All My Children Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on AMC

David framed Ryan for the Libidozone mishap. Dixie dreamed that she was jealous of David and Erica's relationship. Liza learned about Arlene's death. Dimitri pressed charges after tricking Edmund into attacking him. David asked Erica if it was possible that Bianca and Sarah were lovers.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, December 11, 2000

Due to ABC News coverage of the Supreme Court hearings, All My Children did not air. Today's episode will air in its entirety on Tuesday so that no episodes will be lost.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Laura was talking to Bianca at school and she remembered that she was pushed off the yacht. Leo and Greenlee were also at the school when she remembered this. Laura said that she wants to know who did that to her and she feels that the person is totally twisted and needs to be punished. Bianca told Laura that there were so many people on the yacht that she may never find out who pushed her over the side. Laura said that someone must have seen something. She was going to get the guest list from Ryan and check everyone. Bianca told Laura that whoever did it, may not have meant to do it. Leo said that maybe that person is just too afraid to confess. Laura and Bianca walked away to reconstruct the assault. Leo told Greenlee not to tell Laura that Bianca pushed her off the side. Leo said that he still can't believe that Bianca was the one who pushed her. Leo wanted to confront Bianca but Greenlee told him not to do it because Bianca was very fragile and it might send the "little lesbit" over the side. Leo went to Bianca and told her that Erica wanted him to take her out for the night. He said that it was too bad that nobody knew what happened the other night to Laura and he asked Bianca if she knew anything that could help her. Bianca told him "no." Laura told Greenlee that when she finds out who pushed her, she was going to make that person sorry that they came on the yacht. Bianca asked Leo why he thought she knew something. He told her that it was because they found her "passed out" near the spot where Laura was pushed over. Leo said that hopefully the "phantom pusher" would reveal himself or herself. Bianca told Leo that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Greenlee told Laura that she was making "too much" of the accident. Laura said that she was leaving to go and tell her mother that she remembered being pushed over the side. Greenlee asked Bianca if she was "going to cave?" Bianca assured Greenlee that she would not tell anyone that she pushed Laura over the side of the yacht. Greenlee said that was good, because she didn't want to tell her mother that "her daughter marches to a different beat."

Dixie came running into the emergency room looking for Junior. She came running from the parking lot and was out of breath. David saw her and thought she was there because of her heart and he put her into a wheelchair and started checking her. Junior came out of a room with an ice pack on his wrist and saw David attending his mother. He yelled at David to leave his mom alone. Dixie told Junior that David was just trying to take care of her. Dixie assured Junior that she was OK. David said that he misunderstood because he did not realize that Dixie was there to see if Junior was OK. David asked Junior to take a look at his wrist and he told him that he wanted his Uncle Jake to look at it instead. Junior told David that he didn't want someone who was harassing his mom to look at his wrist. Dixie pulled Junior aside and asked him to lighten up on David because he was still her doctor and friend. Junior asked his mom why she was standing up for him. Dixie told Junior that David said that he was sorry for what he did. Junior said that he could not forget what David did to her. Junior agreed to stop talking about it. They hugged and she told Junior that she loved him and he replied that he loved her too. He then said that he wanted his Uncle Jake to check his wrist. Jake had him make a fist and said that he was sure it wasn't broken but he wanted to take x-rays to make sure there was not a hairline fracture. Palmer Cortlandt came into the emergency room looking for Dr. Joe Martin. Palmer was real upset about the newspaper article and could see the lawsuits coming. Jake told Palmer that he found traces of Libediazone in his blood work and also in Dixie's. He said that was the reason Dixie passed out. Palmer wanted to see the lab technician who performed the blood work. Jake informed him that Gordon was missing and he did not know where he was but he was on the top of his list. Jake then asked David if he knew that Gordon was missing and he told him that he was not aware of it. Palmer told David to leave his niece, Dixie, alone. Palmer reminded David that he was chairman of the board of the hospital and that sexual harassment charges are a disgrace. David told Palmer that the charges have been dropped. Palmer told David to keep his distance from Dixie and if he didn't, he would make his life miserable. Dixie then walked up behind her Uncle and told him that she could speak for herself. Palmer told Dixie that he was protecting her from a "womanizer." Dixie told Palmer to lower her voice and to stop talking about David like that. Palmer agreed and left. David asked Dixie if he could hire her back as a "body guard." David told Dixie to forget everything he told her the other night regarding his feelings for her. He said that he had no right to burden her with that. Dixie told David that she could not forget what he told her and never would.

Adam was at his office in his house and he told Winifred that if anyone called for him, tell them that he was out of town. He took the divorce papers and forged Arlene's name on them. His phone rang and it was Liza calling from the airport saying that she was looking for him. Adam told her that he was on the plane and it was too late, the plane was taking off. He told Liza that there was a bad connection and he was hanging up. With a frown on her face, Liza walked into Adam's office on her cellular phone and said that she could hear him fine. Liza told Adam that her mother told her that Adam was going to Europe to get Arlene to sign the divorce papers and she wanted to go along to help him face the last obstacle that was keeping them from one another. Liza saw the divorce papers on his desk and noticed that Arlene had already signed them. Liza asked Adam how he got Arlene to sign them if she was in Europe. Liza told Adam that if Arlene was still in the house, she was going to find her and rip her apart and then come back for him. Adam told her that Arlene was not in the house. Liza then asked him how he got Arlene to sign the papers. He told her from a "fax." Liza told Adam that no court would accept a legal document with a faxed signature. She looked at the divorce papers and said that the signature was an original. Adam then told Liza that he hired a detective to find her and that she was in Monte Carlo. According to Adam, the detective got her to sign them and then send them back to him. Liza told Adam that he was "full of it." Liza looked at the divorce decree again and said that they were dated today and there was no way she could sign them today in Monte Carlo and then get them back to Adam the same day. He tried to tell Liza that it was earlier today in Monte Carlo than it was there. Liza found a pen on his desk and said that the signature came from that same pen. Adam told Liza that it makes no difference how it happened -- they were free. Liza looked at Adam and said, "You forged her signature, didn't you?" Adam replied, "yes." Liza told Adam that he needs to tear up the divorce papers. Adam told Liza that Arlene would not press charges because she was out of their lives forever. Liza said that as long as Arlene has breath in her body, she would fight Adam from getting this divorce. Liza told Adam to tell her about Arlene and she was not going to leave until she got answers. Liza said that she does not doubt his love for her but she wants Adam to be honest with her. She does not want a life with secrets and lies but she does want to trust him and if they want a life together, he has to tell her the truth. Adam said that if he told her the truth, he would lose her forever. Liza asked him again, "What happened to Arlene?" Adam told Liza that Arlene was not in Monte Carlo. He told Liza that Arlene was on the yacht and she found Mateo drugged in one of the rooms. Hayley found the two of them in bed together and she strangled her mother. Adam told Liza that he found Arlene's body and threw her overboard. He told Liza that Arlene was never coming back. Liza just looked at him, unable to speak.

Tina came into the shelter and saw Becca. Becca told her that she was going home for Christmas. Tina told Becca that she had never said the words "home for Christmas" before. Tina told her that Adrian would not be coming home for Christmas because he just got a job in Alabama and he moved there. Tina told Becca that Adrian wanted her to come and spend Christmas with him and his parents. She told Becca that if she left, she would never come back. Adrian wanted her to move to Alabama. Tina told Becca that Adrian would not come back to Pine Valley because he was going to stay until his father was better. Becca told Tina to "follow her heart" and that the right choice would follow. Tina received a phone call and left the shelter.

Brooke and Reverend Freeman had good news for Ricky. They told him that his aunt wanted him to go to Hawaii and live with her. Ricky said that it would be great to live with his aunt because she reminded him of his mother (and she was a better cook). Ricky said that he would miss Brooke and Eliot. Ricky's aunt wanted him to move as soon as he could and that it would be the boy's final decision to go or not. Ricky hugged both Brooke and Eliot and said that he would never forget what they had done for him. Just then, Laura walked in and heard her mother talking to Eliot. As Brooke started to walk away, she tripped and Eliot caught her and asked her if she was OK. Laura saw this and came to the conclusion that Eliot was the one who pushed her overboard. She walked into the room and slapped Eliot across the face. She told Eliot that he was so low. She accused Eliot of pushing her in the water so he could play hero to Brooke.

Tina was at the hospital interpreting for a deaf girl who came into the emergency room. Jake told Tina that she was an angel for helping them out. Tina told Jake that she was happy she could help out but was wondering what happened to the interpreter that the hospital hired. Jake told her that she was out on maternity leave and would probably not be coming back. He offered the job to Tina and she said she would be honored to work for the hospital.

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Liza and Adam were standing in his home office. Liza was stunned at what Adam had just told her regarding Arlene. "Oh my God Adam, what have you done?" she cried. He explained that he had to save Hayley and that he was afraid to tell Liza what had happened because she might not understand. Adam told Liza "Hayley's not going to prison!". Liza said that Hayley was drugged, that her defense could be built around that but Adam said Hayley was too fragile to withstand a trial. Liza asked what will happen if and when Hayley remembers what happened and Adam replied that he'd say he found Arlene alive and threw her overboard. "Are you going to go to the police?" Adam asked Liza. She asked Adam if he loves Hayley so much he'd go to prison for her. Adam vehemently said yes, he'd do anything for her. He said he'd do anything to protect his children and Liza and Stuart. "I love you all more than I love myself" he told Liza. Liza told him she just wants him to trust her, that's how he could show her how much he loves her. Not with flowers or jewels, but with trust and truth. He said he did tell her the truth and asked "Are we partners?". Liza said she'd do everything she can to help him. Adam was worried that she'd call Derek Frye, and she said it was kind of a shock, she wouldn't have wished this on Arlene. Adam began to tell her about the call he received from the boat house and how he believed it was Arlene until he got there. He started to tell her who it really was when Marian barged in babbling on about Liza finding out that Adam wasn't really going to Europe. When she turned and saw Liza she tried to cover herself but Liza stopped her. Marian asked Adam how much Liza knows. Adam turned to Liza and explained that Marian saw him on the yacht with Arlene's body. Marian told Liza she was just trying to help Adam and Liza and asked Liza if she was on their side. Liza said yes she was.Liza then wanted to know who else knew about this situation. Adam admitted that he told Mateo and that Matt wants to tell Hayley the truth. Liza said that he can't do that, Hayley couldn't handle it. The three of them brainstormed for reasons Arlene might have been on the ship dressed up like a waitress. Marian and Liza thought she was trying to get more money and then Adam flashed back to Arlene's body lying on the deck. He saw the necklace and realized it was Vanessa Cortlandt's and that Arlene must have been there to steal it. Adam told this to Liza and Marian, and Marian said if Palmer and Vanessa know Arlene did this they won't let it rest till they find her. Liza said they have to keep this quiet, "If we're going to stick together as a family we have to lie together as a family". Marian said she won't crack but that she had to tell Stuart what had happened. Adam and Liza said absolutely not, that Stuart had forgiven Arlene and he'll see this in a different light than they do. Marian said everytime Arlene's name is mentioned she gets all nervous and Stuart could tell. Adam asked her " D

David waited with Dixie while Junior's wrist was checked by Jake Martin. David told her "It always amazes me, how much you love". He went on about how lucky Junior was to have her for a mom. Dixie talked a little about how Junior was growing up and didn't need her as much, then she reminisced about their days in Pigeon Hollow. Junior was younger and it was just the two of them and how they played ball together and hung around together. Dixie caught David staring at her and asked him " What?". He said "You told me the right woman would come along, do you really think there's another one like you?". She tried to make light of it and fortunately for her Junior came out of the exam room at that moment. Junior asked Jake if he could still perform tonight at the Battle of the Bands and was told yes, just to take it easy. Jake walked away and Junior asked his mom if Tad would be back in time to see him. Dixie reminded Junior that he had said he didn't want any of them to be there. Junior responded sullenly "Yeah, right" and went to call a band member, Frankie. Dixie told David Junior is at a difficult age, he's so hard to figure out. After Junior spoke to Frankie, he called his dad's house. Winifred told him Adam wasn't available and Junior declined to leave a message. He went back to Dixie and David and asked if they could go to the high school now. Dixie told him she couldn't move the car, an EMT vehicle was blocking them and that she'd go call a cab. David told Junior to make sure he had a pitcher of ice water waiting for him off stage and after his performance he should put his wrist in it. Junior told him that Jake had already told him to do this and David asked if they could be friends. Junior said no. Dixie returned to tell Junior she couldn't get a cab for 20 minutes. Much to Junior's disgust, David offered to drive them and Dixie agreed. They arrived at the school where Dixie apologized to David for Junior's behavior. A member of Junior's band came up and told them that they couldn't perform. Someone had run over their headsets in the parking lot and they couldn't get any replacements. Just then Mindy, a classmate and battle of the bands judge, came up and Junior told her they were out of the competition. Dixie tried to make Junior feel better, saying maybe it was for the best with his wrist the way it was. But Junior barked at her "You can't make this ok!" Mindy returned to ask if they were really pulling out and Junior said yes. Before she walked away a woman came up holding head sets. She told Junior they were for him and she was to tell him that "Santa brought them". Dixie turned to David smiling and said "You did this?!"

Eliot asked Laura why she thought he'd push her overboard at the party. She said so that he could be the hero, saving her and then he could get all cozy with her mom. Laura told Brooke that she remembers being pushed and Eliot said "I wouldn't do that, Brooke, tell her!". But Brooke said that the details Laura was remembering were important and that Laura should tell them. Eliot said fine, but you know I didn't do it and left them. Laura told her mother she was sorry and Brooke told her that Eliot couldn't have pushed her. She told Laura that she and Eliot were in the yacht salon when Laura went overboard. Brooke told Laura she'd figure it out, that it would come back to her bit by bit. Brooke offered to take Laura home but Laura knew her mother wanted to go to Eliot and told her to go on. Brooke found Eliot and apologized, saying she should have defended him. He asked her why and she said because they were in the salon together and that he wouldn't have done that to Laura. He thanked her and asked if she believed Laura really got pushed. Brooke said yes, she did.

Greenlee and Leo were still in the high school gym. He wanted to find out who pushed Laura but Greens just wanted to leave. Leo told her no, that he had to find Bianca and take her home. He also told her that he wanted to get to the bottom of Laura being pushed off the boat. Greenlee said "It's Bianca!" and Leo replied "So you say", a bit suspiciously. Greenlee said she had something for Leo and grabbed him, kissing him deeply and telling him it was just because he was cute. She then asked him if he'd "ever done it on the bleachers". Leo was interested but said he really had to go find Bianca. Greenlee asked him where he was really going and he reiterated "to find Bianca". He actually went to the shelter to find Laura, which he did after Brooke left to apologize to Eliot. Leo said to Laura "This little dip in the ocean really freaked you out" and she replied that oh no, she liked being humiliated. He told her that she had handled the whole thing with grace and that there was no real harm done. "Besides being humiliated I can't stop thinking about who would want me dead!" she told Leo. Laura told him that she's going to find out for sure who did this to her and then looked at him, asking "Why are you trying to talk me out of this?". Leo said alot of weird things happened that night, like his mother's necklace being stolen. Laura said she could understand a motive for stolen jewelry, but not for pushing her off the boat. Leo said he wished he could help her but that she was probably wasting time. Laura said she wanted revenge for this and Leo told her the person who did it was probably under the influence of "that drug" and couldn't help themselves. Laura disagreed and said she had heard the drug only released inhibitions. Laura looked right at Leo and asked him who he was covering for. Leo tried to joke his way out of the question, saying he had pushed her. Laura said that was bogus and Leo told her to just forget it, that it was "so old testament". She told him no, she was tired of being the victim and she wanted to know who hated her this much. Greenlee walked in and wanted to know if Leo had found Bianca yet. He told her no, he had stopped at the shelter to look for her and found Laura instead. Laura got up and left and Leo told Greenlee not to go into the jealous routine. She said she wasn't jealous of Laura but that she just wanted to know if he told Laura who pushed her off the yacht. Meanwhile, Laura was listening from around the corner. Leo told Greenlee no he hadn't and that it was time to leave. He went on ahead of her while she stopped to look for her keys. Laura came up behind Greenlee and said she heard them talking. Laura wanted to know who pushed her off the boat and Greenlee refused to tell her at first. But then she said "Ok, I'll tell you. It was Bianca.". Laura looked horrified.

Stuart went to the Pine Cone Motel and was standing outside where he found the painting he had given Arlene. The manager came over to him and asked if he was the owner of the art gallery. Stuart told him yes, that this was a painting he had given a friend. The manager told Stuart that Arlene had left all her things in her room and hadn't paid the bill. He found clothes, jewelry, money and the painting. It was the only thing with a name on it, that's why he called Stuart. Stuart wondered aloud what had happened to Arlene.

Thursday, December 14, 2000

Still trying to hunt down Bianca for their Erica-imposed date, Leo headed back home where he eventually found Bianca sprawled out on the sofa. Leo asked Bianca about her trip to New York. Bianca revealed that things hadn't gone as she'd expected. "Sarah still loves me," Bianca said softly, "but I'm a complication she can do without." Erica breezed into the room to tell the pair that they were to have dinner at The Valley Inn and charge it to her account. At the same time, Erica handed over a wad of cash to Leo. The extra money, she said with a broad smile, was for a movie. Bianca rolled her eyes and chided her mother for playing matchmaker. "You enjoy [Leo's] company," Erica responded, noting that Bianca's curfew for the night had been dropped. Bianca again lashed out, asking her mother if she was going to be planning her wedding to Leo while they were out of the house. Erica denied that she was a "meddlesome matchmaker," but was more than curious when her daughter again mentioned Sarah and her impending nuptials. Bianca claimed that Erica wanted to keep her busy so that she doesn't think about Sarah. Bianca, however, said that she wanted to be at the wedding to protest when the minister asked if anyone could show just cause why Sarah and her fiancé should not be married. Bianca took a deep breath and asked Leo if he would mind taking her to the Battle of the Bands contest at the high school.

Still at the shelter, Laura prevented Greenlee from leaving until she came clean about what had happened to her the night of Ryan's party. Greenlee tried to wiggle out of a confession by saying that everything happened so quickly. She also used the Libidozone as a cover for all the zaniness that had taken place aboard the yacht. Again, though, Greenlee stated that Bianca was responsible for Laura's deep-sea plunge. As she made the accusation, Brooke returned to the room. Brooke was stunned by the implication and asked if it was really true that Bianca had pushed Laura overboard. Laura asked her mother to sit tight until she had a chance to talk to Bianca in private. After Laura left, Greenlee too tried to make a hasty retreat. Like Laura had done earlier, Brooke stopped the young woman from fleeing. "I want to know everything," Brooke demanded. Greenlee's eyes darted nervously from side to side. She repeated her earlier minimization of Bianca's guilt, saying that everyone acted strangely because of the Libidozone. Brooke asked Greenlee if she had actually seen Bianca push Laura. Greenlee nodded affirmatively.

Edmund was hauled into police headquarters for interrogation. Derek asked him a series of questions, but Edmund was not entirely forthcoming with his responses. Edmund claimed that he had no idea where Alex was, how she'd disappeared or why he brooch had ended up at the bottom of the ocean. After answering a series of questions, Edmund asked if he was free to leave. Derek asked Edmund to sit tight until he could speak to someone else. Derek exited the interrogation room and walked over to a waiting Dimitri. Derek revealed that he had nothing with which to keep Edmund in custody. Dimitri demanded that Derek not give up so easily and asked the detective to let him work his magic. Derek returned to the interrogation room and told Edmund that he could leave. As Edmund exited the room, he spotted his brother standing across the room with a frown on his face. Edmund flashed a smirk in Dimitri's direction and proclaimed that he been "emancipated." Dimitri warned Edmund that he wasn't as "easily fooled" as the police. Dimitri walked towards his brother and pushed him back into the interrogation room. Dimitri closed the door behind him and immediately tore into Edmund for forgetting "his place." In a scathing lecture, Dimitri pointed out that Edmund was a "beaten-down mongrel dog." He continued on with he searing remarks, adding, "You can't take my power because you are nothing but a stable boy." Dimitri blasted Edmund for always trying to go beyond his means and having a continued hunger for all that is his. "I am the master!" Dimitri shouted. Edmund removed his belt and wrapped it around Dimitri's neck. As Edmund squeezed the life out of his brother, Derek and a police office stormed into the room. They pulled Edmund off of Dimitri. When he was able to get back his wind, Dimitri ordered Derek to arrest Edmund for assault. Derek asked Dimitri if he was sure that he wanted to put his brother behind bars. Dimitri nodded. Later, after a judge ordered Edmund undergo a psychological analysis, Edmund warned Dimitri that what he was doing was wrong. Alex, he insisted, was somewhere out there and that they were valuable wasting time.

Ryan took to the phones to call another backer of He assured his contact that his company was "still viable," but the man on the other end of the phone didn't appear convinced. Gillian encouraged Ryan to keep hope alive, but Ryan didn't appear to share the princess' optimism. A porter entered the room and offered to clear off the table. Ryan took a look at him and hurled him across the room. Gillian screamed in horror as Ryan readied to pound the man into oblivion. Ryan announced that he'd seen the man following him around – and that he was sure that he wasn't merely a porter as he wanted them to believe. The man broke down and admitted that he was a private investigator hired by Jake Martin.

As Erica spoke with a representative at The Valley Inn, the doorbell rang. She ended her phone call and opened the front door of her home. Erica was not at all pleased to see Brooke on her doorstep, nor was she amused when Brooke let herself into the house. "It's too early for Christmas and too late for trick-or-treat," Erica mused as she asked oft-time nemesis why she'd dropped by. Brooke told Erica that she was there on a "serious" matter. Brooke told Erica that she had reason to believe that Bianca had pushed Laura overboard. Erica was outraged by the allegation and said that she'd heard that Laura was "despondent" and had jumped off the ship. Brooke shook her head and said that it was a shame that the progress Bianca had made in rehab had been negated after living with Erica for a few months.

The three cheerleaders from Pine Valley High were on the judging committee for the Battle of the Bands contests. They made no secret that they had already decided to vote for fellow schoolmate Junior and his band, Dream Street. Dixie heaped tons of praise on her son, but Junior couldn't help but wonder how a new batch of headsets had arrived just in time for his performance. Dixie later approached David and told him that she owed him for saving the day with the extra headsets. David surprised Dixie by saying that it was he who owed her. As Dixie cringed uncomfortably, David said that Dixie had made him see that he had some redeeming qualities – however hidden they might be. Leo and Bianca arrived in the gym and readied to watch Junior perform. Laura stormed into the gymnasium and immediately stomped over to Bianca. "Is it true?" she snapped. Bianca shrugged innocently and told Laura that she had no idea what she was talking about. Laura said that she'd been told that she was responsible for pushing her overboard. Bianca denied that she'd pushed Laura. She asked who was responsible for the horrible rumor, but when she spotted Greenlee lurking in the background she got her answer. Laura demanded the truth and again Bianca professed her innocence. Laura sensed that Bianca was covering for someone, but Bianca refused to confirm or deny the suspicion. Laura threw her hands in the air and asked why everyone felt the need to lie to her. Dream Street performed a number to much crowd fanfare. After the performance, David placed a call to someone to make sure that they had "planted" incriminating evidence on Ryan's boat. Laura returned to Bianca's side and demanded that she come clean. Bianca, though, remained tightlipped which only upset Laura more. "I thought I meant something to you," Laura snapped. "Obviously I was wrong." Laura told Bianca that she was out of her life and stormed away. Greenlee breezed over to Bianca and seemed to take pleasure in sticking the blame for Laura's "accident" on Bianca. Needless to say, Bianca was furious with Greenlee. Greenlee told Bianca that she could and would continue to point the finger of blame at Bianca because she was a "gutless wonder" who was too afraid to admit that she is gay. Erica walked into the party and tracked down her daughter. She told Bianca that Brooke had a crazy notion that she had somehow pushed Laura off the yacht. Of course, Erica said that she didn't believe a word of what Brooke had said. Bianca pleaded with her mother not to press for answers about what happened on the ship. Erica, though, said that she was determined to clear her daughter's name. Bianca raced out of the gym, leaving her mother behind. Leo, meanwhile, wandered over to Greenlee and pointedly asked her if she was telling him the truth about what happened to Laura. Leo made it known that he had suspicions that Greenlee had been the one who had pushed Laura overboard. As he laid down talk of needing to start his new life with Greenlee on honest ground, Greenlee looked quite concerned. She took a deep breath and told Leo that she had already told him the truth – Bianca pushed Laura. Leo took Greenlee in his arms and thanked her for being honest. David saw a teary-eyed Erica making her way towards the exit. The doctor stopped her from leaving and asked her what was bothering her. Erica said that she had had plenty of time to get used to the fact that she was "special" and "different" from a typical person, but that Bianca hadn't had that same blessing. People can be cruel, Erica said sadly. David pulled Erica close and gave her a hug. Across the gym, Dixie looked on with a flash of disappointment on her face.

Jake showed up at The Fidelity on Ryan's request. He was lead into the salon where Ryan re-introduced the doctor to the private investigator he'd hired. Jake made no attempt to disavow the claim that he'd hired the private detective. In fact, he boasted of his plan to expose Ryan as the one who had secretly given his partygoers Libidozone. Ryan told Jake and his detective to search the boat for anything incriminating. Jake took Ryan up on his offer and he and his detective spread out to search the ship. Time passed and Jake summoned Ryan and Gillian back into the main quarters of the yacht. He held a copy of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Inside the book, Jake said, he'd found a contract between Ryan and Gordon, the missing lab tech from Pine Valley Hospital. In the contract, Ryan offered Gordon several hundred shares of stock in return for unspecified favors. Ryan's eyes widened and his jaw gaped. He denied that the papers were his. Also tucked away inside the book, said Jake, was medical documentation on an experimental medication – Libidozone.

Friday, December 15, 2000

Erica and David were at Erica's house. She thanked him for staying with her and helping her sort through the mess she's made with Bianca.
"I wouldn't read too much into the silent treatment," said David.
"Bianca's not opening up is the least of my worries," replied Erica, "I'm still spinning over the accusations Brooke has made about my daughter pushing hers off the yacht." Erica wondered why Bianca isn't pitching a fit about these terrible accusations against her. "If it were me..." she started, but David gave her a look and she said, "O.K., I know Bianca isn't me. You made that point around 4:30 this morning." Erica again expressed her gratitude and asked David "Why couldn't we work it out?" David replied that they were both volatile and narcissists.
Then, Bianca came in and Erica tried to talk with her about the accusations made against her. Bianca told her mother to drop it, and left the room. Erica talked to David, telling him that Bianca went to New York to see Sara, a girl she had an "intense friendship" with but who had hurt and betrayed her. Erica wondered, "Why would Bianca seek out someone who hurt her?" David commented, "Why do any of us? We always think we can make it right." Then David asked Erica if maybe Bianca and Sara were more than friends, perhaps there was a sexual encounter between them. Erica became indignant, "How dare you!" and accused him of horribly insulting Bianca. David calmly said, "You're taking this out of context. I'm merely suggesting it's possible." Erica, still very outraged, told David to leave. Bianca overheard the incident.
Later on, Erica was making plans for Enchantment with her assistant Val. Bianca came in and Erica asked why she wasn't in school. Bianca told her there were teacher workshops. Erica told her that there would be a new approach to the campaign since she and Leo worked so well together. Bianca and Leo would do promotional appearances around the country, seeing the sights, shopping, having romantic dinners. Bianca became visibly upset. Erica asked Val to excuse them, and she hugged Bianca and tried to comfort her. She urged Bianca to confide in her, "Tell me what's wrong. I'm here for you no matter what." Bianca cried and said, "I love you Mom. I don't want to hurt you."

Earlier that morning, Dixie had a dream in which Erica and David are kissing passionately. Dixie asked David what he sees in her. David replies that she's beautiful, sexy, desirable, and available (meaning not married to Tad). Dixie woke with a start when the phone rang. It's Tad, telling her he will be in New York on business longer. Dixie told him she just had a nightmare, but she's O.K. Dixie decided to go the hospital to help decorate. She ran into David, and thanked him again for helping out Junior's band. Dixie wanted to pay David for the headsets, but he refused.

Meanwhile, on the yacht, Gillian and Ryan were talking about how bad the accusations that he drugged his guests are hurting him and his business. "I finally had everything I ever wanted and somebody wants to take it away," Ryan said. Gillian vowed to stand by Ryan. He then saw a bill from the caterer for a punch bowl, $900. He and Gillian wondered what could have happened to the punch bowl. Then Ryan remembered David paying a waiter to take away to punch bowl. He wondered, "Why would he drug the guests and frame me?" Gillian replied that maybe David was after Jake or Tad instead. Ryan vowed that David would not get away with it. Then Gillian went to the hospital and told Jake to leave Ryan alone. She also told Jake about their suspicions that David might be responsible for drugging the guests. Jake wondered, "What would David have to gain?" Gillian replied, "The only woman he can't have-Dixie." She left and Joe came in. Jake told Joe about the possibility of the culprit being David and admitted he shouldn't have accused Ryan so quickly. Ryan came to the hospital, grabbed David, and demanded to know why David had set him up. Ryan threatened to kill David if he didn't admit that he had drugged the guests and framed Ryan.

Meanwhile, Hayley and Mateo were decorating for Christmas. They find a Xmas stocking that Stuart had given Hayley. She talked about how Stuart was able to forgive Arlene after all that happened, and Hayley said her problem was that she couldn't forgive people. Mateo tells her she's given Arlene lots of chances and Arlene has blown it every time. But Hayley felt guilty because her last encounter with her mother was so bad, ending with Hayley's hands around Arlene's throat. Mateo told her to let it go. Hayley said she expects Arlene to show up and ruin Christmas because that's what she always does, but this year Hayley thought Arlene might be alone somewhere and Hayley owed her because of what happened. Then the doorbell rings and Liza came in with gifts. Hayley invited Liza to stay and help decorate. Liza agreed and Hayley leaves the room to look for ornaments. Liza tells Mateo that she knows about Arlene-that Hayley strangled her and Adam threw her body overboard. Mateo said angrily, "Why doesn't he just put an ad in the newspaper?" Liza assures Mateo that the secret is safe. Mateo said he doesn't like keeping the truth from Hayley; he hates lying to her. Liza told him it is for the best and Adam is in Europe creating a paper trail. Liza said, "Hayley can't handle this truth. My God, who could?" Liza said it would destroy Hayley if she found out she killed her own mother and told Mateo they have to keep this secret for the rest of their lives. The doorbell rang and Mateo and Liza were too busy talking to answer it. Hayley got it and it was a package for her from Amsterdam labeled "Open immediately. Don't wait for Christmas" from Arlene. She opened it to find a beautiful antique music box. "There's no way my mother sent this to me. What the hell is going on?" said Hayley. Her mother has never sent her a birthday card or a Christmas card in her life. "If she had money, she'd spend it on herself," said Hayley. Liza suggested that Arlene is trying to change old patterns, but Hayley doesn't buy it. She leaves the room and Mateo asked what the hell Adam was trying to do. Liza said Adam was just trying to help.

Over at the Pine Valley Police Station, Stuart comes in to talk to Derek. He said he is worried that Arlene might be missing. Stuart said he advised Arlene to leave town, and the manager of the motel said he hadn't see her in a while, but she left her stuff. She had nothing, Stuart said, and Hayley told him Arlene left all her expensive jewelry, which she would need if she left to make a new start somewhere else. Derek asked Stuart, "Who would want to see her disappear?" Stuart replied, "About 50 people."

PHOTO: Melissa Claire Egan is pregnant, and it's a [SPOILER]


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