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Passions Recaps: The week of December 25, 2000 on PS
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Monday, December 25, 2000

Due to the Christmas holiday, Passions did not air.

Tuesday, December 26, 2000

Kay gives her Uncle Hank a hug. He wonders why she is so cold. The Bennetts have a tradition where they open one present before midnight mass. Jessica gives Kay a present to open. Watching the family interact, Hecuba hopes every one will enjoy their Christmas, as it will be the last one they will enjoy together. Hank tells Sam every thing that happened the last few days is his fault and he feels his misfortunes of the past has brought everything down on every one. Sam tells him not to rehash that again, as they have all really talked about it; and besides it is Christmas. When Jessica comes to talk to Kay, she jumps. Hecuba tells her she can open as many presents as she wants, but she will not get her soul back. Kay asks Hecuba to leave her alone on this Christmas Eve. Hecuba tells her she will not be able to step one foot into the church and every one will find out she has no soul. Hecuba tells Kay she is not going to get what she wants and Kay yells at her to shut up. Grace hears Kay say shut up and wonders who she is talking to. Grace opens a present from Sam and it is a beautiful chain and pendant with a cross. Hecuba laughs as Kay looks on. Simone asks Kay what is wrong with her and what is going on with her, as she is just not herself. Grace is worried about Kay and she wants to cheer her up. She is going to ask her to take a present over to Tabitha to see if that will help her change her mood. Charity is worried about her cousin.

Julian is with Rebecca in his bedroom once again. Julian wants to know how she will get him out of his marriage to Ivy so he will be able to marry her. Rebecca remembers finding Ivy's locket in Ivy's bedroom and seeing a picture of Sam Bennett and Ethan as a baby. Rebecca has now figured out the secret about Ivy's past. Sam Bennett was her old lover ... but why is Ethan's picture also in the locket? Rebecca knows Ivy's secret but she tells Julian all things will be told in their own time. She assures him that after Christmas she is going to give him a big surprise!

Tabitha is mad that Hecuba has Kay Bennett's soul. She knows Kay is like a walking time bomb. Tabitha feels it is a terrible black day. They not only have to worry about Charity giving herself to Miguel but they also have to worry about her worse enemy teaming up with Kay. The door bell rings and Tabitha screams when she opens the door and sees Kay. She asks Kay what she is doing and wonders if Kay is alone. Kay gives her the present and Tabitha thanks her and closes the door almost in her face! Tabitha is listening to the package to see if it is ticking. Tabitha does not know what she is going to do. She is in a mess. Her nerves are gone and she is shaking. The phone rings and Timmy answers it as Tabitha is out of the room. The doorbell rings again and another parcel arrives. Tabitha tells the deliveryman she does not have any credit so can not accept the parcel. He tells her he only has to see the advanced check she received for the publication of her book. She shows him the check and she signs for the package. Tabitha demands an explanation from Timmy. He tells her it is a Holiday feast. Included in the package are ingredients to mix up Timmy's famous martimmies. Tabitha tells him to mix a few pitchers. As they are drinking the martimmy's, Timmy has another surprise for his princess. Timmy got her an end of the year present seeing as they do not celebrate Christmas. It is a new bracelet and she just loves it. Tabitha also has an end of the year present for Timmy. It is a new pair of gloves. Tabitha proposes a toast, as she is now thinking of the possibility that things are not going to be as bad as she thought they would be. Hecuba spies on them from outside and says the New Year ahead will be worse than they could ever imagine.

TC tells Eve that Chad is a good man. Luis is in agony as he cries out for Sheridan. Luis dams Ethan for pulling the plug on Sheridan's life support system. Gwen comes to Ethan's rescue saying Sheridan had this written in her living will and asks Luis not to make this any harder on Luis than it all ready is. Ethan asks if he did the right thing as Luis is hurting so much. Ethan asks everyone to leave Luis alone as Luis breaks free from the hold the orderly has on him. Luis talks to Sheridan. Eve enters the room and Theresa phones Pilar at the Crane mansion. Theresa tells Pilar that Sheridan was on life support but Ethan pulled the plug at Sheridan's request. Sheridan is now dead and Luis is in an emotional mess. Pilar tells Ivy what is going on as she want to go to the hospital with Pilar. Julian and Rebecca hear the news as they hide around the corner not to be seen. Rebecca wants to go to the hospital to be with her daughter but tells Julian they have time to fool around before they leave. Luis is sure Sheridan took a breath and he tells everyone. Eve tells him it is probably just an involuntary action. Luis is sure she is alive and suddenly, the monitor shows that Sheridan is indeed alive. Eve tells them it is not an uncommon occurrence but doesn't mean her brain may still be alive. Her brain suffered too much damage. Sheridan will never be the same if she is alive. Luis tells Pilar he does not believe what the brain scans show. Ethan tells his mother Sheridan is gone and she will never come back to them the way she was. Ivy wishes there were something she could say or do to help Ethan. Luis can not go to midnight mass with Pilar. He wants to stay with Sheridan. Theresa tells Whitney about Tabitha's reading her tea leaves and it has given her hope that Ethan will marry her. Ethan tells his mother Luis is in so much pain. Ethan does not want to cause any one any more pain and says it is time to make his decision known as to whom he is going to marry. Gwen tells Ethan she is sure the woman he proposes to will want him. Ethan tells everybody he will ask the girl he has chooses to marry him before the start of midnight mass tonight. Ethan tells Theresa and Gwen he is sorry for what he has put both women through and he leaves the hospital. Gwen tells Rebecca she is sure she has won and will be Ethan's wife. Theresa tells Ethan she will see him in church. She tells Whitney she will soon know if her life will be perfect or if it will be ruined beyond repair. Luis tells Sheridan he is going to go to midnight mass and pray just for her, as he knows they belong together forever.

Julian asks Rebecca is they should leave and have their own Christmas Eve celebration in his bedroom. He would love for her to taste his Yule log. Rebecca tells him she wants to be at the church when Ethan proposes to Gwen. Pilar is worried about Theresa. Whitney is telling Theresa the news about her mother letting her be around Chad. Entering the church, Chad asks Ethan if he has though through every thing carefully. Ethan tells him he has. Chad enters the church and he sits with the Russell family. Whitney and Chad keep looking at each other. Ethan enters the church. Gwen and Theresa both see him. Theresa knows this is the moment for all her hopes and dreams to come true of to be dashed. Kay arrives at the church, and Hecuba warns her she will not be allowed in. Kay tries to be with her family in the church but she can not get in. She wants to know what is going on and Hecuba tells her it is the angels keeping her away, as she has no soul. Kay cries out, wondering what she has done. Luis kneels in front of a big statue of our Lord with his arm extended in welcome. Luis begs the Lord to bring Sheridan back. Simone enters the church and she sits next to Whitney. Chad is sitting next to her, and she has a look of satisfaction on her face. Ethan walks up the aisle and he goes and sits next to Gwen. Theresa is heart broken as Ethan has obviously chosen Gwen as his bride. Theresa asks Pilar what she is going to do. Ethan comes to see Theresa and she graciously congratulates Ethan for proposing to Gwen. Ethan tells Theresa she does not understand. He had to go see Gwen first and then he gets down on his knees and proposes to Theresa. He asks Theresa to marry him. Theresa accepts. Gwen turns to Rebecca. She is crushed. Julian is devastated, as he was sure his son was going to marry Gwen. Luis asks the Lord for Sheridan to return to him. He will do any thing to have her back. He wants to spend the rest of his live with her and grow old together. Suddenly, we hear Sheridan's voice. Sheridan is in the church. Sheridan assures Luis she is here with him. They cry and Luis tells her he loves her. She asks him to repeat it and Luis tells her he loves her with all of his heart and soul. Sheridan tells Luis she loves him too. They kiss and embrace as midnight mass begins...

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Tabitha and Timmy exchange end of the year presents, and then they make a toast to a life in the new year not being so bad as they think it might be. Hecuba shows up and wants to have some martimmies. She tells Timmy and Tabitha the New Year is going too be much worse as she destroys the latest batch of Timmy's martimmyies. Hecuba is going to destroy Charity and then continue to destroy the rest of the good people in Harmony. Timmy yells at Hecuba telling her Tabitha can wipe the floor clean with her. His princess is better than Hecuba is. Knowing this is not possible; Hecuba then tells the "doll" boy she will destroy Tabitha and Timmy once she is finished with Charity. Tabitha tells Hecuba she knows her plans as she has been down the "Kay" road herself once or twice. Hecuba laughs and says she has much more up her sleeve than Tabitha ever did. Hecuba's plans are going to be horrific, and she intends to win points with their friends in the basement. Hecuba decides she will leave the destruction of Tabitha and Timmy for last so they can see every thing she is going to do. Tabitha asks Hecuba if she can help, after all they are both on the same side. Hecuba laughs at the request telling Tabitha her reign is over. Tabitha suddenly wakes up after she fell asleep on the couch. Timmy also wakes up from sleeping on the floor. Tabitha says she had a bad dream and Hecuba was in it. Timmy tells her he had the same dream. They realize they fell asleep after Hecuba left. Tabitha vows to fight Hecuba to the bitter end. Timmy does not want to die and he will help his princess. Tabitha and Timmy have to go to the Bennett house immediately to find out what Hecuba is up to.

Kay looks in the church windows as midnight mass begins. She feels so alone and wonders what she has done. Ethan goes to see Theresa. He gets down on his knees and proposes marriage to her. Theresa accepts his proposal with tears of joy in her eyes. Luis begs the Lord to bring Sheridan back. He wants them to live their lives together, to be happy and to grow old together. Sheridan shows up at the church. Luis begs her never to leave him again, and tells her he loves her with his heart and soul. They kiss. Theresa wants to know if what is happening to her is all a dream. Ethan tells her if it is a dream, then he is in the dream also. Julian tells Rebecca they are going to have to do something to stop Ethan from marrying Theresa. Whitney watches as her best friend becomes engaged. She smiles at Chad and Chad returns the smile. Simone catches her sister smiling at Chad and does not seem too happy. Theresa asks Ethan if he is sure he wants to marry her. Ethan tells her he is positive he wants to marry her, as he loves her very much, Luis thought he lost Sheridan and Sheridan thought she lost Luis forever. Luis promises never to let anything happened to Sheridan again. Luis thanks the Lord for bringing Sheridan back to him as they hug. Midnight mass is about to begin and Theresa and Ethan confess their love for each other. Theresa wakes up and Pilar brings in a breakfast tray. Theresa tells her mother about her dream and asks her if it is real. Pilar tells her Ethan did propose to her at church, and the dream is very real. Luis wants to take Sheridan back to the hospital and promises Sheridan he will not leave her. Luis wakes up in the hospital and asks God to please let what he experienced last night to be real. Sheridan wakes up and she tells Luis she is alive and that she loves him so much. They are elated and they kiss.

Luis tells Sheridan he almost lost his mind when he lost her. Sheridan is so sorry for putting Luis through all the pain. She tells him she did show up on the wharf that day, and wanted to tell him about the plan. She ran, as she was scared when she heard Hank. They are going to talk about all of this later. Luis just wants to hold Sheridan and make sure she is real. Eve enters and asks where Sheridan's family is. Sheridan does not want to tell them she is out of the coma yet. She will tell Ethan but she is in no rush to tell the other Crane's. Eve wants to examine Sheridan. Eve tells Sheridan she is all ready getting the best medicine being with the man she loves. After her examination Eve declares Sheridan is in great shape. Luis returns and he tells her that sooner or later she is going to have to tell her family she is alive. Sheridan wants to make it later. Sheridan tells Luis she kept going in and out of a consciousness when she was in the coffin. The only thing that kept her alive was imagining the sound of Luis' voice.

Tabitha comes knocking, and she sees all the Bennetts. Grace invites Tabitha to join them for their Christmas breakfast. Charity and Miguel are together. Tabitha comments on how they look like Christmas love birds! She asks where Kay is and wants to know if she is ill. Tabitha says she is hungry as she only had a piece of soul last night for supper. Charity feels Kay is in some kind of danger. In her room, Kay wonders if the rest of her life is going to be lived like this. Hecuba tells her the sooner she gets rids of Charity, then she can have her soul back. Kay wants to get on with it and asks Hecuba what it is she has to do now. She hopes it isn't something stupid like getting a strand of Charity's hair. Hecuba tells her she needs some of Charity's finger nail clippings. In the kitchen, Charity is having another premonition. She feels that some one close by is very happy. Kay comes down stairs and every one fusses over her. Kay does not want to eat any thing. Grace wants to know what is bothering Kay and tells her she won't get mad at her. She only wants to help. Kay fells bad that she did not buy Charity a Christmas present so she wants to give Charity a make over. Tabitha is sure that Hecuba is behind the make over idea. Eve arrives and tells everyone the good news about Sheridan. Hank wants to go right over to the hospital, but Eve tells him to wait. Sheridan and Luis need to be alone for awhile. Miguel knows Luis must be very happy. Hecuba tells Kay to get on with the make over. Kay takes Charity's hand and Charity screams, as her hand is so cold. Charity looks at her cousin and she jumps in horror as Kay looks like an old witch to Charity.

Ivy enters the living room and sees Julian sitting. She asks him if he got any sleep last night, and he tells her he could not sleep after he heard from his father. Alistair went ballistic upon hearing the news that Ethan choose the house keepers daughter for his wife. Julian knows he has to figure out a plan before his father does something rash. Rebecca and Gwen arrive. Gwen asks to see Ethan. Rebecca and Julian do not think that this is a good idea, and Gwen tells them even though she would like to kill Theresa with her bare hands, they have to face the facts. Ethan is going to marry Theresa and not her. Gwen is returning her engagement ring to Ethan. She gives him the ring and tells him she hopes he will be very happy. Gwen returns to the living room as Rebecca vows that Ethan will never marry Theresa. Julian will not tolerate his son marrying beneath his station in life. Gwen yells at Julian and her mother telling them to stop. She asks Julian if she knows his son? If Julian knew Ethan, then he would realize Ethan is his own man. Ethan is going to marry Theresa and there is not a dam thing any one can do to stop it. Again, Rebecca vows the marriage will not happen. Julian blames Ethan's decision on Ivy. She was the one who brought him up, seeing to his education, picking his nanny's etc... He maintains Ivy kept Ethan away from Julian and Alistair on purpose. If he didn't know better, he would think Ethan was not his son! A light comes on in Rebecca's head, and wonders if there is a possibility of that.

Theresa runs to answer the front door. She is elated to see Ethan. Ethan has come to talk to Pilar. He tells Pilar if Theresa's father were alive, he would ask him for his permission to marry his daughter. He will do the honorable thing, and ask Pilar for her permission to marry Theresa. Ethan tells Pilar he loves Theresa with all of his heart. Pilar answers by telling Ethan she wants them to be happy but she is so worried about "out side" matters, such as his family. Pilar knows the Crane's will never accept Theresa into the family. Ethan can handle his family and he knows there are going to be rough times ahead. Ethan says Alistair and Julian are going to have to learn to live with his decision. Pilar is also worried about Rebecca. Ethan says Rebecca really can't do anything about it, and she can him and haw all she wants. Pilar is really not so sure that Rebecca will not try to do anything. Ethan tells Theresa they are not really engaged. He pulls out a ring and he proposes to Theresa again. He asks her to accept the ring as a symbol or his eternal love and commitment to her. Theresa accepts his proposal, and Ethan places the ring on her finger. They kiss as Whitney and Pilar look on. Whitney is delighted for her best friend while Pilar has a look of mixed feelings on her face.

Thursday, December 28, 2000

Just as Kay is about to cut Charity's nails, Charity lets out a terrifying scream. Charity is horrified to see that Kay's face is distorted and demonic-looking. A spying Tabitha and Timmy are also taken aback by Kay's appearance. Tabitha explains to Timmy that Kay's face is a result of not having a soul. Kay looks at her reflection in a mirror and flees to her bedroom. Hecuba assures Kay Charity can only see her distorted face when her powers are at their strongest. Hecuba sends Kay back downstairs to get the nail clippings from Charity so she can continue her plot to destroy the young girl.

Frustrated by Ethan's decision to marry Theresa, Julian comments that if he didn't know better, he'd swear Ethan is not his son. Rebecca notices Ivy's startled reaction. Rebecca finally deduces what Ivy's secret is: Ethan is Sam's son! Her theory is further validated as Ivy continually refers to Ethan as her son while she fights with Julian. She vows to find proof of Ivy's secret and use it to her advantage. Rebecca hints to Gwen she may still have a chance with Ethan. The women are stunned when Julian threatens Ivy's life.

Ethan and Theresa celebrate their engagement with Pilar and Whitney. Ethan proposes again and this time slips a ring onto Theresa's finger. Ethan and Theresa prepare to tell Luis of their engagement. Pilar warns the happy couple that Luis may not give his blessing.

Friday, December 29, 2000

Rebecca confides to an astonished Gwen her suspicion that Ethan is not a Crane at all but the police commissioner's illegitimate son. Meanwhile, Theresa is heartbroken when Luis refuses to give his blessing to her proposed union with the heir to the Crane fortune. Ivy raises her voice in protest as Alistair reminds Julian that his grandson must not be allowed to marry the housekeeper's daughter. A disappointed Sheridan gently scolds Luis for hardening his heart against her family once again. Rebecca informs Gwen that they can have their cake and eat it too after they walk both Julian and Ethan down the proverbial aisle. Theresa trembles when Ethan begins to wonder if he made the right move by asking her to wed a man of whom her family so disapproves. Ivy agrees to help Alistair break up Luis and Sheridan provided that no one attempts to tear Theresa and Ethan apart. Later, Alistair privately assures Julian that he's going to double-cross Ivy the very first chance he gets.

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