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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 15, 2001 on GL
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Monday, January 15, 2001

At Infierno:

Rick and Frank are talking about Phillip and Harley and watching May bartend. She brings them two of her special drinks. They talk about their own personal lives and laugh about how they are going to break up with each other so they can both pursue May. They are both fascinated by her and Rick tells Frank that at least one of their hearts will be broken. They tease each other and joke around and Frank tells Rick never to take advice on romance from Phillip. Rick wants to leave but doesn't know if he can trust Frank alone with May.

Marah arrives and Catalina wants her to talk to Tony. She says he is ready to forgive her. Marah isn't sure. She sees him come out of the office and notices he tries to look away. Marah goes over to him and tells him that she is wearing his gift to her, the St. Anthony's medal. He tells her to keep it as a souvenir. She tells him that Catalina taught him a prayer to St. Anthony for lost things. She tells him that she has lost a lot in her life but nothing hurt as much as losing him. Tony walks away from her but she follows him into the office. He asks her if she is going to follow him around all night. She tells him that she remembers when she first saw him and she knew he was different. She tells him that she sees more in him that other people see. He tells her that he sees her as more that a pretty face as well. She admits to him that she didn't know how he cared and she used him. She realized after they got to the motel that he cared a great deal for her. She then realized she had made a mistake and locked herself in the bathroom because she was scared of wanting something she wasn't ready for. Tony tells her not to feel bad about holding out; it is what girls do. He kisses her and she apologizes again. Tony kisses her and asks what he will do with her. He can't stay mad at her and can't make love to her. He wonders what he should do? She tells him to kiss her again.

At Phillip and Harley's:

Phillip comes down from checking on Zach and says he is smiling in his sleep. At least he is happy. Harley says until he grows up. Phillip thinks he may make better choices. He tells Harley she was the right choice. Zach is proof of that. They have something worth fighting for; he is not ready to give up. Harley doesn't want to fight. Phillip says he isn't going to let them quit. They pledged for better or for worse, so logically, better has to be coming soon. Harley cries. Phillip asks her if this is another failed marriage for both of them because he can't live with that. Harley says maybe the marriage effectively ended when the plane crashed. She knows Phillip wanted to make it work and she tried. She doesn't see any way out of this. Phillip says right now she can't stand the sight of Beth but that could change. Phillip says that Alan made his life miserable and he hated him for it. Now he understands him and just hates a part of him, but not all of him. He has learned to get past certain things. Harley teases Phillip that she is not Alan. They both laugh. Phillip says they still laugh at the same stupid things. He wants her to just give it a little more time. He tells her marriage is like running a marathon. You hit the wall then you have to get your second wind to finish. Harley says that was sneaky, because he knows she hates quitters. Phillip says she knows he loves her. Harley says they deserve to be happy. Phillip asks if she knows anyone who is really happy, married or single. He says maybe they are looking for a happy ending; they should try to be together and it is okay to be miserable. Harley laughs and says maybe if they both have a lobotomy; they joke about Rick getting them a 2 for 1 special. Phillip tells her no one makes him smile like she does. The phone rings and it is Edmund. He says the message was marked urgent so he read it. Phillip tells him he wants to talk to Beth. Edmund doesn't want Phillip to talk to her and Phillip reminds Edmund that Beth needed his permission to take the kids out of the country and he can rescind it. Edmund and Phillip argue. Phillip gives Edmund an hour to get Beth on the phone. Edmund hangs up. Phillip tells Harley Edmund is denying him access to his children. He says he may fly down there to bring his kids back. Harley tells him to go on, nothing is keeping him there anymore. Phillip says none of this is what he wants. Harley says he just doesn't want to admit to himself how he acts. Phillip is obsessed with Beth and something always happens. Harley almost believes it, but then something happens and he and Beth start their weird dance. Harley says she hates it and Phillip tries to disagree. He says he will get Rick to check on Beth. Harley tells him to go to Beth and let her (Harley) go. Phillip says he won't. Harley says she is doing it for him; he should go before they kill each other. Phillip asks if Harley wants him to choose between his children and her. She doesn't get to decide if their marriage is over. She tells him to go to San Cristobel . He says he will, but he has some say about the marriage. Harley says not anymore and Phillip says, "We'll see" as he leaves.

Harley has an armful of Phillip's clothes and throws them out the door hitting Rick with them. He asks her if he needs to starch any of these. Harley is not amused. He asks where Phillip is and Harley tells him that he left for San Cristobel . She tells him about what happened and says she has no idea why she hung on for so long. Rick tells her she hung on because she loves Phillip and then there is Zack. Harley thanks Rick for hanging in there with them the whole time but tells him that Frank and Buzz always knew it was over. Harley says she has to find herself again.

In San Cristobel:

Beth is talking to Cassie when a messenger brings a message in for Beth. Edmund intercepts it. Cassie and Beth go for a walk and Richard joins them. Edmund stays behind to read the message from Phillip and destroys it.

Beth, Richard and Cassie return and Beth asks Edmund why he didn't join them. She tells him they found a toad family and wants Edmund to see them with Lizzie. Edmund mentions Phillip's phone call but downplays it. He says he is going to see the toads with Beth. Cassie feels the baby kick and wants to stay behind. Richard asks her how she is. Cassie says she just wanted to spend time with him alone. Richard tells her he has given her nothing but problems. Cassie tells Richard she has forgiven him and had forgiven him from the first time he apologized. She just had to work through it for herself. He tells her she is generous and thanks her for forgiving him. She wants to be his wife and share his life with him. Richard kisses her. She never wants to leave him. Richard tells her that if this is a plot to undermine the monarchy, she and the baby are at risk. He wants her to go someplace near SF, to a place he has arranged. He can't come to see her for fear of jeopardizing her safety. Cassie is scared. Richard tells Cassie the plan but she doesn't want to leave him now that things are worked out between them. Richard tells Cassie that she is everything to him. She is carrying his child and has his heart with her. He kisses her again. Cassie will be in a convent. The nuns are beekeepers that grow their own flowers. Cassie is upset that he can't visit or phone. Richard says there is no other way. Cassie says it is okay and they will be together again. Richard tells her she is his heart and soul; they kiss again.

Susan, Beth and Edmund are sitting by a fire on the beach. Susan is listening to the ocean and quoting Homer from the Odyssey. Edmund tells her fire is more powerful than the sea. It purifies everything. A hero deserved a great funeral pyre. The body would be consumed and restored to perfection. He hugs Susan as Beth watches. Susan leaves the beach. She tells Edmund she knows he gave her the Odyssey for a reason and thanks him. Beth thanks Edmund for everything he has done. What he said about fire will comfort both Susan and her. She asks Edmund to put his arm around her. Beth thanks him. Edmund kisses Beth, then pulls away and says no. She kisses him again, this time more passionately. He looks into her eyes and Phillip comes onto the beach from behind some trees spotting the two.

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Edmund kisses Beth while sitting on the beach. Phillip arrives and tells Beth he tried to call her and left messages because he wanted to check on the kids but Edmund kept intercepting them. Beth tells him that the kids are safe. Phillip asks her how he was supposed to know that since access to her or the kids has been denied to him. He tells her that he wants to check on the kids and he will be taking them home with him if they are not all right. Edmund asks Phillip how Harley and Zach are. Beth is upset that he came to check up on them and tells him that it is so very typical of him. They go inside the palace to talk. Edmund and Beth show Phillip into the family room. Phillip wants Edmund to leave them alone. Beth tells him he has a lot of nerve to come in to someone else's home and start demanding things. Edmund sits in a chair while Phillip talks to Beth. Phillip tells Beth he knows she has been going through a rough time and may be lonely. Beth says she came to SC to get away from Phillip and Harley and he should concentrate on Harley. Phillip ignores her and accuses Edmund of taking advantage of her and dancing on Jim's grave. Edmund says he was just giving Beth a break. Phillip says that Edmund made his intentions toward Beth well known but now he is involving Phillip's children. Phillip says he will be staying there until they get things straight. Edmund says by all means, lets get a few things straight. Phillip says he needs to speak about the children with Beth alone. Edmund waits for a sign from Beth and she tells him she will be ok. Edmund leaves the room. Beth tells Phillip he is being rude. Phillip reminds Beth of how Edmund's blackmailed them in the past and used Lizzie's illness to his advantage. Beth says it was a misunderstanding and says she thought he wanted to talk about the kids. Phillip says that he had reservations about this trip but let her go because of Lillian, Cassie and Richard's supervision. Now, he discovers her and Edmund at the beach alone together holding hands. Beth says he just interrupted a private moment between friends and it is none of his business. Beth and Phillip continue to argue over Edmund and Phillip mentions that Edmund censored his phone calls. She says Edmund may be overprotective of her but so is Phillip. Phillip tells her that he has a right to be. She gets very angry and tells him that he has no rights over her and that he gave all that up when he chose Harley over her. She tells him that Edmund has treated her honorably and did tell her about the calls. She tells Phillip she thinks he should leave but he refuses and says he wants to see the kids. Beth goes to get the kids.

Beth comes back with Lizzie, who is happy to see her dad. She hugs him and asks him what he is doing there. He tells her that he is there to check on her and he hopes she is having a good time. She tells him that it is the best and starts talking about how she and Edmund have been spending all kinds of time together. She loves being on the island. Phillip says they will have to take their own island vacation. Lizzie tells him that Edmund gave her a pony named Annabelle. She tells him that there is a cat in the barn that had kittens and they are just starting to open their eyes. Lizzie asks her dad if he will go and see the kittens with her. He tells her he will tomorrow. She tells him that Edmund will be giving her a riding lesson tomorrow and maybe he will give Phillip one as well. Lizzie tells Phillip when he goes to see the baby he should be quiet because Lillian had fallen asleep in his room. Beth takes Lizzie back to her room. On the way out the door Lizzie runs into Edmund and hugs him goodnight. Edmund comes into the room with Phillip. He offers him some cognac but Phillip declines. Edmund says he hopes Phillip has seen enough and will be leaving soon. Phillip asks Edmund why he wants to get rid of him and wonders if his intentions towards Beth are less than honorable? Edmund says he just wants to make Beth's life easier. Edmund says Phillip needs to see a shrink or a marriage counselor. He needs to give Beth space. Phillip tells Edmund he is going to stay awhile. Edmund tells him that is fine and he can even stay in the palace, however as soon as Beth wants him to leave, he will leave. Phillip thinks Edmund's royal power goes to his head. Edmund says he thinks Beth has suffered from Phillip's need to control her life and mentions that Jim saw it too. Phillip says that Jim detested Edmund. Edmund tells him that he and Jim came to a meeting of the minds. Edmund said Jim was a fine man and cared for his family but didn't like Phillip, which shows good judgment on his part. Phillip tells Edmund that he doesn't have any of Jim's good qualities either. Edmund said that is true but he doesn't have his shortcomings either when it comes to Phillip. He warns Phillip if he pushes him, he will push back. Phillip says, he is counting on it.

At Harley and Phillip's:

Harley is still throwing Phillip's things out the window. She tells Rick that Phillip should be in SC with his "real family" by now. She says he is out of her life for good. Harley calls Frank and he and Buzz comes over. When they get there they are bombarded by Phillip's clothes coming out of the upstairs windows. Rick answers the door. Harley has the rest of Phillip's stuff in the middle of the living room. Harley thought about setting them all on fire but might sell it instead. She wonders why Frank brought Buzz there and challenges Buzz celebrate, since she knows he wants to. Buzz says that he will support her if she wants to take Phillip back. Harley says she won't be doing that.

Buzz, Frank, Harley and Rick break out the Ouzo and start drinking. Buzz puts on the Greek music and starts dancing. Rick thinks he may be intruding in a family moment but Buzz tells him to stay. Frank and Harley are talking about Phillip going to SC and Harley throwing Phillip's stuff out. Harley says she is okay and doesn't need an audience. Frank says they all love her and have lost someone too. Frank is happy, because he has his sister back. Harley says she was fighting for her marriage, but Phillip will never belong to her. She is finally doing something and it is better than sleepwalking through life. She says she is going to go back to work as well. Frank says she will teach Zach how to live and to be true to his feelings and she can cry on his shoulder anytime.

They are all dancing to the Greek music. Rick mentions that he wishes he were Greek. So he could be a Greek God. Frank teases and says Rick wants to be an Adonis like him. They are all drunk. Harley shows Rick how to dance Greek-like. Harley stumbles and he catches her.

Frank and Buzz pass out on the couch. Harley sits talking with Rick. She wants to leave town for awhile so she doesn't kill Phillip when he comes back. She wants some Ouzo, but he tells her that alcohol will not help. He passes out on the other couch and Harley places a blanket over him. She goes over and covers her dad and brother and kisses them on the head. She heads up the stairs to go to bed.

At Company:

Michelle puts a toy mouse on the floor as Buzz delivers her food to the table. Buzz notices the mouse and goes for a broom to kill it. He realizes it is a toy, and says, "very funny". Frank comes in and recognizes the mouse as Rick's toy from the barbecue. He laughs. Harley calls and wants Frank to come over to her house. Phillip left for SC and she needs her brother. Frank tells Buzz what happened. Harley tells Frank she doesn't want Buzz to come over but Buzz promises to be on his best behavior. He grabs 2 bottles of Ouzo and some music to bring to Harley's, saying if Phillip is gone that is reason to have a party.

Ray comes in to see Michelle. He is glad to see her smiling. She invites him to join her for dinner. Ray wanted to take her somewhere else for dinner. He grabs her coat and helps her out the door.

At Infierno:

Ray brings Michelle to visit Danny. Catalina greets them and asks if they are there for dinner. Catalina offers to get them something to drink. Ray goes in to see Danny. Michelle tells Catalina about teasing Buzz with a toy mouse at Company. Michelle asks Catalina about her trip to the US. Catalina is happy with her new life. Michelle says she is a strong person to make it through all the changes but Catalina says she is lucky. There are some thugs in the bar and May keeps staring at them.

Danny is on the phone in his office as Ray enters. Danny wants to know if Ray is looking for a donation. Ray says he brought Michelle to see him. Danny says she is his ex-wife, but Ray says no, she is your pregnant wife. He reminds Danny that he loves Michelle and should give in. Danny accuses Ray of badgering him. Ray knows he has never stopped loving Michelle and his place is with her. Danny says okay, he will settle it with Michelle. Ray says, "You do that."

Michelle is sitting at a table and Danny asks what she is doing there. She said she came to see him. Danny says the cigarette smoke isn't good for her, but she says no one is smoking. He says she should be getting more rest. Michelle thanks him for caring about her. He tells her to go home. Michelle says that Danny is in her heart and the best way to love her and the baby is to be with them. Danny asks Ray to take her home. Ray and Michelle leave Infierno. May comes over and tells Danny that some guys are following Michelle. Danny goes outside and tells everyone to hold it. He talks to the thugs, recognizing them and sends a message to Johnny Merchado. He tells them not to go near Michelle or their boss won't recognize them when he sends them back to him. They leave. Michelle looks a little scared.

Danny tells May to tell Tony that he is in charge for the rest of the night, and thanks her for telling him about the thugs. Danny is going to take Michelle home and stay at her house tonight. He thinks Johnny Merchado is trying to mess with him and things will be okay after tonight.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

At the Bauers':

Danny is looking out the kitchen door when Michelle comes up behind him and touches his back. She apologizes for sneaking up on him and asks him if he got any sleep. He tells her that he hasn't and that Ray was helping him look out but he had to leave for morning mass. He tells her that he didn't see the thugs anymore and asks her when Rick will be home. She thinks he will be home soon. Just then Rick walks through the door and asks why Danny is there. Danny tries to explain the situation and Rick got very upset. He asked Danny if she is being stalked. Michelle tries to explain that May saw the men and thought they were following her (Michelle) and she told Danny. Rick asks Danny if the guys were members of a rival family. He tries to blame Danny once again for putting his sister in jeopardy. Danny tells Rick he doesn't have time to talk about this and asks Rick to watch Michelle. He asks Rick if Frank can help them. Rick tells him that he will try to get hold of him. Danny leaves and tells Michelle not to be going anywhere.

Frank shows up and asks Rick and Michelle what is going on. Rick starts bashing Danny to Frank and Michelle is defending him. Frank mentions how everyone is going through tough times lately. He and Rick tell Michelle about Harley. Danny arrives and tells them that he believes the situation is resolved and Michelle is safe. He tells her that just in case, he is going to take a trip to New York to make sure everything is alright. Michelle asks him how long he will be gone and where he will be staying. Danny doesn't want to tell her. He asks Frank and Rick to look after her and he leaves. Rick asks Frank what he thinks. Frank says he doesn't think Danny would have left if he didn't think Michelle was safe. Michelle says she is going to NY.

Frank asks Michelle if she is nuts. Michelle wants to leave and Rick tells her no. Michelle says she knows Danny still loves her and this is her one chance to get through to Danny and she is going. Frank and Rick try to talk her out of it again but she says if they try to stop her, she will never forgive them.

At Company:

Olivia is on her laptop while having breakfast with Josh. He is jealous that she is paying more attention to the screen and not to him. He is teasing her and eating her breakfast. She tells him that she found the site she wanted and squeals, hugging him. He asks her if she is looking at dirty pictures on the computer and she tells him that she found the vacation package to Kauai she was looking for that is so secluded, the hotel has an unlisted number. She tells him that it is a trip for two. He teases her and asks her who will be going with her. She tells him she isn't sure. He asks her to let him be on the list of possibilities. She is very excited and he tells her she is an incredible turn on when she is like that. He gets her on his lap and kisses her. Reva is at another table watching them from across Company. Buzz tells Reva that it isn't polite to stare. They chat awhile about the 'happy couple' until Noah arrives. Noah asks if she is okay. She asks him how she looks. He says she looks good even when she is not okay. Reva says she hasn't had any recent threats from Perdita. Noah says it is his fault that Perdita is after her. He offers to move in with her for protection. Noah tells Reva about Perdita tracking down an operative, seducing him and slitting his throat. He said she was proud of her work and bragged to him about it. Reva is so happy to have met Perdita and Woody. Noah says he would just move in for a few days. Reva reminds him of her children. She agrees to let him come in the house but thinks she needs to tell Josh about it. They pass by Josh and Olivia. Reva stops at the end of the table and stares at the happy couple laughing. Josh asks her if something is wrong. Noah speaks up and tells him that nothing is wrong but they do have something to tell him. Reva tells him that she wanted to let him know that Noah was going to be staying at the house for a while. Josh says he isn't jealous but he wonders why it is okay for Noah to stay with her and it wasn't okay for Olivia to stay with him. Reva tells him the situations are different. Josh thinks the situations are only different because it is Reva who wants to do it. He reminds her that she told him the children are impressionable. Reva tells him the situation is work related. Josh isn't buying it. Noah tells him that there is a bit of a situation and they just need a man in the house. Josh asks if they are saying his kids are in danger. They said there is a possibility of danger. Josh asks if they have called the police and Noah told him it isn't a situation for the police. Reva tries to clarify and tells Josh that Noah will be staying with her, not living with her. Josh worries that the kids will be hurt. Reva agrees and tells him that the kids will stay with him then. Josh looks like he understands better now and tells Reva that the kids will not be staying with him because he and Olivia will be in Hawaii. Reva can't believe he is going off when the kids could be in danger. Josh tells her that because of her and Marah, his wedding reception was ruined and his honeymoon will not be postponed or cancelled because of them. He tells her that she has to learn to accept her responsibilities and take care of her children. Josh says Reva has to prove that the kids are her first priority, and he won't be drawn into her problems. They argue and Reva and Noah leave. Noah tells Reva not to be upset. Josh kisses Olivia and tells her that he wont let it get to her.

In San Cristobel:

Lizzie is talking to Phillip about coming to see the pony and the kittens with her after breakfast. Susan comes into the room and Beth sends Lizzie to eat breakfast. Susan is glaring at Phillip and he asks her what she wants. She tells him she wants him to leave. Phillip says he doesn't want to argue with her. Susan tells him that Beth doesn't want him there either. She tells him that he pretends to be there for the kids, but he is also there for Beth. Susan tells him to go back to Harley. Phillip says it isn't that simple. Susan doesn't know why he is trying to make it a big deal. Phillip says he is concerned for the children, including her. Susan says that everything was fine until he got there, they were all happy. She tells him if he really cares about her, he will leave today. She walks out.

Beth is sitting on the beach when Lillian arrives. Beth tells her Phillip is there. Lillian isn't surprised and says that on some level Beth is probably thrilled that Phillip and Edmund are locking horns over her. Beth says she should have expected it but she doesn't want Phillip there. She explains that Edmund had blocked Phillip's calls to protect her and Phillip came down to see her in person. She tells Lillian that Phillip left Harley home. She is upset about it and says she didn't want this to happen and now everyone will blame her for the damage to Phillip's marriage. Beth tells her mom that the worst thing is that Edmund has done so much for her and now he is in the middle of this mess when he was just trying to help her. Lillian tells her that she isn't buying it because she has been there when Beth invited Edmund into the middle of her relationships. Beth says that may be true but she doesn't want that anymore. She says she will get rid of Phillip and then Edmund won't be in the middle anymore.

Inside, Phillip picks up the phone, and then puts it down. Lillian comes in to see him. Phillip doesn't want any lectures. Lillian said that she knew that he would come and that he has a right to see his children. She tells him that she knows it is more that just the children and also has something to do with Beth and Edmund. Lillian tells Phillip she knows he loves Harley and knows that Beth will always holds a special place in his heart. He has been protecting her since they were teenagers. Phillip said he has to go because he is only driving Beth deeper into Edmund's arms. He tells her that Beth is fragile and Lillian knows her. Lillian tells him that she loves him but if he doesn't leave it will backfire on them. Phillip says he didn't want to come in the first place but Edmund blocked his calls. What was he supposed to do? She asks if he was worried about Beth and he admits it. Lillian is grateful to him but asks him to leave. Edmund comes in and apologizes for interrupting. Lillian tells him they were just talking about him and she leaves. Edmund tells Phillip he isn't as nice as Lillian and he will not tolerate his interruptions. He is very angry and tells Phillip that he just came from seeing Susan, who is livid. Edmund knows she is upset by Phillip's presence. Phillip asks Edmund if he was finished and tells him he is leaving. Edmund asks Phillip if he is all gassed up and ready to go. Phillip says he will be leaving in the morning and will spend time with his kids today. He will be leaving but will be in touch so Edmund shouldn't try to take advantage of things or he won't like the consequences. Phillip says Beth needs this time, but he wants them back in Springfield by the end of next week or he will be back. Beth enters the room. She asks if something is wrong. Edmund says Phillip is leaving. Phillip tells her that he will be leaving in the morning. Beth asks what made him decide this. Phillip tells her he knows she needs the time but hopes she will be careful with the time. Phillip leaves to go horseback riding with Lizzie. Beth asks Edmund how he got Phillip to leave. Edmund says he didn't do it, but is grateful for small favors.

At Infierno:

Danny walks in and Tony asks why he didn't call. He tells him that Carlos is there to see him and is waiting in the office. Danny wants Tony to come with him and watch the door. Carlos says he heard about the thugs and tells him the guys were rogues. He tells him that the other families are unhappy and wanted to send Danny a message. They planned on holding Michelle until Danny would sit down with Johnny Merchado to discuss business. Carlos calls Johnny, who denies everything. Johnny tells Danny he doesn't like the way Danny is doing business but he is a gentleman. Johnny says the guys are loose cannons and he has taken care of them. Danny says the old ways won't cut it any longer. Johnny promises there won't be a repeat of last night. They end the call and Carlos tells Danny that he is the only one that can insure there won't be a repeat of last night. Carlos leaves, and Tony questions Danny about what he is going to do. Danny tells him he needs him and swears him to secrecy. Danny says that they are sitting on the potential to make millions, but the other families have to get their heads out of the 50's. Danny says he is going to NY and needs to leave Tony in charge. Tony wants to know how long he is going to be away. He tells him what he will be doing. Tony promises not to screw up. Danny tells him to call if he needs him. Tony tells Danny he can count on him and Danny leaves. Tony sits at Danny's desk, saying, "I can do this."

Thursday, January 18, 2001

At the Lewises':

Marah calls Tony. She tells him that she can't stop thinking about him and wants to see him. Reva comes in the room with Marah and tells her that she better not be talking to Tony Santos. Marah lied and said that it was a girlfriend. She tells Tony she has to go but she would like to see him later. Marah hangs up and Reva tells her that her girlfriend has already applied to over 5 colleges and thinks Marah needs to be doing the same thing. Marah tells her that she isn't going to college and will support herself by being a model. Shayne comes down and tells Marah she will have to stop eating if that is her goal. Reva tells them all to sit down and listen up because there are to be some changes in the house. She announces that Noah will be moving in. The kids can't believe it and ask her what is up. Reva tells them Noah will only be there for safety reasons and will be sleeping on the couch. Shayne asks if it wouldn't be a bit crowded for two on the sofa. Reva tells him not to be fresh and assures them that Noah is just moving in to "make sure" they are okay.

Marah is alone in the house when Tony arrives. Marah kisses her and Tony backs off. He says he needs to talk to her. She thinks he is going to tell her that he doesn't forgive her but he tells her that isn't it. He says when she kisses him like that he can hardly breath and it kills him because he knows it isn't going to go any further. So he thinks if it isn't going to go any further they shouldn't even go that far. That way he isn't frustrated and she doesn't have to worry about saying no. She smiles at him and sits on his lap. Tony asks if they are alone and she says they are. He kisses her again but tells her that he doesn't want any trouble with her parents.

Outside, a thug is walking around the house trying to peer in.

At Company:

Perdita is on her cell phone. She calls Noah and asks him to join her, telling him she has something he wants very badly. As she waits she plays with a knife, chopping at her grapefruit and licking the blade. Noah finally shows up and Perdita tells him that she is not accustom to being kept waiting. Noah tells her he was with a patient. He asks why she called and she tells him that she has some news for him but he will have to make it worth her while. He tells her that they may come up with a mutually agreeable compensation. She says she would like to have dinner with him at Towers in her hotel suite. He agrees to the dinner but tells her that it will be at the dining room at Tower's and not her suite. Perdita says that she learned Rourke is in Majorca. Noah grabs his phone and calls Richard with the news, telling him that he will be in touch with more information. Perdita tries again to get Noah to meet in her room with her so they may also have dessert. He tells her that he cannot and tells her that he is moving in with Reva. Perdita wonders and Noah tells her that it is to protect her from her and anyone else with Agency ties. He tells Perdita to let it be known to all that to get to Reva they will have to go through him. Just then, Reva came in and apologizes for interrupting. Noah tells her that she is never interrupting; she is his fiancée. Reva tells Perdita she was hoping to talk to her about interviewing her about her art business. Perdita asks Reva to lend her Noah for dinner tomorrow night. Reva asks if that is business and Perdita asks Noah to explain. Noah says he and Perdita have some unfinished business to wrap up, but it shouldn't take too long. Perdita leaves and tells Noah she will see him soon. Reva asks Noah how oysters and a bottle of champagne will guarantee her safety. She tells him that she knows Perdita wants him and wants to know how much he will give her. Noah says he will just have dinner and everything will be fine.

Phillip arrives at Company, very angry. He found all his clothes out in the front yard and a note from Harley. He wants Frank and Buzz to tell him where she is. He knows they had a party after he left because he found the empty Ouzo bottles. Buzz says she left because she is his wife and he was out chasing after his ex all over the world. Frank tells Phillip he should have realized what would happen when he left for San Cristobel . Phillip says that Harley and had problems way before he went to San Cristobel . He says everything he does to help Beth makes Harley think he doesn't love her. He wonders if it is a Greek thing or a Cooper thing that they won't forgive anyone. Buzz is laughing and Phillip tells him that Harley has never forgiven Buzz for the past either, so how could he ever expect forgiveness. He tells Buzz and Frank both that he loves his wife and he will find her on his own.

In San Cristobel:

Phillip kisses Lizzie goodbye. Richard tells him he is always welcome there. Phillip says that Edmund thinks Phillip is a threat to Beth's peace of mind. Phillip asks Richard to keep an eye on Beth and the children. Richard tells him he will make sure they have the royal treatment. Richard closes the door and asks if he can confide in Phillip. He tells him he has sent Cassie to a convent near SF with the children. Dr. Sedgwick is aware, and he wants Cassie to have someone she can call on if necessary and asks Phillip if she can call him. Phillip agrees and Richard says he is trying to be optimistic. Edmund arrives and tells Phillip, 'Bon Voyage". As Phillip leaves, Edmund tells Richard the air has turned sweeter. Richard tells Edmund not to gloat and asks him why he is interfering with Phillip Spaulding's family. Richard tells him that he knows the Spaulding's and they will not take too much. Edmund says he was just offering a widow some comfort. Richard says he believes Edmund's charitable motives are tainted with selfishness. Edmund asks Richard why he is so upset. Richard is concerned that Edmund is going to bring a bad light to the Winslow name. Edmund gets upset and leaves.

Susan is walking in the garden and Beth offers her a seashell for her thoughts. Susan says she wants to dive in the ocean and wash off all her sad thoughts. Beth wishes that would work. She tells Susan that after her scuba lessons she will be able to dive under the waves and see the world her dad loved so much. She tells Susan that in time she won't be so sad. Susan tells Beth that Richard has assigned a cute lieutenant to teach her but he is too old for her. Susan thinks it is strange that she enjoys talking to Beth so much now and wishes they could have had that relationship while her dad was still alive. Beth says they didn't have much in common before the accident. Susan tells Beth that she was very upset that Phillip came down there and asks Beth not to let Phillip hurt Harley because of her. Beth tells her that she came to SC to give them all a break, including Harley and Phillip but she cannot control what others do. She promises Susan that she doesn't want to hurt Harley at all. She thinks they have all suffered enough in the past year. Susan wonders why Harley stays with Phillip. Beth says love is complicated. Susan says she learned that recently, when she realized how much her dad loved Beth and how much Beth loved him. She wonders if it is the same with Harley and Phillip. Beth tells Susan to call Harley if it will make her feel better. Susan says she isn't ready to call her yet. She tells Beth that Harley seems desperate to have Susan like her but Jim was her real parent and raised her and she isn't ready to have Harley take his place.

Lizzie, Susan and Edmund come in to see Beth with a basket of stuffed kitties. Edmund said he got them all one, because the real kittens are too small to play with yet and they can all stroke their kitty until they can play with the real ones. Kind of surrogate kittens. Beth and Susan pick one to hold. Edmund tells them the more you caress something, the more you wonder whether you are the one touching or the one being touched. Susan selects an animal that looked like one Jim had when he was young. She is sad, thinking about how the only photo of that kitten was burned in the fire. They start remembering Jim and Edmund comforts her, telling her how good of a man her dad was. Susan and Lizzie leave to go to Susan's scuba lesson. Beth and Edmund talk about Phillip. Beth thinks it is her fault that Phillip is so controlling and hates that she has been so selfish. Edmund tells her that she hasn't been selfish. She thinks that she may have subconsciously wanted Phillip to come and fight with Edmund over her. She tells him that is what Lillian thinks. Beth is sure that it is all her fault and that she is selfish. Edmund says she needs to take care of herself and to heal. She is grieving but worrying about Phillip. He thinks maybe Phillip is the selfish one. He reminds her that Phillip came down there on his own. Beth thinks she was baiting Phillip, but Edmund says she was just trying to take care of herself. He tells her that she is warm and nurturing but forgets to satisfy her own desires. He tells her that there is a lot more to the real Beth. Edmund holds Beth's arm and they sit on the couch. Edmund says that some of her generosity is to make up for what she thinks are her faults. He goes over her strong points but Beth thinks he is saying she is a manipulative narcissist. Edmund says no, and tells her that he finds her very appealing. He tells her he makes it a habit to reach for what he wants, but he doesn't want to make any more mistakes. He excuses himself.

Richard is kneeling on the beach when Dax comes to see him. Richard tells Dax he misses Cassie. Dax doesn't want Richard to do anything hasty about the claim to the throne. Richard's phone rings and Noah tells him Rourke is in Majorca. Noah is working on the details of where he is located. Richard asks him to hurry.

Edmund is standing on the beach looking at the ocean when Beth comes looking for him. She thanks him for all the kind things he said to her and tells him how beautiful it is there. Edmund asks about the children and she tells him they are taking a nap. She tells him he has seemed very distant to her and asks him if she hurt his feelings. Edmund tells her that he doesn't want to be distant, quite the opposite. He takes her by the shoulders and starts to kiss her but then says he promised not to pressure her and he will be unable to keep that promise if he doesn't retire right then. He leaves, Beth alone on the beach.

At the Carriage House:

Phillip arrives at Ross's looking for Harley. Ross says he can't say anything because Harley has retained him for the divorce she is seeking. Phillip can't believe it and tells Ross they aren't ready for a divorce. Ross tells him that Harley is ready and reminds Phillip about where he has been the past few days. Phillip ignores him and demands to know where Harley and Zach are.

Friday, January 19, 2001

At Company:

Rick sat at the bar having coffee when Frank shows up. Rick asks if Frank has heard from Harley and he tells him that he has. Frank asks Rick about Michelle and Rick tells him that she is in New York and asks Frank if he thinks there is any danger. Rick gives him the information on where Michelle is staying and asks him to check on her but not to let her know. Frank says he will look into it discreetly. Rick asks where Harley is but Frank won't tell him. Rick says he won't tell anyone but Frank tells him that he isn't able to lie very well. Frank leaves.

May comes in and talks to Rick. She tells him he looks very sad and she tells him she thinks she knows why. May thinks it is because of Michelle and Danny but Rick tells her that he was thinking of his friends Harley and Phillip. May goes on to tell him how romantic she thinks it is that Michelle went after Danny and tells Rick that she knows Danny still loves her. Rick tells May about how Phillip and Harley just can't seem to work things out and he keeps hurting his wife unintentionally. May asks if Harley is more than a friend to Rick. Rick says she is a good friend and has been with him through some very tough times. May says that is a lot. She is not an expert, but the strongest relationships start with good friends. Rick denies that he wants to be involved with Harley, saying his life is messy enough.

In New York: At a hotel:

Danny enters his room and finds Michelle sitting on his bed. He asks what she is doing there and she says she was waiting for him. She found him by tricking Tony. Danny is annoyed. Michelle says he is not mad at Tony, he is mad at her. Danny wants her to leave. Michelle says if she stays with Danny, he can protect her. She thinks he wouldn't have left SF if she were really in danger. Danny says Michelle is safer away from him. Michelle says that maybe he feels safer away from her. She tells him that he still wants her but Danny tells her not to assume anything. She asks him if he misses her as much as she misses him. Danny wants her to leave. He says there are a lot of reasons he doesn't want her there. He doesn't want her to be around his business. Michelle asks him to tell her why the thugs are following her.

Danny tries to shock her and says he is the biggest gangster in Springfield, the Boss. Michelle doesn't flinch and only says, "Okay". She asks him if he believes she is being followed because the other families don't like him being the Boss? Danny tells her that he wants to move the families in a new direction but some members don't like to give up the old ways. During the transition, they might want to use Michelle as a bargaining chip. Danny has talked to some people and thinks Michelle is out of danger. She asks him why he stayed with her the entire night if he didn't still love her. He tells her that if anyone had hurt her, he would have had to retaliate and that would have been bad for business and a lot of bloodshed. Michelle asks Danny to look her in the eye and tell her this is the life he wants. Danny says this is the way it has to be. Michelle is happy he still is unable to lie to her. Danny wonders how she can be cool about guns and the family when he knows she hates this. Michelle tells him that she just wants to be with him and would walk through hell just to pull him out. She asks him to leave this while he still can. Danny says he can't and wishes she would understand. Michelle says he was willing to leave with her once until Carmen. They argue and Michelle says she is not giving up on Danny. She knows he loves her and the baby. Danny says that he has to keep them as far away as possible because he loves them. Michelle says as long as he is in the business, she is involved. She wants to be with him and she goes over and puts her head on his shoulder. He starts to weaken and goes to put his arm around her but stops short and tells her that he has to go. Michelle asks him when he would be back. He says he doesn't know. He tells her to go home and not wait around there. She tells him she will be there when he returns. Danny says there is no point and it won't change anything. Michelle looks sad but determined.

Michelle has been out shopping and returns to the room. She goes in and puts her bags down. Someone is outside the room and uses a credit card and opens the door. Michelle hears someone behind her, turns around and screams.

At Olivia's:

Josh's is getting all the bags ready to leave for Hawaii. He wonders why Olivia has so many suitcases. She tells him that she thought they might like it so much they're that they wanted to stay indefinitely. They go over their checklists and Josh said he would like to see his kids before he leaves. He goes to check on them while Olivia finishes packing.

Holly comes over and is surprised when Olivia tells her that Josh has gone over to Reva's. Olivia tells her that he wanted to check on the kids. Holly mentions Reva's dramatics. Olivia tells her that all in all she doesn't believe Reva would put the kids in danger. Holly wonders how Olivia is staying so calm. Olivia says she can deal with the kids and she really thinks Josh is finally breaking free of Reva.

Josh comes back in and tells Olivia about his visit with Reva and the kids. They talk a little and he kisses his wife and they get ready to leave.

At the Lewises':

Noah comes in with his PJ's and toothbrush. Reva shows him the couch, his new home. He is talking about all his neat spy equipment and Reva can tell he is having a good time. She asks why the agency would send Perdita to hurt her. Noah says that they have no idea what Perdita has told them but he won't let anyone hurt her. He unpacks while Shayne and Catalina come in with boxes of her things. She is moving out. Catalina thanks Reva for all her help and support and promises not to be a stranger. Reva hugs her. Josh arrives to see the kids. Reva says they will be fine. Josh says she was worried the other day but Reva says she can deal with it as he requested so he can go on his honeymoon. Josh wants to see Noah and may hand him his head on a platter. Noah comes over to Josh and Josh tells him and Reva both that he hopes they will use discretion. Reva starts arguing. She says he told her to deal with the kids and she will. Noah says he will take care of everything. Josh reminds Noah that the last time he made that promise, Noah wound up in the hospital. Noah tries to get Josh to leave. Josh wants to know the details about the danger, but Noah and Reva won't tell him. Josh gets angry and shouts at both of them. Noah says if he was Josh, he would be angry, but Noah can't explain right now. Marah comes in and asks Josh why he is there; she thought he was on his honeymoon. She hugs him and he tells him to have a good trip. Shayne tells him that Marah isn't going to college and she is going to be a model. Marah tells him that Shayne is quitting high school to become a professional lacrosse player. Josh and Reva start arguing with the kids about finishing school. Reva is threatening Shayne about his grades. Josh wants Marah to complete her college applications by that night. Josh tells the kids not to make any major decisions until he returns. They kiss Josh goodbye. Reva thanks him for the back up with the kids and reminds him he has a plane to catch. Noah says goodbye and tells Josh to have a good time. Josh leaves. Noah sits down to work on attaching a remote to a motion detector. Reva teases him about having a motion detector on his person at his dinner with Perdita so she wouldn't be able to touch him. Noah tells Reva that he is going to use the dinner to pick Perdita's brain. Noah asks Reva to show up at Tower's before dessert so he won't be put in an awkward position. He is going to give Perdita a little innocent attention. Reva wants him to practice saying no and kisses him. Noah goes to get dressed for dinner.

In San Cristobel:

Dax comes in to see Richard. He tells Dax he spoke to Cassie that morning and she is safe. He misses her. Dax says maybe she can come back; no one would hurt an innocent woman and child. Richard says he has to keep her hidden until he is sure she will be safe. Richard intends to go after Rourke himself to have his questions answered. Richard tells Dax to cancel his meetings. Dax doesn't want him to go after Rourke. Richard promises to take guards on the plane but wants privacy when dealing with Rourke. Dax tries to reason with him but Richard wants to hear the answers in person and alone. He reminds Dax that Rourke tried to undermine his marriage. Richard doesn't know which is worse, finding out some group was behind this or finding out it was his own brother. Dax tells him that he has to take that into account. He said Richard has been too forgiving in the past. Richard says that what Edmund was plotting may have been his right all along. Dax says he cannot pass over the throne to a man like Edmund. Richard asks how he can keep a throne that is not his. He tells Dax he has to find the answers on his own terms.

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