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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 25, 2000 on GL
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Monday, December 25, 2000

Due to the Christmas holiday, Guiding Light did not air.

Tuesday, December 26, 2000

At the Lewises':

Marah, Shayne and Catalina are decorating the tree. Shayne is telling Catalina a bit about their families Christmas tradition. Marah starts talking to her mom about when her dad would be coming over and if the "dragon lady" would be accompanying him. Reva tells her to forget about Olivia for the night and they start having a pillow fight. During the fun, Marah and Shayne spot Reva's new ring. They ask her about it and she tells them it is a friendship ring from Noah and nothing more.

Tony and Father Ray come over and Ray invites them all to Midnight Mass at his church. Tony gives Marah a present and she opens it. Marah pulls out the necklace and tells him how beautiful it is. The charm is a "St. Anthony" charm and he tells her it is to remind her of him. Marah kids him about thinking he is a saint. Tony puts the necklace on Marah and is kissing her neck when Reva walks up. Tony gave Reva a box of chocolates.

Josh comes up to the door and is thinking back to he and Reva at Christmas past. Finally he knocks and Reva lets him in, asking if he came alone. He tells her he is having dinner with Sam and Olivia later. Reva says the kids will be pleased and they go into the living room. Josh asks how everyone is doing and if anyone has been over to see Susan yet. Reva tells him that they were going to but she is resting and the kids are kind of upset so she was trying to stay away from the subject at least for that evening. Josh gives everyone his gifts he brought and Reva opens hers, it is a toaster oven. She doesn't look happy about it but he tells her that he noticed hers was broken. Marah talks about all the stupid gifts Josh has given her in the past and how she wonders what tragic mistake he has made this year. She opens her box and there are some red high heels. She loves them and is real excited for a moment. Then she realizes that Olivia had to have picked them out for her. Josh admits that she helped but that he got them for her. Suddenly every other gift was perfect and this one was tainted. Marah flies off the handle and leaves the room. Josh leaves, Reva tells him it will take time but things will get better. Everyone goes back in the living room.

Marah come back down the stairs and asks if Josh left. Shayne is upset and asks her what she expects. She apologizes and says it won't be Christmas anymore not like it used to be. Reva says they will make new traditions. She tells them they will go to midnight mass and be thankful for what they have because there are other worse off than they are, like Susan.

Tony gets everyone together to go to the church when Noah comes in. The kids go with Tony and Reva says she will meet them there. Reva tells Noah to go get the car and she will be out. She turns off the light and looks at a picture of her, Josh and the kids on the tree.

At the Bauers':

Meta is taking cookies out of the oven and Rick eats the head off of an angel. Rick says it feels like Christmas. He asks if he can help with something and Meta tells him to take out the garbage. Outside, Rick sees Nick and wishes him a very Merry Christmas and tells him it has been a long time. Rick says he was wondering if he was ever going to see him again, but he imagines that other people need him worse than he does. Nick says it has been a rough year but he would never forget his old friends. Rick tells Nick about Abby leaving him, Danny leaving Michelle, Ed missing in action, etc. Nick tells Rick to keep them laughing, that his family and friends need his stability now more than ever, even his new friends.

Michelle sees Danny and asks him what he is doing there. He says he brought some gifts for the baby. One pink and one blue so either way. Michelle starts to tell him the sex of the baby but Danny tells her he doesn't want to know, he just wanted her to know he was thinking about her and the baby. She says she was thinking about him too, every waking moment, when she wakes up and is craving Chocolate Chip ice cream and he isn't there to eat most of it. She asks him to come in and have some cookies that she made them herself. He says you are baking now. She puts her hands on her belly and says she thought it was time she started.

Holly, Blake, Ross and the kids come in. Meta tells Holly it is good to see her there. Holly says there is nowhere else she would be. Rick tells Michelle that he invited May over but if she wants he will cancel. She tells him it is fine and that May is a very nice person. May comes in and asks Rick if he is sure that Michelle is okay with this. Rick says yes that he is more nervous that she is. Rick goes to check on everyone. Everyone grabs a glass and Ross gets to do the Christmas toast. He says something like, 'To friends and family, present and absent, to those dear friends who have left us in body but most assuredly remain in our hearts and to those they have left behind.... blah, blah, blah' Meta give Ross an A+ for his toast and adds that when she was a little girl she heard someone say, "there is a destiny that makes us brothers no one goes that way alone."

At Phillip and Harley's:

Harley is taking packages from under the tree and tells Phillip that she is taking Zack and Susan with her to Franks. She tells him that she understands that Beth and the kids are his first priority. He tells her that is not the case to the point of running her out of her own house. Lillian overhears part of their conversation and comes in. She tells Harley not to leave that she will take Beth and the kids to her place. Phillip says no, he will take everyone to the mansion. Beth walks in and apologizes to Harley for intruding. Harley tells her not to apologize. Phillips says that there is more room at Alan's house anyway and Lizzie has things there.

Lizzie runs in upset and sits on Phillips lap and says she doesn't want to leave and tells him she is scared. Harley asks Lizzie if it would be okay if Phillip came with her to her grandpa's house. Lizzie seemed to calm down after she understood. Harley asks Phillip about Zack. Phillip says he is going to be back there later, he is just going to take everyone to the mansion and stay until they get settled. Then he will come back. He goes to start the car and runs into Nick outside. He hugs Nick and tells him he really needed to see him. Nick tells Phillip that he remembers when he thought the only thing he had to give was money. Phillip says that is still the way he works at times. Nick tells him that what he is giving now is way more important. Phillips tells Nick that there is a house full of people that could use him (Nick) and all they have is him (Phillip). Nick disappears.

Inside, Beth thanks Harley again for everything and Harley says it was nothing. As everyone is leaving, Frank and Buzz come in. Harley tells them she doesn't want to hear a word from either one of them. Harley tells them why Phillip left with Beth and the others. She was trying to get herself out and as usual it backfired on her. Harley asks her dad if he doesn't have some snide comment and he says no and that is his Christmas present to her, "No Comment's", except to say that he loves both of his children and they have had a rough year and he wishes them a happier new year. He tells them both to go to the Bauer's for a little Christmas Cheer while he stays in case Susan wakes up. Harley feels bad but Buzz tells her that Susan likes him best anyway. She laughs but tells him that it is true. She heads out with Frank.

As Harley leaves with Zack, she sees Nick and asks him what he is doing. He tells her he is collecting empties for the homeless shelter but that he really came to see her. He tells her that she doesn't know him but that he has heard a lot about her from his old friend, Phillips. He introduces himself to her and tells her that she is doing a lot better than she thinks. She says that in her heart she feels mean and wishes for bad things. Nick tells her that if she would forgive herself she can begin to forgive others.

At the Spauldings':

Vicky and David are happy to be alone in the house. They are making out on the couch when Phillip walks in with Beth, Lillian, and the kids. Vicky and David look disappointed.

Beth is sitting outside crying when she sees Nick. She runs into his arms in tears asking him where he has been. He tells her he is so sorry for her loss and that he knows she is scared about her future. He tells her that she needs to listen to her heart and her guts and take care of herself since she is the only one that knows what is best for her. He tells her that he promises there are merrier Christmas's ahead.

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

In San Cristobel:

Richard is looking at his cup again. He is trying to translate the inscription. Cassie comes in and talks about how she can't believe what happened to Jim and that his funeral is today. She wanted to go but out of respect for Jim and his family she decided against in so that the press wouldn't make a spectacle out of the day. She tells Richard that the kids are playing with their Christmas presents. Dax arrives and Cassie leaves. Richard shows Dax the cup and asks him if he recognizes the silversmith's mark. Dax tells him that he does and he will send for him ASAP.

The Silversmith comes in and tells Richard that he didn't do the engraving on the cup but knows the lady who did. He tells him her name is Elizabeth Cortez. She is retired now and he isn't sure if she is still around. Dax goes to check in on Ms. Cortez. He learns that she does still live in SC but at that moment she is visiting with her family in Florida and wont be back until after the holidays. Dax asks Richard if there is some reason this cup is so important. He is concerned and asks Richard to keep him informed.

Cassie walks in. She sees Richard who is engrossed in the cup. She tells him that he loses. He asks her what she means and she tells him that RJ let her run the train before him. She tells him that all she had to do was bribe him with a cookie. She asks him to come play with the train. He tells her he will be there soon.

At the Lewises':

Marah, Shane and Catalina are at home. They are talking about how sad it is that Susan's father has died. They wonder what to say to her. Marah is concerned that Josh will bring Olivia to the funeral. Reva wants them to put aside bad feelings for Olivia and concentrate on supporting Susan and Beth right now.

At Phillip and Harley's:

Susan and Buzz are talking. Susan doesn't want to go to the funeral. Buzz tells her that being with friends and family is important and that people won't be staring at her or pitying her. He wants Susan to let everyone help her and get used to all the hugs. Phillip arrives and apologizes for running late. Phillip asks Harley if she is ok, she says they are burying a friend today, doesn't that say enough.

At the Church:

Susan sees the coffin draped with a flag. She is upset and starts crying. She sees Beth and hugs her. Buzz and Frank offer condolences to Beth. Harley asks how they settled in at the mansion. Beth apologizes for staying at Harley's in the first place. Reva arrives and explains Cassie's absence. Tony hugs Susan and says her Dad was a hero. Josh says we lost a good man. Sam hugs Susan, says he wishes there was something he could do to help. Phillip asks Beth if she is all right. They walk into the church and take their seats. Father Ray starts to speak about Jim's heroism, and about how Jim walked into the burning house to save others. He says, 'A good man has been taken away from all of us.' Ed arrives at the funeral. Beth stands up to talk about Jim. She is crying and says that it is unbelievable, wrong and unfair that Jim is dead. She wants to talk about his humor, his integrity and his enthusiasm. Love wasn't just a word to him; it was his way of life. Now that he is gone, she is afraid to live life w/o his clear vision of right and wrong, his vision of their life together, they didn't have enough time. She is grateful for the time they did have together and the love he gave her. She tells Jim that she loves him and sits down.

Susan gets up to speak and she cries. She apologizes and tells everyone that this is the worst thing that has ever happened to her. She says she is mad at him for leaving her. She has told him a lot of things since the other night, how much she misses him and loves him and that she is sorry and how she would give anything to be able to prove to him how happy and how glad she is to have been his daughter. Susan sits down. Harley tries to comfort her.

Later, Susan is standing by the casket when Buzz comes up and hugs her. He tells her that Jim would be proud of her. Edmund tells Beth he is sorry and hugs her. He asks why she didn't call him. She thought it might have seemed like an invitation to pursue her? Beth says she hasn't been thinking clearly lately. She starts to ask how he found out and then realizes Susan called him. Ed asks if they have a place to live and if they need anything. He tells her all they have to do is ask. Ed goes over to Susan. He tells her there is no place else he would be today. He tells her that she is like her father, very brave. Susan says she let her father down over and over. Ed says he believes her father would not trade one second of the life he had with her. Susan says she hurt him. Ed asks about the last time she saw him. Susan said it was at the fire, when she asked him not to go back into the fire, he squeezed her hand and told her everything would be alright. Susan invites Ed to the reception at the mansion. Ed says Phil wouldn't want him there. Susan wants him to come anyway.

Olivia and Josh talking. Olivia says she feels blessed that Josh survived the accident a few months ago and now they are getting married. Marah walks up and says why don't they just roll Jim's casket out of here so they can get on with the wedding. Josh is upset with her for speaking like that to Olivia. Reva asks what is going on, Josh says they are handling it. Reva tells him that it doesn't sound like it. Marah gets upset and leaves.

At the Spauldings':

Everyone is back at the mansion. Lizzie asks Sam if he went to the cemetery, she says she didn't want to go there. Sam says no one does. Harley tries to talk to Susan but she doesn't want to talk to her. Phil and Rick console Harley. Susan goes outside to talk to Beth. Beth gives her Jim's flag and tells her that she should have it. Susan says she wishes her dad could see them hugging. Sam asks if she has a hug for him. They start talking about the military and what life with a military man is like. Susan tells him that she knows how to keep things neat and orderly with hospital corners on her bed. Sam tells her that he was in a private school like that but wouldn't go to the military. He tells her that he is anti war but if he were to have to go into the military he would join the Seals like her dad.

Beth and Susan sit on the couch and Beth tells her that when Jim came back from SC he sat his suitcase outside the door. She just got it back from the fire marshal and thought they should open it together. They open it and Susan smells the sweater and tells Beth it smells like him. Beth smells it too. There is a Christmas present for Susan and Beth hands it to her. It is a book, The Art of War, and there is an inscription from Jim. He tells her that she is his warrior and that Edmund had helped him pick the book out for her. Susan cries. Edmund comes to the door and Phillip tells him to leave. Susan sees him and runs to him. She tells him that she just learned she went shopping with Jim for her Christmas and she and Beth want to hear every detail of their time together and what Jim had said.

At Infierno:

Marah and Tony are at Infierno. She is rebelling. She says she is tired of being good. Tony tells her that she has to do what is best for her. Marah says she wants to go away with him this weekend. Tony thinks that would be great but she will miss her dad's wedding. Marah knows that but Tony tells her he wants to be with her but for the right reasons. Not just as an escape from her father's wedding. Marah asks him if he loves her and he tells her that he does. Marah tells him that he should just shut up and kiss her then. He does. Marah asks him when they will leave. He tells her that they can leave tomorrow.

Thursday, December 28, 2000

At Olivia's:

Olivia is on the phone making last minute wedding plans and painting her toe nails at the same time. Sam listens to his frustrated sister and asks her if this marriage is going to last because he cant handle all the stress, even with his medication. Olivia reassures Sam and he reassures her that everything will go smoothly.

At the Lewises':

Marah and Shane at home. Shane is getting ready to go over to help Josh get ready for the wedding. Marah says she has gotten everything organized so nothing will go wrong while Reva is away. She is going to be the adult and be responsible. Reva comes down and asks Shayne what is wrong. Marah tells her they are just trying to make things go smoothly while she is away with Noah. Reva goes over Marah's plans and asks her what she did to her daughter. She thinks the plan is great. Marah asks Reva is her ring means another wedding in the future. Reva tells her no, but it does mean they get to stay alone while she and Noah go to his parent's house. Reva reminds Marah that Josh is counting on her and Shayne for support at his wedding. Shayne comes down and Marah tells him that he needs to have someone come and pick her up before the wedding. Shayne agrees and leaves to go to Josh's. Marah wonders why Reva is so calm about the wedding and she tells her that she doesn't like the idea of Josh marrying Olivia but there is nothing she can do about it. Reva goes to finish packing and Tony arrives at the door to pick up Marah. They kiss and she tells him he is a bit early, her mom is still there. He tells her that he learned from his friend that the inn is all booked for the holiday weekend but he got them a room at another nice place. Marah yells to Reva that she is going for a walk before the wedding and tells her that she will go ahead and say goodbye to her now. Reva tells Marah goodbye. Marah leaves a note for Shayne to find and tells Tony she will be right out.

Noah arrives to pick up Reva. Reva tells him the kids are confused about what the ring he gave her means. Noah says he only needs one commitment; that she will work out with him after the trip since his mom is a great cook. Reva asks about why he said his mother died when he first met her. Noah says his real mother did die of cancer and Paullina is his stepmother. He is glad she asked, instead of assuming he lied. Reva and Noah leave the house without seeing the note Marah left.

Sam arrives at a very dark house to pick up Marah. He finds the spare key when no one answers the door. He goes in and sees the note. The note is to Shane it says she couldn't bear to go to the wedding. She says she is with Tony at the inn and she is ok, she thinks she is in love and she is ready. At the end, Marah says, "don't you dare tell Dad."

At the Spauldings':

Beth tells Phil that all the moving and activity has worn them all out. Phil tells her that she and the kids can stay at the mansion as long as they like. Beth doesn't think Phil is thinking about what all this tension is doing to his marriage and tells him to go home and be with Harley. Phil leaves telling her he will call and check up on them. Ed comes in and passes Phil on the way out. Ed tells Beth that he understands why Phil is so protective but that Beth really shouldn't encourage it. Ed tells her that it is clear to him that Phil still loves her. Beth disagrees and tells Ed that Phil just wants to take care of the kids. Ed apologizes for reading anything in to the situation. She just wants one marriage to survive the year in tact. Ed tells Beth she needs to get some distance from Phil and offers to relocate her to any place she wishes be it across town or in San Cristobel. Beth tells him she can't accept.

Ed admits that he is still very attracted to her but thinks he has proved that he can stay away. Beth feels guilty for her feelings for Ed while Jim was alive. He tells her that they all know he was never a serious threat to her marriage. He says her commitment to Jim was too solid. Ed says he could have beaten Jim at any game and she would have still chosen him. Beth tells Ed she envies him for being able to spend Jim's final days with him. Ed tells her that Jim talked only of his commitment to her and his children and repeated over and over his love for them. He tells her how they saw a sunset after charting the waters and Jim commented on how Beth would love it.

Susan comes in and tells Ed she is already halfway through The Art of War, she really likes it. She wants to know if he really helped her dad pick the book. Ed says he just steered him in that direction. Beth offers to take Susan's coat and get something for her since she must be cold. Susan tells Ed Beth has been nice to her. Ed says maybe that is because she loves her. Susan says Phil and Harley aren't getting along. Ed says if things get too rough she should give him a call and he will come help her. Susan says a lot of people have offered, but she believes he is the only person who could really help her.

At Harley and Phillip's:

Harley is lying on the couch when Phil arrives home. Harley tells him that Susan is still in her room and has only came down for lunch. Phil thanks Harley for her patience and understanding during this mess with Jim. Harley is unresponsive. Phil asks Harley to say what is on her mind. She isn't sure what is on her mind and tells him that she is just numb inside. She is sad and doesn't have the strength to talk about it. She thinks they should hold off on any major conversations about them until they all get their energy back. Phil tells Harley that it doesn't do any good for them to ignore the elephant in the middle of the room. He doesn't know what has changed for their marriage in the past few days. He still wants the same things, to be a husband and a father. Harley says what if I don't want the same things anymore? She talks about her confused feelings over their marriage and Jim's death. Susan comes downstairs. Harley tries to get her to join them but she declines. Susan asks Phil how Beth is doing. She wants to visit Beth and the kids at the mansion.

Susan says she might be gone awhile, she is hoping she'll get to speak to Ed. Harley tells her not to be too quick to trust Ed. Susan leaves. Phil says at least we agree about Ed. Phil tells her that he is going to try not mention any of his ex-wives and they won't talk about their marriage until they feel more like themselves. Harley says whatever.

At Josh's:

Shayne is helping Josh get ready. Josh is glad Shane is standing up for him. He says you do the Lewis men proud in that tux, but you are missing something. He gives him cufflinks that used to belong to HB. Josh says he knows Shane is not comfortable with him marrying Olivia but he wants him to know he will always care for Reva but he has come to love Olivia very much. Shayne tells him that Marah is not happy at all and that he has to go pick her up later. Josh doesn't want him to leave and he calls Olivia and asks her to get Sam to pick Marah up. Josh and Shayne go over the checklist; license, ring, etc.

In the Car:

Tony and Marah are talking about the place they are going. She looks very uncomfortable. He promises her that it is a classy place for a classy girl.

Friday, December 29, 2000

Due to the extended New Year's holiday, Guiding Light will not air. Additionally, CBS will air a classic episode of Guiding Light on Monday, January 1st. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, January 2nd where Thursday's show ended.

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