One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 15, 2001 on OLTL

Antonio advised Sophia that he'd never received her message. Will and Cristian had words. Todd learned that Sky was Rae's daughter. Ben asked his kidnapper for help. Roseanne agreed to work for R.J. Colin and Lindsay exchanged threats.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 15, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, January 15, 2001


Charlie knocks down Sophia and Kelly begs him not to shoot. Sophia unsuccessfully attempts to reason with him, and tells Charlie he is under arrest. As Charlie laughs at Sophia and aims to shoot, Kevin jumps through the trees and tackles Charlie to the ground. Joey follows. After Kevin subdues Charlie, Sophia cuffs him. Joey looks at Kelly with contempt.


John has Skye brought to his desk where he tells her that Nora and the Judge are meeting to discuss the successful lie detector test. Skye wonders why John is being so helpful. When Vikki and Sam enter the station, Skye tells them that she's going to prove that Blair or Todd shot Max. Skye thanks John for his help and Vikki asks John about the progress on Ben's kidnapping. John gets the call that the hitman has been apprehended and is on his way into the station. When Kelly, Kevin, Joey and Charlie enter, Vikki verbally attacks and shames a silent and forlorn Charlie. John asks where Sophia is since she is the arresting officer; a fellow cop tells him that she had something important that she had to take care of. Later, Rae visits John and tells him that she's decided that Skye must never learn that she is Skye's real mother.


Antonio and Roseanne continue their unquenchable lovefest and he tells her that he really does want her to move in because he would love to have her around more. They decide to order pizza to celebrate their decision of cohabitation with pizza and passion. When Sophia knocks on the door, they assume it's the pizza guy, but Sophia has a delivery of her own she blasts Antonio for standing him up. She tells him that she could have been killed and she thought she could count on him. She hasn't been assigned a new partner and she didn't know who else to call. Antonio looks baffled and defends that he is clueless to her accusations. When she mentions the emergency message she left with Roseanne, they both turn and look at the guilty vixen.


Melanie tells Bo that she knows he did a background check on her. Bo defends that was motivated by his need to protect her, not by any lack of trust. When he gets the call about the hitman's arrest, Melanie insists that his job must take precedence over their relationship. Later, Bo returns to an empty room, finding nothing but a letter where Melanie professes her love and tells Bo that she has left town to protect him.


Todd breaks into Blair's room and wakes her to let her know that he is having trouble getting her big wedding arranged. Blair is annoyed by his bad timing and throws him out. Blair goes back to sleep only to be "woken up" by a dream where Kelly and Skye are debating Blair's motives and feelings regarding Todd and Max. Skye claims she is motivated by her longing to reunite with Max. In the end, they agree she is stalling her relationship with Todd only because she's terrified of getting what she really wants. When there is a real knock at her door, Blair's vision disappears. She answers to door to find Skye standing there smirking.


Todd spastically knocks on Rae's door, insisting that she's home and he needs her help. Convinced she's avoiding him, he breaks into her house and finds there is still no one home. He hallucinates that Sam and Vikki are sitting in Rae's living room. In a condescending, therapeutic façade, they lecture him that he's in denial about Blair's lack of love for him. They claim her acceptance of his proposal is motivated not by love, but by fear. He shakes his head and the delusion away. Todd continues to snoop around Rae's house where he finds the bible page that proves Skye is Rae's daughter. He ponders over the possibilities of what he could do with such knowledge.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Kevin and Kelly return to Llantano Mountain and find Joey there. He has made an important decision he tells them. He has spoken with Clint, and he is going to move to London for a while. Joey thinks this will be best for everyone. He blames himself for getting Kelly into this situation with Charlie, but Kelly won't hear it. She tries to get Kevin to convince Joey not to leave, but Kevin supports whatever is best for Joey. They say goodbye to Joey.

Sophia confronts Roseanne and Antonio for not backing her up. She explains that she and Kelly were almost killed. Antonio is furious when he finds out that Roseanne took Sophia's call without passing on the message. Roseanne apologizes and pleads with Antonio that she thought Sophia was just trying to set her up again. He sternly reminds her that it isn't her place to make those calls. Antonio leaves the apartment to find Sophia, and instructs Roseanne to be out of the apartment when he returns. Meanwhile, at the precinct, Sophia informs John of Roseanne's actions, and demands that she be fired. John won't promise to fire her, but assures Sophia that he will look into the matter and take the proper course of action.

John and Rae catch Todd in Rae's house. Todd manages to get a copy of the Bible page tucked into his pocket undetected. John is about to arrest Todd, but Rae stops him. She wants her house to be a safe place for Todd, somewhere he can turn to for help. Before he leaves, John gives Rae a warning about Todd, "He makes a sport out of hurting the people who try to help him." Disguised as "personal demons", Todd taunts Rae by discussing mothers who abandon their children, and how it can ruin a child's life. Rae hides how much this upsets her, but Todd can see he has hit his mark.

Max runs into Nora at the precinct looking for Skye. Nora tells Max that Skye made bail and advises him to stay away from her. She has enough troubles without him stirring up her emotions. Max tells Nora to mind her own business. Nora asks Max what could have possibly happened between he and Blair to go from renewing their wedding vows one minute and then ending the marriage the next. She also wants to know what the secret is that Skye is keeping for him. Despite her protests, Max blows off Nora to find Skye.

Skye goes to Blair's suite to rattle her cage. She explains how she passed a lie detector test, and offers to get John Sykes on the phone right now so that Blair can take one too. When Blair refuses, Skye tells her it is because she and Todd are guilty of shooting Max, and once both of them are locked up Starr will become a ward of the state. Skye continues to taunt Blair and promises to make her life miserable. Todd shows up Bible page in hand, sees Skye and promises to make her worst nightmare come true, just as Max arrives!

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Police Station

Roseanne tells John she didn't know the call from Sophia was an emergency and as he berates her the tears begin to fall. She pleads with him to let her prove herself on the job, she'll do whatever it takes. In Bo's office, Antonio apologizes to Sophia because he broke her trust. He thought the call was just a personal one based on what Sophia said to him the last time he saw her and he wants to make it up to her. He's only sorry he didn't see her take out the hit man. Roseanne is waiting to speak with Sophia to apologize also. She'll never forget that Sophia almost got killed because of her and hopes that Sophia will forgive her one day. Sophia is moved to tears also as she goes out to her desk. Antonio is happy that Roseanne was able to ask for forgiveness but he can no longer be with her. He cannot allow someone else to make his decisions on things like who he should talk to or when so he's breaking up with her. Roseanne calls him a coward because he's scared of his feelings for her and believes he never wanted to be with her anyway. She says everything is really his fault and one day he'll beg her for forgiveness.

R.J.'s Club

Cris wants a "piece of the action" from R.J. who wants him to be patient. As a matter of fact though, he's waiting for a business associate and since he has to go out Cris can entertain her when she arrives. A young woman shows up shortly after and flirts with Cris who begins to ask about her job. He can hardly believe that she's so young. She admits that she takes money out of the country for R.J., after prodding from Cris and tries to persuade him how good the job is. She gets to travel a lot and Cris should try it too. When she lies about her background and meeting R.J., Cris sees right through her story, which seems to based on Titantic, the movie. As R.J. returns, Roseanne stops him and asks for a job. She'll work on the inside of the police station for him and let him know whatever is going on. Inside the club, he questions Cris on the identity of the woman he's been chatting with. His associate is not coming after all.

Rae's House

Viki has been out driving, searching for clues to Ben's whereabouts and decided to drop by to visit. Rae admits to finding her daughter, though it's too late and she should have looked for her earlier so she wouldn't be in trouble now. Viki disagrees, telling her that she found Megan when she was grown and her daughter still needed her. Furthermore, even if Rae had raised her daughter, she could still be in trouble now. Rae thinks that the truth will destroy her daughter. She confides that John is holding everything together for her. Just then Detective Sykes arrives, Viki wants to get home in case Ben calls and Sykes tells Rae that Skye's trial will go on but he will investigate Todd and Blair himself.

Blair's Room

Max shows up as Blair, Todd and Skye are involved in arguing. He wants to speak to Blair in private-he wants a figure from her and then he'll get out. He knows their marriage is dead and knows she wants the quick divorce to marry Todd. He writes out a check but she rips it up, same with a second one. Max guesses that she's stalling so that she won't have to marry Todd but Blair disagrees. Todd knows her better than anyone and she'll marry him as soon as possible. Outside, Todd taunts Skye about jail and inquires about her mother. Skye informs him that she's dead. They go back into the room where Max writes out a letter that he will give Blair enough money to live in luxury. He signs it and everyone waits for Blair to sign as well. She finally does, Max looks almost shocked but congratulates her and leaves behind Skye. Todd is ready to marry right away and tosses a ring to Blair. She loves the ring but tells Todd to go away, he got what he wanted. He's angry but she doesn't care, she cries. In the hall, Max is glad to meet up with Skye. He only came to her because Blair pushed him away, she says, and tells him to go to hell.


Viki gets ready for bed, making sure the phone is right within reach.

Location Unknown

Ben, still being held, receives a note from his unknown captor. It states that his host is sorry for being detained. He appears startled at the name he sees.

Thursday, January 18, 2001


Sam tells Charlie that he will help him get a decent plea bargain if he will name who ordered the hit on Ben. A lawyer shows up and convinces Charlie to be silent. We later find out that this lawyer was hired by Asa to make sure Charlie didn't incriminate him.

Viki's house

Viki dreams of Ben in trouble, and she tries to warn him. He however, only seems to be interested in a mysterious woman in a doorway. After Viki awakens, Joey shares his plan to leave for London. He assures her that he will stay until Ben is back safe and sound. Kevin arrives and they try to distract Viki with a game of family Scrabble.

Location of Ben's detainment

Ben is stunned to discover that his captor is Gina Russo, a former girlfriend and daughter of a mobster. Gina tells Ben that she escaped mob life by refusing to marry Tim Rourke. Ben asks her to help put away Tim and her brother, Tommy Russo. She gets upset and asks him to leave, then changes her mind.

Colin's house

Lindsay gets in via a copy of Colin's key, then tries to buy Lanie's secret from him for $5,000. Colin refuses to talk until she comes up with a lot more money. He throws her out, but she later breaks back in and discovers his shrine to Nora.

Asa's house

Nora confronts Asa about his stake in bringing down Lindsay. He tells her it's because of what Lindsay did to Bo and Nora. After Nora leaves the room, Asa convinces Max to stay on as Nora's bodyguard by confessing the details of Lindsay's blackmail.


After luring Colin to meet her, Max pretends to come on to Nora for Colin's benefit. Colin is thrilled with "rescuing" Nora, and invites her home with him.

Friday, January 19, 2001

Colin tells Nora that he would never hurt her. Nora asks Colin to make her believe him and to make her trust him and herself. Just as Colin starts to kiss Nora, she pulls away and says she needs more time, she wants to know the truth. Colin tells her that there is truth in a kiss and starts to kiss her again when the telephone rings. It is Lindsay, who tells Colin that she is upstairs and if he doesn't get rid of Nora right away she will bring Nora upstairs to see Colin's shrine to Nora.

Gina Russo tells Ben that she wants to help him find out who ordered the hit on him. Back at Viki's house, Joey tells Jessie that he is only staying until Ben is back and then he is going to London to visit with Clint. Viki is looking at pictures of her bacheorlette party and points out that the fortuneteller predicted that there was a dark cloud over Viki and Ben's wedding day. Jessie says that the fortuneteller also said that Viki and Ben would live a long and happy life. Viki says that fortune telling is hardly and exact science and remembers that the fortuneteller also said that a girl from Will's past would come back into his life.

At R.J.'s bar, Cristian and Will get into a word match about Will and Jessica's relationship. Cristian tells Will to come by the bar on Saturday night, that there are "babes" three deep at the bar and that he could have as many as he wants. Will ask Cristian if he enjoys that and Cristian says yes. Will tell Cris to stay out of his and Jessica's business. Cris says he's out, but the next time Will and Jess have any trouble that they must find someone else to blame. Will leaves and a beautiful blonde girl walks in and says that she assumes Cristian and Will don't like each other. Cristian tells her that Will Rapport is one guy she does not want to know, but she says it's a little too late for that. Cristian asks her if she knows Will from somewhere, but she covers by saying that the way Will was yelling for the last five minutes anyone within earshot would know him. She tries to get Cristian to tell her about Will and Jessica, but he doesn't want to talk about it. They banter back and forth briefly and then the blonde leaves.

Back at Colin's house, he apologizes to Nora, but says he has to ask her to leave. He tells Nora that what she said about her feelings for him meant a lot to him and that he will call her. Nora meets Max outside and tells him that she was very close to getting Colin to tell her about Lindsay's involvement in her kidnapping, but that something happened to stop him. Max says she may have lost the battle but could still win the war. Colin runs upstairs to confront Lindsay, who tells him that Nora is playing him for a fool. Colin tells Lindsay that he was trying to gain Nora's trust and that Nora cares for him. Lindsay says that is fine, just to leave her name out of it. As she is going through the things Colin has in Nora's shrine, she discovers a diamond necklace that their father gave Lanie. She asks Colin if he stole it, but he insists that Lanie gave it to him. Lindsay tells Colin that the deal is that she will keep her mouth shut if he tells her what he is holding over Lanie's head. Colin tells Lindsay to give him her best offer and she says her best offer is her silence, to take it or leave it. He says it is tempting, but he's not interested. Lindsay says Bo and Sam would be interested in the shrine Colin has made for Nora, but he tells her that by the time Bo could get a search warrant, the shrine would be gone. Lindsay tells him he is nuts and asks what he was planning on doing to Nora. Colin says she should be more worried about what he plans on doing to her, at which point he starts to force Lindsay onto the bed and talks about cutting a lock of her hair. Lindsay manages to get away from Colin and tells him not to ever do that again and leaves.

Viki is looking at her and Ben's wedding picture when Ben walks in and says he hopes they got his good side. Viki jumps up and throws her arms around him.

Jessica arrives home to find the blonde in her bed.

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