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Due to the New Year's holiday, Port Charles did not air. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank all of the visitors who have come to our site in 2000. You have made 2000 our most successful year --- and we're hoping to repeat that accomplishment in 2001 with your help. We've got a lot of special things planned for the year ahead and we hope that you will join us.

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Tuesday, January 2

Ian looks on in horror as an onrushing car sends Eve flying into the middle of the street. Meanwhile, Kevin hears the sudden screeching of brakes and decides to investigate. Chris assures Livvie that she doesn't have to defend her actions to him. After the doctor departs, Livvie eagerly checks her phone machine but is disappointed to find that she has no messages from Jack. At the Recovery Room, Jack confides to Jamal how important Livvie has become to him in recent weeks. Karen thanks Frank for his sensitivity and concern for her feelings as Joe and Gabriela put on another public display of affection in the halls of the hospital. Kevin is shocked to find Ian kneeling next to an unconscious Eve as an ambulance finally arrives on the scene. Later, in the ER, Ian explains to an enraged Kevin how his wife was kidnapped by Harris and held prisoner. Back at the lighthouse, Lucy encourages the shaken driver to stay put but when Garcia arrives the agitated women quickly disappears.

Wednesday, January 3

Frank and Karen grow closer as everyone awaits the CAT scan results for Eve.

The driver of the car that hit Eve came back to the hospital to check on her victim.

Ian remembered when he and Eve pledged their love for each other and the last moments before she was hit by the car. Then, we went on to recall how Kevin attacked him when he found out the cause for Eve's kidnapping. Ian got more upset when he realized that there was still no word on Eve's cat scan. Karen tried to calm him down, but he continued to claim that if it wasn't for him that Eve wouldn't be where she was at that moment.

Kevin found Lucy lurking outside Eve's room. When he went out to talk to her, Lucy explained that she was worried when she got out of the shower and he wasn't there. Lucy was a little shocked at the recent turn of events. Kevin apologized to Lucy and told her what had happened. Kevin put the blame on himself when he realized that it was his own fault that Eve got hit by a car. Lucy reassured him that it couldn't be his fault because he couldn't have known. Kevin agreed that it was impossible for anyone to even know that Eve was alive because the DNA results had confirmed the opposite. Lucy tried to avoid her guilty feelings by leaving the hospital, but Kevin wouldn't let her. He got a nurse to stay with Eve and went to sit with Lucy. Lucy began to feel the guilt of her actions even more when she heard that Eve and Ian had not run off together and were kidnapped instead.

Ian convinced the nurse to leave him alone with Eve. When Kevin returned, he insisted that Ian leave the room, but Ian refused. Ian demanded to know why Kevin didn't answer the door when Eve knocked.

Victor and Mary arrived at the hospital just as shocked as everyone else and ran into Lucy first thing. Mary expressed how devastated she was for Kevin all the while causing Lucy more pain. Victor managed to get rid of Mary long enough to sympathize with the distraught Lucy.

Eve's test results came back OK. Karen said that she is pretty sure that Eve will recover completely.

The hit and run driver eventually found her way to Eve's new ICU room. While she was looking in on Eve, Frank recognized and caught the driver so that Garcia could arrest her for hit and run and attempted murder. Garcia had already found out that the car had been rented and that the driver had used a phony name and ID.

Mary cleared visitation for Victor, Lucy and herself, but Victor suggested that Lucy go in first to let Kevin know that they were all coming. Before Lucy could get in the door, Eve awoke with Kevin and Ian on either side of her. First, she glanced at Kevin, then, much to Kevin's surprise, Eve turned to Ian.

Thursday, January 4

Jamal and Alison's electricity went out, and Alison convinced Jamal that they should go to a hotel. As they were getting ready to leave, a drunk man was outside and he asked Jamal how much for the lady; he had mistaken Alison for a hooker. Jamal got very upset and physically removed the man. The man warned Jamal that he would pay him back. The pair decided to stay home and forgo the hotel. All of a sudden they heard a loud metallic clanging. When they went outside, the man was beating up on Jamal's motorcycle.

When Kevin told Lucy that he wasn't going to tell Eve about their near-romantic encounter, Lucy assumed that he meant that he was going to wait until Evil was stronger. That was not the case. Lucy was heartbroken when Kevin explained that he would never tell Eve about them and that he was going to go back to Eve --- his wife.

Eve woke up and tried to tell Kevin about her love for Ian but before she could the medicine kicked in and she went to sleep.

Friday, January 5

Charged with felony hit-and-run, the mystery woman refuses to answer Garcia's questions or even give her real name. Ian declares his love to the sleeping Eve as he sits by her hospital bed. Meanwhile, Lucy is devastated when Kevin insists that there can be nothing more than friendship between them from now on. Scott arrives at the police station to defend the hit-and-run driver and is astonished to discover that the victim in the case was someone he thought was already dead. After finding Ian tenderly kissing Eve's hand, Joe cautions his colleague to remember that the woman is married--and to one of their coworkers to boot. Scott roughly demands some answers from his new client, who clams up once again. Ian confides to Joe how deeply in love he and Eve have fallen despite their best efforts to fight off their hunger for one another. Lucy is elated when Kevin admits that he does still have feelings for her. Later, however, Lucy shivers to hear Victor say that he's closing in on the culprit who doctored the DNA results from the car bombing. Hoping for a happy ending, Ian is thunderstruck when Eve doesn't remember the pledge they made before she was run down.

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