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Tad and the boys went on a ski trip without Dixie. Dixie mistakenly believed that Tad was still carrying on an affair with Leslie. Everyone involved in Arlene's murder was sent invitations to gather at the yacht. Adam paid his goon some extra cash to kill Arlene. Gillian fainted and was taken to the hospital. A nurse asked Gillian if it was possible she was pregnant. Gillian refused a pregnancy test, but Jake ordered a secret pregnancy test anyway.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 22, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, January 22, 2001

At the Valley Inn, Gillian was clearing the tables at the end of the night and was showing signs of fatigue. She sat down at a table massaging her neck and Ryan walked in and continued the massage. He asked her how "the working girl was" and she replied that she only had 10 more minutes to go and then she would have completed her first day. Ryan carried her out to take her home and give her a bubble bath. When they arrive back at the yacht, Ryan put her on the bed and told Gillian that whatever she wanted, he would give it too her right now. She said OK but he was in for a surprise. She wanted her feet massaged and while Ryan massaged them she counted her "tip" money. Ryan said that she would be able to quit her job soon because he was working on an investment opportunity and soon they would be rolling in money. Ryan said that they needed the money to pay for the fancy wedding he wanted and Gillian told him that she wanted something even more impressive. She wanted to get married in a castle with a rose garden and a lot of pine trees. Ryan figured out that she was talking about "Wildwind" in Pine Valley. Gillian told Ryan that he was the kindest, most passionate man she had ever known.

David came down to the lounge at the Valley Inn and saw Dixie. He went to her and said that he was surprised she had come back. Dixie told him that she didn't leave yet. She just stopped for a cup of coffee because she was so cold. She told David that she just walked around, went to a movie, and then walked around some more. David asked her what she was going to do now. She told him that she should go home but she was afraid. David took her hand and told her to stay with him. Dixie told David that she was not going to stay with him. She told him that she needed to fix things. There had been a very big misunderstanding with what Tad saw and what he thinks. David told Dixie that Tad knew what happened. Tad had found them in David's room. David said that he and Dixie made love and there was no hiding that. Dixie told David that she hurt Tad so terribly. She broke her marriage vows. David reminded her that he broke his also. Dixie told David that Tad told her that she was just looking for an excuse to sleep with David and Dixie said he was right because she wanted to sleep with him. David said that this was not the end, they were not through. Dixie got up and tried to leave and as she was leaving, she told David that they were through. He held her back and told her that what she was looking for she would not get from Tad. He would hurt her again. Dixie said that was not true. She and Tad belonged together and Tad knew that. David said that Tad would never treat her as good as he would treat her. David wanted the chance to prove it to her. Dixie told David that she doesn't even know who she is and she couldn't even think when she was with him. She walked away.

Tad was at home talking to Junior. Junior asked Tad where his mother was and Tad told him that he didn't know. Junior then asked Tad if she was coming back and Tad hesitated but he did say she would come back. Junior knew something must be wrong so he asked Tad if his mom was with Dr. Hayward? He asked Tad to tell him what was wrong. Tad told Junior that nothing was wrong with Dixie. Junior said that he had been trying to get in touch with his mother since yesterday. Tad said that they would work it out. Junior wanted to know what would happen when she came back and Tad said he didn't know. Tad said that he needed a hug and the two of them hugged. Junior wanted to know what would happen to them. Tad told him that he and Dixie were going to do a lot of talking and that was why he wanted him to go over to Brook's. Junior asked Tad if he was going to leave them. Tad sat Junior down on the couch and told him that he and Dixie were having problems and they needed to work them out. It would take a lot of time and a lot of patience to work it out. Junior asked him again if he was moving out. Tad said that he was sorry but he could not promise that he was staying. Junior wanted to know again what would happen to them. He wanted to know if Jamie and he were still going to be brothers. He wanted to know what was happening to his family. Tad told him that he should not sweat the big stuff until it happens. Tad told Junior that he was sure getting big. He remembered when he was born and he held him in his arms. Tad told him that he would love him forever and so would his mom. Just then, Dixie was at the door and told Junior that Tad was right. They both turned their heads and looked at Dixie. Junior told Dixie that he and Junior both live in this house and they have a right to know what is going on. Dixie told Junior that as soon as she and Tad talk things over, they would let them know what was going on. Dixie tried to kiss Junior and tell him that she loved him and he pulled back. He said that he knew she loved him, he just wanted to know if they loved each other. Tad answered "yes" and then Dixie also replied "yes." Junior said that he was going over to Jamie's. He would call her when he arrived. When he left, Dixie and Tad started to talk. Dixie wanted to know how they could do this to the kids. She told Tad that she was glad he was still there. He said that he stayed because of Junior. He walked away and picked up his suitcase. Dixie asked him what he was doing and wanted to know if he was leaving. Tad reminded her that she was the one who told him to pack up and leave the house. Dixie said that she was wrong and didn't want him to leave. She asked Tad to stay in the guest room and not leave the house. Dixie said that they could talk. She started to reach for Tad and he pulled away. He reminded her that she didn't trust him. Dixie said that she was not blaming him for what happened. He said that he would not have gotten close to Leslie if it weren't for the drug but Dixie just wouldn't believe him. He told her that down inside she resented him and couldn't forgive him for what he had done. Dixie said that she wanted to forgive him but she could not just erase the past. Tad asked Dixie why she slept with David. She told him that it doesn't matter now, she doesn't what to see him again and doesn't even want to think about him. Tad said that now he doesn't believe her. Dixie just watched as Tad packed his suitcases. He zipped them up and then put on his coat and headed toward the door. Dixie looked sad but just watched him. Tad turned toward her and said that he would call her as soon as he landed someplace. He stood with the door open but didn't look back. Dixie started to go toward the door but then Tad closed it. She leaned against the door and then walked back and picked up a picture of the two of them and just looked at it. She rubbed her forehead and shook her head. She had tears in her eyes as she looked at the picture.

Derek went to the mansion to talk to Mateo and Adam. He wanted to talk to Mateo about the break in at his condo. Derek asked Mateo why he didn't report the break in to the police. Derek also told Mateo that he knew Arlene did the damage and he wanted to know why they were protecting Arlene. Adam said that he wasn't trying to protect Arlene and as far as he knew, she was still in Amsterdam. Derek asked Mateo if he thought Arlene was in Amsterdam. Mateo said "no." He told Derek that he and Hayley had another break in before and they felt that it was Arlene then. Mateo then said that he didn't really have proof that it was Arlene. Derek asked to speak to Hayley and Adam told him that she was sleeping. Derek said that he wasn't buying their stories about Arlene. Derek asked both Adam and Mateo what Arlene had on them. Derek wanted to know why he couldn't get a straight answer out of both of them. Derek said that he would come back when he could talk to Hayley. He told them that he still has a warrant for Arlene's arrest for the stolen necklace.

Hayley, pretending to be Arlene, was dancing with Bud. Bud told her what he liked about her. He said that she smelled as good as she looked and she looked as good as she felt. Bud told Arlene (Hayley) that he wanted to sit out the next song because everyone was looking at them. Arlene (Hayley) said that is what makes it so much fun. Bud told her that he had something better in mind and a lot more fun. Bud told her that she hadn't had a drink all night so he ordered her a glass of vodka on the rocks. Arlene (Hayley) asked him how he knew that was her poison. He said that a classy girl like her would drink vodka. He handed her the glass of vodka and she took it in her hands and then smelled it. She said that she wished her family could see her now because they thought she was a lush and couldn't say "no" to a drink. Arlene (H) put the drink on the counter and said that she didn't need it. She told Bud that she had a life altering experience in Amsterdam. She told Bud that she didn't know anything about the "red light district" because she only stayed in the fanciest hotels. She said that she had a real good divorce settlement. Bud said that was good to know. Arlene (H) told him not to say anything but he was looking at the ex Mrs. Adam Chandler. She told Bud that she wished he could have seen Adam crawling on his hands and knees following her to Amsterdam begging her to sign the divorce papers. Arlene (H) said that she had Adam right where she wanted him and she could have made him sweat but instead, she decided to take her time because she was in no hurry to dole out her revenge. She asked Bud if he had a problem with that. He looked at her and said he didn't know. Arlene (H) then asked Bud if he ever saw the show "Wave." He said that he never heard of it. Arlene (H) told Bud that she thinks she is a star. Bud asked her who she was talking about now and Arlene (H) told him that she was talking about Hayley Vaughan Santos, the star of Wave. She told him that Hayley Vaughan Santos was her daughter and she hated her because she caught her in bed with her husband. Bud stopped her and said, "you are old enough to have a daughter who has a husband?" Arlene (H) said yes and that she and her daughter look more like sisters. They are so much alike. She said that poor Hayley is about to find out how much they are alike. Bud took a drink from his glass and said "whatever you say Arlene." He told her that she was off her rocker but she was hot and then they started to dance again. Arlene (H) told Bud that she knows what he wants and he didn't have to get her drunk to get it. She told him to put his glass down and then she took an ice cube and rubbed it down her chest. She told him that this was the only vodka he would taste until afterwards. He said "O baby, why are we hanging around this dump anyway?" He then started kissing her neck. Arlene (H) said that there was nothing like a gorgeous man and a bar to get Arlene's juices flowing and then she started kissing Bud. They were really starting to get "hot and heavy" at the bar and then all of a sudden, she pushed him away and grabbed her necklace. She started talking about her daughter Hayley and said that she needed to settle things now and had to leave. She told Bud to keep his mouth shut and she would pay him back with anything he wanted. She put on her coat and left the bar.

Duffy was back at the bar showing Arlene's picture around and nobody had seen her. Adam came into the bar and Duffy told him that if Arlene was in town, he would find her. Adam told him that there was a change in plans. He told Duffy that he never wanted anyone to see Arlene's face again. He told him that he didn't think he would find Arlene alive but if he proved him right, he would add $100,000 to his fee.

Hayley, still thinking she was Arlene, came into the mansion yelling out loud, "Hayley, where are you? Get down her because we are going to settle this once and for all."

Later, Mateo came downstairs and found Hayley asleep on the couch. When he woke her up, she said that she thinks Arlene was there because she remembered hearing Arlene call her name.

Junior went to the Valley Inn instead of going to Jamie's home. He was looking for David. When he found David, he pushed him off his chair and told him to stay away from his mother.

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Aboard The Fidelity, Leo tried desperately to nudge open the stuck door to his quarters. He had little success. Laura, who had been waiting in the wings for Leo to finish, stepped forward and offered to give Leo a hand. In the process, she gave Leo a good scare. It took Laura less than ten seconds to get the stubborn door to open. Laura explained that she hadn't dropped by to pry open the door, but rather to ask Leo for a job as's staff photographer. Leo smiled and said that he'd love to have Laura on staff, but explained that the budget probably wouldn't allow for any additional paid staffers. He did, however, tout the many non-paid fringe benefits involved in working for the Internet company. He sat Laura down and gently kneaded her shoulders. The massage obviously hit the right spot because Laura began moaning Leo's name and telling him how good she felt. A loud rap sounded on the door. As the pair turned, they spotted an angry Greenlee standing in the doorway. Greenlee promptly ordered Laura to scram, but Leo noted that Greenlee was the one who was trespassing. Greenlee snidely remarked that Laura was "out of [her] league" on two fronts - as a girlfriend to Leo and as a photographer for Greenlee turned her attention to Leo and informed him that he owed her money. Leo cocked his head to one side and asked Greenlee what she was talking about. Greenlee presented him with a dry cleaning bill for the shirt on which he'd spilled a Bloody Mary. Leo shook his head defiantly and told Greenlee that there was no way that he was going to give her any money. Leo told Laura that he'd contact her when Ryan returned to the yacht so that she could show off her portfolio. Laura smiled happily and told Leo that she'd see him later. Leo tried to get her to stick around a little longer, but Laura wryly remarked that she didn't think Greenlee would give them any peace. Leo walked Greenlee out, but when he returned he found that Greenlee hadn't left. Greenlee again demanded payment for her dry cleaning bill. Leo finally tired of Greenlee's antics and handed her enough cash to cover the bill. He then told her to leave because he had no more money. Greenlee was saddened to hear that Leo had all of his money tied up in an investment - which he refused to discuss - and told him that he could keep his money. Leo was outraged that Greenlee had refused to take his money and determined that she'd only dropped by to make him miserable. Greenlee admitted that she'd missed Leo and tried to get him to confess that he missed her too. Leo did not such thing. In a snit, Greenlee stormed towards the door and reached for the doorknob to make a hasty exit. The door refused to cooperate; the doorknob fell off the door. Greenlee saw no way to get out of the room and decided to ram the door with her shoulder. Leo watched curiously as Greenlee collided with the door. The door remained shut. Greenlee, however, claimed that she'd suffered a dislocated shoulder. Leo took her aside and gently rubbed her shoulder. Greenlee turned to face Leo. Almost immediately, the couple's eyes locked. Their longing stares froze on their faces as they leaned forward into a kiss.

David rummaged around the desk outside of his office at the hospital. A few seconds later, Charlotte, David's new assistant whom he repeatedly called by the wrong name, returned to work. David appeared annoyed by the woman and asked only that she forward any calls from Dixie immediately. David went into his office, flipped on the light and proceeded towards his desk. He turned around for one reason or another and found Tad staring back at him. "I've been waiting for you," Tad growled. David remained calm - arrogant, in fact. He told Tad that if he was looking for Dixie, he had no idea where to find her. Tad insisted that he and Dixie were still together, a claim David disputed. Tad then surprised David by accusing him of being behind the Libidozone fiasco at Ryan's yacht party. "You orchestrated the entire thing," Tad snapped. He implied that David knew of Leslie's obsession with him and plotted to use her in order to get into bed with Dixie. David denied the allegations, saying that he was "not the puppet master." He went on to say that the only reason his marriage was failing is because he doesn't love and appreciate Dixie. Tad explained that he was led to his conclusion about the Libidozone caper after realizing that Ryan was not the intended victim. Tad also implied that David had preyed upon Dixie in a vulnerable state and that Dixie would otherwise never had slept with him. David smiled smugly. He told Tad that he and Dixie almost made love in the turret the night of the Crystal Ball. "Until I showed up," Tad said softly, recalling Dixie's strange behavior. As for the night he and Dixie actually did make love, David referred to it as "the sweetest night" of his life. Tad grimaced for a moment before slugging David. The doctor fell to the ground, but quickly pulled himself to his feet. Laughing, David again predicted that Tad and Dixie's marriage was in its final days. Tad warned David that he would never allow another man to take Dixie from him - especially not "a raving bastard" like him.

In a darkened WRCW studio, Hayley skulked around believing that she was Arlene. "Your mama's gonna teach you a lesson you'll never forget," she snarled. In the distance, Mateo called out for his wife. By the time Mateo arrived in the studio, Hayley had vanished. Liza appeared a few seconds later and asked Mateo if he'd seen his wife. Hayley had arranged for a rare live edition of Wave, Liza explained, and there was no sign her. Mateo echoed the same concern, saying that Hayley had left the house without saying goodbye to him - something she never does. Mateo briefed Liza on the incidents at the condo. A dazed and bewildered Hayley strolled into the studio and apologized to her husband for not waking him before she headed to work. Hayley said that she'd wanted to get into work early to catch up on some things, but that she'd fallen asleep at her desk and was now further behind than before. Liza stepped away to check over some reports. Mateo noticed that Hayley was sporting a new silk scarf and asked her where she'd bought it. Hayley didn't realize that she even was wearing a scarf. She looked down at the reddish-hued scarf and gasped. She recognized it as Arlene's and feared that her mother was once again somewhere nearby. It came time to get into position to shot the show. Liza, meanwhile, warned Mateo that the show was a disaster waiting to happen. The show's guest, Dr. Howard Brody, was a therapist who wrote a book about coping with guilt. As the show went live, Hayley's questions were direct and quite interesting. She asked the doctor if it is possible to live a "guilt-free" life. The doctor said that no one can be totally guilt-free, but hinted that there are numerous techniques for dealing with and alleviating guilt. Hayley pressed on, her questions becoming ever more personal. She asked the doctor if confession could be used as a way of alleviating guilt. The doctor nodded and agreed that confession was one such technique. Hayley then muttered that confession isn't always an option because sometimes other people can end up hurt. In the background, Liza motioned to the doctor to introduce a videotape that he'd brought along. The doctor understood what Liza was trying to do and cut off Hayley before she could ask any more questions. When the doctor pushed PLAY on the VCR, the tape that was cued was not the tape he'd brought along. Instead, scenes of Arlene's on-air debacle around Thanksgiving Day played for the viewing audience. Hayley leapt to her feet and demanded to know who had switched the tapes. She then shouted out Arlene's name and demanded that she come forward. Liza pulled the plug on the episode and the doctor headed on his way. Before leaving, though, he handed Liza his business card and urged her to have Hayley speak to him or some other therapist before she suffered a breakdown. Liza interrogated one of the security guards to find out how Arlene had slipped into the studio. The guard insisted that there was no way that Arlene could have broken past security. Hayley was called into wardrobe for a fitting. Meanwhile, Liza and Mateo both agreed that it was "creepy" how Arlene was going around town undetected. Hayley listened in on the conversation from around the corner of the Wave set. Hayley strolled out and Liza again made herself scarce. Mateo looked at his obviously stressed out wife and suggested that they take a vacation. He pulled Hayley close, but quickly pushed her away. "Your hair reeks of Arlene's perfume," Mateo groaned. Hayley's eyes widened and a dumbfounded look crept across her face. Mateo then nodded his head and looked intensely at his wife. "I know what's going on," he said seriously.

Tad arrived at The Valley Inn and walked determinedly towards room 909 - Leslie's room. When he knocked on the door, Leslie answered within seconds. Tad didn't wait for an invitation into the room. A look of fear appeared on Leslie's face and she warned Tad that she'd call the police. Tad said nothing. He took Leslie's chin in his hands before pulling her into a kiss.

Wednesday, January 24, 2001

In a stateroom on the yacht Leo and Greenlee were kissing passionately. Leo picked her up and she murmured to him "Please Leo, love me!" He placed her on the bed and joined her, his mouth never leaving hers. Meanwhile, Laura ran into Gillian who was just arriving home. Laura told her that "Little Miss Nasty" was on board and Gillian's eyes blazed with fury. She said as long as she lives on that yacht Greenlee was not to set foot on board. The two women went to find Greenlee. Gillian began pounding on the door to the stateroom, telling Leo to open the door. Greenlee told Leo to get rid of them and this brought Leo back to earth. He realized how close he was to making love to Greenlee and was appalled. "You wrote the instruction manual on yanking guys' chains" he told Greenlee. He went on and on about all of her manipulations and tricks. She demanded that he be honest with himself, that the only reason he keeps ending up with her is because he really wants to. Leo confirmed this but was not happy about it. At this point Gillian and Laura literally burst through the door. Gillian was furious to find Greenlee in the room and told Leo as long as he lives on the yacht he is not allowed to bring her on board. Greenlee said some nasty things to Laura regarding her past and Laura charged at Greenlee. Gillian stopped the two girls from fighting and ordered Greenlee to leave. Greenlee turned to Leo, who hadn't said a word yet, and demanded that he come to her defense. He asked if she'd like to use the gang plank to leave. This upset Greenlee and she absolutely refused to leave the yacht, saying that the boat belonged to Adam Chandler and she wouldn't leave until he told her to. Laura and Leo walked out and left Gillian to deal with Greenlee.

Leo and Laura stood out on deck and Laura told him that he's making her dizzy. "First you tell me you're through with Greenlee, then I walk in the stateroom and you're lip-locked!". Leo said he really couldn't stand Greenlee, but that when he gets close to her a weird chemical reaction happens and he can't resist her. He claimed that he really doesn't want to be with her and asked for Laura's help. She agreed and asked what she could do. Leo said the first thing was to make sure he was never alone with Greenlee again. He stated that it's worse for him after the sun goes down so he'll need more company then and Laura agreed. The second thing was that he needed proper nutrition, to keep his strength up. He told Laura he'd pick her up at 7pm for dinner and she said she would go, since it was for a good cause. She left the yacht and Leo went back to the stateroom.

Meanwhile, Gillian told Greenlee that she has known a lot of mean spirited rich girls but that Greenlee was the worst. They began arguing and name calling. After calling Greenlee a brat, Gillian fell to the floor in a faint, while Greenlee just stood there dumbfounded. Leo walked in the open door and found Gillian on the floor. He held her head in his hands and looked up at Greenlee crying, "What did you do to her Greenlee?!!"

At WRCW Mateo told Hayley he knew what was going on. She looked confused until he told her that he knows she must be meeting with Arlene secretly. Hayley denied this, and said she has no idea how Arlene's clothes got into her closet, but that she hasn't seen her since the night on the yacht. She asked Mateo why he thought she'd keep something like that from him and he said maybe because Arlene was threatening her. She said no, she hadn't seen her mother and the two of them tried to figure out how Arlene got into the television station without being seen by one of the guards Adam had hired. "Nobody can stop her" Hayley cried. Mateo said he had to do a better job of protecting her and decided to take Hayley someplace her mother wouldn't think of. Later they checked into a hotel in an unidentified location under a false name, Mr. and Mrs. Bacon. Mat had Hayley lie down on the bed to get some rest but she was afraid to fall asleep. Mateo offered her a sleeping pill, he had gotten a prescription from Joe Martin. She turned it down saying it was a controlled substance and not part of the AA program. But she told him to put it on the nightstand just in case. Mateo handed her a glass of sparkling cider. Hayley asked him to get her some ice and he left the room. She got off the bed, went to the nightstand and opened one of the sleeping capsules into her husband's drink. Later, Mateo was lying on the bed sound asleep. Hayley was dressed to kill and walked over to turn off the lamp next to the bed. She opened the hotel room door and turned around to look at Mat sleeping on the bed.

Palmer barged into David's office and told him if he were 5 years younger he'd kick David's keister "from here to the parking lot!" He told David that nobody treats his family like that. David pretended to be confused and to have no idea what Palmer was referring to. Vanessa strolled in while Palmer was reminding David that they all live in the Valley Inn. He said he saw the "tussle" in the bar last night between David and Junior and hated to think about how upset his great-nephew was to go pull a grown man off a bar stool. David tried to blame Tad for telling Junior bad things about him but Palmer told David that no matter what else Tad was, he was a very good stepfather to Junior. David told Palmer about Tad and Leslie but Palmer didn't believe any of it. David said he was only being supportive of Dixie but Palmer issued a warning for him to stay away from his niece. "I'm the chairman of the board here and I can have your degenerate butt thrown out!". With that he stormed out of the office leaving Vanessa behind. She asked her son if it was true about Tad and Leslie and David just smiled, confirming it for her. She warned him to not antagonize Palmer, that he really could have David's job. "Don't mess with the golden couple of this town" she told him. David told his mother to go stir a cauldron somewhere else and she left to go smooth Palmer's ruffled feathers. As she left David's office a person dressed in a gorilla outfit carrying a large bouquet of balloons was lurking nearby. After she was out of the vicinity the gorilla rushed into David's office. Dr. Hayward told him he had the wrong office but the gorilla pulled his mask off, saying no, he had the right office. It was Gordon! David was horrified and tried to get him to leave immediately. Gordon told him the police are after him and that he's as good as convicted. David asked why he was back when he was practically free. Gordon said he was sitting in a dive in Ohio on New Year's Eve, all alone with no friends, no family and wondered what had happened to his life. David unsympathetically told him he needed to do something about the self pity. Gordon blamed David for the mess he's in, saying he just helped David out. Gordon said he'd figured a way out of this mess, he was going to turn state's evidence. He planned to tell the police everything, from David taking the drug himself, to giving it to Erica Kane, how David forced him to make more of the Libidozone and how David used it on the yacht. David nervously tried to talk Gordon out of this idea and told him he'd help Gordon get situated somewhere else. Gordon refused though, and said he was willing to take responsibility for what he'd done. He'd already spoken with a criminal lawyer and thinks he'd get a light sentence. David tried to laugh this off and reviewed all of Gordo's misdeeds, telling him he's talking 10 years of hard time for what he did. Trying to scare Gordon, David told him he wouldn't have to worry about being lonely in prison, there'll be lots of sociopaths who'll want to get up close and personal with Gordon. Gordon looked a little ill when imagining this picture.

In Leslie's hotel room, Tad kissed Leslie. She asked what that was about, and he said he "had to see for himself". He kissed her again and Leslie asked why he was flip-flopping. Tad told her he got the impression she liked it rough and Leslie responded that she couldn't figure him out, she was confused. Tad said he was confused too. He apologized for his part and started to leave. She stopped him and he came back into the room. She closed the door and asked what he was sorry about. Tad said he was sorry for behaving like a jerk. Leslie asked what had changed and Tad told her that he'd left Dixie. He said he'd never be a good housebroken husband and Dixie was in love with another man. Leslie asked if he was giving up on his marriage and he replied that they were just exhausted, they'd tried this marriage thing 3 times now. He said Leslie was the reason he stopped lying to himself, that he can't be a well-mannered drone. "What about us?" she asked him. Tad asked for her forgiveness for behaving so badly. She wasn't quite sure of what to say and Tad went on to thank her for being there for him and said he ought to thank David too for using the Libidozone and letting Tad be what he wants to be. Leslie asked "So you want to be with me?" and Tad said "Yes, I guess David knew that when he set this all up". Leslie took Tad's hand and drew him over to the sofa. She told him she couldn't stop thinking about the first time they made love. Tad told her "Marriage gets comfortable and it had been a long time since I felt like that" She said they had been wild on the yacht and he said he'd like to do it like that again and asked if she could get more of the drug, "the stuff David put in the punch that made them so hot". She was kissing his neck and said "yeah, I remember that". But she also said she didn't need any booster with Tad. He kept trying to get her to talk more about the drug but Leslie kept trying to kiss and get him to shut up. Tad finally told her he had to ask her one question. "How much of what happened on the yacht was because of you wanting me or because of David's obsession with Dixie?" Leslie said she could put Tad's mind at ease, that she didn't need any encouragement to go after him. Tad said they both knew that David orchestrated the whole thing. Leslie was beginning to get annoyed and told Tad to tell her he wanted her. He forced himself to say the words, then she said "Tell me you want me more than the backwoods hick you married!". There was no way Tad could utter those words and Leslie was furious. "I knew it! You still love her! You were just trying to get me to rat out David!" she screamed. Tad told her that having her close to him made him cringe. He wondered how Leslie could think that a man who was married to a woman like Dixie could ever want a woman like herself. She told him he just blew it big time and Tad replied very sarcastically "Oh, you're not going to talk to me anymore? Say it's not so!!" This infuriated her and she began screaming for him to get out. She opened the door and kept yelling insults at him. Tad left the room saying that she was a psycho, a nut case and that sleeping with her was the worst mistake he'd ever made. As he stormed off she threw something out the door and slammed the door. Palmer and Vanessa were in the hallway and overheard this heated exchange. Palmer said "Tad Martin is a damn fool".

Thursday, January 25, 2001

Still dressed in the gorilla costume, Gordon threatened to blow the whistle on David so he could get a reduced sentence for himself. David reminded him that he'd still have jail time and suggested he go to Alaska because he was a "free man." Gordon took off his mask and told David that all he knew how to be was a biochemist and, thanks to him, he would never be able to work in a lab again. David assured him that he would help him train for another profession but Gordon reminded him that everyone already suspected David of being involved in the Libidozone scandal and it was only a matter of time before he was caught. Dimitri interrupted their conversation with a loud knock at the door and demanded that David let him in to talk about his missing wife. David motioned for Gordon to be quiet and yelled to Dimitri to give him a minute. He told Gordon to "put (his) head back on" and go visit the children's ward. He instructed him to page him in an hour to they could meet and make the "necessary arrangements." Dimitri pounded on the door three more times and David finally answered it. Dimitri walked in and told him they had to sort things out and noticed Gordon, in the full gorilla costume, reclining behind the desk. Dimitri looked on incredulously as the gorilla got up, patted David on the shoulder and left. David explained that the family of a by-pass patient had given him a Gorilla-O-Gram as a thank you gift. The two sat down and Dimitri explained that he and Edmund had gone to Alex's cottage in Bristol and had found no sign of her, but that they had found something during a stop-over in Sweden. David perked up as Dimitri unfolded a piece of paper and laid it on the desk in front of him. When David nonchalantly told him that it was in Swedish, Dimitri asked him if he was able to read his name on the paper. He explained that this was an express receipt for Libidozone, which David had ordered from the lab in Sweden. Dimitri told David that he was "busted" but David only agreed that it was a receipt but that it wasn't conclusive. Dimitri assured him that the receipt, coupled with his testimony, was enough to have him arrested. He reminded him that he and Alex had gotten into a fight about "risky experimentation" the night the shipment arrived and concluded that after the pair fought, Alex was going to report him to Joe Martin. Angrily, David rose and told him his theories were only speculative but Dimitri declared that even if he wasn't prosecuted, the "cloud of suspicion" would be enough to ruin his career. Dimitri offered to make a deal with David: his future and his career for Alex's safe return. David informed Dimitri that the receipt didn't prove anything but Dimitri told him that he knew Alex was on to him and his Libidozone scam so David "used a little to much force" to "get rid of the problem." David once again denied any involvement in Alex's disappearance but Dimitri didn't buy it. He told David that he would destroy him and asked him again where Alex was. David maintained that he had no idea. He repeated the story about seeing Alex talking to an "unfamiliar" man on the night of her disappearance and then watching her leave with him. As David shuffled around in his papers, he produced a file and handed it to Dimitri. He explained that when he heard Jake was studying Libidozone, it got his "creative juices flowing" and enticed some friendly competition. He stated that when Alex found out, she persuaded him not to compete with Jake and he took her advice. He explained to a skeptical Dimitri that the "properties of the drug were too unstable for the Andrassy Foundation." Dimitri asked him if he still had the shipload but David told him that he had thrown it out and someone had stolen it from the trash can in his office. When Dimitri questioned him, David told him that he hadn't contacted the police or hospital officials because he would have been too embarrassed if people found out he was studying Libidozone and he didn't want to give his "enemies any more ammunition." Dimitri informed him that he was taking the receipt to Derek anyway and David became angry. He repeated that he had nothing to do with spiking the punch and that the four doses he received from the Carlquist Labs weren't enough to cause an entire boat-full of people to become drunk. He reiterated that he had nothing to do with Alex's disappearance but Dimitri angrily called him a liar. Leslie suddenly opened the door to the office and David told her that "Count Andrassy" was on his way out. Dimitri assured him that he would be keeping an eye on him and David replied that this wouldn't help him get his wife back. Dimitri furiously stormed out. Alone, Leslie told David that she needed more Libidozone because it was time Tad had another dose of the "love potion." David informed her that he didn't have any more Libidozone and told her to leave. Leslie told him that Tad had been asking her about his involvement with the Libidozone and David warned her to keep her mouth shut. Before she left, Leslie told him that he had a whole research center at his hands and threatened to tell all if he didn't have some Libidozone for her in 24 hours. Alone, David said someone had to take the fall and realized that Leslie was the "perfect choice."

At Brooke's, Edmund told Brooke that he and Dimitri had made an interesting discovery on the way back from London at Carlquist Labs in Sweden. Before he could explain further, Laura ran in and asked Brooke if she could borrow an evening bag for her date with Leo that night. Brooke acted happy for her but when Laura hurried away, she confided to Edmund that she wished "Laura was going out with anyone but Leo." Confused, Edmund asked Brooke why she acted "deliriously happy" for Laura but before she could answer, Laura rushed down with an outfit question. After she ran upstairs, Edmund jokingly asked Brooke if she could teach him to raise a teenage girl and she replied that all he had to do was "listen closely to your instincts, then run the other way." They moved into the living room and she confided that Leo was too worldly for Laura but if she told her that, he would just be "more alluring to her." Brooke hoped that Laura would find out on her own, "sooner, rather than later" that Leo wasn't the perfect guy for her. Laughing, Edmund asked her, when this guy came, would she then pretend to hate him? Brooke laughed along with him and reminded of her "track record" and that she wouldn't know who the perfect guy was anyway. A knock at the door interrupted them and Brooke went to answer it. She opened the door to reveal Eliot, who asked her if he could come in to talk. Edmund told Brooke he was going back to the office and left. Eliot informed Brooke that he was leaving Pine Valley that night for Minnesota, to begin working at a youth center. He explained to a surprised Brooke that he was doing this rather abruptly because the current director was ill and needed to be replaced quickly, when he took as a "sign." Brooke assured him that he'd be missed at the center and that she'd continue the programs that he began. Nervously, Eliot told Brooke that he'd rehearsed this goodbye more than any sermon and confided that he was grateful to her for her humanity. Brooke replied that she didn't know how to respond to that but Eliot continued and said that she made him realize that all he ever did was take from her. He realized that when he came back to Pine Valley, he'd had no right to ask her for his "absolution." Brooke told him that he had a "unique quality," akin to bravery, to be able to look at himself and see his flaws. Eliot assured her that he owed that to her and that she had taught him more about himself than anyone he had ever met. He apologized for giving her "only pain" in return, and asked God to bless her and always "hold (her) in His hands." Eliot went to leave, but Brooke stopped him. She told him that she had some things to say to him before he left and stated that it was wrong for him to come back to Pine Valley and to insinuate himself into her life "under false pretenses." She declared that she could never look at him without remembering the death of her daughter but revealed that she respected the fact that he didn't run away from what he did and told him that she believed his remorse was real. "I don't know if I will ever make peace with this, but I know that I can give you something before you leave and I think it's something that we both need. As much as I can, Eliot, I forgive you." As he held back tears, Eliot thanked her and went to embrace her but Brooke remained still. Instead, he put out his hand and Brooke placed hers in his and then, as suddenly as he arrived, he was gone. Laura came down dressed for her date with Leo but after seeing her reaction to her cut-out shirt, she ran upstairs to change.

On the yacht, Leo rushed in and picked up Gillian, who had fainted to the ground. Leo asked Greenlee what happened but Greenlee denied doing anything to the "delicate princess" but Leo didn't believe her. "Did you ever think Gillian might have collapsed from all the inbreeding that goes on in those old royal families?" she asked. Ryan came to the door to find out what was going on and when he saw Gillian on the bed, he rushed over to her. Upon Ryan's touch, Gillian woke up. Ryan asked her if she had eaten anything all day and Gillian replied that she hadn't and that was probably why she fainted. As she rose to fix herself a sandwich, she became dizzy again and sat down. Ryan told Gillian he was taking her to the hospital and they left. Alone, Greenlee asked Leo for an apology because he thought she had "slugged" Gillian but Leo refused. He told her to "save the shocked reaction for someone who hasn't seen you with an ax" and reminded her that he saw her "turn an office into kindling." When Greenlee protested that she hadn't done anything, Leo told her that "Lizzy Borden was a light weight compared to you." He reminded her of her violent and dirty deeds with Ryan and Laura and told her that with that track record, she was the "usual suspect" yet again. "I shove one person off a boat and suddenly I'm a bad seed?" Gillian whined and told Leo that she wouldn't have touched Laura if it wasn't for the Libidozone. Leo declared that he wasn't going to cut her any slack and told her that he shouldn't be talking to her because he promised Laura that he wouldn't be alone with her. Gillian stopped him as he was leaving and asked him what happened to him, seeing as they used to "spend hours cutting up clueless little squares like Laura." Leo assured her that he was still "the same terrific hunk" he'd always been but Greenlee disagreed. She told him the reason they were so good for each other was because they were both outsiders, but this had changed ever since he had befriended "Brooke's Stepford daughter" and gotten a job. Greenlee sarcastically commented that the only thing he hadn't done was join the Kiwanis Club, but Leo facetiously told her he was thinking of getting into the Pine Valley Rotary Club. Stan suddenly interrupted them with news that Leo's and Ryan's "little investment" had taken off.

As Greenlee looked on, Stan counted out bills in front of an astounded Leo and he informed him that their investment already made $300 000. Leo told him to invest most of it but that he needed $1000 to take a "sweet honey babe" out that night. Greenlee smiled as Leo assured Stan that he didn't need to consult Ryan because he spoke for him. Greenlee happily walked Stan out as Leo called a limo service and booked a limo to take him and Laura to the mall and then to New York City. As he hung up, Greenlee walked back in and told him that they were in the middle of a conversation. Leo informed a shocked Greenlee that it would have to wait because he was on his way to pick up Laura for their date that evening. Alone in the cabin, Greenlee decided that she wouldn't "sit back passively and ignore this insult." She pressed redial on the phone and, posing as "Mr. DuPres' personal assistant", found out the pair's itinerary. "So, the lovebirds are going to shop and then take a trip to New York City," she asked after she hung up. "I don't think so," she declared, and stormed out.

Edmund arrived back at Brooke's and the two embraced in the living room. He comforted her and told her that the one thing he learned out of Maria's death was that "life is too damn short for the good people and too damn weird for the rest of us." Brooke laughed and revealed that Eliot had taught her that she had a bad attitude. When her daughter died, she thought she could never lead a normal life and she revealed that she brought this pessimism into every relationship she had. Laura rushed downstairs and noticed that Brooke was upset, but she assured her that everything was fine. Laura asked her how her hair was and when Brooke replied that it looked nice, Laura excitedly ran upstairs to fix it. Alone, Brooke told Edmund he could do her a favor: convince Leo that Laura was too young for him and let him know that she was a "force to be reckoned with." Edmund told her that he couldn't do that and confided that she already had everything covered. Jokingly, Brooke assured him that his "air of false bravado (was) going to change as Maddie and Sam grow up." Edmund told her he was going to enjoy the last few years of picking out a bedtime story and opened the door to leave. Edmund walked out as Leo stepped in. Smiling and calm, Brooke told Leo that they had to talk. She told him that if he did anything to harm Laura, she would hunt him down and reminded him that she knew where he lived. As Leo assured her he would never hurt her daughter, Laura came downstairs. Leo told Brooke she had a very beautiful daughter and Brooke agreed.

At the hospital, Dr. Patricia Trowbridge examined Gillian. When asked if she was lightheaded after she rose, Ryan told Patricia that she had been "really wobbly." Jake came in as Patricia replied that wasn't unusual and asked Gillian if she could be pregnant. Jake, Ryan and Gillian looked at one another, stunned. Jake asked the pair to "not mind" him, but Ryan replied that he did and asked him to leave. Patricia explained that she was a new resident and that Dr. Martin was responsible for monitoring her work all week. Jake told Gillian he had seen her name on the board and wanted to see if she was alright. Ryan assured him that Dr. Trowbridge was doing a fine job. Jake told Patricia that he would be on the floor if she had any difficulties and left. Patricia asked Gillian again if it was possible that she was pregnant and Gillian replied that it wasn't. She asked Gillian if she had any over-the-counter medicines lately and Ryan suddenly jumped in and informed her that Gillian had ingested Libidozone back in November. As Jake listened outside, Patricia told them it was possible she was feeling the side effects of it because Libidozone tended to linger in the system and that she'd run some tests to determine that.

As they waited for the blood tests, Ryan asked Gillian again if it was possible she was pregnant. Gillian said that it wasn't because they'd always used protection. He reminded her of the night of the yacht party when they hadn't and Gillian remembered lying in Jake's arms after making love to him. Outside, Jake told Patricia that he knew Gillian well and asked her to add a pregnancy test to her list, but to keep this just between the two of them.

Friday, January 26, 2001

Bianca and Rain are at the mall, and Rain tries to convince Bianca to get her nose pierced. "You have the perfect face for it," says Rain. Leo and Laura are also at the mall, and Leo gives Laura a black leather coat. Laura says she can't accept it, but Leo says, "I'll smooth it over with your mother. I'm very good with mothers." Bianca and Rain come over to greet Leo and Laura. Laura shows them the coat and Leo says, "We're going to New York tonight in a limousine and I just want her to look the part, that's all." Bianca spots Greenlee watching them from behind some plants and tips off Leo. He says, "Well, I guess there's only one way to get rid of a mole-smoke it out." He grabs Laura and kisses her. They leave and Greenlee confronts Bianca about telling Leo she was there. Bianca says she didn't know it was a secret. Greenlee says, "Don't think I don't know what the two of you are doing here, trolling the mall for spare change and dates." Rain says, "Trust me, trust fund, if we wanted dates, we'd have them." Greenlee asks if they are a gay item now, and Rain asks Bianca, "Can I kill her?" Bianca says, "Let's get out of here. I think I want a nose ring after all." They leave, and Greenlee says, "Losers." Meanwhile, over at Erica's house, Erica gets a phone call from the school notifying her that Bianca did not go to school that day. Jack comes in and Erica tells him Bianca is missing. Erica starts calling different people. Jack goes upstairs and when he comes back, he says it didn't look like Bianca ran away, but Coral thinks Bianca didn't sleep in her bed last night. Erica is very upset and Jack tries to calm her, asking how the session with the psychologist went. Erica says she had to let her go. Jack is surprised; "You fired the psychologist after one session?" Erica says, "She was completely biased, Jack. She had no objectivity whatsoever." Jack says, "This is according to you, I presume." Erica is very defensive, saying, "Why are you ganging up on me? Why is everyone ganging up on me? Look, I am doing the best I can in a rotten situation, and I am terrified of losing my daughter forever." She calms down and says she's doing the best she can. Jack says he knows that but "I'm just afraid your so anxious to get the answer here that maybe you're not hearing the question your daughter's asking you.... Like maybe she's asking for your help." Erica retorts, "Bianca is angry at me all the time. And she's making these great, big proclamations about herself that she can't possibly know are true, given her young age." Jack tells her Bianca will return and when she does, Erica should do everything possible to keep her here. Erica says, "Oh, so this is my fault now?" The doorbell rings, and Greenlee is there. She tells Erica that Bianca is at the mall with Rain and she is getting some body piercing. Jack and Erica leave for the mall.

At the mall, they find Bianca and Rain. Bianca has a nose ring. Erica is upset, saying, "What did you do to your beautiful face?" She tells Rain, "You mutilated my daughter." Jack says a store shouldn't be piercing underage girls without parental consent, but Bianca shows them that it's a fake nose ring; she didn't have anything pierced. She says she didn't do anything and there's no reason to get freaked out. Erica says, "You stayed out all night. You didn't tell me where you are. You skipped school with this mall rat!" Erica tells Bianca they are going home now and tells Rain, "You are out of my daughter's life for good, effective yesterday. Do you understand me? You are never to come near my daughter again!" They leave.

Back home, Erica and Bianca argue. Bianca says, "I don't really care what you think of me, but I don't understand how you can be so rude to someone you don't even know." Erica says, "Well, I certainly know what she does to you, and I'm going to put an end to it." Bianca tells them they didn't have to panic; she can take care of herself. Erica says,"Oh really? Panhandling? Sleeping in the streets? Telling anyone who would listen that you're a 16-year-old lesbian?" Bianca says, "Aha. That's what this is about." Erica says, "No, it is not! It is about you behaving irresponsibly. And because of that, you are, to quote you, so grounded that it's not even funny." Bianca goes up to her room and Erica talks with Jack. "What am I going to do with her? Did you hear her? No apology," says Erica. Jack tells her to be patient and Erica replies, "She's becoming a monster." They go into the kitchen to have some tea. Bianca comes downstairs and opens the front door. Rain is there, and tells Bianca she's leaving, there's nowhere she can stay. Bianca says they have lots of bedrooms there and her mother will not find out. Rain and Bianca sneak upstairs.

Over at Tad and Dixie's house, Dixie is packing Junior's things. Tad comes in and says he remember that this was the night they were going to go on their ski trip to Mount Oak. The kids are really looking forward to it and Tad doesn't want to go back on his promise. Then he tells Dixie he wants to take the boys on his own, that he doesn't see how the four of them could do this now. Dixie appears a little disappointed, but agrees. They talk about the arrangements, and Dixie says, "What are we doing? We're dividing the time between the kids. We're packing for a trip apart that we planned to take together." Tad says, "You asked me to leave." Dixie says," It was a mistake. It was a big mistake." Tad says he's made a lot of mistakes; the worst was letting David Hayward anywhere near Dixie. Tad wonders if he could have done something to prevent it, "Now we're never going to know. And I'm always going to regret that. I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough for you." Dixie says, "And I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough for you.... You know, maybe we could-with a little time and maybe some help--?" Tad agrees, then Junior comes in and finds out Dixie is not going on the ski trip. He wants to stay home with her, but Dixie talks him into going. Tad says he's taking the 4x4 and leaving her the car. Tad and Junior leave.

Later on, Palmer and Vanessa drop by to see Dixie. They ask how she is and Dixie says everything is fine. Palmer asks how things are going with her and Tad. Dixie says, "Well, it might be a long road, but I think he wants to come back with me, like I want him to come back." Vanessa says, "Oh, honestly, you poor deluded girl." Palmer tells Vanessa not to speak, but Vanessa tells Dixie how she and Palmer heard Tad and Leslie having a lovers' quarrel in the hallway at the Valley Inn. "Tad was in quite a state, Dixie, and he was saying, 'I'm sorry I ever slept with you in the first place," says Vanessa. Dixie asks if this was a few months ago after the yacht party. Vanessa says it was just a short while ago. Dixie is stunned, "So-so, he's still seeing her? He hasn't ended it with her? He came here after seeing her?" Palmer says they may have misunderstood, but Dixie says she doesn't think so. She tells them she wants to be alone, and they leave. Dixie throws the laundry basket across the room, grabs her car keys, and leaves. Later on, she ends up at a bar, saying her car skidded out and she needs a tow truck. David suddenly appears, asking if he can help.

Meanwhile, Tad is talking with Junior and Jamie. They tell him how Junior pushed David Hayward off a barstool. Tad tells them not to go near David Hayward ever again, and they should focus on making things right at home.

Hayley is at a bar, looking at a note she has written on stationery engraved "Arlene Chandler." It reads: I know I wasn't the perfect mom, but I didn't think I could raise such a bad kid. Hayley turned on me and there's only one way to make up for that. Bud comes up to her and says, "Miss me, Arlene?" Hayley says, "Buckets, Bud," and they kiss. Bud says he knows a nice private place they can dance, but Hayley puts him off, saying she's got one more letter to deliver. "I've got sinners to unmask and a yacht to haunt. The Fidelity. Isn't that perfect?" she says.

At the Valley Inn, a drugged Mateo wakes up. He groggily looks around for Hayley, and then falls back asleep. There is pounding on the door. Mateo gets up and opens it. Adam, Liza, and Marian come in. Adam demands to where Hayley is. They hear water running in the bathroom and Hayley comes out. She asks, "What's the matter?" Adam says they've all gotten handwritten notes from Arlene. The notes are on the same stationery that Hayley was writing on before. Hayley wonders what Arlene wants from them. Adam says, "She wants a confession. She wants us all to confess that we tried to kill her." Hayley seems disturbed, "Oh God, oh God." Adam asked if they received a note. Hayley says, "No. I don't understand why she didn't send us one. I'm the one who strangled her." While the others are talking, Hayley "finds" a note from Arlene. It reads: To my darling, destructive daughter and her overprotective hubby-come to the Fidelity tonight at 8 p.m. and confess. Confess your crimes. Hayley says they should all go together. Liza agrees, saying they should present Arlene with a united front. Mateo worries that it might be a trap, but Adam says she can't trap all of them.

At the bar, Bud sees Duffy, Adam's private investigator/hit man. He asks what Duffy wants with Arlene. Duffy says he may have some good news for her. Bud tells him that Arlene will be on the Fidelity yacht and she has a red coat on. Duffy reflects on Adam's instructions to make sure he never sees Arlene's face again. He thanks Bud and leaves.

On the yacht, Adam, Liza, Mateo, and Marian are surprised to see Palmer and Vanessa. Palmer says they received a note from Arlene telling them to meet her there if they wanted to get Vanessa's necklace back. Then Derek Frye walks in, saying that he has a note to come to the yacht if he wants to see the guilty punished. He says, "Don't all speak at once."



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