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Passions Recaps: The week of December 18, 2000 on PS
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Monday, December 18, 2000

Timmy is on the phone and he is ordering ingredients for making his martimmy's. Tabitha is lying on the couch and she is in agony. She does not want her book to be published and they have to find a way to keep it from being published. Tabitha hangs up the phone on Timmy. Timmy reminds Tabitha that she is broke, and has no money. Having her book published is the answer to all their problems. Tabitha tells Timmy to get his head out of the clouds. Their main problem at the moment is keeping a close eye on Charity and Miguel. They will be toast if Charity and Miguel should make love. Tabitha has a strange feeling that something bad is happening at the Bennett house. She has to find out what is going on over there. Timmy has the check the publisher left them, and he wants to deposit it in the bank. Once again, Tabitha says no because if her book is published, they will be in deep trouble. Timmy thinks of how famous they will become and he dreams of all the talk shows he will be on and the book signings he will attend. Tabitha smells sulfur. This is the smell of evil and it is coming from the Bennett house...

Everybody is wondering what is going on with Sam, TC, Luis and Ethan. Simone and Whitney are at the hospital with Chad and it is reported that he is doing well. Miguel tells Charity he is happy they are together. Kay is watching this and Hecuba asks her why is she torturing herself? Hecuba tells Kay Miguel will be hers once she helps her destroy Charity. Miguel asks Charity if she is cold and if she would like him to build up the fire. She says she is not cold and is sure it is evil that is making her cold. Kay tells Hecuba she wants her soul back now. Hecuba reminds her of the deal they made. Kay does not care about the deal, she only wants her soul back. Kay will not get her soul until she does the things that Hecuba wants. Charity enters the kitchen where Kay is and tells Kay she knows exactly what is going on and why she does not feel like celebrating Christmas. Kay's eyes almost jump out of her head until Charity tells her it is because she misses Noah so much. Grace, Pilar and Theresa return to the house and everybody is asking what is going on. They are all told that they have to trust that Sam, TC, Luis and Ethan know what they are doing. Tabitha is spying on them and wonders what they are talking about. She still smells the sulfur and Charity and Grace also have a bad feeling. Tabitha knows if both Charity and Grace sense Sam is in danger then Timmy and her are more than dead. Grace asks everyone to say a prayer for all the men. Hecuba tells Kay she can not pray with them, as she needs a soul in order to pray. Tabitha wonders why Kay is not praying and why the smell of sulfur is stronger. Tabitha has a plan and she is going to send Timmy to Kay's room to see what is going on. In her room, Hecuba tells Kay she has another errand for her to run. Kay says no and she grabs Hecuba's vile containing her soul and they start to fight over it. Tabitha is now in the house and she can not figure out how Eve Russell is involved with Sam and the men after Grace has told her what is happening. She hopes they will all be o.k. Theresa is telling Miguel the story of her and Ethan and how sure she was that Ethan was going to choose her before he was called away. Miguel tries to reassure Theresa. Theresa says she is praying for all the men and she told God she would give Ethan up if He only kept Ethan safe. Charity tells Theresa she does not have to make bargains with God. They all want the men to return alive. Hecuba grabs Kay and she zaps her to the ground. She has something for Kay to do and she has to do it if she wants her soul back. Timmy hears Kay's voice. He enters her room and he sees Hecuba. He wonders what the old witch is doing, and he remembers Tabitha telling him not to go near her. He feels Kay is truly in trouble. Jessica asks where her sister went and Charity is going to go check on her. Grace gives Tabitha, Pilar and Theresa a nice hot cup of tea. Tabitha wants to read Theresa's tea leaves to help pass the time away, but Pilar and Grace feel this goes against the teachings of the church. Theresa tells them it is all right as long as it is only done in fun. Tabitha sees interesting things in Theresa's cup. She sees Theresa crying as well as all of Harmony crying in the church. Timmy wonders what Hecuba is doing with Kay. Hecuba tells Kay is it important she tell no one what is going on. Charity comes to Kay's room. She finds Tabitha's doll outside the door and wonders what it is doing there. She picks him up. Charity can hear Kay talking and wonders whom she is talking to. Tabitha says she does not see a funeral in the tea leaves. Grace asks her about her friend Eve. Tabitha says she can not answer specific questions. Theresa wonders why everyone is in a church. Theresa is sure it is for her wedding. She asks Tabitha if that is what she sees. Tabitha tells her she will tell her as soon as things become clearer.

On the wharf, Pilar tells Theresa her brother and the others are in great danger. She prays that they will all return safely. Grace knows Luis and Sam are trained to handle such situations but she is very worried about TC and Ethan. On the boat, Sam, TC, Luis and Ethan attack Roger, Pierre and their gang. Eve is thrown over board and she is sinking to the bottom with the weights attached to her. TC jumps in after her. Hank and Agent Freeman wonder how Sam got here and they know they have to let Luis know Sheridan is alive. They just hope they will be able to get to Sheridan in time to save her. Sheridan is walking in the bright white light that is calling her. She sees her mother and is so happy. Her mother tells Sheridan that it is not her time yet to be called home. Her mother talks about Ethan and she warms Sheridan that there are things she does not know about Ethan. She can not tell her what they are. Her mother also tells her there is a man named Luis who loves her with all of his heart. For that reason, Sheridan's soul is bound to earth. Sheridan does not have very much time and her life is hanging in the balance. There is a fight on the boat. Sheridan and her mother can see it all. Luis has Roger and tells him he killed Sheridan. Grace tells Theresa and Pilar to come to her house as they are cold and there is nothing they can do standing around on the wharf. Grace offers a prayer for her friend Eve. Eve is sinking and TC is going after her. The Captain of the boat is fighting with Sam and looks like he is hurting him pretty good. Sheridan wants all the men to come back alive. Sam beats the Captain. Everybody seems to be beaten so Sam tells Luis to help him cuff the bastards so they will be able to help TC rescue Eve. Roger suddenly appears and has a gun pointed on Hank. He orders Sam to back off or his brother will be shot. Agent Freeman is unconscious. Sheridan wonders where Roger came from, as it appeared that all the bad guys were down. Roger has had enough of Luis and he pull a knife on him. Sheridan yells out to Roger not to hurt Luis. The fight continues. Pierre pulls a gun on Ethan and tells him he is gong to die. Eve is sinking and TC is trying to get the weights off of her. Sheridan is worried about Ethan and calls out to Luis to save him. Luis heard her. Luis runs over and grabs Pierre. The gun goes off but it misses Ethan. Luis saved Ethan's life. Ethan thanks Luis but Luis tells him it is only part of his job. TC brings Eve to the surface. Sam tells Roger to let Hank go. Sheridan feels that the earth is slipping away from her. Hank is knocked out. TC calls out for help and this distracts Pierre and Roger. The fight continues. Sheridan is begging Hank to wake up and tell Luis that she is still alive. Hank is out cold. Sheridan's mother tells her it is time to go. Her time is finally up. They walk towards the bright light. Sam jumps in the water and helps TC bring Eve on board the boat. Eve is uncurious. TC begs Eve not to leave him. Sam and TC begin mouth to mouth and rescue measures. Hank gets up and tells Luis and Ethan that Sheridan is not dead. He repeats himself and Ethan and Luis both look stunned. In her coffin, Sheridan says she loves Luis and her hand drops lifelessly to her side.

Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Tabitha is reading Theresa's tealeaves. She tells them the men will all return safe from the rescue mission. Grace asks Tabitha if Eve will be all right but Tabitha does not know. Tabitha sees a wedding. She tells Theresa she will be able to tell her soon if it is her wedding, once things become a bit clearer. Everyone wants Tabitha to stop reading the tea leaves except Theresa. Pilar especially feels that reading the tea leaves will give Theresa false hope and Theresa will get her hopes up. At Kay's bedroom door, Charity can hear Kay talking to herself. Hecuba warns Kay that Charity is just outside her door. If Kay rats on Hecuba, she will never get her soul back. Timmy hopes Hecuba will not hurt Charity. Hecuba says she has to leave, as she can not be in the same room with Charity. Charity is pure goodness while Hecuba is pure evil. Kay wants to know why she ever found her old life boarding. Once again, Hecuba warns Kay not to turn her in, or she will never get her soul back nor will she ever get Miguel. She tells Kay that Charity can not help her retrieve her soul. Kay tells Hecuba she wants to tell Charity, and Charity enters her bedroom and asks her what it is she wants to tell her? Charity puts Timmy on the bed. Theresa asks Tabitha what she sees in the tealeaves, but Pilar and Grace both ask Tabitha to stop. Pilar says Theresa would be crushed if Ethan chooses Gwen as his bride. Pilar does not want Tabitha to read her tea leaves but Tabitha tells her it is unfortunate as she can see a man from her past returning to her life after a long absence. Theresa and Miguel think it may be their papa or their brother Antonio. Pilar does not want to hear any more. Tabitha is going to leave as she feels she has made matters worse. Suddenly the phone rings, and Grace answers. It is the harbormaster who called on Sam's request to let Grace know that everyone is all right. All Theresa can think of is the fact that Ethan will now choose her for his bride. Timmy hopes Kay will not tell Charity about Hecuba. Miguel enters Kay's bedroom to tell Charity and Kay that everyone is all right and the rescue mission was a success. Hecuba warns Kay she will keep her soul forever if she tells Charity. Charity knows there is something wrong with Kay and she wants to know what it is. Charity notices that Kay has no Christmas spirit. Laughing, Hecuba says that is not the only thing Kay is lacking! Kay remembers when Hecuba took her soul. Hecuba again warns Kay not to blow the whistle on her. Kay tells Miguel and Charity she wants to talk to the both of them. Tabitha asks Grace if she can help with the dishes and Grace kindly declines Tabitha's offer. Tabitha sees something in Grace's teacup. She tells Grace she sees the same thing in her cup that she saw in Pilar's cup! Tabitha hopes Grace is not cross. at her for playing her little game. Grace goes back in the house and Tabitha predicts that Theresa will come see her any second. Theresa comes to see Tabitha. Gwen is out for a walk and she is listening to what Tabitha is telling Theresa. Theresa really believes that Tabitha was seeing her wedding to Ethan. An over excited Theresa runs off to find Ethan. Gwen follows her. Gwen catches up with Theresa and she asks what she was talking to Tabitha about. Theresa tells Gwen the men have returned from the rescue mission and everyone is fine. Gwen informs Theresa that she will never marry Ethan Crane, as he is hers no matter how many tricks Theresa may have up her sleeve! Gwen says Theresa is using desperate measures to try to get Ethan. Gwen knows Ethan always turns to her in his time of need. Tabitha is wondering what is keeping Timmy. Timmy is hoping he will not get caught in the crossfire between Hecuba and Charity. Hecuba tells Kay not to move too fast and tell Charity, or Miguel and Charity will marry and Kay will end up as a made of honor. Miguel tells Kay she is not making any sense. Kay reassures Charity and Miguel she is really all right. They tell Kay if she needs to talk; she knows where to find them. After they leave, Kay demands to have her soul back. Hecuba takes Timmy and throws him out the window. He lands on Tabitha and Tabitha falls. Tabitha demands an explanation from Timmy. Timmy tells Tabitha there is indeed pure evil in the Bennett household. Theresa has to go and find Ethan. Gwen tells Theresa that she will become Ethan's wife. Theresa admires Gwen's confidence but reminds her that the "rich" do not always get what they want. Tabitha tells Timmy she read tealeaves. Timmy tells Tabitha he saw Hecuba in Kay's room. She was there and she is working with Kay. Tabitha wants to know if Timmy is telling her the truth and Timmy assures her he is. Tabitha says this is very bad news. Miguel tells Charity he does not think Kay is o.k. Charity feels the same way. Charity feels Kay is missing something but she can not put her finger on it. Kay asks Hecuba what else she has to do. She did give Hecuba a strand of Charity's hair. Hecuba tells Kay she wants the destruction of all the good people in Harmony. Grace and Pilar are talking about Tabitha's reading. They do not believe any men from their past will be returning to their lives. Grace feels Tabitha was perhaps talking of Noah. Pilar goes in the living room to gather dishes. The angel returns to tell Grace a man from her past is returning and she has to be prepared...

TC begs Eve to return to him. Eve awakes and tells them they have to get to Sheridan. Hank is telling everyone they have to return to Harmony immediately and Eve tells them they have to hurry. Ethan feels Eve bumped her head but Hank tells them that Sheridan is buried alive. Sheridan can see everything that is going on. She knows they are trying to get to her. Sheridan's mother also sees this, but tells Sheridan she has to come with her into the light. Sheridan wants to be with Luis. In her coffin, Sheridan is asking Luis to save her. Sheridan is begging her mother to stay a little bit longer. Her mother can actually see the expressions on the men's faces. Hank asks Sam to radio ahead and have people dig up Sheridan. Sam tells Hank the ship to shore radio is not working. Hank wants Sam to make the boat go faster. Agent Freeman tells Hank he is giving Luis false hope. Sheridan is dead by now. Sheridan is begging them to save her. She is still alive. Sheridan is thrilled that they are on their way to save her life. Her mother is not certain if Sheridan is going to live, or if they are going to have to go towards the light. Hank tells Luis and Ethan what happened. Ethan and Luis are out for blood. Everything was faked and staged so they could catch Roger and Pierre. They needed Luis and Ethan's reactions to Sheridan's death to look real. Hank never thought their plan would go this far. Ethan can not believe what he is hearing. He will hold Hank personally responsible if Sheridan is dead. Luis asks God for a miracle. Sheridan hopes Luis will hurry. They finally arrive on shore. Sam is asking for back up at the cemetery and on the wharf. He wants Roger and Pierre arrested for murder and brought to jail. Luis, Hank, Ethan and Freeman are on their way to the cemetery in a police car. Hank tells Luis he is sorry but Luis tells him not to say a word. They have to get to Sheridan. Luis' mind wonders to that last day he was with Sheridan. He told her it would be the longest 24 hours of his life. He remembers that last kiss and how he felt about Sheridan. The car stagers and Hank yells at Luis. Ethan sticks up for Luis. They arrive at the cemetery. They start digging. Sheridan sees them and hopes they are gong to get to her in time. Her mother tells her it is time to go. There is nothing she can do. They walk towards the light. As Luis is digging he begs Sheridan not to die. Agent Freeman throws down his shovel in despair. He thinks this is useless. Luis suddenly hits something solid. Ethan says Sheridan's grave has been sealed with cement. Ethan wants to know who is responsible for this. They know they may never get Sheridan out in time. Luis and Ethan look at each other ... they are terrified...

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

TABITHA / TIMMY: Timmy's princess refuses to believe that Hecuba is with Kay at the Bennett house. Timmy is trying to convince her. Tabitha tells Timmy she and Hecuba are mortal enemies and have been for three hundred years. Tabitha is sure it is Timmy's imagination running wild, making him believe he saw Hecuba. Timmy swears on a pitcher of martimmies that Hecuba is there. Timmy says Hecuba makes Fluffy look like an angel to him. Tabitha is sure Timmy must have fallen asleep, and dreamt he saw Hecuba. She is not buying his story. Tabitha is telling Timmy about reading Grace, Pilar and Theresa's tea leaves. She knows the ladies would be soured for good if they knew exactly what their future held in store for them. Timmy asks Tabitha to read her own tea leaves, if she is not too scared. She agrees to read them, just for the heck of it. She finds that every thing is just hunky dory when suddenly, Hecuba shows up in her tea cup. Tabitha drops the cup. Tabitha demands to know what Hecuba is doing here and Hecuba tells her when Kay and Miguel came into her cave, the curse that Tabitha put on her three hundred years earlier had been broken. Tabitha is not going to get rid of Hecuba as easily this time around. Tabitha can not send her away, as she is has fallen and no longer has her powers. Hecuba describes Tabitha as all washed out as a card carrying witch. Once Hecuba succeeds where Tabitha has failed, Hecuba wants to move into Tabitha's house. Hecuba tells Tabitha she can live wherever she pleases. Hecuba is sure Tabitha's friends in the basement will not let Tabitha hang around. Tabitha vows she will stop Hecuba but Hecuba wants to know how she is going to do that ... perhaps with her little Ken doll? An angry Timmy replies that his name is Timmy. Hecuba declares herself the queen of evil, and it will give her great pleasure to see Tabitha fall. Timmy tells Tabitha her book will make her rich and famous. Hecuba grabs the book and reads from it, telling Tabitha if the book is published she won't have to get rid of Tabitha as the people of Harmony will get rid of her as they did three hundred years ago. Hecuba is about to leave and does not want to be shown out. Timmy tells Tabitha he is not afraid of Hecuba. He was only pretending. Hecuba lets out a "Boo" and Timmy runs to his princess. Tabitha tells Timmy he should just save himself as bad times are coming... AT THE CRANE MANSION: Ivy blasts Julian and Rebecca for celebrating when her son and others are in danger. Julian is sure Ethan is all right as he is sure Ethan will choose Gwen and not Theresa as his bride. He gives the women Christmas cheer and asks them to join him in a celebratory drink. Ivy tells him things are not over yet. Rebecca tells Ivy she is not helping their cause. Julian believes Gwen is the woman who can make Ethan happy, and Rebecca agrees with him. Ivy says the claws are out and accuses Rebecca of going after Julian before and after they were married! The door bells rings and Julian is put out that the servants will not answer. Rebecca tells Ivy she is not surprised by anything that Ivy would or could do. Julian has received a Christmas present and he is put out, as the delivery boy seemed to have wanted a tip. Ivy said the delivery boy must be new, as he doesn't know Scrooge lives at the mansion! Julian wants to open the present but Ivy tells him it is for Ethan. Julian does not care and he opens it any way. Inside, he finds plans for a big home. Plans for a house for Ethan and Gwen. Julian and Rebecca are naturally elated. Julian says his father is such a good judge of character and Ivy tells him that is why Alistair has disinherited Julian! Rebecca gives Julian a Christmas decoration for the tree. She was sure they were going to be family by now but Julian reminds her they will be one big happy family by next Christmas. Julian adores the decoration. Ivy tells Julian he is counting his chickens again. Pilar enters and tells them that everybody on the rescue mission have returned safely. Rebecca is sure Ethan will now return and announce he will choose Gwen as his bride. Pilar tells them Ethan will not be returning any time soon, as Ethan and the others are trying to dig up Sheridan's body. There is a possibility she is alive. Julian drops the new decoration, and it falls to the floor smashing into hundreds of pieces. Julian asks Pilar if she has been drinking. He has never heard of such trash. Sheridan is dead and buried. Julian is angry. There is no way Sheridan could have been buried alive. Ivy wonders if this could be true. Julian refuses to listen and puts on more Christmas music. Ivy tells him he is one hell of a guy. Julian replies that if Sheridan is alive, he will put a present under the tree for her. Rebecca tells Julian it could be helpful if Sheridan were alive. Ethan would be so happy to see her and he would never go against his aunt's wishes. Ethan and Gwen are sure to be married then. Ivy asks Pilar if she really thinks Sheridan is alive. Ivy knows Luis truly loves Sheridan and Pilar is worried that if Sheridan is dead, Luis will have lost her a second time around. Ivy is worried about Ethan and his father. Rebecca wonders what Ivy is talking about, as Ethan's father is right here with them... THE RESCUE MISSION: On her way to find Ethan, Theresa tells Gwen she does not want to keep arguing with her. She wants to leave to go see Ethan. Gwen tells Theresa even if Ethan should choose to marry Theresa; she will never let Theresa marry him. Pilar finds Theresa and Gwen and she tells them Sheridan may still be alive. Gwen hurries to go find Ethan. Theresa wants to go as well. She tells her mother Ethan needs her. At the graveyard, the men are digging; hoping to reach Sheridan before it is too late. Ethan finds Sheridan's grave has been sealed with cement. People can not believe this, and Sam stops Luis, telling him there is no way they will get to Sheridan now. Luis is devastated. As he hits the cement, Luis remembers the last time he kissed Sheridan. Sam wants to know who has sealed the grave with cement. Ethan wants to call Crane construction to get a crew to take away the cement. Luis says there is not enough time for that and asks him to go find the grounds keeper for more tools. Eve is scared and she tells TC she is worried for Sheridan. Gwen and Theresa arrive at the graveyard. Eve tells them everything, including the fact the people's grief have to be convincing so Roger and Pierre could be caught. She continues to say that Roger and Pierre found out about the plan and kidnapped all the people who knew about it. The men are picking away at the cement. In her coffin, Sheridan's finger is moving. She is standing in the light with her mother. Sheridan sees the men trying to save her. Sheridan's mother wants her to come with her but Sheridan tells her Luis is close and he will save her. If she is going to die, Sheridan wants to know if Luis will be all right. Her mother agrees and shows Sheridan the future. Luis has aged and he looks so lonely. He goes to Sheridan's grave and lays flowers. Hank tells his friend he has to move on with his life. Luis says he is never leaving Sheridan's side. Sheridan tells her mother she does not want to die. Her mother tells her it is not up to her. Sheridan's time has run out. The men have finally broken through the cement. Sheridan tells her mother she loves her and is so happy to see her again after all these years but she wants to say on earth and be with Luis. Suddenly, Sheridan feels strange. Her mother tells her it means she is crossing over to the other side. They walk toward the light. Sheridan's mother can not do any thing to keep Sheridan alive on earth. After the cement has been removed, Luis sees the coffin. He tells Sheridan to hang on for him. Sheridan wants to wait a minute but her mother says they can not. Sheridan's sees Luis and tells him if he can hear her, she will always be with him. She will be with him forever. They walk in the light and they disappear. Luis knocks the latch off the coffin and opens it. They are going to get Sheridan out. Luis finally has Sheridan in his arms and he tells her every thing is going to be o.k. Every one is looking on in doubt. Luis is holding and talking to Sheridan and Eve wants to examine her. Luis has to let Eve examine Sheridan. Eve tells everyone Sheridan is gone. Sheridan has died. Ethan hugs Gwen in comfort. Hank is devastated and states that it is his entire fault. Luis yells out as he holds Sheridan in his arms...

Thursday, December 21, 2000

Rebecca is confused as she overhears Ivy express worry over Ethan's father when Julian is standing right in the room. A suspicious Rebecca questions Julian as to when he and Ivy married. As she begins to put the pieces together, Rebecca asks to look at Julian and Ivy's wedding album. She's convinced she'll get her hands on the Crane fortune if she can only uncover Ivy's secret.

Hank tells Sam he wants to tell him everything. Sam is stunned when his brother reveals Roger and Pierre asked him to kill Sheridan. Hank confesses he's done some terrible things in the past, and Roger and Pierre threatened to expose his wrong doings if he refused to murder Sheridan. A furious Sam lashes out at Hank.

After having dug up her grave, Luis holds a lifeless Sheridan in his arms.

Gwen comforts Ethan, who is heartbroken over Sheridan's death. As Theresa looks on, she tells Whitney she should be the one to comfort him. Ethan resolves to tell Theresa and Gwen of his decision right away. After Gwen and Theresa have a run-in, Theresa confides to Whitney that she's worried Ethan just might pick Gwen. Ethan has a change of heart concerning Luis after seeing how much he cared for Sheridan.

Friday, December 22, 2000

Julian is sitting on his bed, calling out for Rebecca to return so he can have more of her plumb pudding! Pilar walks by; thinking Rebecca is in Julian's room with him. Julian opens the door, thinking it is Rebecca and is embarrassed that it is only Pilar. Pilar wonders what on earth Rebecca is up to. Ivy is in the bathtub and she is daydreaming of Sam. He comes to her, and she tells Sam he is all she has ever wanted. Sam loved her once and Ivy wants him to love her again. Ivy keeps dreaming and wishes that her dream of Sam would come true. Little does Ivy know that Rebecca is in her bedroom, searching for something. Pilar enters Ivy's room and calls out for her. Rebecca hides. Pilar asks Ivy if she has seen Rebecca, as she is worried Rebecca is looking for and could find things that only Ivy and Pilar know about concerning Sam. Rebecca can hear the two women talking and she says she all ready knows Ivy's secret. Julian is now looking for Rebecca. He is boarded all alone in his bed. Ivy finds Rebecca in her room and demands to know what she is doing. Rebecca tells Ivy she is worried about her and wanted to know if she could do any thing to help. Ivy knows this is a pack of lies. Ivy also knows that Rebecca has slept with her husband. Rebecca finds it very strange that Ivy is not mad at her. Ivy explains if it wasn't Rebecca Julian slept with, it would have been one of the maids. Julian enters the bedroom wanting to know if any one wants to share a nightcap with him... Ivy finds Julian appalling since he is not grieving for Sheridan. Julian thinks it is horrid that he has buried his sister once, and is now going to have to turn around and bury her again. He has never in his life heard of anything so ridiculous as burying someone alive. Julian asks Rebecca if he can talk to her, and then two of them leave Ivy's bedroom. He asks Rebecca what she was doing in Ivy's bedroom. Rebecca tells him she was searching for something and when Julian asks if Ivy knows that they slept together Rebecca tells him yes. Julian is crushed that Ivy is not mad that Rebecca has slept with him. Rebecca tells him Ivy did not give a dam. Ivy is scared that Rebecca may have seen the picture of Sam and Ethan in her locket. Julian hands Rebecca a drink. Rebecca asks Julian what would he do if she gained her freedom from her husband and if she managed to get Ivy free of Julian? Julian answers that Rebecca would then become the next Mrs. Crane if she could accomplish that. Ivy tells Pilar that the locket has not been tampered with. Rebecca has not figured out how to open it. Pilar is very worried that Rebecca will not stop at anything to uncover Ivy's secret. When that happens, Ivy will loose every thing she has worked so hard for.

Grace has found Sam and Hank. She asks who is responsible for burring Sheridan Crane alive? TC asks Eve how she is doing, and she tells him she is not doing very well. TC wants her to go home and get some sleep, but Eve can not sleep while Sheridan is in a coma. Eve is upset. She tells TC she has lost Chad. Eve thinks Roger and Pierre killed Chad. Chad hears Doctor Russell's voice and calls out to her. Eve is overwhelmed to find Chad alive. She runs to Chad, crying with joy. Whitney walks in and sees her mother hugging Chad and crying tears of joy. Luis, Theresa, Ethan and Gwen are waiting for news about Sheridan. A Doctor tells them that Sheridan has lapsed into a coma, and they need permission to keep Sheridan alive on a respirator. Grace is distressed to learn that Hank is the one who is responsible for what has happened to Sheridan. Sam rakes his brother over the coals. He tells Hank he is the same screw up he has always been, always looking for a score. This time, Hank even tried to con Sam on his own turf. Roger and Pierre had something on Hank, and they blackmailed him into killing Sheridan. Sam asks him what the hell is going on in that head of his? Hank admits to Grace that every thing Sam said is true. Eve thought Chad was dead. She thinks it is a miracle that he is still alive. Eve tells TC that Chad took a bullet for her. TC calls Chad a hero. The woman from the trauma unit tells Ethan that the issue has to be raised about Sheridan's wishes as she is in a severe coma. Luis tells everyone that Sheridan is going to live but the trauma worker says someone is going to have to make the decision for Sheridan. Ethan drew up a living will for Sheridan. It was Sheridan's wishes that should any thing ever happen to her, she did not want to be kept alive by machines. Luis grabs Ethan and tells him, Sheridan has to be kept alive and if it is by a machine then so be it. Sam tells Grace he was so sure Hank had changed. Risking Hank's life by putting his life in the hands of an innocent woman is unforgivable. Sam is not going to put up with his brother any more and tells Hank they are through. They are no longer brothers. Eve apologizes to Chad for all the things she thought of him in the past. She feels so badly for everything she has put Chad through. Chad tells Eve to put all of that behind them. Truly sorry, Eve is crying. She tells Chad she was afraid of him because she thought he was different, but Chad tells her they have a lot more in common than she thinks. Eve tells him she owes him her life. Chad asks her just to help him find out who his mother is. Eve tells him she will help him with that but she feels she owes him so much more. Luis does not want Ethan to let Sheridan die. He will do anything to keep her alive. He will fly in the best doctors from Europe if he has to, but he does not want Sheridan to die. Gwen yells at Luis to stop, as does Theresa. Ethan remembered Sheridan and him drawing up the living will. Sheridan did not want to put Ethan in any kind of circumstance where he would have to make critical decisions for her. The Doctor returns and both men ask her how Sheridan is doing. The Doctor tells them she does not have good news. Grace asks Sam to forgive Hank. Sam tells her he is not going to forgive him this time as he has done so many times in the past. Sam is not going to take any more chances with his former brother. Hank has tears in his eyes as he listens to Sam. Eve tells Chad she will treat him as an equal from now on. She also tells him her daughters are so lucky to have him in their lives. Eve feels he is a fine young man and she tells Whitney she was all wrong about Chad. If Whitney does not want to keep her distance from Chad, she will not object. The Doctor tells Ethan and Luis they are going to have to wait for the results of the MRI to see if Sheridan will be able to breath on her own. She will let them know, as necessary arrangements are going to have to be made. Ethan tells the trauma worker there is a copy of Sheridan's living will in the hospital. Sheridan's wishes were not to be kept alive by machines. Grace begs Sam not to disown his brother, but Sam tells Hank he is no longer allowed to go near his family or his children. Sam leaves to check in with police headquarters. Grace encourages Hank to go after Sam. A confused Ethan asks Gwen if it would be wrong to go against Sheridan's wishes. Ethan believes it is a Christmas miracle that Sheridan was really not killed. Gwen tells Ethan they will get through this rough time together. Theresa walks in while Ethan and Gwen are embracing. She tells them the Doctor has returned with the test results. Alone with Sheridan, Luis is telling her he wants to bring her back. He will do anything to bring her back here with him. He kisses her on the forehead. Hank tells Grace he has no right to ask Sam for his forgiveness. He wonders what would happen if some one would ever threaten the girls because of him. He is going to pack up all his things and leave Harmony. Whitney and Chad really appreciate what Eve said, and they will not let any thing stand in the way of their "friendship". Whitney tells Chad she always does what her mother asks. Chad is elated. The nurse enters, bringing Chad's jacket and tells him to get dressed. He is being realized. She asks Chad if Whitney is his girlfriend. He replies she is not his girlfriend "yet"! The Doctor tells Ethan and the others, that the MRI shows the chances of recovery are very slim for Sheridan. The only thing that will keep her alive is the respirator. The Doctor asks Ethan what his decision is; whether to keep Sheridan alive or let her die. Ethan is torn, but Gwen tells him he has to respect Sheridan's wishes. Luis pleads with Ethan not to pull the plug on the respirator. Ethan tells the Doctor to take Sheridan off the respirator. Luis yells out no and a shuffle begins between Luis and Ethan. An orderly tries to break the two men apart. Hank tells Grace that everything Sam said about him was true. Hank broke their father's heart over and over again. Hank always looked up to Sam and Sam has always been his hero. Hank is crying and admits he has screwed up worse than ever. Grace tells Hank she is sure Sam will forgive him. Hank said he would not put Sam through any thing like that again. Sam returns and admits he heard everything Hank said. He tells Hank to remember despite of everything they will always be family. Hank and Sam hug. They admit they love each other. Hank is crying. Whitney helps Chad with his coat. She does not want him to be in too much pain and certainly wants him to have a Merry Christmas. Eve sees Whitney and Chad together. She tells TC she hopes she was right telling Whitney she will not longer stand in the way any longer where Chad is concerned. She sees Whitney and Chad kiss, and she has a smile on her face. Gwen says good bye to her friend Sheridan. She seeks comfort from Ethan. Theresa and the orderly are holding Luis. Ethan tells Sheridan he knows she is finally at peace but if it were up to him he would leave her on the respirator forever. He kisses her on the forehead. He looks at the plug. Luis is desperate. He begs Ethan not to kill Sheridan. Ethan begs God for forgiveness as he pulls the plug. Luis is screaming like a mad man. Sheridan flat lines... she is gone.

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