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Julian learned Ethan was Sam Bennett's son and told Ethan. Norma attacked Tabitha in the shower with an axe. Charity was pulled into the fires of hell, but Kay decided to help get her out. Sheridan and Luis grew more romantic. Tim found a lifeless Tabitha.
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Passions Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on PS
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Monday, January 29, 2001

Reese continued to use his machine to try to rid the Bennett house of evil. His machine was going crazy. It was sucking up Hecuba at an amazing rate. Hecuba called out to Kay to save her. If Hecuba got sucked up, then Kay's soul would be gone forever. She would never have a boyfriend, experience love, or have children. Kay seemed to grab at the machine.

Charity asked Kay if she could feel the evil presence around her too. Charity wanted to know what Kay was grabbing at and asked if it was evil. Suddenly, Reese's machine shorted out. Hecuba was on the fly, and she flew outside. She found herself in the bushes outside the front of the house. She was angry and said it had been too close. She had to eliminate Charity immediately.

Charity again asked Kay if she felt the evil. Kay told Charity not to carry on like that, as Miguel worried about her. Charity agreed, saying she did not want to be a burden to anyone. Reese packed up and left. He wanted to go home and try to fix his machine. Hecuba entered the house, and Charity wanted to know what Kay was seeing. Kay told Charity she did not see anything and suggested they go upstairs so they could listen to music until Miguel returned from the engagement party.

As she approached her room, Charity told Kay there was evil in her room. Kay went to check things out to see if everything in Charity's room was all right. Hecuba wanted Kay to get Charity in her room, or her soul would burn in the fires of hell. Hecuba had the closet doors open, and the souls of the damned were waiting to take Charity. Kay returned and told Charity everything was okay in her bedroom; there was nothing wrong. Charity agreed that she had to face her fate one way or another. She went to her bedroom and was about to enter.

Timmy felt he was a true genius for having Tabitha's book published. Tabitha felt she could not celebrate, as she knew the nasty people of Harmony would kill them, or Hecuba would end up making cattle feed out of them. Timmy wanted to sit back and watch the movie Psycho. Norma, the man/woman, was outside the motel sharpening her knife.

Reading her book, Tabitha was really surprised at what Timmy had put in it. They talked about the fact that Grace Bennett had no idea the Ethan was Sam's son. Ivy had kept it a secret for many years, and suddenly she felt like the cat was really out of the bag. All of Harmony was set to explode.

Norma tested her knife on a cushion, and then she picked up an axe. Tabitha was reading the tarot cards. She wanted to see what Hecuba was up to. When she turned the card over that meant evil, Tabitha knew that Charity was about to burn in the fires of hell. Timmy was upset by the revelation.

Norma sharpened an axe, and she sneaked around the motel lot, trying to see what Tabitha was doing. Timmy asked Tabitha to sign a copy of Hidden Passions. He wanted to give a copy of the book to Norma's father, as he was a lonely old man. Timmy told Tabitha of their future plans. They would not return to Harmony until all the heat was off of them. Tabitha wanted to go take a nice, hot shower to calm her nerves. Timmy left and went to the main house. Tabitha wondered why all her surroundings seemed to ring a bell to her.

Ethan told Theresa her happiness would not end at midnight as she felt it would. Julian turned the reporter away, as there were still more toasts to be made to the future bride and groom. Rebecca tried to get Julian to talk to the reporter, asking him to do the interview, as it would be good publicity. Rebecca tried to keep Gwen calm. She told her daughter everything was up to the reporter to do his job and drop the bombshell.

Ivy was blue and wanted to tell Sam it was their son's engagement party. Sam wanted to leave the party, but Grace did not want to leave. She wanted to apologize to Ivy for being rude to her when they had been talking about Ivy's first love and for asking if she'd had a baby with the man. Luis and Sheridan were happy. T.C. asked them if they knew where Eve was.

Julian asked the crowd if anyone else would like to say anything. Eve pleaded with Alistair Crane. He could not destroy Sheridan's chance of happiness. Alistair told her he could and he would. The tape of Sheridan's confession of murdering Martin Fitzgerald would be played that night. Eve figured out what Alistair's master plan was. He was going to split up not only Luis and Sheridan but also Ethan and Theresa. Alistair wanted Ethan to marry Gwen, and he wanted to pass his legacy on to a true Crane -- Ethan.

Alistair told Eve she could not stop him, or he would tell Whitney of her sordid past. T.C. walked in the solarium and wanted to know what was wrong with Eve. Chad proposed a toast to the couple, saying Theresa and Ethan were "proof that if you believe in love, there are no obstacles you can't overcome." Theresa and Ethan kissed as the crowd clapped. Gwen wanted to know what was taking so long. She hoped no one would figure out that her mother had orchestrated the whole disaster that was about to take place at the Crane mansion.

Grace could not get over Ivy's story. Her heart was breaking for her. Rebecca saw Julian had a copy of the tabloid, and she asked him to read the headlines. T.C. felt bad and knew it was tough being under the Crane roof. T.C. told Eve what Ivy had told Grace. Eve asked T.C. if they could stay a bit longer so they could lend their support to Theresa. Julian told the reporter to leave him alone. Grace apologized to Ivy for being so forward with Ivy earlier in the evening. Sam did not want Grace to start putting her nose where it did not belong.

Ivy proposed a toast to the future bride and groom. Julian was upset as Ivy referred to Ethan as "my" son instead of "our" son. Sheridan wondered if her father would call and offer a toast to the future couple. Julian talked to the reporter, and he took the paper. Theresa had a strange feeling something bad was going to happen. Rebecca told Gwen to brace herself; the bomb was about to explode. Grace told Sam both he and Ivy had lost their first love.

Julian demanded to know who the reporter was. He was not a society reporter. Ivy wanted to know what was going on. Sheridan thanked Eve once again for clearing her mind about killing Martin Fitzgerald. Julian ordered the reporter to leave, and he wanted Sam to arrest the reporter. Sam did not want to arrest the reporter and told Julian if any of his men touched him, they would be arrested. Ivy demanded that there be no arguing. After all, it was a party.

Eve wanted to outsmart Alistair. She asked Chad to play a CD over the mansion's sound system. Alistair called to play the tape over the sound system, but it was in use. Ethan and Luis threw out the reporter. Theresa went outside to get Ethan so they could dance to their song that Chad was playing. Gwen was visibly upset as Ethan and Theresa danced. Gwen asked Rebecca what they were going to do, since the reporter had been kicked out. Rebecca seemed to search for an answer.

Alistair told his aide to wait until the music ended. He felt it wouldn't be too much longer. He was excited by the fact that everyone at the party would be broken apart. Ivy was furious. She really wanted Sam to know it was his son they were celebrating. Eve told Sheridan she thought Sheridan should leave. She really needed her rest.

As Luis and Sheridan left, Eve hoped they had fun while it lasted. Julian saw them preparing to leave, and he asked where they were going. He thought back on Alistair playing the tape for him and telling him Luis and Sheridan would be destroyed before the evening was over. Julian wondered why Alistair had not called and played the tape for Luis yet.

The reporter sneaked in Julian's library, determined to break the story to Julian. Julian was on his way to his library to call Alistair to find out why Alistair had not played that tape yet. Gwen asked her mother to "kill me now" because nothing was going right. Rebecca decided she would go get Julian and tell him a Crane secret had been exposed in a tabloid. Eve and T.C. prepared to leave the mansion.

Outside, Luis and Sheridan kissed and planned the rest of the evening. Sheridan realized she had forgotten her bag, and they returned to the mansion to get it. Eve saw them entering. Alistair Crane's voice sounded on the speaker system. Luis recognized the voice as the one that had called him earlier in the evening on his cell phone.

Julian entered the library and saw the reporter. He was calling security to have the reporter removed once again, but the reporter hung up the phone on Julian. He held up the tabloid and asked Julian to read the headlines. Julian did a double take when he saw the paper.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Timmy was on his way to the main house with a copy of the book Hidden Passions. Tabitha was angry with Timmy for going public with her manuscript. She was going to have a nice long, hot shower to relax and wash all the stress out of her hair. Norma was outside Tabitha's room with an axe in her hand.

At the house, Timmy rang the doorbell, and he also knocked on the door. When no one answered, Timmy started to leave, but the front door suddenly opened on its own. Timmy entered the house, wondering how the door had opened. He called out for Norma's father. He searched the house, and he hoped there were no kitties present. Tabitha was in the shower. Norma entered the room with her axe in hand. As she went toward the bathroom, Norma apologized to Norm, saying no one really had ever taken his place.

Timmy searched the house, opening one door after another. Timmy started to believe that no one lived in the house except Norma. Suddenly, a door handle fell, and Timmy entered the room where Norma's father sat in the rocking chair. Tabitha was enjoying her shower and said it reminded her of the shower in the Hitchcock movie. She was surprised she had the willies over an old motion picture. She heard a noise and believed it had to be Timmy who had returned.

Suddenly, Tabitha saw an axe swinging at her. Timmy was talking to Norma's father, but he soon discovered that the old man was a skeleton. Timmy tripped on the rocking chair, and the corpse fell on top of him. Timmy called out for his princess to save him, but Norma was hacking away at Tabitha in the shower. Her axe was full of blood. Tabitha fell unconscious as the blood went down the drain.

Hecuba wanted Kay to take Charity into her bedroom. As Charity entered her room, Hecuba and the damned souls in hell hid inside the closet. Charity did not know why she was freaking out. Kay saw Hecuba in the bedroom window. Charity looked around her room, examining it carefully. When she saw the closet, she remembered seeing the fires from hell and the souls of the damned calling out to her. Charity wanted to believe she was all right and hoped that the visions she'd had of hell were all in her imagination. Charity was sure that Kay would notice the fires from hell if they were there.

Charity was glad Kay was her cousin. If they were not cousins, she told Kay she would want her for a friend as she felt safe and secure around her. Being inpatient, Hecuba knocked out all of the light bulbs in Charity's room. Charity grew nervous, and she lit candles. Charity was happy that Kay had decided to stay with her. Charity wanted to start thinking more positively. She was going to march over to her closet to see if hell was really in there. Hecuba bid her goodbye.

Charity said there was nothing to be afraid of, and she went to the closet doors. Kay yelled at her not to open the door. An angry Hecuba pulled Kay down on Charity's bed. She told Kay not to stop Charity again or Kay would go in the closet with Charity. Charity threw open the closet doors and saw nothing. She had really thought there would be something in the closet. Charity turned to talk to Kay, and Hecuba returned the fires and souls from hell. Charity asked Kay if she was all right as Kay suddenly looked pale. Charity turned, and she saw hell in her closet.

Alistair had everyone's attention as he was on the speaker system. He gave everyone a fair warning that what they were about to hear would change everyone's lives for good. Rebecca went to the library and was glad to learn she was off the hook. The reporter was with Julian, so all she had to do was sit back and watch the fireworks begin. Gwen and Rebecca were gloating, as they knew everything in the house would soon be theirs. Julian saw the headlines on the tabloid.

Pilar wanted Miguel to stay at the party, even though he was worried about Charity. Alistair told the gathering he had been shocked at what they were about to hear, but he felt everyone should hear it. Theresa and Ethan wondered where Julian was. Julian read the headlines, and the reporter asked him what his reaction was. Julian took out a gun, and the reporter thought Julian was going to kill Sam Bennett. Alistair asked everyone to listen carefully.

Suddenly, Alistair's aide turned off the speaker system and showed him the tabloid. Everyone wondered what was going on. Luis did not understand why Sheridan cared about Alistair so much. Alistair returned and told the crowd something required his immediate attention, so his announcement would have to wait for another time. Ivy could hear the shake in Alistair's voice. She knew something terrible had to be happening.

Julian told the reporter he was not going to kill Sam Bennett. The reporter figured out it was him Julian was going to shoot. Julian called the reporter a lowlife dirtbag. Julian loved Ethan more than life itself. The reporter convinced Julian he had not made up the story, and he wanted Julian to look at the information. Julian grabbed the documents and wondered if it could be the big secret Ivy had kept from him. He read the information with a look of revenge on his face.

Eve told Luis to stay close to Sheridan. He was the best medicine for her. Sheridan and Luis left the party. Eve hoped they spent a great night together, as it might be their last night together. Chad asked Ethan if he could change the music to something a bit more happening. Whitney was reassuring Theresa that nothing bad was going to happen to her. Ethan approached and danced with his bride-to-be.

Ivy was wondering where Julian was. Rebecca was watching Julian from the other side of the library door. Julian asked the reporter who had sent him the information. The reporter revealed how he had gotten the story. Julian recognized the stationery and the writing as Ivy's. Alistair called, and he vowed he would destroy everyone if the story were true.

Miguel wanted to call to check on Charity. Ivy wanted to dance with Sam. Sam was not too happy about the idea, but Ivy told him they had Grace's permission. Julian was telling his father that it all had to be a mistake. Alistair called Julian a bigger jackass than he had ever imagined. Alistair demanded to be put on speakerphone to talk to the reporter. Rebecca and Gwen were very excited. They wanted to return to the party so they could act surprised when the news hit.

The reporter left after Alistair Crane trashed him. Julian was in shock, and he wondered if any of it could be true. Alistair thought Ivy had kept her secret very masterfully. He wanted Julian to go back to the party and find out if any of it was true. He wanted Julian to deliver Ivy's treacherous head to him on a tray.

Luis and Sheridan returned to the cottage. They wanted to be alone and agreed that should anyone arrive at their door that night, they would not answer it.

Grace asked Pilar where the powder room was. She also asked Pilar about Ivy's first love. Grace believed Ivy would be reunited with her first love. Pilar asked Grace about the man's wife. Grace said someone was going to end up getting hurt, but Grace was rooting for Ivy. Grace said it did not matter to her, as she did not know the other woman from Adam.

Grace left to go upstairs. She saw Julian and told him his son was wonderful. Julian saw Sam and Ivy dancing together. Rebecca thought everything was happening at the right time. Theresa begged Ethan to try to get to know Sam Bennett. Ethan told her that was impossible, but he was happy his mother looked so happy and radiant in Sam's arms. Ethan saw the look on Julian's face and was worried.

Luis and Sheridan lit candles, and they shared a passionate kiss. Miguel was on the phone in Ivy's bedroom. Grace entered, and she talked Miguel into staying a bit longer at the party. Ethan wondered what was going on. Julian entered the main room, and he began yelling at Ivy. He called her a tramp and a slut. Everyone looked on in disbelief.

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

As Charity was being pulled by the damned souls of hell, she saw Hecuba. She recognized her from the nightmare that she'd had. Charity pleaded for Kay to help her. Hecuba told Charity her cousin could not help her and called for the souls to reel her in. Charity wanted to know why Hecuba was doing that to her. Hecuba told the complete story and stated that evil would win and reign freely in Harmony after Charity was in hell. Hecuba told Kay once Charity was in hell, Kay would get her soul back and have everything she had ever wanted.

Hecuba demanded the evil souls to incinerate Charity on the count of three. They pulled and grabbed at her while Charity yelled at Kay to help her. Hecuba told Charity Kay was empty inside so she really did not care. Charity wanted Kay to show her that she really did care. Charity pleaded and begged with her cousin and asked what her parents would do if faced with the same situation. She wanted Kay to listen to what something deep inside was saying to her. Hecuba demanded that Charity shut up.

Charity again pleaded with Kay, saying that if Kay let Charity die, Kay would never have peace in her life. Charity yelled out in God's name. Hecuba again called for the damned to fry Charity. Charity wanted Kay to save her. Finally, Kay got up from the bed and ran to her cousin. Kay was pulling her cousin away from the damned souls and fires of hell.

Hecuba tried to convince Kay not to help. She said Kay would end up going to hell with her cousin. Hecuba told Kay she could live again with her soul if she let Charity go. Charity told Kay not to listen to Hecuba, as she was pure evil.

Luis and Sheridan had turned the cottage into the cottage of love. They kissed, and Luis told Sheridan he had waited for the night for a very long time. Sheridan wanted Luis badly. On the couch, their clothing was slowly removed. Luis wanted to make love to Sheridan, but he wanted it to be romantic. He wanted to show her how much he loved her. He did not want all Sheridan's hard work and planning of the romantic bath to go to waste. He couldn't wait to be with her in that warm water.

Luis carried Sheridan into the bathroom. In the nice soapy water with rose petals all around the tub and the room, Sheridan could not wait for what would happen. They professed their love for each other. Luis told Sheridan how beautiful she looked in the candlelight. The way the light hit her hair reminded him of something he had seen when he had been younger. He had never thought he would see that color again, and he was in awe of what a beautiful world God had created. Looking at Sheridan in the candlelight, he saw that color again. They kissed as an opera played in the background.

In the main house, the corpse fell on Timmy. He called out for his princess to help him. Back in the motel room, Norma was hacking away at Tabitha in the shower with an axe. Timmy moved away from the stiff, but then he tripped on the stiff's arm. Tabitha was out cold in the shower. Norma turned off the water, and she smiled as she looked at the ax that had chopped at Tabitha. Norma hoped Norm would be proud of her.

Timmy wondered why Norma had a dead man in the house. He wanted to go tell Tabitha what was going on, and then he thought all of it could be Hecuba's doing. Norma washed off the axe. She planned on cleaning the shower later. Timmy had to get out of the house. He heard a noise, and he thought it was a cat. To be safe, he walked along the walls. He told his feet to make tracks to get out of the house, but he saw a shadow of cats everywhere. Tabitha lay in the shower as blood slowly dripped down the drain.

At the engagement party, Julian yelled at Ivy, calling her a tramp and a slut. Rebecca expected Ivy's secret would be exposed at any minute. Ethan wanted to know why his father was yelling at his mother like that. Rebecca and Gwen planned on being there to pick up the pieces for the men they loved, but for the moment, they were happy just to watch the show. T.C. wanted to know what was going on. No one knew.

Julian was angry, and he said it was time the whole world knew what he had learned. Ivy called Julian a drunk and said she would not put up with his behavior. She left, but Julian grabbed her, saying she was not going anywhere, especially after what she had done to him.

Ivy wanted to know what was going on. She was furious and said Julian would pay for embarrassing her in front of everyone. Ethan asked his father to let his mother go. Julian said, "You want me to let your mother go," and Ethan said, "Yes, Father, I do." Julian went on about Ethan calling him father. Again, Ivy said Julian was drunk.

Pilar was worried. She had never seen Mr. Crane so upset. Sam told T.C. he felt something was really wrong. Rebecca loved every minute of what was happening. She couldn't wait for the bomb to explode. Rebecca knew the house was going to shake, rattle, and rock. Julian told Ivy she had lied to him, and he called her a "deceitful bitch." Julian went off on a tantrum, and he started breaking things.

Rebecca was sure if Julian did not rip Ivy apart, Sam would when he learned the truth. Ethan tried to take Julian out of the main room. Ivy called Julian a drunken idiot. He had embarrassed Ethan, and she vowed he was going to pay. Ivy wondered if Julian had a brain tumor and then said that was impossible, as Julian would need a brain first. Eve wondered if Julian had somehow learned the truth of Ethan's parentage. Ivy said there was no way Julian could know unless Eve had told him. Eve denied she had told Julian, as she had to think about her best friend, Grace.

Ivy knew Pilar would never betray her. Pilar remembered watching Theresa destroy the file on Ethan's parentage on her laptop computer. The only thing Ivy could imagine was that Julian was completely drunk. Whitney, Chad, Theresa, and Pilar talked together. Theresa had no idea what was wrong with Mr. Crane. They could not imagine why Julian would be trashing his own house.

Rebecca and Gwen planned on becoming the queen and the princess of the Crane mansion. Ethan was alone with his father, and he asked the waiter to serve his father some black coffee. Julian said he was not drunk. Ethan reminded his father he was not acting like a Crane. Julian told Ethan it was Ivy who had destroyed the mood, and soon the world was going to know all about it.

T.C. wanted to take his wife and leave, but Sam wanted to stay, as he was worried that Julian would turn violent. Chad said he might be from the streets and he might not have much, but he would never treat his wife the way Julian was treating Ivy. T.C., Sam, and Eve knew Ivy was in a loveless marriage but did not think things could be that bad. The reporter from the tabloid wondered what was keeping Julian from blowing Ivy out of the water.

Ethan asked his father what was wrong. He wanted to know what had his father so upset. Ethan wanted to help. Ethan told Julian he loved him, and Julian replied that he loved Ethan too. He told Ethan that even though he loved him, Ethan getting hurt was unavoidable. Julian hoped Ethan would enjoy the last few minutes of happiness he had left. Julian told Ethan to remember Julian had never wanted to see him hurt.

Julian returned to the main room, and he looked at the headlines on the tabloid once again. The reporter was busy snapping pictures for a follow-up story. Julian wanted to make an announcement. He said he was not drunk, and he could justify his behavior. He began by saying his bed-hopping tramp of a wife had kept a secret from him for years. Eve again asked Ivy if Julian knew Ethan was not his son. Ivy did not think there was any way Julian could know. Rebecca was excited. Theresa asked Ethan if he was all right. Julian was about to tell Ivy's entire secret. Rebecca was sure the truth would cause a tidal wave.

Thursday, February 1, 2001

At the cottage, Luis told Sheridan he was hers forever. Sheridan was frightened that what was happening to her was not real. Someone finally really loved her. Luis told her he had wanted her all night. Sheridan, too, felt the same as Luis. She had waited all night for Luis to go to her.

In the tub, Luis talked of the many neglected spots on Sheridan's body. He was going to pay attention to each and every spot he felt was a neglected spot. Sheridan soaped up Luis. They both hoped that Theresa and Ethan were having a good time, but they realized they would not be having as much fun as they were having at that moment. Sheridan asked Luis to turn around. She was going to bathe every single inch of his body. Luis then shampooed her hair. He could not imagine ever being with any other woman but her.

Sheridan thanked Luis for everything. He really made her feel special. They looked forward to many nights like that. They decided they were turning into prunes so they had to get out of the tub. Luis got a towel and wrapped Sheridan. As they kissed, their towels hit the floor.

The party for Theresa and Ethan had suddenly turned sour. Julian told Ivy the cat was out of the bag. Ivy again thought Julian was drunk and accused him of ruining the party for everybody. Julian remembered reading the headlines in the tabloid. The reporter was ready to snap a picture of Ivy -- the minute Julian showed her the headlines. Rebecca hoped Julian would soon let the secret out.

Ethan was confused and did not know why any of it was happening. Julian addressed the crowd and said his wife had not been in his bed for years. Rebecca and Gwen enjoyed watching Ivy squirm. Gwen felt bad for Ethan, but Rebecca told her to keep her eye on the final prize. Sam wondered if Julian knew about his past with Ivy. No one could explain Julian's bizarre behavior. Ivy said only Eve, Pilar, and she knew about Sam being Ethan's father, and none of them had ever told the secret. Pilar remembered that Theresa had erased the secret file she had on Ethan's parentage off her computer.

Ethan was thankful Theresa was with him. With hatred in his eyes, Julian asked Ivy if she was ready to have her secret revealed. Sam asked Pilar if Julian had ever been that rude to Ivy before. Ivy demanded that Julian shut up. Ivy said he was acting like a fool, and she would call Alistair and tell him. Julian told her to go ahead and call "father dear." Ivy said Julian had gone mad, had a brain tumor, or was drunk. She wanted to know what was wrong with him. He told her he knew her secret. Ethan wanted to know what secret.

Rebecca was excited, as everything she had worked so hard for was about to happen. Pilar asked Theresa if she had ever told anyone about Ivy's secret. She wanted to know if anyone could have seen the secret file on Theresa's computer. Theresa assured Pilar that no one could have seen her computer. Ivy told Julian to say what it was that he had to say. Julian said he had only tempted her before with the secret, but he had proof that night. T.C. wondered what secret Julian had.

Sam worried about Grace, and he was glad she was in the powder room and not there to witness the spectacle. Eve asked Pilar if Julian knew Ethan was Sam's son. Whitney and Chad worried about Theresa. Grabbing Ivy, Julian whispered in her ear that he knew the truth about her lover and the letter she had written him and never sent. He knew everything. Theresa heard Julian's whisper, and she gasped.

Sam wanted to put a stop to the drama, but T.C. told him to back off. Ethan wanted to know the truth. Julian told him to ask his mother. Julian wanted Ivy to tell Ethan how she had run into the arms of another man -- her lover's arms. Sam remembered making love to Ivy on her wedding night. Ivy begged Julian not to do it. Julian told her he did not want to embarrass her son -- always her son. Ivy figured out that Julian really knew her secret, and she fainted.

Ethan ran to his mother. Eve fanned Ivy, trying to revive her. The reporter wanted to get the pictures he had taken back to the paper for a follow-up edition. Whitney asked Theresa if she knew what Julian was talking about. Theresa babbled something about a file. Ethan wondered why Julian was making his mother suffer over an old lover. He asked what difference it could make.

Julian screamed at Ivy to wake up and face her son when he heard the news. T.C. told Sam that Julian knew about Sam and Ivy. Sam said the secret had something to do with Ethan, so it could not possibly have anything to do with him. Julian told Ethan he was sorry and asked Ethan not to be angry for what Julian had to tell him. Rebecca said she was having too much fun watching the show. Julian looked at Sam with disdain and hatred in his face as he talked.

Charity yelled out for help. Hecuba told Kay not to bother helping Charity and to forget about her. She wanted Kay to stop being an idiot, or Kay would burn in hell with Charity. Hecuba demanded that Kay let Charity go, and Hecuba got in on the action. Hecuba managed to throw Charity into the fires of hell. Charity was finally destroyed. Charity screamed as the fires of hell engulfed her. Hecuba told Kay she had done the right thing and was going to get her soul back.

Timmy remembered finding the corpse in Norma's house as he tried to escape from the house. He heard cats everywhere. He called out for his princess to save him, but she was lying in the tub. Norma returned to the bathroom, and she lifted Tabitha's arm. She remembered how she had hacked away at Tabitha with an axe. She saw Tabitha's blood going down the drain.

At the house, the cats growled and hissed. Timmy was scared and knew he had to get out. He returned to the room where the corpse was. He wondered where Tabitha was and why she was not helping him. Timmy screamed when he saw the corpse once again. Norma heard Timmy's scream from the main house. She left to save her father.

On the couch, Timmy saw the room door open. The cat entered, and Timmy saw Fluffy everywhere. He looked out the window and saw Norma approaching to save him. He thought he was going to have to save himself. He was going to have to jump from the window. Making the sign of the cross, he jumped. After accessing the damage, he headed to the motel.

Norma ran in the house and made the cats scatter, and she saw her father on the floor. Timmy called out for Tabitha. He smelled an odor from the bathroom and then he saw bloody footprints on the carpet. Norma was apologizing to her father and knew he had to be cold. Father told Norma she would have to punish the little man for doing that to him.

Norma assured her father she would not let the little man get away with that, and he would never be able to hurt her father again. She grabbed an axe. Timmy was yelling out for his princess, but she was not answering. He opened the bathroom door and saw Tabitha in the tub with blood going down the drain. He let out a scream.

Friday, February 2, 2001

Timmy frantically begged Tabitha to wake up but was horrified to discover that his princess was dead. Meanwhile, up at the house, Norma promised her "father" she'd make the little man pay.

As Charity was dragged screaming into the depths of hell, Kay reminded Hecuba to make good on her promise and return the soul she had stolen. Jessica returned home early, forcing her nervous sister to invent a story to cover for their cousin's absence. Hecuba imitated Charity's voice to reassure Miguel when he phoned.

Back at the party, Miguel sadly confided to Grace his fear that he and Charity would be separated by fate. Theresa privately admitted to a stunned Whitney how she had stumbled over the facts surrounding Ethan's true paternity. In private, Julian ripped into Ivy for playing him like a fool for so many years. Returning to the party, Julian informed a startled Ethan that he was not a Crane.

Timmy bid a tearful farewell to Tabitha, who later began to show some signs of life. After awakening, Tabitha explained to a relieved Timmy how she had managed to dodge Norma's axe attack.

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