As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on ATWT

Carly refused Lucinda's offer to betray Craig. Hal was ordered to stay away from Craig. Denise agreed to a date with Isaac. Jake identified Vicky's body in Canada but learned she'd died three days after the plane crash. Jack told Carly he was ending his marriage to Julia.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, January 29, 2001

At Craig's suite, Carly walked out, and Craig was talking on the phone. He hung up and suggested that Carly go get a facial or a massage, anything, just as long as she stayed out of the suite because he had a meeting set up. Carly asked if the initials were BR as in bedroom. He told her that it was not her concern, and he left.

After Craig was gone, Lucinda knocked on the door, and when Carly opened the door, she told Lucinda that Craig had just left. Lucinda said that she had seen him go down the hall. Lucinda invited herself into the suite, and she started to tell Carly about Craig. At first, Carly told her to keep her family feuds to herself. Lucinda told Carly about Craig stealing from Bryant's trust fund.

Carly told Lucinda that she needed Craig because she was trying to get to her husband's money in Hong Kong, and Craig had the connections. Lucinda said that her company's name was not WorldWide for nothing. She told Carly that she had more connections than Craig would ever hope to have. Lucinda made Carly a deal. If Carly helped her trap Craig, she would in turn help Carly get her money out of Hong Kong, and Carly wouldn't have to share it with anyone.

At Barbara and Hal's house, Barbara was in the kitchen, putting on her lipstick. Hal walked in and told her not to overdo it with the makeup because she looked good enough. They discussed their relationship, and Hal suggested that they go to see a counselor. He told her that she had seen Dr. Michaels, and he felt that they should see her. At first, Barbara didn't want to see a counselor. Then she told Hal that she would go to one session, and they would see. Hal called and made an appointment then he left.

After Hal was gone, there was a knock at the door, and when Barbara opened it, Craig was standing there with a bunch of flowers for her. She invited him in and said she had thought she was supposed to meet him at his suite. He said that that had been the plan, but he hadn't been able to wait any longer to see her. She told him that her plans had changed for the day, and she wouldn't be able to keep their date. She explained that Hal wanted to see a marriage counselor, and she had agreed to go with him.

Craig asked Barbara if Hal was running her life. Barbara said that it had been her decision, and she had agreed to only one session. She told him that her marriage was over, and she wouldn't have Hal running her life any longer.

Hal tried to leave the station to get to the session with Barbara at Dr. Michaels office. Margo stopped him and said that the commissioner wanted to see him, and she wanted Hal to know that she had nothing to do with whatever he wanted. Hal gave her a questioning look. She said that she had made some threats, and she didn't want Hal to think that she had called the commissioner and complained. Hal said that he understood, but he had an appointment with Barbara and Dr. Michaels to discuss the trouble in their marriage, and he wouldn't be able to go to the commissioner's office.

Margo said that the commissioner hadn't asked Hal to go to his office, he had told him to go. Hal muttered under his breath and then told Margo that he did not want to tell Barbara that he was going to be late to their appointment. Hal stomped out and went to the commissioner's office. When he got there, he started to tell the commissioner about his appointment, but as he was talking, Craig walked up beside him and said, "Hi, Hal." The commissioner told Hal that Mr. Montgomery had been telling him how Hal had been harassing him, and he wanted it to stop.

At Dr. Michaels' office, Barbara waited, and Dr. Michaels walked up. She invited Barbara into the office. When Barbara went inside, Dr. Michaels said that Hal had called, and he was going to be a little late. She added that something had happened at the station. Barbara got a little irritated and said that she would wait outside in the lobby. Dr. Michaels said that they could use the time to go over Barbara's position in the marriage. Barbara said that her position was that her marriage was over, and nothing and no one would change that.

Holden woke up in Rose's small apartment. He sat up and looked around. He had slept in Rose's bed. He wondered where she was, and then she walked in with some coffee and doughnuts from the place next door. She started to ramble, and Holden told her to calm down. He told her that he enjoyed being with her, and he wasn't ashamed of what they had done.

Holden got dressed, and Rose wanted to make him breakfast. He told her that he had to go. She started in again, rambling, and Holden asked her what her problem was. She said that she knew that he had been thinking about the love of his life, Lily. He explained to her that he had decided it was time for him to move on with his life. That made Rose very happy. Holden told her that he had to go, and he kissed her goodbye. Rose was giddy with happiness.

Out at the farm, Lily had slept overnight in the barn. Emma walked in and covered her up. When Emma left, Lily woke up and thought that Holden was entering. She sat up and said, "Holden?" She realized that she was alone and it was morning.

Rose's father, Joe, walked in, and at first he thought that Lily was Rose. He started to jump on her about staying in the barn, and then he saw that it was Lily. He apologized to Lily for his error and added that they looked so much alike that he couldn't tell. She said that she had heard that already. He apologized again, and Lily told him that he had nothing to be sorry for.

Joe said that a father should know his daughter. He tried to explain to Lily about Rose, and Lily said that she knew that Rose was in love with Holden. Joe told her that he had told Rose to stay away from Holden to give Holden and Lily a chance. Lily tried to explain her position to Joe about feeling like a stranger with her family. Joe told her that she didn't have to explain to him about those feelings. He told her about how he had felt when he had returned home from the war.

Lily asked Joe how he had dealt with those feelings. He said that he had kept his mouth shut and had just listened to everyone around him, and pretty soon he had gotten to know his family again. He went on to say that after awhile, he had known why he got up in the morning -- it was for his family. She asked him about her family changing. He told her that her family had not changed; she had. She thanked him for his advice and said that it was the best advice she had gotten since she had gotten home. She gave him a big hug, and as they hugged, Holden walked in.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Hal had been called to the commissioner's office, and Craig Montgomery was there when he arrived. The commissioner told Hal that Craig had accused Hal of stalking Craig and accused him of things he had not done. Hal told the commissioner that everything he had been investigating Craig for had been because he had been tipped off. The commissioner went over all the accusations that Craig had leveled against Hal. Hal told the commissioner that in every circumstance, he'd had grounds for watching Montgomery. Craig told the commissioner that the commissioner could take it from there, and Craig left.

After Craig was gone, Hal started to leave, and the commissioner told him that there was one more thing to take care of. The commissioner took out some documents and held them up in front of Hal. Hal looked at the papers in surprise and said, "A restraining order?" The commissioner told Hal that he had to stay at least 500 feet from Mr. Montgomery at all times. Hal asked what he was supposed to do if Craig shot the mayor on the courthouse steps. The commissioner said that Hal was to call the commissioner, and the commissioner would get another police office to take care of it.

Hal grabbed the papers and his coat and left the office. Outside the office, he crumbled the papers and stuffed them in a potted plant. He left.

At Dr. Michaels' office, Barbara told the doctor her side of the problems in her marriage. She told Dr. Michaels how Hal was always worrying about other things and other people, and he didn't care about how she felt. She told about when Parker had been in his accident and had almost died, and she had been thinking about the baby that she had lost. She said that she had needed Hal to comfort her, but all he had done was blame her. She grew upset thinking about what had happened, and she told the doctor that she was going to leave.

Barbara stood up and picked up her purse and her coat. Hal ran in. He apologized to the two women and tried to explain about the problem that had arisen. Barbara asked what had happened. Hal told her that Craig had had the commissioner call him on the carpet, claiming that Hal was harassing Craig. Barbara said, "Craig again!" She looked at Dr. Michaels and said, "He's all yours."

Barbara left. Hal tried to stop her, but she rushed out. Hal stepped back inside and told the doctor his side. He asked her why Craig could be so conniving and Barbara couldn't see it. Dr. Michaels told Hal that she felt that Barbara had turned a blind eye to it because she wanted out of her marriage. Hal said that they couldn't just give up. Dr. Michaels said that if Barbara wanted out, there wasn't much Hal could do about it.

At Craig's suite, Barbara showed up. She asked if she was late, and he said that she was early, because he would wait a lifetime for her. She asked him if he had those lines written down somewhere. He asked if that was what her therapist had talked to her about. Barbara looked at him and said that maybe it wasn't a good idea that day. Craig told her that she was calling the shots, whatever she wanted to do. She asked him for a glass of champagne. Craig asked if that would be all. She said that they would take it a moment at a time.

Simon walked into the garage and saw that Katie had laid a book about pregnancy on top of his coffee cup that said "Worlds Greatest Dad." He saw the book and rolled his eyes. Then he heard Katie vomiting in the bathroom. She walked out, wiping her face, and asked Simon if women who were pregnant with twins threw up two times more. She asked Simon if twins ran in his family. Simon didn't answer her.

Katie asked Simon if he had heard her. He questioned her about her pregnancy, and she said that he could hear vomiting every day. He said that he wanted to go to the doctor and get her pregnancy confirmed that day. He went to the phone and asked for the phone number. She said that she didn't have it. He told her to look it up. She picked up her cell phone and said that she would call.

Simon stepped into the other room to call Lily. Lily didn't answer. When he returned, he heard Katie saying in her phone that she was sunk. He walked over to her and asked her why she had said that. She asked what he was talking about. He grabbed the phone and said, "Hello? Hello?" He said that there was no one on the line.

Katie grabbed the phone and said that the doctor had put her on hold. She acted like the doctor got back on the line, and she told him that between the fatigue and the vomiting, if it kept up the whole nine months, she was going to be sunk. She made an appointment and hung up the phone. Simon was still not sure if he should believe her. He told her that she had better not be lying about the pregnancy or her appointment, and he grabbed his coat and walked out.

Holden walked into the barn and saw Lily and Joe standing there. Lily and Joe had just had a very heartwarming discussion. Joe excused himself to go to the house and get a cup of coffee. Holden told Lily that she had a piece of hay in her hair, and he took it out for her. He asked if she had fallen down. She said that she had spent the night in the barn, waiting for him. He said that he hadn't gone home the night before and started to explain.

Lily interrupted Holden and said that he didn't have to explain. They were no longer together, and he didn't owe her an explanation. He said that he had been with Rose all night. Lily got upset and said that she was going to go up to the house and see the kids. As she got to the door, she stopped and started to cry. She sat down on a bale of hay and just sobbed. Holden didn't know what to do, so he gave her his handkerchief.

Lily told Holden that she was very confused, and it seemed very easy for him. He could choose very easily. Holden said that it was not easy for him. Lily was upset, and she blurted out that Katie was pregnant by Simon. Holden asked her what it was that he was supposed to do about that. She said that he didn't have to do anything. She shouldn't have said it.

Lily explained to Holden that she still thought of him as a friend. She had a hard time because she felt that she wanted to be with Simon, but then she went to the farm and saw him and the kids together, and she felt like she should be there. Holden informed her that he had decided to move on. He was tired of riding on the roller coaster, and he wanted it all to end. She told him that she did not want to go back to their life before.

Holden asked Lily why she was there. She said that she was there to tell him that she was sorry. Holden had tears in his eyes, and he told her that her apology was accepted. Lily walked out of the barn, crying, and Holden was left standing by himself. He was crying too.

Up at Emma's house, Emma and Joe were in the kitchen, drinking coffee. Rose bounced in, and Joe jumped on her and asked her why she was there. She said that she was there to help him get a blood sample of Holden's horse. She took off her coat, and she had a very skimpy blouse on. Joe asked her what it was that she was wearing. He added that it was cold outside.

Rose looked at Joe like he had lost his mind. He made her put her coat on and took her back to her apartment. He told her to give up on Holden while she was ahead. She said that when he gambled, he never gave up when he was ahead. She told him that she felt that Holden was going to pick her over Lily.

Joe told her that he and Mrs. Snyder had had a heart-to-heart talk that morning, and he knew something for sure: Lily was still in love with her husband. Rose asked why Joe was not on her side anymore. He said that he was on her side, and he added, "Just walk away, baby. Just walk away." He left Rose standing by herself.

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Hal pressured Jack to resume his investigation of Craig, revealing he had gotten encouragement from Lucinda. Holden visited Julia and nearly tripped over a pill bottle. After seeing Isaac with Denise, Curtis ordered flowers to be delivered. Vicky's ghost appeared to Jake and Molly as they prepared to leave for Canada and told them she was worried they were headed for a painful discovery.

Denise was puzzled to receive the flowers and read the accompanying note from "Ben." Holden warned Julia against taking the prenatal vitamins by mistake. Julia was aghast to learn Holden was considering giving up on his marriage to Lily. When Carly refused Hal's plea to try again to take down Craig, Hal revealed that Julia had been the one who had told Craig about Carly's wearing a wire.

Carly confronted Jack about Julia's having betrayed her. Curtis begged Isaac to stay away from Denise, or else Ben's adoption of Chris might not go through. In Canada, Jake identified the body as being Vicky's and agonized that he had given up the search for her too soon. She was really gone, he told a comforting Molly. Curtis reminded Isaac that very few single men were allowed to adopt -- no one had ever called him "son" before. When Denise chided Ben for sending her flowers, a suspicious Ben looked at the card and then at Curtis.

Carly suggested to Jack that Julia should be "locked up," reminding him of Julia's bizarre behavior at David Stenbeck's funeral. Julia discovered Jack was investigating Winston Lowe for Holden. Carly told Jack it was cruel to stay with Julia out of kindness and reminded him of the connection they shared -- he had even admitted to Julia that Carly was in his blood. A door slammed when Jake and Molly attempted to leave the sheriff's office -- they were not through, Molly surmised.

Denise told Ben that she was free to be herself around Isaac. An uncomfortable Ben told her he couldn't change who he was and promised to stay away. Isaac later goaded Denise into accepting a date with him. Carly warned Jack that she couldn't put her life on hold for him indefinitely. Jake was staggered to read in the coroner's report that Vicky hadn't died until three days after the plane crash.

Thursday, February 1, 2001

Isaac and Denise went to dinner, and Isaac discussed his feelings for her. That made Denise a little nervous, and after a while of talking about it, Denise got annoyed and left Isaac to have dinner alone. Also at the Lakeview, Emily and Chris had lunch during which they talked about their relationship. Chris was in love with Emily while she wasn't in love with him, and even though it was not discussed, Chris was trying to head there. Chris grew annoyed with Emily and walked out. Emily bumped into Isaac, and they went for a drink.

Jake and Molly talked to the cops about Vicky's death and the fact that she had been missing for two days before her death certificate stated. They questioned the fact that the twins hadn't been mentioned, and they said it was because she hadn't been pregnant, so Jake reached the conclusion she had to have given birth before she died. They took the address of the fisherman that had spotted her, but not before Vicky appeared and told them not to go and to stay away from the lion. They found out the fisherman's boat was named the Sea Lion.

Friday, February 2, 2001

Jack was concerned when Julia appeared unusually cheerful, and he urged her to talk to a medical professional. Julia promised she would get a referral from her obstetrician. Jack left and went to a church, where he recalled memories of how he and Carly had said goodbye to each other exactly one year ago that day. He was surprised when Carly showed up, and they had a heart-to-heart talk about their relationship. Jack admitted that he still had feelings for her and that he felt his marriage to Julia was over. Carly was stunned when Jack told her he had decided to end the marriage. When she asked if it meant they still had a chance together, he told her he wasn't sure -- he needed some time to help Julia get back on her feet.

Jake and Molly searched Cloche's boat and found a pin belonging to Vicky. They were startled, however, when the fisherman arrived and pulled a gun on them. Suddenly, there was a loud pounding sound from another area of the boat, and they heard a woman's screaming voice that sounded like Vicky's. When Jake and Cloche started struggling for the gun, it abruptly flew from Cloche's hand into Molly's hand, aided by an unseen Vicky. Once they had the gun trained on Cloche, Jake and Molly decided to investigate who was making the loud noises. They were stunned when they realized that the pounding and screaming sounds were emanating from a door with a cross on it -- the same one Molly had seen in her dream.

Craig interrupted Isaac and Emily's dinner together at the Lakeview to chide Emily for not making more money for him at the Intruder. After he sauntered off, Emily begged Isaac to help her get Craig off her back. To persuade him, she started to come on to him. When Isaac suggested they go back to his place to talk some more, she declined. Isaac finally admitted to her that the cops were after Craig because he owned some "hot property" that was worth at least ten million dollars. Emily was naturally intrigued and eager to hear more.

Julia asked John Dixon to meet her at the Lakeview to talk about losing the baby. John was sympathetic and gave her some advice about depression.



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