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Port Charles Recaps: The week of December 25, 2000 on PC
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Monday, December 25, 2000

Due to the Christmas holiday, Port Charles did not air.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2000

Lucy takes another stab at reading the Tarot cards in hopes of discerning what her next step should be. Victor comes to the lighthouse and hesitantly informs his son that he knows who killed Eve. Meanwhile, Eve gets wind of Ian's plan to set her free and stubbornly declares that she won't go home without him. Victor told Kevin why he believes a man named Jordan Harris was responsible for the car bombing. Frank brought a Desert Storm veteran suffering from Gulf War Syndrome into the ER. With help from Livvie and Lucy, Kevin returns to the Recovery Room for the first time since his wife's "death". Overruling Eve's protests, Ian insists she comply with the terms of the agreement he made with Harris. Wielding a grenade, an agitated Ted vows to blow everyone in the emergency room sky high unless the doctors release him. Alison watches disapprovingly as Livvie encourages her dad to get closer to Lucy. Eve bids farewell to Ian. As Kevin attempts to talk Ted into surrendering, an unwitting Lucy wanders into the line of fire.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2000

As Ted tightens his grip on a terrified Lucy, Kevin tries frantically to talk the confused Gulf War vet into putting down the grenade. Ian reminds Harris that he won't relinquish the formula for the cure until he receives a call from Eve assuring him that she's safely home again. Revealing that he's lost both his job and his wife, Ted told Kevin he no longer cares if he lives or dies. Promising the disturbed man that he can help him regain some self-respect, Kevin again urges Ted to surrender while they still have a chance to find a peaceful resolution to their problem. Relieved to hear Eve use the cord word they agreed upon during her call, Ian informs an enraged Harris that there is no cure. Ted finally puts the pin back into the grenade and releases Lucy just as the police burst in. Over Garcia's objections, Kevin insists on having his patient taken to the psych ward instead of off to jail. Later, Lucy thanks her Doc for his courage. As Eve suddenly reappears, Ian's duel with Harris ends when the doctor plunges his sword into his longtime nemesis. After fleeing back to the helicopter, Ian and Eve come under fire once more.

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Thursday, December 28, 2000

Following their close call in the ER, Joe and Gabriela head back to the Scanlon house with Frank and Karen. Kevin and Lucy are surprised to find a romantic candlelight dinner for two waiting for them at the lighthouse, courtesy of a matchmaking Livvie. After Ian manages to land the helicopter safely, he and Eve set off on foot through the snow and begin to make their way through a dense forest. Karen watches with mixed emotions as Gaby admits to Joe how shaken she was by their grenade-wielding patient. Eve and Ian take refuge in an empty cabin and are relieved to realize that they're only about forty miles away from home. Lucy stumbles over an unmarked videotape and pops it into the VCR, then scrambles to shut it off when images of Kevin and Eve's wedding appear on the TV screen. Declaring their love for one another, Ian and Eve tumble to the floor locked together in a passionate embrace. Kevin told a pleased Lucy that he's going to celebrate being alive. Later, Lucy and Kevin share a lingering kiss.

Friday, December 29, 2000

Chris pays the bellboy to open the door to Livvie and Lucy's hotel room. When he gets inside he checks the answering machine, Jack had left a message for Livvie saying where he had been, and to call him at the recovery room, Chris then deleted the message. Livvie walks in right after he deletes the message, she asked Chris what he was doing in her room, he just lied and said that the maid let him in and he was getting ready to write her a note when she walked in. Chris told Livvie to be careful, that Jack might be using Livvie to get to him, and Livvie told Chris to let her make her own mistakes.

Jack and Jamal were talking at the recovery room; Jack told Jamal that his parole officer said that he could stay in Port Charles as long as he found a steady job.

Ian and Eve continued their passionate kiss, when she told Ian to make love to her, he stopped, and said no. Ian told her he wanted her for a whole lifetime and not just one night. Eve then said she would tell Kevin that she loved Ian so that they could be together.

Meanwhile back in Port Charles, Lucy and Kevin decided not to wait and make love, but first Lucy asked Kevin did he feel right about it, he replied yes, and then they made love.

When Ian and Eve got back to PC Eve went home to tell Kevin, that she was in love with Ian. She told Ian that he didn't have to go in the house with her. She added that when she was finished, she would run to him. Eve went up to the house and knocked on the door, but she figured Kevin was at work. She started to run back to Ian, but in the process she was plowed down by a passing car. The car's driver didn't stop and continued on his or her way.

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