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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 1, 2001 on GL
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Monday, January 1, 2001

Due to the New Year's holiday, Guiding Light did not air. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank all of the visitors who have come to our site in 2000. You have made 2000 our most successful year --- and we're hoping to repeat that accomplishment in 2001 with your help. We've got a lot of special things planned for the year ahead and we hope that you will join us.

Dan Kroll
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Tuesday, January 2, 2001

At the Spaulding Mansion:

Beth is looking at her wedding album and talking to her mom. She tells Lillian that all she has to remember Jim by is the album and one suitcase of clothes. Beth apologizes to Lillian for feeling sorry for herself. Lillian tells her that the whole situation is unfair. They are drinking tea and talking about how Beth feels bad because Lizzie feels the need to take care of her again. She said Jim was so good with Lizzie and made her feel like she could be a child again. Lillian says that Jim looks content and very happy in the pictures. Beth says that they were very happy and planned on celebrating tonight at Josh and Olivia's wedding. Lillian asks if she wants to take a peek at the wedding but Beth isn't ready for anything more than tea and cookies. Lillian says Beth has a lot of emotions to sort through. Beth tells her that she has more than she knows. Later, Beth is crying and she drops the tea tray. She said Jim took care of her and now he is gone. She never did anything for him. Lillian says she made Jim happy but Beth starts beating herself up and mentions all the times she let him down and lied to him. She says she continually put Phillip between them and now she is living in the Spaulding's house again dependent on them. Something Jim would hate. Beth says she should take the kids and move in with Lillian's. Lillian says that would be fine, but Lizzie is used to her room here. She shouldn't disrupt her again. Alan enters and seems happy to see both Lillian and Beth there to celebrate New Years with him. Beth fills Alan in on what happened with Jim. Alan tries to be comforting and tells Beth that Jim died a hero and saved the children. He asks about Lizzie and tells Beth that he owes more to Jim than he can say. He goes upstairs to see the kids saying he just has to see their faces. He tells Beth that his home is her home for as long as she wants. He would be thrilled if she stayed there indefinitely. Beth thanks him and walks away. Lillian and Alan talk. Alan says this makes things much easier now that Beth is back and unencumbered by a husband. Lillian tells Alan he is a monster for taking a tragedy and turning it into an opportunity. She wants to take Beth and the children to her apartment. Alan says there is no other man for her but Phil. Edmund rings the doorbell and tells them that he has come to check up on Beth.

At the Rex Motel:

Tony and Marah enter their room and find it draped in leopard print. It is very cheesy. Tony apologizes but Marah says the room is not that bad. Tony tells her he can't believe they are there, not at the hotel but at that point in their relationship. He tells Marah that even in a cheesy place like this, she makes everything else go away. He kisses her. Marah looks over his shoulder at her watch. Tony pulls Marah next to him on the bed. He says she is different and everything about her gets to him. He mentions her eyes, her hair and the way she smells. He thinks she is perfect. Tonight is special for him and he wants it to be the same for her. She says it is. Tony takes his shirt off and they kiss. He laughs and says they are both shaking. In some ways it is the first time for both of them. They lie down on the bed and continue kissing. Marah sits up suddenly from the bed saying she thinks she hears a noise. Tony tries to relax her. She lies down and he unbuttons her blouse. They are kissing again. Marah asks him if he really likes her and tells him she likes him too. They kiss some more and she stops him again. Tony asks if she is okay, he doesn't want to rush her and promises her they have all night. He asks if she trusts him and if she is sure that is what she wants. Marah says she doesn't know anymore. Tony asks what is going on with her and what is the matter? He wants to know if it is the place or if it is him. He asks why she keeps looking at her watch. She panics and runs into the bathroom and locks herself in. Tony tries to talk to her through the door and tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her. She tells him that she didn't want to hurt his feelings. This just isn't what she expected. She says she is sorry. Marah dials the phone in the bathroom and gets Reva's cell phone. Tony hears her and goes to pick up the other phone. Reva asks Marah if the wedding is starting soon. Marah says she is at a motel with Tony, he is mad and she is scared. Reva is worried when she hears Tony on the other line asking Marah what she thinks she is doing. He gets angry and yanks the phone cord out of the wall. Marah is disconnected from her mom and tells Tony through the door how sorry she is. He is very upset and doesn't understand why Marah is acting like this and making him look like a rapist when he would never hurt her. He throws things around and asks if God hates him and why he can't have a relationship with someone who trusts and loves him for himself. Marah tells him that she really wanted to be with him and she loves the way he touches her. It was just too much too fast. He doesn't understand why says she called her mother and acted like he was attacking her. He repeats he would never hurt her; he just wanted to love her. Marah sits on the floor and cries. Marah says she made a big mistake and just wants to go home. Tony breaks through the bathroom door and tells her that she is right; she did make a really big mistake.

At Olivia's:

Olivia is looking at herself in her wedding gown. Sam comes in and tells her how beautiful she is. He tells her that there is a problem with Marah. He shows her the note and tells her he thought about going after her himself but came back there to see what she thought. Olivia holds the note in her hand. She reads it and knows that Marah is only trying to ruin her wedding. Sam wants to know what to do with the note. Olivia takes a drink and says there are no easy solutions. She won't encourage Marah's acting out and she thinks she will let Marah deal with the consequences of her own actions. She doesn't want Josh running off after his little girl on what is supposed to be her night. Sam offers to put the note back where he found it but Olivia says no. She is going to the Country Club to marry Josh and will handle the note later.

At the Country Club:

Ross meets Josh at the Country Club. Billy is in jail and Ross asks Josh if he needs his help. Josh said he is very ready to get married and thinks he is fine. Josh asks about Blake and Ross tells him that she is still trying to find the right dress. Ross says he doesn't know Olivia well but she seems remarkable and quite different from Reva. Josh says he cares for Reva but got tired of her dramatics and he would like to have some of the control in his relationship. Ross says he knows about wild rides. Josh says that he and Blake seem very happy lately. Ross says that he has learned how to live with her but she is obsessed with getting married. He has learned to take control. Ross and Josh toast to taking control of their lives.

David is with Vicki to attend the wedding. He would prefer a more private New Year's celebration but this one is okay. They greet Rick and Michelle. Rick tells them he is filing for divorce with Abby. Frank shows up with May. Rick kisses her hand and is surprised she is with Frank. She says they are just friends. May and Michelle go to the ladies room together. Pilar and Bill show up. Pilar wants to know why people are always staring at May. Bill and Rick comment that both their father's are missing and just can't seem to stay in town. Sam tells Shayne the bride has arrived. Shayne tells Josh.

Holly and Olivia are waiting and talking about superstitions so they leave the area before Josh and Shayne see them. Josh asks Sam where Marah is but he says she wasn't at home. Josh says that's okay if Marah doesn't come to the wedding. Sam says to himself "I hope you're happy, Marah."

Olivia walks up the aisle as Josh smiles at her. Ross's phone rings and he is embarrassed. He turns it off and apologizes. Later, Blake's phone rings but she cant find it in her purse. Meanwhile, Reva is saying "C'mon, Blake, just answer the phone."

On the Road:

Noah and Reva stop at a Roadhouse. They are taking a break from a snowstorm on their trip to Pittsburgh. Reva wonders if they are losing their reputation for taking chances. Noah wants to get through the night without a crisis. Reva gets a call from Marah and she is frantic. Noah asks where Marah is. Reva wants to call the police but they can't get back in town in time. She tried calling Josh but his phone is turned off. She says she will try calling Blake or Ross.

Wednesday, January 3, 2001

At the Spauldings':

Edmund comes in to see Beth. Alan and Lillian tell him it isn't a good time for him to visit. Edmund tells them he only wants to provide a distraction and help support Beth. Alan and Lillian don't think it is a good idea. Beth comes down and tells them if they are trying to help her, why are they trying to get rid of her friend. Lillian explains that she and Alan thought she was tired and they only wanted her to have her rest with no interruptions. Beth tells them that she is tired but she would like to see Edmund. She asks them to excuse them. They leave and Edmund compares them to the Praetorian Guards. She says they are very busy protecting her and advising her. Ed thinks she needs a break and says his offer still stands. Beth is not sure about leaving but Ed tells her that she needs time to breathe. She tells Ed she appreciates the offer but it is too complicated with Phil and the kids. Ed says complications are his specialty. He wants her to come with him and she is tempted. He says for once in her life she should do what is best for her. Beth says she is trying to do what is best for everyone. She says Phil is trying to help but she doesn't want to be part of the equation in his and Harley's marriage. He says if she leaves town with him, it will take her away from Phil and Harley as well. She finally agrees to go to SC with him and hugs him to thank him. She says she feels like she is running away. Ed says she should admit she is relieved she made this decision. She says she doesn't feel much of anything. Ed says he is sorry. He says it is like the grief burned away any impurity and only left beauty. She is surprised at the compliment. He says they have a deal and he will be her host. Edmund goes to the phone and begins making arrangements. He reserves a wing for her and her children. Lillian comes down and asks her what is going on. Beth tells her and Lillian is unhappy. Beth tells her that she has to get away. Lillian thinks Beth just wants to provoke a response from Phillip. Beth is surprised at Lillian's statement and wonders if Lillian thinks she is that manipulative. Lillian says she doesn't think Beth does it consciously. Beth wants to get out of town for many reasons one of them being to give Phil and Harley room. Lillian thinks Beth is running away from her guilt about Jim and is using Edmund to escape. Beth says that Edmund is the only one who doesn't look at her like she is so fragile she will break down and cry at any moment. She says every time she sees that look she does start to cry and when she cries, she is afraid she won't be able to stop. Springfield is filled with reminders of Jim and their life together and she can't stand it. Beth says she just wants to go try to get her life together. She says Lizzie is already trying to take care of her and the baby knows something is wrong. She can keep herself together somewhere else but she can't do it here. She wants Lillian to understand why she has to go. Lillian says she understands and will go with her. She asks Ed if she c

At the Rex Motel:

Tony breaks through the bathroom door and starts throwing things off the walls. He tells Marah that he just wants to make it look good for when the police get there. He is very angry and asks why she called her mother and told her she was scared. She apologizes and he tells her that she tried to set him up. After he takes a breather, he approaches Marah again. He asks her what she was doing there with him. She tells him that she wanted to be with him but she got scared when it got to a point that it wasn't supposed to reach. Tony doesn't understand and asks her why she kept looking at her watch all night. She tells him she doesn't know but he knows she had some sort of plan for the evening. He asks her if she was trying to set him up and get him in trouble. She tells him that wasn't her plan, she only wanted to stop her dad's wedding but apparently he didn't get her note or he would have been there by now. Tony starts to realize what was going on and asks Marah when her dad and the police busted in, what was supposed to happen to him? She said she didn't think about that. He asked if she even cared. She said she only wanted to get her dad away from that witch he was marrying. She apologizes to Tony again. Marah tells him that her family is falling apart and she had to do something. She starts to cry, telling Tony about Reva being missing all those years and only having her dad around until Reva came back and everything was great for a while and she hoped they could be right again. She had to try to stop her father from marrying Olivia. She says, she never meant to hurt him and she really cares about him. She tries to reach out to him but he tells her not to touch him. Tony leaves and Marah is crying.

Josh comes in and sees Marah. He talks to her about the police and that she told them it was all a mistake and she refused to press charges. He wants to know what she didn't tell them. He asks if Tony hurt her. She says she is fine. Josh tells her that Reva called her and said she was being attacked. Marah is surprised and gets a glimmer or hope in her eyes. She asks Josh if Reva called him during his wedding. He tells her that she did. Marah acts like she is so sorry and apologizes for interrupted it. Josh realizes that she is faking and tells her to get up; he is taking her home.

At the Country Club:

At the wedding, just as the minister is speaking, Blake's phone rings. She answers it and it is Reva. Reva tells Blake it is important that she speak to Josh. Blake says he is a little busy. They begin their vows. Olivia is smiling and laughing as she says, "I do". Reva tells Blake this is urgent and Blake tells Reva she has to let go. Blake tries to tell her to call back later but Reva says it is an emergency. Meanwhile, the minister declares Josh and Olivia, man and wife. When they start walking back down the aisle, Blake tries to hand Josh the phone. She tells him it is Reva and she says it is an emergency. Olivia takes the phone and wishes Reva a Happy New Year. She asks Reva if she would like to talk to her husband and she hands Josh the phone. Josh doesn't want to talk to her but Blake tells her it is about Marah. Josh tells Reva that this had better be an emergency. Reva tells him where Marah is and that she said she was being attacked. She tells him the name of the place and that he should go there because she is scared. Josh tells her he will take care of it and he goes to tell Olivia that he has to leave. Olivia asks him not to leave, Marah is trying to ruin their night and it is all a trick. He tells her he has to go. Olivia tells him to call the police but she is positive Marah is just trying to manipulate him. Sam agrees and Josh wonders what he knows about it. Josh asks Olivia how she knows Marah is not in trouble. She says Marah didn't want the wedding to happen. Josh is still concerned. He gets on the phone and calls the police. He tells them the situation and hangs up. Olivia says, "Okay, you reported it." Josh tells her that it isn't enough. Olivia argues with him. Josh says maybe Marah is scared and needs him. Olivia says the police will call him after they get there. Josh says he has a responsibility to his daughter. Olivia tells him he has a responsibility to her. He can't believe they are having this conversation. Olivia doesn't want him to leave and thinks Marah is playing games, but Josh is worried about her safety. She asks him not to go again but he says he has to. She tells him to go then, she is very upset. He leaves.

Olivia makes an announcement to her guests that Josh had to leave unexpectedly. She says they came here to celebrate the wedding and New Year's and that is what they all should do. She asks Sam for the first dance. Sam tells her she is a goddess and she says she is glad he is there with her. Sam wonders why she didn't show Josh the note. She tells him that she thinks it would have made things worse and Josh will be back. All the guests are trying to make Olivia feel better and congratulating her on her marriage. She tells Sam she wants to go home. She assures him that Josh will be back. Sam tells her that he doesn't understand why she wants him to come back. He tells her that Marah will keep doing stuff like this. He says for better or for worse, but he hopes she will get some of the better.

At Phillip and Harley's:

Phil and Harley are on the couch drinking wine by candlelight and listening to soft music. She tells him that she needs to learn how to bake and they laugh about her culinary skills. Phil doesn't think things are working and she agrees. He tells her that he doesn't want them to fake happiness. Susan walks into the room. Harley asks if she watched the countdown in her room and she says she guesses so. Harley is concerned and doesn't want Susan to spend so much time alone. Susan asks if she wants her to be miserable in front of them. Harley tells Susan she had the biggest loss anyone could have and doesn't have to put up a front for them. Phil agrees. He says maybe she could focus on something else. Susan doesn't want to. Harley says that sometimes the only way for you to go on is to just do it. Harley wants Susan to talk about the book she is reading or about school. Phil agrees and says sometimes you have to put yourself on autopilot. Susan wonders if they believe things will magically start to feel right.. Phil says they have to believe it. The phone rings and Phil answers. It is Beth. She tells him that she and the kids are going out of town. He offers to call a travel agent but she says she has already made arrangements and mentions SC and Edmund. Phil tells her she can't go. Beth tells him this is a courtesy call and she doesn't need his permission. Phil says she needs his permission to take his kids out of town and she is not going.

Thursday, January 4, 2001

At the Lewis's:

Josh is still in his tux looking out the window. Marah is sitting on a chaise behind him. She keeps talking to him but he doesn't respond. She asks him to please talk to her. He tells her he doesn't know what to say when she intentionally tried to sabotage his wedding. Marah says things just got out of hand. Josh tells her that it got out of hand because she let it get out of hand. He tells her that she made the choice to go to the hotel and ignore his wedding. He tells her that it was selfish and mean and he just doesn't understand. He is asking Marah for an explanation when Reva rushes in and hugs her. Reva asks her if she is okay and Marah acts like it was all a big misunderstanding and she was just scared. She tells her mom that everything is fine. Josh turns around, astounded by what his daughter is saying and yells at her that everything is not fine. Reva is stunned at Josh's animosity as he berates Marah and asks her who she is. He tells her that she isn't the same girl he knew and seems to be but a stranger to him now. Reva yells back at Josh that it is all happened because he moved out on them. She thinks Josh should take it easy on Marah but Josh doesn't back down. He asks Reva if she thought Marah was getting attacked and she said she did. He tells her that Marah is capable of deceit the like of which he has never known. He looks at Reva and asks her if she was in on the plan. Reva is wounded by the accusation and Noah intercedes and informs Josh that they were on their way to his parent's house when Marah called them. Josh looks at Marah and tells her to tell them the truth. She tells Reva that she went to a motel with Tony and then got scared. She expected her dad to come because of the note she left for Shayne but he never showed up. Josh asks her what note she is referring to. Marah says she left a note in Shayne's lacrosse stick telling him where she was and what she was doing. Josh tells her that Shayne never came back to get her. Josh says Sam came to pick her up and Shayne stayed with him. Marah is annoyed and said that she made Shayne promise that he would come back for her. Josh realizes she left the note so he would leave his own wedding to rescue her. Reva questions her and Marah finally admits the truth. Josh says that he can't believe he is standing there with her instead of with his wife. Marah's jaw drops and Josh tells her that he got married first and then deserted his wife and the wedding party to help her. Marah is upset that her plan didn't work and apologizes to her dad. Josh walks away from her for a moment and then tells her that what she did was wrong. Marah promises to make it up to Olivia and begs for another chance. Josh tells her that he doesn't know how she can make it up to Olivia when he doesn't even know how he is going to. He tells her that Olivia told him it was a scheme to interrupt the wedding and destroy them but he trusted his daughter over what his wife told him. He looked right into Marah's eyes and tells her, "That will never happen a

Marah comes down in her bathrobe and asks Reva if she is mad at her too. Reva doesn't say anything for a while and then tells her that what she did terrifies her. She sits down with Marah and tells her that she is making errors that remind her of her own mistakes. She doesn't want her to repeat them. She only wants her to have a better life. Reva says women have been using their bodies for thousands of years to get what they want, but it doesn't make it right. Marah says why does it matter if it works. Reva tells her not to think like that and tells her that words are safer. She says this is about more than just sex. She can do so much better than a cheap motel room with a boy she cares nothing about. Marah says she cares about Tony a lot.

At Olivia's:

Olivia is talking to Sam and she is very angry. She is packing to go to a friend's house. She says that Josh has to realize what he has done. Sam asks her where she is going but she won't tell him. She tells him that he can call her cell phone and she will check the caller ID and know it is him and answer. Sam tells her that he can't wait to see Josh. Olivia thanks Sam for standing by her and tells him that she knows it had to be hard for him with his feelings for Marah. Sam admits that he had visions of Marah and Tony in the motel, but then he would see Olivia and realized what was right. Olivia says at least he put her first. Sam is annoyed with Marah for playing mind games and tells his sister that he doesn't want anything to do with games or game players. Olivia is proud of him and hopes he realizes how special he is. She tells him that she was publicly humiliated last night. Olivia tells him that Josh has a crazy ex-wife and rude children while she has him. She tells him (Sam) that he isn't a problem and she thinks he can do better than Marah. Olivia asks Sam to be polite to Josh and not give in to fighting. She tells him to tell Josh she looked great when she left. She promises to call him and leaves. Sam looks at the note from Marah again.

Sam opens the door to Josh. Josh asks to see his wife. Sam asks which one? The one you dumped last night or the one that caused him to do the dumping. Josh tells him he wants to see Olivia. Sam says Olivia doesn't want to see him but that he does. He tells Josh to come in. He starts in on Josh about how he treated his sister and how he paid more attention to his daughters lies then his wedding night. Josh says he wants to make it up to Olivia. He asks Sam where she is but Sam says he doesn't know. Sam asks Josh if he let Marah get away with her little stunt last night. Josh says he will deal with Marah and she will not get away with it. Sam tells him that he doesn't know if he will be able to forgive Josh or not. Josh asks if he can't forgive him or if he can't forgive Marah. Sam tells him both. Josh asks if Marah hurt Sam too. Sam tells Josh that Marah is beautiful and smart but is way too involved in her parents' lives. She needs help. Josh says she is just adjusting. Sam says she was acting like a 3 year old. Josh asks Sam again where Olivia is and tells him that she is his future and he doesn't want to give her up. Sam wonders if that is just until the next cell phone rings. Josh asks Sam if he saw a note when he went to get Marah. Sam denies seeing it. Josh tries to leave a message for Olivia, but Sam slams the door on him and tells him to keep dreaming. Sam looks at the note again. He wads it up and stuffs it in a vase on the table.

At Phillip and Harley's:

Phil asks about Susan and Harley tells him she is sleeping. Phil asks her to go ahead and tell him that he is wrong to stop Beth from going to San Cristobel . Harley finally says it and Phil says he thinks Ed has a hidden agenda. There is a knock at the door and it is Ed. He asks to speak to Phil. He wonders why Phil is standing in Beth's way to go to San Cristobel . Phil tells him that Beth can do what she wants but his kids are not going to San Cristobel . Ed tries to reason with him but Phil doesn't listen. Phil also reminds Ed that children can not go out of the country with a parent without the expressed written consent of the other parent by law. Ed says the law is to prevent abduction and he has no thoughts of abducting them. Ed turns to Harley then and asks if he can take Susan too. Harley says no. Ed says he has watched Beth go through many ordeals over the last year, none of which were caused by him. He admires her and whether he is after her is none of their business. As for the children, the only danger they are in is from sunburn and they will use sunscreen and there are no other hazards. Phil takes Harley aside and asks Harley's advice. Harley thinks he should let them go. Phil finally agrees to let them go and tells Ed that he will get the papers from his attorneys. Ed asks Harley about Susan but Harley says that Susan is different because she doesn't want to go. Ed asks Harley if she even asked her. Susan comes downstairs and wonders what they are talking about. She asks Harley why they didn't call her when Ed got there. Harley tells her that Ed is there to talk to Phil. Ed tells Susan that he came to talk to Phil about letting Beth and the children go to SC with him for a while. He tells her that invitation also extends to her as well. She says absolutely yes and looks at Harley and asks her "You won't say no, will you Harley?" Harley tells her that she was hoping they could spend some time together before her vacation was over. Susan tells Harley she wants to go to SC with Beth and the kids. She thinks Lizzie needs her too. Harley tells her she is worried about Susan. Susan tells her that she wants to go to the place where Jim spent the last week of his life. Then the kicker, she looked at Harley and tells her that if Jim were alive, he would let her go. Harley finally agrees. Ed says they will leave when Beth gets organized, probably tomorrow. Susan says she doesn't have much to pack since everything was burned in the fire. She tells him that she is glad she gave him the picture her mom gave her, at least it is safe. Harley asks what picture that was. Susan tells her it was a picture of the ballet, Swan Lake. Harley tells her that she never gave her that. Susan said that she knows, she said her mom gave it to her. Her real mom, not Harley. Edmund tells Susan that the picture is in his office at the palace. He offers to give it back to her but she tells him that she wants him to keep it. She feels she is bad luck and doesn't want to lose it. Both Ed and Harley tell her she is not. Edmund leaves a

In San Cristobel:

At the palace, Richard greets Mrs. Mayhew, the engraver and apologizes for asking her to cut her vacation short. He wants to ask her about the christening cup and she gets nervous. She says some things are better left in the past. Richard asks Mrs. Mayhew if she recognizes the cup. She is still nervous and he tells her she can trust him. She refuses to tell him and he commands her as her ruler. She admits doing the engraving. He wants to know which letters were worn away. She tells him she has the original sketches in a safe at home. She tells him that right before the christening, his mother brought the drawing of the angel and the letters in Latin written backwards to her and then she gave her a bracelet in the hopes that Mrs. Mayhew would be discreet. Mrs. Mayhew says she has never uttered a word but that she will give him the drawings. She just wants him to know that what was done back then was done for the good of the island and the monarchy. Mrs. Mayhew says he has a beautiful wife and should enjoy his life and forget the past. Richard tells her that he doesn't want to live a lie and will take Mrs. Mayhew home himself.

Friday, January 5, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Richard is going over the paperwork, drawings and his translation from the cup. Cassie walks in and apologizes for interrupting him. He tells her that he is glad she is there and that he has something to talk to her about and she is the only one he can trust with the information. He tells her that he has been investigating the writing on the christening cup and has been trying to translate the message on the side. Richard tells her that he had a talk with the engraver and received the original drawings of the commission. He tells her that the engraving is in Latin and reads backwards. Cassie thinks it is strange that it was written like that. He tells her that the meaning may help her understand. He asks if she wants to hear what it says. She listens while Richard read his version of the Latin, "Beneath this symbol the king's son dead infant of the queen lays, the true prince". Cassie wonders if someone really died or it is a mere legend. Richard says that is what they have to find out. Cassie asks Richard if his mother gave the Latin verse to the engraver and where she originally got it from. Richard says it was all very secret and she wrote it herself. Cassie says it is so vague and they need to find out what happened. Richard says maybe his mother had another child before he was born and it died. Richard can't believe that would happen without everyone knowing. Cassie thinks they should go over it again. They do. "Beneath this symbol..."--they realize that maybe it is talking about the symbol in the garden, the one on the table rock. Cassie asks if Richard thinks a baby is buried in the garden and wonders why a royal child wouldn't have a formal burial. Richard wants to look under the table rock. He will go in the morning and Cassie asks if she can come with him. He thanks her for listening to him and helping him. She says she is his wife. He says things have been strained between them and thanks her. Cassie asks Richard if he doesn't think it out of character for his mother to be so cruel as to give that inscription to your own child on his christening gift. He says he can't imagine his mother being cruel unless she was consumed by grief. He says they will try to find answers in the morning. Richard goes to put the papers away so no one will come across them. He tells her that he doesn't want the succession of the crown to be in question. It could be a big issue for the country. Cassie thanks him for trusting her with something so important. Richard says he made a big mistake not trusting her once and he will never do that again.

At the Lewis':

Reva asks Marah if she took a nap. Marah says no and Reva says maybe it is a guilty conscience. Marah wants to know how she can make things right. She says she will apologize to her parents, but Reva says she needs to apologize to everyone she hurts and that she (Reva) will have to apologize to some people too. She calls Blake to apologize for embarrassing her at the wedding. Blake is at Company and Reva says she will come over to see her.

At Infierno:

Danny is in his office when Tony walks in. Tony is out of sorts and Danny asks if he is okay. Tony says no and asks why he gets no respect no matter how hard he tries. Danny asks what he has done now. Tony says that is the attitude that ticks him off. He did everything right and still things went wrong. It was about Marah. He tells Danny he took Marah away for the weekend and it was her idea. Danny asks about Josh's wedding and Tony says it was all a set up to mess up the wedding. Tony says Marah told him this to his face. Danny wants to know what he was thinking. Tony says he cared about Marah, but now he feels like a chump. Danny says he is sorry but he should have known he was being set up. Tony says he just wanted to be with her and have something like Danny had with Michelle. Danny says that dream doesn't happen for guys like them. If he learns that now, he will save himself a lot of grief.

Outside the office, Tony is sitting at a table when Marah arrives. He gets up to leave and she tells him not to go. She tells him that she is sorry that she used him and hurt him. She wants to make it up to him. Tony asks what makes her think he wants her to. He tells her she has a lot of nerve. She did him a favor by showing him her true colors and letting him know that she really thinks he is dirt. Marah denies that and says they care about each other. Tony says he won't be fooled twice and asks her to leave. Marah leaves.

At Company:

Reva explains what happened with Marah to Blake. Blake says that she has now interrupted three weddings and people will think she is a jinx and no longer invite her. Reva mentions that Noah turned around from their trip and was nice enough to come home. Reva asks how Josh and Olivia acted after the phone call. Blake thinks that Reva is taking too much interest in Josh and his new wife and she needs to let go. Reva says she wants Josh to be happy even if she doesn't like Olivia. Olivia has her good points. Blake says that she can be catty and call Olivia a witch. Reva says that losing Josh was her fault; she had no sensitivity to Josh's feelings. Reva said she knew what she was doing but couldn't stop herself. She says Marah was doing the same thing last night. Blake says she is a teenager. Reva says she is sorry about her mistakes and she needs to move on. Reva tells Blake that even if Olivia and Noah weren't in the picture she and Josh probably wouldn't be together. Blake knows it must hurts to see Josh with someone else and that Josh probably has some of the same feelings when he sees her with Noah. Noah arrives and kisses Reva. Blake gets a phone call. Noah asks Reva how she is doing and asks about Marah. She tells him that Marah is apologizing to everyone. Noah asks how she is doing and thinks she still looks sad. She leaves with Blake because she wants to check on Marah. Noah sits with Buzz and wants to know what women want. He tells him how Reva is ambiguous and changes her mind to suit her mood. He knows she still loves Josh and she refuses to let him go. Buzz tells Noah that nice guys finish last. He tells her that the thing about Reva is that she only wants what she feels she cant have. She tells him that if Reva thought she couldn't have him, she would be sticking by him like glue. He tells Noah that his problem is he is too available to her. Noah agrees and realizes that Reva is obsessed with challenges. He tells Buzz that he has an idea. Buzz tells him if he starts playing games with Reva he will probably lose. Noah calls Perdita and tells her that he gave Reva a ring and then pretends he has to go. Noah counts up the time and figures Perdita will be there by tomorrow evening. He calls Reva and asks if she misses him. He wants to take her out to dinner tomorrow night. She says she doesn't want to be away for the whole evening. He asks her to come for a drink at his place and they can have dinner with the kids afterward. He will pick her up at six. She is looking forward to it and he says he is too.

At Holly's:

Holly and Olivia are lying on couches with facial masks and cucumbers on their eyes. They have candles lit. Holly was trying to distract Olivia. She suggests that Olivia call Josh but she says she needs another day to diffuse her anger and Josh needs another day to miss her. Olivia's phone rings and she sees that it is Josh. She answers it. Josh says he had been looking for her and asks where she is, but she doesn't want him to know. He apologizes to her for leaving the wedding. He really believed that Marah was in serious danger. He wonders if Olivia is going to ask how Marah is doing. Olivia asks if she is in the hospital or dead. He tells her that she isn't. She said that she didn't care then and she is not interested. He wants to see her but she doesn't want to. She says he made a choice and this is the consequence. He wants to make it up to her and she says maybe tomorrow. She will tell him where to meet him on neutral territory. He thinks she is manipulating him but she says it is self-protection. She will call him tomorrow and she hangs up and turns off her cell phone. She tells Holly she doesn't know how much longer she can keep this up. She and Josh will try again and this time they will get it right.

At Olivia's:

Marah arrives and sees Sam. He gives her a hard time. She tells him she knows he read her note. Sam denies it. Marah thinks he showed Olivia the note and they decided not to tell Josh together. Sam still tries to play dumb about the note. They argue. Sam tells her what she did was wrong and he is not letting her off the hook. Marah tells him that he is just jealous because she went to the motel with Tony. She says she went and got scared. Sam says she knew what to expect and he doesn't blame Tony. Sam tells him that he is angry because she makes mistakes and won't admit them. Sam says he doesn't care if he sees her again and slams the door on her.

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