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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 18, 2000 on GL
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Monday, December 18, 2000

At the LeMay's:

Beth tells Lizzie she has to go to sleep but she will call her as soon as Jim gets in. She goes to the phone and calls to check on Jim. He had already checked out of his hotel and should be on his way home. Beth is emotional about finally having a real family Christmas. One of the lights on the tree is flickering. Beth goes to check on it when the phone rings. It's Edmund. Ed tells her that Jim is on his way home as they speak. She asks him what he was wanting and he tells her he was hoping to talk to Susan. Beth tells him that she isn't there and he starts to hang up but Beth asks him not to. She tells him that it has been awhile and she wanted to see that he was well. Edmund tells her that he hopes the holidays are good to her. They end their call. Beth goes outside forgetting about the light. The tree is starting to smoke.

Jim is home and Beth runs to the garage to see him. They kiss and talk about how much they have missed each other. Meanwhile, the smoke in the house is thickening. They walk toward the house and talk about how much they love each other. Jim smells smoke. They run to the house and see the fire. Beth tries to run upstairs but Jim pulls her back.

At Harley and Phil's:

Harley, Phillip, and Zack come in. Harley tells Phil that she heard his Christmas wish to Santa. She tells him that she thought it was beautiful and how Beth had told her that she was standing in the way of her own happiness. She tells Phillip that she knows he is trying so hard to love her and she is going to try to be happy and the wife he wants for at least that night. Susan comes in and makes some rude comment when Harley and Phillip hug and kiss. Susan asks if they really want to do the tree thing and they say they do. Phillip drags in a tree and tells Susan that she is right about the Christmas Spirit sucking eggs but they are going to get jolly. The tree falls over on him and they all laugh. He thinks he hurt his ankle.

Rick looks at Phil's ankle. He tells him he needs to go to the hospital. He tells him he will later. Susan decorates the tree and goes to turn on some music. Phillip tells her not to plug it in to the same outlet because of fires. She snubs him and answers the phone. Harley overhears Susan talking about buying a CD box set. Harley starts in on her about when she is going to pay Phillip back. She yells at her about responsibility. Susan tells her that she knows the whole fight is about her relationship with Phillip and if they are going to break up to go ahead and do it.

In SC:

Cassie is studying about the angel cup. Richard tells her that he tried to avoid looking at her since she was crying. She tells him that Ed told her about a duplicate of the angel being on "table rock" and she was looking for it in some of their books. He told her he would take her to see it. She goes to get a shawl and he quickly calls the head gardener to ask where to find it. The gardener comes in and draws Richard a map. He thanks him and when Cassie comes in he acts like he was there talking about the new drive going in. Cassie wasn't convinced and tells him they can go later. Richard tells her it is a lovely night for a walk and they leave. Richard stuffs the map in his pocket.

Richard and Cassie get back, it was apparently too dark to find the rock. Cassie tells him that she knows he just wanted to be alone with her. He tells her that he only wanted to be alone with her not be deceptive. Cassie tells him they can try again tomorrow. They say goodnight and she leaves. Richard picks up the cup and starts examining it.

At Company:

Rick comes in and looks around. Frank tells him that May isn't there. Michelle comes in with a ticket for an expired inspection sticker. She asks Frank to fix it. They leave to see what they can do.

At Infierno:

Ray is talking to Danny about forgiving himself. Danny isn't listening. Ray tells him that he has lost touch with all that is good in his life. Danny tells Ray he doesn't need his analysis. Ray tells him that he can't give up on his family. Danny tells Ray that Michelle and the baby aren't his family since he and Michelle are divorced. Ray tells him that in the eyes of the church they are still very much a family. Ray tells him that Carmen is haunting him and controlling his life. Danny tells him that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Ray tells him Michelle is alone and confused and thinks Danny blames her for Carmen's death. Danny said that he never said that. Ray tells him that he hasn't said anything to her and that is the problem.

At the Country Club:

Holly and Olivia are having lunch. Olivia tells Holly about her confrontation with Reva about Marah. Olivia tells her that she will prove to Josh that she is the best for him. She asks Holly to be her maid of honor. Holly tells her that she isn't sure she really wants her there on such a special day. Holly tells Olivia that she is the black hole of relationships and a bad omen for marriage in general. Olivia asks her what is up and wonders why her self-esteem is like it is. Holly tells her that Buzz told her something that hit home. She tells Olivia that apparently she is a voyeur on life. She watches everyone and exploits them but doesn't have a life herself. She tells Olivia that she has been feeling weird lately and doesn't want to drag her down. Olivia tells her not to say no. Holly tells her that she is still obsessing about what he said and she feels she is a coward. Olivia doesn't believe it. She tells her that she is anything but.

At the Bauer's:

Rick comes down and sees Danny. Danny says he needs to see her. He goes to leave her a note. Michelle walks in with Frank. They are laughing and having a good time until she sees Danny. Michelle is surprised and Rick and Frank leave. Danny tells her that he wants to apologize for not watching the sonogram. He tells her that he knows she is alone and carrying a baby and he wants to help her financially. She tells him no. She says it is not enough. Michelle tells him that she needs more. She tells him that she knows he loves her and the baby. She says she can see it in his eyes. Danny tells her that he came there to offer her financial support. She tells him that she has money and doesn't need more, she needs him. He tells her that she walked out on him. She tells him that she loves him and she gave him her heart. He wants to make legal arrangements. She doesn't want child support; she wants him to do right by her and the baby and not to come back until he can do what is right. She tells him not to come back until he can admit he loves her and the baby. He leaves.

Tuesday, December 19, 2000

At the Lewis':

Marah and Catalina are putting food into a carton to donate to the food drive. Catalina is happy to be able to donate to the less fortunate. Noah arrives to see Reva and asks her out for dinner. They leave. Catalina tells Marah she thinks she made some trouble for her with Tony. She tells Marah that she needs to warn her next time she is going to use her as an excuse. Marah says both Tony and Sam asked her out at the same time in front of each other. Catalina says then she can choose her for "girls night out". There is someone at the door. Tony arrives and says "girls night" is a crock. Catalina says that Marah is going to give her a pedicure. Tony wants to watch. Catalina says she is Marah's Duenna (protector) and Tony cannot come in until she says he can. Tony is stunned. Catalina asks Tony if he wants to see Marah. He says he was hoping to spend time with her if she will let him. Catalina asks if he likes her that much. Tony says he cannot get through a day without thinking about her. Catalina asks if he is worthy of her. Tony says that Marah makes it easy to be an honorable man and treat her well. Catalina is impressed and invites him in. Catalina hands Marah a votive candle and lights it. Tony can stay as long as the candle is lit. Catalina will go upstairs but will be listening. Marah tells Tony she was impressed with his speech. She reminds him that she has a duenna to keep her safe, but Tony asks why she would want to be safe and kisses her.

Tony and Marah are lying on the couch, kissing. Marah says they are supposed to be talking, but he kisses her again. Marah tells Tony she heard something and knocks him off the couch. He tells her to stop wasting her time with Sam. He says that Sam has a lot of idea and words, but all he needs are his eyes and his lips. He kisses her again. Marah says she has never met anyone like him. He says his father taught him to make it on his own. He wants to make plans. He reminds her of their conversation about being together for the first time. He wants to take her to an inn outside of town, one weekend soon. The candle finally burned out and Tony asks Marah when she would like to go away with him. He wants Marah to think about it. Catalina comes into the room and tells Tony his time is up. Tony says she is a tough cookie. Tony kisses Marah goodbye and Catalina tells him to leave. Catalina says Tony is in love. Marah thanks Catalina for saving her life tonight.

At Olivia's:

Olivia and Josh are in the tub having another bubble bath. She is looking at her engagement ring. She says she keeps getting surprised. She tells him she understands how big a commitment it is. He says he thinks she is up to it. Olivia says she feels competent. When she thinks of what Josh had to go through to make a commitment to her, it makes her very happy. She tells him she loves him and they kiss. They find their way out of the tub and into the bedroom. He is giving her a massage and tells her that she has been giving too much and should learn to receive. She is constantly giving to him and she says "Yeah, grief". Josh says there have been times when he wasn't sure whether Olivia was manipulating him or protecting him. He believes she had his best interest at heart. She says sometimes he gets a look that makes her wonder. Josh says he has their best interests at heart, even when it involves Reva. She says that makes it easier and kisses him. Olivia wishes that their life could be like this forever, with no distractions. Josh says they could create their own distractions. He whispers something in her ear and they kiss again.

At the LeMay's:

The house is on fire and Beth is screaming. Jim tells her to call 911 and he will get the kids. She has the phone outside and is calling for help. Jim tries to make it up the stairs. He gets to Lizzie's room and calls out to her but he cant find her in the dark. Jim finds Lizzie hiding under the bed. He tells her she will be okay and he wraps her in a blanket. He tells her to take a big breath, and hold it until they get outside. He picks her up and runs with her. Beth is still screaming. Susan and Phillip and Harley arrive and are standing with Beth. The staircase is in flames, but Jim makes it outside with Lizzie. He goes back in for the baby as Susan screams for him.

Jim is in the house coughing, with a blanket over his head. He is going up the stairs again, and the flames are engulfing more of the house. Harley is hugging Susan and Beth is with Lizzie while Phil stands on crutches. Jim finds the baby and then sees flames around the bedroom door. Phil is worried and wants to go inside. Jim is struggling to open the bedroom window. He calls to Beth and Phil. He wants to drop the baby out the window. He takes the baby, kisses him, then says "Time to go". Jim drops him at the count of three and Phil catches him. Susan is calling to Jim to get out of the house. The firemen finally arrive at the house and try to save Jim. Just then there is an explosion in the house.

At Infierno:

Reva wants to know what the mystery is. Noah tells her she is beautiful when she is running out of patience. Noah reminds her of the other night by the fire. She said she didn't need another man. He says it confirms the fact that she is not ready for another relationship. Reva says not exactly. Noah says she just came out of a complicated relationship. Reva says she is just maintaining her boundaries. Noah is looking for more than just casual sex. She wants to know what the solution is. He wants to take a step. They can have a meaningless relationship filled with fun and casual sex for a year, and they could renew it every year for 50 years. Reva says they are way past meaningless. He says how about plan B. They order some drinks. She thinks he is behaving like a hopeless romantic. They toast. Reva tells him that there is no ice in her drink. She turns and orders another drink. Noah looks at the first drink and pulls out a ring. Reva looks at the ring and says she is sorry, but can't accept it. She thinks the ring is beautiful, but too much. Noah says she has passed on the real gem, him, and she deserves this one. Reva doesn't want to take it. Noah tells her to maintain the boundaries even though her logic is flawed. Reva says with every level of involvement there is a range of appropriate gifts. She doesn't want to send him mixed messages. Noah says it is a friendship ring but she says the ring is too big. Noah says if others see the ring, they will think they are more than friends. He tells her it was difficult to find a sapphire to match her eyes. Reva is taken with the sentiment and accepts the ring. He kisses her. Reva holds her ring up to her eyes and asks Noah if it is a match. She asks him where he found it. Noah says something about a friend who used to be an agent. Reva says she doesn't know when to take him seriously. He says he is very serious and loves her. Reva says she does love him but doesn't want a put a label on their relationship. She does find it important. He tells her he will stick around and they go to gamble.

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

In San Cristobel:

Richard is looking at the inscription on his cup and copying it down. After determining that it is written backwards he writes down the Latin words, "Filius Regis" (Son of the King). Richard wonders what the inscribed words mean.

Edmund comes in clad in his robe. Richard had called him. Richard apologizes for getting him out of bed. Edmund says he was rereading a book he was thinking of recommending to Susan. Richard asks Edmund about the table rock and the angel on the cup. Edmund says it is in the garden and is surprised that Richard doesn't remember it. Richard says he thought he did, but he couldn't find it. Edmund teases Richard about the rock being stolen. He looks at the map the gardener gave him. Edmund apologizes for not being more help and Richard apologizes for dragging him out of bed. Edmund wonders why Richard was so intent on learning about the Angel. Richard says Cassie is interested and he wants to spend time with her. Edmund tells Richard Cassie has impressed him lately with her "Stiff upper lip" attitude. He hopes they will work things out. Richard tells Edmund that he will only have himself to blame for not trusting her. He reminds Edmund that someone tried very hard to make him believe the worst. Edmund says that Richard had reason to believe what he did. Richard goes to bed and Edmund looks at the pad Richard was writing on. He uses a pencil to shade the paper and reads the imprint of what Richard was writing. He reads the Latin words and wonders what Richard is up to.

At the LeMays':

Jim is yelling out the window telling everyone he cant get back through the hall and that he is going to have to break the window and jump out. He takes a dresser drawer and knocks the window out. After he does there is an explosion in the room and nothing else is heard from Jim. The bedroom is engulfed in flames. Susan is yelling out "Daddy." They are all knocked to the ground. Phillip tries to stop Susan from running into the house. He tells her there is nothing they can do. The fire engines are coming. Harley and Phillip both tell Susan there is nothing she can do and Jim would want her to stay outside and safe. Lizzie asks Beth if Jim is okay. Susan is crying for her dad. The Fire Department and EMT's get there and are running around checking on everyone. The fire chief tells Beth he has to get the fire under control before they can go in and she has to know that there is no chance her husband survived. Harley is trying to comfort Susan. Susan doesn't want to hear it. Lizzie tells Susan that Jim saved her life and gives her white horse to help her. She cries and tells Susan she loved Jim too. Beth is telling the fire chief they were outside and smelled smoke. Jim went inside to save the children. The fire chief asks about smoke detectors. Beth says she thought Jim changed the batteries. Susan leaves Harley and comes over to Beth and asks how the fire happened and if there is any hope for her dad. Beth just looks at Susan and they both cry. They hug each other and continue to cry. She tries to comfort Susan as Harley comes over. Harley says she is going to take Susan home. Susan doesn't want to leave but Beth tells her there is nothing she can do and that she and the kids will be leaving soon. She promises to call her when they get in. Beth hugs Susan and tells her that she loves her very much and that she was the world to her dad. Beth tells her that she made Jim very proud and he got so much joy from her. Susan is crying and holding on to Beth when Harley tells her they need to go home. Phillip is holding the baby and has Lizzie by the hand. The fire Marshall asks how the fire got started and if they had a tree. Phillip says they did and asks him to wait until the morning to talk to Beth. Susan goes to the car and Harley tells Phillip she is taking Susan home. Phillip says he will get Beth and the kids settled and will be home later. Susan stares at the house as she and Harley drive away. Beth, Lizzie, the baby and Phillip are sitting in her car. Lizzie wants the baby in a car seat, but Phillip says it is okay. They all need to be together and he will drive carefully. Phillip wants Beth and the children to stay with him and Harley. Beth wants to go to Lillian's but Phillip thinks all the children need to be together. Phillip tells Beth not to worry about Harley; Susan is her daughter and they all need to be together. Jim saved his children and Phillip couldn't do anything. He asks Beth to let him spend time with them. Beth finally agrees and she cries as she looks at the house.

At the Spauldings':

Claire and Vicki are sitting in the Spaulding living room, drinking and talking about their struggles to be successful in a man's world. Claire wants to know where Alan is and Vicki says Claire should know. Claire says she is a houseguest, not Alan's mistress. Vicki wants to know why Claire is a guest, since she could afford a place of her own. Claire says Alan insisted. She asks Vicki why she is living there. Vicki says she is there because she is family. Claire says she thought Vicki was in PR and not a bodyguard. They are trading barbs and Vicki goes to bed. Claire goes to the phone and calls Michelle. Claire wants to know how Michelle is doing. She asks Michelle about her ob-gyn and Michelle tells Claire that her doctor is thorough and she will call her if she needs a second opinion. She tells Claire she has to go and hangs up. Claire is hurt and puts on her fur coat, after taking another few sips of her drink. She slams out of the house.

At the Bauers'

Claire arrives at the Bauer's and barges in. She tells Michelle she hurt her feelings. Michelle reminds her of her own feelings and Danny's. Claire admits she made a mistake with Carmen, but wants to repair the damage. Michelle says it is too late. Claire asks if she wants her to give up and go away. Claire asks if Michelle wants her to beg for forgiveness or give her space. She tells Michelle she doesn't know how to be a good mother and needs her help. She doesn't know what she wants. She tells Michelle she didn't have a good role model for motherhood growing up. Her mother was cold and impatient. She only gave you one chance. Claire knows what it is like to be a bad mother but doesn't know what it is to be a good one. Claire says that a good mother is strong, loving and puts her child first. Michelle says Maureen was her mother and she is still with her so she has everything she needs. Claire asks what about her; what can she have. Claire tells Michelle she doesn't have her love or respect, not even her company. She wants to know if she can have anything from Michelle. Michelle doesn't know what to say and Claire starts crying. Michelle asks if she is okay and offers to drive her home. Michelle says they can talk another time when she isn't drunk. Michelle helps her out of the house.

Back at the Spauldings'

Michelle brings Claire back to the Spaulding's. She tells Alan that Claire didn't eat all day and drank too much. Michelle leaves Claire to Alan. Alan says that Michelle loves her very much. Michelle let down her guard and connected with her. He tells her that he and Phillip do the same dance with each other.

At Harley's:

Harley is sitting on the couch. Rick comes into the room and says he gave Susan a sedative. Harley says Susan tried to go into the house when the second story collapsed. Phillip had to hold her back. Harley says Susan wouldn't let her near her, only Lizzie and Beth. Rick says the sedative will help her sleep. He says he was holding her hand until she went to sleep. She looked so bewildered and sad; Rick didn't have answers for her. Harley asks if the meds will make Susan dream. Rick says not with this medication. Harley says Jim was such a good man and so brave. She owes him everything for raising Susan. Jim saved Lizzie and wouldn't let Phillip go in the house. Harley says Jim loved both children like they were his own. Harley wonders what Phillip would have done if the roles had been reversed. Rick says Phillip would have done the same thing. Harley tells Rick she had a lot of thoughts while watching the fire and some were not pretty. Harley feels small, mean and petty compared to Jim. Rick tells her she is being hard on herself. Harley says they were standing outside watching the fire and there was an explosion. Jim was gone in an instant. She looked over and saw Phillip with his arm around Beth and the kids and her first thought was there is Phillip, taking care of Beth again. Her second thought was, at least Jim doesn't have to deal with it anymore. She hates having these thoughts. Rick tells her she is human and hugs her. She is crying when Phillip walks in and she goes to him. Phillip tells her he brought Beth and the kids back with him

Thursday, December 21, 2000

At Infierno:

It's May's first night as a bartender and she is a little nervous. Frank comes in and flirts a bit with her. Tony doesn't like the attention Frank is paying to May and comments that he is too old for her. Frank returns barbs with Tony who tells Frank he can apply for the Senior Citizen discount. Frank orders one of May's famous "Bunny Benders" and tells her he wants to talk about "them". He asks her to Josh's New Year's Eve wedding. May thinks he is joking since she is dating a friend of his but Frank tells her he doesn't think one date with Rick is considered ‘dating'. He tells her that he was serious about asking her out and tells her he is Greek and very passionate. May is impressed and tells him she will go out with him. She tells him that she doesn't want to date a married man and only went out with Rick once so she will go. Frank tells her that he is married but has been separated a long time. May is disappointed and wonders why there are no single men in Springfield.

Frank is interrupted by a phone call from Rick. Rick tells him about Jim and the fire. He tells Frank that Harley needs him. Frank says he will be right there and gets up to leave. He tells May about the fire and she says she also knew Jim and feels very bad about it.

At the Carriage House:

Blake is asleep on the sofa when Ross sneaks in after a late office Christmas party. He trips over some branches Blake has sprawled around the room and finds a card from the Second Reform Church of Karma and he asks Blake to explain. Blake tells Ross that she watched one too many religious infomercials and made a donation. She said maybe she could forget about it if she found something round and gold in her stocking. She says the branches are dormant, like their marriage. Ross finds the questionnaire for membership in the church of Karma. He reads over it and sees where she has written an essay about falling in love with Ross. She wrote that if she becomes a better person, Ross would marry her again. Blake had told Ross that it was research for a book, but now admits that it is research for her life. Ross feels bad that she is so insecure she is turning to cults. He tells her that he won't leave her. He kisses her and tells her the rosebushes are making him "thorny". Blake jumps on his lap and things are heating up. They are kissing and getting undressed. Ross asks her if she really thought she needed to turn into a paragon of virtue to get him to marry her. He tells her he loves her the way she is. Later, Blake tells Ross she plans on working and he can go to bed. Ross is reading her homework. He tells her he needs her. Blake says it is hard to deal with people calling him her husband and Ross says the same thing happens to him. Her next assignment is about releasing her intentions to the universe. Ross wants to know how much she has donated to this church. Blake tells him not to worry about it since they are not married.

At Phil and Harley's:

Phil tells Harley that he knew she would understand why he had to bring Beth and the kids back with him. Beth tells her that she can go stay at Alan's but Harley tells her to come on in. Harley offers to get together some baby supplies for Baby James. Beth asks about Susan and Harley tells her that she is asleep. Rick is on the couch, holding Lizzie. Phil hands Beth some brandy and they all sit down. Rick goes with Harley to get the baby stuff. He tells her she is handling things well. He thinks she did the right thing but wonders if she can keep it up. Harley says she has to try. Back in the living room, Lizzie tells Rick she was scared and woke up coughing. She thought it was a dream, but it wouldn't stop. She hid under the bed until she heard Jim calling but she was afraid to answer. She should have answered him and not wasted time. Maybe the fire wouldn't have gotten so big if she had answered him right away. They all reassure her. Harley tells her that time seems slower when you are scared and Jim did find her right away and he was happy to save her. Lizzie wonders why Jim couldn't save himself. They tell her Jim was a hero and it was his time. Lizzie wonders if heaven is so special why they didn't want her to go there. Beth tells her it is good she is asking questions but they don't have any answers. Beth tells her that Susan will need them and they will all stay together. Lizzie wonders what will happen to them and where they will live. Phil reassures her. Harley tells Beth that she has the room set up with a port-a-crib and pajamas for Lizzie. Phil helps Lizzie up the stairs. Beth thanks Harley for reassuring Lizzie. She hopes she could find a way to thank her someday. Harley says she is doing it for Jim and the children. Harley goes to make coffee, thinking that it will be a long night. Beth sits down looking very sad, as Rick watches her. He comes up behind her and touches her shoulders. She says she can't stop thinking about Jim. He loved the house and wanted to put on an addition. She keeps seeing his face in the window. There was all that fire and then he disappeared. Rick says Jim knew what he had to do and he was very brave. Beth is imagining what it was like for him. Rick doesn't think he suffered; it was over very fast. If he had time to think of anything, it was the gift of the children. He loved her so much and wanted to give her that gift. Beth is crying and tells Rick she never realized how much Jim loved her until he went into the house. She says Jim was so generous with her and the children, treating them like his own. She wished she had more time to make him happy. She is crying and Phil walks in. He holds her, rocking her and tells her he is there and everything will be okay. Rick just looks at them. Rick tells Phil that Harley has made coffee. Phil asks Harley how she is doing. Harley says she is still in shock and knows how Beth must feel losing a husband. Phil tells Harley that it would be okay if she told him she was mad about him bringing Beth and the kids here. Harley says that

Back inside, Beth goes upstairs to check on the baby. Phil is worried about her and Rick says that Harley needs him too. Phil says Frank is with her. Rick wonders what his plans are. Phil tells Rick he loves Harley and isn't trying to take Jim's place. Rick says he knows Phil wants to help Beth and the kids, but Harley needs him too. Phil thanks him and gets up to look out the door. He sees Harley through the sidelight, looking sad.

James is awake and Phil holds him. Beth says goodbye to Rick. Rick kisses her and leaves. Beth, James and Phil are sitting on the couch. Phil tells the baby that he still thinks the world is a fair place. Phil wishes he could keep him this way, but life doesn't work that way. Phil promises James he will always take care of him. He promises to let him know who gave him this chance. James is named after him and Jim loved him more than Phil knew. Beth falls asleep on the couch while Phil continues to talk to the baby.

Rick says good-bye to Harley and Frank thanks Rick for calling him. Frank takes Harley inside the house. Phil and Beth are both asleep on the couch, with James on Phil's lap. Frank is concerned for Harley but she says she can do it. She asks Frank to sit with Susan. Harley picks up James and talks to him. She says everything will be okay; his parents love him.

Friday, December 22, 2000

San Cristobel:

Richard is looking at the cup again when Cassie came in. She asks him what he is doing. He doesn't say anything and she comes over and picks up the cup to put it with the rest of the things for the museum. He tells her that he would like to keep it so he can write something appropriate for the display cards. Cassie asks Richard why the staff is moving things out of RJ's room. He tells her that he has done something very bad and he hopes she can forgive him. She bites and he tells her that he went into the toy store to buy RJ the stealth fighter plane that he was wanting for Christmas and ended up buying an entire scale model train set. Cassie asks him why RJ has to move rooms. Richard explains that the train is a very large train and the Matterhorn that comes with the set need a room with vaulted ceilings in order to fit in the room. Cassie is taken aback by the enormity of what the train must be. She wonders if Richard maybe is using this and trying to buy her forgiveness. Richard assures her that this train is every boys dream and it was the little boy in him that made him purchase it. He tells her that he is not trying to buy her forgiveness but he would love the opportunity to earn it back by working on trust. Cassie smiles and asks him if he bought this extravagant train set for RJ, what could he have gotten Tammy. He tells her that he got Tammy a pony named Napoleon. He tells Cassie that the pony is very gentle and has the same color fur as Tammy's hair. He offers to let Cassie ride the pony and she tells him that may not be a good idea in her condition. Richard asks how the baby is. Cassie says everything is okay and they go out to see the pony. She says he is spoiling the children rotten.

Cassie tells Richard today was really sweet and as far as the gifts, he doesn't need to buy her anything. He tells her he has something for her already and gives her a butterfly tent. He explains that it contains a new species of butterfly and it is named after her. Cassie seems touched and thanks him. She looks at the butterfly cocoon. He says it is waiting to make its appearance. It is symbolic of their marriage, dormant but still alive. Cassie agrees it is a keeper. They are going to show the children when Edmund appears. Edmund has a gift for Richard; it is a Latin/English dictionary. He tells him that he heard he was trying to translate something. Richard and Cassie leave to show the cocoon to the children. Edmund picks up the cup and says whatever the cup holds, he hopes it isn't good. Edmund's phone rings and it is Susan. Edmund asks about her holiday and Susan tells him Jim is dead. Edmund thinks he misheard her but she confirms that Jim had past and tells him about the fire. Edmund tells her how sorry he is and asks how she is. She says she is numb. He asks if anyone else is hurt and she tells him that physically everyone is okay but it is really hard on Beth. She tells him that Beth is being nice to her but she (Beth) needs someone to help support her as well. Edmund tells her that he is on his way. She can't believe he would come there for her and he tells her he is leaving ASAP.

At Phillip and Harley's:

Beth and Phillip are still asleep on the couch. Harley is holding James and answers the door for Lillian. She tells Lillian what happened and Lillian comes in to see them. Lillian sits next to Beth on the couch and rubs her back. Beth wakes up and taps Phillip on the shoulder, calling him Jim. Lillian brings her to and tells her that isn't Jim. Beth sits up and sees where she is and breaks down. She starts to cry remembering what happened. Her mother comforts her. Phillip is awake and looks at them sadly. Beth says it is Christmas and she wants Jim back. Lillian says she will take care of her and Phillip says everything with be okay. Harley rocks James and looks sad.

In Susan's room, Frank awakens in his chair. Susan is awake staring out the window. Frank talks to her and she says she saw the sun came up just like it always does. The day looks the same for everyone. People are going about their lives, totally ignorant about what happened to her family last night. It is just another day for others but her dad is dead. She keeps seeing his face and the way he tossed the baby to safety, then the explosion. Susan wanted to think he had gotten out before it but he didn't. She wishes she had done something. Frank tells her there was nothing she could do. He tells her she will replay it in her mind over and over again but at some point she will have to stop. Nothing will change what happened. Life is unfair and doesn't always make sense. Susan wonders why it happened to Jim. Frank doesn't know, but says there are a lot of people who love her. She has him and Harley among all the others. Susan says he doesn't know her. Both her parents are gone. She feels like she has nobody. She feels like an orphan. Harley is standing in the doorway and overhears. Harley comes in and tells Susan that she is not an orphan or alone, she still has her (Harley). Susan says that is not what she meant. Harley says she knows she misses Jim. Frank leaves to let them talk alone telling Susan he loves her very much. Harley asks Susan to come down for breakfast. Susan tells her that she isn't hungry and just wants to be alone. Harley tells her she was grateful to Jim for being her father. Susan gets angry and says that Jim and Connie were her parents. Harley hugs her and says she is not trying to replace them but wants to help her. Harley asks if she wants anything or does she want her to leave so she can be alone. Susan says she wants her to leave.

In the living room Beth and Phillip are talking when Lizzie comes down crying. She is scared and doesn't want her mom to go away like Jim did. She tells Phillip that they all have to stay there where they are safe. Beth tells her that this is where Phillip and Harley live with Zach and they have to go elsewhere. Phillip tells Lizzie they don't have to talk about it now. Harley listens and looks very upset that Phillip isn't addressing the problem. Beth asks about Susan and Harley tells her that she wants to be alone. Beth asks if she can see her and Harley reluctantly tells her to go ahead. Beth goes upstairs and Frank asks Harley to see him out so he can get to work. Outside, he tells Harley that she is doing well not to blow up in the house but he is her brother and she can be honest with him. He tells her she has every right to be upset and Harley hugs him and begins to cry. Harley says the situation is unbearable. She feels sorry for Lizzie and Susan but Beth is Beth and she thinks Beth knows what she is doing. Harley says this is a tragedy and she hates feeling this way. She knows that Phillip is feeling sorry for Beth. Frank offers to call Buzz to talk to Susan. Harley says he makes her crazy but agrees. Frank tells Harley he loves her and not to do anything rash.

In Susan's room, Susan has her back to the door and she is staring out the window again. Beth comes in to talk to her. She asks Susan if she minds if she comes in and tells her she probably doesn't want to see her, but she just wants to sit with her for a moment. She tells Susan that she is probably the only person who knows what she (Beth) is feeling right now. Susan turns to look at her. Beth tells Susan she can't believe Jim is gone. Susan can't believe he is dead either. Beth says Jim's love will never go away. Susan says he loved Beth too. They are both crying and Susan says it is so unfair. Beth agrees and says Jim was the best man she ever knew. He died to save Lizzie and James. He wants them to go on and thrive and he wants that for her as well. Susan says she really did love Jim and she is very sorry that she didn't get to tell him. She tells Beth that she only wants five minutes with her dad, five more minutes just to tell him how much she loves him. She is so sorry for acting out and giving him a hard time. She is so sorry she was so selfish. Beth tells her that Jim knows how much Susan loved him. She says that love is something we show even if we don't say it and Susan and Jim showed it all the time. They loved each other.

Beth tells Susan that Jim loved her and that people give each other hard times, that is life. He didn't love her any less. Susan says she should have told him she loved him. Beth says she told him in her way and that love won't go away. Beth tells Susan that she has to ask her about the arrangements. She tells her that she wanted to ask her if it was okay for her to ask Father Ray to do the Mass. Susan said that is fine. She asks if Susan wants to speak. Susan says she wouldn't know what to say and doesn't want to cry in front of a whole bunch of people. Beth understands. She says maybe they can help one another through this. Beth tells her she will take care of those arrangements and will give her (Susan) some time to herself. She goes to leave and Susan stops her. She tells Beth that now that her dad is gone, Beth doesn't have to be nice to her. Beth says she doesn't have to but she wants to, she tells Susan that like it or not, she loves her. They hug and cry.

In the living room, Phillip is talking to Lillian about Beth and the kids. He takes his responsibility seriously and will do everything he can for them. Lillian is worried about Harley. Harley comes inside and overhears. Phillip says Beth and Harley don't like each other but Jim is gone and they will all have to pull together. Lillian asks if he has spoken to Harley and he says not yet. He tells her that right now Beth and the children are his first priority. Beth comes down from talking to Susan and says they are both drained. It was good for both of them to talk. They talked about Jim. Susan is not ready to come down, but they hugged. Phillip says maybe talking to Beth was what Susan needed. Harley is very upset. Beth asks Lillian to take care of Lizzie and maybe take her for a walk. Phillip is talking to Beth about who they need to call and tells her that he and Harley will help. Harley comes out of hiding and asks if she can speak to Phillip alone. Beth goes to catch up with Lillian and Lizzie. Phillip asks Harley if something is wrong. She says she can't do this anymore and is leaving.

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