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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on GL
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Monday, December 11, 2000

In San Cristobel:

Cassie is working on cataloging the toys for the children's museum with Richard. He is looking at her very longingly. It is very obvious that he is sad. She pulls out a wire statuette. She wonders what it is and Richard tells her it is what Edmund considered his first piece of art. Richard tells her that a very famous artist made it for Edmund when they were kids. He asks her for the toy and she placed it in her hand. He held onto her hand and she pulled it away. He was upset about it and tells her that he is frustrated and cannot pretend that they are a royal corporation. He has a hard time not touching or holding her. She says maybe she should go to her room then. Richard says that if this is all she can give him now, he can live with it. He tells her he is still waiting to find out who did this to them. He doesn't want to think it is his brother. Cassie tells him that Edmund thinks this is a plot to implicate him. Richard says if he has no hope of getting back with her, he doesn't know how he can live with that. Cassie says she loves SC and will stay for the children and the country. She also wants their baby to know him. Richard asks if she is refusing to stay as his wife? Cassie says trust is a big part of that relationship and right now she won't say the marriage is over. She walks out to let him take a phone call. Noah calls Richard and says they are tracking down Rourke. He may have a SC passport as well as a US passport. Noah tells him that he had help from a pro and they are still working on it. Ed walks in and asks if there is news. Richard tells him apparently Rourke had an accomplice. Richard tells Edmund that Rourke has an official documents from SC including a passport. Ed wonders if there is someone official with an axe to grind. Richard says he thought the axe was aimed at him. Edmund tells him that may very well be. Richard tells him Noah is on the trail of Rourke and who helped him. He can forgive someone going after him but not Cassie and justice will be swift. He will get to the bottom of this. Richard leaves the room and Edmund just looks at him as he walks out. Cassie comes back into the room and Ed tries to talk to her. Cassie says Richard told her the toy is his and he says yes. He says this project must be difficult and wonders why she is going through with this. Cassie says that she is a Winslow from San Cristobel . She owes the people of SC to do her job. Someone tried to destroy her marriage but she won't give them the satisfaction. She tells Ed that she will stay as Princess and do her work no matter what her personal life is. Cassie walks out of the room. Ed says that she is sounding more like a royal everyday. But, he concludes, there is more than one way to "skin a Cassie".

At Infierno:

Tony walks in and tells Danny that he was great with the family heads especially when he took up for his cousin. Danny says he only did it to protect him, nothing else. Tony says he understands, but Danny asks if he really does. Tony says, you say jump and I say how high, I got it! Danny's agitated by Tony's demeanor and nonchalance, grabs his face, and screams that Tony has nothing to offer him, he is useless. Tony asks Danny how he is useless and reminds him that Abuela doesn't think so. Danny says he is the boss, not Abuela, and Tony has to do things his way. Tony wants Danny to teach him. Danny says he will but he is sure he will regret it. Danny tells Tony he has three strikes and he is out. Tony offers to bust some heads while he is learning. Danny stops him right there with his first strike. They go over the books and Danny tries to explain about the IRS and laundering. Tony thinks they should just get an accountant to handle it. Danny says that if Tony wants to be a part of the operation, he has to be willing to do the work and sweat. Michelle walks in and Tony excuses himself. Danny tells her that he doesn't think she should be there, but Michelle says she brought someone with her; their baby. She puts a tape in the VCR. It is a video of the ultrasound but Danny refuses to look at it. He tells her he can't do this and takes the tape out. She tells him he can't walk away from her and their baby. Danny leaves the office and Michelle sadly looks after him.

At the Lewises':

Noah comes in and kisses Reva good morning. He asks her to go home with him over the holidays but she tells him she cant. She doesn't want to leave the kids alone, especially with the wedding. He tries to persuade her but to no avail. Noah gets a call from Perdita concerning Richard's case and takes it while Reva goes up to get dressed.

Marah comes home from school and Noah asks her how life is without technology. Marah says it is horrid and on top of that she is dreading her mother's reaction to Josh's wedding. Noah asks for her help to get Reva out of town over the holidays.

Marah tells Noah to keep trying to convince her to go with him. She tells him that sometimes her mom needs to be saved from herself. Noah says Reva doesn't want to leave the kids alone at the wedding. Marah says they will survive and they won't be worried about Reva going nuts and making a scene. Noah thanks Marah for her suggestions. Reva comes back into the living room and Marah starts talking about the wedding. She asks Reva what she will do and suggests she go to Pittsburgh with Noah. Reva realizes that they were plotting and tells them that she can take care of herself. Noah tells her it would be the unselfish thing to do. Reva laughs and tells them they could sell the Spaulding Spire back to Alan. She agrees to go with him to Pittsburgh.

At Company:

May is practicing her bartending when Rick comes in. Rick asks her out for a date and she asks him if he got a divorce since Thanksgiving. Rick realizes she is saying no. He says that the situation with him and Abby is not like the one with Michelle and Danny. May asks why he is still married and why can't he let Abby go. Rick calls Ross to get the divorce underway. Afterwards, May feels awful and to blame for getting Rick to start his divorce. Rick says he needed to make that decision and he feels free for the first time in months. He invites her to a friendly dinner and assures her that she will be safe with him. He tells her they can go to the country club for dinner and dancing. She starts talking about Fred Astaire and his top hat and wonders what June Allyson or Ginger Rogers would wear to a country club. Rick tells her she can wear anything dressy that she wants and if she wants to do the Astaire thing he will come clad in black tie, but he doesn't have a top hat. He tells her that he will see her tonight and they both smile.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

At Company:

Olivia, Josh, and Sam were having breakfast. Josh tells them that Shayne is going to be his best man along with Billy. Sam is going to give Olivia away. Olivia realizes that Marah doesn't want any part of her or the wedding but Olivia wonders if she should at least ask her to be a bridesmaid, for the gesture if nothing else. Josh tells her it doesn't really matter because, "your damned if you do, damned if you don't." Olivia says she will ask her and will go in person so that Marah can yell at her and tell her how much she dislikes her. Josh tells her not to let Marah cut into her. Josh says that he is not trying to criticize Marah. He says she is smart and beautiful, but she isn't as tough as she appears. She is like her mother and can get upset when she is hurt. He goes on to asks Olivia if she thinks the Country Club would be good for the reception. Olivia likes the idea and tells him that she will go see Marah and meet him at the Club for lunch to check on the booking. Olivia leaves. Sam asks Josh where Olivia stands in his priorities. Josh tells him that she is the most important person in his life. Sam asks if she is more important than Marah. Josh tells him that they are important in different ways. Sam just doesn't want his sister hurt anymore. Josh teases Sam that he has to learn to speak up. Sam says it is a fair question since his family doesn't like Olivia. Josh says that Olivia is strong and knows what she is getting into. She is capable of watching her own back. Josh says his family situation will be changing; Marah will be going to college and Shayne will be working soon. Sam understands that Josh is going to write off the difficult adolescent years. He asks if Josh is in this for the long haul. Josh says he is under Olivia's spell and plans to stay that way. Josh has to go to work.

At the Bauer's:

Michelle is holding her tummy showing Meta still photos of the ultrasound. Meta is amazed and so happy for Michelle. She asks her if she knows the baby's sex. Michelle says she does but can't tell her until she tells Danny first. Meta asks her why she didn't tell him when she saw him the day before. Michelle told Meta that Danny turned his back and refused to watch the video and left. Meta said to continue loving Danny until he forgives himself. Michelle said she would but wonders if he will be able to. Meta tells her that everything would work out and tells her to get ready for her yoga class and when she gets home they will talk some more. Michelle goes upstairs. Moment's later, Claire barges into the kitchen. Meta says she is unwelcome. Claire sees the photos and tries to look at them. Meta shows them to her but pulls them back when Claire reaches for them. She tells Meta that she only wants to know her daughter, and like it or not, Michelle is her daughter. Meta says that is a tragic biological mishap. Claire says that Maureen is dead and has been for a while. Meta tells her that is a hard truth. Claire tells her that she is all Michelle has for a mom and she will be there. Meta tells her that she almost got her killed. Claire tells her that the plan was that Carmen was never to harm Michelle. Meta tells her to get out. Claire leaves.

At the Country Club:

Olivia and Josh meet for lunch. She tells him that Marah hates her and won't be in the wedding party. Josh tells her that it doesn't matter and it was a nice gesture. He kisses her and tells her that he will make her wedding day as special as he can. He talks about where the dancing will be and the reception.

Claire is dining with Alan. She tells him about her morning. She wishes Meta and the rest of the sanctimonious Bauer's would have to come to her for something and smother her with respect and admiration. She sees Michelle come in and is ready to go crawling to her for attention. Alan tells her to hold back. He tells her to treat it like business. She doesn't understand. He tells her that she has something the Bauer's need. She works at the hospital, she is an OB-GYN, Michelle is pregnant, use that. Claire thinks for awhile and says she understands. She gets up and approaches Michelle. Michelle says that she doesn't want to talk to her. Claire tells her that is fine, but she isn't there for a social call. Michelle doesn't understand. Claire tells her that if she has any questions, since she has gotten a new OB-GYN, to let her know. Claire starts to walk away and Michelle asks her what kind of questions she is talking about. Claire tells her that there are a lot of procedures that used to be standard but that are now totally optional and she shouldn't let her doctor tell her otherwise and pressure her into anything. Claire tells her that she is sure her doctor will do what is right and starts to leave again. Michelle asks her to stay and tell her some more. Claire turns and smiles at Alan and sits down. She talks to Michelle a little and then tells her that she has to go return to her date. Michelle wants to hear more and Claire tells her to call her anytime. Claire goes back to Alan and tells him, "Always leave them wanting more!" He is very impressed.

At Company:

Susan is with Sam talking to him about how great she is since she got NuGround to drop all the charges. Sam teases her and she tells him that it beats crying. He asks her about Max. She tells him that she hasn't even heard from him since he dropped her. Sam tells her that is how guys are. When they break up they are done, they don't tease their mate like girls do. Susan is still upset about it though. Sam tells her about Olivia going to ask Marah to be a bridesmaid. Susan thinks that isn't a smart thing to do. Sam tells her that it is only a gesture and that Olivia knows Marah will decline. Just then, Marah comes in. She tells them that she broke out because she was upset. Susan leaves. Sam asks Marah she should just deal with things. She tells him she hates his sister. Sam tells Marah that Olivia is not the enemy. Marah says that Olivia kept Josh from getting back with her mother. Sam reminds her about Noah. He says that 50% of marriages end in divorce. Marah tells him he doesn't know about real families. He tells her that she should look on the bright side. She didn't know there was one. He tells her that when Josh and Olivia get married she will be related to him. She smiles. He tells her that he will be her uncle. Marah calls him, Uncle Sam. He laughs and says, "and I want YOU!" She asks what that means and he tells her she knows what it means. Marah gets upset and tells him that he is just another thing Olivia has messed up for him. She leaves.

At the Lewis's

Marah and Shayne are discussing the wedding. Shayne says Reva is lucky to be going to Pittsburgh. He asks Marah why she doesn't stay home from the wedding. Shayne says it could be worse, Olivia could be pregnant. The kids are discussing the idea Olivia and Josh might have children and Reva overhears. She comes in and tells the kids they are so quiet. They say they are not allowed to use anything that makes noise. Reva invites them to come with her and Noah on their trip to Pittsburgh. Shayne breaks the news that he is going to be best man in the wedding so he can't. Marah says she will hang out with her friends but Reva realizes she is going to the wedding as well. Reva says if they change their minds, they are welcome to join them. Shayne wonders if Reva plans on marrying Noah. Reva says she has no plans to get married. Marah says that is good because weddings bite. Reva says they can't change the fact that Josh is marrying Olivia. Marah says she will not babysit if they have kids. Reva says they will all get through it. Reva leaves for work.

Later, Olivia comes over. Marah tells her Reva is not home. Olivia says she came to see her and asks her to be a bridesmaid. Olivia tells her that she knows she is coming to the wedding and wanted to include her. At the same time she doesn't want to make Marah feel disloyal to Reva. Marah says she doesn't want to walk someone she hates up the aisle. She gets loud and yells at Olivia. Olivia says she wasn't asking for herself; she was asking for Josh. Marah tells her she doesn't even compare to Reva and tells her to leave. She tells Olivia to be sure to tell Josh that she hurt her feelings. Olivia tells her that she didn't hurt her feelings because she knew she would say no. She tells Marah that she and Josh are going to be married and she should just get used to it.

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

At Company:

May comes down from her room and asks Buzz if she can borrow some olive oil. He tells her that cooking is not allowed in the rooms. She tells Buzz that she doesn't want to cook; she wants to conditioner her hair for her date so it will be shiny. Buzz gives her some oil and she goes back to her room. Susan comes in and asks Buzz if he believes in dreams. He laughs a bit and she asks him if he thinks dreams can predict things. He asks her if she has had a distressing dream and she tells him that she dozed off during her studies and had a vision of her father in the ocean at San Cristobel. It was cold and he was going farther and farther out into the waves until she could no longer see him. She is worried about him and just wondered what Buzz thought of dreams. Buzz tells Susan that she dreamed that because she is worried about Jim and misses him. He tells Susan to call Jim. Susan doesn't want to run up Buzz's phone bill but Buzz says he wouldn't charge her. Susan tells him she wants to be responsible so she would use the pay phone. Susan calls San Cristobel and talks to Edmund. Later, she goes back over to her table and sits with Sam. She asks him why everyone is down on Edmund. He tells her that he is the Prince of Darkness. She tells him that Edmund has always been very kind to her and she likes him. Sam tells her that she probably just brings out the best in him; she has that effect on people. She tells him her friends almost got put in federal prison because of her. Sam tells her that guilt is a useless emotion and she should just learn from her mistakes.

Rick shows up at Company in a tuxedo and Buzz laughs. He says Rick looks uncomfortable and that May is still greasing her hair. He offers to loan Rick his motorcycle for a fast getaway. May comes down in a peachy satin gown and Rick is dumbstruck. He tells her how beautiful she is. He helps her on with her white fur jacket. Susan watch as they leave and tells Sam that she will never be that kind of girl who can charm men with their looks. Sam tells Susan she is beautiful.

Holly comes in and confronts Buzz. She tells him to give her his best shot. He doesn't understand. She reminds him of his cutting character assessment of her last week. Buzz says if she has been thinking about that for a week, she has proved his point and she needs to get a life. Buzz tells her to think about the situation. A beautiful, intelligent woman is obsessing about something he said; she has got to have some sort of problem. Holly says there was some truth in what he said but she is cautious due to bad experience. Buzz says Holly is treating Billy badly. Billy has poured out his heart to her and she is not giving him a break. Holly wants to know why Buzz care. She thinks they have something in common. Holly tells Buzz he is a runner. He ran from the war, his wife and kids, his father and when he decided to stop running, Selena ran out on him. He has every right to be angry, but shouldn't take it out on her. Susan walks over to Buzz and hugs him. She says he never ran out on her.

In San Cristobel:

Cassie is sitting on the couch looking at Richard's christening cup. Edmund enters and she asks him about the significance of the angel. Edmund says it always upset Richard and it may have been a prank from the silversmith. Cassie says the angel looks familiar and Edmund says she has seen it carved on a stone. If she is a good princess, he will tell her where. He tells her that there is a rock in the garden called table rock and you can see the angel in the spring. Other times of the year it is covered with foliage. Cassie says she remembers seeing it during a picnic with the children. Edmund's phone rings, it's Susan. She wants to ask him something but the phone keeps beeping for her to put in more change. Ed asks Susan to hang up and call back collect. She does and says she is afraid something happened to Jim. Ed wants to know what she heard. She tells him about the dream and Ed tells Susan that he will have Jim call her when he sees him. Susan tells him not to do that but wonders if he would look after her dad for her. Ed promises to watch Jim like a hawk. Susan tells Ed that she will be returning to SC with Jim after Christmas and he promised to teach her to dive. Ed promises to entertain her when she is not with Jim. Susan is looking forward to it. Ed tells her only pleasant dreams from now on and they hang up. Cassie looks up at him and tells him that the angel isn't the only mystery in the palace. She tells him that he is very sweet with Susan. She thinks it is a nice side of him and he should show it more often. Ed doesn't want to ruin her bad opinion of him; it would be too confusing. He leaves the room.

At the Lewis's:

Marah and Shayne are at home when Catalina arrives and tries to bring money for Reva to pay for room and board. She had $1000 from the coyotes when she was released. She spent $450 on a lawyer, $50 on travel and she has $500 left to give Reva for her help and hospitality. Marah tells Catalina she can't be that naive. The lawyer must have cost thousands and Reva just let her pay some of it. Shayne is angry at Marah's insensitivity but Marah thinks there is a double standard. She argues that Reva will pay for Catalina but is punishing her. Marah storms out of the house.

Shayne comes over to Catalina who is sitting on the couch. She is reading the Constitution and is very impressed and crying over its beauty. Shayne is surprised she would cry over the constitution. She says it was not that way in her country and tells him some of the terrible things she has seen. Shayne says those abuses won't happen here. Shayne starts discussing the Constitution with her. He says the men who wrote this really knew what they were doing. He says he needs Catalina to stay there and she laughs. Reva comes in and is glad to hear laughing. Shayne says they had an intellectual conversation. Reva wants to know where Marah is and says she is in trouble if she left the house. Catalina goes to her room and Shayne tries to cover for Marah while Reva goes to put groceries in the kitchen. Reva catches Marah trying to sneak in the back door. Marah wants to know why she is the only one who gets punished. She says that Catalina gets her legal bills paid, Shayne gets to play hockey, Susan and Sam aren't punished at all and Reva doesn't realize all she does for her. Marah argues with Reva and says Reva has no idea how they protect her. She has been sick with rage all day and she had to get out. Reva asks Marah to explain. Marah says Olivia had the nerve to ask her to be a bridesmaid. Marah said that she told her no but that Olivia tried to lay a guilt trip on her. Marah says she can't do act like everything is fine when it isn't. Reva tells her to take a bath and she will talk to her later. Reva kisses Marah and says she loves her. Reva says to herself, "Olivia, I don't believe you."

At Infierno:

Marah comes in and Tony greets her. He asks her for ID. She says she is looking for trouble and he says that is his middle name. He takes her into Danny's office. He says he is in charge tonight. It has been a long time since they were alone. He has been thinking about her and making plans for them. They sit on the couch and are kissing. Marah tells Tony to slow down. She is uncomfortable about doing this in Danny's office. She says when "it" happens she wants it to be something special. Tony says she wants the whole romance thing and he will give her everything she wants. He wonders if they can get together later. She tells him to call her. He kisses her again. Marah gets off the couch and tells him he won't regret waiting. She leaves the office.

At the Country Club:

Rick and May are sitting at their table. He explains that the atmosphere is subdued and the people there don't like surprises. May notices that people are staring at them and thinks they are overdressed. Rick says the others are jealous. The waiter brings two Manhattans and they toast. She has never had one before. She says this is like a movie; she is drinking a Manhattan in the Country Club with a handsome doctor. She mentions oysters and Rick orders some. May thought at first he was a stuffed shirt, but he is definitely leading man material. Rick wants to know if this movie is a romance and May says it is only the first reel but it could be. Rick asks May to dance. They start to dance and seem to be the only two in the room. He dips her and everyone else n the room applaud. Rick tells May he never danced like that in his life and she says to her it was like floating on air. He smiles and says "Hi, Ginger" and she smiles and says "Hi, Fred."

Thursday, December 14, 2000

At the Country Club:

May and Rick sit down at their table after dancing. She tells him that he made her feel beautiful on the dance floor. He tells her she doesn't need any help in that department. Rick says maybe it is the two of them together. May says she likes the fact that he likes old movies. He tells her that his dad always watched them with him. She says she watched with her dad as well. Rick says that is the first personal detail she has shared and wants to know more about her. He asks her about her favorite candy and they played 20 questions. Rick wants to know if she is hiding a deep dark past but she tells him her past is not interesting. Rick asks her about her dreams and tells her his is to have a wife, two kids and a cozy home. May says she wants to learn to tap dance so she can wear those little satin shorts like in the old Berkley movies. Rick wants to know what she really wants and thinks she is afraid to say it. May says she really wants to learn to love and get it right, not just romantic love, but all kinds of love. She thinks if she gets it, she will be really happy. Rick wants to ask her more questions but May tells him that she read in a magazine once about how to handle a first date. The magazine said to let the man monopolize the conversation and say 'No' to him to enhance the mystery. Rick says they could just act mysterious. Rick drifts off in a daydream and comes to and asks May to dance with him again.

At Company:

Sam brings Buzz some money for his meal that Buzz fronted him. Buzz told him not to worry about it until he finishes paying Spaulding back for bailing them out of the CD business. Buzz starts talking about Holly lecturing him. Sam says Susan was right; Buzz has never let her down. Sam says he will never let Susan down either. Buzz says he tuned up the bike and will let Sam ride it sometime. Frank comes in and asks where all the decorations are. David goes over to Ruth and asks her what is wrong with Buzz. She is in a bah humbug kind of mood as well. Buzz tells Frank that Holly Reid is picking on him. Buzz goes over all the other people who are having trouble and wonders why Holly doesn't pick on them. Buzz mentions Rick's date with May. Frank says "That rat. He beat me to it." Frank asks Buzz to play Santa the next evening for charity. Buzz says no. Frank says that he is giving him the opportunity to do something good. It is free and means a lot to him. Buzz doesn't want to. Frank tells him he will play Santa if he has to handcuff him in a Santa suit. Frank tells him it will give him the chance to make things up to him and Harley for all the Christmases they missed with him. He starts to leave and tells Buzz he will bring the suit by tomorrow. Rick and May come in and run into Frank leaving. Rick and kisses May's hand. May tells Frank and David that she had a wonderful evening with Rick. Rick kisses her cheek and tells her goodnight. May goes upstairs and the guys tease Rick about the kiss. Rick says at least he was out with May and not drinking coffee with the guys. Frank tells him that he is right.

At Olivia's:

Olivia is in a negligee listening to classical music when Reva bangs on the door. She demanded to know what gave Olivia the right to invited Marah to be a bridesmaid. Olivia said she was only trying to help Marah fit in but she knew she wouldn't do it. Reva tells Olivia to save her games for Josh and to stay away from her daughter. Olivia said she only wanted Marah to feel part of the family. Reva says she and the kids are Josh's family and Olivia is just the 'next wife'. They argue. Reva says the problem is about the way she is with Marah. Olivia says that it seems to be all about Reva. Olivia says something about Reva's neurotic daughter and Reva says, "Finally, we take off the gloves." Reva asks Olivia if Josh knows what she thinks of his daughter. Olivia says they are both frustrated with Marah and hopes she grows up soon. Reva says that she may be spontaneous and wild at times but she was born to protect her kids. Olivia asks if that is why she abandoned the kids over and over again. She accuses Olivia of trying to make her look irresponsible on front of the kids. Reva says she knows what Marah needs and she doesn't need Olivia as a role model. Olivia says that she is just a convenient excuse for Reva's own problems. Reva tells Olivia to suck it up and watch her back. Olivia tells Reva that Josh wants peace and she intends to see he gets it. Reva says she will make sure her kids don't take a back seat to her and tells Olivia that she will have to ask Reva's permission to do anything with her children. She tells her if the kids are over for the weekend and she goes to give them Orange juice she better call her first because she, as her mother, may think they need Cranberry juice instead. Josh walks in and overhears their conversations. Josh tells Reva not to make any more scenes and to leave them alone. Reva tells Josh that Olivia has him brainwashed. He has bought Olivia's line that Reva is exhausting. She says Olivia hasn't been a parent and didn't know the position she was putting Marah in. Josh says Olivia consulted him before asking. He says Marah was rude and has been being rude for many months. He tells Reva she could have found a more appropriate way to discuss this and that he doesn't like being a referee between two grown women. Olivia tells him he doesn't have to and she goes into the kitchen. Reva tells Josh she feels like she had her wrist slapped. Josh wants to try to get past all of this. He wants to set a good example for Marah and Shayne. Reva thinks he wants her out of his life completely. He says they share the kids and had good times and memories together. He thinks that maybe something as intense as they had couldn't last. She says it couldn't last because he walked away. He says he can't do this and wants her to let go and let him have some peace. Reva tells Josh she will leave now and he can feed grapes to Olivia and she will go home to the kids. She is tearful. Reva tells Josh she knows how much his peace of mind means to him now and storms out yelling at Olivia th

At the Lewises':

Catalina answers the door for Sam. He asks for Marah but Catalina says Marah went to bed with a headache. He is returning the money she left at Company. Marah comes down and tells him that she pays her own way and that she will take the money to Buzz herself. Sam says he wants to apologize. He tells her that she shouldn't be rude to him because of Olivia. They decide not to argue about Olivia and Reva. Sam says she may like Olivia once she gets to know her. They finally agree to disagree. He says it will be weird, since she will be spending every other weekend with Josh. He will be living there too and wants to know what is going on between them. Marah says that Sam is conceited. They will just be a blended family like in a sitcom. Marah thanks Sam for coming over. He tells her that he is impressed; she made a remark that wasn't sarcastic. He goes to the door and turns and kisses her on the lips. After he leaves, Marah leans on the door and smiles.

Reva arrives home and hears classical music playing softly. There is a fire in the fireplace and wine on the table. Noah is on the couch. He says "Hi beautiful", and walks toward her. She asks him why he is in her life; she is not an easy person. Noah says he wants to be with her. Reva says she has decided she will never need a man again even though she will want one she will not be put in the position of needing one. Noah starts kissing Reva and says, "Whatever you say, Reva."

At Noah's:

Perdita leaves a message on his answering machine about Rourke. She tells Noah that she is nostalgic about working with him and may come for a visit.

Friday, December 15, 2000

At the Lewises':

Marah is talking with Catalina. She is happy that she is officially ungrounded. Catalina is happy for Marah and asks her where she can find the yellow pages. She says she is looking for a Catholic church. Marah tells her about St. Michael's and asks Catalina if it is some sort of religious holiday. Catalina says it isn't, she is just a bit home sick and going to church makes her feel closer to her grandma. She tells Marah that she hopes to find a job after her church visit and then maybe look for a place to leave. Marah tells her that she doesn't have to leave. Catalina feels she has already taken advantage of her family's generosity. Marah apologizes to Catalina for being a snob to her and not being very friendly. Catalina says maybe they can be closer friends if there is more space between them. Marah says she doesn't want that and she wants to be closer now. Marah tells Catalina that she has a secret that is just about to make her burst. Catalina sits down with Marah and Marah tells her that Sam kissed her. Catalina wants to know how it happened and Marah tells her it was very spontaneous. Catalina says that was a good thing, wasn't it? Marah says it is but it isn't since she is seeing Tony. Catalina says she lives in a free country and she should date them both. Marah tells her that she can't do that and if she did Tony would kill Sam.

Tony arrives at the Lewis's and starts kissing Marah. She asks him to slow down and she walks into the living room. He says they both want the same thing--each other. He can't stop thinking about her and wanting her. He never felt like this about anyone. He kisses her again and is interrupted by the doorbell. Tony tells her to get rid of whoever it is. Sam arrives and sees Tony. Sam says he wants to take Marah to a movie to celebrate being ungrounded. Tony says he and Marah are having a private party. Tony then asks Marah out and she is put on the spot. Marah tells them both she already has plans with Catalina. Sam says he will work out at the gym then and see her later. Tony tells Sam he needs to work out and Sam gets defensive. Tony challenges Sam. Sam tells him for every hundred push-ups Tony can do, Sam can do two. Tony gets on the floor and does 100 push-ups. He gets up and Sam gets down and does 2. Tony realizes he has been conned and Sam heads out to the gym. Tony heads out to telling Marah that he doesn't trust Sam.

Marah answers the door for Sam. He says he thought she was with Catalina. He tells her he knows she was just trying to spare Tony's feelings and he will see her later.

At St. Michael's:

Ray is working on the sound system at St. Michael's with Tony. Ray tells Tony he needs to get a steady job. Tony says he is in love with Marah and not like the other girls he has known, she is special. Ray asks if she is special enough to spring for a hotel room. Tony says Marah is "Julie Molloy" (Ray's old girlfriend) special. Ray can't believe Tony remembers her and he smiles. He says Julie is better off without him. Tony says Marah is worth it. Tony leaves. Ray tests the sound system as Catalina walks in. She lights a candle and tells Ray that she is from Cuba and misses her grandma and wanted to come there and pray. Ray tells Catalina that his mom was also from Cuba and told her the name of her family. Catalina tells him that he knows of his family, they were fisherman. They chat awhile and he asks if the rest of her family is here and she says she is the only one who has made it so far. She tells him that she had written her family but has no idea if they got the letters. Ray tells her that he will get the message to them. Catalina is happy and asks Ray if she can buy him lunch or take him to the movies. She says he must think she is forward and acting like an American girl already. Ray says he is Tony's brother and is a priest. Catalina is embarrassed. Catalina apologizes and Ray says it is okay. He says he wasn't wearing the collar and a lot of people don't recognize him without it. He asks how she is settling in this country. She says she loves it but needs to find a place to live. She may try the boarding house. He asks if she has a job. She says it is hard without papers and a lawyer is working on them. Ray says he will ask Danny to give her a job at the nightclub. He asks her to go to lunch at the club so they can talk to Danny right then.

At the Country Club:

Phillip and Rick are having lunch at the Country Club and Rick orders a Bunny Bender. He explains it to the waiter and tells Phillip he thinks he is in love. Rick tells Phillip that he also dances like Fred Astaire. Phillip is skeptical about the dancing and the love. He tells Rick that he is just finding out that there is life after a failed marriage. Rick agrees. Phillip says it couldn't happen to a nicer guy and he should enjoy it. The work will come later. Phillip says he is jealous. They get their bunny benders and Rick wants to know Phillip's opinion. Phillip wants to toast to Rick's new hot squeeze. They drink and Phillip thinks the drink is horrible. Rick said that he never said May was perfect. Rick asked how Harley is. Phillip says everything is the same, he is under the microscope 24 hours a day and no matter what he says, it turns out to be about Beth. He tells Rick when he first got together with Harley, they just had fun. What Harley and he had was real and he wishes they could get it back. Rick tells Phillip to take his time. Phillip just wants to have fun with his wife again.

At Company:

Buzz is dressed like Santa. Frank is threatening Buzz to do a good job and not scare the kids. Harley is there with Zach. She tells Frank that Buzz can't be loving and caring. Buzz is sitting for pictures with the kids. Harley asks Frank about Marina. He misses her. Blake and Ross arrive with the three kids to see Santa. Lizzie is there and she tells Ross that she knows Buzz is in the Santa suit and that it isn't the real Santa but she still wants her picture taken with her two brothers and Santa. Ross stays with the kids while Harley talks to Blake. Harley notices Beth and wishes that she could go somewhere without running into Beth. They walk over to Beth and Beth tells them that Jim will be coming home that evening. Harley offers to take the girls for the night. Beth tells her that Lizzie will be at play rehearsal but Susan would love to come over. She tells Harley that she thinks it is a good idea for Harley to spend more time with Susan. Harley tells Beth that she is so glad Beth feels it is a good thing for her to spend time with her own daughter. It starts getting heated and Blake leaves. She goes over to sit on Santa's lap and ask him to get Ross to give her a wedding ring. Back at the fight, Beth tells Harley she needs to get over herself and move on. She says that if Harley would just forgive everyone would have a better life. They throw insults back and forth until Frank comes over to break them up. He tells them that Lizzie is on Santa's lap and they should look. Phillip comes in and sees Lizzie, who runs to hug him.

Ross is up at Santa next. Ross tells Santa that he likes his life and his Christmas wish is that it stays the same and he and his family continue to live in unwedded bliss. Santa says he will write it down.

Harley tells Phillip that Susan is coming over to help trim the tree. Phillip asks Beth what Lizzie is doing. She says she has play practice and asks Phillip to save something for Lizzie to put on the tree. Phillip notices the tension and asks Harley what is wrong. Harley says he will just take Beth's side and Phillip tries to say he won't but she isn't listening. Harley walks off and Santa comes over to Phillip. He asks Phillip what he wants from Santa. Phillip says he is sure Buzz has his lump of coal picked out. Buzz asks him again what he wants. Phillip said he wants one full day where Harley is truly happy. He wants her to feel loved and happy for just one day and tells Santa that he would give everything he owns for that. Buzz looks touched and tells Phillip he will put that on the list. Harley has overheard the whole thing and she looks touched as well.

At Infierno:

Ray is giving Catalina a tour of the club. She is impressed and Ray goes to look for Danny. Danny is in his office and invites Ray in. Ray tells Danny he saw Michelle. Danny says he saw her too. Ray wants to know if that is it and asks if he looked at her. Ray says Michelle has had morning sickness and asks if he looked at the sonogram. Danny doesn't want the child to know him. Ray says it is his child no matter how hard or far he runs. Danny says Michelle needs to find a new father. Ray says even Carmen was a better parent. He says Danny is keeping Carmen alive and she is killing Michelle more and more everyday. Danny tells Ray he has work to do and asks Ray what else he wants. Ray says he needs a favor. Danny thinks Ray has nerve to ask for a favor after lecturing him. Ray tells him a Cuban refugee needs a job and asks Danny to meet her. Danny asks if Ray thinks that he is running the "Santos' home for stray Latinos." Danny finally gives in and goes out to meet her. Danny, Ray and Catalina are having lunch. Danny asks Catalina what she would like to do. She tells him she can wash dishes, clean up or anything he would like. He tells her he has an opening for a hostess since Pilar is going back to school. Catalina thanks him and says she will learn very quickly. Tony enters the club and approaches Catalina. He asks her about her and Marah's night out. He realizes she doesn't know what she is talking about but she covers and tells him that she has to go call Marah to confirm their plans.

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