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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, December 11, 2000

Katie manages to take an expensive suit from Craig's extensive closet for Simon to wear and then blackmails Bryant and Jennifer to act as witnesses for the impromptu wedding. Thinking that Simon's appointment is for an immigration hearing, Lily enlists Tom's services as an attorney and rushes to the county courthouse with him and Margo. There, Tom finds Katie and realizes that she's going to marry him to keep him in the country. Lily pleads with Simon not to make a big mistake like this. Simon confides to Lily that he has decided to marry Katie so that he can stay in the country because Lily confessed her love to him. When Jack refuses to reveal what was in the envelope Julia was trying to keep from him, Carly is shaken and threatens to confront Julia. Upset, Jack successfully guesses that she already knows what was in the envelope. Frantic, Carly makes a plea for them to be together like they should have been until Julia interfered. Jack frustrates her when he admits that not only does he not want to be with her, he's already forgiven Julia. Carly insists that Jack is the only man in her heart but he asserts that whatever he felt for her is gone. Pendleton calls Halliwell to let him know that Simon is at the courthouse.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

At Java Underground, Jack is talking with Isaac and Craig walks in. Jack walks over to a table and Craig goes to the bar to get a drink. Bryant has his back to Craig and Isaac tells Bryant that he has a customer. Bryant turns around with a smile on his face, but loses it when he sees his dad. Bryant asks him what does he want and Craig tells him that he shouldn't treat his customers like that. Bryant pours him a drink and Craig tells him that he is there on behalf of his mother. He tells Bryant that Ciara wants him to visit her in Montega for Christmas. Bryant tells him that he will be hard pressed to swing an airline ticket on his tips. Craig tells him that he will buy his ticket with no strings attached. Bryant walks away and Craig sees Jack sitting at a table by himself. Craig walks over and sits down with Jack and makes reference to Jack not going home until the wife is fast asleep. Jack tells him to mind his own business. Craig offers to buy Jack a drink. Jack calls Isaac over and orders a double shot of his most expensive scotch. Craig tells him to make that two. Isaac leaves to get the drinks and Craig offers Jack a cigar. Jack takes one and sees that it is a Cuban cigar. Jack lights the cigar and Isaac returns with the drinks. Jack tells Craig that he is just waiting for him to screw up and he puts the cigar in Craig's drink. Jack walks away and Isaac warns Craig that he is not going to take the fall for the stolen goods in his safe. Isaac walks away and Ruby walks over to Craig. She comes on to Craig and Craig tells her that he never got this lucky without trying. She can tell that he is a man of wealth and good breeding. Bryant is watching them. Ruby excuses herself and Bryant walks over to his father and says that she is too young for him. Craig realizes that his son is interested in the girl. Ruby walks back over and says that she can see that her two new friends know each other. Bryant says that they know each other better than she thinks. Craig says that they are father and son. He holds out his hand and introduces himself as Craig Montgomery. Ruby is surprised and she says that she can see the resemblance, but she thought they might be brothers. Bryant chuckles and Craig says that it is time for him to go. He says good night to Ruby and tells Bryant that his offer for the airline ticket still stands. Bryant says that he will buy his own ticket and Craig leaves. Ruby asks Bryant if he is going on a trip and can she go with him. Bryant gives her a look like he would consider the idea. Ruby excuses herself and walks across the room. She takes out her cell phone and makes a call. She tells the person on the other end that Bryant is right for the picking. Over at the bar, Jack is questioning Isaac about Craig. Isaac suggests that Jack tell him what he knows about Craig and he will see what his sources on the street have to say. Jack says that he has heard that Craig has some earrings that contain stolen microchips. Isaac straightens up. He tells Jack that he will

Julia is decorating the house for Christmas and she takes out a stocking that says, "Baby's first Christmas." She hangs the stocking over the fireplace. There is a knock at the door and she thinks that Jack is home. When she opens the door, Carly is standing there. Julia tells Carly that she is not welcomed there. Carly walks in anyway. Carly starts in on Julia and says that Julia is no better than she is. She says that Julia is nothing but a liar. Carly tells Julia that she was with Jack earlier and Jack told her that Julia had told Winston Lowe where he could find Carly. Julia says that Jack would never have told her that. Julia reminds Carly that Jack married her and they are having a baby. Carly says that Julia has trapped Jack into this marriage with this baby. Carly tells Julia that Jack is bellied up to the bar at Java Underground because he doesn't want to come home to this prison. Carly walks over and sees the baby's stocking hanging above the fireplace. Carly rips down the stocking and throws it into the fire. Julia runs over and digs out the stocking. Carly tells her that she is devious and one day Jack will see that. Julia tells Carly to leave and she walks over to the door and opens it. Carly walks over and says that one day she will tell a little white lie and Jack will have had all he can take and he will walk out of this prison. Carly starts to walk out and Julia tells her that she is just wasting her time wishing that she and Jack were not married and she had better get it through her head. Carly walks off the porch. Later, Jack comes home and Julia is sitting in a chair with the half burned stocking. Jack asks Julia what happened. She tells Jack about Carly being there and how she had thrown the stocking for their baby in the fire. She asked Jack if he was at the bar because he didn't want to come home to her. Jack says that he was at the bar to meet some people about the case. He tells her not to listen to Carly. He says that if Carly interpreted him being at the bar then he was doing his job. He tells Julia that he loves her and the baby and it is important for him to be safe, now especially since they have a baby on the way. Julia hugs him.

Margo, Tom and Lily have interrupted Katie and Simon from getting married. Simon tries to explain to Lily that he is only marrying Katie because he wants to stay in the U.S. to be with her. Katie hears Simon and spills the beans about the two of them being together the night of Craig's party. Lily turns to Simon and says that he told her that he had slept with someone, but he didn't tell her that it was the one person she hates the most. Simon tells her that it didn't mean anything. Katie chimes in again and says that this is his only chance to stay in the country, to marry her. Lily tells Simon that she will help him get back to the U.S. Simon says that he can't leave her now. Finally, Simon agrees with Lily to leave and then have her help him get back. Katie gets upset and starts to leave. As she is going out the door, she sees a car pull up. She goes back in and tells Simon that she thinks the INS is going to be joining them. Lily tells Simon that she is going to go outside and stall the agents while he and Katie get married.

Wednesday, November 13, 2000

Lily tries to keep the INS agents at bay outside the courtroom. When Katie reminds Simon that Lily is sacrificing herself in order to help them, Simon agrees to go ahead with the marriage ceremony. Simon and Katie then hurry through their vows and are legally married, just as the INS agents burst in. Lucinda insists to a skeptical Holden that Lily is not running off with Simon, but is just saying goodbye. Rose tells Holden and Lucinda that she's thinking of leaving Oakdale and returning to New Jersey. Lucinda protests that she only asked Rose to move out of the guesthouse.

Holden praises Rose for not selling her story to the tabloids and urges her to reconsider her decision, calling her "a classy broad." Bob visits Lisa at the Mona Lisa and advises her to give up some of her responsibilities. Lisa refuses to consider the idea, revealing she works so hard in order to get respect. The INS agents warn Katie and Simon they'll have to stay married for two years and be subject to random checks.

Holden is touched when Rose gives him gifts for Luc and Faith and tells her not to go. Rose is stunned when he reveals he's talked to Denise about making Rose a partner in her new dance studio. Lisa chides Tom for being afraid of her reaction to the news he's quitting the Argus and returning to his law practice. When Margo calls her mother to tell her about her newest son-in-law, Lyla decides to come to Oakdale.

After Katie bullies him about keeping up appearances, Simon carries her over the threshold. Katie quickly sheds her clothes and hops into Simon's bed. Lucinda is dismayed when Rose declares she's changed her mind about leaving because Holden asked her to stay. Simon reluctantly climbs into bed with Katie, but insists there'll be no sex. Shrugging off her attempt to find his "distinguishing features," he curls away from her and stares at the wall.

Thursday, December 14, 2000

Adam and Abigail watch the tape of a ghost. They were disappointed at first because all they were able to see was Molly talking to herself. Adam reassured Abigail saying how everyone thought his mom was going crazy last year when she was seeing visions of a dead guy when she saw Alec. Abigail figured that this is why he is so into the paranormal now incase anything was to happen again with Margo. They then saw something very surprising...a lipstick moving by itself and drawing on the mirror. They then figured out it was Vicky and went running to tell Molly and Jake.

Donna brought a guest to Molly and Jake's and wanted to have a sťance. Jake was very skeptical since he doesn't believe in ghosts but Donna and Molly talked him into it. They psychic felt a presence in the room and when they all sat down Molly saw Vicky sitting next to Donna and she was saying her name and Molly heard her.

Isaac told Jack about the microchips but couldn't talk long about them since Denise and Rose wanted to discuss plans for having a dance class there for kids. Isaac said he would help if it were made clear that he was a good guy, to the rest of the cops.

Craig talked an almost ready to leave Carly into staying with him to ensure she gets to keep Parker. She agrees.

Friday, December 15, 2000

Holden and Lily ran into each other at the Snyder farm, and she informed him of Simon's marriage to Katie. They were interrupted by Rose, who regaled them with details of Simon and Katie's hot and heavy night together in the back of a car at the garage. Lily protested that she already knew about their tryst and that it was just a one-night stand. Holden left the two sisters alone and they managed to be civil to each other after Rose apologized to Lily about her actions last summer. Lily admitted to Rose that she and Holden had been having problems before Rose and Simon came onto the scene and the sisters actually began to bond.

Katie bought paint, material for curtains, satin sheets, and a mini Christmas tree to decorate Simon's apartment and turn it into a "real home". Simon reminded a hardheaded Katie that they were only roommates, and their marriage was not real. Holden dropped by the garage with a bottle of scotch as a wedding present for Simon and Katie. He warned Simon about Katie's lies and told him to be careful because he didn't want Katie to hurt Lily again.

Vicky appeared to Molly briefly during the sťance with Donna, Jake and the medium, Madame Joline, and actually spoke to her this time. Although Donna believed Molly, Jake was skeptical and refused to believe that Vicky was there in the room. Adam and Abigail came over with proof that Molly was telling the truth--they brought the video showing Molly talking to an unseen entity and lipstick moving through the air and writing on a mirror. Jake remained in denial even after viewing the video, but Donna was convinced that it was her daughter on the tape. Begrudgingly, Jake admitted that if Vicky was indeed there then he wanted to see her. He asked Adam if he knew the names of any professional "ghostbusters" they could hire.

When Hal came home, he and Barbara had words yet again about the state of their marriage and her feelings toward Craig Montgomery. Barbara told Hal that she had done nothing to feel guilty about and was incredulous when Hal suggested that perhaps her actions were payback for his blaming her for Parker's accident. In a sad moment, they decided to tell the kids their marriage is over after the holidays and go their separate ways.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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