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Passions Recaps: The week of January 1, 2001 on PS
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Monday, January 1, 2001

Due to the New Year's holiday, Passions did not air. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank all of the visitors who have come to our site in 2000. You have made 2000 our most successful year --- and we're hoping to repeat that accomplishment in 2001 with your help. We've got a lot of special things planned for the year ahead and we hope that you will join us.

Dan Kroll
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Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Tabitha is hoping they will be able to survive what ever Hecuba can throw at Harmony this New Year's Eve. Tabitha knows something evil is in the air and has to find out what it is so she can find out what her and Timmy are up against. They leave their house to go spy on the Bennetts.

Luis and Ethan are talking. Ethan is grateful that Luis has given him and Theresa his blessing, so they can be married. Ethan promises Luis he will not let any thing happen to Theresa. Luis finds this noble but knows Julian and Alistair will never welcome Theresa into the family. Sheridan agrees that her father and brother will try to break up Ethan and Theresa as well as her and Luis. Luis and Ethan start arguing about the Crane's again but Sheridan tells her two most favorite men in the world she wants 2001 to start on a happy note. Pilar and Theresa are talking in the hall. Pilar questions Theresa about her laptop computer. Theresa remembers scanning Ivy's secret papers into the computer, that show who Ethan's real father is. Pilar wants to know why she scanned those papers in her laptop. She asks Theresa if any one found the file in her laptop, what would they find? Theresa tells her mother the truth, but reassures her that the laptop is tucked away in Ivy's bedroom. Pilar tells Theresa she has to destroy the file as soon as possible. Ethan wants to get going as soon as possible, so they can start their New Year's Eve celebrations. Theresa does not want to go to the mansion as she does not feel comfortable and has nothing to wear. Ethan fixes that problem. He has a choice of gowns for Theresa and Pilar to wear at the party. Ethan wants to enter the party with two beautiful women on each arm. A nurse enters Sheridan's room, and tells her she is free to go home. Sheridan is all excited, and can not wait until she returns to her cottage. Luis wonders why she does not want to spend the night at the mansion with her family, but Sheridan tells him she only wants to be with him. All Sheridan ever wanted was to sit on the couch with Luis, drink a toast to a Happy New Year and to a great life. They snuggle as the fire works go off.

Gwen wants to talk to Ivy, but Ivy is wondering where Rebecca is. Gwen is about to open her soul to Ivy when her cell phone rings. It is Rebecca calling from Ivy's bedroom. She asks Gwen to stall Ivy for a few more minutes. She thinks she has found the proof she needs showing Ethan is not a Crane. Gwen tells Ivy she is stressed out, and really needs to talk to her. Ivy tells Gwen she can not afford the time to chat today, but will make time tomorrow to talk to Gwen for as long as she may wish. Ivy wants to get ready for the party that Ethan is holding. Ivy leaves to go get dressed. Before she gets to her bedroom door, Ivy trips and drops a parcel she is carrying. Rebecca hears and hides under the bed! Gwen hears Ethan arriving. She has to get out of the mansion but only has time to hide behind the Christmas tree. Ethan wants Pilar to relax as she is still acting like the housekeeper. Pilar tells Theresa to go and erase the secret file about Ethan she has on her laptop . Ethan will not allow Theresa to work, and also wants her to relax as well. Gwen hopes Rebecca has found what she is looking for. Julian comes downstairs and makes the atmosphere rather uncomfortable for everyone. Ethan talks to his father and demands Julian not to disrespect Theresa or his future mother in law. Rebecca is hiding under the bed, and she is dying to get back to the computer. When Ivy goes to the closet, Rebecca is hoping to get the laptop and make a run for it. Ivy is too fast however, and catches Rebecca in her room. She demands an explanation and Rebecca tells her she wanted to wish her a Happy New Year. Rebecca has come to her senses and has realized she has to accept things the way they are. Rebecca wants to put all the unpleasantness behind them. Ivy is ready for the party so she asks Rebecca to leave with her. Rebecca says she will take the back stairs. Before she leaves, Ivy tells Rebecca she can sleep with her husband all she wants but Ivy is the Mrs. Crane and she will never give up that title. Rebecca pretends to leave but returns to Ivy's room. She has to get the proof she needs to destroy Ivy. Ivy enters the party. Ivy tells Pilar she looks stunning. Pilar tells Ivy she is sure Alistair will find a way to keep Theresa out of the Crane family. Alistair calls and wants to speak to Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald. He asks her if she is wearing the engagement ring Ethan has given her and wants to know just because she has a ring on her fingers, if she thinks she is entitled to all the perks of being a Crane. Ethan is angry and tells his grandfather to wait but Alistair tells Ethan to wait. He welcomes Theresa to the family. Julian is wondering what her father is up to. Gwen is watching and is terribly jealous. She thinks it should be her in the mansion and not Theresa. Ethan has something he wants to show everyone. They go outside and it is a beautiful display of fireworks he has arranged for Theresa. Theresa vows no one will ever come between them. Rebecca has found the secret file in the computer. Julian questions his father and Alistair tells Julian he will make sure the Lopez-Fitzgerald's are not a thorn in his side very much longer. Gwen wonders how it came to be that she is standing alone on New Year's Eve watching the man she loves with another woman. Rebecca thinks that now she is armed with the information she needs, she will get everything she has ever wanted.

Kay wants to see Hecuba and she comes to her. Hecuba vows she is going to destroy Charity. TC and Eve arrive at the Bennett house for a New Year's Eve party. Eve and TC, as well as Sam and Grace all look at the sky and wonder what is going on. It is suppose to be a beautiful night, but the sky suddenly looks very unsettled. A raven has come to the Bennett's living room window and seems to be staring at Charity. Charity has a terrible feeling that everyone is in danger, and this will be the worse New Year's Eve ever. Grace shares this horrid feeling with Charity. On the Internet, Jessica looks up everyone's horoscopes. The horoscopes predict that a battle over good and evil will take place in the town of Harmony in the coming year. A raven flies through the Bennett living room window and dies. Tabitha sees this as a sign that death is coming. Hecuba laughs and sends more ravens to Harmony. Tabitha and Timmy see them coming. In the house, Jessica blesses herself. Ravens are entering the Bennett house. They are coming in via the fireplace. Sam closes the flue on the fireplace, but the house is all ready full of birds. Reese enters the Bennett house, and the birds have attacked him. The Bennett house seems like is it under siege. Hecuba is happy, as she is going to destroy the Bennett clan. Ravens fill the telephone pole and it comes crashing into the Bennett house. Hecuba is watching all the action in her mirror. Timmy runs home and Tabitha is chasing him. They are full of ravens. Tabitha kills the birds that are on Timmy. Tabitha watches what is going on at the Bennett house from her window. Hecuba keeps sending more birds. Sam tells every one to stay calm and to get down and cover their heads. Suddenly, everything seems to stop. Sam lights a candle but the birds start attacking again. Tabitha is sure when Hecuba is through with Charity, it will be much worse than anything they have ever seen before. Charity sees an image of Hecuba and she tells her she will destroy her. Charity yells out in fear...

Wednesday, January 3, 2001

Timmy is outside building a scarecrow. He does not want a repeat after the events of last evening, where ravens came from out of no where. Tabitha tells Timmy that birds are just the beginning; Hecuba has only started playing havoc with Harmony, and she is more than capable of wiping the town off the face of the earth. Timmy is scared and he does not want to hear any more. Timmy wants his princess to cash the check that Harper-Collins gave her for her book, and get the heck out of Harmony. Tabitha likes the idea, but she knows that Hecuba will do them in on the spot and it will not matter where they are. Tabitha wants to go to the Bennett's to find out what happened and what is going on in Hecuba's mind. Timmy does not want to go, but Tabitha tells him they have to if they want to see what Hecuba is up to.

Theresa is admiring the engagement ring Ethan gave her. Pilar brings in some coffee, and sees that Theresa is very excited about becoming rich and famous. Theresa is play acting, and Pilar thinks she is only playing fantasy games. Pilar is very worried about Theresa's laptop being in Ivy's bedroom. Theresa tries to convince Pilar that nothing bad will ever happen to her, Pilar or Ethan again. Suddenly, Ethan knocks at the door. He brought a rose for Theresa. Theresa loves roses and Ethan knowing her reaction knew one rose would not be enough for his love. The living room is suddenly full of roses, brought in by delivery men. Ethan says he arranged for all the roses, as he loves Theresa so much. Ethan and Theresa are talking about a wedding date, and he wants to know when they should get married. Theresa tells Ethan they should not wait until late summer, but they should get married today. Ethan likes this idea and is going to go home and get his birth certificate. He wants to ask Julian to be his best man. Theresa thinks that is a nice idea. After Ethan leaves, Theresa kisses her mother and tells her she is really going to become Mrs. Ethan Crane. Theresa wishes her mother could be happy for her. Pilar tells her daughter she will never be accepted into the Crane family. She does not doubt Ivy's well wishes, but she does not trust Mr. Alistair or Julian. Theresa tells her mother she has had so much personal bad luck, she does not think it is possible that good things can happen to her daughter. Theresa looks for a dress in a catalogue for her wedding. Theresa wishes she had her laptop with her so she could search the internet for a wedding dress. It would be so much easier on such little time. Pilar is nervous about the laptop being in Ivy's bedroom. Theresa tells her mother to stop worrying. She will go to the Crane mansion and get the laptop herself.

Rebecca enters Gwen's bedroom, wishing her daughter sweet dreams. Rebecca feels after what she found on Theresa's laptop in Ivy's bedroom last night, all their dreams will finally come true. Ivy has no idea her old love affair with Sam Bennett will play havoc with Ethan's wedding plans. Gwen wakes up and complains about a sore neck. When Rebecca was in Ivy's bedroom last night, she was ready to make a copy of the documents found on the laptop, but Ivy returned to her bedroom. Rebecca snuck out the bedroom window and was on the ledge. Ivy closed the window, leaving Rebecca stuck outside. Gwen found her mother on the ledge. Rebecca wanted Gwen to help her get down but Rebecca falls off the roof and lands on Gwen. Gwen is tired and wants to give up on Ethan. Rebecca tells Gwen all the pain will soon be worth it. Gwen just does not care what information her mother has on Ivy or Ethan. She is tired and does not want to add any more hurt or humiliation on her plate. Ethan has made his decision and Gwen does not want to help Rebecca. Rebecca tells Gwen she is crazy. She will end up marrying Julian. In order for her plan to work however, Rebecca has to return to Ivy's bedroom and copy the file on the laptop. She feels this information will blow Ivy Crane out of the mansion for good.

Ivy is reading the morning newspaper in bed, and sees the headlines about the bird attack on the Bennett house. Ivy is worried about Sam. She gets dressed and has to go check to make sure Sam is all right. Later when Ivy has returned home, Ethan enters his mother's room. She wishes her son a Happy New Year. Ethan sees Theresa's laptop and tells his mother he feels he really owes a lot to that computer. Had his mother not hired Theresa and given her the computer, he would never have met her and fallen in love with her. Ethan asks his mother for all the documents including his birth certificate so he can get a marriage license. When Ivy gives Ethan his birth certificate, Ethan sees some irregularity on it and asks his mother about it.

A local television crew is at the Bennett house, and they are doing a live story about the bird attack. Sam describes the attack as unbelievable. In her room, Kay says the attack was not her fault but Hecuba pops in and says it was indeed her fault. Kay was the one who gave Hecuba pieces of Charity's hair and fingernail clippings. Kay tells Hecuba she is sick. Hecuba tells her to stop wining. What happened last night was only a trial run for what she has in store for Charity. Miguel enters Charity's room. Charity is sleeping and she is dreaming of the attack. Charity relives seeing the monster she saw last night. Miguel hears Charity talking of evil. The reporter finishes his report and the clean up in the Bennett house continues. Eve does not believe what happened. Grace somehow feels they were targeted for the attack. Hecuba asks Kay to watch Charity to find out how she reacts to the attack. Kay thinks Hecuba is scared of Charity. Hecuba becomes highly irritated and tells Kay to do as she says or she will never get her soul back. Miguel tells Charity to wake up, she is only dreaming. Charity wakes and screams out Hecuba's name. TC can not believe what went down last night. Sam is scared that Grace is going to use this attack and go over board the way she has a tendency to do. He remembers how Grace reacted after she said she was visited by the angel girl. Miguel tells Charity she was having a nightmare. Charity describes the ghoulish figure she saw last night, and again in her dream. Charity knows that what she saw was real and not a dream. Miguel asks Charity who Hecuba is, saying that is the name she screamed when she woke up. Kay enters Charity's room to check on her, and Charity asks her cousin who Hecuba is. Charity wants Kay to tell them about Hecuba. Naturally, Kay pleads innocence. Again Charity wants to know what Kay is doing with Hecuba. Charity can see Hecuba in Kay! Miguel tells Charity to let it go. Kay leaves and Charity tells Miguel she loves him and is glad he is there for her. Hecuba returns and tells Kay she did a good job with Charity. Hecuba is scared that Charity's powers are starting to develop. Hecuba tells Kay she will get her soul back only after they have fun - good evil fun. Eve wants to know why Tabitha did not hear anything from the attack last night as she only lives next door. Jessica is telling Tabitha about reading the horoscopes last night on the Internet. Harmony was targeted in the horoscopes saying the battle over good and evil was going to take place and Harmony could be blown off the face of the earth. Grace tells Jessica not to scare Tabitha but Tabitha tells Timmy Jessica is right on the money. Timmy is confused and asks Tabitha what side they are on. Tabitha doesn't really know, as they are dead meat no matter what they do. Ivy arrives at the Bennett house and she tells Sam she was scared for him. She can not get him out of her minds no matter what she does. Sam tells Ivy to get out but she kisses him passionately. Grace walks in the kitchen and wants to know what is going on. Ivy tells Grace she tripped on something and Sam caught her. Sam asks Ivy to go but Grace asks her to stay and talk. Ivy and Grace talk about the angel girl giving Grave a warning about Sam's son. Grace truly feels her family is under a dark cloud. Grace returns to help with the clean up and Sam tells Ivy to leave. He believes she is up to her old tricks again about Ethan being their love child. Ivy leaves but she wonders if Grace's premonitions are true. Perhaps Ethan is in some kind of real danger. Sam is talking to TC and Eve while Tabitha over hears the conversation about Ivy Crane. Miguel tells Grace about Charity's nightmare. Tabitha hopes that Grace will still love Sam when she finds out that Ethan is Sam's son. Hecuba sees everything that is going on in her mirror. She stirs her cauldron and the contents in the pot turn red. Sam tells every one to stick together but as he is talking, blood comes through the walls. Everyone sees the blood and Hecuba tells Kay to take a look but especially in her own room. Tabitha tells Timmy that bleeding walls mean death for all who reside within...

Thursday, January 4, 2001

Luis brings Sheridan a breakfast tray. He kept the breakfast simple, not wanting to have a repeat of the famous eggs benedict episode he had once prepared for her. Sheridan ate every bite. She looks at the time, and thinks she slept late. She wonders why Luis is not at work, and he tells her he took some sick leave. He will not return to work until he is sure she is fully recovered. Sheridan is very happy and Luis is elated as well. He can not keep his eyes off of her. Luis goes to take a shower, and when he is finished, he enters Sheridan's bedroom saying he forgot his clothes in the living room. He is full of apologies. Sheridan remembered how long it took for her to realize and admit that she loved Luis. Luis asks if she is o.k., as she seems miles away. She tells him she was remembering the night that they "almost ..." Luis was thinking of that same night. Sheridan goes to take a shower. Before she enters the bathroom, she keeps staring at Luis. Luis made the bed and cleaned up the room, while Sheridan was in the shower. Suddenly, Sheridan yells out and Luis runs in the bathroom to make sure she is all right. Sheridan is standing there naked! Luis told her he thought he heard something break and wanted to make sure she was o.k. He picks Sheridan up and carries her to bed. He wants to call Eve so she can check Sheridan. Luis feels she is trying to do too much. As he lays her down, they start to kiss.

Theresa and her mother are on their way to work. Theresa is telling Pilar not to worry so much. She is sure no one will look at her files on her laptop computer. Theresa admits that she scanned the documents into the laptop because she was upset with Ethan at the time. Pilar reminds her she had no right to see the personal documents. They were Ivy Crane's own business. If any one ever finds the file on the laptop, there are many lives that will be destroyed. When they arrive at the Crane mansion, Pilar wants Theresa to go get the laptop and erase the file immediately.

Gwen wants to know if her mother is sure she has the proof Ethan is not a Crane. Rebecca says she has the proof, and will make a copy of it on a disk when they go to the Crane mansion. She hopes Julian Crane will throw Ivy and Ethan out of the mansion. She wants Julian to divorce Ivy and marry her. She thinks Julian is a one big push over, and she wants to control him. Rebecca suspects Theresa will dump Ethan when she finds out that Ethan is not rich. Rebecca says she and Gwen will get the men they love and the Crane fortune they deserve. Gwen admits she is not ready to give up on Ethan. She has loved him since she was a little girl. She thinks her mother's plan is a bad risk. Rebecca is thankful she was not caught last night trying to find the documents on Ivy's laptop. Gwen tells her mother Ivy does not own a laptop. The computer belongs to Theresa. Rebecca is now aware that Theresa knows the truth about Ethan. They wonder why Theresa has kept it a secret. Rebecca assumes Pilar gave the information to her daughter, wanting Theresa to use it as leverage at a later date. Gwen and Rebecca want to blow Ivy, Theresa, Pilar and Ethan out of the water. Theresa knows Ethan is not a Crane and she does not care. Rebecca and Gwen assume Theresa wants Ethan to think he is a Crane so they can get all the Crane money before they tell him the truth about his real parentage. Rebecca and Gwen are on their way to the Crane mansion. They are out to get revenge.

Ethan is with his mother. He notices something irregular on his birth certificate and asks Ivy how she could keep the truth of his birth from him for all these years? Ivy is confused, and Ethan tells his mother his certificate shows he was ten pounds when he was born. He wants to know why Ivy always said his was an easy birth when obviously it wasn't? Ivy tells Ethan once she held him in her arms after he was born; he was her greatest joy and continues to be so to this day. Ethan thanks his mother for always being so supportive. He realizes his parents are currently having problems, but he was always told he was conceived in love. Ivy remembers her wedding night and making love to Sam Bennett. She tells Ethan he was conceived in the greatest of love. Ivy has always told Ethan to be true to himself, and Ethan knows he can count on his mother for support in his marriage to Theresa. Ethan knows he can trust Theresa. Theresa and Pilar enter. Ivy hugs Theresa and asks to see her engagement ring. Ivy explains to Theresa that Ethan's happiness is the most important thing to her and she tells her to watch out for Rebecca and Gwen. She does not trust them. No sooner said, Rebecca and Gwen enter the Crane mansion! They have come to offer congratulations and best wishes to Ethan and Theresa. Rebecca tells everyone she does not carry a grudge. Pilar tells Ivy they are up to something. Ivy doesn't know how to react to them but Pilar tells Ivy she is sure they are up to something. Gwen gives Theresa the Crane jewels and places them around her neck. Ethan tells Gwen that means a lot to him. Pilar does not think Rebecca and Gwen are on the up and up. Theresa asks her mother what she thinks Rebecca and Gwen can do. Pilar is not sure. Rebecca excuses herself, saying she is going to go freshen up. She takes a disk out of her purse and while she is on her way to Ivy's bedroom, Rebecca hopes everyone is enjoying the smug happiness they are now feeling. It will soon be wiped off their faces. Gwen hopes her mother hurries as she too wants to wipe the smile off Theresa's face. Rebecca is in Ivy's room and opens the laptop. The secret is about to be exposed.

Blood is streaming down the walls in the Bennett house. Hecuba laughs as she watches from her mirror. No one has a clue where the blood is coming from. Tabitha is certain pure evil has come to the Bennett household. Blood is coming through all the walls in the living room. Charity puts her hands on the wall and screams it is real blood coming form the walls. The walls are bleeding! Everyone seems to agree with her. Grace wants to know what is going on. First they had the dark clouds come to them followed but the bird attack and now their walls are bleeding. Everyone looks scared. Tabitha tells Timmy evil has come to the household. Kay hates Hecuba for what she is doing to her family. Eve wants to run a test to see if it is real blood coming from the walls. Tabitha tells Timmy things are going to get much worse. Sam seems to think it could be old paint coming through the walls. TC wants to get rags and start cleaning up the mess. Eve sees Grace is shaking and Grace tells Eve she has a bad feeling about all of this. The angel girl told her evil was coming, and she thinks it has arrived. Kay leaves to return to her bedroom. Tabitha tells Timmy Kay is now under the total control of Hecuba. Charity tells Miguel that it is real blood coming through the walls and not paint like Sam seems to think it is. Charity feels things are going to get a lot worse. Sam is confused. He and TC are washing the walls but the stuff is still coming through. Timmy is terrified and he wants to go home. Tabitha tells him they are going to have to go home so they can prepare for the next event. Grace and Eve want a cup of tea and Grace confirms her suspicions. She does not think it is old paint coming through the walls. Kay summons Hecuba and asks her what she is doing to her family. Hecuba tells Kay it is all part of her plan to get rid of Charity. Kay wants to return to normal. She begs Hecuba to please not do harm to her family. Kay does not want Hecuba to tell her what is going to happen next to her family. Eve is leaving for the hospital, taking a sample of the blood with her to be tested at the lab. TC leaves with her. Charity is staring at the walls. Sam asks Charity to join him and Grace in the kitchen. They have to talk about the situation. Tabitha is looking through the windows. She wants to see what is going to happen next in the Bennett house. Charity tells herself she has to stay positive through this bad time. She tells herself it could be as Miguel thinks it is; nothing but a coincidence. Suddenly, a message is written in blood on the wall. The message states that everyone in the house is doomed. Charity screams out in panic...

Friday, January 5, 2001

Charity sees the written message "you are all doomed" written in blood on the wall. She also sees the word death written on the same wall. She yells and everyone comes running out of the kitchen to see what is the matter. Watching from outside, Tabitha tells Timmy it is the beginning of the end for everyone in Harmony. Kay heard Charity's scream and asks Hecuba what she did to her cousin. Kay does not want Charity hurt, she just does not want her to be with Miguel. Kay also tells Hecuba she does not want Miguel any more. The price is not worth all the pain that her family is going through. Charity tells everyone she saw the word death written on the wall. Sam tells her she only imagined it. Tabitha knows Hecuba is toying with Charity. Reese tells everyone he can explain everything that that has happened. Sam tells Charity he too has an explanation. He says the word death must have been on Charity's mind so she willed herself to see it, the way people can see images in clouds. Reese tells Sam he is wrong, and begins to tell the story of two witches who were in a battle royal hundreds of years ago in England. Reese reads from the Internet, and according to Tabitha he is describing the events that took place event to event. Tabitha curses the Internet! Sam asks Reese what he is looking at and Reese tells the police chief he is reading from the Internet and the story is fact. It did happen. Grace and Charity both think the story sounds very familiar to them. Tabitha remembers the events that took place like it was yesterday. She tells Timmy everything that happened. Tabitha unleashed her full powers on Hecuba. The fight began. Grace and Charity's ancestors were present and were watching the events. Tabitha now feels useless, as she has no powers and she done not know what to expect from Hecuba. Reese continues to relate the story, and Kay wants more information. She asks questions about the appearance of the witches. Reese says there were no pictures and everyone living in the town died of the plague. The legend has it the two witches still live there. Tabitha laughs at that statement, and she remembers the citizens of the village coming to get the two witches to burn them at the stake. Tabitha hid and along with the Standish women and Hecuba they fled to the United States. They were the ones who founded the settlement of Harmony. Tabitha knows Hecuba hates her, and without her powers, everyone is doomed in Harmony. Hecuba drops in on Tabitha and Timmy. Tabitha asks Hecuba to get over any grudges she may hold. Grace does not think what Reese is reading is a fairy tale. Charity stares at Kay, and Kay wants to know why she is staring at her. Charity tells her cousin she should be nervous. Charity thinks Kay knows something about everything that is going on. Grace defuses the situation saying everyone is over tired. Hecuba leaves Tabitha and Timmy. Timmy is scared. He feels he is too young to die. Timmy hopes Tabitha's book being published by Harper-Collins will allow the truth to come out, and all the trouble they find themselves in will be over. Tabitha thinks the book will mean her burning at the steak once again.

Luis and Sheridan are kissing. Sheridan asks Luis if he is feeling what she feels at this moment? Luis tells her he has never felt this way before. He is scared if he takes his eyes off of her, he is going to loose her for good. Luis blames himself for getting involved, for wanting Sheridan so much he knows he can not live his life with out her. Sheridan tells Luis she feels strong because of him. She begins to unbutton his shirt. Luis asks her if she is sure she is ready to take the next step in their relationship. She tells him she is more than sure. They kiss passionately. Suddenly, a knock comes to the door. It is Ethan and Theresa. Luis tells Sheridan they have waited a long time to make love, so they can wait a bit longer and they get up to let in their visitors! Sheridan, Luis, Ethan and Theresa share a New Year's toast. Everyone is happy. They toast the four of them always being as happy as they are now! Sheridan thanks Theresa for making Ethan so happy. Theresa hopes she can become a friend to Sheridan. Ethan asks Luis if they can start over. The two men shake hands. Sheridan sees the Crane family jewels on Theresa. Ethan tells his aunt how gracious Gwen has been to them. Sheridan is worried about Rebecca and Gwen. She does not trust them. Luis asks his sister if she is marrying Ethan because of his money. After all. the jewels she is wearing cost a fortune. Theresa tells Luis she is marrying Ethan only for love. Sheridan and Theresa continue to talk. Theresa tells Sheridan her brother was like a lost puppy when Sheridan was "dead". Sheridan tells Theresa she is going to spend the rest of her life telling Luis ever day how much she loves him. Luis explains to Ethan that he has always been over protective of his sister. Luis is worried as his sister really does not know the ways of the world yet. Ethan promises Luis he will never let any thing happen to Theresa. He truly loves her. Sheridan tells everyone about the first time she met Luis and Ethan recounts his first meeting with Theresa. Theresa tells them fate has played a hand at bringing them all together. Ethan and Theresa return to the mansion. Luis and Sheridan are so glad Ethan and Theresa are happy but Sheridan is worried about Rebecca and Gwen, while Luis airs his concerns about Julian and Alistair. Sheridan wants to forget all their troubles and continue where they left off before they were interrupted...

Gwen is hoping her mother will hurry up and copy the information about Ethan's parentage on the hard disk. Pilar feels Rebecca is up to something. As she is about to insert the disk in the laptop, Rebecca knows Ivy's day of reckoning is soon going to arrive. She downloads the file and she is ready to tear Ethan and Theresa apart. Ivy thinks Pilar is manufacturing problems where Rebecca is concerned. Pilar is worried Rebecca will discover Ethan is not a Crane. Ivy knows this can not happen as all the evidence has been destroyed. Pilar talks to Theresa. She wants her to go get the laptop out of Ivy's bedroom. Theresa does not want to leave Ethan's side for one minute, so she tells Pilar she will get the computer later. Pilar goes upstairs and she passes Julian on the steps. Julian is all smiles and waves for Gwen when he enter the living room. Ethan asks his father to be his best man at his wedding. Ethan tells his father he wants to get married right away. Gwen screams out in protest. Pilar finds Rebecca in Ivy's room. She tells Pilar she came upstairs for a dab of perfume. Rebecca tells Pilar she probably does not know what it feels like to wear perfume, as all she could probably afford is a roll on deodorant. Pilar tells Rebecca she was going to give her the benefit of the doubt and believe that she was wrong about her, but she can see she was wrong. Rebecca's vicious ways always come out. Pilar tells Rebecca she can have any room in the east wing of the mansion that she wants but Ivy's room is off limits. Rebecca asks Pilar to leave so she can pick out some perfume. On her way out, Pilar sees Theresa's laptop. Pilar tells Rebecca it is Theresa's computer and she will take it to her. Pilar leaves with the laptop and Rebecca's disk is still in the computer. Rebecca dams Pilar! Julian takes an early morning drink. Ivy reminds Julian she agreed to help keep Sheridan and Luis apart if Alistair and Julian will allow Ethan and Theresa to marry. When Rebecca enters the living room, Julian grabs her, wondering where on earth she has been. Rebecca tells Julian she has a solution to their problems but she has to work on it. Julian wants details from Rebecca but she has to get to the laptop computer. Ivy asks Pilar to bring in a fresh tray of tea and tells her she can leave the computer in the living room. Pilar says the computer is Theresa's and she feels responsible for it while her daughter in not present. Ivy tells her to go get the tea. She will keep her eyes on the laptop. Seeing her chance to recover the disk, Rebecca wants Gwen to keep Ivy busy. Rebecca tries to get the disk out of the laptop but it will not open. Ethan and Theresa return to the mansion and are about to enter the living room. Will they catch Rebecca in the act...?

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