off" Rain to leave town. Bianca asked her mother if last night was just a big lie. Erica told Bianca that she was being unreasonable. Jack offered her a seat and told Bianca to explain it. Bianca told Jack and Opal that her friend Rain came over to the house and she offered her a place to stay for the night. She told then Erica kicked her out and then went to the shelter and offered her $10,000 to leave town. Opal told Bianca that her mother wouldn't do something like that. Erica told them that was exactly what she did. Erica told all of them that Rain was a bad influence on Bianca. Bianca told her mother that Rain was her friend. Erica said that she wasn't much of a friend if she took the money. Erica told Bianca that she offered her the money and told her not to contact her daughter again. Erica said that apparently she didn't keep her word. Bianca told her that Rain was at the train station buying a ticket and a police officer saw her take out the wad of money to pay for the ticket and took her to the station. The Police station called Erica's home to verify the story and Bianca answered the phone. When she heard the story, she thought it was something that her mother would do so she vouched for Rain. Jack started to get up and go to the station to clear the problem up but Bianca said that she had already taken care of it. Bianca told Jack and Opal that her mother wanted Rain to leave town because she was gay and she was afraid that she would sleep with her daughter. Erica told her that the gender of the person did not matter. She was upset because she brought someone home without telling her first. Erica told Bianca that she deliberately misinterprets everything she says. Bianca told her mother that all her life she kept hearing that she was supposed to be like her mother. Erica told Bianca that she did not want her to be sexually active at 16. Bianca told her mother that she was trying to be like her but she was already too late for that. Bianca told her mother that she was younger than her when she first had sex. Erica got up and left the table. Opal asked Bianca how she could be so mean, reminding Bianca that her mother was raped at age 14. Bianca bowed her head, and admitted that she hadn't been thinking about that incident. Bianca told Opal that every time she looks into her mother's eyes, all she sees is shame. Opal and Jack tried to get Bianca to meet her mother half way. They said that they would feel better and so would she. When Erica came back to the table, Bianca tried to apologize to her mother but she would not listen. Erica told Bianca that she ruined Opal's celebration and she was really disappointed in her. Bianca said "there's a news flash!" As she ran from the table, she told her Uncle Jack to tell her mother that she knows how disappointed she is. Opal told Erica to go after Bianca but she refused. Jack told Erica that by taking Rain out of the equation, that doesn't solve the problem. He told her that she shouldn't have tried to pay off the girl. Erica said that she did her best. Erica told Opal and Jack that she didn't want Bianca to become a thief and a panhandler on the street just like Rain. That was why she did what she did. Erica told them that she was trying to make Bianca's life better and wished Bianca could go back to the way she was before. Erica said that there was no way Bianca could not know that she did not love her. When Bianca left the Valley Inn, she went right home to pack a suitcase, crying with each piece of clothing she packed.

Dixie was outside David's office and she was listening to David and Leslie arguing about the Libediazone. Leslie told David that she wanted a sample of it so she could use it on Tad and David would not give it to her. Leslie told David that she wasn't giving up. After she was rushed out of David's office, Dixie came in and told David that she heard what Leslie said. Dixie asked David if Leslie was blackmailing him. She wanted to know if it had anything to do with the Libediazone. Dixie told David that she was just with Tad and he and Edmund and Dimitri have proof that he was the one who was responsible for drugging all the people at the party. David said that was impossible and Dixie said that was what she told them. Dixie told David that Tad told her that Leslie went after him because of the Libediazone. Dixie asked David what Leslie had on him. David lied to Dixie and told her that Leslie wanted him to poison her mind about Tad so that she would divorce him and then Leslie could move in. Dixie was upset to hear this and wanted to go and see Leslie. David told her to stay away from Leslie. Dixie asked David why Edmund and Dimitri thought he was connected with the Libediazone. David told Dixie that there was a connection. He told her that he first heard about the drug when Jake needed the drug. He thought it would be great to have the foundation do a research program about it. He said that he tried to get Alex to go along with it but she would not. He told Dixie that the company sent him a sample of it and it was stolen from his office. He felt that Leslie stole the drug. Dixie asked David why he didn't tell her about this and David said that he was afraid she would think he was guilty. David said that he had never lied to her. Dixie was going to leave and let David get back to work but he offered to take her home. After they left, Leslie came back into his office and started looking for the drug. David came back to leave a message for his secretary and say Leslie in his office. He changed his mind and turned around to go back to Dixie.

Leslie found the Libidozone and then made a phone call to Tad. She told Tad that she had to see him. He told her that he wouldn't come within 100 yards of her. Leslie told Tad that she has all the proof that he needed to convict David. She wanted him to meet in her room but Tad told her to meet at a central location. They agreed on the Valley Inn. Leslie ordered 2 cups of coffee and put some of the drug into both cups. Tad walked in and said, "This had better be good." Leslie told Tad that she knew he was trying to break up his marriage to Dixie. She also told Tad that she was sorry she ever went along with David and she wanted him to pay. She tried to get him to drink the coffee and when he finally did, she just smiled.

David took Dixie to her home. She told David that if Leslie was as dangerous as she appeared to be, she had made everyone her victim including Tad. David told Dixie that he didn't want to talk about Tad. Dixie thanked him for bringing her home. David told Dixie that he was so glad to see her come into his office that it made him smile when he saw her. Dixie told David that she used to come into Tad's office unexpected and it made him smile also. David said that he was tired of her always reminding him about Tad. He told her to go back to Tad and promise him anything and maybe he would take her back. He started to walk out the door. Dixie felt bad and told David not to leave. David told Dixie that she had made it painfully clear that Tad was the one she loved and she would never love him the same way. David said that it was his fantasy that they were together and taking on the world. Dixie stroked his cheek and told him not to say that. She said that this felt very real to her and then she kissed him.

Tuesday, February 6, 2001

Stuart diligently worked to close up the gallery as Adam quietly slipped inside. Stuart, unaware who had entered the gallery, mentioned that the gallery was about to close as he turned around to face the visitor. He immediately spotted his brother and sensed that something wasn't quite right. Stuart moved to assure his brother that Hayley was going to be okay. He insisted that there was no way that Arlene could possible harm her daughter. Adam sat down on a wooden chair and faced his brother. He spoke softly, haltingly, as he mentioned a promise he'd made after he'd learned that Stuart wasn't dead. In the promise, he'd vowed never to upset the lives of his family members. Now, Adam was forced to face the fact that he'd broken his promise and sent his daughter tumbling into turmoil. Stuart knew that something was a miss. Everyone around him was acting strangely. Stuart listened intently as Adam filled him in on the details of the night of the yacht party. Surprisingly, Stuart didn't seem at all shocked by the revelation. Instead, he remained strong and did his best to comfort Adam. Stuart was a bit disturbed when Adam revealed that Hayley has been parading around as Arlene for several weeks. Stuart was sure that Mateo could help Hayley, but Adam wasn't as confident. He feared that his daughter would either go to jail for Arlene's murder or spend the rest of her life in an institution.

As the Libidozone started to take effect, Tad doubled over and grimaced. Leslie quickly took Tad's glass of water and spiked it with even more Libidozone before offering it to Tad to make him feel better. Tad downed the water and, as expected, it only made him feel worse. Tad rose from his barstool and headed to the men's room. Leslie followed after him and locked the restroom door from the inside. As she slinked towards Tad, she unbuttoned her blouse and exposed a slinky black and flesh-toned undergarment. She thrust her chest out and asked Tad to say her name and tell her how much he wants her. Tad did not such thing. Instead, he proclaimed that he wanted Dixie and stormed out of the bathroom. Dejected, Leslie screamed that she would not allow Tad to go back to Dixie. She chased Tad out of the restroom, but she was stopped in her tracks by a waiter who admonished Leslie for her skimpy outfit. Leslie pleaded with the man to step out of her way, but he refused. Finally, Leslie appeased him by putting her blouse on - though it remained unbuttoned. Leslie continued on her way, but this time Opal, Myrtle and Joe blocked her path. Leslie tried to weasel past them, but all three insisted that Leslie join them for a chat. Opal fired off a few remarks about Leslie's lack of clothing, while Joe stated a need to find out why Leslie continued to interfere in his son's marriage. Opal warned Leslie that the life of a woman who breaks up a marriage is doomed to "a life of coming second." The Libidozone began to take its toll on Leslie, who became increasingly agitated and exhibited signs of drunkenness. Leslie tried to make her way to the bathroom, but Opal latched onto her arm and refused to let her pass. Leslie defiantly demanded that Opal let go of her, warning that she'd "regret it for the rest of [her] life" if she did not. Opal's neck snapped back and a look of astonishment swept over her face. She retorted that she was not a woman to be messed with. Joe noticed Leslie's peculiar behavior and asked her if she'd taken any drugs. Leslie shook her head and Joe moved in to feel her pulse. It was racing, but Leslie showed no sign of concern. She angrily told Joe, Myrtle, Opal and anyone else within hearing distance and it was "inevitable" that she and Tad would be together. She angrily smashed the glasses that were on the bar top and stormed away. She staggered towards the door, but stopped along the way to apology for "the mess" she'd made.

Meanwhile, on the porch outside of Tad and Dixie's house, David pleaded with Dixie to "leave this house behind and never look back." The two engaged in a passionate kiss, but Dixie pulled away. She told David that leaving wasn't as easy as he made it out to be. Back inside, Dixie and David were startled by the sounds of squealing tires pulling into the driveway. It was Tad. David quickly locked and bolted the door so that couldn't get inside. Outside, Tad pleaded with Dixie to let him into the house. Dixie detected the desperation in Tad's voice and told David that she needed to see Tad. David pleaded with Dixie to reconsider, but she made it clear that she wanted him to leave. David slipped out the back. Soon after he did, Tad kicked the front door down. Dixie screamed in horror as Tad walked towards her and ravaged her with a kiss. Dixie eventually was able to pull away and asked Tad why he was acting so strangely. Tad insisted that he was fine. He stumbled backwards and knocked something off a side table. He then reacted violently, kicking and smashing the table. Dixie squealed in horror and demanded to know what Tad was doing. "I would never hurt you," Tad snapped when his wife mentioned that she was scared. "All I want is for you to love me." Tad turned and raced out of the house. As Dixie called out her husband's name, his car sped off into the distance. Dixie started to sob, unaware that David had returned to the room.

At Adam's beach house, Mateo tried to talk "Arlene" into bring Hayley back. "Arlene" angrily replied that Hayley is "gone." Mateo told "Arlene" that he loves Hayley and that he'll never stop loving her. "Arlene" laughed arrogantly and blasted Mateo's so-called happy life with her daughter. Mateo pointedly asked his mother-in-law if she loved Hayley. "Arlene" bowed her head and softly replied that no one would believe her answer. Mateo pressed her for an answer, but "Arlene's" angriness returned. She snarled that her feelings for Hayley were irrelevant because Hayley had tried to kill her. Almost comically, Mateo replied that Hayley must not have done a good job because "Arlene" looked alive and well. "Arlene" had no immediate reply to that remark. Mateo continued on, saying that Hayley hadn't been acting rationally because of the Libidozone. Mateo begged "Arlene" not to take Hayley away from him. "I already have," she replied with a cackle. As "Arlene" turned to walk away, Mateo yanked off her blonde wig. The young woman screamed in horror and demanded that Mateo give her back her wig. Mateo grabbed onto his wife and walked her over to a mirror. There, he grabbed her head and forced her to look at herself in the mirror. Confused, Hayley broke into tears. "Come back to me," Mateo said softly.

Wednesday, February 7, 2001

Bianca was at home when Leo and Laura arrived. She'd called them to tell them she's going on a trip. Laura asked if it was a weekend away but Bianca said it was goodbye, she was leaving Pine Valley. Leo said "Cool, the vagabond thing!" very facetiously. Laura thought he was being very dense and said they'd hate themselves if they let Bianca leave. Leo then asked Bianca if he should talk her out of leaving and she said no. She knew he was doing reverse psychology on her and said she didn't buy it. They all said how much they'd miss each other and under his breath Leo said "Don't go". Laura told Bianca about her experiences on the street and told her she wasn't cut out for that type of life. Bianca told them what Erica had done to Rain, saying her mother bought Rain off because she thought the two girls were sleeping together. She said she is afraid that if she stays Erica will try to marry her off like Sarah's mother is doing to her. Leo told Bianca and Laura to put on their thinking caps and come up with a way to keep Bianca in Pine Valley, that he wasn't going to lose his best friend. Laura asked if Bianca could move in with her Uncle Jack but Bianca said her mother had too much access to her over there. Bianca said she needed to find a place to "let her pride show" and invited her friends to come along and live life on the run. She told them she needed to get into Erica's safe to get some money for the road, that she couldn't get into her trust fund at night, nor without a parent's ok. She asked Leo if he could crack a safe but before he could answer the phone rang. Bianca answered it and said "Oh my god!". She told the caller she was glad they called and that everything would work out fine. When she hung up Leo and Laura asked who it was and she told them it was an old friend. Bianca finally agreed to stay in Pine Valley until the three of them could come up with a plan. She promised Leo she would stay at least until tomorrow. Leo told her he couldn't imagine his life without her and Bianca thanked them both for caring so much about her. They left and Bianca started putting her bags in the hall closet. She looked out the window, smiled and ran to open the front door. Sarah was standing there looking forlorn. Bianca hugged her and Sarah told her she had no where else to go

Dixie went back into the house after Tad drove away. David came in and asked if she was ok. She said Tad was "intense" and he asked if Tad had hurt her. She told David that Tad was sweating, shaking and his eyes were unfocused, that she knew something was wrong with him. She wanted to go check on Tad but David talked her out of it and said he'd go check himself, and promised to be on his best behavior. He left the house and Leslie was outside in the bushes watching. Dixie began to pick up the mess and put things away. She left the living room and Leslie snuck in the front door holding a long cord. She hid behind a door and waited for Dixie. When Dixie returned she picked up a lampshade from the floor and sat down on the sofa. She leaned her head against the back and shut her eyes. Leslie started to come out of hiding with the cord held out when she heard Junior, Jamie and Becca coming in the back door calling for Dixie. She ran back to her hiding place as the group finds Dixie. Junior asked his mom if Tad had been there and if they're getting back together. Dixie acknowledged that she and Tad were having problems but said that they still loved each other. She said they want to work things out. The boys told her to keep on trying and not to give up. They shared a group hug and went to the kitchen to make popcorn and hot chocolate. Leslie came out of hiding and said to herself "Don't get your hopes up boys, there's not going to be a family reunion" and left the house. Leslie went to her room at the Valley Inn and called an old client she once got acquitted of murder. She asked him to teach her how to take out a woman with a heart problem and make it look like an accident. They agreed to meet the next morning in Center City. After she hung up the phone she said she'd throw Dixie the best funeral this town had ever seen.

Tad drove himself to the hospital and found Jake. He asked his brother to put him back together, and told him he felt like he was coming apart. Jake took him into a cubicle and ran some tests. He asked Tad what he'd done today and Tad mentioned the coffee at the Inn. Tad said he got an overwhelming desire to see Dixie and went to the house. He felt like she was a goddess and Dixie looked at him like he was Jack the Ripper. Jake asked Tad if he'd had these symptoms before and Tad said yes, on the yacht the night of Ryan's party. Jake said he wasn't sure but thought someone had given Tad a dose of Libidozone. David walked in and overheard this. He told Tad that Dixie was worried and asked him to check on Tad. Jake told David about his suspicions and David said "I can't tell you anything and I can tell you everything". David said he was partly to blame for what's happened and insisted he take his share of the blame. He went on to tell Jake and Tad that someone took his sample dose of Libidozone back in November and was pretty sure who it was. They questioned him about Alex Marick and he denied knowing anything about her whereabouts. He said he got another dose of Libidozone and planted it in his office and he thought it was gone now. He believed that the same person took it both times and this time laced Tad's drink with it. He said he could prove it and was going to his office. Jake insisted on going with him since he wasn't to be trusted. When they returned to the cubicle where Tad was waiting, David said the sample was gone but that he had rigged up a video camera and had a tape that would show who took it. They popped the tape in the VCR and watched as Leslie Coulson appeared on the screen. Tad said "Oh my God, I should've known". David said he suspected Leslie all along, but Jake doesn't buy it. Tad said it made sense but Jake thought this was all just too neat. Jake believe that David set Leslie up. Both Tad and Jake still believe that David was the one who drugged everyone on the yacht. David was highly offended and stormed off saying he was going to make sure justice got done.

Mateo and Hayley/Arlene looked into the mirror. He tried to talk Hayley back to him, and told her to break free. Arlene pretended to be Hayley and Mat kissed her. He pulled away and said it wasn't Hayley he was kissing. She kept trying to pretend to be Hayley but Mateo said he could tell it wasn't his wife. Arlene/Hayley said Hayley wasn't coming back, that she'd faced the fact that she was just like Arlene. She told Mat to face reality, that Hayley was gone for good. Mat said he knew where Hayley was and Arlene said the good looking ones are always as dumb as dirt. He said they share a "lifeline" and he knew exactly where Hayley was. He said she was so close he could touch her. Mat asked Arlene if she wanted to go along with him, he knew he could find Hayley "Or are you too chicken?". Arlene took the bait and they left the cottage. They walked out onto the beach and Arlene complained about the cold. Mat called out to Hayley and told Arlene that this was where it all started, this is where they found their way back to each other. He remembered when he found her there in her wedding dress. Hayley tried to remember too and looked at Mat longingly. He told Hayley/Arlene that this beach was Hayley's refuge, her safe place. They always met back here, that this place was their home. He said he knows Hayley hears him and that she could find this place with her eyes closed. Arlene went off on him, telling him that this place wasn't a magical shrine for Hayley. Mat asked what she was afraid of and she said nothing. He told her that time was running out. Arlene said she'd put Hayley in solitary confinement, life without parole. Mat said he wasn't ready to give up, that he always thought the love they shared would save them. But then he said maybe Arlene was right, maybe it's over. "I'll never get to hold Hayley again, I'll never get to hold our children. I'll grow old alone". Hayley/Arlene looked at the sky and Hayley said "Look Mateo, there's a full moon on the rise". Mateo looked up to her, hopeful that it was really Hayley talking.

Thursday, February 8, 2001

Bianca and Sarah sat down in the living room at Erica's. Bianca told Sarah that she was surprised to see her so soon, but Sarah told her that she left because she couldn't live her life as a "prisoner" anymore. She told Bianca that she always thought about her and Bianca returned the sentiment. She mentioned that if she was older, she was sure that Erica would try to marry her off too. At the mention of Erica's name, Sarah jumped up and announced that she had to leave before her mother came home and freaked out. Bianca stood up and firmly replied that she was there now and she wasn't going to let her leave. Sarah told Bianca that she was a good friend and wished that she could be as brave as her. She never would have been able to stand up to her mother and reporters and reveal that she was gay. Sarah explained that she left while Ian was at work and that he had probably contacted her mother who was sure to check Bianca's house first. She got up to leave but Bianca stopped her again. She retrieved the bag that she had packed earlier and told Sarah that they could leave together. Dubiously, Sarah asked if she was sure and Bianca assured her that she had been planning on running away only minutes before she came. She told Sarah that they had made a promise to stay together when they were in rehab and she vowed that she wasn't backing down now. Bianca turned to leave and Sarah went to follow her. Suddenly, she collapsed on the couch. Bianca ran back to see what had happened and asked Sarah if she had eaten lately. Sarah weakly told her that the last time she had eaten was 4 or 5 days ago. Bianca informed her that she was taking her to the hospital but Sarah refused, fearing that her mother would find her. All of a sudden, they heard a car in the driveway and Bianca realized it was her Erica. Sarah begged Bianca to hide her.

Outside, Jack asked Erica to take a few deep breaths and decide what she was going to say to Bianca. Erica shrugged him off and informed him that she didn't need to prepare to speak to her daughter. She walked to the door and fumbled for her keys.

Once inside, Erica told Jack that she wanted to talk to Bianca before she went to bed. She called out Bianca's name and she came downstairs in her robe. She told Erica that she was about to go to bed but Erica replied that they had to talk. They sat down on the couch and Erica apologized for paying off Rain and assured Bianca that she hadn't wanted her friend to get arrested. Bianca hurriedly accepted her apology and repeated that she wanted to go to bed. She rose, took some fruit from the coffee table and turned to leave. Confused, Erica asked her if she wanted her to make some hot apple cider. Bianca declined but suggested that she make some for Jack. Erica scurried off to the kitchen and was halfway up the stairs when Jack stopped her. He told her that he didn't buy the fact that she forgave Erica so quickly after being extremely angry only hours earlier. Bianca tried to tell him that he and Opal gave her a "new perspective on things" but he remained unbelieving. Jack asked her if she was hiding Rain in her room since she was so eager to get back upstairs, but Bianca assured him that she hadn't spoken to her since she called from the police station. She invited him to check her room if he didn't believe her but Jack assured her that he believed whatever she said. Bianca kissed Jack on the cheek and ran upstairs. He walked back to the living room just as Erica rushed back and told him that their cider was ready. Jack marveled at the fact that she was getting so "domestic" and the pair walked to the kitchen. Quietly, Sarah and Bianca crept down the stairs, opened the doors and left.

Bianca led Sarah into the turret at Wildwind and told her that they would be safe there. As Sarah laid down to rest, Bianca pulled a blanket over her and assured her that she would take care of everything.

Adam paid Vanessa another visit at the hospital. He asked her if she remembered telling him that Hayley was Arlene but Vanessa only looked perplexed. Adam told her sternly that it was good she didn't remember because that was exactly the kind of story that he didn't want her mentioning to Derek. He turned to leave but Vanessa stopped him. Slowly, she told him that she recalled that Hayley was with her the night she was shot and that she seemed to think she was her mother. Adam dashed back to her bed and warned her to not say anything like that to Derek but before he could continue, Palmer entered and told him to leave. Derek came in after him and informed Vanessa that they found the man who shot her. Derek explained that a private investigator named Duffy Oliphant was in a holding cell at the jail. He told the trio that Duffy didn't do anything for free and theorized that there must be someone who's paying his fee. Unfortunately, he hadn't given up any names yet. Nervously, Adam asked if they had "gotten the right guy" and Derek replied that they had. The gun that was used to shoot Vanessa was found in his car and ballistics and fingerprints were a match. He assured Palmer than Duffy would give up a name soon once he was threatened with an attempted murder charge. They were interrupted by Leo and Laura who came to visit Vanessa. Vanessa told Leo that Derek had caught the man who shot her and asked the detective if he had found her necklace among his possessions. Leo told her that she shouldn't be worrying about her necklace at a time like that and commented that he and Laura had been on their way to New York City when Greenlee had called with news of her accident. Vanessa confided that the only thing that kept her from going "towards the light" was a dream that she had that he had stayed by her bedside the whole time, holding her hand. Leo told her that it wasn't a dream, that he had actually been there, and hurriedly announced that they had to leave for New York City. Vanessa begged him to stay for a while, so Leo sat down and picked up her hand. Leo told her again that they were leaving and Laura complimented Vanessa on still looking good after her ordeal. Vanessa got agitated over her comment and the pair left. Alone, Vanessa made a phone call and told the person on the other end of the line to come quickly because both of their futures depended on it.

Adam left the room but Palmer followed in close suit. "There are only a few men in Pine Valley who are wealthy enough to buy the silence of a hired killer," Palmer told Adam. "I'm one of them. You're the other." Adam retaliated by reminding him that the last hit man that had been hired to kill Vanessa was under Palmer's command. Palmer became enraged and lunged for Adam. Derek ran out from Vanessa's room and broke them up. Derek told Palmer that it was understandable that he was upset but guaranteed that a lack of sleep would cause the hit man to open up in the next interview. Palmer and Adam wished him luck and Derek left.

"You look like death and these walls don't help," Greenlee declared, as she stepped into Vanessa's room. Vanessa laughed and told her that they needed to talk, but she had to take her pills first. "Don't they have candy stripers for this?" Greenlee asked, as she helped her take her medication. She was about to leave but Vanessa told her that she could help her get Leo back and away from the "creature" that he was currently dating. She told Greenlee that her mix of breed and temperament made her the perfect choice for her son and reasoned that if she helped Greenlee, she could one day return the favor. Vanessa confided that in order to win back Leo, she had to pretend to be busy with other things and could no longer by manipulative and possessive. Greenlee agreed to "try things" Vanessa's way and Vanessa warned her not to "screw up." Out in the hallway, Greenlee ran into Leo and Laura. She told him that she had gone to visit Vanessa because she wanted to thank her for telling Leo that she was shot. Leo hugged Laura and informed Greenlee that they were off to New York City. "Have fun kids," Greenlee replied nonchalantly, and walked away.

On the beach, Mateo began to think that he had gotten through to Hayley but he was wrong. Hayley was still Arlene. "Enough about astronomy," she told him, as they gazed at the stars. "Let's get into anatomy." Mateo reminded her about the first time they met at that same spot and how he had sworn to make her his wife one day. Hayley sat down and began slowly rocking back and forth as Mateo knelt beside her and told her that his love for her was stronger than anything that could come between them. Hayley suddenly stood up and a confused look washed over her face. "Mateo," she asked, "where are we?" Mateo stood to face her and studied her. Again, Hayley asked him what was happening and why they were at the beach. "Finally," Mateo beamed and the two embraced. He explained to Hayley that she had taken on her mother's identity and it was actually her who had trashed their condo and pulled all of the other pranks that they blamed on Arlene. Hayley cried and told Mateo that the only thing she remembered was having a dream about drowning and not caring. Then, she heard his voice and that gave her the strength and the desire to go to the surface. Mateo apologized for everything that happened but Hayley assured him that nothing was his fault. After all, she had committed the crime and Adam had covered it up. Mateo told Hayley that Vanessa had been shot the night they got together on the yacht but that it was more than likely that the hit man had been aiming at her. He explained that Adam had hired someone to "get rid of Arlene" and a Hayley wondered by he had shot at her. Mateo supposed that when she adopted Arlene's personality, she also adopted her style and the hit man probably thought she was Arlene. He told her that she even began hanging out at Arlene's favorite "dives" but assured her that she hadn't begun drinking again and all she had done was flirt with men. Hayley suddenly jumped up and told Mateo that she had to go to the police before something happened again but Mateo stopped her. He declared that he just got her back and they needed some time together. He suggested that they go back to the cabin, take a hot bath and get a good night's sleep. Hayley agreed, but only after Mateo promised to take her to the police station first thing the next morning.

Hayley and Mateo arrived at the cabin and Hayley asked him if he would try to keep her from going to the police station the next day. He assured her that they wouldn't but asked her if they could drop the subject for that night. They sat down on the couch and began to make love.

Mateo rose from the couch to start a fire. As he was placing newspapers in the fireplace, he came across a picture of a woman in Philadelphia. He flashed back to the night of the yacht party when Arlene crept into his bedroom wearing Vanessa's necklace and realized that the woman in the picture was wearing the same one-of-a-kind necklace. "If the necklace isn't at the bottom of the bay," Mateo mused as he looked over at a sleeping Hayley, "then neither is Arlene."

Thursday, February 9, 2001

Sarah and Bianca are asleep in the tower at Wildwind. They wake up and Bianca tries to get Sarah to eat. Sarah just wants to sleep, so Bianca goes back to the house so Erica won't know she's gone. Meanwhile, Opal shows up at Erica's and invites her and Bianca to the Glamorama for a day of beauty spa treatments. Erica goes to get Bianca, and finds her door is locked. There's no answer when she knocks. Erica comes down and looks for the master key to open the door. Opal says, "Are you looking to lose your child here or what?" Erica says her door is locked and she's not answering. Opal says, "So you think that gives you permission to go barging in there like some storm trooper and invade her privacy again?" Bianca comes in then. Erica says she found her door locked and the radio on. Bianca says the latch keeps getting stuck and she forgot to turn off her clock radio. Opal hugs her and says," You are chilled to the bone. You've been outside or something?" Bianca says she went out to grab the paper. Opal tells Bianca about the day she planned for them, but Erica says she suddenly remembers she has to work all day at Enchantment. As Opal leaves, she says, "Erica honey, listen to me. You've got to trust your daughter or you are going to lose her. You hear me? You'd better." Erica tells Bianca she's leaving. She hides and when Bianca leaves, Erica follows her. Bianca goes back to the tower and tries to get Sarah to eat something, but Sarah won't. Bianca reads poetry to her, but Sarah is very weak and fading fast. Bianca asks Sarah to try but Sarah says, "There's nothing to try for." Bianca pleads with her to eat, "I don't want to force feed you, Sarah, but you've got to get something in your system or else you're going to be in big trouble." Sarah says, "There's no point. It's better this way. I feel better this way." Bianca with tears on her face says, "Now I know how my mother felt when I was sick. Sarah-I can't make you want to get better but do you understand it's impossible for me to just sit by and watch someone I love give up?" Erica enters and sees Bianca and Sarah. Bianca becomes desperate as Sarah loses consciousness. She sees her mother and pleads, "Mommy, help me help her. Please?"

Over on the yacht, Gillian is feeling nauseous. Ryan attributes it to seasickness and tells her she needs to eat a good breakfast. Gillian tells him they need to take a drive and talk. Ryan goes to make breakfast. Jake comes in and says, "Why did you run out on me at the hospital? I went out of my way to get Dr. Clader to see you." Gillian retorts, "I didn't ask you to do that and I did not like to way you were trying to push me into a corner." Jake says he wants her to start taking care of herself. Ryan comes in with breakfast on a tray and says, "Jake, what the hell are you doing here?" Jake says the three of them need to talk. Just then Mateo comes in and wants to talk to Ryan. They go talk and leave Jake and Gillian alone. Jake wants to know when she's going to tell Ryan about the baby. Gillian says she's waiting for the right moment. Jake says," You're not telling him because you know it's my baby. And because I am the father, I now have to be responsible to make sure you get prenatal attention and a decent doctor." Gillian get angry and says, "Who do you think you are, Jake? I'm not some child who can't take are of herself and who's not responsible. I'm not drinking alcohol and I'm taking care of myself the way I always do, and I don't need you to hover over me and tell me I'm being negligent when I'm not!" Jake says, "Gillian, you don't know what this means to me." Gillian says, "And you don't understand, Jake, that this is my body!" Jake says, "And you're carrying my child. And you're not being responsible. You're still my wife, all right, and this divorce isn't final yet." Gillian is stunned and asks what he means. Jake says, "If you keep this up, you leave me no choice. I'll stop this divorce. I swear it." He says he couldn't go through what he went through before, losing Colby. Gillian says she needs some air and goes out on deck. She comes back in and Jake says, "I'm sorry you have to go through this. Tell Dr. Clader about the morning sickness when you have your first appointment." Gillian starts to leave a note for Ryan, then crumples it up and leaves. Jake returns because he forgot his gloves. Ryan comes in and wants to know if Jake said something to upset Gillian. He tells Jake not to come back and threatens him with a restraining order. Jake says, " You're not going to keep me out of Gillian's life now that she's carrying my baby."

Meanwhile, Hayley and Mateo talk about her going to the police. Hayley goes to take a shower and Mateo calls the woman in the newspaper photo that's wearing Vanessa's necklace. He manages to get the name of the Internet site where the woman, Mrs. Woodward, bought the necklace. Stuart comes in and Mateo says he has to leave and wants Stuart to keep an eye on Hayley. He says there might be a chance he can save her from going to the police. Mateo asks Hayley to hold off for a little bit, because there's something he has to do. He goes to Ryan and asks if there's a way they can find out from the web site who sold the necklace. Afterwards, Mateo is frantically trying to reach Hayley on his cell phone. Ryan found out that the seller of the necklace was a Katarin Smirnofski. Mateo is sure that it's Arlene because those are the names of her two favorite vodkas. "She's probably in the Caribbean right now with the $500,000 she got from the necklace." Mateo thanks Ryan and says he has to catch a flight.

Back at the house, Hayley calls Derek Frye. He comes over and Hayley tells him she murdered her mother after finding her trying to seduce Mateo. Adam bursts in and says it's a lie; Hayley is ill and confused. But Hayley says, "There's nothing you can do to make it better, Dad. No one can. I killed Arlene. I killed my own mother." She tells Derek how she choked Arlene, and when she couldn't feel a pulse, she freaked out and ran away. Derek asks if she was sure Arlene was dead. Adam says Arlene recovered and walked away under her own steam. Derek asked about the notes Arlene sent. Hayley says she wrote the notes, "I don't know the technical medical term of what happened to me. I started to assume my mother's personality. However, in terms of what happened prior to that, I know exactly what I did to Arlene." Adam says, "I checked Arlene. I found Arlene. I found a pulse. I was under the influence of that drug that night, too, you know. So I didn't give it a second thought. I picked her body up and threw it over the side of the ship." Hayley protests that she killed Arlene. Derek arrests both of them and puts them in separate jail cells.

Meanwhile, on an island in the Caribbean, Arlene sits alone wearing a big hat and drinking a tropical drink. The bartender addresses her as Mrs. Smirnofski and tells her she has a phone call. It's Mrs. Woodward, who tells her someone called about the necklace. Arlene is amazed that the woman was able to track her down. Mrs. Woodward reminds Arlene that one of the terms of her purchase of the necklace was that she'd not face any sort of legal troubles. Arlene assures the woman that everything will work out and hangs up the phone. Arlene then asks the bartender if she can charter a yacht to go to another island, one "far away and off the map."



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