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Passions Recaps: The week of January 22, 2001 on PS
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Monday, January 22, 2001


Tabitha and Timmy are boarding a plane to leave Harmony. Timmy has a first class ticket for his princess. Tabitha wants to hear more about the motel where they will be hiding out. Timmy tells her the owner e-mailed him and told him it was dead quiet and had a killer ambiance. Tabitha thinks the owner sounds psychotic. Tabitha knows she has heard of the motel some where before but can not remember where. Tabitha is told she is going to have to store her doll before take off. Timmy talks to Tabitha and the flight attendant thinks she hears the doll talking. Tabitha tells the attendant if she wants to store Timmy, she can do it herself. After she puts Timmy in the overhead compartment, Timmy screams out for help. Thinking the screams are coming from couch, the attendant goes to check but returns. The attendant hears knocking on the overhead compartment and Tabitha tells her not to bother opening the compartment. She opens the door and Timmy flies out and lands in her arms. Timmy decides to have some fun and asks her if she wants some coffee, tea or Timmy! The attendant screams and drops Timmy on the floor. Tabitha tries to calm down the attendant. She is sure Tabitha's doll was coming on to her. She pinches Timmy and he screams. Another passenger explains to the attendant that Tabitha's doll is an expensive animatronics doll. The attendant apologizes to Timmy the doll and asks him if she can get him anything. He tells her he would like a martimmy. Tabitha tells Timmy to stop drawing attention to them. She is hoping Hecuba is focused on frying Charity and too busy to notice that they have left Harmony. The attendant brings Tabitha a drink and brings a glass for Timmy. He pulls his flask from his coat pocket and enjoys a martimmy. Tabitha cannot relax. She is worried about what will happen when her book comes out. At the motel, we see a woman busy scrubbing out the bathtub, saying "new guests are coming"; she has to get the bathroom clean...


Kay and Charity are watching the news on the TV. A reporter is talking about the big engagement party being held at the Crane mansion. Charity is seeing things that could happen to Sam and Grace at that party tonight. Sam and Grace arrive at the mansion and Grace tells him she is excited being seen with a sexy man, while Sam is excited being seen with a sexy woman. Charity sees Sam with another son in his life very soon. Charity faints and Kay rushes to her. Kay is in a panic and she seeks out Hecuba. Kay can not feel any thing and she wants to know what is going to happen to her parents tonight at that party. Hecuba does not know what is going to happen as she is evil and Charity is goodness. They work on two different wavelengths. Charity wakes up. She is still having terrible feelings about the party tonight. Charity tells her cousin she hears cries. Cries from people who are in so much pain, and who have suffered so much loss. She is sure that somewhere, someone's heart is going to be broken tonight. She asks Kay if she can hear them crying. Kay wants Charity to go to her room. Charity tells Kay they are out there and they are calling for help. Charity opens the outside door and tells Kay they are here. Charity explains they are the lost souls out there warning Charity and Kay they are both doomed. Seeing the action in the mirror, Hecuba says Charity is right. She is indeed doomed - doomed to hell. Hecuba puts her hand in her cauldron and pulls things from the bottom. She throws them on Charity's closet doors and the damned souls from hell greet her ... They will take Charity tonight.


The reporter from the tabloid is on his way in to the party. He is going to enter via the servant's entrance. The security guard stops him once again. He is going to have to find another way in. The reporter sees Sam and Grace Bennett arrive for the party. He wants to find out how much Grace knows. Gwen is tried of waiting for the ax to fall, but Rebecca tells her to be patient. Pilar is sure Rebecca and Gwen are up to no good. Ethan tells Chad he hopes he will follow his heart and get what he wants. Luis and Sheridan are dancing cheek to cheek. They are so in love. Julian is on the phone with his father - Alistair. Alistair can not wait to play the tape of Sheridan confessing to the murder of Martin Fitzgerald. Alistair wants to be kept posted on what is happening at the party. He will play the tape when he knows it will hit Luis the hardest. Luis wants to leave the party. He can't wait to be alone with Sheridan to show her how much he loves her. Ethan gives Theresa a gift. It is a pair of earrings that she finds beautiful. Ethan pledges his eternal love for Theresa. Ivy sees Whitney and Chad together and asks Eve if she is sure Chad is not Eve and Julian's dead son. Eve becomes upset and tells Eve the baby died. TC over hears this and asks her what baby? Grace tells the tabloid reporter she is taking Julian Crane her famous tomato soup cake. Julian seems to go on and on about her cakes. The reporter drops the early edition of the tabloid that will come out later tonight. Grace bends to retrieve the paper for him. Grace picks up the paper and the reporter takes it from her. Rebecca tells Pilar she looks wonderful. It reminds her of the song from the old television show - The Jefferson's. She is moving on up. Pilar asks Rebecca the real reason she is throwing the party for Ethan and Theresa. She wants to know what is really going on. Rebecca says she will tell her the real reason she is giving this party. Luis and Sheridan continue to dance. Luis sees that Sheridan has the compact he bought her months ago. He is touched that she would still have it. Julian reports to Alistair that things are becoming sappier than ever. TC is told that the baby they are talking about belong to a patient being cared for by Crane charities. Whitney and Chad come to talk to Eve and TC. They tell the Russell's they were talking about what it must have been like for Ethan to grow up in this big house. They also wondered what it would be like to be Julian Crane's son. Eve starts to panic and she snaps and breaks her flute of champagne. Everyone is looking at her with great concern. Rebecca tells Pilar she threw the party for Gwen so everyone could see how kind and gracious she can be in defeat. Rebecca does what she has to do in order to protect her daughter. Pilar tells Rebecca that she would do any thing to protect her own daughter. Eve tells everyone the glass just slept out of her hand. Ivy finds Pilar and asks her where she has been. Ivy is wondering where Sam is. Pilar warns her to stay away from Sam Bennett and let the past be. Julian is still talking to Alistair. Alistair says tonight will be the last night Ethan and Theresa, Luis and Sheridan will know the meaning of true happiness. TC notices there are not too many people of color at the party. TC says the Cranes are nothing but bigots. He wonders what kind of a woman would sleep with slime like Julian. Chad remembers finding Julian with a black woman in the book cafe not too long ago. Ethan proposes a toast to the union of the Lopez-Fitzgerald and Crane families. The tabloid reporter is trying to climb the walls in order to get in the party. He is sure that Grace Bennett knows nothing of Sam's past with Ivy Crane. Gwen wants to take the tabloid and shove it in Sam Bennett's face. Rebecca tells her she has to be patient. She knows things are going to work out when she sees Sam and Grace arrive.

Tuesday, January 23, 2001


Tabitha and Timmy have arrived at the motel. She asks Timmy if he found this place on the Internet? She thinks it is far enough out of the way, and is sure no one will fine her here. A woman is scrubbing out the shower, saying it has to be spotless for their new guests. The woman is talking to her elderly father and she tells him she has to get over to the motel and help their new guests check in. Tabitha knocks at the office door but nobody answers. Tabitha wonders where on earth they are. Timmy tells Tabitha that when he spoke to Norm on the phone, he was told that for some reason this motel was world famous for its showers. No one is answering the door, so Tabitha wants to leave and go find another motel. Norma comes by to open the motel. She invites Timmy and Tabitha into the office. On their way into the office, Timmy swears he sees someone watching them from the window of Norma's house and he wonders what is going on. Tabitha is patiently waiting while Norma is looking for the registration book. While she is searching under the desk, Norma finds a knife. She tells Timmy and Tabitha that nobody ever stops at the motel any more. Norma gives Tabitha the room right next to the office, room number one. Norma even helps Tabitha bring in her luggage. When Norma hears that Timmy saw someone at the window, she says her father must have gotten out of bed. Timmy is looking scared. Entering the room, Norma tells her new guests she knows the room is not fancy. She shows them the bathroom and while she is doing so, she thinks about killing people in the shower. Before she leaves, Norma wants to show Tabitha something about the tub. She tells her to keep the curtain inside when she is using the shower. Norma finally leaves. There is something nagging at Tabitha. She can not put her finger on it but decides it may come to her tomorrow. Timmy asks his princess if she is going to have a shower. Tabitha is really too tired but wants to see if the shower is all it is cracked up to be. Norma has a knife but hopes to do something more original this time to her guests. She sees an ax and decides she will use that ... Tabitha does not realize yet she staying at the famous motel where guests have been killed in the shower before...


Ethan proposes a toast. Julian is hoping Alistair will soon play the tape. The reporter from the tabloid tries to scale the wall so he can get into the Crane mansion. The security guard tells the other guards to keep an eye out for the reporter. Gwen is terribly inpatient and she wants to shove Ivy's letter in Ethan's face but Rebecca tells her to be patient. Sam and Grace Bennett arrive at the party. Rebecca is happy, as all the key players are now present and accounted for. The reporter has finally made it in and he has to find Julian Crane to give him the news. Luis and Sheridan are talking about people who come from money. Sheridan wants to know if people from different economic backgrounds can make it. Grace brought Julian her famous tomato soup cake. Julian is totally lost for words. After all, he does love the cakes so much. Julian takes the cake and he leaves. He is going to try to throw it away but then the frozen cake falls and hits him on the foot. Julian lets out a scream! Ivy who almost lets the fact slip that Sam is Ethan's father welcomes Grace and Sam. Pilar saves her skin. Rebecca and Gwen see the Bennett's and they join in the conversation. Grace tells Rebecca she is surprised that she is throwing this party for Ethan and Theresa. Rebecca tells Grace she is doing it for Gwen. Gwen says she only wants Ethan to be happy. Rebecca is talking about first loves, and says she realizes sometimes first loves sometimes do not work out, as was the case for Gwen. She asks Sam about his first love. Chad, Whitney, TC and Eve are discussing "what ifs". They wonder what the Crane's would do if Julian had a son with a black woman. They are all airing their views when Eve suddenly says that none of what they are talking about can happen as the baby died. Luis does not think it will be easy dating a woman with money and he knows they may end up having problems some day, as his princess may grow tired of just wanting love. Sheridan says the one thing she never had in all her life is love. The only time she feels really secure and safe is when she is in Luis' arms. They have each other to hold on to. Sheridan tells Luis she never had a hug or a kiss good night in her lifetime. This makes Luis very angry.

Rebecca wants to know about Sam's first love. Rebecca rants and raves and she is making the other around her feel uncomfortable. Sam says his first love is not important as he found the true love of his life in Grace. Eve apologizes to the others at her table saying she does not know why she said that. TC says he knows. Eve is always thinking of her patients and that is one of the many things that makes TC glad he is Eve's husband. TC retunes to Chad's original question. Eve is uncomfortable and excuses herself. She is going to go to the powder room. On her way, Eve sees Sheridan and Luis kissing. Eve has had enough and she goes to Julian. She tells Julian she will do anything he wants if he will just leave Sheridan and Luis alone. Julian is excited about the prospects of Eve's anything and she is disgusted by his thoughts. Julian can not stand up to his father. It is out of his hands and there is nothing he can do to stop Alistair from playing Sheridan's confession. Miguel wishes he were with Charity. Theresa understands his sorrow. Rebecca wants to know if Sam had a hard time getting over his first love. Rebecca tells Grace she is the luckiest woman in the world. Luis wonders if Alistair Crane has a heart. Luis vows Sheridan will never be lonely again. Eve asks Julian to call his father and demand he not play the tape of Sheridan's confession. She wants Julian to do something decent for once in his life. The reporter walks in and he sees Julian Crane with Eve. He wonders who she is but decided that will be another story for another time. Chad brings Whitney to Ethan's bedroom. Whitney thinks Chad wants to sleep with her. The security guards find the reporter and are escorting him out. Rebecca comes upon this and tells the guards she was the one who invited the press to the party. Julian tells Eve his father is going to play the tape and there is nothing he can do. Eve calls him a coward. Eve says she lost everything because she loved Julian. TC wonders what his wife is doing with Julian. Sheridan tells Luis she may have had everything she ever wanted when she was growing up but no amount of money can buy happiness. A man serving as Alistair's look out is watching Luis and Sheridan closely. He tells Alistair to let him know when to strike. Gwen is not patient. Seeing a copy of the tabloid on the ground, Rebecca's face lights up. Eve gets mad a Julian and she turns to walk away. She walks into TC. Ivy is angry with Rebecca. She tells Pilar it is if Rebecca knows she and Sam were lovers and she wonders why she just doesn't use the party to make a public announcement about it. Sam and Grace enter and tell Ivy and Pilar Grace is pregnant. Rebecca has the reporter taken to Julian's library. Finding Julian, Rebecca tells him to go to his library. Julian is disappointed Rebecca is not going to play pirate with him but Rebecca assures Julian the visitor waiting for him in the library will be worth his time. Whitney is angry with Chad but he tells her he did not bring her up to put the moves on her. He wants to dance with her to the right kind of music and he plays a CD. They begin dancing. Sheridan says if her life ended now, she would know what being in love truly felt like. Luis wants to take her home and make love to her. Alistair is letting Luis and Sheridan have a bit more fun. TC tells Eve she lied to him. It is Julian's baby that died, and he knows who the mother is. Rebecca wonders what is wrong with Ivy. She looks like she ate some bad fish. Rebecca tells Gwen Julian is with the tabloid reporter and they should hear a scream at any time come from Julian's library. Julian wonders who is waiting for him in his library? The reporter is holding up the paper so that will be the first thing Julian sees when he walks in the room...

Wednesday, January 24, 2001


Tabitha and Timmy have just inspected the shower in the bathroom. She finds it sparkling clean. Timmy tells his princess to relax while he is going to make some killer martimmys. Tabitha has a bad feeling about the motel. She says a "manish" woman runs it and it is in the middle of no where. Timmy is glad they are away from Hecuba. Tabitha is nervous that the people of Harmony will be after her once her book: HIDDEN PASSIONS is released. She feels the ax could fall at any minute, as Norma stands outside her room with an ax in hand. Tabitha feels they need to come up with a plan incase her book causes a disaster and they end up on America's Most Wanted. Timmy says if they end up making as much money as he hopes, then they can hide out anywhere they want to and never be found. Tabitha is hungry and she doubts if the motel has room service. They are going to have to go into town and get something to eat. Suddenly, Timmy's cell phone rings. It is Tabitha's editor calling from Harper-Collins. She wanted to let Tabitha know she book is now in stores. If Tabitha wants a copy, she is going to have to buy one herself. Dinner is now going to have to wait for sure. Tabitha and Timmy have to go into town to buy a book. Tabitha arrives at a local bookstore. Tabitha is nervous as a mob is forming all ready to buy her book. She over hears customers talking about the book. They are wondering if everything written in the book is true. Timmy is excited as he hears the customers say Tabitha's name. She is famous - she is going to be a star! Tabitha says the book is dangerous and she is sure the people of Harmony will blow them away.


Charity feels the lost souls are still surrounding her and Kay. Charity goes to open the door again. She tells Kay the souls are all around them, warning us of pain and anguish. Hecuba is inpatient and wants Kay to get Charity to her bedroom. If she does not hurry up and get her back to her room, Kay will never get her soul back. Hecuba tells Kay she is planning a very special send off for Charity. Hecuba tells Kay to look in her cauldron. She tells Kay that is real home cooking she sees! Hecuba uses her magical powers and slams the front door. This causes Charity to return to normal. Kay takes Charity to her room. Hecuba tells the damned soul in hell to get ready to give Charity a nice warm welcome. The souls of hell wait. Charity feels so tired and so cold. She hopes a rest will help her. Hecuba laughs and says nothing can make her feel warmer than the fires of hell. Charity does not want to go in her room. She is scared something bad is waiting for her. Kay tells her cousin she has to learn to face her fears. She has to be strong. Hecuba wants Kay to do what ever it takes to get Charity in her room. Kay tells her cousin to grow up and face her fears as Miguel and her parents will not always be around to baby her. Hecuba thinks Kay did a wonderful performance and gives her a warm round of applause. Charity says she realizes she has been a tremendous burden on everyone so she will face her fears and sleep in her room. After all, nothing can hurt her. Hecuba laughs at this saying nothing can hurt Charity except "me and the fires of hell..."


It is killing Luis to stay at the party. He wants to take Sheridan home and make love to her. TC tells Eve she lied to him. He knows who the woman is who was pregnant with Julian Crane's baby. Ivy asks Grace if she is really pregnant. Ivy blurts out the fact that Sam can not have a second son. Grace says Sam has no other sons so why does Ivy say he does? Ivy feels faint and she collapses in a chair. Gwen is becoming very inpatient. Rebecca tells her to wait a few minutes. Julian is on his way to his library and the reporter is waiting for him. The reporter is happy he is about to ruin the Crane Empire. Just as Julian is about to enter the library, Julian's cell phone rings. It is Alistair calling his son. Pilar explains to Sam and Grace that Ivy is light headed. She has not had a thing to eat yet. Grace again wants to know about the other son Sam has. Theresa and Ethan make Miguel feel better about being away from Charity. Theresa tells Ethan that Sam and Grace Bennett are good people and Sam is a wonderful father. Ethan says he is glad Sam is not his father. TC tells Eve he thought there was something familiar about the way Eve was talking to Julian. He knows Julian is the father of the dead baby and he knows who the mother is. He could kill Julian for it. Ethan finds the idea of Sam being his father ridiculous. Theresa tells Ethan Sam is a wonderful person, and he should try to get along with him. Ivy tells Grace perhaps her baby will not be a son but a little girl. Grace informs Ivy of how Sam always dreamed of having a second son. Ivy tells Pilar Sam all ready does have a second son - Ethan! Ivy watches as Sam and Grace cuddle. TC tells Eve she no longer has to cover up the truth any more. He figures the mother of the dead baby was the young girl Ivy and Eve were talking about earlier. Perhaps she is one of the household staff. Eve is trying to help by saving Julian Crane's image. TC has no respect for that woman or any woman who would have anything to do with Julian Crane. She had a choice and could have backed away from the slime ball. Grace is having a wonderful time and is glad Sam brought her to the party. She thinks the baby kicked her all of a sudden. Ivy tells Pilar she wishes she could tell Sam about Ethan. Alistair is almost ready to rip Sheridan and Luis apart. He can't wait until that happens. Julian hopes the District Attorney will go easy on his sister. Alistair reminds Julian that Luis could find out some of the family secrets if he is allowed to get too close. Julian would then end up going to jail. Alistair could also end up going to jail but he doubts if any one could ever find him. Alistair is sure this is going to cause an explosion. The reporter who is waiting for Julian behind the closed library door is sure the information he is about to give Julian will also cause an explosion. TC says he has no respect for the woman who got involved with Julian Crane. She is a tramp and he certainly would not allow his daughters anywhere near someone like that! Eve panics and says maybe the woman was lonely and she made a mistake only out of the love that Julian had for the woman which were nothing but lies. Rebecca can not understand what is taking so long. She is sure Julian should know the news by now. She is going to go to the library to check to see what is taking so long. Rebecca passes Ethan and Theresa kissing on the dance floor. She stops and looks at them knowing it will be one of the last kisses they ever share. Julian asks his father to give him a few minutes before he contacts Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. He has to get rid of who ever is in his library. Alistair tells him to hurry. Alistair hopes the news of Sheridan's confession will also break apart Theresa and Ethan. He will not allow his grandson to marry the housekeeper's daughter. The reporter is anxious to bring down the house of Crane. Luis and Sheridan have found a deserted room in the mansion to be alone. Sheridan finds a tea set she had from when she was a little girl. She tells Luis she had no little friends to play tea party with. She only played alone. This upsets Luis. Sam wants Grace to sit down. He has to take extra special care of her because he loves her so much. He tells Grace she means everything to him. Ivy says her life would have been so different if she had married Sam. Miguel tells Theresa he loves Charity so much but he wonders at times how they will do in the long term. Charity feels things other people do not. He is scared she will not be in his life for long. She is too good for this world. Sheridan tells Luis she had no friends growing up. Her father would not allow her to play with any of the local children. The only thing she had left after her mother died to keep her company was her doll. One day she got a bit of dirt on it and Alistair ordered one of the servant's to throw it away. Luis is so sorry for the hurt her family caused her. Sheridan says if Alistair or Julian did not like something then they would get rid of it on her, no matter her emotional attachment to it. She is worried that they will try to break up her relationship with Luis. Theresa tells Miguel to never give up hope. The clock begins to strike midnight and Theresa wonders if she will loose everything like Cinderella. Julian tells Alistair he will get rid of who ever is in the library. He enters the library and sees the reporter. The reporter tells Julian he wants to show him something. Rebecca is very excited. She saw Julian enter his library and knows the bomb is about to fall...

Thursday, January 25, 2001

Amazed by the mob scene at the local bookstore, Tabitha and Timmy look on as all the available copies of their book go flying off the shelves. Sensing evil at hand, Charity balks at entering her bedroom despite Kay's efforts to get her cousin to "relax." A sobbing Sheridan admits to Luis how frightened she is that her father and her brother will somehow find a way to separate them. Stung by Sam's words about the mistakes teenagers make when looking for a mate, Ivy relates for Grace a sad story about young love gone awry. Watching Chad and Whitney twirl around the dance floor, Eve wonders again about the son she lost. Miguel tries to reassure his sister when Theresa worries that her Cinderella-like fantasy world will vanish at the stroke of midnight. An incensed Hecuba pushes Kay to work harder to bring Charity into the jaws of hell. T.C.'s rage towards Julian is rekindled by the sight of a painful memento from their shared past. Luis pleases Sheridan with an affectionate gesture to help her forget a childhood hurt. Rebecca is disappointed when Julian stupidly fails to notice the banner headline on the tabloid's front page. Reese invents a contraption designed to capture and eradicate any evil spirits inhabiting the Bennett house.

Friday, January 26, 2001


Reese shows up at the Bennett house with equipment he claims will find and suck up any thing evil or any thing without a soul. Every thing that has been going on at the house lately baffles him, and he wants to get to the bottom of it. Charity is talking to Miguel on the phone. Miguel wants to know what the noise is ,and Charity tells him about Reese's machine. Miguel tells Charity he will be returning soon and he wants to spend the night in her room again so she will be able to have a restful sleep. Hecuba browbeats Kay. She has plans for her. If Kay decides to disobey Hecuba, she will not get her soul back. Reese is going to have to leave. They have to get the idiot out of the house. If his machine really does work then Kay and Hecuba are done for. Hecuba would love to rid the world of Reese. She tells Kay to stop complaining or she will never get her soul back. Reese continues going throughout the house and suddenly his machine registers as pointing to someone with no soul. It is pointing at Kay! Reese thinks his machine is out of whack. He asks Charity if she thinks Kay has a soul? Suddenly, Hecuba appears downstairs and the machine starts sucking her in! Hecuba yells out and asks Kay to save her. Kay says she will not save her. She is evil and the sooner they can get rid of her, the better!


Tabitha and Timmy are at the local bookstore. Timmy is excited, as the book is a smash. Tabitha is terrified, and is sure they will be turned into toast when the people of Harmony get a hold of the book. The big engagement party being held at the Crane mansion is being shown on the t.v. Tabitha is glad she is not at the party or in Harmony. She has a feeling so many lives will be changed tonight. Customers love Tabitha's book; HIDDEN PASSIONS. Timmy says he can feel the fire works every where. He reminds Tabitha that the last page of the book contains a spell. Anyone reading the book will forget all about the contents of it once they read it. Tabitha is worried that the spell won't work. She thinks a steak through the heart by Hecuba would be easier to take than what she would face at the hands of the residents of Harmony. The television reporter continues to report live from the party. Tabitha agrees with the reporter in that something big is going to happen tonight as a result of the party. The customers in the bookstore recognize Tabitha. Timmy tells the customers that Tabitha is the main focus for today. Timmy announces he knows everyone personally who is mentioned in the book. People are asking if everything in the book is true. Timmy assures them everything is true, and he is doing a good job trying to sell books. He tells the crowd the book would make a wonderful Valentine's Day present! The reporter wonders if Alistair Crane will make an appearance at the party tonight in Harmony. Tabitha is signing copies of her book while Timmy continues to make great sales pitches. Tabitha wants to get out of the bookstore. Timmy has rented a video for Tabitha and him to watch tonight. It is the movie Psycho. This movie takes place at the motel where Tabitha and Timmy are staying. Tabitha thanks everyone for coming out to buy the book, and she leaves. She can not figure out why the motel seems so familiar. Norma, the motel owner, is with her father and she asks him if he has seen a knife. She finds one in the couch. She tells her father the new guests at the motel seem very nice. Tabitha is angry with Timmy, as he has included everything in the book word per word from her original manuscript. Tabitha feels she has seen the motel before but she can not remember where. Norma is outside the room. She shows up with a knife in her hand.


Theresa and Whitney are admiring all the good-looking men at the party. Theresa has a terrible feeling that something bad is going to happen to her at midnight; perhaps something similar that happened to Cinderella. Ethan tells his father he knows he is disappointed in his choice of a bride. He asks his father to toast him and Theresa, and he knows Julian will find it hard to do. Julian tells Ethan he is "flesh of my flesh and blood of my blood". Rebecca overhears Julian say this and she can not wait until Julian learns the truth about who Ethan's real father is. Gwen is getting very impatient and she can not take much more. Rebecca tells her to stay calm. Everything is in place for the Crane house to fall. Rebecca says the only thing that is going to go wrong tonight is the engagement of Ethan to Theresa. The reporter is still waiting in Julian's library. He is not going to leave until he has spoken to Julian and drops the big bomb. Grace asks Ivy if the girl in the story she told her about is her. Ivy says she is the girl. Grace feels terrible. Ivy tells Grace she never stopped thinking about her first love. Luis brings Sheridan a drink. His cell phone rings and it is Alistair Crane who is calling and he wants Luis to listen to something. Eve is in the room with Luis and Sheridan and she senses it is Alistair who is on the phone. Eve tells Luis to hang up the phone. Luis wants to hear what this stranger wants him to listen to. Grace feels so foolish and she apologizes to Ivy. Ivy is glad that Grace understands, and tells her perhaps it is time for her to know the truth. Sam is shaking his head at Ivy, hoping she will not tell Grace about their past. Julian tells Ethan love does not make the world go around. It is money and power. Julian has the newspaper in his pocket that the reporter has given him. Whitney is questioning Theresa's confidence. She has never seen Theresa as shaky as she is now. Ethan returns to Theresa and he tells her he misses her whenever he is away from her for one moment. Rebecca enters the library to talk to the reporter. Ivy tells Grace if she had to do it all over again she would live her life differently. Ivy tells Grace she sees the man around town. Grace wonders if Ivy had a child with this man. Grace is embarrassed that she even asked this question but Ivy understands, as she knows Grace is prone to premonitions. Grace asks Ivy if this man's wife knows about Ivy and him. Alistair tells Luis he is not wasting his time. He asks Luis to brace himself for a shock. Sheridan tells Luis to hang up the phone. Luis decides he is going to go listen to Julian's toast. Eve takes the phone from Luis. Sheridan and Luis head into the main livingroom. Eve asks if it is Alistair who is on the phone. Alistair is now more determined to see the truth about Sheridan come out. Grace is interested in Ivy's story. Ivy tells Grace she is a friend with the man's wife. Grace says she has no respect for a man like that. Sam tells Grace he wants to talk to her. Sam says he knows the man in question, and the man loves his wife and he would never hurt her. He did not tell his wife as she was going through a hard time in the beginning and the man did not want to hurt her. Grace asks if this man is a close friend of Sam's. Ethan invites everyone to come to the main house. Julian finds Rebecca and she asks him what is in his pocket. He tells her it is a newspaper a reporter gave him and he will look at it later as Alistair is going to pull the plug on Luis and Sheridan and Theresa and Ethan. Gwen wonders what Alistair is up to and Rebecca tells her id does not matter because when Julian reads the newspaper, the bomb is going to fall any way. Luis and Sheridan can not wait until the toast is over. Pilar tells Ivy to stop playing with fire. Grace is distant and she does not seem like she wants to talk to Sam. TC wonders where Eve is, he has not seen her for a while. Eve asks Alistair if he has a shred of humanity inside him? He says he is a Crane - the Crane. Alistair calls Luis trash. Eve will not let Alistair destroy Luis and Sheridan. Alistair tells Eve he is going to get a bigger reaction from Sheridan's confession before the party is over. As hostess for the party, Rebecca introduces Julian. He begins to make a toast to the bride and groom. Sheridan can not figure Julian out. Ivy wonders if Sam will finally tell Grace about their past. Pilar hopes he does not tell her. Grace tells Sam she could not bear to be in the same room with a man like that. Gwen is pacing the hall. Rebecca enters the library and she tells the reporter to get his butt in the main foyer if he wants to talk to Julian. The reporter leaves to hear Julian's speech. Eve asks Alistair what he will do. He tells her she will play the tape over the mansion's speaker system so everyone at the party can hear Sheridan's confession. Julian tells everyone he is proud of his first born and he loves him very much. He proposes the toast to his son and his future wife. Pilar wonders why Julian did not mention Theresa's name in the toast. When Julian is finished, he asks if there is anyone else who would like to speak. The reporter says he would like to say something. Rebecca is excited, as all hell is about to break loose!

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