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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 8, 2001 on GL
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Monday, January 8, 2001

At Holly's:

Olivia is sitting on the couch and decides to go ahead and call Josh. Josh answers and she asks if he is alright. He tells her that he is in emotional turmoil and he needs to see her. She wants him to understand how she feels but he tells her that it isn't like her to run away from a fight. She agrees and tells him that she will meet with him in a neutral place. She tells him that she will be at Company in 15 minutes.

At Company:

Noah is on his cell phone calling the airline to check on Perdita. Buzz wants to know what is going on and Noah says he took Buzz's advice about challenging Reva. He tells him he is planning on checking the theory that women want what they think they can't have. Buzz can't believe anyone took his advice on anything, especially women. Noah tells him that he will let Buzz know how things go but if later that evening he heard an explosion, he will know it didn't go well. Buzz wishes him good luck.

Susan comes in to see her Grandpa. She tells him that she is going to SC for a visit and hopes he understands why. He does, even though he also dislikes Edmund. He gives her a little money and asks her to buy the tackiest souvenir she can find and to send him a post card. She kisses him and starts to head out. Sam comes in and tells her that he is glad to see her. He asks if she is okay and learns about her trip to San Cristobel . He tells her that she deserves the royal treatment and he hopes she is okay. He fills her in on what happened at the wedding and Marah and her schemes with Tony. He tells her that he and Marah aren't talking anymore. He tells Susan to have a great trip and he will miss her. Susan is upset that her friends are upset with each other but Sam tells her there isn't that much they can do about it now. Josh comes in and Susan asks Sam to walk her out so he won't have to deal with his new brother in law. Buzz comes over and greets Josh telling him, "There is a place in the center of hell for pariah's that he visits often." He welcomes Josh to the elite club. Josh tells Buzz that he is meeting Olivia there, hopefully, and he goes to a table.

Olivia comes in and Josh is relieved. He was scared she wouldn't show up. She tells him that she walked around the block a few times but decided she needed to come. Josh asks her how they got to that place. She doesn't know. He tells her that he can honestly tell her that he hasn't stop thinking of her for one moment since the New Years. He tells her that he has missed her and can't stand being apart from her. She tells him that she has thought of him as well, some of those thought weren't the greatest, however. She asks about Marah. Josh tells her that the cops got to the hotel and learned that it was all a false alarm. He tells her that he and Reva were very stern with Marah until they got the truth. Olivia asked about the truth and Josh admits that Marah admitted to wanting to ruin the wedding. Olivia tells Josh that the terrible thing is that Marah would risk being raped to stop the wedding. Josh tells her that he can't help how he reacted to Marah, he is her father and he can't just stop being her father. Olivia wonders how they can get past this. She knew it would be difficult but was willing to try because she was so crazy about him. Josh is concerned at Olivia's use of the past tense. Olivia tells her that she still is crazy about him. She tells him that he is perfect for her all except for the 'Reva Factor'. Josh tells her that he wants his life with Olivia but he can't turn his back on his children. Olivia asks if she comes after his children and he says yes at least until they are old enough to be on their own. He clarifies by telling her that also goes for the children he has with her as well. Olivia says she understands but tells her that gives Marah a lot of leverage. Josh admits spoiling Marah. He says he probably should have given her more boundaries. Josh thinks that he told her she went too far this time. Olivia thinks Marah will go even further next time and suggests she may need counseling. Olivia thinks that Marah is a Reva wannabe and she doesn't want to see her husband being manipulated by either the mother or the daughter. Josh says Olivia sees things so differently. Olivia tells him that is because she is not what the dogs are fighting over. Josh tells Olivia that he raised Marah to tell the truth but Olivia seems to have a sense of seeing what Marah is really doing. He wants her to grow up to be all that she can be and tells her that he will need her (Olivia's) help. He tells her that she knew what Marah was up to at the wedding and hopes that in the future she will call Marah on her deceptions and help him with her. Olivia asks if he will fight her on it and he says of course he will but she has to tell him anyway. Olivia says it will be hard to be his wife. Josh says he knows, but asks her to give it a chance. Olivia says she just wanted to be first with him for one night and wanted him to acknowledge her right to be angry. He agrees. He tells her he will respect her opinions about Marah, if she respects his need to be a good father. He tells her he needs to kiss her and hold her. Olivia says sometimes they used sex as a smokescreen. Josh thinks it is a way of communicating and maybe she didn't get the message. Now it is legal and they didn't have a honeymoon. He wants to make it up to her. She wonders how good it would be. They leave together.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie, Richard and the gardener are walking. Cassie wonders why the garden is so wild and grown up on this side of the palace. The gardener says Richard's mother liked it that way and found it more peaceful. The gardener clears away the ivy to expose the table rock. They see the angel carved into the rock. Richard asks if his mother came there for the angel or if she had it carved herself. The gardener doesn't know. Richard says they will need a crowbar and a shovel to move it. Cassie asks Richard if he is sure about moving the rock and he says he doesn't know. He touches the stone and then quotes the inscription from the cup. The gardener came back with the tools and Richard and Cassie dismisses him. They lift the stone and Richard dusts off the side. There is another Latin inscription on the side. He tells her that it is different that the first one. Cassie is intrigued and asks what the message says. Richard wants to copy it down and asks Cassie to hold her mirror up so he can copy the backwards writing. Cassie wonders why it is written in Latin and backwards. Richard thinks it was to hide the message from those who may run across it. Richard reads the inscription, "Weep, bastard child of the King, false prince who will sit on the throne". Cassie wonders what it means. Richard says that a second child has taken the place of the true prince. Cassie tells Richard that it could be talking about things from years ago, they can't be sure. Richard says it could be him or his father. Richard says "My God, Edmund". Everyone always told him (Richard) he looked like his father and said that Edmund looked like his mother. Richard says as ghoulish as it is, they have to see if this is a grave and he digs again. Cassie re-reads the inscription as Richard continues to dig. He hits something metal. He digs up an engraved metal box He says it is small and obviously not a casket. He opens it and there is an envelope with his mother's seal. Cassie says he has every right to open it but Richard says not without a witness. Cassie thinks Richard knows what is in it. He admits that he has an idea. He calls Dax and tells him that he needs his assistance as well as his discretion.

At the Lewises':

Susan goes over to visit Marah and to tell her about her trip. Susan says that Phil is trying to take over as protector of Lizzie and Jimmy, Harley is trying to hold things together and Susan freaks out if the toast burns. She is going to SC and hopes things are better when she gets back. Susan wonders what she can do about Marah and Sam. Marah tells her not to worry about her just to get better. Marah says Sam thinks she is a jerk and Sam is Olivia's brother. Susan wonders what happened. Marah explains what happened. Susan says she can't go away and leave this mess. Marah says Susan needs to go and to call or email every day. Susan leaves.

Noah comes in and asks Marah if she has been able to admit what she did. He is trying to explain to her the difference between self-pity and self-knowledge. He says she needs to make the life of the person she hurt better. Reva walks in and is surprised to see Noah. Marah leaves to take a bath. Reva says Marah is not okay, but Noah says she will be. Noah compliments Reva and tells her the effect she has on him. He kisses her. She tells him that the kids are upstairs. He wants to go to his hotel room with her. She calls to the kids and tells them she will be back in time for dinner.

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Phil offers to take Beth to the airport. Beth says Ed is going to pick them up. Susan comes in. Ed arrives and Susan gives him a hug. Beth thanks Ed for helping. Phil is pacing and tells Beth he doesn't understand it. What does Ed have that he doesn't.

Beth says she knows how difficult it is for Phil to let go of Lizzie and James right now. Phil says he is learning. Beth laughs. Phil tells her not to stay away for very long. Life isn't the same without Lizzie around and James is changing so quickly. He wants him to know his father. Beth hopes that Phil and Harley can work things out while she is away. Ed says Susan still needs help picking a coat. Beth leaves to help her. Phil warns Ed that he if he intends on getting to Beth he will have to go through him first. He tells Ed to give Beth time to heal.

At Noah's:

Noah is kissing Reva outside his hotel room. She says she yelled at Marah for going to a motel room with a boy, and now she is letting him seduce her. He opens the door and they go inside. They turn around to find a nude woman in his bed. She says they will need another glass. She holds up a champagne flute and introduces herself as Perdita, Noah's wife and says to Reva, "You must be "River"."

Tuesday, January 9, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Cassie asks Richard how long Dax will take to get there and how he can stand not opening the envelope. Dax arrives and Richard asks Dax to sign and date the envelope along with Cassie. Then he had Dax and Cassie initialed the inside on the contents as well. Dax wonders what is going on and Richard says it could be important to the future of San Cristobel . After they initial the contents, Richard asks them both to excuse him while he reads the letter. When he is finished, Cassie goes over and touches Richard's back. He puts the letter in the envelope and tells her he needs a moment. She goes back to stand with Dax. Richard tells them that they have to put everything back just the way it was. He is going to keep the box. Cassie asks if he can tell her anything but Richard wants to fill in the hole first. He and Dax restore the site. Dax leaves, promising his discretion and loyalty. Richard tells Cassie he will explain in a few minutes. He kneels down and touches the dirt, then the metal box. He looks very sad.

Inside the Palace, Richard apologizes for being cruel to Cassie and making her wait to know about the letter. She tells him that she can wait until he is ready to confide in her. Richard hands her the letter. She reads the letter from Princess Charlotte. It said that she had a stillborn baby that evening and Prince George's mistress had a baby yesterday and the baby Richard is healthy. The mistress is a commoner, in poor health and will die soon. So the bastard Richard will be the future ruler of San Cristobel . The letter was buried with the Princess's son William. The doctor and Lady Margaret were the witnesses and they will all take this knowledge to their grave. Cassie asks Richard what that means. He says he is a day older than he thought, and is his father's bastard child. Cassie doesn't know what to say. Richard doesn't either. His whole life has been untrue. Cassie wonders if this is the truth. Richard says the paper is old and it is his mother's handwriting. Cassie thinks that a lot of odd things happened to them lately and maybe it is another trick. Richard wonders if his real mother is alive and if she is still around. He talks of Princess Charlotte and wonders if she hated him. Cassie thinks she came to love him. Richard wonders how long after the cup was made with the weeping angel did she come to love him. He says his mother put that cup with the weeping angel into his hands every morning. Richard says that she must have been full of anger for him and his father. Richard says Charlotte was a young woman when she died and he was only 13. Richard says his mother was sickly his whole life. Edmund must have been a gift to her. Edmund always thought he should be the Prince and he was right. Richard wonders who he is. Cassie says he is her husband and the man that she loves. She takes his hand and Richard looks at her. Cassie sits on the couch with Richard and tells him he is a good, decent and honorable man. Richard wonders how he could have ever doubted her. Cassie says with his childhood, it is a miracle he grew into the man he is. Richard says he still should have trusted her. Cassie says he shared his deepest secret with her tonight and trusted her. Cassie says that he is the man she loves and nothing will change that. Richard says if the letter is true, all this belongs to Edmund. Cassie tells Richard this place and this stuff isn't important to her. She tells him what matters is what they are to each other and their children. She hugs him. Edmund knocks on the door and enters. He says they arrived early and wonders if anything interesting happened while he was away.

At Olivia's:

Josh and Olivia are kissing in the hallway. Josh is happy and feels complete now that they are together and beginning their life together. Josh carries her over the threshold into her apartment. Sam greets them and tells them they are not alone.

Sam tells the couple that things look like it went well at their meeting. He asks them what they have decided. Olivia tells him to mind his own business. He tells them that "making up" will only fix a few things for a little while. Josh tells Sam that they have worked out a plan to deal with Marah. Sam asks if they want him to leave. He offers to take one of their tickets and go to Hawaii. Olivia says that he has school. Josh says that his place should be ready by now and he goes to make a phone call. Josh says he has done what he can to make their first married night together memorable.

At Josh's:

Josh takes Olivia into his apartment where his crew has created a Hawaiian luau. He gives Olivia her own lei and tells her that he wishes it were really Hawaii. Olivia just wants to be alone with him. They start talking about the things they need to work out, including his other family. Olivia says she doesn't think they should talk about Reva and the kids. Josh kisses her and tells her he loves her. He promises this will work. Olivia says she really needs this to work; she needs him. They fall into bed and make love.

Josh tells Olivia that he doesn't want to hurt her again and Olivia says he won't. Then they both realize he will. Olivia says she will never give up on him. She doesn't know how he pulled away from all that craziness and wonders how he managed to ever leave. Josh said it wore him out. Olivia wonders if he is ready to give up the emotional roller coaster. He says he doesn't feel empty now, not with her and kisses her again.

At Noah's:

Reva questions Perdita about why she is there. Perdita says she is Noah's ex-wife and came by to see Reva's engagement ring. Reva shows her ring and Perdita asked her why she was wearing it on her right hand. Reva says she had a cut on her finger but now it is healed. She puts the ring on her left hand. Perdita asks if a sapphire is Reva's birthstone but Reva says Noah bought it to match her eyes. Perdita mentions Noah bought her a 2-carat diamond. Perdita gets out of bed, saying she is restored after her plane trip. She drops the sheet and stands there in front of Reva and Noah, naked. Noah gives Perdita a robe to put on. Perdita says if she were Reva she would be furious. Reva says except for being married, she knew all about Perdita. They talk about Woody while Perdita is getting dressed. Reva mentions Woody's death and asks if she is upset. Perdita says that Woody was a client and she (Perdita) is an art dealer. She tells Noah he is being a bad host and asks him to pour them some champagne. Noah pours it and nervously asks what they should toast to. Perdita toasts to absent friends. Noah asks Perdita how long she will be in town. She tells him she is in no hurry. He hands her a coat and seems to want to get rid of her. She asks Reva if there are any good hotels in the area. Reva recommends Towers to her. Perdita leaves and Reva starts to talk. Noah covers her mouth and tells her to be quiet. He writes her a note that there may be a bug in the room. She gets the point and they start acting. He tells her that she shouldn't be jealous since he and Perdita aren't married anymore. They search the room while they talk. Reva asks Noah how many other ex-wives he will surprise her with. Noah finds the bug behind the picture and holds it up to Reva. She talks to him right at it telling him how she will tear his clothes off with her teeth and he will never even think of Perdita again. Reva tells Noah she hates feeling this way and doesn't like to think about him with other women. Noah throws the listening device in the fire and Perdita hears a piercing noise. Knowing that she couldn't hear anything else, Reva asks Noah why he never told her he had been married. Noah tells Reva she has every right to expect an explanation. Noah says that Perdita was asking too many questions about Woody. She may not be buying their cover story. Noah doesn't want Reva to provoke her. Noah says he married Perdita for an undercover operation and divorced her right after. Reva says she seems to be holding on. She wonders why Perdita thought they were engaged and why she was there to begin with. Reva takes the sheets off the bed and finds a gun in the bed, under the pillow.

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

At the Lewises':

Marah and Shayne are talking about the wedding and how Marah messed things up. She is thinking about how she can make things up to her dad and the evil pariah he is married to. She asks if he thinks a gift may help. Shayne is skeptical and tells her that he believes it will take a lot more than gifts to appease them. He tells her that she really hurt them.

At Noah's:

Reva gets to Noah's hotel room and asks him to tell her all about Perdita. She wants to know why she is in Springfield and if she is a threat to Reva's life. Noah tells her that he isn't sure. He thinks Perdita came because she was jealous of Reva and Noah being together. Reva wonders why she would be jealous if their marriage was fake. Noah tells her that their marriage was fake but the affair they had was not. He tells Reva that there was a fling but he was the one who ended it and Perdita has been protective of him ever since. They talk and both are concerned that the Agency may have sent Perdita to check into what they know about Woody. Just then, Perdita knocks on the door and Noah stashes Reva in the closet. Noah opens the door and Perdita comes in and kisses Noah on the cheek. She goes about looking through the apartment. When she is confident that no one else is there she goes back to Noah. He asks her why she is there. She tells him that she wants him back. He asks her if she is there to plant another bug and shows her the one that he had found the evening before. She tells him that she heard he and 'River' getting busy and it made her sick. She tells him that she doesn't know why he would be with Reva and talks about her age and wrinkles. Noah tells her that he likes experience. Perdita then asks Noah why Woody would have been suspicious of Reva. Noah tells her that Reva is a reporter and that in itself is reason for his suspicions with the work that they do. Perdita asks Noah if Reva knows anything about the agencies involvement with the illegal immigrant situation. Noah asks Perdita if they think he killed Woody and if so, why. Perdita tells him that she put her name on the line as well for him and she better not find out that he lied to her. Noah tells Perdita that she is just trying to stir things up. Perdita tells Noah that she thinks he is being less than truthful to her. Perdita tells him that she will eliminate Reva if she learns she knows more. He tells her that she can't do a thing without authorization. She tells him that she already has it. She grabs her things and leaves.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie goes in and asks Richard if he got any sleep. Richard says he didn't and that he couldn't stop thinking that he is a bastard. He tells Cassie that he only has two choices, to abdicate and leave the throne to Edmund thus jeopardizing the country. Or he can live a lie and make a mockery of the monarchy. He tells Cassie if he abdicates they would have no money and he would have to get a job. Cassie reminds him that he can do construction and calls him 'Dwayne'. He laughs. He says he is worried because he promised her security and stability. She tells him as long as she is loved, that is all she needs. She tells him the letter has been buried for decades and he should take his time to decide what he wants to do, a while longer won't hurt. Richard thanks her and asks if she has seen their guests from Springfield yet. Cassie says she hasn't and hopes she doesn't break down and cry when she sees Susan. She says she feels sorry for Susan and knows that Jim was a good man. They both talk about Jim and how he blew up the harbor the day they first met. He said it seems so long time ago and so many things have changed. Susan knocks on the door and walks in. Cassie goes to hug her. She greets Beth and the baby and tells them they are welcome to stay as long as they want. Beth says they feel better just spending time at the last place Jim was before he died. Edmund says he will take Susan to the harbor later, after he completes some work. Cassie tells Beth she will take her and the children on a tour of the grounds. Richard stays back to talk to Edmund. He tells him he is very kind to take an interest in Jim's family, but he can tell when he sees him with Beth that he has other things besides charity on his mind. Edmund admits he is attracted to Beth and tells Richard that he has serious feelings for her but he knows she has suffered a terrible loss and is vulnerable. He only wanted to get her out of Springfield so she wouldn't have to deal with driving by the shell of where her home once stood. He tells Richard that in San Cristobel , Beth has no worries or obligations and can find distraction. Edmund tells Richard that he is smitten with Beth and is very attached to the kids as well. Richard wonders if his attachment to the kids could be another way of getting close to Beth. Edmund tells him that he is going to pursue Beth but now is not the time. He asks Edmund if he is willing to wait on Beth until she is ready for a relationship. Edmund sarcastically told Richard that he is not and that he is going to break into her room at night like the evil man he is thought to be. Edmund stormed out.

Cassie and Beth are walking in the garden near where the table rock is. Beth likes how it isn't as manicured as the rest of the grounds. Cassie tells her that it was Princess Catherine's favorite place. She tells Beth that Richard and Edmund spent a lot of time there with their mother. Beth mentions that she doesn't know that much about Edmund's childhood except that he was favored by his mother and not his father. Cassie asks Beth if Edmund is pressuring her in any way and Beth tells her that he is not. She tells Cassie that Edmund is her friend and that is what she needs more than anything. She said he gives to her without wanting anything in return. Cassie says that is a gift if he is sincere. Beth says Edmund is a blessing and she doesn't know what she would have done without him. Cassie looks and smiles.

Beth is still in the garden when Edmund comes out. She tells him that she feels close to Jim just being there. She tells him how honest Jim was and never kept any deep dark secrets from her. Edmund tells her that she may have not known Jim long enough to learn of his dark side and that could be a blessing. Beth was upset by the remark and he tells her what he meant was that she is able to only have fond memories and no negative thoughts. Beth agrees but wishes she had more of those fond memories. Beth goes leaves to go to the beach to find her mom and kids.

Susan comes into the garden and tells Edmund that she had went to see his library and was very impressed. She asks if he read all those books. He tells her that he was a bookworm when he was young and that his mother used to read a lot to he and Richard in that very area. He tells her that he and Richard used to also have snail races there. Susan didn't believe him. Edmund tells her that he will show her and he goes over to the wall and gets two snails. He lays them on the rock and they just sit there. Richard giggles and Edmund turns to see his brother standing at the gateway of the garden. Richard said he was looking for Cassie. Edmund told him that she went down to the beach with the others. He turns back and tells Susan that his snail moved. She punched him and laughed.

At Olivia's:

Marah arrives at Olivia's with gift in hand. Sam comes to the door. He is surprised to see her and still doesn't want to hear anything she has to say to him. Marah offers the wedding gift and asks Sam if he will take it. He says no. She storms into the apartment and puts down on the table in the living room. He wonders why she would just lay it on the table when she could make a big show out of it and get all kinds of attention. Marah glares at him. She tells him that she feels terrible about what she did and she hates that everyone is furious with her. She tells him that she wishes she could like Olivia but she just can't; she feels that she is the wrong person for her dad. She tells him that she is trying to accept the marriage and that is why she brought the gift. He isn't buying it and is rude to her when she argues back to him. Sam tells her that she is the one that ruined his sister's big day and now she is there yelling at him. She tells him that he is being mean and not listening to her and it is really hurting her feeling. She starts to cry and Sam apologizes for being mean to her. He says he may have gone too far and he is sorry. Sam hugs her and Josh and Olivia come in. Marah goes to get their gift and hands it to her dad. She tells them she is sorry and hopes she can make it up to them. Olivia thanks her for the gift and the apology and sits down to open it. It is a photo album for wedding pictures as well as other family pictures that happen through the years. She wishes them well and starts to leave. Josh thanks Marah and she hugs him. She tells him she knows things will never be the same and she is sorry. She leaves. Sam tells him that he thinks Marah is just trying to adjust by putting up some new boundaries. Olivia thinks he may have a point. She asks Josh if he wants to go after her and he tells her no.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

At Phillip and Harley's:

Phillip is worried and tells an inquiring Harley that he is just bothered about work. Harley knows better and tells him not to lie to her after everything they have been through. She tells him that she knows he isn't thinking about work but about Beth. Phillip tells Harley to give him a break; he is just worried about his kids. He had hoped to hear from them just to make sure they were alright. Harley tells him that they should just put in a "Beth Phone", a direct line just to Beth so they can be in constant contact. Phillip doesn't like where this is going. Harley tells him to call her. Phillip gets the phone and calls. Edmund answers to speak to the switchboard. Phillip can hear Edmund who tells the operator that Beth isn't taking any calls. Phillip gets angry and tells the operator to inform Edmund that he is responsible for his kids and he will be talking to Beth. Harley throws a vase down on the floor behind him. Phillip hangs up the phone and Harley glares at him. Phillip tells her that he is just concerned. Beth just lost her husband. Harley said that she knows because she just lost the only buffer she had for her sanity. Phillip didn't understand. Harley tells him that Jim was the most decent man she has ever known but more than that he was the one Beth leaned on and kept her away from Phillip. Harley tells him that she hopes Beth stays in SC long enough to get herself together. She thinks she may even get together with Edmund. Phillip is appalled. Harley tells him that Beth and Edmund are the perfect match. She is a professional victim and he is a professional victimizer. Phillip says Beth is not an issue in their marriage. Harley thinks Phillip is a fool to believe that. Phillip tells Harley to stop; he doesn't want to discuss Beth any longer with her. He tells her that they should halt their conversation before they go to far and can't take it back. Harley says she knows the conversation is going to take him straight to San Cristobel. Phillip goes over to the desk and picks up a photo of he and Harley. He asks her who they are. He doesn't even recognize that couple anymore. He can't even remember laughing with her anymore. Harley tells him that the couple is gone and they are all that is left. He wants to be friends again. She tells him that he can't have it both ways; they can either be married or like each other again.

In San Cristobel:

Beth is walking around the palace when Edmund comes in. Beth tells him how beautiful everything is there. Edmund tells her that Lizzie and Susan went to the beach to learn to water ski with the Royal Instructor. James is with his nanny and Edmund fed him earlier. He isn't sure how a baby can produce that much saliva. Beth finds it humorous and a bit touching that Edmund actually fed the baby. She tells Edmund that children can always sense someone's true nature and James, Lizzie and Susan all adore him so he must not be as bad as he wants everyone to think he is. They discuss going out to get some fresh air and maybe a picnic. Beth goes to change.

In the garden, Richard is talking to Dax and tells him that he has no claim to the throne. Dax can't believe his ears. Richard tells him that Edmund is the true heir to the throne, not he. Dax doesn't understand. Richard tells him that he is not Princess Charlotte's son; he is his father's bastard, son of his true love, his mistress. Dax tells him that he is not illegitimate. Richard goes to the table rock and clears the grave. He tells Dax that below this stone is the grave of Prince William the true heir to the thrown the true son born to his father and Princess Charlotte. William was still born and he was born a day earlier to the mistress of his father, a woman he knows nothing of. Dax said it can't be true. He remembers the monarchy being unstable at the time of his birth and they were in need of an heir. Richard tells him that Princess Charlotte left clues to the truth. Richard tells Dax that he is an imposter and "Edmund, God help us, is the next in line to the thrown of San Cristobel." Dax thanks Richard for trusting him enough to confide this to him but he wishes he hadn't. Richard tells Dax that he would love nothing more that to believe this was one of Edmunds schemes but all of this was done before Edmund's birth. Dax tells him to think of all the problems that have plagued the monarchy these past decades. He tells Richard to think of those and proceed carefully and not to give in to theories and doubt the integrity of Prince George. Richard tells him that it isn't just theory. He shows Dax the letter from his mother.

Edmund is sitting in a chair when Beth walks in with a bikini on and a transparent cover up on. She tells him that she is all dressed and ready to go. She asks if they need anything for the picnic. He tells her that everything is ready. He stares at her and she asks if something is wrong. He tells her nothing is wrong and they should get going before the kids start skiing. He tells her they can go through the garden to get to the beach.

Richard waits while Dax reads the letter and asks him if he recognize the handwriting as his mother's. Dax says why would she forbid someone to disturb the grave if she wanted that letter to be found. He wonders if there maybe isn't a baby in the grave. Richard says they should face it; it is not his place to rule. Dax tells him he is the only ruler for San Cristobel . Richard says he cannot make mockery of the monarchy. Dax tells him that Edmund could rule effectively since he has the discipline and training. Richard says he has struggled with that but they both know all the dirty tricks Edmund has pulled and the simple truth is that Edmund is unfit to rule and he (Richard) is not entitled to. Dax tells him that nothing has been proven yet and he begs Richard not to do anything until they know more. Richard asks Dax if he wants him to pretend he doesn't know anything. Dax tells him that is what he is saying, at least until they investigate further. Dax asks Richard to let him do his job and he will locate his mother's lady in waiting, if she is still alive, if not maybe her attending physician. He tells Richard if they testify that the note is valid, they will cross that bridge when they get there. He tells Richard that he deserves to know the truth. Richard tells him to do what he needs to do. Dax goes to get started and turns to Richard at the door. He tells him not to say a word to Edmund until they learn the truth; it is far to great a risk.

Beth and Edmund are walking through the garden. She tells him about her and Jims plans for their garden in the Spring. She says the beauty of the palace gardens remind her about it. She said all the simple things remind her of Jim. She thought she had a safe simple life, finally, and now she realizes there are no guarantees in life. She wonders how many tragedies one person can take in a year. Edmund tells her that life is a game and like all games there are strategies that one can master and if you play it well, you can win. He tells her it can be a wonderfully rewarding challenge and he likes that. Beth tells Edmund that she feels strange knowing that her husband has died and she is standing there surrounded by such beauty. Edmund tells her that life goes on and she has been stronger than anyone he knows. He thinks she has carried the brute for everyone since the plane crash and she should let herself go now and relax. He asks her how many nights she has been in bed feeling guilty. He takes her in his arms and tells her that she deserves moments of beauty and she is there on a special mission to find herself again. She hugs Edmund and thanks him for being such a good friend to her.

At Company:

Marah and Catalina are sitting down for lunch. She is glad to have someone to go out with that doesn't hate her. Bill and Pilar come in and Marah introduces

Catalina to Pilar. Pilar recognizes that Catalina is the one that took over her job while she was at school. Marah tells them that she has tried to apologize to everyone for ruining the wedding but she isn't sure what to do about Tony. She says he is so mad at her and should be. He treated her like a queen and look at how she treated him. She said he was so angry with her he kicked in the door. Pilar tells her that she will be lucky if Tony ever speaks to her again. She says Tony likes to act tough, but he is really hurting. Bill tells Marah just to tell him she is sorry and be honest about what she was doing. Pilar tells him that isn't a good idea. But she and Catalina will try to soften him up.

Buzz sees Michele and asks if she is eating alone. She tells him that it is just her and her baby. She tells him to bring her everything. Pilar walks over and invites her to join them. They go over and see a mouse under the table. Pilar jumps into Billy's lap while everyone else jumps in the chairs. Buzz comes in with a broom and starts swatting at the mouse. Michelle and Catalina stop him from killing the mouse and Catalina goes and catches it in a bowl. She carries it out and everyone applauds. Buzz tells Catalina she can have her deposit back on her room if she would like it. Catalina tells him that a mouse doesn't bother her. He tells her that since she is his new rodent control then she can have $5 off a month. Michelle says, how about $10.

Michelle starts to leave and gives Catalina her number and tells her to call if she needs any help settling in. Catalina thanks everyone. Marah puts her arm around Catalina and asks her what they are going to do to get her back together with Tony.

Holly tells Buzz there was a little bit of an over reaction to a little mouse. Buzz says he is very protective of my health certificate. She asks for a cup of coffee and asks if Olivia is there yet. Buzz says she isn't and Holly tells him that she will go outside to wait then. Buzz asks her if she is afraid to be here without someone covering her back.

Friday, January 12, 2001

At Phillip and Harley's:

Phillip says he is going to work. Harley asks him again if he wants to be married or friends. Phillip doesn't want to talk about it right now. Harley thinks he is scared. He asks if she will get a sitter for tonight. Harley says she wants to stay home for the evening. Phillip says, "With me?" He tells Harley he loves her and she says she loves him yet they both look sad. Harley says they sound just like a happy couple. Phillip leaves.

Frank comes over and Harley is a mess. She spills a drink all over him. She apologizes and tells him that she can't take it anymore. She tells him that she has been trying to make something work for over a year but has to admit she can't see anything coming out of this marriage except more pain and frustration. Frank tells her that Phillip is the last person he would have chosen for her, but he doesn't want to see her upset. He asks if she still loves Phillip. Harley says she does but also says breaking up can't hurt more than this; she has nothing left to give. Frank says Phillip can be a jackass sometimes, but he is Harley's jackass until she says otherwise. Harley laughs. She says here is Frank, taking care of her again. She wishes she could take a break. Frank says like a trial separation. Harley thinks that Beth would take her place while she was gone and Frank agrees. Frank asks what she will do. She is going to wait until Phillip comes home and will keep Frank posted. He leaves, wishing her good luck. Harley says this will take more than luck. She sits down and stares at a picture of she and Phillip. Phillip comes home and asks if she had company. Harley says she talked with Frank and Phillip says he talked to Rick. Harley tells him that Zach is sleeping. Phillip thinks they should use the opportunity to figure out what they are going to do with themselves.

At Infierno:

May is at the bar talking to Pilar and Catalina. They are trying to figure out how to get Tony to forgive Marah. May has an idea.

In Danny's office, Danny is trying to show Tony how to trade online with a broker. Tony says he understands where Danny is coming from but the other families don't understand computers. May enters with a drink "The Fred and Ginger ale", containing Gin, schnapps and ginger ale. It is pretty potent. Danny tells her it is okay then she walks out. She overhears Tony and Danny talking about the other families. She stops and listens while they discuss online trading and the other families. Rick walks in and says hi to her, startling her. He tells her that he is there to see a friend but would like to see her later. May tells him she will clear her schedule. Rick goes over and sits with Phillip. Phillip asks him for some advice. He tells him about Beth's trip to San Cristobel . He tells him he tried to call Beth but got Edmund. He repeats the overheard conversation between Edmund and the operator screening his calls. Phillip called one of the factory construction supervisors to check on Beth and is waiting to hear back. Rick tells him that Beth is safe and asks about Harley's reaction. He knows she probably got upset. Phillip says this marriage was supposed to be different. They started as friends and made each other laugh. He knew it could work, but then he screwed things up. Rick wonders what Harley said to him. Phillip says he stopped her from saying it was over. He almost felt relieved, but now he is back to being ticked off with the world and scared. Rick thinks there may be hope but Phillip doesn't think so. Rick asks Phillip why these issues are coming to a head now. They are things they have been fighting about for months. Phillip has been drinking a bit and Rick is cutting him off. Phillip tells Rick that there have been a lot of little things and then Jim's death. Harley saw Jim as a buffer. It is like an earthquake and Jim was stabilizing the fault. Once Jim was gone, the earthquake hit. Rick thinks there has to be another solution besides divorce. Phillip says he is going to take a walk to clear his head and then go home to see if he still has a wife. Rick tries to wish him luck. Phillip leaves and Rick sits at the bar. May asks what is wrong. Rick says Phillip is a good man in a bad place. May says Phillip is lucky to have Rick. Rick doesn't think he can help him this time.

Pilar and Catalina are flattering Tony. Pilar mentions the Lewis wedding and what happened with Marah. Catalina and Pilar try to plead Marah's case to Tony. She trusted him and likes him a lot. Tony says he doesn't want to have anything to do with her. The girls laugh and think they have softened him up.

Frank comes in and says hi to May and Rick. He asks if he can sit down. Frank says he just got back from Phillip and Harley's. They know it is bad and don't know what to do. Rick jokes about hiding out with May. Frank wants to do the same. May tells them they are both still married, so there is no one there to fight over. May goes over and asks Pilar what she is going to do. Pilar says she will call Marah and tell her Tony is softened up.

At the Lewises':

Perdita arrives at the back door. Reva lets her in and wants to know why she is here. Perdita wants information. She compliments the house saying it is sunny and spacious, which is a good sign of taste and breeding. She tells her that she wants to feel comfortable about her relationship with Noah. Reva reminds her she is his ex-wife and it doesn't matter what she thinks. Perdita says Noah has told her so little about her, she asks if he hasn't told Reva anything about her, doesn't that make her wonder what else she doesn't know. Reva says she and Noah will have a lifetime of revelations. He has his reasons for keeping things from her and she is committed to him. Perdita thinks Reva is not the trusting type and won't let up until she gets answers. She is a reporter and wouldn't be a good one if she accepted things at face value. Reva says she separates her personal life from her work. She leaves it at the office. Reva asks if Perdita can do the same. Perdita says Reva has just hit her secret. She admits that her work is her life; she is an art dealer and likes to absorb art more than create it. Reva doesn't know much about the art business. Perdita tells her that she gets to travel the world, which she likes. She buys and sells paintings for her clients. Reva says it is a fascinating way to live and wonders if Perdita would be a guest on her show. Perdita thinks it would be good for business. She says not everyone would be as gracious to their fiancÚ's ex-wife. Reva says she understands why she isn't with Noah, since she travels so much. Reva tells her she feels more comfortable and Perdita says that would be a mistake. She tells her that Noah has moved on before and will again. Reva asks if Perdita is afraid Noah won't go back to her this time. Perdita says she and Noah have a bond that will never be broken. Reva thinks Perdita is rude to come into her home and say these things. Noah comes in and says his ears were burning. Perdita leaves after telling Noah about the interview. Noah wonders what they talked about. Reva says Perdita was trying to tell her something and maybe Noah can help her. He asks what questions she asked. Reva said she alluded to dark things in his background. Noah thinks she was trying to find out if Reva knew about his agency job. Reva says that she also acted like she and Noah had a permanent bond. Noah says that he found that out about Perdita too late. Reva asks if Perdita ever came after his other girlfriends, Noah says no. Reva just wonders what they have in store for them.

At Company:

Holly tells Buzz she is petrified to be alone with him. Buzz says she just brings out something in him. They start to argue. Buzz says he is the only one who knows what is best for him because he has learned from experience. Olivia arrives and apologizes for being late. Holly calls Buzz a sociopath. Olivia says next time they will meet someplace else. Holly asks Olivia about Josh and assumes that things are going well. Olivia says they love each other very much. They have had some interesting conversations about the kids. Olivia tells Holly that it is hard to find a balance between Josh and the kids. Holly thinks that the wedding night should have been Olivia's and thinks she was right to be furious. Olivia says she knows that Josh is a good father and she can't expect him not to care about his children. Holly wonders what she will do about Josh running off for every false alarm. Olivia says she will tell Josh the truth when she thinks the kids are setting him up. She says she wants to keep Josh happy and hopes Noah can do the same for Reva.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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