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Dixie and David were snowbound at the Sleepy Hollow Inn, where they had sex again. Jake found out and called Tad. Adam's private investigator accidentally shot Vanessa, when he was really supposed to shoot 'Arlene.' Mateo showed up at the Pit, where he found Hayley masquerading as Arlene. Erica paid Rain $10,000 to leave town and never go near Bianca again. Leslie threatened to expose David if he didn't give her more Libidozone.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, January 29, 2001

Gillian had been admitted to the hospital and was in the emergency room. Ryan stroked her hair while she slept, and after she awoke, she apologized to Ryan for letting him down by becoming sick. Ryan told her that he loved her, and she was everything to him. He said that he could never be disappointed in her. Ryan told her that he just wanted to find out what was wrong with her because she had been there for two hours, and nobody was able to tell them what was wrong and why she had fainted. Jake tried to get the lab to hurry up on the pregnancy tests for Gillian.

Ryan asked Gillian if she could be pregnant, and she told him that they always used protection. Ryan told her that protection was not always foolproof. While Ryan and Gillian talked about future plans and honeymoon retreats, Jake stood outside the door, listening to every word they said. Jake got the test results for Gillian and read them. He went into the room with Gillian and Jake and told them that the results should be there soon. He asked Ryan to go outside and fill out some papers while he stayed inside to talk to Gillian.

Jake told Gillian that the results were back and there was something that she needed to know first. He told Gillian that she was pregnant, and she was upset and said that she could not be pregnant. Jake told Gillian that the child had to be his and not Ryan's. Jake told Gillian that he had heard her talking with Ryan when they had told each other that they always used protection. Jake said that when he and Gillian had been on the yacht, they had not used protection, and the child had to be his. He wanted to run a sonogram and complete pelvic exam immediately.

Ryan returned to Gillian's room and wanted to know why she was so upset. Gillian said that she was okay and just wanted to go home. Jake told her that if she wanted the tests run, all she had to do was to press the buzzer. Ryan got Gillian ready so he could take her home. Ryan told Jake that she was feeling better, and if something happened, they would deal with it.

Ryan went to get the car while Jake and Gillian talked. Gillian said she had not told Ryan about being pregnant. Jake told her that she needed prenatal care right away, and whether she wanted to or not, she had to take care of their baby.

David found Dixie in a bar and noticed that she was freezing to death because she had no coat. He took her to his room. He told her that she was wandering around in the cold without a coat. He checked out her heart, and she was okay, but she was shaking because of the cold. He wrapped her up in a blanket. Dixie said that she would call a tow truck.

Dixie told David that she did not want to stay in his room because she had been through too much that day. David told her to get out of her wet clothes, and he would be down the hall. Dixie asked him to stay because she wanted someone to talk to. David asked her why she had gotten behind the wheel of the car that night, and she said that she had found out that Tad was still having an affair with Leslie. She told David that she had found out from Palmer and Vanessa. Palmer had told Dixie that Tad had had a fight with his mistress in public, and the worst thing was that Tad seemed so loving and giving to her.

David asked Dixie where Tad was at that moment. Dixie told him that Tad had taken the boys skiing. Dixie told David that Tad had gone to her house after he had been with Leslie. Dixie said that she didn't know what to believe. She thought she should just go and see Leslie, and David told her to stay away from Leslie. David asked Dixie why she wanted to talk to "that woman" anyway. She wouldn't tell Dixie the truth.

David asked Dixie to try to forget about Leslie for the night. He ordered room service for both of them. He told Dixie that he would go downstairs to get some food and would give her some time to herself. Dixie asked David what he wanted from her. David told her that he wanted to give her a few moments of freedom outside of the room. He wanted to give her a little joy and said that when he returned, he would bring joy to her.

When David returned, he poured a glass of wine for himself and Dixie. Dixie was telling David about her family and how her father had another family. David said that history did not repeat itself. Dixie said that it did. Dixie told David that it felt that the ground was moving underneath her. She told David that she was glad that she had someone to hold her up. David told Dixie that he would be honored to be that person.

David poured Dixie some more wine, and they continued to talk. David asked Dixie if he was helping, and Dixie told him that he was pushing. David told Dixie that she needed him as much as he needed her. He then kissed her, and she returned the kisses. Dixie pushed away from David and said that she could not do it. David said that he would do whatever she wanted. He picked her up, carried her to his bed, and laid her down.

Derek was at the yacht, along with Palmer, Vanessa, Marian, Liza, Adam, Hayley, and Mateo. Derek received the same note as everyone else. The note told everyone to go to the yacht at 8:00 p.m. sharp to see the guilty punished. Derek asked everyone in the room if they knew why he had received the note and if anyone was guilty. Nobody would admit to the guilt.

Derek collected all the notes and read each one. Palmer and Vanessa had been told to go there to recover the lost necklace. Hayley and Mateo had been told to be there to confess their crime. Derek asked Hayley what crime Arlene was talking about. Adam told Hayley and Mateo that he would charm Derek out of there before Arlene showed her face.

Derek started questioning everyone and started with Hayley. Hayley told Derek that Arlene still deserved to lead her life. Liza told Derek that everyone had had problems with Arlene and that everyone had been willing to work it out. Derek said that it sounded bigger than just a stolen necklace. Adam said that it was a waste of everyone's time. Adam suggested that everyone leave.

Derek told everyone to stay exactly where they were; nobody was going to leave. Derek asked a question and wanted to know the last time everyone had been together like that. Derek said that it had been when they had been at the party on the yacht. Hayley said that she felt she was crawling out of her skin, and then she and Mateo walked out the door onto the deck. As they walked to the side of the ship, Hayley found a red slip that Arlene had worn.

Hayley went running back into the room where everyone was and said that Arlene was on board because she had just found her slip. Adam said that it could be anyone's slip. Hayley said that Arlene had been wearing it the night of the yacht party. Derek was on the phone and told everyone to check the yacht because Arlene might be on board. Derek instructed Adam to get into the engine room to see if she was in there.

Hayley jumped up from her seat and said that something had happened the night of the party. As Hayley started to speak, everyone tried to stop her because they didn't want her to tell Derek that she had killed Arlene. Hayley got upset and ran out the door and said that she couldn't tell him at that moment. The power went out on the yacht. Mateo went outside to look for Hayley.

Vanessa was outside and saw Hayley from the back and thought it was Arlene. Vanessa called her a thieving tramp and turned her around. When "Arlene" turned around, Vanessa was surprised to see that it was Hayley in a blonde wig. Vanessa asked Hayley why she was dressed that way. Hayley, pretending to be Arlene, told Vanessa that she was never going to get her necklace back and wanted to know if Vanessa had returned to sniff around. Vanessa said that she was just out for some fresh air.

"Arlene" told Vanessa that she had been her friend in "this screwed-up town," and she hadn't wanted to return with all the cops around the place. Vanessa called her Hayley, and "Arlene" said not to call her that; she was Arlene. "Arlene" told Vanessa that her baby had let her down, and she was inside, scared as a church mouse. She told Vanessa that she thought that if she got Hayley back on the yacht, Hayley would confess to what she had done. Vanessa asked "Arlene" what was she supposed to confess.

Mateo returned to the room and said that he was looking for Hayley and could not find her. Palmer asked Mateo if he had run into Vanessa because she was missing also. Meanwhile, "Arlene" was telling Vanessa how Hayley had tried to kill her. "Arlene" said that Hayley always screwed up. "Arlene" even said that she had a score to settle with Vanessa also. "Arlene" grabbed Vanessa's coat and started shaking her violently.

Duffy had gone to the bar to find Arlene and learned from Bud that Arlene had gone to the yacht and had been wearing a red coat. Duffy went to the yacht, looking for Arlene, and decided that he was going to take care of her. Duffy saw the red coat through the scope on his rifle and tried to fire a shot at "Arlene." He couldn't get a clear shot.

"Arlene" and Vanessa began to argue. A gunshot rang out. Duffy had fired the gun, and both Hayley and Vanessa fell to the ground.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

At the hospital, Gillian remained in the emergency room waiting area while Ryan fetched the car. Nearby, Jake kept a continual watch on his soon-to-be ex-wife. Each time Gillian looked over at Jake, he simply stared at her without saying a word. When Ryan finally showed up, Gillian told Ryan that she was okay. Ryan wanted to know what Jake had talked to her about. She told him that Jake had wanted her to take some more tests. She told Ryan that she had just forgotten to eat and talked him into going out for a cheeseburger.

Dr. Martin saw Gillian leaving with Ryan, and he asked Jake what Gillian's diagnosis was. Jake told his dad that she was pregnant and was carrying his baby. Joe told Jake that if Gillian were pregnant, the father would be Ryan. Jake told his dad that he had heard Gillian and Ryan talking, and they had said that they had always used protection. Jake told Joe that when he and Gillian had made love on the yacht, they had not used protection.

Dixie was lying awake in David's bed after making love to him. She told him that she should leave, and he told her that the roads were impassable. She told David that she should not be there. She said that she might be needed. David said that he needed her. Dixie told him that she didn't know who she was; nothing was making sense.

David told Dixie that she had given herself to him completely. He begged her to give herself permission to be that person. Dixie was telling David that it wasn't real. David told Dixie that she needed to live the life she wanted to; nobody could do that for her. He asked her if she was happy, and she told him that it was just the moment. David looked at her and told her that he loved her. Dixie asked David how long it could last, and he replied, "Forever."

Duffy remembered Bud's words when Bud had reported that Arlene was going to the yacht and would be wearing a red coat. Duffy saw the person in the red coat on the yacht and fired his rifle at her. A shot rang out from Duffy's rifle, and Vanessa and Hayley both fell to the ground. Vanessa was shot, but Hayley was not. Hayley, still pretending to be Arlene, said aloud that the shot had been meant for her. She got up and ran.

Derek walked outside, looking for the shooter, and he found Vanessa lying on the ground. He called for both police backup and an ambulance. Palmer and Mateo disobeyed Derek's orders to remain inside and walked down the deck toward Vanessa's motionless body. Mateo left to try to find Hayley. All Vanessa could say was, "Hayley... Arlene... Hayley..." and then she passed out. No one understood what she had said.

Meanwhile, "Arlene" darted into the room while everyone else was outside, and she said that if they wanted to play rough, she would show them rough and then went up the stairs. In the process, the little bell she wore around her neck fell to the ground. Derek told Liza and Marian that they could leave, but Adam and Mateo were asked to remain behind. Mateo asked why Derek wasn't out looking for Arlene. Derek said that he had his men on it, but there was no indication that Arlene was on board or that Arlene was even responsible for the shooting.

Just then, Mateo found the necklace that Arlene had stolen from his condo, and he made the assumption that Arlene had Hayley. Derek asked Mateo why Arlene would kidnap Hayley. Mateo told Derek that Hayley had tried to kill Arlene. Mateo said that Arlene wanted revenge and that the bullet that had hit Vanessa had been meant for Hayley. Adam tried to explain why Arlene was trying to kill everyone, but Derek wasn't buying it. Mateo left and told Adam to call if he heard anything.

Derek walked out with one of the police officers. Adam went outside to make a phone call to Duffy. He got the answering machine and said that if Duffy was the one that had fired the shot, he had hit Vanessa Cortlandt and not Arlene. Mateo listened while Adam spoke, and he said that he wanted some answers also. Mateo wanted to know who had fired the shot. Adam told Mateo that Duffy had fired the shot.

Mateo asked Adam why Duffy had shot at Arlene. Adam told Mateo that he had told Duffy he would double Duffy's fee if Duffy got rid of Arlene. Mateo told Adam that he was going to talk to Derek because that would be his best bet in trying to find Hayley.

Jake and his dad, Joe, were still talking about Gillian and Ryan at the hospital when a nurse approached them and said that a gunshot victim was on the way in. Greenlee ran into the emergency room and went up to Joe. She told him that she had heard on the radio that there had been a shooting on the yacht, and she wanted to know if Leo had been injured. Joe asked her if Leo had been on the yacht, and she told him that he was supposed to have been en route to New York City.

When the ambulance arrived, Greenlee saw Vanessa and realized that she was the one who had been shot; she had to get in touch with Leo and tell him. She dialed Leo's phone number, and when he answered, he told Greenlee that he didn't want to talk to her. Leo told Greenlee that he was on his way to New York and that she wasn't on his list of things to do. He hung up on her. Greenlee called Leo again, and he started to hang up on her again, but he told her he would give her five seconds, and it better be good. Greenlee told Leo that his mother had been shot. Leo's voice showed his concern, but he warned Greenlee that she'd better not be lying to him.

Joe and Jake tried to get in touch with David to let him know that his mother had been shot, and they needed him in the ER. Jake called David's cell phone, but David was out of the room. Dixie answered the phone. Jake told her that it was an emergency, and he needed to get in touch with Dr. Hayward. Dixie tried to disguise her voice, but Jake recognized her anyway. Jake asked Dixie what was going on. Dixie couldn't speak.

David returned to the room, and Dixie handed over the phone. Jake reported that Vanessa had been shot and that David's expertise was needed at the hospital. David told Jake that he was stuck at the Sleepy Hollow Inn -- a statement that drew a great deal of concern from Jake -- and that the bridge back to Pine Valley was impassable. Jake told David that he'd dispatch a helicopter to fly David back to the hospital. Dixie got dressed, and she and David left to go the hospital.

Adam raced into the hospital and told Joe that he needed to talk to Vanessa. He wanted to ask her if she knew anything about Hayley. Joe told Adam that she had a life-threatening injury and was not up to talking to anybody at that time. Palmer approached Adam and wanted to know what he was up to. Palmer told Adam that if anything happened to Vanessa, it would be on Adam's head.

Joe walked out of the emergency room, and Palmer approached him to find out about Vanessa. Dr. Joe told Palmer that she was stable and ready for surgery, and they were waiting on the best doctor they had. Just then, David and Dixie entered. David went to Jake and asked how the patient was. Palmer saw Dixie and David walk in, and he asked Dixie why she had been with David.

Dixie hugged her Uncle Palmer and told him that she was sorry about Vanessa, but David was going to take good care of her. Palmer didn't like David and told Dixie that there was no way David would be taking care of Vanessa. Dixie tried to stand up for David and told Palmer that David was the best cardiologist around, and he would take good care of Vanessa. Palmer agreed and told David not to let her die.

Ryan and Gillian returned to the yacht and wanted to know what had happened because there were police all over the place. Mateo told Ryan about the letters that Arlene had sent to everyone and about the party she had planned by inviting everyone. Mateo told them that Arlene had a plan and wanted revenge. Mateo told Ryan and Gillian that someone had fired a shot, Vanessa had been injured, and Hayley was missing. Mateo said that he needed to go and find Hayley. Gillian told Mateo that she had seen Arlene earlier in the night, and she had not been alone.

"Arlene" was out by the yacht, watching the police. A stranger approached her and asked her what she was doing out there. "Arlene" told him that she was just watching. The stranger asked her if she knew what was going on, and "Arlene" told him that they were looking for Hayley, and they would not be able to find her because she was gone. She introduced herself to the stranger as Arlene.

David walked out of the ER, and Leo walked up to him and asked about Vanessa's condition. Leo pleaded with his big brother to save their mother's life. Leo, Joe, Jake, Palmer, and Dixie were all standing around David when he said that Palmer was right -- he was not the right person to operate on Vanessa. Joe told David that he was the best cardiologist around, and he was the only one qualified to do the surgery.

Again David refused, citing the hospital's rule that a surgeon could not operate on a family member. David told Joe that there was another doctor that could do the surgery, but that doctor said that he had never taken on such a difficult surgery. Leo approached David with tears in his eyes and asked if David was going to let their mother die.

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Late in the evening, Erica was walking around her living room with a cup of tea, looking rather pensive. She heard noises from upstairs and hid behind a door as Bianca and Rain tried to sneak downstairs for something to eat. Rain worried out loud about Erica catching them, but Bianca said that her mom was so wrapped up in her own life that she wouldn't know they were there. Erica heard everything and saw them run hand in hand into the kitchen. She muttered to herself, "How could Bianca have brought that girl under my roof?"

As Bianca and Rain left the kitchen, Erica stopped them and told Rain to get out of her house. Bianca said okay; Rain would leave in the morning, since she had nowhere to go and it was the middle of the night. Rain tried to prevent trouble between mother and daughter, saying she'd go to the shelter for the night. She went upstairs to get her things. Bianca tried to reason with her mother, but Erica said that Rain was a horrible influence. Bianca wanted to reach out and help Rain, but Erica said she didn't want to help Rain, and she didn't want Rain in Bianca's bed.

Bianca, horrified, said, "Oh, my God! You think I'm sleeping with Rain!" Rain walked downstairs with her coat, and Bianca walked her outside. They hugged, and Rain told Bianca to visit her at the community center. Bianca went back in to face her mother and told her that the two girls had not slept together. She told Erica that she would never disrespect Erica by taking a girlfriend into her house, but Erica thought Bianca was trying to hurt her.

"You do whatever you want, my feelings be damned!" Erica screamed at Bianca. "I'm just looking for someone who won't judge me," Bianca told Erica. She went on to tell her mom that she hated to see Erica so unhappy and that she missed her mother as much as Erica missed Bianca. Bianca went upstairs and left Erica to sit on the sofa and cry. Before too many tears fell, Erica stopped herself and said that falling apart was not an option. She then said she'd be strong for Bianca and stood up, saying she knew what she had to do.

Erica walked into the community center and found Rain alone. She held out a wad of cash and told Rain to take it and leave town -- and to never contact Bianca again. Rain didn't want it, but Erica forced the $10,000 into her hand and said, "If you don't take it and leave, you'll be very sorry." Erica stormed out, leaving Rain standing there with the money.

Hayley, who was dressed as Arlene, took the guy from the pier into Hayley and Mateo's home. He was shocked at how nice the place was because he had thought she was a hooker. "Arlene" laughed it off, telling him everything for the night was on the house. She told him the place had been her daughter Hayley's, but Hayley was gone. She told him about her plans to redecorate the place in black leather and leopard skin. She said that Hayley had passed on, stating, "Only the good die young."

"Arlene" offered the guy a drink, "a toast to Hayley's timely demise." He asked what had happened to Hayley, and "Arlene" said she had killed her in self-defense. While opening a bottle, she glanced at a wedding picture of Hayley and Mateo and stopped what she was doing. She walked over and picked up the photo, and the guy took one look at it and exclaimed, "It's you!" "Arlene" told him no, it was her daughter Hayley, and he said they could be twins.

"Arlene" said she and Hayley were nothing alike; Hayley had the perfect life, perfect job, and perfect husband, and "Arlene" had nothing. Then "Arlene" said that she had gotten Hayley's life, and Hayley had the life she deserved. The guy was creeped out, and he left the condo. "Arlene" just stared at the wedding photo and heard Mateo's voice repeating his wedding vows, ending with "till death do us part, this is my solemn vow." Hayley whispered desperately, "Please help me, Mateo!"

"Arlene" left the condo and went back to the Pit, where she found her friend Bud. She grabbed a bottle of champagne and shared a swig with him. Then she shook the bottle and sprayed him with the wine. Bud wasn't thrilled and asked for his check, telling "Arlene" that they could go find a motel with a heart-shaped bed. She told him she couldn't go with him, and he got angry, telling her she was all tease, and then walked out.

At the hospital, Adam was getting frantic that he couldn't find Hayley. Liza wondered why Arlene would shoot Vanessa. Mateo told them that Hayley was gone, but he wasn't sure that Arlene had kidnapped her. He thought that Arlene had left too many clues and wondered how she had gotten off the boat without anyone seeing her.

Adam, Liza, and Mateo thought it was strange that all of a sudden, Arlene, who normally liked the spotlight, was keeping a low profile. Adam went to check on Vanessa's condition, and Mateo's phone rang. He walked away to take the call privately, and it was Tina, who told him she had heard noises from his place. He told her he was on his way and ran out of the hospital.

Mateo and Tina walked into the condo, and he found the picture frame that had held the wedding picture smashed and the photo missing. Tina found a jacket and commented on how tacky it was -- "just something Arlene would wear." She told Mateo she was glad Hayley was at her dad's house, safe. Mateo told her he didn't think she was safe and that Hayley was actually missing. He picked up the tacky jacket and put his hand in a pocket. He pulled out Hayley's wedding rings.

"She'd never take these off willingly," Mateo told Tina. Tina found the missing wedding picture and handed it to Mateo. He turned it over and found a message: "The guilty cannot love, the guilty cannot exist." Mateo told Tina it was Hayley's handwriting. The police arrived but found nothing, and Mateo told them to return in the morning because he wanted to be alone.

Mateo sat down with the photo and Hayley's rings and tried to figure out the clues Hayley had left for him. Picking up the jacket again, he felt the pockets and pulled out a matchbook from the Pit. He left the condo and went to the bar to look for clues. As he walked into the bar, "Arlene" saw him.

In the waiting area at the hospital, Leo told David that he had to operate on their mother, but David said he couldn't. Leo got upset and grabbed David, saying, "She gave us life. You can't let her die!" Leo begged David to save Vanessa and then went into Laura's arms. They walked over to the chairs, and Leo told Laura about growing up with Vanessa and some of their adventures in Europe. He said he had thrown her out of his life when she had left him in jail for murder. Laura said he still needed his mother, just like he had when he had been ten years old. Leo said he didn't want to lose her.

Joe and Jake tried to talk David into doing the surgery, but he still refused. Dixie asked to talk to David alone, and Jake told her no. She said she wasn't asking him and walked off with David. Joe and Jake discussed that situation, and Jake told Joe where the two of them had been when he had paged David. Joe told Jake to stay out of it; they had to let Tad handle his marriage.

Meanwhile Dixie asked David why he wouldn't operate on Vanessa. He said he hated his mother too much to save her. He was afraid that his childhood memories and feelings would guide his hands during surgery. The little boy inside him would be begging him to even the score with his mother, and he couldn't take that chance. Dixie told David that he still loved his mother no matter what he said, but he denied it. She said she believed in him with all her heart.

Palmer asked Joe why they were waiting to operate, and Joe responded that David wouldn't cooperate. Jake was on the phone to Tad and watched as Palmer walked up to David, asking humbly for David to please save his wife. David said he'd do what he could, and Dixie smiled at him as he walked away to surgery.

Later, Leo asked Jake how long the surgery would take and was told it would be several hours. Laura talked Leo into going to the cafeteria to get some dinner. Greenlee went up to the desk and began to ask Jake to tell Leo that she had gone home but then stopped and just walked away. A little while later, Leo and Laura returned from dinner, and Leo looked around for Greenlee. He said he wanted to apologize to her for not believing her when she had called him earlier.

Palmer told Dixie he should go get some of Vanessa's things, explaining, "You know how she doesn't like to be seen without her makeup." Dixie volunteered to go for him, and he told her that he had met his match in Vanessa; he just couldn't lose her. She started to leave but went up to speak to Jake first. Jake got very upset with her for being with David. He asked what had happened to her, and Liza walked up behind them and wondered the same thing.

Jake had to leave, and Liza said she'd heard that Dixie was cheating on Tad. She asked if Tad and Dixie were getting a divorce. Dixie said they had lots of problems, beginning with Liza sleeping with Tad. The two women had some choice words for each other but were interrupted when Adam told Liza that Colby was at home, crying for her. Adam and Liza left, and Dixie stood there, looking rather annoyed.

After the surgery was over, David walked out to give a report on Vanessa. He told everyone that he'd removed the bullet and that she was stable, but the next few hours were critical. Adam wanted to see her but was told "immediate family only." Palmer and Leo went with Joe to see her. Palmer leaned over her and talked to her, and Leo asked if she knew they were there. Adam barged in and said of course she knew and demanded to know what she could tell him about Hayley and Arlene.

Dixie and David sat down in the waiting area, and she told him she had known he could do it. He said he could've only done it because of her, and they hugged. Jake was standing at the desk and glared at them, and Dixie looked up and saw him. She closed her eyes and laid her head on David's shoulder. Tad walked in and saw the two of them embracing.

Thursday, February 1, 2001

At the hospital waiting room, Dixie squirmed out of David's embrace when she spotted Tad closely watching them. Tad walked over and worriedly asked if she was all right because Jake had called him. Dixie explained that she had arrived with David when he had needed to go to the hospital to perform emergency surgery. David tried to interject, but Tad cut David off and declared that he wanted to talk to his wife. Tad asked her how she had ended up with David when he had left her at home during the ice storm.

David tried to explain what had happened, but Tad demanded to hear it from Dixie. She told him that she had been at the motel with David then had flown in the helicopter with him when he had been called in. Tad replied that when he had left with their children, she had been folding laundry and had told him that she wouldn't be going out. David jumped in again and told Tad that he had found her cold and alone at a bar because of what Tad had done to her. Jake pulled David back before Tad could take a swing at him, and Dixie apologized for Tad having to "find out this way." Tad looked perplexed and asked her what she was talking about.

At the nurses' station, Jake and David got into a confrontation. Jake told him that Tad had a right to know what was going on behind his back, but David argued that Dixie was a grown woman who was capable of making her own decisions. Joe walked out and reminded them that they were in the ER and should at least try to "keep up the appearance of being professional." He asked Jake why Tad was there and if he knew what was going on.

Dixie explained that she had been at home when Palmer and Vanessa had stopped over and told her that they had seen Tad at the Valley Inn with Leslie again. Tad told her that he hadn't slept with Leslie and assured her that Palmer and Vanessa had misinterpreted the situation. Dixie was dubious and asked Tad why she should believe him when he had never told her about sleeping with Leslie in the first place, but Tad replied that he was only trying to get Leslie out of their lives for good. He told her that he loved her and asked her again why she had run to David again with her fears.

Feigning tears, she explained that she had driven her car off the side of the road, and David had been at the bar when she had stumbled in there. Tad was skeptical and asked her if she expected him to believe her. "I don't expect anything from you," Dixie replied, adding, "Maybe that's the problem." Tad was silent and told Dixie that he would leave her alone only if she told him if she had slept with David again. When Dixie didn't answer, he looked to the ground and asked how they had gotten to where they were.

Joe interrupted and told Tad to take Dixie home. "I can't," he replied, "I don't live there anymore." Giving Dixie one last look, he stormed out with Jake in tow. Joe asked Dixie if she needed a ride home, but David assured him that he could drive her. Dixie told Joe to go to Tad, and he hesitated then left.

Alone, David held Dixie and asked her to go home with him. Dixie pulled away and told him that she'd rather be alone. David led her into an examination room and declared that neither of them really wanted to be alone that night. Dixie replied that he should be with his mother, but David assured her that he felt most alone when he was with his family. He told Dixie that he got his strength from her and described how he had really looked at Vanessa's heart during the surgery and realized that it had taught him to hate.

Dixie tried to say that a lot had happened that night, but David took her in his arms and replied that a lot had, but the only thing that made sense that night was the two of them. Dixie pulled away and told him that she had to go home to be there when her sons woke up. David replied that he understood and leaned in, gently held her face in his hands, and told her that he loved her and would never give her up.

In the middle of the night, Bianca crept downstairs, calling out her mother's name in the darkness. There was no reply.

With the $10,000 of bribe money in her pocket, Rain rushed into the hallway of the shelter to talk to Erica. Erica asked what she wanted and why she hadn't left yet. Rain assured Erica that she always kept her word but warned Erica that no matter how much she paid off Rain or any other girl that got "too close" to Bianca, she would still be... "My daughter," Erica interrupted. Rain assured Erica that Bianca loved her, but Erica stormed out and warned Rain to stay away from her family.

At the hospital, Adam ran to Vanessa's bedside and asked her again if Hayley was with Arlene. "Do you want me to have you anesthetized?" Palmer asked as Leo tried to get Adam out of the room. Vanessa suddenly screamed out Hayley's name, but all she could make out were the words, "Hayley is." Adam asked her what that meant and Vanessa slowly whispered, "Hayley is Arlene."

Confused, Adam persisted, but Leo got fed up and threw him out of the room. Vanessa tried to talk, but Palmer told her not to worry. He explained that Leo was with her, and David had performed the operation on her. "Okay," Vanessa sighed and fell asleep. Adam stormed back into Vanessa's room and demanded to talk to her. Leo declared that his mother was near death, and it would have to wait until morning.

Adam vowed that he would be back and reluctantly left. Leo watched Palmer at Vanessa's bedside and said that he would be waiting outside. Palmer stopped him and told him that Vanessa would much rather wake up to her son's face. As Palmer left, Leo sat down and took his mother's hand. Leo began to weep and laid his head on the bed. Vanessa awoke and patted his hair. She asked him what had happened, but Leo replied that the only important thing was that she was awake. He kissed her hand.

As he stood in front of the "The Use of Pagers and Cell Phones is Prohibited" sign in the hallway, Adam used his cell phone to call Mateo. He left a message and demanded that Mateo call Adam when he found Hayley.

Believing herself to be Arlene, Hayley was with Bud at the Pit when she spotted Mateo. She told Bud that she wanted to go with him to Sea City, and the two hurriedly made their way out through the back door, but Mateo stopped them. He asked "Arlene" if she knew where his wife was because he had to talk to her. "Arlene" walked back to the counter and replied that she hadn't seen "the little garden gnome" for a while. When Mateo pressed her, Bud stepped in. Mateo twisted Bud's arm behind his back and threw him onto the counter. Bud shook him off, told "Arlene" that she wasn't worth all the trouble, and left.

Alone, Mateo asked "Arlene" again if she had seen his wife. He offered to buy her a drink, but she declined and opted instead for pineapple juice. They sat down at the counter, and "Arlene" told Mateo that she knew what he was up to, and she wouldn't help him find his wife. Playing along, Mateo told her that everyone thought she had kidnapped Hayley, but she only snickered and said that Hayley had tried to kill her, and she hadn't even confessed yet.

"Arlene" told a curious Mateo that she wouldn't help him find his wife because Hayley was gone and was never returning. Mateo replied that he didn't really take anything she said seriously and informed her that he had confessed everything to Derek on Hayley's behalf. As he moved closer to her, he told her that he couldn't forget their night together on the yacht and declared that there had to have been a reason why they were "always ending up together." He asked her if they could pick up where they had left off, and "Arlene" agreed to go with him back to his place.

Back at the condo, "Arlene" told Mateo that she wasn't going to "give Hayley up" since she had him all to herself. She went into the bedroom and assured Mateo that she wouldn't "shimmy out the window" because she had too much waiting for her there. Alone, Mateo called Adam and told him that he had found Hayley but that she wasn't feeling like herself. When Adam demanded to see his daughter, Mateo raised his voice and declared, "No, Adam. Not tonight." "Arlene" overheard and told Mateo she was leaving.

Mateo rushed ahead to the door, closed it, and explained that he didn't want Adam to stop over and interrupt them. "Arlene" replied that she didn't trust him but that she'd spend the night. She stated that she didn't feel like "fooling around" anymore and settled onto the couch. Mateo playfully replied that was a good thing because he was a morning person. He sat down in a chair opposite her. "Arlene" asked if he was going to watch her all night, and Mateo assured her that he had a lot to think about.

Erica arrived home and turned on the lights. Bianca was cowering in the corner with a poker. Bianca explained that she had checked Erica's bed and hadn't been able to find her, and the two embraced. Erica said that she'd had an appointment and hadn't wanted to disturb Bianca. Bianca apologized again for sneaking Rain in, but Erica assured her that she was no longer angry and that it wouldn't happen again. Curiously, Bianca asked what that meant and demanded to know if Erica had done something to Rain.

Bianca asked Erica again if she had gone to see Rain, but Erica replied that she didn't want to talk about her anymore and offered to make some hot cocoa like she had when Bianca had been a child. Bianca wondered how Erica could go from being so mad to remembering things from Bianca's childhood, but Erica assured her that her anger had dissipated when she had returned home and had seen Bianca had been so worried about her. She confessed to Bianca that she had not actually run errands but had gone for a drive to clear her mind. She said that they could have a difference of opinion but that they didn't have to argue about it. Erica again asked if Bianca wanted cocoa and Bianca said yes, as long as it was the "famous" kind, and the two hugged.

Bianca and Erica sipped hot cocoa together, and Bianca remarked that she had forgotten that she had put so many marshmallows in. Erica offered to take some out, but Bianca assured her that she liked it that way -- "a lot."

Tad went to the Pit with Jake and Joe following close behind. "The family that collapses together, drinks together," Tad remarked, but Joe assured him that their family was doing no such thing. At the counter, Tad angrily turned to Jake and asked if Jake had set him up that night, but Jake replied that he had thought Tad should know what was going on. Joe asked if Tad had been at Leslie's hotel room, and Tad replied that he had. He explained that he had been trying to save his marriage by getting Leslie to spill the beans about David.

Tad confided his suspicions that both Leslie and David had orchestrated the Libidozone scandal to get Tad and Dixie apart. Tad vowed to tell Dixie what was going on, but he needed proof first because David was brainwashing her. Jake asked Tad to consider the possibility that maybe Dixie knew what she was doing because she wanted to be with David, and Tad shoved him off his stool. Jake apologized for calling Tad, and Tad apologized too. Jake assured Tad that he and Joe were there to help, but Tad promised to save his marriage on his own by proving to Dixie that Hayward had tricked them.

Thursday, February 2, 2001

Leo returned to the yacht and told Ryan that their investment was already showing a return. He said he had told Stan to reinvest the profits. Ryan agreed. Leo said he had taken out a grand for dating expenses, but Ryan opted to leave all his money in. Gillian walked in. Ryan wanted to plan their wedding for Valentine's Day, but Gillian protested because she was not divorced yet. She appeared ill at ease, and Ryan asked if she was dizzy again.

Laura showed up and, along with Ryan and Leo, planned a contest for Incredible Dreams -- people could log on to the web site and submit their most romantic dream. Leo and Laura went to the Valley Inn to discuss and plan. Laura daydreamed of a romantic interlude with Leo.

Over at the Valley Inn, Greenlee walked into the dining room and saw her father and grandfather sitting together. She was surprised to see them. Her father, Roger, said he was just passing through and didn't have her phone number. Greenlee retorted, "Don't bother, okay? You never call."

Greenlee asked if she and her father could have dinner, but Roger said he was leaving as soon as he finished business with her grandfather. Greenlee was hurt, saying, "Does what I feel even matter to you, Daddy?" He told her not to take it so personally; it was not healthy. Her grandfather excused himself but suggested they have breakfast and catch up.

Greenlee accused her father of being angry about what Leo had said in regard to her trust fund and of punishing her for it. Roger said Leo was "a Eurotrash pretty boy" who had never met an heiress he hadn't liked. Greenlee said, "Leo's not like that. I trust him." Her father said, "You can't possibly believe him, that I would stoop so low as to pilfer my own child's trust account?" Greenlee said," I know you love me too much to do something like that."

Leo and Laura observed Greenlee and Roger from the next table. Leo commented that he couldn't believe "that loser" Roger was back in town already. Greenlee asked if she could visit her parents in San Diego. Her father said no; her mother was redecorating. Greenlee pleaded, "Well, I could stay in the guest house. Please, Daddy, let me come home. I swear, I'll stay out of the way." Roger said, "We both know that never happens."

Greenlee grew angry. "I'm your daughter, not a piggy bank. I'm going to be out of money if Mommy doesn't find a cheaper hobby," Greenlee said. Her father left. Leo walked over, and Greenlee pretended that her parents wanted her to go to San Diego. He called her a liar, and she told Leo to leave her alone. When her grandfather returned, Greenlee said she wanted an audit of her trust fund -- that day.

At the hospital, Jake and Myrtle talked. Jake told her that Gillian was pregnant. He was happy and bubbling over with plans for the baby. Myrtle reminded him how hurt he had been when he had lost Colby, and she said he should not put all his hopes on the baby. Jake said the baby was his, but Myrtle reminded him that Ryan and Gillian were together and would raise the baby.

Jake called Gillian at the yacht and told her he needed to see her. He said she had to tell Ryan what was going on. Gillian made up an excuse for Ryan and left for the hospital. Jake told Myrtle that Gillian was heading over to talk. He said she was in shock, but she'd "come around." Myrtle pointed out that Gillian was making plans with Ryan that didn't include Jake.

Jake said, "That's why I'm going to insist on a paternity test. Obviously if I'm the father, I do have rights, and Gillian and I are just going to have to share custody." Myrtle was concerned that Jake and Gillian would get involved in a big court battle. She asked if it was about the baby or about holding on to Gillian. Myrtle said not to push Gillian, or he might drive her away.

Gillian arrived to talk to Jake. He said he wanted to see how she was doing. Gillian said, "I'm going to have a baby. I should be excited, right? All I feel is confused. It doesn't seem real." Jake said she had to tell Ryan. Gillian said, "How can I tell him, Jake? He's so full of joy for our future. How can I tell him that I'm carrying your child? That will break his heart."

Gillian said all she could think about was Ryan and "If I decide to -- " Jake told her she couldn't terminate the pregnancy. He begged her to focus on the child and not do anything rash. Jake suggested she have a sonogram, and Gillian refused, becoming very agitated. Jake persuaded her to at least speak with Dr. Clader, the obstetrician.

Jake went to get him, and Myrtle walked up and told Gillian she knew about the pregnancy. Gillian was upset, saying Jake had had no right to tell anyone. Gillian said, "This child isn't his. It can't be. Can you talk to him, please?" When Jake returned with Dr. Clader, Gillian had left.

Over at the Martin house, Edmund and Dimitri arrived looking for Jake. Tad was there, and they told him they'd connected David Hayward to a shipment of Libidozone. Tad said if they helped him, he could go to Dixie. Edmund said they didn't have enough evidence. David admitted ordering the drug, but claimed it had been stolen. Dimitri said he thought Alex had seen what David had been up to, and he had made sure she disappeared.

Dixie walked in, and Edmund and Dimitri left. Dixie said it was obvious they were all up to something. Tad said, "Look, I'm not the bad guy here. Hayward's the one you got to worry about." Dixie said, "Hayward is not the one lying to me." Tad retorted, "How do you know? You think you understand the man so well, huh? The guy behind the mask? You don't have a clue about who he really is."

Tad told Dixie about David's connection to the shipment of Libidozone, but she dismissed it. She accused him of dragging Edmund and Dimitri into his revenge scheme, but Tad said Dimitri thought David was responsible for Alex's disappearance. He added that Leslie had been David's accomplice in splitting them up. Dixie said, "Leslie is David's lawyer, not his partner in crime. I came here to talk to you about last night, to apologize for that, and to see if you and I could work things through."

Tad said, "How do you propose we do that when you refuse to see the truth." Dixie said, "You have explanations and accusations and conspiracy theories all over the place. I'm tired of it, Tad. You blame David for everything that's wrong with us. It's got to stop!" Tad said, "Whether you want to believe it or not, he's a very dangerous man, and I'm afraid he's going to hurt you."

Dixie defended David, "He's a good man. Don't you know how hard it was for him to operate on his mother last night? I mean, that took a lot of personal dedication and courage. Are those the traits of a madman?" Tad told her to ask David about the Libidozone. Dixie grew angry and left.

On the yacht, Dimitri and Edmund told Ryan about connecting David to the shipment of Libidozone. They told him they still needed hard evidence that David had spiked the punch and was responsible for Alex's disappearance. Dimitri's cell phone rang. It was Alex. She said she was fine and that she loved him. He asked where she was, and she said, "I wish I could tell you, but I can't. Not yet." She hung up before Dimitri could get any more information.

At the hospital, David was in his office. Leslie entered and asked for more of the Libidozone. He told her to return the next day. Leslie said, "If you don't give me the drug, I will tell Dixie everything." David said, "What makes you think that Dixie's going to believe anything coming from the slut who slept with her husband? If you need an aphrodisiac to hold on to Tad, maybe you should give it up."

Leslie said she was close to getting the man she wanted and would not give up. David said he had made another batch, "But I changed my mind. I'm not giving you Libidozone, Leslie." She asked if he wanted money. David said, "I've been giving it a lot of thought, and it would be very irresponsible for me to supply you with Libidozone."

David threatened to call security, and Leslie threatened to tell Dixie. David said, "You don't want to cross me, Leslie." She grabbed for the drug, but David hung on to it and locked it in his desk drawer. He said he would dispose of it later. Dixie walked to the door of David's office in time to hear Leslie say, "If you don't give it to me, I will tell Dixie more than she ever wants to know about you."



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