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The Crystal Ball began. Dixie admitted she loved David, but couldn't act on her feelings because she was married to Tad. Tad admitted that Leslie had been in love with him for a long time, but the feelings weren't mutual. When Dixie later heard Leslie was having an affair with a married man, she grew suspicious of Tad. Donald Steele forced Bianca to admit that she was a lesbian. Erica was mortified, but Dimitri was a great help to her. Greenlee pretended she was going to kill herself. Laura admitted she liked Leo.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 1, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, January 1, 2001

Due to the New Year's holiday, All My Children did not air. On behalf of everyone at Soap Opera Central, I would like to thank all of the visitors who have come to our site in 2000. You have made 2000 our most successful year --- and we're hoping to repeat that accomplishment in 2001 with your help. We've got a lot of special things planned for the year ahead and we hope that you will join us.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2001

Inside one of the many rooms at Wildwind, Edmund and Dimitri took turns thanking Ryan, Gillian and Dixie for stepping up the plate and making sure that the Crystal Ball would take place. The two women expressed their unhappiness that neither Maria nor Alex could attend the festivities. Gillian realized that she'd forgotten the notes for her speech. Dixie offered to go to the turret and find them for her. After everyone but Dixie filed out of the room, David appeared in the doorway. Dixie became unusually nervous and tried to hurry out of the room. David ordered Dixie to "stop running" and accused her of being afraid of what might happen between them. Mateo wandered into the room and asked the pair if they'd seen Hayley. Dixie, though concerned, seized the opportunity to bolt from the room. David shook his head and politely told Mateo to get himself a new watch. "Your timing stinks," he grumbled. Seconds after David walked away, Liza and Adam appeared. They told Mateo that Hayley's car wasn't in the parking lot and that no one had seen her.

Brooke and Laura escorted Rain and two other homeless girls from the shelter to the party. Thanks to donations from Myrtle and Dimitri, the three girls had gotten a chance to "see how the other half lives." Rain was awed by the Wildwind castle and questioned how much money it costs to keep the place heated in the wintertime. Brooke told Rain that she wanted to introduce her to Count Andrassy. Again, Rain was in awe. She asked Laura if she had to curtsy upon seeing Dimitri. Laura shook her head and said that curtsying wasn't necessary, but noted that she would have to kiss Dimitri's ring. Rain believed her for a few moments, but ultimately Laura started chuckling and confessed that she was just joking.

Upon seeing Ryan and Gillian stroll into the ballroom together, Jake decided that he didn't exactly feel like partying. He tried to come up with a series of bogus reasons for why he needed to leave. Tad knew the real reason why Jake wanted out and didn't stand in her way.

Erica entered the party and immediately walked over to Dimitri. After cooing about how she always thought he looked regal in a tuxedo, Erica admitted that she'd come to the party dateless. When asked about Bianca, Erica explained that Bianca wasn't one for parties and probably was off at the movies or eating pizza with friends. Dimitri looked over Erica's shoulder and noticed that Bianca had entered the room on Jack's arm. As Ryan and Gillian took to the center of the room for the ceremonial "first dance," Erica raced over to Bianca and told her how beautiful she looked in her dress. Bianca became unnerved and quickly scampered off. Jack, meanwhile, pointedly asked Erica if she had tried to keep Bianca away from the ball. Erica chattered her usual explanation about Bianca's dislike of public gatherings, but added that she was trying to "save her some undo embarrassment." Erica told Jack about Greenlee's involvement in pushing Laura overboard on the yacht. Jack was shocked and agreed that Bianca should keep clear of Greenlee. However, he was also noticeably irked by what he saw as Erica trying to hide Bianca from the rest of the world. He warned Erica that she would push Bianca out of her life if she continued along the same path.

Bianca raced over to Rain and complimented her on how nice she looked. Rain smiled broadly and admitted that she cleans up nicely. Bianca repeatedly asked her friend if she looked "different." Rain commented on Bianca's hairdo and dress, but soon realized that this wasn't what Bianca had in mind. Then it hit her: Bianca must have come out to her mother. The two young women sat down in a quiet part of the room and Bianca recounted how Erica had taken the news. Though Bianca was convinced that things couldn't have been any worse, Rain reminded Bianca that at least Erica hadn't booted her out of the house.

Leo tracked down Laura and apologized profusely for what Greenlee had done to her. He insisted that he hadn't known the truth and vowed that Greenlee would never be a part of his life again. Laura absolved Leo of all of his guilt. In fact, she seemed quite happy to have Leo around as a pal again. Her mood soured when she spotted Greenlee strolling into the party on her grandfather's arm. Leo turned and caught sight of the spectacle and quickly whirled Laura off to the dance floor.

Brooke took some gentle jabs at "the feuding Marick brothers" and told them that she was happy that they were on good terms again. Ryan, meanwhile, took to center stage, so to speak, with Gillian by his side. The pair both held candles, the symbol for this year's Crystal Ball. "This candle represents a light in the darkness," said Gillian. "May it illuminate our hopes and dreams for the year to come." One by one, each partygoer was asked to light the candle of the person next to them.

Erica used the break in the action to storm over to Greenlee. Erica warned Greenlee to keep quiet on whatever it is she thinks she knows about Bianca. After being scolded, Greenlee ventured over to Bianca to vent her frustration. Greenlee blamed Bianca, whom she labeled "a twisted little lesbo," for destroying her life. Bianca shook her head and told Greenlee that Leo would have figured out what type of person she was sooner of later. Greenlee warned Bianca that she would pay her back.

Vanessa and Palmer approached Ryan and teased him mercilessly about his decision to oversee the Crystal Ball. Palmer remarked that he was glad there were no punchbowls at the party. Ryan assured Palmer that he was cooperating with the police and his insurance agents to make sure that the missing necklace was properly paid for. Vanessa thanked Ryan for trying, but told him that she'd rather have her jewels than an apology. Seeing that all of the candles had been lit, Ryan called for a moment of silence.

Hayley stood motionless on the deck of The Fidelity, a bouquet of flowers clutched tightly in her hand. Speaking aloud, she grumbled about how everyone else is carrying on as if Arlene is living it up in Amsterdam. She realized that Arlene really had been wrong when she said that they were alike. Hayley announced that she was worse than Arlene because she had killed her mother. Hayley tossed her flowers into the ocean. When she looked up, Mateo was standing just a few feet away. Mateo tried to convince Hayley that she had done the right thing by not telling the police what had happened to Arlene. Hayley said that she felt lost because she had always been able to turn to AA to talk about the things that were troubling her. Now, that had been taken away from her.

Back at the Wildwind gala, Erica and Dimitri shared a dance. Meanwhile, Marcus, the resident Pine Valley High jock, approached Bianca and asked her if she'd care to dance with him. Bianca seemed genuinely touched by Marcus sweet approach, but she froze when she noticed that Erica was watching her like a hawk. Erica smiled as broadly as humanly possible and tried to will her daughter to accept the dance invitation from across the room. Bianca, however, politely declined and a dejected Marcus was forced to dance with one of the cheerleaders.

Edmund approached tabloid writer Donald Steele and questioned him about how he'd gotten into the party. Edmund allowed Donald to stay, but asked that he try to be good. Greenlee also spotted the writer and quickly pulled him aside with the promise of giving him "the scoop of the season." Later, Greenlee approached Leo and told him that she wanted to say goodbye to him. "I'm sorry it had to end like this," she said softly.

Tad milled about the party trying to find Dixie. No one had seen her. Gillian did, however, tell him that Dixie might still be in the turret. Tad was amused that the princess lived in a turret, but declined directions on how to get there. He mused that he'd probably find it near the moat.

Hayley and Mateo finally showed at the party and were promptly introduced by Adam to Judge Ellwood Mayhew, one of Adam's friends. Seeing as the marriage license was already prepared, Adam decided to "walk into the next century" with Liza by his side.

Down at the turret, Dixie had barely a few seconds to look for Gillian's notes before David entered. Without warning, David grabbed Dixie and kissed her passionately. Initially, Dixie had no reaction, but after a few seconds she kissed him back. Dixie, however, had a change of heart and pulled away. She told David that they could not "do this." David countered, saying that they were "going to meet in each other's dreams and make love until daylight." Dixie proclaimed her love for her husband, but that didn't squash David's hopes of getting together with the woman he loves. "I have never needed another woman the way that I need you," he whispered passionately. Dixie told David that he could not have what he wants. David smiled slightly and told Dixie that he doesn't believe that --- and that he's sure she doesn't believe that either.

Greenlee showed up at The Fidelity and paced back and forth on the main deck. She placed a call to Leo's cellular phone. Before Leo could hang up on her, Greenlee asked that he tell her grandfather how much she loves him. She also asked that Leo go to the loft and take care of her dog, Lucky. As Greenlee was making a remark that she should have (almost) drowned instead of Laura, a foghorn blared in the background and Leo was unable to hear what Greenlee was saying. Thinking that Leo would understand that she was delivering a suicide message, Greenlee hung up the phone. She continued pacing the deck and told herself that she had thirty minutes to stage a near-drowning so that Leo could save her.

Back at the ball, Adam and Liza ventured off to someplace more private so that they could exchange their vows. Hayley lagged behind for just a moment, but it was long enough for Vanessa to spot her. Vanessa demanded to know where Arlene was hiding because she felt sure that she'd stolen her $500,000 necklace. Hayley tried to pull away, but Vanessa reached out and grabbed onto her arm. Hayley insisted that she had not idea where Arlene had gone, but Vanessa didn't buy it. She vowed to continue searching until she tracked down Arlene and the missing necklace. Hayley turned and angrily announced that Vanessa would never find Arlene no matter how hard she tried. "She's dead," Hayley snapped.

As the countdown to the New Year reached ten seconds, Donald Steele wandered over to Erica and Bianca. "So," Donald asked Erica as the countdown neared zero. "How do you feel about your darling daughter being gay?"

Wednesday, January 3, 2001

The Crystal Ball seemed to be a huge success --- everyone was dancing and having a wonderful time. Gillian and Ryan mingled and commented on what a good time everyone seemed to be having. "Hopefully not too good a time!" quipped Gillian. Ryan told her not to even joke about another disaster like at his yacht party. Gillian then wondered where Dixie was with her speech notes.

Meanwhile in the turret David was declaring his love for Dixie. Dixie told him his feelings for her weren't love but he insisted they were. She said this had to stop but he said no, they couldn't stop their feelings for each other. He asked her if she could just walk out that door, and said her only argument against their being together was that she was married to Tad. Dixie said "Yes I am married" and tried to walk away but David stopped her and told her that they hadn't wanted this in the beginning but now they had gotten into each other's hearts. He told her that they'd made a difference in each other's lives and Dixie agreed with him. David told her that he wants her so badly that he can't go on without her and insisted that she felt the same. She finally broke down and told him "Yes, I want you David." When she told him she was ashamed, David told her there was no shame in loving someone. She said she thought working for him could make her feelings pure and that she could be a part of something bigger, since the biggest decision she makes a day is what to make for dinner. David told her it was because she put everyone else first and that she did make a huge difference in every person's life that mattered to her. She told David that maybe he did have a power over women and that he scared her. David said no, she had the power and that he was afraid she was going to leave. Dixie told David that she wants Tad but if she weren't married she would be with him. David begged her to let him make love to her and began to kiss her. Tad knocked on the door, called her name and opened the door. Dixie pulled away from David with tears in her eyes and on her cheeks and looking upward said "Thank you!" Looking at David, she said "Listen to that sweet man's voice. I've got to go. I'm so sorry." and she ran out to meet Tad. Tad hugged her and kissed her while David listened from the next room with a broken heart.

At the ball Leo and Laura were talking about Greenlee's call to Leo. Leo believed that Greens was just trying to "yank his chain" and was just pretending to be in trouble. Laura asked if he was sure she wouldn't kill herself and Leo said he was and that Greenlee could pull her mind games on someone else. Leo tried to pull Laura onto the dance floor but she asked again if he shouldn't go check on Greenlee. He told her that he's out of the Greenlee business and out of the love business. He said he's going to spread his charm around because "Lord knows, I'm full of it!" Laura agreed and they went off to dance.

Greenlee stood on the deck of the yacht waiting for Leo to arrive to save her. She pulled up a bucket of ice-cold water and ladled it over herself. She shivered with the cold and wondered why it was taking Leo so long to come to her rescue.

Judge Mayhew told Adam that they had to hurry up but Adam said they couldn't begin without Hayley. Matt found Hayley with Vanessa who was asking Hayley if she "meant it literally, that Arlene was really dead?." Adam and Mateo both said no, she just meant Arlene was dead to them figuratively. They took Hayley back to where Liza was waiting. She asked Adam if they should postpone their wedding but he said no. The Judge came up and said there was a problem with their marriage certificate. It had expired at midnight! Adam said it was just a technicality but the judge wouldn't bend the law for him this time. Liza told Adam it was alright, they'd do it another time when Stuart and Marian could be there. She promised she'd marry him later.

Hayley and Mateo were in a drawing room where Mat told her that "No matter what, we can't tell the truth." Hayley wanted to get it out in the open but Mat told her no, they just had to wait it out. He told her that the greatest injustice would be that they'd all go to jail. He told Hayley that she had to be strong for him, that he couldn't live without her. She said she couldn't send the people she loves to jail so she'd go along with it. "Arlene is alive and well and living in Europe. I have to believe it" Hayley told Mateo.

Donald Steele asked Erica if she has a problem with gay people. She denied this, saying she has lots of gay friends. He asked Erica if she denied that Bianca was gay and Erica tried to avoid the question by telling him he's better than this trash. But he stops her and says this is newsworthy, that Erica is a woman that every red-blooded man wants and here's her daughter who wouldn't give a man another look. Erica was horrified but Bianca just stood by and watched her mother. Erica told Donald that this was slander and that her daughter was only 16 years old. He told her that he could write anything he wanted and that because she was a public figure America wanted to know the truth. Erica tried to drag Bianca away through the crowded ballroom but Donald stopped them saying very loudly "Bianca! You haven't answered my question. Are you gay?." The room went silent as everyone turned to hear the answer. When Bianca didn't answer right away Donald asked if she didn't want to be a role model for all the confused teens out there. Erica whispered to Bianca to tell him she wasn't gay. But Bianca told her mother she wouldn't lie and said loudly and clearly "Mom, I AM gay!." Erica was speechless and the crowd was shocked. Erica looked around the room and then back at Bianca, and asked how she could do this to her. She pulled Bianca to the side of the room where Bianca told Erica that being gay was only a small part of who she was. Bianca then went off with Rain who told her what a great thing she just did. Opal came up to Erica and trying to show support but Erica took it as sympathy and was upset. Palmer and Vanessa joined them and Palmer told Erica that Bianca was a very brave young woman. He clearly admired Bianca, but Vanessa was clearly amused. She told Erica she'd been dealt quite a blow and that "you know, they always blame the mother." Palmer left to check on Bianca.

The high school kids in attendance (Marcus, Heather, and Mindy) were all abuzz with the news about Bianca. The girls were grossed out and discussed moving their gym lockers away from Bianca's, but Marcus was much more accepting of the news. In fact, he even commented that the girls had nothing to worry about because he was sure that they weren't Bianca's type.

Gillian and Ryan got the music started again and the crowd began dancing. She told Ryan she was still nervous about doing her speech. Ryan said the party could do without them and took her away, back to the yacht. As they were coming on board, Greenlee heard them and thought it was Leo coming to save her. She climbed over the side but started to slip. Just in time Ryan ran up and pulled her back onto the yacht.

Hayley and Mateo told Adam they were leaving. Hayley almost fell into their wedding cake and began laughing almost hysterically. She compared it to Arlene falling into her and Mat's wedding cake.

Tad and Dixie shared a kiss when they were interrupted by a message that Tad's boss wanted to see him in the study. Tad went to find Liza but instead found Leslie waiting for him. She practically attacked him and smothered him with kisses. He roughly pushed her away and she fell to the ground. Tad told her if she ever pulled something like that again he'd have her arrested for harassment. She said "When someone pushes me, I push back." He left Leslie and went back to Dixie, who had just told David again to leave her alone. David had asked her if being faithful to Tad was worth her running away from something she wants. "Is he being faithful to you?" David wondered. He walked away as Tad arrived. Tad asked Dixie to go home and she saw lipstick on his collar. She commented that it was a very loud shade. Tad sort of rolled his eyes and explained that the color was typically Opal's --- and that she'd gotten the lipstick on his collar when they were dancing earlier in the evening. While Tad went to retrieve the car, Dixie headed to the restroom. There she bumped into Leslie, who was touching up her lipstick. Dixie immediately froze in her tracks and stared ar

Jack and Erica argued about Bianca. Erica blamed this disaster on Jack, but he said he just encouraged Bianca to be herself. He asked if he should see if Bianca was ready to leave but Erica said why would Bianca want to leave "her coming out party?" and stormed off.

Laura asked Leo if Rain and Bianca were a couple but he told her they were just friends. She said it was too bad; Rain and Bianca made a "cute couple." Leo said he was glad she was cool with this. Leo told her this was the reason Bianca couldn't tell her who pushed her off the yacht, that Greenlee had been blackmailing her with this information. They walked up to Bianca and told her they thought she had "guts" tonight. Jack joined them and asked if she was ready to leave. She told him yes and said she hadn't wanted to hurt Erica. Jack said she did the right thing and that her father would've been proud of her. Bianca said it felt good, that she stuck up for herself. "After all, I am Erica Kane's daughter" she proclaimed proudly. Jack took her home.

Erica asked Dimitri to take her home but they went to the hunting lodge to talk instead. She told him that Bianca is the most important thing in her life and just wanted the best for her. Dimitri told her that after she thought it through tonight she'd know what to do for Bianca. She told him she knew she had no right to ask this of him, but would he hold her? Dimitri took Erica into his arms.

Thursday, January 4, 2001

As night fell over Pine Valley, Dixie repeatedly sprayed the collar of Tad's lipstick-stained shirt, desperately trying to get the stain out. As she scrubbed, she remembered her conversation with David earlier that evening, when she told him that she made a "stupid mistake" by kissing him and that nothing was going to happen between them. She was jolted out of her daydream by Tad, who entered the room to find Dixie scrubbing furiously at his shirt. She told him that "trying to get lipstick out is hard enough already but when you stuff the shirt into the bottom of the hamper, it's practically impossible." She asked Tad why he did that and he reasoned that it was a just a shirt and that he should have thrown it out because he was getting new ones. Dixie mentioned that she noticed Opal, whom Tad claimed to have given him the stain, was not wearing any lipstick at all but she saw that Leslie was wearing this shade. She asked Tad if she was right and he replied that she was. Dixie slowly and quietly asked if he knew this because he had kissed her. Tad confessed that he hadn't been honest with her. Dixie began to ask if he was having an affair but Tad interrupted by saying that he wanted to make it clear that he hadn't kissed Leslie. Dixie asked if she kissed him and he confessed that she had, "to wish me a happy new year." Dixie agreed that was innocent enough and wondered why he had lied about it. Tad nervously replied that he did it "because you know me better than anyone. You love me better than anyone." Dixie admitted that he was scaring her and Tad promised that he didn't want to cause her any pain. He confessed that Leslie wasn't as she appeared to be and a confused Dixie asked if this was in reference to her skill as a lawyer. Tad was quick to correct her and said that Leslie was "intelligent, smart, successful..." Dixie cut in, "And beautiful." Tad told her that she wasn't once you got to know her and Dixie wondered how well he knew her. Tad replied that he might have dated her sister in high school but said he couldn't know for sure. A surprised Dixie asked how he could not remember who he dated and Tad asked "Do you know what I was doing when I was 17?" "Everything that moved?" Dixie guessed. Tad finally admitted that when Leslie was younger, she had a speech impediment and was constantly picked on. He was the only one who was nice to her and suspected that Leslie never forgot this. He told Dixie that Leslie was throwing herself at him, even though he made it "abundantly clear" that he loved his wife. Dixie asked why Leslie, being an obviously intelligent woman who could have any man she wanted, would not be able to take no for an answer. Tad replied that this was because she was used to getting everything she wanted and Dixie wondered why Leslie would be throwing herself at him. Tad reinforced the fact that he couldn't explain Leslie and quickly rebuffed Dixie's offer to talk to her. When she pressed him further, he explained the situation in New York and told her that he didn't even know she was in the city. He informed her that he warned Leslie to stay away from him and his family and Dixie admitted that her behavior sounded dangerous. She wondered if Tad had done anything to lead Leslie to believe that she had a chance with him. Tad took Dixie's hands in his own and told her "not a day goes by where I doesn't think of you" and "I thank god every day that you took me back." They embraced and Dixie told him that he more than made up for his mistakes. They agreed to never mention Leslie's name again.

A soaking wet and shivering Greenlee arrived at Pine Valley Hospital in the arms of Ryan and accompanied by Gillian. Jake approached to asked the trio what happened and Ryan told him that he found Greenlee dangling off the yacht. When Jake asked if she had fallen in the water, Gillian corrected him by letting him know that she "actually just poured water on herself to make it look like she fell in." When Jake's shock became evident, Ryan added that she did this to try to "squeeze a little sympathy out of her boyfriend." Greenlee angrily jumped out of Ryan's arms and proclaimed that their story was a lie. She explained that she had a terrible fight with Leo. She told him that she felt "devastated" and didn't think that she "could go on." Humoring Greenlee's dramatic escapade, Jake picked up the hospital phone and told informed her that he would call for help. As Greenlee rattled off Leo's phone number, Jake told her that he was, in fact, admitting her. An overjoyed Greenlee asked if it was possible for her to have her own room and Jake assured her that her request wouldn't be a problem. After all, he told her, "everyone gets their own room when they're admitted to psych." Greenlee asked Jake if he was refusing to treat her and begged him to "please say yes so I can stay alive just long enough to sue you and this entire hospital." Jake replied that they had an empty observation room and Greenlee left for it. He turned to Ryan and Gillian and asked them if they hadn't given him enough trouble already, but before they could reply, Gillian piercingly screamed, "Hello?! Frostbite! I think I'm losing some digits in here!" Jake asked the two onlookers to take their patient to Seaview and he went to check on Greenlee. Alone, Ryan suggested that they call Leo in order to get Greenlee off Jake's back. When Gillian laughingly told him not to, Ryan responded that "it's called payback. I'm just the messenger. She's the one going down."

In the examination room, Jake put a stethoscope to Greenlee's chest and asked her to breathe deeply. She began coughing and said that she must have fluid in her lungs. Jake facetiously asked if she inhaled "that bucket of water that you poured all over yourself." He concluded the examination and told her that she just had a cold and Greenlee was disappointed to learn that it was nothing worse. She asked if he would keep her overnight for observation because he "wouldn't want to be sued for malpractice" if he "missed anything." Jake replied that she was free to go but Greenlee asked what would happen to her if she collapsed. "Just make sure you do it in the parking lot then we'll just drag you back in," he replied. He turned to leave and was at the door when Leo arrived. Greenlee admitted to Leo that she was ashamed and traumatized but Leo didn't buy it. He told her to "stop the Oscar-winning performance" because he talked to Ryan and Gillian before he came in. He repeated that this was the last straw but Greenlee only replied that she did this because she loved him. Leo admonished her and told her that "all the lying and manipulation isn't love. It's... Vanessa," and he left. He walked past Gillian and Ryan in the waiting room and told them "the next time Gillian decides to throw herself overboard, call the coast guard." Gillian tried to convince him that he was starting a "clean slate." "I lost by job, my girlfriend, I'm homeless," he replied, "I'd say that's a clean slate." When he asked if they had a place for him to stay, Gillian replied that he could stay on the yacht and they could "stay in the turret." Leo replied that he doesn't "even know what a turret is, but it sounds really cozy." Ryan reluctantly agrees and hands Leo the keys. Before leaving, Leo jokingly asks them if there's anything he can get them from Bermuda. Ryan asks Gillian what he will receive for his generosity. "Me," Gillian replies. "In the turret. Wearing nothing but perfume."

Later on in the turret, Ryan and Gillian were lying together when Gillian suddenly sprang up and asked for a cloth strip. Ryan pulled one from the ground and Gillian proceeded to tie the cloth around his wrists, insert hers with his, and lie atop him. She confided that they used to tie one another up as children until Eugenia told her what it really meant. Gillian recited a beautiful poem to Ryan: "With this tie I do thee bind, My heart is yours and yours is mine. Two souls that beat as one entwined. I live for you and I am thine." Breath taken, Ryan and Gillian kissed.

In the examination room, Jake walked in on Greenlee muttering to herself about not losing Leo to Laura. When she noticed Jake, she told him that Leo "broke the sound barrier getting here. The other stuff's just ego." Jake told her to cut her loses but Greenlee vowed to get Leo back and stormed out.

Bianca and Jack returned home early from the Crystal Ball to find that Erica had not come home yet even though she left before them. Jack assured a worried Bianca that Dimitri probably took her somewhere to talk and Bianca wondered aloud if her mother would discuss how much she hated her. Jack's pleas for her to not blame herself fell on dead ears. Bianca explained that she completely humiliated her mother and that this was her "worst fear realized. Me, standing up in front of the whole world and saying I'm gay." The doorbell suddenly rang and Bianca opened the door to Leo who was beaming from ear to ear. After embracing her in a hug, he told her that she was "awesome tonight." Laura assured Bianca that he now understood why she couldn't tell her before that Greenlee had pushed her overboard and the two hugged. Jack told them he's glad Bianca has found such a good friend in Laura and he left to get a drink. Bianca contemplated calling Edmund and Dimitri to apologize for her outburst, but Leo convinced her not to, emphasizing how great she was in "standing up to Donald Steel." Leo decided to get something to drink and Laura apologized for being a "jerk" and realized that she shouldn't have believed Greenlee in the first place. Bianca accepted her apology and they agreed to be friends. Leo and Jack entered the room with drinks when Leo suddenly got a call on his cell phone. Ryan informs Leo that Greenlee is in the hospital but before he could explain her latest shenanigans, Leo told him he was on his way and hung up. Leo explained the situation to Bianca, Jack and Laura and left with Jack after he promised to get Laura home safely. Alone, Bianca asked a disappointed Laura if she wanted Leo to drive her home and Laura reluctantly admitted that she did. When asked if she likes Leo, Laura again nodded her head.

When Jack returned, Laura told him that he didn't have to drive her home because she wanted to spend more time with Bianca. Jack took his cue and prepared to leave. Bianca hugged her uncle and thanked him for all he had done to support her. "You're not my dad but you're helping me like he would have been," she told him as he left. Once alone, Laura asked Bianca why she didn't confide in her earlier. Being a "city girl from New York", she explained, many of her friends were gay. Bianca sat beside her and confided that she wasn't sure if everyone would be "cool with it" or treat it as a "bad disease." Laura asked if she thought that was bad and began explaining the oppression in China when Bianca interrupted and told her, "That's exactly what I'm afraid of." Laura asked what she had done and Bianca explained that her sexuality was a small part of her and that people shouldn't feel like they have to relate to "get by or relate to that in order to prove themselves" liberal and open-minded. Laura agreed that from then on, Bianca would just be "Bianca Montgomery, my friend" and that there would be no more mention of the "'G' word."

In the hunting lodge, Erica asked Dimitri if there was something wrong with her because she cared what other people thought. She explained that she "could never understand a woman who leaves her house without at least trying to look her best." Dimitri walked over, sat down and suggested that the "outside world isn't that important to everyone." Erica gloomily replied that "the bottom line is if you look a certain way or you act a certain way, or if there's something about you that people just don't like, they'll never give you another chance." Dimitri ensured her that both Edmund and himself were only thinking "bravo" to Bianca's "integrity", but Erica told him that neither of them were considering the fact that her choice did not only have ill effects on her daughter, but on herself. She decided that she may forgive Bianca for ruining her own life, but she doesn't think that she can forgive her for ruining her own. Dimitri assured Erica that neither of their lives were ruined. Erica admitted that she asked Bianca to "keep it in the family" but Dimitri told her he wasn't sure that Bianca wanted her sexuality to be the highlight of the Crystal Ball. Erica replied that this was exactly why she wanted her to stay home. He tried to persuade her that Bianca's coming out was a tribute to her because she is just like her, but Erica wasn't moved. She wished that she could have done something to help and theorizes that Bianca wanted to exact revenge on her for her sporadic involvement during her childhood, but Dimitri disagreed. She sadly explains that she is hurting too. "Look at me, Erica Kane, the woman other women want to be like. How many women, I mean how many mothers, would want to be like me now?" Erica told Dimitri that Bianca would never find the kind of love that they had and Dimitri replied that no one ever would. She asked him how they "fell apart" and Dimitri responded that it was "fate." A knock at the door interrupted them and Dimitri rose to answer the door to Edmund. He explained that he was wondering if Dimitri took Erica home yet and how she was when he suddenly noticed her sitting on the chair. Edmund apologized to Erica for what happened with Donald Steel and she forgave him. He gave Dimitri a cigar and they congratulated themselves on their "most successful year." He told Erica that it "took guts" for Bianca to do what she did and he left. Alone, Erica admitted that before Edmund interrupted them, she was foolish enough to have convinced herself that it was just the two of them, like old days. Dimitri told her that it wasn't that way anymore but Erica continued, saying that "memories linger" and that if she closed her eyes, it felt like nothing has changed at all. Erica remembered that Dimitri gave her the hunting lodge as a wedding gift and Dimitri told her that was because she is a unique and special woman. Erica let him know that everyone "pales in comparison" to him and they rose to leave. As they reached the door, Erica confided that she was grateful to him. When they left the lodge, a figure emerged from the shadows. It was Edmund, still dressed in his party attire, smoking his cigar.

Dimitri and Erica arrived home and Dimitri and Bianca embraced. He assured them that they could call him any time, night or day. Erica told Laura it was late and she quickly left. Alone, Bianca tried to talk but Erica informed her it was late and they would discuss it in the morning. Bianca reinforced the fact that nothing would change the next morning and that she would still be gay. "Must you keep saying that?" Erica asked, as she ascended the stairs to her bedroom.

The phone awakened a sleeping Tad, but when he picked it up, no one answered. Dixie appeared undisturbed, so Tad quietly crept out to the hallway. "Leslie, if this is you," he warned, "you better stop calling my house or you're going to regret it" and he hung up. He climbed back into bed and unbeknownst to her husband a previously "undisturbed" Dixie opened her eyes.

Friday, January 5, 2001

Stuart goes to the Pine Cone Motel. There is loud music playing from the room Arlene had stayed in. The manager says, "Thanks for coming over. But I figured you'd want to check this out-I mean. Since you've been picking up the tab." The manager says "she" showed up real early, got the key from the night clerk, and has been there for hours. He says, "She must be partying, the music's cranked." Stuart opens the door and sees no one in the room. Then he opens the bathroom door and Hayley is there. She screams and Stuart is startled. Hayley says she didn't hear him come in. Stuart turns the music down and asks what she is doing there. Hayley says, "I haven't been sleeping very well lately and I thought that maybe if I came here and saw some of my mom's things, it would make me feel close to her." She says she can't believe Arlene left so much behind and Stuart comments that they must have made her feel real bad to leave so quickly. Hayley is upset and starts to cry, saying, "I know that Arlene was a twisted person, but I think that she deserved a lot better than what she had." Stuart tells her he is paying for the room so they can keep her stuff there until Arlene comes back. Hayley says, "You can't do that. You don't understand, Uncle Stuart." Stuart says Hayley can tell him anything and Arlene was not an easy person to love, but she wasn't all bad. He talks about how Arlene brought him to Adam and saved Adam's life. Stuart suggests they call Arlene, chatting with her will make Hayley feel better. Hayley is visibly upset, saying, "Uncle Stuart, no, please! Nobody can reach Arlene ever again!" She catches herself and covers by saying she meant no one could get through to Arlene. Stuart says, "You know, I don't really by this Amsterdam stuff....I think Arlene is a lot closer than anyone thinks. Hayley looks alarmed, but Stuart means Arlene is here in spirit because of Hayley. He thinks Arlene will be back because of Hayley and he will keep paying for the room. Hayley hugs him and sees a small silver bell on a string lying on a table. She is very surprised and moved. "I don't believe it. She still had it....It's a Tibetan bell. It's my fourth grade Christmas present that I gave to my mother...My mother wore it all the time and then one day she just stopped wearing it. I always assumed she lost it on a bender or something, but she still had it," Hayley said. Stuart comments, "You see, that proves Arlene's heart is in the right place." Stuart says they have to go to Adam and Liza's wedding, and leaves after Hayley says she'll be along soon.

On the yacht, Leo is living like a king, having breakfast and being waited on by a servant, Stavros. He is eating caviar, and Stavros tells him his clothes have been dry-cleaned and he has gotten all the gourmet food on the list Leo made last night. Leo says, "I think it's time we take this baby out for a cruise. I was thinking maybe head south, down to the Florida Keys." Ryan enters and suggests Leo should visit the Bermuda Triangle. Leo tells Ryan he is just playing and offers Ryan some caviar. Ryan says, "I hope you're a good swimmer, Leo, I really do because I'm like this close from throwing you overboard right now." Leo assumed Adam Chandler is paying for everything, but Ryan says Adam doesn't cover his personal expenses and he cannot afford this. Ryan says, "What is the matter with you? I give you a place to bunk for the night and you decide to pamper yourself like Aristotle Onassis?" Leo says he'll pay for the caviar and hands Ryan a cracker with caviar on it. Just then, Adam walks in and says, "This is your idea of austerity? Scarfing down caviar with both hands? No wonder your company went under. You don't seem to realize you're in desperate financial straits, Ryan." Adam says he has leased Ryan's former office space and fired all the staff. Ryan protests, "You had not right to do that." Adam replies, "I had every right. I own incredible dreams remember? For what it's worth." Ryan says, "The deal was that I was going to run it." Adam says, "And you are going to run it in an excessively scaled-back version, without all that expensive overhead." Adam tells Ryan he will be running the business from the yacht and the computers and business equipment are on their way over. Adam has to leave as he and Liza are getting married today. Ryan says, "Reuniting you and Liza was the last incredible dream that I made come true before the company went crashing down. I just really wish it went to somebody more deserving." Adam retorts, "If we got what we deserve, we'd all be lying in a pauper's grave. Be sure to save your receipts." Adam leaves and Ryan throws a spoon across the room in anger. He says, "I am going to do whatever I have to do to get out from underneath that man's thumb. I want you to understand that." Leo says, "That might not be as hard as you think. I can help." Ryan sarcastically dismisses him, but Leo said Ryan needs cash and he is very good at charming rich people. He will help Ryan in return for a place to stay. Reluctantly, Ryan agrees, but says there will be no more room service.

Meanwhile, over at Tad and Dixie's house, Dixie is in the closet, going through Tad's pockets, saying, "There's got to be something in here, in his pockets, a message, a phone receipts, something." Gillian comes in and Dixie confides in her, "Something is going on between Tad and Leslie." Gillian reassures her, "Look, Tad loves you. And you can really trust him. I'm just not so sure about Leslie." Dixie asks what she means and Gillian say, "Well, from what I've heard, she would go after anything with pants on and a big wallet." Gillian says she will talk to Leslie and find out what is going on. Dixie appears upset and tells Gillian that David asked her if Tad deserved her loyalty. Gillian says, "You and Tad have something precious. And there's nothing going on with Tad and Leslie and I'm going to prove it to you. And whatever you do, don't let David Hayward destroy your life."

Over at Pine Valley Hospital, David confronts Jake. He can't get into his office and accountants are all over it. Jake tells him he is being audited and the auditors will find proof that David is responsible for drugging the party guests with Libidozone. David says, "When are you going to get over this stupid crusade of yours? You don't have one shred of evidence linking me to that Libidozone scandal on the yacht." Jake says, "Not yet there isn't." David threatens to go the hospital board and Jake leaves the room. David takes his tape recorder to make a memo and it plays a tape of him making a record of the effects of Libidozone. David destroys the tape as Dixie walks in and sees him. David tells her the tape got jammed and he'll toss it out later. Dixie confronts David about what he said regarding Tad, saying, "David, if you care about me in the slightest, you're going to tell me the truth. You saw Tad with Leslie. Did he kiss her?" David says he is not going to interfere with her marriage. "I'm trying really hard to honor that even though I still want us to be together. Now, if that happens, it's not going to be because I shattered your marriage. That's all I have to say about that," he says. Dixie is upset and leaves. David smiles as he watches her go. Then he puts the tape in a latex glove and throws it in the biohazard trashcan.

Over at the Valley Inn, Liza and Tad talk in the bar. Tad tells her how Leslie is harassing him and says, "I am frightened because at this point, it's only a matter of time before Dixie finds out what happened." Liza tells him he has to get rid of Leslie now. Tad says," What exactly do you mean, 'get rid of Leslie Colson'? Who are you, one of the Sopranos...I mean, don't get me wrong. As much as I'd love to stuff her in a trunk and drive out to darkest Jersey, there's got to be another way." Liza reminds him that Leslie is very ambitious and what he needs is a plum position with incentives that would take her to another continent. Tad agrees, but says it can't come from him. Liza offers to take care of it.

In the lobby, Gillian come in and talks to Leslie about her divorce from Jake. Gillian says it's hard when a marriage break up but Leslie says it can be worth it. She tells Gillian she's involved with a married man and she hopes he will leave his wife. Her phone rings and it's Tad, telling her he needs to see her right away. Leslie perks up and says she'll be right there. Tad cringes as he hands the cell phone back to Liza. Leslie says, "That was my man. I have to go freshen up." She leaves and Gillian says, "Oh Dixie. Maybe you're not imagining things after all."

Leslie sits down at a table with Tad in the bar. Tad apologizes to her for throwing her down last night. He asks if she was the one who called him in the middle of the night. Leslie denies it and suggests it was one of his other girlfriends. Liza stops by their table with a man and introduces him as Daryl Cummings, a recruiter from Obel Holdings. She introduces Leslie and he tells her he was hoping to meet her. He takes Leslie to another table to talk to her about a job in Singapore. They come back to Tad and Liza and Leslie leaves, saying she will call Tad later. Daryl tells them, "Well, she went for it. Ms. Coulson will be flying off to Singapore in a matter of days." Tad tells Liza how grateful he is. Leslie goes to the front desk clerk and tells him that Mr. Martin has complained about the mattress in their room. She asks him to change it and put it on Mr. Martin's credit card. The clerk asks how long they will be staying and she says they are going to start house hunting soon. Then she returns to the bar and watches Tad and Liza.

Gillian goes to see Dixie at the hospital. She says Leslie is involved with a married man but didn't say who. She says her lover called her and they are together now. Dixie says Tad told her he had to work at lunch, he was ordering in. She calls Tad at the office but he is not there. Gillian says, "Dixie, this doesn't prove anything. Something may have come up."



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