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Passions Recaps: The week of January 8, 2001 on PS
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Monday, January 8, 2001

Doctor Eve Russell is on the phone with an insurance company. A nurse brings in a stack of files that the Doctor has to review. Eve wonders when she has time to see patients any more. Looking through her desk, Eve finds the cassette tape of Sheridan Crane's hypnosis session. Eve knows she has to get rid of the tape so she tries to erase it but the tape will not erase. The nurse returns and tells Eve that Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald called and was worried about Sheridan. Eve has to go check on Sheridan. She takes the tape and locks it in her desk drawer. Just before Eve returns to her office, someone walks in and unlocks the desk drawer. They remove the tape and listen to Sheridan's confession of killing Martin Fitzgerald. They are about to take the tape but Eve is headed towards her office...

Luis and Sheridan are elated to be together. They pledge their love to each other forever and they kiss. Sheridan can't imagine how every thing has worked out for her and Luis. Sheridan is very happy Luis has gotten over his anger and hate for Ethan. Luis tells Sheridan that things will only be getting better from now on. Luis tells Sheridan he is worried, as she was dizzy earlier. Sheridan says she is feeling fine and clothing starts to come off. Sheridan almost faints again and she tells Luis it is because he takes her breath away. When they are in bed, they talk about how they have come a long way with each other. They call it a miracle. Sheridan was always scared Luis would hate her as she thought she was the one who killed his father. She thinks about how close she came to loosing him if she indeed was the one who murdered his father. A knock suddenly comes to the door again. As always, Luis wants to ignore it but they hear it is Eve. Luis is the one who called Eve, as he was worried about Sheridan's dizzy spells. Luis answers the door and tells Eve about Sheridan's dizzy spells. Eve says Sheridan is very weak and she is going to have to take things slowly or Eve will readmit her to the hospital. Eve stresses to Luis the fact that Sheridan has to follow the doctor's orders very strictly. Sheridan must be kept calm, stay quiet and get lots of rest. There is to be no strenuous activity of any kind ... in other words - NO SEX! Sheridan says she will follow the doctor's orders as they have a lifetime ahead of them. Sheridan thanks Eve for the hypnosis that stopped the nightmares she was having for years. Eve suddenly remembers the tape she locked in her desk drawer at the hospital and she has to leave - suddenly! Luis and Sheridan say they have waited so long to be together. Luis tells her until Eve gives them the go ahead, they are going to have to cool it. Luis says love and romance is more important to him than sex is. They kiss and Luis reminds Sheridan of the Doctor's orders!

Rebecca is trying to get the disk out of Theresa's laptop computer. Theresa and Ethan return from visiting Sheridan and Luis at the cottage. They embarrass and kiss. Gwen is encouraging her mother to hurry and get the disk. Ivy is on the phone and she asks Gwen if she will help Pilar serve the tea. This request really makes Gwen angry. Rebecca finally grabs the disk but not before she broke a nail. Ethan enters and he asks what is going on? Rebecca and Gwen look nervous. Ethan asks his mother why Pilar is serving the tea. Pilar is not a maid but the head of the household. Ethan tells Pilar she will not be serving any one when he and Theresa are married. Pilar tells him she will continue working. Rebecca lashes out with a malicious statement. She wonders if Luis will also stay at home when he marries Sheridan. This outrages Ethan, and he lashes out at Rebecca. He tells her there is absolutely no need for that type of behavior. Rebecca explains that some people will simply believe Pilar has set up her children to inherit the Crane fortune. Ethan tells her that is ridiculous and there is no proof of such a thing. Rebecca and Gwen say they have to leave as they have to take care of many things. They have a wedding gown to pack up, wedding gifts to return, a caterer to pay etc... They can't possibly stay for tea. Ethan apologizes to Gwen and tells her if there is anything he can do to help just let him know. Gwen tells Ethan there is one thing he can do for her and asks her old flame to kiss her good-bye as friends. Theresa says it is all right and Gwen locks her lips on Ethan. Gwen says she is sorry for carrying the kiss a bit too far but she needed closure on the relationship. She realizes nothing can keep Theresa and Ethan apart and she wishes them well. With a smug look on their faces, Rebecca and Gwen leave the mansion. Ethan tells Theresa that the kiss did not mean anything to him and they share a kiss. Ivy finds it very strange that Rebecca left the mansion without causing any kind of a fuss. She has known Rebecca all her life and that is not like her to give up so easily. Ethan asks his mother for a photo album, so he can show Theresa a picture of his grandfather planting some trees by the cottage. While Ivy and Ethan go get the photo album, Pilar asks Theresa if she is upset. Pilar tells Theresa she does not trust Rebecca. She found Rebecca's tone very taunting and it makes Pilar think Rebecca has something on her. Pilar wants Theresa to erase the secret file about Ethan's parentage on the laptop. Outside the mansion, Rebecca takes the disk and tells Gwen they are going to go home and print the file. Ethan, Ivy and Theresa's lives will all be ruined. Theresa erased every bit of information she had on Ethan's birth on her laptop. Ivy tells Ethan she is happy he is marrying someone he truly loves. Ethan tells his mother he would marry Theresa with or without Alistair and Julian's blessings. Ivy is proud that Ethan is his own man. She is still puzzled over Rebecca's attitude however. Rebecca never gives any thing up with out a fight. Ivy tells Ethan there is nothing Rebecca can do to him or Theresa. Rebecca and Gwen have printed off a copy of Ivy's letter to Sam Bennett. They now have every thing they need to get what they want. They have their plans all mapped out. They will come to rule the Crane Empire and will destroy Theresa in the process.

Charity tells Kay she feels she knows what is going on, and holds the answers to the problems. Miguel asks Charity to back off, but Charity is certain Kay has all the answers. In her room, Kay wants Hecuba to help her. Kay tells Hecuba Charity seems to know. Hecuba tells Kay not to worry, as Charity can not do any thing to her. Kay sees "DEATH TO CHARITY" written on her mirror. She asks Hecuba if she is going to kill Charity. Hecuba tells her she is not going to kill her, but she leaves other people do her dirty work for her. She reminds Kay she has her soul and she intends to keep it. Kay tells Hecuba she does not want Charity hurt. Hecuba has a flame from a candle going to Charity's room to crush her. Miguel asks Charity to rest but Charity tells him she wants some answers. Suddenly, Charity can not breathe. Miguel opens the windows to get some fresh air in the room. The flame returns to Hecuba's candle and this makes Hecuba extremely angry. Charity tells Miguel she is all right but she does not know what has happened. Miguel promises Charity he will take care of her and let nothing bad happen to her. Charity can not shake the feeling that evil is at work. Hecuba explains to Kay that Charity and Miguel's goodness and love created a shield around them so Hecuba's powers can not touch Charity. Hecuba is not about to give up. She has to get Miguel away from Charity. Kay tells Hecuba she will not help her get Miguel away from Charity, as she does not want Charity to die. Hecuba tells her she has to do what she says or she will never ever get her soul returned. Hecuba opens the door for Kay and she is off to see Miguel. Kay asks Miguel if they can talk but Miguel tells Kay he does not want to leave Charity's side. Hecuba wants him to leave the bedroom with Kay. Miguel agrees to leave the room but insists he stay close to Charity's bedroom door. Miguel knows Kay wants to talk about what Charity said earlier about Kay knowing what is going on. Hecuba sees Miguel is with Kay and knows her powers can now penetrate Charity's shield of goodness. The fumes return to Charity's room. Miguel wants to return to check on Charity but Kay wants to talk some more. Hecuba unleashes the demons to destroy Charity. The demons come out of the smoke and they begin reaching for a sleeping restless Charity...

Tuesday, January 9, 2001

Luis tells Sheridan that love and romance are more important than sex. He is disappointed that Dr. Russell wants Sheridan to rest and not take part in any activity, but he can wait. The Doctor may have given them orders, but nothing can keep them apart! Sheridan tells Luis she wants to do something besides sitting on the couch. Luis has an idea. He can not tell Sheridan what it is, as it will be a surprise. Luis brings Sheridan outside. She is blindfolded, and Luis tells her to feel ... She asks Luis if it is he she is feeling, but it is a horse! Luis has hired a horse drawn sleigh to take them around town. Sheridan says it is very romantic. Luis tells her there is no activity involved ... all she has to do is sit back and enjoy herself.

Alistair Crane is having a back massage. He is talking to his son Julian on speakerphone and he tells Julian he is tense only when he talks to him as he always seems to mess things up. Everything that has gone wrong is blamed on Julian. Alistair vows he will do any thing he has to do to protect his family from the Lopez-Fitzgerald's. He does not want them finding out the truth about what happened to Martin Fitzgerald. Theresa has destroyed the secret file about Ethan on her laptop computer. Everything is erased. Theresa guarantees her mother that Ethan's secret is safe. Ivy tells Ethan she is proud of him. Ivy is worried about Rebecca's reaction to Ethan's engagement to Theresa. Ivy and Ethan both believe Gwen but they wonder why Rebecca has given up without a fight. Gwen and her mother have printed off a copy of Ivy's letter to Sam Bennett. They are reading the letter and plotting their next course of action. Julian asks Ethan if he can talk to him. Ethan tells his father they can talk later as he wants to get back to Theresa. When Ethan walks in, he over hears Pilar and Theresa talking about his father. Ethan wants to know what they are saying about his father? Theresa explains that Ethan's father will be his best man, so Theresa had better ask Whitney to be her maid of honor. Theresa wonders if there will be a double wedding ceremony with Luis and Sheridan. Julian is listening in and he is in great distress over the wedding plans. Ivy wants Julian to stop making wise cracks about Theresa. She reminds him of the deal he reached with her. Ivy will help keep Luis and Sheridan apart as long as Julian and Alistair will let Ethan marry Theresa. Ivy says she may let Ethan hear what he is saying. She tells Julian her son looks so happy and hopes Julian can be happy for him. Julian is angry that Ethan traded in a true blue blood for a common housekeeper's daughter. Julian is as surprised as Ivy, that Rebecca is not up to something. Julian remembers that Rebecca hinted that she has a plan to stop Ethan from marrying Theresa. The phone rings. Julian yells out to Pilar that he will answer the phone. After all, once she is Ethan's mother-in-law, she won't have to do such meaningless chores. It is Rebecca who is calling Julian. She tells him she is holding something in her hand that will rock his world. It will change his life forever. Julian is seeing many images ... he hopes it is a cattle prod ... if it is ridden properly, it can be so much fun! Rebecca tells Julian they will come over to make an announcement about Ethan and his father. She wants him to tell Ivy. When Julian does tell Ivy, she looks worried. Ivy asks Pilar if Rebecca could know the truth. Perhaps Rebecca has known the truth for a long time and has never said any thing. Perhaps, they are only taunting Ivy. Perhaps Rebecca discovered the truth hidden in Ivy's locket when she was searching Ivy's bedroom. Pilar goes tell Theresa that Rebecca is coming over to make an announcement about Ethan and his father. Theresa is certain no other copies of Ivy's papers exist. Pilar has a very bad feeling about this. She knows that all the papers have been destroyed. Theresa tells her mother the love she shares with Ethan is perfect and nothing can come between them. Rebecca and Gwen drink a toast to their plan. They say it is pay back time. They are going to blow the two tramps out of the water.

Eve is returning to her office at the hospital. She knows she has to get the tape of Sheridan's confession erased, so no one can destroy Luis and Sheridan's chance at happiness. Eve goes to open her office door. A thief hiding in her office takes out a gun. He has taken the tape recorder containing Sheridan's confession. Eve's nurse comes and talks to her. The thief sneaks out of Eve's office. When she is in her office, Eve goes to find the tape but she sees the recorder is gone. She wonders what she did with it. She knows she was in a hurry to leave, so perhaps she placed the tape some where else. She searches for the tape but she knows it is gone. She asks her nurse if anyone was in her office. She hopes no one wants to hurt Sheridan and Luis. The nurse brings the tape recorder back, telling Eve someone found it. Eve opens the recorder but the tape is gone. Eve has to find that tape. Anyone who hears it will kill Sheridan's chance of happiness with Luis. Eve's phone rings. She hears Sheridan's confession. Eve demands to know who is behind this prank. It is Alistair Crane. He has Sheridan's confession on tape...


Tabitha knows they are stuck in Harmony and are living at the mercy of Hecuba's hands. Tabitha tells Timmy they are two more lambs for slaughter. Timmy is worried about Charity. He loves her so much. A knock comes to the door. Timmy hides; thinking it could be Hecuba. Tabitha tells him Hecuba would simply pop in. A package has arrived for Tabitha. It is something from Harper-Collins. Timmy tells his Princess they can use the money from Tabitha's book to get away but Tabitha knows Hecuba will find them no matter where they go. Tabitha opens the package. It is a blow up of her book cover: HIDDEN PASSIONS. Tabitha is angry with Timmy saying it is his entire fault her book is being published. Timmy is going to have the cover shredded but Tabitha wants to drink in the beautiful site. Tabitha thinks it is an amazing thing that her book is being published. She is an author. Her dream has come true. She sees a note attached to the package. Harper-Collins will be sending a photographer over to take Tabitha's picture. Timmy tells her she will be as famous as Jackie Collins. Tabitha has a fantasy sequence of her playing a famous author. Timmy wants to have his picture taken with his princess. Tabitha suddenly remembers that witches can not be photographed. They have a problem. Timmy sees smoke coming from the basement. Tabitha knows their friends in the basement are either mad about the book or Hecuba is up to something. They hear a noise coming from the Bennett house. Looking out, they see that Charity is doomed and can not win. The basement door is about to open. Tabitha knows if that door opens, everyone in Harmony will be doomed.

Hecuba commands the demons to destroy Charity and do what she created them to do. Hecuba tells the demons to prepare Charity for the end. Hecuba is pleased that everything is going as planned. Charity will be destroyed and she will have everything she has ever dreamed of. Charity is locked in position and Hecuba tells the demons it is time for them to take her out. It is time to raise a little hell. She has her book of spells and she tells the spirits to rise up and give birth to her plan. Set free the evil ones from behind the doors to send Charity to eternal damnation. Hecuba says hell is waiting for Charity and she is the witch who is sending Charity there. She commands Charity to burn baby, burn! Charity floats towards the damned souls in hell.

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Alistair Crane is talking to Eve on the telephone. He has Sheridan's taped confession, admitting to killing Martin Fitzgerald. Eve calls him a bastard. Alistair tells Eve he wants Sheridan's secret to remain a secret, but he has every intention of tearing Sheridan and Luis apart for good. Eve begs him to leave his daughter alone. She has finally found some happiness and she deserves it. Alistair claps for the great performance he thinks Eve gave. Eve tells Alistair she will not let him destroy Luis and Sheridan. She will go to the police if she has to. When the details come out, Eve tells him he will be destroyed. Alistair then tells Eve it is a pity her little baby boy died and wonders what Whitney would do if she found out. Eve asks Alistair how he can be so cold. It was his grandson and Julian's son who died. Eve thinks Alistair arranged to have her baby killed. After the conversation is over, Eve cries in agony. She takes a box out of a drawer, and opens it. Inside are little blue booties for a baby boy. She remembers loosing her baby and she dams the Cranes. Everything they touch is destroyed. Eve's phone rings again. She answers it very rudely; thinking it is Alistair again. It is Sheridan. She is calling Eve to tell her how happy she and Luis are. They are having a wonderful time together and it is all due to Eve helping Sheridan put the nightmares she was having behind her.

Luis and Sheridan are on a romantic horse drawn winter sleigh ride. Luis tells Sheridan when they finally do make love, it will be worth it. They will have the most romantic foreplay in the history of man! Sheridan kisses Luis telling him nothing will ever come between them again. They return to the cottage and they can not wait to spend the rest of their lives together. They vision a wonderful life for themselves. As they kiss at the door, Hank and Sam arrive. Sheridan goes in so she can rest. Sam tells Luis to enjoy his time with Sheridan while it lasts. Luis tells Sam he is sure his time with Sheridan will last forever. They are in love. Sam has come to the Crane mansion to bring some papers for Ethan to look at. The papers have to do with the review of Sam as Chief of Police. Luis thought Ethan would have dropped his objections to Sam. Sam and Hank wonder why Luis gave Theresa and Ethan his blessing, allowing them to marry. Luis said he did not want to end up being like Alistair or Julian Crane and keep Theresa and Ethan apart. Luis still believes the two Crane men are responsible for his father's death. Sam tells Luis not to let his love for Sheridan blind him to a simple fact of life; never trust a Crane. Hank, Luis and Sheridan are having hot chocolate and Sam leaves to go to the main house. Sheridan phones Doctor Russell.

Rebecca enters the mansion and is going to read the "famous" letter Ivy wrote to Sam telling him Ethan is his son. Everyone looks stunned as the news sinks in. Rebecca has a smug look of satisfaction on her face. Ivy attacks Rebecca. Julian screams that he wants Ivy out of his house. Ethan is stunned. He knows by the look on his mother's face that the news is true. He really is not a Crane. Theresa asks Pilar how could all of this be happening. Ethan realizes his complete life has been a lie. He tells his mother if she really did love him, she would have told him the truth years ago. Rebecca tells Ethan that Theresa also knew about the letter. Theresa is shaking with fear. Ethan asks Theresa if she knew and Rebecca is happy to volunteer that she found a copy of the letter on Theresa's laptop computer. Ethan asks Theresa is this is true. Julian is outraged and he calls security. He has everyone thrown out of the house. Rebecca tells him to keep Ethan so Theresa, Pilar, and Ivy are all escorted out of the house. Gwen slams the door behind them. Julian tells Ethan if he agrees to marry Gwen, every thing will be forgotten. He can stay and keep the Crane name. Ethan is very great full and he thanks Gwen. He always knew she really and truly loved him. Rebecca and Julian are very happy. Suddenly, we see Rebecca in the car with Gwen. It was only a fantasy she was having on their way over to the Crane mansion. Ivy sees Ethan and Theresa are so happy together. Pilar tells Ivy she does not believe nor trust Alistair Crane when he says he has given Ethan and Theresa his blessing and permission to marry. Ivy guarantees Alistair will give the two lovebirds every success at true happiness. Julian asks Ivy why she is looking so troubled? She tells Julian that no matter what Rebecca may do; he will never get rid of her. Rebecca and Gwen drive up the driveway. Gwen is starting to get nervous. They discuss their plans again and decide when every thing is over and done, they will let Ivy, Theresa and Pilar work in the stables. After all, the muck should shovel real muck. When they arrive, Julian lets them in. Ivy wants Theresa and Ethan to stay happy no matter what Rebecca has up her sleeve. Julian is anxious to know what Rebecca is going to say. Pilar tells Ivy she has a very bad feeling about all of this. The door bell rings and Julian answers. It is Chief Bennett who has brought over some papers for Ethan to look at. Julian tells him to leave but Rebecca says she thinks he should be allowed in, as her announcement also involves Sam. Rebecca is thrilled that Sam has showed up. Ivy is now in a panic. Rebecca begins by saying what is contained in the envelope will touch everyone's lives who are in the room. As her mother begins, Gwen has a smug look on her face, expecting to see Theresa blown out of the water.

Tabitha and Timmy are worried that their friends in the basement are restless. Tabitha knows Hecuba must have summoned the dammed souls. Tabitha tells Timmy they have to go to the Bennett household to see if they have a chance of saving their own lives. Tabitha hears loud noises coming from the Bennett house. Miguel and Kay are out for a walk. Kay tells Miguel Charity needs to be left alone so she can rest. Miguel agrees with Kay, but he tells her he has a bad feeling about Charity and would like to return to the house. Hecuba is happy that the damned from hell are waiting for Charity. She wants Charity to be fed to the flames. Miguel thinks Kay is trying to keep him away from Charity, so she tells Miguel she really needs some help. Hecuba wants the demons to work faster. She hopes the damned souls will give Charity a heave into the fires of hell. Tabitha tells Timmy he is going to have to climb the old trellis and look in Charity's bedroom. She has to find out what is going on. Timmy refuses, and tells his Princess not even the threat of her putting Fluffy in the attic with him will make him do it. Tabitha tells him she was not thinking about putting him with Fluffy at all. She is going to simply put him in the basement with their friends. Timmy agrees to climb and asks Tabitha for a boost! Timmy sees his sweet Charity being drawn into the flames of hell. Miguel tells Kay he knows she needs someone to talk to. He understands and he tells her he will always be there for her after all, they are best friends. Hecuba tells Kay to keep it up; keep Miguel and Charity apart so Charity can be deep-fried in the fires of hell. Timmy tells Tabitha that Charity is on her way into the fires. Charity is now in an upright position and Timmy knows she is doomed. Timmy also sees that Charity is also waking up. Hecuba is angry that Timmy is spying on Charity, and she zaps him, making him fall to the ground. Charity wakes up and Hecuba wants the demons to send her straight to hell. Hecuba is screams at the demons to hurry. Charity is becoming aware of her powers. Hecuba has to do something to nip this problem in the but. Timmy has climbed back up the trellis. He is telling Tabitha what is happening. Tabitha is hoping Charity will use her powers to save herself so they will have more time to save themselves. Timmy is yelling at Charity to fight. Kay asks Miguel to hold her a bit longer. Miguel thinks he heard Charity screaming but Kay tells him it is only the wind he heard. Miguel has to leave to check on Charity. He has a terrible feeling that something is wrong. Hecuba gives Charity a shove as she vows that no one ever beats Hecuba. Charity starts screaming. She is fighting. Tabitha knows Hecuba has called in the heavy artillery. Miguel arrives to save Charity. Kay does not want Miguel to return to the house. Hecuba is sure there is nothing on earth that can stop her now!

Thursday, January 11, 2001

Whitney is competing in a tennis match. TC, her father and couch is giving her some pointers. Whitney believes she sees Chad among the spectators, and this distracts her. As a result, she looses the match. As the crowd leaves, Whitney searches to see if she can find Chad. TC tells her, it is like she is not present at her own game. Loosing this match means more grueling matches for Whitney ahead. TC asks her if she has a boyfriend. He tells her she can't be having a relationship and loosing her tennis matches. TC wants to know who she is looking for in the stands. Whitney says she has no boyfriend and TC reminds her that her first priority has to be tennis. Whitney and TC go to the hospital to see Eve. Eve is disappointed when she hears Whitney has lost her tennis match. She brings her daughter in her office and wants to talk to her. Eve comes right out and asks Whitney if her distraction is Chad? Whitney goes on the defensive but Eve tells her that her father and her only have Whitney's best interests at heart. Whitney leaves her mothers office and she asks Chad if he was at her match. Not wanting to be found out, Chad tells her tennis is not his thing. No offense, but he wasn't there! Whitney goes to get a soda and asks Chad if he would like one. He is waiting to see Dr. Russell so he declines. When Whitney is gone, Chad is looking at the brochure from the tennis match...

Eve is remembering the call she received from Alistair Crane as she looks at the booties she had for her baby boy. She remembers that her baby died. Eve also remembers the talk she had with Ivy Crane months earlier about loosing her baby boy. Eve is grieving for her dead baby boy. Grace knocks at the door, and is concerned as she thinks Eve is talking from experience. Grace asks Eve if she lost a baby. Eve tells her best friend that it was one of her patients who lost a baby. Grace looks at the booties and she tells Eve, she always wanted another son. Grace wonders what it would be like if she and Sam had another son. Eve is remembering Ivy's request to change the medical records at the hospital, showing that Ethan is Julian's and not Sam's son. Eve knows that Ethan is really Sam Bennett's son. Chad arrives to have some DNA tests done. Grace is happy for Chad, and she hopes he will be able to find his parents after all this time. Chad goes to wait for Eve and Grace tells the doctor she is not feeling well. She is sluggish and just does not seem to be her old self. Eve decides to run a few tests. Chad is nervous and he apologizes to Eve and Grace for interrupting them. Grace tells Chad she understands. When Eve returns with Grace, TC and Whitney show up. Eve is disappointed when she finds out from TC that Whitney came in second at her tennis match because she was distracted. Grace's results arrive. As Eve looks over the chart, she sees something. Grace is alarmed by Eve's reaction, and expects to hear bad news. Eve tells her it is not bad news. Grace is pregnant! The friends laugh, hug and cry. Perhaps Sam will have another son after all!

Rebecca is just about to make her big announcement when the telephone rings. While Julian is on the phone, Rebecca and Gwen go over their astonishing plan. Ivy wonders what Rebecca is up to, and why she is looking so smug. Sam asks Pilar what is going on. Sam asks Ethan to look over the papers he brought him. Ethan tells Sam he will look at them when he is not busy and the two men start to argue. Ivy asks Ethan to stop fighting with Sam. Sam gives Ethan the papers and he wants to leave. When Julian is finished on the phone, he asks Rebecca to continue. Rebecca once again tells everyone the information she has in the envelope will change everyone's lives forever. The door bells rings. Ethan is expecting some important contracts. They have arrived and he is busy looking them over. Ivy is nervous about Rebecca's announcement. Gwen tells her mother she feels nervous, as there are too many interruptions. Rebecca tells Gwen not to worry, as Ivy and Theresa's pain will be greater the longer they have to wait to hear the news! Gwen asks Ethan how much longer they are going to have to wait. Ethan tells Gwen he will be finished as soon as he goes over something with his father. Sam tells Pilar he can not believe she is letting Theresa marry Ethan. Pilar asks Sam to trust her, Theresa is not marrying a true Crane. Sam tells Pilar that Ethan's true colors will come out soon enough. Theresa asks her mother why she is looking so nervous. Theresa tells her mother nothing bad will happen and everything will be fine. Ethan has finished going over the contracts and he signs them. Theresa tells Ethan her mother is scared but Ethan tells Theresa not to worry. Nothing bad will happen and any one who will try to break up him and Theresa will be out of his life forever. Gwen overhears this and she panics. Rebecca now resumes her speech. Gwen asks her mother to wait and she tells Rebecca what she over heard Ethan say. Theresa asks Ethan why he does not get along with Sam Bennett. Ethan explains that there are always people in this world you do not get along with and Sam is one of the people he just does not like. Julian is getting tired of waiting for Rebecca's announcement. He asks her if she has developed stage fright. He decides he will have to make the announcement himself. He grabs the envelope from Rebecca. Momentarily shocked, Rebecca says Julian can not steal her thunder and grabs the envelope back. Rebecca says the announcement is that Gwen and her want to throw an engagement party for Ethan and Theresa. Rebecca informs everyone Gwen really wants this. Ethan thinks this will be too hard on Gwen and he asks Rebecca what this has to do with his father and him. That was what the announcement was suppose to be about and he wants to know how this affects him and his father... Sam wants to know why he has to be involved and Rebecca explains he knows so many people, he can get the word out. Sam looks at everyone in the room and says they are all crazy!

Charity is on her way to hell. Hecuba is elated, as she knows there is nothing that can stop her from getting Charity to burn in the eternal fires. Timmy reports to Tabitha. Tabitha is scared that if Hecuba succeeds in getting Charity into hell, it will be curtains for them. Miguel arrives at the Bennett house and he runs upstairs. Kay tries to stop him. Simone arrives and she wants to know what is going on. Hecuba says it is time for Charity to die. Kay is falling apart and again Simone asks what is happening. Miguel cannot get into Charity's room and he wants her to open the door. Hecuba is angry that Miguel has returned. The flames from hell are going to have to take Charity first, or Hecuba's powers will be negated should Miguel gets to Charity. Hecuba tries to keep Miguel out of the bedroom. Hecuba demands that the souls of the dammed work harder. Timmy yells out to his Princess that they have taken Charity. Hecuba is pleased that Charity will finally be destroyed. Miguel yells at Charity, asking her to hold on. He tells Charity he loves her, and asks her to hold on to that love. Simone wants to find out what is going on and she runs upstairs. Hecuba knows the spirits have to hustle. She is mad as Charity and Miguel's love is starting to take effect. Miguel finally breaks in Charity's bedroom. Simone, Kay and Miguel are all in a mild state of shock when they enter the room. They find Charity on the floor. Hecuba blames Kay for the failure to destroy Charity. Kay yells out that it is not her fault. Timmy tells his Princess what has happened and Tabitha is glad they can live at least one more day. Charity tells Miguel about the dammed spirits being in the closet. Miguel goes to open the closet doors and Charity tells him not to go near the doors. Simone wants to call Sam and Luis. They will know what to do. Miguel opens the door and he finds no one in the closet. Charity tells him she was being pushed into the flames and was being pushed into hell. Charity is in a state and Miguel thinks she was having a nightmare. She tells him she was not having a nightmare and insists that Kay knows what is going on. Charity asks Kay to tell everyone what she knows. Tabitha and Timmy return home. Suddenly, light bulbs and things around the house start exploding. Tabitha knows Hecuba is up to no good and she will destroy them because she was not able to destroy Charity. Charity tells Kay to explain what happened. Simone tries to calm Kay down. Simone knows Kay could not be responsible for Charity's nightmare. Miguel also tells Charity Kay can not possibly know anything about her nightmares. Charity insists she did not have a nightmare. She tells Miguel they are all doomed. Hecuba is angry and she dams Miguel. Tabitha tries to convince Hecuba it is not easy to destroy Charity. She should know - she failed many many times herself. Hecuba knows she is now going to have to destroy everyone in the Bennett house. Hecuba is going to start the destruction now. She conjures up the destruction for the Bennett's. Tabitha knows once Hecuba is finished with the Bennett's, she and Timmy will be next on the list.

Friday, January 12, 2001


Whitney shows Chad where to go for the DNA tests. She wishes him luck and hopes he will finally find his parents. Whitney asks Chad if he was at her tennis match. She remembers seeing him there. When Chad goes to put Whitney's soda can in the recycle box, Whitney sees the flyer from the tennis match in Chad's coat pocket. Grace is with Eve in her office. Grace is elated that she is pregnant. Eve tells Grace, TC will drive her home. Grace can't wait to tell the good news to Sam. He always wanted another son. Whitney asks Chad why he was at her tennis match, and he explains that he only wanted to see her play. Chad tells Whitney she really has the skills and the passion for the game. He finally realizes Whitney likes playing tennis for herself, and not because her father tells her to. Chad apologizes to Whitney for distracting her from her game. He wants to help make it up to her so he has a surprise in store for Whitney. Chad brings her to the stadium to practice her tennis game. He is going to help her by loading the ball machine so she can practice her breast stroke ... or what ever it is that she does! Whitney finds this amusing. Chad is really into Whitney's practice and he yells at her to point her shoulders towards the ball. He often heard TC tell her that. Chad encourages her and Whitney is improving!


Ethan asks Rebecca what her announcement has to do with his father? Rebecca remembers finding Ivy's letter to Sam on Theresa's laptop. Rebecca also remembers Gwen asking her not to go through with their plan. Suddenly, Rebecca is lost for words at Ethan's question. Ethan asks Rebecca once again, what her announcement has to do with him and his father? Rebecca says that she is going to have a picture commissioned; a portrait of Ethan and Julian, to capture the power of the Crane men. Sam can not believe what is going on and that Rebecca invited him to hear all this bull! Ivy asks Rebecca where she plans of having the engagement party for Theresa and Ethan. Rebecca wants to have the party at the Crane mansion. Gwen totally confused asks her mother to explain her motives to her. Rebecca tells Gwen then the party explodes in everyone's faces, they will achieve their goal and be happy ever after. Ivy asks Rebecca why she is putting on the grand gesture and why she is throwing a party for Theresa and Ethan. Rebecca tells her she has to accept the situation and Gwen wants to remain friends with Ethan so it is only fair that she throw the couple a party. Ivy is surprised that Rebecca is acting so mature. Theresa and Ethan thank Rebecca for her kindness and Ethan tells Rebecca he is concerned what this will do to Gwen. Rebecca asks them when their wedding announcement will be in the newspapers? If it does not soon appear, Rebecca tells them people may assume it is a shot gun wedding and she would not want Theresa to be the subject of gossip. Rebecca offers to help Theresa write her wedding announcement. Pilar does not feel right. She knows something is strange and nothing that is going on makes any sense. Theresa finished the announcement and she has sent it off via e-mail to all the newspapers in the world. Ivy is going to help Theresa pick out colors for her wedding. When everyone leaves the living room, Julian questions Rebecca and her motives. He asks Rebecca if they can have a private party later in his bedroom! Gwen quizzes her mother. Rebecca tells Gwen Theresa has just come up with a perfect way to let the world know Ethan in not a real Crane. They will e-mail the file of Ethan's parentage to all the rag magazines and soon Rebecca and Gwen will have the title and glory of being Mrs. Crane's! Theresa and Ivy are busy looking at colors for the wedding. Ethan is looking at a sports magazine and Ivy comments that he is not helping. Ethan tells him mother he is ... look at all the nice colors of the different sports teams!! Pilar is worried that something is not right and she hopes Theresa is right when she reassures her mother that nothing bad is going to happen. Pilar wishes she knew what or who was working against Theresa and Ethan. Rebecca and Gwen e-mailed the announcement of Ethan's parents to the papers. Rebecca is excited, as she knows the engagement party she is throwing for Ethan and Theresa will truly be the party from hell. Gwen thinks her mother is brilliant!


Simone apologizes to Kay for thinking she could have ever been behind Charity's troubles. Charity tells Miguel once again that Kay knows everyone in the house is doomed. Hecuba is disappointed she did not destroy Charity so she is going to destroy every one who gets in her way. Hecuba summons the souls of the damned to help her. Tabitha knows Hecuba is going to go through with it and then she will destroy her and Timmy. TC and Grace return to the house. They are told that Charity had another nightmare. Charity insists once again that she did not have a nightmare. What happened to her was real. Grace tries to calm Charity down. Charity has a premonition that they are about to be attacked once again. Hecuba is about to fry everyone in the Bennett house, when the angel girl shows up. Evil is pulled away from Hecuba is destroyed. The angel tells Hecuba HE will not allow her to destroy the Bennett's. Hecuba vows she will destroy the Bennett's but she will destroy the angel girl first. Hecuba charges the angel but she disappears, sending Hecuba flying. Hecuba lands on the floor, tripping over the poster for Tabitha's book: HIDDEN PASSIONS. Hecuba laughs at the possibility that Tabitha will be destroyed by the people of Harmony when her book come out. Sam and Reese arrive at the house. Charity is telling everyone they have to get out of the house immediately. Sam wants to know what is going on and when told Charity had another nightmare, Charity says she can prove it was not a nightmare. She says Kay knows what is going on. Naturally, Kay denies knowing anything. Grace asks Eve to examine her niece. Charity does not want Eve to examine her in her bedroom as she feels the walls are closing in around her. Charity gives Kay an evil eye. Hecuba wants to know how the angel could have prevented Tabitha from destroying Charity. The angel girl returns and Hecuba challenges her to a fight to see if Charity will live or die. Eve examines Charity and finds her heart rate normal. When Kay enters the room, Charity's heat rate excels. Eve tells her she does not know how to deal with stress. Eve wants Charity to go to bed but Charity does not want to lie down. Grace suggests Charity go to the kitchen and get a warm glass of milk. Sam asks his wife what is going on between Kay and Charity. Grace answers she is not sure but hopes the tension is only due to stress on Charity's part. Kay admits to herself that she does know what is going on and what will happen to her family in the future. Hecuba calls the angel girl a "woose" as the fight continues. Tabitha and Timmy are watching the duel to see who is going to win. The angel girl zaps Hecuba to the ceiling, holding her there and spinning her around. Hecuba yells mercy. Tabitha feels that Hecuba is now on the ropes. Reese asks Dr. Russell if he can see the slide containing the blood sample that was coming out of the walls at the Bennett house. Eve gives him the slide saying the hospital did not have a time to find a match. Reese is going to find a match on the Internet and boots up the computer. Reese is totally confused. He can not find any match at all. TC volunteers the blood could be coming from the pipes as the old Crane slaughterhouse was once standing where the house is now. Charity tells everyone they will never find a match for the blood. It is not blood from anything on earth. The blood comes from the damned should of hell. Hecuba falls to the floor and before the angel leaves, she tells Hecuba to leave the Bennett house alone. Hecuba dams the angel and tells Tabitha to shut up. Hecuba vows she will pull Charity into hell, and she hopes the people of Harmony will tear Tabitha apart once her book is published. If the citizens of Harmony will not tear Tabitha apart, then Hecuba will tear Tabitha and Timmy apart; limb for limb. Hecuba leaves. Tabitha tells Timmy they are going to have to come up with a plan to save them or Hecuba will use them for fuel for the fires of hell.

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