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Port Charles Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on PC
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Monday, December 11, 2000

Jack stuns Livvie and Chris with the revelation that he is Chris' brother. When a shocked Chris attempts to deny his claim, Jack pulls out proof that he is in fact the doctor's younger brother. Eve presses Ian to explain why he was trying to leave Port Charles. Eve is outraged after learning that Ian called her away to deliver research papers for him since he was leaving town. Upset by her accusations, Ian responds with a violent outburst himself. Unable to reach Kevin, a worried Lucy decides to head to the lighthouse. She finds him in the burning lighthouse and tries to rescue him. Frank invites Karen to spend Christmas Eve with him and Neil but she graciously declines the invitation. Jack told Chris how their mother died shortly after taking him out of foster care.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Chris was not going to buy into the idea of Jack being his brother, but Jack presented lots of evidence in his defense. Enough evidence to convince Chris of his identity. However, Chris was not as happy as a long lost brother should have been. In an effort to impress Livvie, he invited Jack over to his place to catch up. Lucy found Kevin in the burning lighthouse and used all her power to wake him up. When he did wake up, he was in such a rotten state of mind that he just sat around with the fire in front of him and didn't want to leave. Lucy tried to persuade him that life was still worth living, but it wasn't until Lucy said that if he wouldn't leave, neither would she, that Kevin came to his sense and got both of them out.

When Eve asked Ian what had been so important before the explosion, he lied and said that he had only wanted to give her a disk with Rachel's formula's on it. Eve bought the story and was furious that Ian had thought that that was a big deal. She wanted to blame him for putting her in the wrong place at the time they were kidnapped, but Ian wasn't having it. Ian pointed the finger in Eve's direction by saying that he was trying to leave her alone, but she was the one who came out of the Recovery Room and stopped him. Ian explained how he wished that she wouldn't have come out and how it's drives him crazy that it's his fault that she is stuck with him wherever they are.

Alison and Livvie bonded over their encounters with Jack. Livvie told Alison all about the first time she met Jack and how he makes her feel. She also let Alison in on how Jack and Chris are brothers and she is torn because they aren't getting along. Alison was intrigued by the stories of her mysterious Chandler and advised Livvie to take a break from the dynamic duo to clear her head and decide what she wants to do next.

Chris and Jack started to discuss their situation. Still, Chris thought that Jack only wanted to get something from him. Jack told Chris that their mother's dying wish was that he find his older brother. Chris was upset that they hadn't tried to find him when his mother was alive, but Jack explained that they didn't have enough money to handle that sort of search. Chris offered Jack money to leave Port Charles. Jack refused the money and left Chris' apartment, but said that he had no intentions of leaving PC. Later, Chris made a phone call to someone and explained that he had a problem from his past that he needed to remove as soon as possible.

Kevin was at Johnny La La's remembering he and Eve's good times there. He was drinking again and seeing visions of Eve singing to him on stage when Lucy came in. Lucy did her best to control the drunken, mourning Kevin, but he wasn't having it. He insisted that she dance with him so she complied. Then, Kevin started to remember what he and Lucy had together years ago. Lucy managed to pry herself away and decided to take Kevin home for some food and rest.

Harris came in to pay Ian and Eve a visit. Eve took it upon herself to tell Harris that if he expected them to get any work done, he should improve the conditions they are working under by possibly getting them two beds. Then, Harris startled Ian and Eve by expressing his surprise that a whore was requesting separate beds. Ian blew up at the accusation and took Harris by the neck. Eve tried to calm him by telling him that Harris was telling the truth, but Ian didn't back off that easy. Ian threatened Harris by letting him know that if he didn't stop speaking to Eve that way, he would make sure he was dead. When Harris left, Eve told Ian that she could tell from the look in his eyes that Harris is going to find a way to get what he wants....her.

Back at Lucy's suite, Kevin again insisted that they dance. Lucy went along with him again, but Kevin was even worse. He asked Lucy to remember how good they were together. When Kevin stumbled and fell back on the bed with Lucy on top of him, Lucy used all her will power to stop Kevin from kissing her, but did not succeed.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Jamal surprised Alison with a bag of goodies and the news that he landed a job. She was so excited that she took a quick break to go celebrate with him in the bedroom. Afterwards, Jamal received a phone call where he told the caller that he didn't want them calling because he didn't want Alison to know what he was doing.

Livvie was furious at Kevin when she caught him trying to kiss Lucy. After making sure that Lucy was alright, Livvie waited for an explanation from Kevin. Livvie was disgusted to learn that Kevin was drunk, but Lucy defended the situation to the best of her ability. Then, Kevin decided to speak for himself. He told Livvie that it was about time she realize that he's just a man and that he doesn't have the answers anymore. Livvie was not swayed so she left Lucy and Kevin alone together.

Joe told Gabriela that he wouldn't be able to make a weekend getaway. Gabriela was disappointed, but came up with another solution - a night at her apartment - Joe agreed.

Livvie ran into Victor who was very happy to see his granddaughter. Livvie wasn't so thrilled thought. She told Victor that she wasn't sure that she wanted to be a part of the Collins family anymore. Livvie explained that she didn't think that she could handle having two crazy relatives. She told Victor about the state Kevin was in when she saw him. Victor defended Kevin by saying that he is flawed just like everyone else, but Livvie was still wishing that she had one person in her life that wasn't.

Eve and Ian were hard at work on a cure for Harris' disease. They did seem to come up with something that was making progress, but decided that they would have to do some more tests before they could be sure. At this point, they decided to take a break and Ian gave Eve the massage of a lifetime. Eve started to ask Ian to tell her more about himself so he started to share the things he enjoys most in life. When things started to get a little too close, Ian stopped and told Eve to take a nap while he went back to work.

Lucy tried to give Kevin advice that he had once given her - get a grip. Kevin said that he was torn because he wanted to mourn his wife, but he was too angry because of the note that he found at Ian's. Lucy tried to tell Kevin that Eve loved him and only him, but he wouldn't agree. Then, Lucy started to agree with him and told Kevin how she thought that Eve was a horrible person. That was all it took to turn Kevin around. He immediately started to defend Eve and tell Lucy what a wonderful woman she was. Lucy was glad to see that Kevin had changed his tone and told him that he needed to fight for Eve's memory.

Someone had a dream about Eve and Ian making love, but this time it wasn't Ian, it was Eve. She awoke yelling for Ian who came running in to comfort her after her "bad dream".

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Thursday, December 14, 2000

Lucy confides to Scott her fear that she may have made matters even worse for Kevin by not coming clean about his wife's relationship with another man. Determined to stop fantasizing about Ian, Eve begins writing a letter to her husband. Meanwhile, Ian comes up with a radical plan to "cure" Harris' terminal illness. Jack finds Livvie moping around her mother's apartment. Chris hires a private detective to help rid himself of his kid brother. Scott guesses that Lucy has fallen back in love in with Kevin. Suddenly wary of her new friend, Livvie asks Jack why he took money from Alison to portray "Chandler". Ian and Eve explain to a suspicious Harris how ingesting poison will only kill the parasite within him without destroying its host. Chris instructs Danny to dig up as much dirt as possible on Jack. Across town, Jack convinces Livvie that his motives are pure. Lucy stumbles upon proof that Eve and Ian are still alive. Ian takes desperate measures to save Eve as Harris holds a knife to her throat.

Friday, December 15, 2000

Determined to prove to Harris that the poison in the vial will not be a lethal dose, Ian swallows it himself as a horrified Eve looks on. Frank reassures his nervous brother that a few days alone with Gabriela will be just the tonic they both need. Shocked to read a DNA report which concludes that the bodies in the burned car could not have been Ian and Eve, Lucy assumes that the couple faked their deaths so they could run away together. Though Frank does his best to cover, Mary guesses that Joe has gone off to be with Gabriela. Meanwhile, a minor disaster strikes at Gaby's place when she burns the romantic dinner she was fixing for Joe. After taking steps to ensure that the DNA results won't be seen by anyone else for a while, Lucy finds Kevin sitting alone in the hospital chapel and coming to terms with his grief. Eve hovers over Ian as the poison begins to take effect. After Kevin told her that he knows now his beloved wife could never betray him, Lucy decides that she must protect her friend from the truth at all costs. Joe convinces Gaby he doesn't care about the superficial things as long as they're together. In his delirium, Ian declares his love for Eve just before losing consciousness.

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