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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 4, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, December 4, 2000

Abigail and Adam have been booted out of Jake's apartment for trying to videotape Vicky's ghost. They go to the diner to get something to eat and Adam remembers that he left the video camera running. Abigail calls Jake and tells him about the video camera and he tells her that he will take care of shutting it off. Out in the living room, Molly is getting another visit from Vicky. Molly asks Vicky what it is that she wants? Vicky tries to speak but can't. When she finally gets "Molly" out, Molly says that she can't hear her. Molly drops her purse and Vicky sees a tube of lipstick on the floor. She bends over and picks it up. She goes over to a mirror by the door and slowly and painfully draws four lines on the mirror. She tells Molly to find her, please. Molly picks up a whatnot from the end table and throws it at Vicky. Vicky is gone. Jake walks in just as Molly is throwing the item and yells, "Leave me alone!" Jake wants to know what is going on? At first Molly doesn't want to tell him. She finally tells him that Vicky was there again. Jake looks at her like he doesn't believe her. She begs him to believe her. She takes him to the mirror and shows him the four lines drawn with lipstick. She tells him that she wouldn't make this up just to hurt him. He drops his head and says that he has something to tell her. Molly waits to hear what he has to say. He finally confesses that when he went to the town that he and Vicky grew up in and confesses his love for Molly to Vicky, that he had felt her presence. Molly says that she can't believe that all this time he had experienced Vicky's ghost and he was making her think that she was going crazy. Jake apologizes and agrees that he and Molly work together to find out what it is that Vicky wants from them. Molly suggests that they call Donna and go see her and tell her about what has been going on with Vicky. Jake agrees. Molly tells Jake that she knows this isn't easy for him, but they need to find out what Vicky wants so they can go on and be happy together. As they hug, Vicky's ghost walks across the room and disappears.

Lily goes to the garage to see Simon and tell him that the INS is on their way to make Simon go back to Australia. She tells him that he has to go, but she can't let him go. They start to make plans to run off and hide together and then Lily remembers her children. She tells Simon that she can't leave her children and she can't take them away from their father. They decide to have one night together, in public, where the INS will not bother them. Lily tells Simon to meet her at the Java Underground and they will spend the evening there, together.

Katie has been looming around outside the garage and a cop picks her up under the suspicion of a break in. He takes her to the police station and Margo asks the cop what is he doing? She tells him that he was only to watch Katie and tell her what she was up to. The cop informs Margo that he caught Katie outside the garage and she claimed that she was living there. The cop leaves Katie and Margo alone. Margo lectures Katie about trying to marry an illegal alien to keep him in the country. Katie doesn't want to listen. She yawns and tells Margo that the same speech was just as boring when Tom gave it to her. Margo tells Katie to be realistic, if she were to marry Simon; they would be joined at the hip. They would not be able to see anyone else and they would have to go out together all the time. The INS would watch them continuously. Katie perks up. She asks Margo if she means that no one would be able to date anyone else? Margo tells her that is what she is saying. Katie grabs her purse and runs out, saying bye to Margo as she goes. Katie goes to the garage just in time to see Lily leaving. Katie goes inside and tells Simon that she is still available to marry, if he wants to stay in the country. Simon tells her that the INS will be there tonight to get him and deport him, so he is going to go meet Lily and then he is going to leave Oakdale for good. He asks Katie to do him a favor, hold off the INS if they show up there. Just as he is leaving, someone starts banging on the door. Katie waits for Simon to get out of sight and then she opens the door. The INS officials are at the door and they ask Katie if Simon Frazier is there? Katie looks over her shoulder and then back to the officials.

Tuesday, December 5, 2000

Joe stops by to see Lucinda and she tells him that she is going to ask Rose to move out. She explains that if she doesn't make her move, Rose will stay there and live off of her and never become anything. Joe agrees and tells Lucinda that he will talk to Rose. Lucinda says that she will take care of it. Joe leaves and Lucinda heads to the pool house.

At the pool house, Bryant walks in and Rose starts to babble to him about the horse races. Bryant has no idea what she is talking about, but he has something to talk to Rose about. Rose tells him to tell her all about it. He tells her about dating Jennifer and wanting to go further with her than just kissing. Rose tells him that she knows him and she has seen others like him. She asks him why he wants to settle down to just one girl? She says that a guy like him should be playing the field. Lucinda comes in and asks Bryant to leave she and Rose alone; she has something to talk to Rose about. Bryant says that the night is young and so is he and he leaves. Lucinda starts to talk to Rose and Rose asks her to give her the condensed version. Lucinda says that she has until the end of the week to move out. Rose becomes indignant and says that she doesn't have much to move; she will be out by the end of the night. Rose asks Lucinda what happened to them? She thought they were getting along great. Then Rose says that it must be Lily. Lucinda says that she should have known that she would side with Lily in the end. Lucinda asks Rose to please try to apologize to Lily. Rose says that there is no way she is going to do that. Lucinda tells her to give it some thought before she writes Lily off. Lucinda leaves and Rose goes over to the couch and throws all the pillows off in a fit.

At the garage, Katie is making up all kinds of excuses to the INS agents to stall them for Simon. She even does a cheer to explain how to spell her name. They press her for information about where Simon may be. She tells them that he didn't leave a note for her. They ask about her relationship to Simon. She tells them that she is his fiancée. The agent asks her how long she has known Simon. She tells them that she has known him long enough and they have fallen in love. She makes up a story about him making a crown of daisies for her and that must be where he is now. She tells them that he got the daisies from a flower shop in Luther's Corners. The agents tell Katie that they are going to leave and if Simon shows up to tell him to stay there and not leave. After the agents are gone, Katie grabs her coat and purse and she leaves also.

At Java Underground, Lily walks in and can't find Simon. She hopes that it is not too late. Simon shows up shortly and they start to dance. Lily starts to talk and Simon tells her to just listen to the music and let the music talk for them. She tells Simon that she is so worried about him. He tells her not to worry, they will have there evening together and then he will leave. She says that she can't stop worrying about him because she is so in love with him. He can't believe that she just said she loves him. He says that he has waited all his life to hear those words. She tells him that she is worried about the INS agents coming in and taking him away. He tells her about the agents showing up just as he was leaving. She gets upset and says that she is going to go get the children and they will all go away together. Simon tells her that he can't let her give up her freedom for him. He says that they will finish the dance and she will leave. She says that she doesn't want to go until the agents show up. He tells her that he doesn't want her last memory of him to be of the agents dragging him away in handcuffs. The song finishes and they kiss. He tells her that it is time for her to go. She turns to leave and he grabs her and whispers in her ear that the fantasy will not die and then he will return for her. Lily turns and kisses him once more and then she runs out. After she is gone, Simon walks up on the stage and picks up a guitar and starts playing the blues. Ruby walks in and finds Isaac. She asks if the blond, spiky haired bartender is working tonight. Isaac tells her that his name is Bryant and he is not working tonight. He pours her a glass of wine and informs her that Bryant is taken. She tells him that if she came in and someone was saving a seat for someone else and they were not there to protect that seat, she would take it. She walks away and Isaac raises his eyebrows. Bryant walks in and sees Ruby across the room. He walks over to her and asks her if she is following him. They start to dance and then they share a kiss. Bryant walks her over to a table and they sit down and kiss some more. Katie walks in and sees Simon playing the guitar. Isaac goes over to Simon and tells him that someone is there to see him. Simon tells him that he was expecting this. He looks up and sees Katie there. She walks over to him and tells him that her car is outside and they can get away. She explains that she sent the INS agents on a goose chase and they need to leave. He says that they will be looking for her car. She suggests that they go back and get his convertible. He says that there is no time. She tells him to wait and she goes across the room and demands Bryant's car keys. At first, Bryant says no and then Katie says that she will tell his girlfriend about the lip lock she just caught him in. Bryant forks over his keys. Katie goes back to Simon and says that she has Bryant's car now and they can leave. He says that he isn't sure about it and she tells him to trust her. She grabs his hand and she pulls him out the door. Recap --->

Wednesday, December 6, 2000

Margo reluctantly informs John that Andy is leaving Oakdale to enter rehab. Kim reassures Andy at the airport. Lucinda lectures Rose on the importance of having a sister rather than money. Lily rejoices when she learns from the INS agents that Simon has not been deported yet, but vehemently denies their revelation that Simon has a fiancé.

Denise confides to Holden that she has doubts she'll ever be able to forgive Andy. Andy tells Kim he knows he has to leave Oakdale if he wants to maintain his sobriety. Margo castigates a grumpy John when he refuses to go to the airport with her to say goodbye to Andy.

Rose overhears Lily confess to Lucinda that she's in love with Simon. Holden tells Denise he's moving on with his life. Bob apologizes to Andy for keeping his distance and in turn, Andy apologizes for letting Bob down. John arrives at the airport and greets Andy.

When Denise tells Holden of her plans to start her own dance studio, Holden surprises her--and himself--when he suggests she contact Rose about helping teach the classes. Lily heads to Simon's apartment to search for clues about his disappearance.

Rose considers selling a story to the Intruder for money. After listening to a message on Simon's answering machine, Lily believes Simon has a court hearing about his deportation and vows to attend.

Thursday, December 7, 2000

Ruby surprises Bryant at Al's a flirts with him. She said how much fun she had last night and if he ever wanted Anything to call her. He said how he wanted to be with one girl...and that would be Jen.

Rose called Henry and asked him about doing a story. He said he would do one on how she fell in love with a stable boy but the article would probably end up brining Holden down. Rose is reluctant and they negotiate an alternate plan. When Emily gets back to the office Henry tells her about the new story and he said how he was surprised she couldn't get a story out of her.

Emily showed up at Chris' apartment and he was taking pictures. He called out of work because he was making a scrapbook for Andy before he leaves. Emily talks to him about leaving her with henry all day and they end up making love. Afterwards they joke about sending Tom and Margo a picture of them. And then they look over henry's resume'. They figured out he was unemployed for 18 months and there had to be a reason and the key was to figure out why.

Barbara and Jen discuss Bryant and how Ruby has been coming onto him. Barbara reassured her that if he loves her he will wait till she is ready to have their relationship progress into something more serious. Later Bryant shows up as a surprise to Jen.

John went to the airport to see Andy and they discussed his situation. Andy said how he hated himself for doing what he did to Kim, Bob, Denise and Ben. He said that he thought about what John would say about confessing to the paralysis and to going to Seattle and how it would be better not to tell him. Margo, Tom and Nancy show up at the airport. Tom gives him and umbrella while Margo gave him goulashes in anticipation of all the rain in Seattle. Nancy gave him a family picture. Chris shows up and tells Tom he was with Emily and gives Andy the scrapbook with pictures of furniture and everything in his apartment with funny captions. Andy then said bye to Kim and boarded the plane.

Friday, December 8, 2000

Hal was astonished when Jack told him of Julia's involvement with Winston Lowe, but he was a little worried about Jack's seemingly sympathetic feelings for Carly. They argued when Jack told Hal he wanted to apologize to Carly for not believing her. Hal told Jack he needed to get his loyalties straight. Jack insisted that telling Carly was not being disloyal to his wife and that maybe Hal should take a look at his own marriage to Barbara instead of giving him advice.

Julia revealed to Barbara that Jack found the photo of her and Winston Lowe, and that she admitted the truth about everything to him. Barbara was pleased to find out that Jack had forgiven Julia. She was not so thrilled to find out that Jack knew of her involvement, since he would most likely tell Hal. Barbara told Julia there were problems in her and Hal's marriage and admitted that Craig made her feel desirable. Although Barbara insisted that she and Craig were just friends, Julia was worried. Barbara told her she felt that she and Hal needed a separation. At that moment, Hal walked in and he and Barbara argued once again. He informed her that until further notice, he would be sleeping on the couch.

After Carly admitted to Craig that she knew about the envelope but not its' contents, he laughed and told her that Julia couldn't wait to get her hands on it. Carly was thrilled when she found out who was in the photo and ecstatic when she learned that Jack already knew. She happily assumed that Jack's marriage to Julia was over and that he would come back to her at last. Craig disagreed and bet Carly $100 that Jack wouldn't even tell Carly who was in the photograph.

Denise told Isaac that she wanted to use his club for her dance classes. Isaac was skeptical at first but eventually agreed, since he already used the club for his martial arts classes. He suggested that perhaps he and Denise should be partners.



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