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Passions Recaps: The week of January 15, 2001 on PS
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Monday, January 15, 2001


Kay goes into Charity's bedroom. She sees Miguel and Charity asleep. Charity suddenly wakes up and tells Kay she is trying to push her into hell fire. Charity knows the whole story and tells Kay she has figures it all out. She sold her soul to Hecuba. Miguel wakes, and is mad at Kay. He asks Kay how she could do such a thing. Hecuba arrives and tells Kay to push Charity into the flames. Miguel sees the fires of hell in Charity's closet and he is yelling at Kay. He calls her evil. Kay is evil ... pure evil. Suddenly, Kay wakes up. Hecuba asks Kay if she is having a bad dream. She wants Kay to get Miguel away from Charity. The power of their love has a protection, and it is making Charity's powers grow. Hecuba tells Kay the story of Charity from hundreds of years ago and that the time for the battle has now come. Kay thinks everything is a nightmare. Hecuba assures her it is no night mare and if Hecuba is destroyed, Kay will also be destroyed. Hecuba reminds Kay she does not have her soul and she will never get her soul back unless they get rid of Charity tonight. Charity wakes up and feels she is going to die tonight...


Theresa and Luis are talking of how happy they are. The doorbell rings and Whitney and a number of Theresa's friends show up. They want to know what is going on. Theresa tells them she is engaged and they think she is only kidding around with them. She assures them it is true and Theresa is ecstatic. Theresa invites her friends to the engagement party tonight at the Crane mansion. They are all excited. They never thought they would ever step foot on that property. The doorbell rings again and Luis answers. A number of evening gowns have been sent over by Ivy for Theresa to try on, and to pick for tonight's party. Theresa finds everything so wonderful but tells Luis the only true wonderful thing about it is the fact that she loves Ethan. Theresa shows her mother the gowns. She hopes her papa could be here to see her get married. Theresa is sure if her father should see the announcement in any paper, he would show up. Luis still maintains that Julian and Alistair Crane know more about their father's disappearance than they are letting on. Luis is happy that Sheridan did not have anything to do with his fathers disappearance or he could never be with her. Luis is going to go check on Sheridan. He finds his life suddenly so ironic. He has spent his life hating the Crane's and now here he is in love with one. Pilar tells Luis she almost raised Sheridan and Ethan. She knows they are not like Alistair and Julian, yet she is scared that the Crane's will try to split up Ethan and Theresa as well as Luis and Sheridan. Whitney and Theresa share a tender moment. Whitney is happy for her best friend and tells her she is going to be a beautiful bride. They vow their best friendship to each other. Ethan arrives at the house with a big bunch of flowers. He thinks Theresa is upset and asks her what is wrong. She tells him it is nothing and he does not have to worry about anything. They will never ever have bad news to worry about again. Whitney leaves to go for a walk. Theresa shows Ethan all the gowns his mother has sent over. Ethan tells her that even if she only wore rags, he would still love her. They know they will have a wonderful like ahead of them.


Ethan comes to visit his Aunt Sheridan. She is feeling great. Ethan wants to know if she is coming to the engagement party tonight and she confirms that she will be there. They are both amazed that they have found true love and perfect happiness. Ethan is so looking forward to Sheridan getting to know Theresa much better. Julian comes to see Ethan and Sheridan and he asks them to come to their senses. Julian truly feels sorry for the both of them to be marrying beneath their social class. Julian tells them his heart is breaking. Sheridan asks him what heart?! Julian pleads with them. Ethan assures his father that they are happy and there is nothing he can do to talk them out of their future lives. Knowing he is defeated, Julian leaves the cottage offering his congratulations. He knows however that Alistair will never allow the relationships to continue. Sheridan is exercising and she tells Ethan she is glad her nightmares are gone. She has not had any bad dreams for months. She can not imagine her life without Luis. As Ethan leaves, they hug. Sheridan asks Ethan if this is only a dream that they are living? Ethan tells her it is not a dream, it is really real. Ethan tells Sheridan they have found their soul mates. Luis knocks at the door. Sheridan just got out of the shower and she answers the door with only a towel wrapped around her. Luis tells her how beautiful she is. He wants her to go put on some clothes as it is really getting hot all of a sudden! Sheridan asks Luis if he will give her neck a message? Luis does not think that is a good idea as the Doctor ordered them not to take part in any strenuous activity. He does give her a message but it is killing him. They kiss and are extremely hot and bothered. Sheridan is trying to convince Luis she is back to her old self again and she wants Luis to make love to her. Luis tells Sheridan they have the rest of their lives ahead of them so they can wait.


Julian is on the phone with Alistair, and Alistair is extremely enraged. He says the situation with Theresa and Luis, as well as Sheridan and Luis has gone on long enough. He is giving Julian one last chance to break up the engagement and orders him to FIX IT! Ivy tells Pilar to go home and get ready for the party that will be held later that night. Pilar and Ivy both find Rebecca's motives very suspicious and would like to know what she is really up to. Rebecca tells Gwen she can not wait to bring down the house of Crane. Gwen is worried that everything could possibly be traced back to them. Rebecca tells Gwen that they will act as shocked as everyone else when the bomb drops about Ethan's real father. In the newsroom of a rag paper, a reporter is complaining to his coworker that he has hit a dry spell in his career. He is checking his e-mail and suddenly sees the story Rebecca sent to the papers. He calls his boss and wants to see him immediately. Julian returns to the mansion from Sheridan's cottage. He is upset, as he can not break up Theresa and Ethan. When he enters, he sees Rebecca and asks her what is going on. Rebecca tells Julian he deserves a straight answer so she is going to tell him. Being quick in the eye, Rebecca notices Ivy walking down the steps so she puts on an act. She tells Julian she is really doing this only to try to save face and Gwen wants to remain friends with Ethan after he is married. She assures Julian and Ivy she has no cards up her sleeves... The reporter asks his boss if they are going to print the story. The boss knows they have to, but he is worried about old Alistair Crane. He is sure Alistair will have a stroke if the story comes out. Alistair has enough power that he can ruin them. Alistair calls Julian once again, saying he knows he failed at trying to break up Theresa and Ethan. From now on, Alistair will take care of the situation himself but he is going to destroy Luis and Sheridan tonight at the engagement party. He intends to play the tape of Sheridan admitting to killing Martin Fitzgerald. Alistair knows once the tape has been played, it will be the end of Sheridan and Luis forever. Ivy tells Rebecca she is amazed as Rebecca has spared no expense for the party. The women talk about what they are going to wear that night. Rebecca tells Ivy she is sure no matter what she will wear, she is sure leave a lasting impressing on everyone! The phone rings once again and it is the tabloids who are calling. The maid tells the reporter she is not allowed to give out any information. Being in the wrong place at the right time, Rebecca says she will handle the call. Rebecca confirms that there will be a party tonight at the Crane mansion and she answers all the reporter's questions. She tells the reporter she is the assistant to the caterer. The press has hit the jackpot! Gwen and Rebecca are excited. They know the time bomb created the day Ethan was born will finally explode tonight and the house of Crane will come falling down!

Tuesday, January 16, 2001


Alistair is on the phone with Julian. Concealed in his library, Julian listens to his cold-hearted father tell him of his plans for destroying Sheridan and Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald's relationship. It will be Sheridan's own words that will cost her the true love of her life. Alistair is going to have the taped confession of Sheridan admitting to the murder of Martin Fitzgerald at Theresa and Ethan's engagement party tonight. He expects that none of Pilar's children will ever live happily ever after with anyone in the Crane family. Julian is confused as to why Doctor Russell never told any one that Sheridan murdered Martin Fitzgerald. Alistair tells his son it is because Eve is a true romantic at heart. Eve did not want to hurt the one shot at true love Sheridan and Luis had. Alistair tells Julian how quickly Julian caved in when he mentioned the death of her baby. Julian finds that a bit cold. After all, he was the father of that baby. Julian tells his father he has no heart when it comes to his children. Alistair tells Julian having heart does not make an empire. He will have that tape played at the party and then send a copy of the tape to the district attorney. Julian is sure when Luis hears the tape, he will be devastated. Alistair hoped his own daughter would be put in jail. The result of this will mean the love between Sheridan and Luis will be destroyed forever. Luis will move away and when Alistair let's Sheridan out of jail, he will tell her whom to marry. Alistair thinks it is better Sheridan lands in jail than Julian or himself. He asks Julian if he would rather be in jail and naturally Julian opts for having his sister live in a cell. Alistair in sot surprised by Julian's decision. He calls his son a yellow belly sapsucker. After tonight's party there will be no more decisions that will have to be made for Ethan or Sheridan. Alistair hangs up on his son. Julian leaves the library and he looks outside. He sees his sister and Luis having fun. He feels sorry for them and hopes they are having a good time because after tonight the fun will be over for good.


Luis is trying to stay strong. Sheridan does not want to wait any longer and wants Luis to make love to her. They kiss passionately, and Sheridan does not want Luis to stop. Luis reminds her of the no strenuous activity policy Eve told them about. Wanting her is killing Luis. He looks outside, and tells Sheridan he would like to go out for a while. Sheridan loves the look of the freshly fallen snow. She has always had a dream. As a child, she always wanted to make a snowman but of course she was never allowed. A Crane does not do such things! Luis tells her she does not have to wait any longer. They go outside and they make a snowman. When the snowman is finished, Luis complains that it has no ears. They start clowning around and they have a joyful snowball fight. The fight soon ends when they fall in the snow kissing.


Theresa is getting very nervous about the party taking place later tonight. She compared it to a coming out party. She is worried she may embarrass Ethan. He tells her not to worry. She would never embarrass him. Whitney returns to the house and she has Chad with him. Theresa and Ethan do not notice as they are locked in a passionate kiss. Chad tells them the house could be burning around them and they would not be conscious of it. The girls go look at gowns for the party. Ethan asks Chad if he told Whitney that he loves her yet? Chad has had some unexpected disasters lately but he assures Ethan he is now back on track. He is also excited as Eve ran a DNA test on him. Soon he may find out who his real parents are. Chad hopes they are local people. Ethan asks Chad to come to their engagement party tonight. He tells him Gwen and her mother Rebecca are throwing the bash. Chad does not like that idea too much. Theresa wants to go ask her brother Miguel to come to their party. It would be nice having all the family together for the big night. Whitney and Chad are walking. Chad tells her she makes him feel good and he does not ever want that feeling to slip away. He is happy that Eve is now accepting him like a real person instead of a bum and he is looking forward to finding out the results of his DNA tests. He will finally find out who his parents are. Whitney tells Chad she has not done anything to help him. Chad tells her she has always given him hope; even when she has been mad with him. He asks her if she really wanted him to leave town for good when he said he was leaving. She admits she did not want him to go. They hold hands and continue walking. Theresa is sad that Miguel will not be able to come to the party. She tells Ethan she wants everyone to share in their happiness.


Miguel wakes up and asks Charity who is going to die tonight? Hecuba admits to Kay that the battle to destroy goodness has been harder than she expected. Kay has to get Miguel away from Charity, as their love is too strong a force to be dealt with. Hecuba and Kay's future depends on getting Miguel away from Charity. Eve and Grace are talking. Grace has not yet told Sam she is expecting a baby. Sam and Grace gave Miguel permission to Miguel to spend the night with Charity. They know Miguel and trust him so they have nothing to worry about. Grace wants to go to the party at the Crane mansion tonight. Sam and TC do not want to go. Eve is hoping that Alistair Crane will not be there. She finds him cold hearted. Grace is totally amazed that a Lopez-Fitzgerald is marrying a Crane. Sam tells his wife he would rather have needles stuck in him than go to that party. Once again, Miguel asks Charity who is going to die. Charity tells him she must have been having a nightmare. Miguel says because she is not doing too well, he will stay with her. Miguel hears Kay out in the hall. He tells her Charity had a rough night and he feels she is responsible for it! Kay does not see what she should know about any thing that Charity is going through. Charity apologizes to Kay for thinking she was responsible for everything that has been going on. Charity is feeling a bit spooked but she feels safe with Miguel at her side. Charity takes Kay's hand and finds she is as cold as ice. Hecuba is ordering Kay to get Miguel away from Charity. Sam tells Grace and the Russell's he hates the Cranes so he would feel like a hypocrite showing up at the Crane party. Grace wanted to go and wear her new dress but Sam tells her they will go to Boston in a few weeks and she can paint the town red in her new dress. Grace tells Sam her dress will not fit her in a few weeks. Sam wonders if Grace is going on a new donut diet. Grace asks Sam to guess what her secret is. Kay is feeling hungry. She wants Miguel to come get something to ear with her. He tells Charity he will go get something to eat but he will wait for her outside her bedroom door while she changes. Hecuba sees her chance. She casts a spell as soon as Miguel is outside Charity's room. Miguel tells Kay he does not take any thing Charity said about Kay seriously. She is over tired and once she realizes everyone loves her, she will feel much better. Charity's sessorsors start flying towards Charity. Hecuba is going to stab her. An angel figure on Charity's bureau falls on the floor and Charity bends to pick it up. The little angel girl saved her life. Charity tells Miguel and Kay what had happened. Kay returns to her room and tells Hecuba she tried to keep Miguel away from Charity. Hecuba tells her she did not give her enough time. Hecuba has to kill Charity tonight.

Sam wants to know what is going on. Why won't Grace be able to fit into her new dress? Grace tells Sam they are expecting a baby. He is stunned. Sam is elated. Grace tells Sam she thinks they are going to have a son. Sam would love to have a boy and plans all the things they will do together. He wants them to start thinking of names when the doorbell rings. It is Theresa and Ethan. Theresa came to see Miguel. Theresa hopes everyone will show up at their party tonight. Miguel sees his sister and congratulations are shared. Theresa tells Miguel and Charity they have to be at the party. Hecuba hopes Miguel will go to the party and stay long enough so she can kill Charity. Miguel thanks Theresa and Ethan for the invitation but says he does not want to leave Charity. She is not feeling too well. Charity feels horrid and tries to convince Miguel to go to the party. Grace tells Sam not to let the fact that Ethan Crane is in their house spoil his mood. Eve tells Theresa she and TC will be at the party when they hear Miguel will not be there. Sam only wants to distance himself between him and the Crane house. Hecuba orders Kay to go and get Miguel to change his mind. Kay can stay home with Charity while Miguel is gone to the party. Charity tells Miguel to go to the party and Hecuba is all excited. Sam thinks Grace is made at home for not wanting to go to the party. He feels like a louse, especially after the wonderful news she gave him. He gives in and says they will go to the party!


The tabloids decide to run with the story of Ethan Crane not being Julian's son. The head of the newsroom wants the explosion that is heard at the Crane mansion tonight to he heard around the world. When the paper is printed, the top man is reading an advanced copy of the story that is soon going to hit the streets.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001


Charity wants Miguel to go to his sister's engagement party. Hecuba wants Miguel out of the way so she can get Charity out of the way - permanently! Grace is excited that Sam has agreed to take her to the party at the Crane mansion. Sam wants to toast the good news that he and Grace are going to have a baby. He has some champagne left over from New Year's Eve. Grace goes to get the champagne and a glass of juice for herself. While Grace is in the kitchen, Sam asks Eve if Grace is all right. She tells him she is fine at the moment but a woman her age having a baby has certain risks. Grace should be kept calm and have no shocks over the nest nine months or she could be in danger of loosing the baby. Hecuba is telling a doll and a stuffed panda bear why Miguel has to be kept away from Charity. Kay is going to have to try to convince Miguel to go to his sister's party. Miguel feels Charity has been through too much. Eve does not want to worry Sam about Grace's pregnancy but reminds him of the risks involved for a woman her age. Sam is hoping that Ivy will not make a play for him tonight at the party. TC and Eve also hope Ivy will not humiliate Sam. Sam wanted to tell Grace about his past with Ivy but now that she is pregnant, he has decided he will never tell her. Grace will never find out that they were once an item. Miguel tells Kay and Charity he is not going to the party. An angry Hecuba throws something in Kay's room and everyone wonders what is the cause of the noise. Kay tells them she left her window open and it must be the wind that knocked something down. She goes to her room to see what Hecuba is up to. Sam, Grace, TC and Eve drink a toast to the new child, to friendship and to a great year that lies ahead of them. Hecuba is angry with Kay. She tells her if she wants her soul back, she is going to have to try harder to get Miguel away from Charity. Kay asks Hecuba for ideas on how to separate Miguel and Charity. Grace is looking through some of the things she kept for babies. As she never expected to be pregnant again, she gave away most of her baby things, and only kept a few things for her girls to give their babies. TC tells Sam he is a lucky man. He always wanted a son. He knows Eve could probably have another baby. Then, the Bennett boy and the Russell boy could grow up and become the best of friends. Sam is worried about what Ivy once told him about Ethan. She claimed Ethan was his son. Sam is glad he is not related to that hardheaded punk. Eve and TC leave the Bennett's to go home and get ready for the party. TC is concerned about the look on Eve's face when she hears talk about sons. TC tells her not to be angry as they only had daughters. He loves them very much. He tells his wife that they could probably have another baby if they wanted. Charity walks Miguel to the door. Miguel is happy that Kay will stay with Charity while he is at the party. He vows he will not stay long. Charity returns to the living room and Kay wonders why Sam and Grace are so happy. Charity tells them Grace is expecting. Charity is excited for her aunt and uncle but Kay does not get the least bit excited. Suddenly, Charity has another premonition and tells Grace she should not go to the party. Sam asks why Grace should not go, and Charity says it has something to do about Sam's son but not Noah. Charity dismisses the feeling and tells them not to worry. Sam is happy Kay and Charity will be home alone. Charity is looking forward to sitting by the fire and eating popcorn. Hecuba is glad she will finally have Charity to herself. Hecuba is going to put Charity in the fires of hell.


The tabloid press has learned that Sam Bennett will be attending the party at the Crane mansion. The boss wants to find out if Grace Bennett knows any thing about Sam and Ivy's past. If she does not know, it will come as the shock of her life. The reporter returns and tells his editor that good little Grace Bennett knows nothing of Sam's past. He goes through the events of how Sam and Grace met. Grace lost her memory when Sam saved her in a fire. No one knows much about Grace's past. The editor tells his reporter he wants a picture of Grace Bennett's face when she learns that Ethan Crane is Sam's son. The reporter goes to change and shows up in his boss's office wearing a tuxedo. He is going to the party at the Crane mansion. His boss gives him a small camera to take pictures. They are going to blow the lid off the Crane Empire.


Rebecca and Gwen arrive at the mansion. Rebecca is impressed with the money she spent for the party. Everything looks perfect. Rebecca and Gwen are talking about their plans for the night. Gwen tells her mother she feels awful for Ethan. His world is about to be blown apart. Rebecca tells Gwen she feels sorry for Ethan too but you can not make an omelet with out breaking a few eggs. Rebecca is trying to reassure Gwen that their plan will go off with out a hitch but Gwen is not so sure it is a good idea. Gwen knows Ethan could still end up marrying Theresa. Rebecca is sure Ethan will never forgive Theresa or Pilar for keeping the information about his true parentage a secret from him. Ethan returns to the mansion and thanks Rebecca for the party and portrait she is having done of him and Julian. Gwen is staring off into space as she does not like listening to Ethan talk about Theresa. Rebecca tells Ethan Gwen will always be a part of his life even after he is married. Gwen assures Ethan she will always be there for him. Rebecca tries to reassure Gwen once again that Ethan will breakup with Theresa when he finds out Theresa knew about his past.


Chad and Whitney are talking about the odds of people from different worlds falling in love. Chad asks Whitney if a guy on a horse would come by and carry her off into the sunset what she would do. Whitney says she does not believe in fairy tales. She is trained to work hard for everything she has or wants. That is why she trains hard at her tennis. She has to focus. Chad offers to have a tennis practice session with Whitney right now. She takes out her tennis racquet and he throws the tennis balls for her. Whitney whacks the tennis ball and it hits Chad in the mouth. Whitney knows she has a powerful swing and she is sorry for hurting Chad. Chad tells her the only thing that may help ease his pain is a little tender loving care. Whitney places a kiss in her hand and places it on Chad's mouth. Chad says she is getting closer to what he was thinking about. Whitney gives him a kiss but Chad tells her he was thinking of something like this ... and kisses her. The kiss has affected Whitney. She wants to go home so she can get ready for the party. Whitney tells Chad she has a clock in her head. She has everything planned out for her yet she admires how easy going and laid back Chad is. Chad wonders if that is a compliment. They admit since they have known each other they have both opened their eyes and have seen many things differently. Whitney says it is truth; opposites do attract. At the house, Chad puts on some music. Whitney comes down stairs and Chad is lost for words. Whitney is beautiful in her party dress. She tells Chad he does not look so bad himself in his tuxedo. Whitney is fixing Chad's bowtie when Eve enters the room. She hopes she did not make a mistake allowing Whitney to get close to Chad. TC and Chad talk. Chad asks Eve to dance and Whitney dances with her father. TC tells Whitney he hopes Chad will find love. When Whitney asks him what he means, he tells her he hopes Chad will find the love he is looking for in finding his parents. Eve remembers finding the booties she bought for her baby boy as she dances with Chad. Chad asks Eve if she is all right. She explains some times old songs like the one playing can bring back memories. Chad tells Eve he will always remember dancing with her every time he will hear the song they are now dancing to. TC takes over dancing with his wife while Whitney and Chad finish the dance. Eve asks TC if Chad and Whitney are becoming too close.


Theresa is disappointed that Miguel is not coming to their engagement party. Ethan tells her not to worry. There will be many other parties in the future. Theresa is happy that Ethan said that. Now that they are together, nothing can ever come between them. Suddenly, Theresa is having a panic attack. She has to get ready for the party. She hopes she will look good. As she rants and raves, Ethan brings her home and tells her to open the door. He has arranged for Theresa and Pilar to have a make over. Theresa feels like Cinderella before the ball even begins. Ethan tells her that he wants to be the magician in her life. Pilar comes home and asks what is going on. Theresa tells her mother it is their future. Their lives are about to be changed forever. Pilar does not want a new look. She is who she is and does not want to change any thing. Theresa asks her mother to have the make over done just for her. Theresa wants Ethan to be extra proud of them tonight. Pilar and Theresa look like a million dollars when they are finished. Theresa feels every thing is perfect. Pilar and Theresa talk. Theresa is happy Luis is coming to the party. Pilar tells Theresa she understands why Miguel won't go to the party. He is so in love with Charity. Pilar hopes the truth will never come out about Ethan's parentage, as it will cause hurt and destruction. Miguel comes home and he tells his sister he is going to the party and the Bennett's are also going to show up. When Miguel goes to get ready, Pilar tells Theresa she is scared Ivy will go to Sam and try to rekindle their old love. Once Ethan is married, Ivy will be very lonely. Pilar does not feel right. She knows disaster is about to strike. Even though Theresa reassures her that Rebecca and Gwen are on the up and up, Pilar still does not trust their motives. Theresa answers the door when the bell rings. A limo driver has come to pick them up to go to the party. Theresa is star struck. She tells her mother their dreams are coming true. Their limo is waiting...

Thursday, January 18, 2001

As the engagement gala gets underway at the mansion, Rebecca assures Gwen that the evening will end in triumph for the Hotchkiss women. Hecuba pushes a reluctant Kay to use her family's absence that evening to her own advantage in the war against Charity. Meanwhile, Charity has a premonition about the party's devastating outcome and again begs her aunt and uncle not to attend. Ivy smells a rat as she watches Rebecca preening, while Theresa urges her nervous mother to relax and enjoy the new life they've begun. Grace calms her niece by promising to stay home, a move which prompts another angry outburst from Hecuba. Ivy warns Rebecca that she'll never become a Crane no matter how many times she hops in the sack with Julian. Alistair threatens Eve with blackmail when she vows to prevent him from making Sheridan's confession public. Kay convinces her parents to go to the party after all. Sheridan treats Luis to a romantic prelude before they head up to the mansion.

Friday, January 19, 2001


Luis and Sheridan are on their way to the main house for Ethan and Theresa's engagement party. They are happy and Sheridan can't wait until the party is over so Luis can make love to her. They are joking and having a wonderful time and suddenly Sheridan is over come with a terrible feeling. She asks Luis if he loves her, and if he will always love her no matter what may happen in the future. She has a terrible feeling that someone or something is going to try to come between them. Luis tells Sheridan he has waited his whole life for her. Now that he has found his one true love he is never going to let her go. He asks her to stop worrying. His father has been gone for many years now but he still would do any thing for him, as he still loves him. Luis would do any thing for Sheridan. He loves her more than any thing in this world...


Timmy has a plan to stop Hecuba from killing them. He wants to make a run for it now as he knows Hecuba will be busy destroying Charity. Timmy tells his princess he has all ready come up with a master plan. Tabitha wants to know what he is up to? Timmy has forged a passport using his laptop computer but he now needs a picture of Tabitha for her passport. Tabitha reminds him that she is a witch and she does not show up in pictures. Only an empty space shows up where her face is suppose to be. Timmy tells her not to worry. He has that all figured out as well, and that is why he has brought along many candles. Timmy is going to melt the candles and put a wax mask on Tabitha. He will then take the picture. Tabitha tells him to forget the wax, as she is sure Hecuba will find them and kill them. Timmy begs his princess to let him try. They have nothing to loose except being boiled in a cauldron. Timmy is painting a wax mask on Tabitha's face when the telephone rings. It is Harper-Collins calling and they need a picture of Tabitha for the back of the book cover. Timmy tells the publisher he will e-mail them Tabitha's picture right away. Timmy takes Tabitha's picture and scans it into the computer. Tabitha's picture came out great. Timmy e-mail the picture to Harper-Collins. He hopes her book will make lots of money. Tabitha is worried that no matter where they go, Hecuba is going to find them. They are all packed and on their way. Timmy remembers he has to bring along lots of candles. He also says goodbye to Fluffy. Before she leaves the house, Tabitha wishes there were a way she could stop Hecuba from finding them. Timmy has made all the necessary arrangements for their trip and Tabitha thinks the name of the hotel where they will be staying sounds familiar.


Ethan is so happy. He is with Theresa and he is gleaming. TC tells Miguel he can't believe that his sister is actually marrying into the Crane family. The Crane's have a way of destroying everything they put their hands on. Ivy tells Pilar to stop working. Tonight she is an honored guest in her house and not the housekeeper. Pilar has to do something. She has a terrible feeling that something bad is going to happen tonight. Pilar does not trust Rebecca. Pilar is worried that Rebecca knows something and is going to use it tonight to destroy Ethan and Theresa. Ivy tries to reassure her that Rebecca cannot possibly know about Ethan's parentage as the evidence showing Sam is Ethan's real father has been destroyed. Rebecca tells Gwen she can not wait for the news to come out about Ivy, Sam and Ethan. It is going to cause a huge explosion. Gwen is worried that the reported will not show up. The reporter from the tabloid is outside the Crane mansion and he can't wait to get inside. He is sure the story will make his career and tear the Crane family wide open. Gwen is pacing. Rebecca goes over her plans once again and says before long she and Gwen will both have the title of Mrs. Crane. Ivy tells Pilar Ethan and Theresa are radiating. Nothing can possibly go wrong now. Pilar looks at Rebecca who smiles back at her with a smug look on her face. The reporter goes to see the security guard at the main gates of the mansion. He tells him he is a friend of Julian Crane's and he has to see him. He has an important message for him. In the library, Eve wants Alistair Crane to let Sheridan be happy for once in her life. Alistair reminds Eve that empires such as the Crane Empire are not built on happiness. Chad tells Whitney he loves the Crane mansion. He would like to have a house like that when he makes it big. Whitney asks him how he would feel if his wife had a house like that and he tells her a wife who was rich would not intimidate him. He would love his wife and they would be equal partners. As long as his wife would be happy, so would he. Sheridan and Luis arrive at the main house. Ethan and Theresa welcome them and the two men start picking on each other. Rebecca tells Gwen to get the sour look off of her face and smile. When the tabloid comes out, Ethan and Theresa will be torn apart and they will be the ones to make it to the top of the Crane Empire.

The reporter tries to bribe the guard at the main entrance. The guard sees the tabloid the reporter is hiding under his arm. Eve is upset. She will not let Alistair go through with his plan. Julian offers her a drink but she refuses. Alistair tells Eve if she stands in his way he will crush her. He is going to go to the medical board and have her license revoked as she lied to her patient about the results of the hypnosis. He is also going to let everyone know about her sordid past and the baby she lost. Eve remembers seeing her baby after he was born and how he died. Eve calls Julian and Alistair filth and a bunch of monsters. Alistair is happy that Eve has been neutralized. Ethan invites everyone to join them on the big dance floor. Gwen is very impatient. The guard refuses to take the bribe from the reporter at the main gate. The reporter vows that he is going to make it in to that party. He can't wait to see how people will react when Ivy's secret is revealed. Theresa tells Ethan she loves him very much. Luis tells Sheridan he wants to leave. He really wants her to get in the bathtub where he can use all kinds of bath oils on her. Sheridan tells him they can't leave yet. She has to be there for Ethan. Whitney asks Chad what would happen if he found out he was Julian Crane's son? Chad says he doubts there is any black blood in the Crane family but if he were Julian's son he would love to meet the brave lady who stood up to the Cranes. Eve is damming Alistair and vows she can not let him destroy Luis and Sheridan's love. TC finds his wife and asks her what is wrong. She tells him she has had some bad news about a patient. Sheridan and Luis come to see Eve and thank her. They would not have a relationship if it weren't for Eve's help in clearing up the past. They owe their happiness all to her. Ethan is happy and says it does not get much better than this. Ivy tries to reassure Pilar once again that everything is all right. Pilar can't help but wonder what Rebecca is up to. Rebecca promises Gwen that the Crane mansion will soon be turned up side down. The reporter has found a way to get into the party. He is going to go through the service entrance. He radio's his partner and tells him he is going in. It is time to rock the Crane house. He will be the man known for destroying the world's biggest empire.

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