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Dimitri continued to search for Alex. Marcus found Laura's pornographic photos. Tad told Liza about his night with Leslie. David blamed Ryan for the Libidozone mishap. David broke down in Dixie's arms and admitted that he loved her. Adam told Mateo that Hayley had killed Arlene.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 4, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, December 4, 2000

Ryan and Gillian were having lunch talking about their futures when Jake walked in. Gillian suggested going to another place and Ryan told her that since they are in the same town, they will always run into each other. Ryan went to talk to Jake. Jake asked Ryan what he wanted. Ryan told Jake that he didn't want the relationship that he and Gillian have to interfere with the work he is doing for the "pregnant teen program" that Jake is running. Ryan told Jake that he had a check for a lot of money to give to him from the fund-raiser. Jake told Ryan to mail it to his office. Jake said that he doesn't care how much money he raised because he is never going to sign up for another event with him again. Ryan said that he was on top of the problems that happened that night and he would get to the bottom of it. He heard that it was caused from food poisoning. Jake said that he was affected also and it was not from food poisoning. Just then, Gordon came into the restaurant to pick up an order and Ryan went over to him to see if he knew what happened to make everyone sick. Gordon assured him that everyone was OK and everyone has left the hospital. Jake left and then Ryan went back to talk to Gillian. Ryan said that Jake is blaming him for everyone getting sick on the boat. Ryan told Gillian not to defend him because it would upset her more. Ryan told Gillian that he could not wait and could not pretend that she was his life. He told her that he wanted her to have a constant reminder of his love and commitment to her. He then put an engagement ring on her finger.

Mateo was at Adam's mansion and he overheard Adam paying off the tender driver from the yacht after finding Arlene's pocketbook. Adam said that he has a company name to protect and he has to always run interference every time Arlene has one of her alcoholic outbursts. Adam told Mateo that Arlene was probably leaning over the side of the yacht vomiting and dropped her purse in the water. Adam told Mateo that he gave the man a few dollars so that Hayley would not have to defend herself on live TV against her horrible excuse for a mother. Mateo looked at Adam and asked him "what happened to Arlene?" Adam told Mateo that he doesn't know what he is trying to insinuate. Adam tried to hide the pocketbook when Hayley came down the steps. Adam put the pocketbook on the sofa behind some pillows. Hayley said that she put some cold water on her face and then looked at herself in the mirror. She said that all she could see was Arlene looking back at her as she was strangling her. Hayley said that she could not figure it out. Hayley said that even if Arlene were able to get up and walk away, she would come back after all of them and not go out of town. Adam suggested that Hayley go and see Colby before she goes to sleep. Hayley said that was a good idea and told Mateo that she would be back in a little while. After she left, Mateo grabbed the pocketbook and asked Adam why he tried to hide it. Adam said that he would have done the same thing. Mateo asked Adam where she sent the letter from and Adam told him it was from Amsterdam. While Mateo was going through Arlene's pocketbook, he found her passport and told Adam that it would be hard to get through customs without her passport. Adam told Mateo that Arlene had made a living getting through tougher obstacles than getting through customs. Mateo asked Adam if he thought he was talking to Colby. Mateo said that anyone would be able to write the letter and sign her name to it. Mateo said that he was going to compare the signatures from the passport to the letter and then Adam grabbed the letter from him. Mateo went to the telephone to call the police and Adam disconnected his call. Mateo looked at Adam and asked him what he didn't want the police to find out about his wife. Adam asked Mateo to leave it alone because he wouldn't like to know where it was going. Mateo told Adam that Hayley wakes up from nightmares, she feels guilty and her sobriety is on the line. Adam then told Mateo that Hayley did kill her mother. Mateo asked Adam what happened to the body. Adam told Mateo that he went over to the body and there was no pulse. Adam said that his daughter could not go to prison for something that he should have done a long time ago. Adam told Mateo that he picked up the body and threw her overboard. He then threw the pocketbook overboard. Mateo said that if they found the pocketbook, they would find the body. Mateo said that he was going to talk to Hayley and Adam grabbed his arm and tried to stop him. Adam said he almost had Hayley believing that it was a bad dream. Adam told Mateo that the letter will help Hayley get through the rough spots. Adam told Mateo that if he told Hayley that she killed her mother and he threw her overboard, it would destroy her. Adam asked Mateo if he wanted to be responsible for that. Hayley then came down the steps and heard the last part of their conversation and asked her dad what Mateo would be responsible for.

Leslie came into Dixie's hospital room to see Tad and told him that she had a surprise for him and asked him if he would like to see it. Just then, Dixie came back into the room and said that she would like to see the surprise. Tad told Dixie that he was worried when he came into the room and she was gone. Dixie told Tad that she had to go for some more tests. Dixie asked Leslie what surprise she brought Tad. Leslie said that the surprise was for Dixie and she handed her a magazine and chocolates. Dixie thought it was so sweet of her to bring them to her. Leslie told Dixie that Tad helped her with a client and it was the least she could do to pay him back. David came into the room and said that the tests were OK on Dixie but he wanted her to stay in the hospital one more night for observation. Dixie really wanted to go home and be in her own bed but Tad told her that David was her doctor and he knew best. Dixie told Tad that he would be all alone because the boys were at Brooke's home for the night. Leslie just smiled when she heard that. Tad assured Dixie that he would be OK at home by himself with beer and pizza. Leslie told Dixie that she would be happy to take Tad to dinner to repay him for the help with the client and Dixie agreed and said that she would feel a lot better knowing that Tad was with Leslie and getting a good meal.

Erica and Jack were in New York and tracked down Bianca at the hotel room of Sara. Erica asked Bianca what "that horrible girl" had done to her. Bianca replied to her mother that Sara had done nothing. Erica said that she and Jack walked in on something and told Bianca not to defend Sara. Erica wanted to know what happened between her and Sara. Bianca went running to her Uncle Jack and he told Bianca that they were worried about her coming to New York by herself. They had found out from one of her schoolmates that she had gone to New York. Bianca asked her mother how she found her and Erica told Bianca that they checked the caller ID on the phone and all the numbers were erased so they called Sara's mother. Erica talked to Sara's mother and she told Erica that Bianca was a bad influence on her daughter Sara. Erica demanded to know what was going on between the two of them. Bianca asked her mother to "let it go." Erica asked her why she ran away from home and wanted to know what was so important about Sara. Bianca said that she did not run away. Erica said that Mrs. Livingston told her that she never wanted Bianca to go near her daughter again. Erica demanded to know what was going on and Sara agreed to tell her everything. As she was starting to tell her story, Sara's boyfriend came into the room. Sara introduced Eian as her fiancée. Sara told Erica that her mother did not want Bianca at the wedding. Sara said that her mother did not want to accept that she had an eating disorder and if Bianca came to the wedding, being a daughter of a celebrity, that people would start to ask questions. Sara said that her secret would be revealed about her eating disorder and that her family would be disgraced. Sara said that it was difficult for her mother to accept her problem. Sara told Erica that is why she was trying to reach Bianca yesterday. Sara hugged Bianca and said that if she could change it, she would. Erica told Sara that she could not have the negativity of her or her mother around Bianca and she told Sara to never call Bianca or come and see her again. Erica then left the room.

Tad and Leslie came into the same restaurant that Gillian and Ryan were at. As Tad entered, he saw Gillian and Ryan kissing and he remarked that this day just keeps getting better and better. Tad looked at Leslie and said that this could not happen again. Leslie said that what they were doing was just dinner, sanctioned by his wife. Leslie ordered champagne and Tad ordered water. Leslie told Tad that they didn't have "safe sex" the other night and she wanted to know if there was anything she should be worried about. Tad asked Leslie if there was anything that he should be worried about. Leslie said that she would make appointments for both of them outside of Pine Valley to get tested.

David was in the hospital room checking on Dixie and asked her if she was worried about Tad going to dinner with a beautiful woman. Dixie said that she couldn't object because of what happened between her and David. Dixie said that she would stay the one night in the hospital and get some rest.

Jake saw Gordon in the hospital and asked him about the results of the blood work that was done on the people who came in sick from the yacht party. Jake told Gordon that he went through all the tests and didn't see anything abnormal with any of them. He asked Gordon what he thought caused their illnesses. Jake told Gordon that he had a reaction and he sent his blood work out for independent evaluation and they found the drug "Libidozone" in his blood. He told Gordon that other people had the same symptoms and Jake wanted to know why it was not found in their blood. Gordon told him that since it was a new drug and not on the market yet, they wouldn't have even known to look for it. Jake asked Gordon why it would be in his blood and not anybody else's blood. Gordon couldn't answer.

Tuesday, December 5, 2000

Adam continues his verbal tap dance when Hayley questions the story about Arlene going abroad so abruptly. At Wildwind, Gillian cheerfully announces to her family that she and Ryan are engaged. Her joy is diminished, however, when Dimitri reveals that Alex hasn't been seen since the night of the party and may have fallen victim to foul play. Gordon stonewalls when Jake quizzes him about the discrepancies in the lab tests on the party guests. David hastily intervenes and tries to laugh off Jake's suspicions about libidozone, then privately instructs Gordon to get rid of the blood samples at once. At the gatehouse, Hayley confides to Stuart how she regrets not having the chance to apologize to her mother before she left town. Adam orders Winifred to erase every trace of Arlene from the mansion. Ignoring Gillian's protests, Dimitri furiously accuses Edmund of kidnapping Alex. Unwilling to go on lying to his wife, Mateo warns Adam that he's going to come clean with Hayley. David successfully plants a seed of doubt in Jake's mind by painting Ryan as a likely suspect. Stuart realizes that Marian is keeping a secret.

Wednesday, December 6, 2000

Jack, Erica and Bianca arrived home. Bianca headed straight upstairs, claiming to be tired. Erica said she had something she wanted to say to Bianca and to please come back downstairs. Bianca said she didn't want to talk and that if her mom was going to ground her to just do it tomorrow, she wasn't going anywhere tonight. But much to Bianca's amazement, Erica said she wanted to apologize to Bianca for not letting her speak to Sarah on the phone when she called. Erica said it would have been easier on Bianca to have had their last conversation on the phone rather than in person, and that she was not going to punish Bianca. Bianca was appreciative of her mother's apology and went on up to bed. Jack told Erica that this situation with Bianca wasn't going to be easy, but Erica disagreed. Jack said "You think if we never say the name Sarah again it will all be over?". Erica told him it was over, the problem was solved because Sarah was marrying another boy. Jack asked Erica if she remembered telling him that the reason they didn't make it together was because he told her things she didn't want to hear. She nodded yes and Jack said "That's my role again, I have something to tell you." Erica claimed that she needed to check in with Enchantment and ran off to her office. She returned a few minutes later and found Jack still there. She told him she appreciated his support but knows he must have unfinished work at his office to take care of. He told her that anytime there's something going on about Bianca, he'd be there. Erica assures him that Bianca is resilient and with time all will be forgotten. He's not so sure that Bianca will forget Sarah. Jack asked if Bianca had ever written about her first love in her journal and Erica said she didn't know, Bianca had ripped those pages out. Jack said he didn't see any animosity between the two girls, and Erica nodded her agreement. "What does that mean?". Erica said she just wants Bianca to have a happy, normal life. She believes that she had a part in Bianca's illness, that maybe the reason Bianca was so sick was because she's Erica Kane's daughter. Erica said she feels that she's failing Bianca. Bianca had been listening on the stairsteps and came down, saying "Don't worry Mom, you don't have a sick daughter." Bianca went on to say "Privacy isn't so important in this house" and that she heard them talking about her. She told her mom that she would like some hot chocolate and would she make it for her. After Erica went into the kitchen Bianca told her Uncle Jack that she wants him to stop talking about her to her mother. "Drop this. Mom shouldn't have dragged you into this", said Bianca. Jack told her that he wants her to know she's not alone in this, and Bianca replied "But I am alone." She asked Jack to let Erica think what she wants to think about Bianca and Jack said ok. He said he was going to go now and Bianca walked him to the door. Erica came back with the hot chocolate along with a photograph of Bianca at her fourth birthday. She told Bianca that she was so particular about her clothes back then, she even had to have a fancy dress for her doll Miranda. And that Bianca had wanted Erica to have a dress that matched the doll's dress. Bianca remembered and said flatly "And you got me a pair of boots like yours instead." She stood up and said she was tired and was going to bed.

Leo and Greenlee walk into Ryan's old loft hugging Happy, who had been "lost". Greens gushed about how happy she was to find her precious dog and how smart he was to have know they were going to be at that particular loft. She went on to say maybe because she used to come there alot to see Ryan that the dog tracked her scent. She made Leo kiss Happy and he took the dog from her. Leo asked Happy where he'd been hiding that was so clean, since there wasn't a spot on his little doggy coat. Greenlee went on and on about how it meant so much to her that Leo canceled his trip to NY to help find Happy and that Leo "put us first". Leo laughed "God Greenlee, you're so full of it!". He confronted Greenlee, saying the dog was never lost and that she set this all up so he wouldn't go to New York with Bianca. He asked why she'd do such a thing, was she jealous of him and Bianca? Greenlee admitted that Happy wasn't lost but asked how she could be jealous of Bianca since Bianca was gay. Then he said she was definitely jealous when he told her about kissing Laura. "Why would I be jealous of a girl without the sense to keep from getting pushed off a boat?" Leo asked why she said pushed, not slipped. "Maybe you heard wrong" said Greenlee and she turned the conversation back to Happy. Leo said he wanted to go on and look at other apartments. Greenlee told him she liked this one but Leo refused it saying "Ryan used to live here. Do you want to live here with me and pretend I'm Ryan?". Greens said that was asinine and Leo agreed with her saying that was what jealousy sounded like. She began talking about doing some remodeling in the loft and reminisced about Ryan's body. She pranced around the loft talking about Ryan's biceps and his boxers falling off. Leo told her to stop it, he didn't want her talking about Ryan. They began kissing and fell onto the couch together.

Jake, Gillian and Ryan were at Wildwind. Jake accused Ryan of using the drug Libidozone at the party to get Gillian. Ryan said "To make her fall in love with me? She's always been in love with me!". Jake said well then if Ryan didn't do it, who did? Jake was positive Ryan drugged the yacht guests and as he made his accusations Derek Fry walked in. Jake told the detective that he had evidence that he and the other guests were drugged. He said he had blood tests that proved he had Libidozone that night but that the other tests done were sabotaged. Derek asked Jake rather incredulously, "So Ryan did this so he could move in on your wife?" Derek said he didn't see enough evidence but Jake insists that he arrest Ryan and that Jake will provide the evidence. Derek asked Jake who could tamper with the test results and Jake told him Gordon could. Derek wanted to question Ryan and Ryan asked " With or without my lawyer?". Derek said it was up to him and Ryan agreed to answer some questions and they headed into another room. Gillian called out to Jake and they argued about Ryan's guilt or innocence. Jake saw the engagement ring on her finger and realized he'd lost her forever. He told her "I'm going to prove his guilt!" After Jake and Derek Fry left, Gillian told Ryan she knows he didn't drug her or anyone else. He told her he knows someone put a drug into the punch but wonders who would do such a thing. Gillian told Ryan that she'd never felt more alive than when it was the two of them against the world. "I want you to fight for Incredible!" she told him. Ryan said he will and promised that the rest of their lives would be perfect.

Meanwhile, at the hospital David placed a call to Donald Steele, the rag reporter. He told Donald that he had information about Ryan's yacht party involving drugs. As he gave "Donny Boy" some tidbits Dixie came out of her room. David saw her and told Donald to meet him at the hospital and then hung up. David asked Dixie why she had on street clothes and she told him since they knew her "episode" was caused by Libidozone and not something else she wanted to go home. He tried to persuade her to stay but she insisted he discharge her.

Tad was at home alone in a robe when the doorbell rang. The door stuck a little as he tried to open it and he was more than a little surprised when the door finally opened to reveal Leslie standing there. She wanted to come in but Tad told her it wasn't a good idea. She told him she had made the appointments for them to be tested for STD's and wanted to tell him where and when they were. He told her she could've just phoned but she pushed her way in the house and said she was really scared. She went on to say she'd had alot of fantasies about Tad but getting tested for STD's wasn't one of them. Their appointments were made for 10am tomorrow at Seaview Hospital, and she had a friend there who would keep it quiet. Leslie went on about how she was always careful about sex and used protection and that she was nervous about tomorrow because she'd never been tested before. Tad told her she didn't have anything to worry about, that he and Dixie were completely faithful. Leslie didn't buy that, she reminded him about the way they found each other on the yacht. She started going on about having to be tested for AIDS every six months and Tad looked shocked. He told her there was no way she could've gotten anything from him. Leslie asked Tad to tell her about his sexual history for the last 10 years and he said "What history? I'm married!". She started to push him to tell her but he absolutely refused, saying he'd been faithful to Dixie. She reminded him about Liza and then snidely asked "What about Dixie? What's she been up to?". He got upset with her and told her he'd just see her tomorrow. Leslie started to cry and said she has no one to talk to and was so afraid of the results. Tad told her that he was 99.999999% positive that everything would be fine but if it wasn't she wouldn't go through this alone. As they headed for the front door they heard a car pull up and Tad realized it was Dixie coming home. Leslie left through the back door as David brought Dixie in the front door. Dixie told Tad she was home because they found out the drug Libidozone caused her medical problems and since it was out of her system now she was ok to come home. She told him that everyone on the yacht had ingested some and Tad cried out "Thank God!" He asked her about the effects of the drug and she told him it repressed sexual inhibitions. David told him it made people do things they wouldn't normally do. Tad wondered aloud what sickie would slip a mickey to a boat full of people. David said he didn't know but they hope to find out. He left to go back to the hospital and Tad asked Dixie if David was her doctor again. Dixie confirmed this saying he was the only one who knew how to treat her, but asked if they could not talk about David. She was feeling amorous and tried to get Tad upstairs or "on the floor right here, since we're all alone". But Tad claimed to want a sandwich and Dixie wondered why he hadn't eaten with Leslie. He said he wasn't hungry then and Dixie wondered what the two of them had to talk about. She began kissing Tad, but Tad told her he had some work to do. She really wanted to make love but Tad put her off and told her to go to bed without him. He said whenever he needed a break he'd come in a look at her and thank his lucky stars that she's alive.

David went back to the hospital where he met up with Donald Steele. David gave him the scoop about Ryan's party, telling him that it had it all, internet, sex and drugs. Donald was most intrigued and David had a suggestion for him. "I think the headline should read 'Incredible Nightmare' ". Donald agreed.

Thursday, December 7, 2000

As the new morning crept over Pine Valley, the townspeople were aghast to find allegations that Ryan Lavery drugged his partygoers emblazoned across the front pages of various newspapers. Dixie greeted Tad with talk of getting a Christmas tree. Tad agreed, but gently scolded her about needing to rest after her stay in the hospital. Somehow, though, he didn't think that putting tinsel on the tree would be too much of a burden for his wife. Dixie dangled Leslie's glove in front of Tad and noted that he hadn't told her that Leslie had dropped by the house. Tad quietly put down his newspaper and concocted a tale about Leslie having had to use the phone after her cellular phone battery went dead. Tad kissed his wife goodbye and prepared to head off for what he said was another typical day at the office. When Tad opened the front door to leave, however, Leslie Coulson was waiting outside. She greeted Tad with a smile and asked if he was ready for their "appointment." Understandably, Dixie wanted to know why Tad and Leslie's stories were in conflict. Tad looked nervously at Leslie and made it sound as thought he had forgotten that he had scheduled an appointment with her. Dixie teased Tad about his need for a personal assistant. As she and Tad were leaving, Leslie told Dixie that Tad had put her on retainer at Chandler Enterprises. Shortly after Tad and Leslie left, David showed up to check on Dixie's condition. Dixie was glad to see the doctor, but she told him that it wasn't necessary for him to travel all the way to her house for a checkup. David gave Dixie a quick examination and determined that she was going to make a full recovery. He also confirmed his initial belief that Dixie had ingested Libidozone. Like Tad had done earlier, David warned Dixie not to overextend herself when decking the halls. Dixie asked David about his holiday plans and the doctor replied with his usual wit. David told Dixie that he, Leo, Vanessa and Palmer were going to bake cookies together and then sing carols at the homeless shelter. Obviously, that wasn't going to happen. David decided that it was time to leave, but before he could make it to the door Dixie said that she wanted to share something with him. Dixie pulled out one of the snow globes she'd amassed and told the story of how her grandparents had gotten the globe in 1904. In a rare showing of emotions, David broke down in tears as Dixie mentioned how incredible it was for her grandparents to have been so much in love for so long. David out his hand to his face to hide his tears, but Dixie knew that he was crying. She looked on curiously and asked David if he was going to be okay.

Unaware of the story in the newspaper, Gillian swaggered into the main room of the yacht and told Ryan that she didn't like waking up to an empty bed. Slowly but surely, their conversation became more suggestive and it wasn't long before they were kissing passionately. Suddenly, the door swung open and Adam blasted Ryan for tending to matters other than defending himself to the media. Once Gillian had found out about the article, she suggested that Ryan sue the newspapers for slander. Adam rolled his eyes as if he were irritated by Gillian's suggestion. To sue for slander, he explained, one would have to show that the article was written solely out of malice. Ryan countered that the only person capable of tainting the party's punch was David Hayward. Adam expressed his agreement with Ryan and urged him to have his public relations department re-spin the article so that Ryan doesn't look guilty. Ryan decided that he's go to his loft and contact all the necessary parties. Mateo and Hayley arrived on the yacht to question Ryan about the newspaper reports. Again Gillian insisted that the reports were "all lies." Mateo pulled Adam aside and informed him that Edmund, Dimitri and a team of divers were preparing to board the ship and discuss a dive to see if they could locate Alex Marick's body. Adam's calm composure cracked as he showed the first signs of desperation. Just seconds later, Edmund and Dimitri entered the room. Ryan confirmed a diver's belied that the yacht had not been moved since it dropped anchor the night of the party. Upon learning that the divers were going to search for Alex's body, Ryan and Gillian were the only ones to remain optimistic about Alex's fate. Ryan and Gillian finally made their way back to the mainland. Edmund told Hayley that Dimitri thinks that he killed Alex or had her hidden somewhere. Hayley chased after Dimitri to try to plead Edmund's case. Mateo, meanwhile, began to panic. He told Adam that it was time to come clean to Hayley about Arlene's demise. Adam shook his head defiantly and said that they need to keep quiet until there's no other alternative. Besides, Adam said somewhat angrily, Marian had seen him dump Arlene's body over the side of the boat. Mateo nearly passed out when Adam told him that Marian had out two and two together and figured out that Hayley had killed Arlene. Hayley returned and caught the two engaged in their heated discussion and immediately jumped to the conclusion that they had new information about Arlene. Adam quickly came up with a lie to save the day. The billionaire claimed that he had accused Mateo of doing something to lead Arlene on the night of the party. Hayley lashed out at her father for his disgusting remark and told Mateo that it was time to go. Later, Edmund questioned whether or not Libidozone could have somehow played a part in Alex's disappearance.

Greenlee took great pleasure in seeing Ryan's name in the headlines of the morning paper. Leo, however, tired of her chirping and grabbed his clothing so that he could leave. Greenlee latched onto his leg and prevented Leo from moving. She told Leo that she loved him much more than she hated Ryan. It wasn't quite what Leo wanted to hear, but it did change his mind about leaving. The two made love and were still sprawled out under a sheet when Ryan and Gillian arrived. Ryan demanded to know what the pair was doing in his loft. Leo quickly explained that they were thinking of buying the property. Ryan shook his head and said that he'd sooner take a loss on the property than to sell it to Greenlee. As for how they'd gotten inside, Leo explained that Marian Chandler had given them the key. Ryan and Leo headed off to another room to continue their discussion. Meanwhile, Gillian and Greenlee were left alone in the living room. Gillian took a deep breath and glared icily in Greenlee's direction. The princess told Greenlee that she was glad that she and Ryan no longer had to sneak around because it meant that she was finally free to tell Greenlee what she really thinks of her. "I can finally tell you what a snotty, two-faced, lying little bitch I think you are," Gillian snarled. Greenlee's jaw dropped in shock and she was unable to say anything in response. She lashed out at Greenlee for having made Ryan's life miserable and for having lied to her about the nature of her relationship with Ryan. Precious time was lost, Gillian snapped. Greenlee tried to explain herself, blaming her actions on Gillian for her not having loved Ryan enough. Ryan, said Gillian, could never have loved Greenlee because she was a "hussy." Greenlee fired back, "Ryan only cares about royal sluts!" Gillian screamed and raced toward Greenlee. She grabbed her by her hair and tossed her onto the sofa. Leo, who had been watching secretly from around the corner, raced into the room and, with Ryan's help, managed to separate the two women. Ryan ordered Greenlee and Leo out of his apartment. As Greenlee was leaving, she told Ryan and Gillian that they "deserve" each other. Flippantly, she added that it was a pity that Ryan had to drug Gillian to win her back. Gillian picked up a pair of shoes that Greenlee had left behind and hurled them across the loft. They barely missed the fleeing couple. After the situation settled down, Ryan placed a call to one of his business world contacts. Apparently, this was at least the third time he had tried to reach Mr. Danbury --- but the man was not willing to receive Ryan's calls. Gillian failed to see the importance of the situation and started chattering about wanting to move into the loft with Ryan. Ryan, however, hung his head and mumbled that he was "ruined."

In the Obstetrics/Gynecology wing of Seaview Hospital, a nurse greeted Leslie with a smile and asked her to sign in for insurance purposes. Leslie quickly informed the woman that she intended to pay cash for her visit. When asked about the whereabouts of her "partner," Leslie said that he was parking the car. When Tad showed up, he questioned why Leslie decided to travel to what he saw as a "women only" section of the hospital. Leslie assured Tad that men visited the obstetrics wing all the time --- usually with their wives. That made Tad fear that someone would recognize him and realize that Leslie was not his wife. Leslie also assured Tad that the utmost discretion would be used because the doctor they were seeing was a personal friend. As they waited for their appointments, Tad told Leslie that he was relieved that the Libidozone story had been exposed. As Tad saw it, the "powerful aphrodisiac" had caused him to sleep with Leslie and that, in effect, he really hadn't been unfaithful to his wife. Tad wasn't discounting the fact that he'd slept with another woman, but that it wasn't a sign that he'd reverted to his days as a cad. Leslie argued Tad's statement, saying that the drug only lowered inhibitions. In Leslie's eyes, she and Tad had both still wanted to have sex with each other but the drug simply made them give into their passion. Tad shook his head and said that while Leslie is a "very attractive" woman, he didn't want to have sex with her. He also said that he was going to have a hard time explaining to Dixie why he needed to wear condoms while he waited for the results of his blood test. Upon hearing Tad repeatedly claim that he hadn't "strayed" from his wife and the implications that he really didn't desire her, Leslie told Tad that Dixie should then have no problem learning that they had had sex. Tad shook his head and said that he had no intention of telling Dixie about their affair. A nurse appeared by Leslie's side and told her that it was time for her to go into an examining room. Tad passed the time by getting a drink from a nearby water fountain. When he heard someone call his name, Tad looked up and slowly turned around. Across the waiting room, Liza smiled at her former co-worker and asked him why he was at the hospital.

Back aboard the yacht, Marian showed up causing Adam to become even more restless. She asked Adam how he could allow the divers to search the waters beneath the boat. Adam countered that he really didn't have a say in the matter because Dimitri feared that Alex had fallen overboard. He then asked Marian how she would explain her presence on the ship. Marian said that she'd claim that she'd lost a shawl during the party. Adam told Marian that things were still going in their favor because the divers hadn't found anything. A few seconds later, Dimitri and Edmund strolled into the room to wait for news of the underwater investigation. Time passed and the lead diver walked into the room. "We've found something," he said solemnly.

Friday, December 8, 2000

Leo knew that Greenlee was holding out on something that happened at Ryan's party. "So you know nothing about how Laura went overboard, right?" he asked. Before Greenlee could answer, Erica stormed in. She bombed Leo out for allowing Bianca to go to New York by herself. Leo apologized for leaving Bianca. Erica explained that she knew why Bianca went to New York and explained that Sarah was getting married and Bianca was barred from the wedding and continued with her misinformation. Greenlee told Erica that Leo had been looking for Happy when he was supposed to be with Bianca. Leo tried to get Greenlee to wait for him out on the porch. After a little persuasion she left.

Leo asked for another chance with Erica. She instructed him to pick Bianca up from school, take her to the mall and show her a good time. Leo asked if Erica wanted him to date Bianca. She said of course not, but told him to spend the evening with her. She headed upstairs and Leo went outside to explain things to Greenlee. Greenlee laughed when Leo told her what was up. Greenlee told Leo to remove himself from the Erica/Bianca drama and cracked up when she thought of how Erica would react when she found out the truth about Bianca's sexuality. Leo turned the conversation back to Laura on the yacht and asked for the truth. Greenlee confessed that Laura was pushed and blamed it on Bianca.

Leo refused to believe it, but Greenlee said she saw the whole thing. She had hesitated to tell Leo, she said, because of all the hard times Bianca had recently suffered. Greenlee blamed it on the Libidozone. Leo left to get Bianca. "Damn! Memo to self." Greenlee said as she watched Leo depart. "You need better lies."

At school, Shannon teased Bianca for getting caught running away to New York. "Maybe she got caught in the act," Shannon teased. Her cohorts laughed. Laura called Shannon bland, a typical girl in a fashion magazine and nailed the three girls until they were so embarrassed, they walked away. Bianca tried to figure out why the girls had targeted her in the first place. Laura explained that the girls were jealous because she was Erica Kane's daughter, and a beautiful intelligent young girl.

Marcus asked Laura if she was a lesbian, but she dodged the question. Marcus had a copy of Laura's pornographic pictures from the Internet, and thanked her for taking the pictures. Laura, surprised, grabbed the pictures, but Marcus snatched them back.

The guys in the gym laughed over Laura's Internet pictures and Bianca tried to comfort her. She told Laura she was one of the most awesome people she had ever met. The kids continued taunting Laura as she and Bianca turned to leave. Just then, Laura had a revelation. "On the yacht," she said, "I remember what happened. I didn't fall. I was pushed." Just then, Greenlee and Leo walked up.

David clutched his chest and headed for the door of Dixie's house, but she insisted on helping David through his panic attack. "What are you trying to forget?" she asked. "How Christmas became the worst time of my life," he responded.

Dixie questioned David about his Christmases growing up and David confided that his father had taken his life during the Christmas season. David recalled when he was 12 and had decided to put up the lights while his parents were out. He fell asleep and was awakened by his parents' argument. Vanessa was asking for a divorce. He recalled his father shooting himself and bleeding to death in David's arms. David's hands shook as he related the story. Dixie pulled David into her arms.

David pulled away, and said he wouldn't be the reason for any problems in Dixie's life. "I love you too much," he explained.

David's revelation stunned Dixie. Before she could respond, the phone rang. It was Tad.

Liza questioned Tad after she found him in the OB-GYN office. Tad didn't know what to say, so he mumbled something about picking up something for Dixie. He led Liza out of the office but before he reached the door, Leslie Coulson stopped him. "You're here together?" Liza questioned.

Leslie explained that her car wouldn't start and she had asked Tad for a ride. Liza told her to call the auto club. Liza wanted an explanation. Tad was on the defensive. Liza noticed a guilty look on his face. "It's Leslie. There's something going on between you two, and it isn't car trouble," Liza surmised.

Tad tried to bluff his way along, but the nurse came out and told Tad they were ready to test him. Liza questioned him about the test and Tad said he didn't go to PVH because he didn't want to bring undue attention to himself. Liza recalled that Tad was with Leslie at the party and guessed what that Tad was being tested for STDs. Tad revealed that he had put Leslie on retainer.

Liza guessed the truth and Tad confessed that he had sex with Leslie the night of the party. "No, every time I turn around, she's in my face" Tad said, and confided that he didn't know what to do about Leslie. Liza suggested that Tad go to New York for two reasons -- to comfort Chandler Enterprise investors and to get away from Leslie.

Tad called Dixied and told her his plans. He said he was heading home to pack. Once at home, he packed and headed for the door with his suitcases. He hugged Dixie goodbye.

Leslie phoned David and said she needed to get Tad alone. "Any luck with Dixie?" she asked. But David refused to say anything. David told Leslie that Tad was going to New York. They hung up. David looked mournful; Leslie looked determined.

The diver handed Dimitri a brooch he had uncovered in the water near the yacht. The brooch contained the Marick family crest and was a gift from Gillian. Dimitri recalled that Alex had been wearing it the night of the party. The diver said any person who had been in the water had probably drifted out to sea by now and the body would be difficult to recover. Adam and Marian, overheard the diver's statement. They were relieved because that meant no one would find Arlene. But Adam realized he would have to go to Europe and pretend to get Arlene to sign the divorce papers.

Dimitri didn't believe Alex was dead. When Edmund asked where she might be, Dimitri responded "Why don't you tell me?" Under Dimitri's suspicious questioning, Edmund took a sarcastic tone and responded that he indeed had kidnapped Alex and hidden her away. Dimitri called him a sick bastard. Edmund stormed off. Derek Frye entered and told Dimitri that he had seen the diver's report. Dimitri reiterated that he did not believe his wife was dead and suspected Edmund had taken the brooch from Alex and thrown it in the water.

Marian walked back into the cabin and found Liza looking for Adam. Marian divulged the terrible suspicions about Alex Marick. Liza promised she was going to stick with Adam because of all the troubles other couples were having. When Marian told her Adam was going to Europe to have Arlene sign the divorce papers, Liza decided she should accompany him.

Dimitri was adamant that Edmund had done something with Alex. Derek announced that Dimitri was filing charges against Edmund for assault, and asked Edmund to accompany him to headquarters. Edmund may have had an episode, Dimitri supposed, and abducted Alex. Derek asked Edmund to go quietly and Edmund agreed.

PHOTO: Melissa Claire Egan is pregnant, and it's a [SPOILER]


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