One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on OLTL

Asa almost found out who his real son was. Blair and Todd slept together, and they delivered wedding invitations. Max told Skye his plan to break up Todd and Blair: he was going to seduce Blair. Colin told Jen that her mother had had an affair with him.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, January 29, 2001

Todd and Blair enjoyed wreaking havoc throughout Llanview. They looked on in delight as a misinformed Skye accused Rae of shooting Max. Skye demanded Rae's arrest after Blair told a skeptical John that Starr had witnessed Rae shooting Max. Todd called Max and told him there was a new suspect in his shooting.

Todd and Blair's next victim was Renee as Blair subtly suggested to Renee that Max knew the identity of her real son. Later, Blair and Todd broke into Asa's study, and when Asa caught them, Blair hinted that Max harbored a major secret. Pleased with their evil deeds, Todd and Blair celebrated in Blair's hotel room.

While Todd and Blair celebrated, Skye told Max that Rae had shot him. Max wanted to talk to Skye, but she made it clear that she had nothing to say to him. As Asa arrived, he saw Renee confront Max and demand to know who her real son was.

Both Antonio and Sophia sought advice from Cristian about their love lives. Antonio admitted to Cristian that he still had feelings for Roseanne and wasn't sure what to do with his relationship with Sophia. Cristian advised Antonio to be careful with Roseanne because she had been hurt one too many times. When Sophia wanted to know what she should do about Antonio, Cristian pushed them to talk to each other.

Roseanne attempted to drown her sorrows at the Palace Bar. Colin convinced Roseanne to tell him her troubles, and she began to open up to him. When Roseanne lamented that she had no place to go, Colin offered to take her to his place. Roseanne initially balked at the suggestion, but Colin successfully lured her to his home.

Jen did nothing to endear herself to Jessica, who overheard Jen telling Will to drop Jessica. Will made Jen apologize to Jessica for not telling her who she was when they had first met. Privately, Jessica and Jen each warned the other that they didn't want to see Will hurt.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Jen walked into Break Room and tried to order a vodka tonic from Cristian with her fake ID. He scooped up the ID, cut it in half, and told her she had gotten ripped off. Jen, undiscouraged, continued to flirt with Cristian but refused to reveal her name unless he played against her in a game of darts. Cristian agreed but ended up losing the game to Jen. She upset Cristain when she commented on the artwork in his sketchbook. As she left, she finally told him her name was Jennifer but neglected to mention her last name.

Sophia and Antonio set up for their stakeout. Both decided that they were the two officers who most wanted to bust R.J. Sophia suggested they become partners again, and Antonio agreed. When she asked what was going on between him and Roseanne, she was surprised to hear that he still had feelings for Roseanne. Antonio claimed he didn't want to care for Roseanne, but he couldn't help it. He hoped that he hadn't hurt Sophia by telling her that, but with tears in her eyes, she quickly tried to reassure him that she could deal with just being friends.

Meanwhile, in Colin's bedroom, he continued to fill Roseanne's glass with wine. Roseanne began to get upset thinking of Antonio, and Colin suggested doing something to get back at the ones who had hurt them, "even if it is only for one night." In her drunken state, she admitted that she was getting back at Antonio by working for R.J. R.J.'s name caught Colin's attention, but Roseanne wouldn't give any more information. Colin slyly seduced Roseanne until she finally gave in. He began unbuttoning her shirt.

Renee confronted Max, demanding to know who her son was, just as Asa walked in. The two attempted to play it off, but Asa knew something was up. He accused Max of running a scam, but before they could answer, Asa got chest pains. Max shouted to Ben, who was watching the whole scene from the background, for help. Ben examined an ungrateful Asa and said he should be fine. Renee covered by saying that when she had asked Max who her son was, it had only been a figure of speech.

Privately, Max gave Ben one last chance to tell Asa and Renee he was their son, but Ben refused. Furious, Max stormed up to Blair's room. She and Todd were discussing their relationship and why they belonged together. Max stormed in, interrupting Todd's final wedding proposal.

Max threatened to ruin Todd and Blair's lives if they keep interfering with his. He slammed the door behind him, leaving Blair looking shaken. She finally accepted Todd's proposal and agreed to a life together. Blair started to undress, kissed Todd, and led him to bed.

Melanie attempted to tell Bo her secret. She told him she would understand if he couldn't accept her after learning the truth. She began to explain about her father's cancer and how he had wanted to die, but his body wouldn't let go. She started to say that she knew there were other routes that she could have taken, other drug therapies, but it would have only prolonged his life for a mere month or two at most.

Before Melanie could finish, Bo misunderstood and said, "Don't feel guilty about letting nature take its course." Thinking she had simply let her father die with dignity, he said, "You did nothing wrong. You didn't kill your father. You didn't break the law." He embraced her without letting her speak, and they began to make love.

January 31, 2001

In Melanie's room, Bo and Melanie woke up together and in love, though there was a momentary scare when Bo teased Melanie and told her he needed to arrest her -- for what had gone on during the night. Later, he told her he needed to know the truth in everything, as she looked away, feeling guilty. She wanted to become engaged, and they agreed to marry. Bo still had the ring he had picked out earlier, which he presented to Melanie. They decided to return to Llanview, and after Bo left to check out, Melanie decided to keep her secret and prayed it wouldn't matter.

Roseanne woke up in Colin's bed and was confused. She didn't know where she was or how she had gotten there. When he returned to the room and teased her for having to dash off to work for R.J., she realized who he was. She denied that R.J. was her employer and tried to make a hasty retreat. Colin taunted her on becoming his "next victim" as she attempted to pull away from him.

Roseanne began to yell for help, and Lindsay burst into the room, looking for her sister. She told Colin that Melanie had disappeared, but he only smirked and said that Melanie had probably run away because of her secret. He said maybe that meant Lindsay could get Bo. Lindsay threatened to destroy Colin, as did Roseanne -- she didn't want it known that she had been there. Once the women left, Colin received a phone call that quickly agitated him.

When Skye awakened, she was surprised to find Max sitting in her room. Renee had let him in. She was disgusted with him and demanded that he leave, since he had never trusted her, though he claimed to love her. Max insisted he had never really believed she shot him and was surprised to learn that Skye had taken and passed another lie detector test. He was relieved there was a new suspect but didn't think Rae would shoot anyone. He was convinced that Todd and/or Blair would and offered to hatch a plan. Skye agreed to a business deal only.

Rae woke up after a restless night, tossing and turning over Blair's accusation. She apologized to John if she had kept him awake, but she had decided she wanted him to investigate her. She'd like to look guilty by creating another suspect in herself so that Skye's case would be reopened, in order to buy Skye some time. John refused.

Blair left a sleeping Todd so she could go through her things. He suddenly awakened and demanded to know where she was going. She had only gone to get her ring, she said, and told him she was the happiest she'd been in a long time. She would marry him when her divorce was final. Todd picked up the phone and proceeded to blackmail a judge into signing various papers that Todd would be sending over. They'd be able to marry right away.

Later, Blair and Todd assured Starr that they were indeed getting remarried and would be a happy, normal family. In the meantime, Blair went off to visit Kelly with her news and to ask her cousin to be her maid of honor. Kelly tried to talk Blair out of it, and they disagreed over Todd's merits. Kelly refused to be involved and let Blair ruin her life. Blair dashed off with Kelly in pursuit.

Back at Blair's, Starr told her daddy that she wanted a baby brother. Todd gave her various reasons against it. Suddenly, John and Rae showed up to talk with Starr. Though Todd attempted to stop the questioning, a very eager Starr admitted that Rae, the spiky-haired lady, was the one who had shot Max. Todd appeared as surprised as the others when she blurted it out.

Once John and Rae left, Rae pointed Todd's surprise out to John. Back inside, Starr admitted to spying on her parents. The discussion once again returned to the stork, which Starr was not buying. Blair returned and was aghast that Starr had given information to John, since she thought Todd had been behind that. With Todd, Blair tried to explain why a new baby wouldn't work. Starr refused to give up.

At the police station, Hank praised Antonio and Sophia for their collar as they discussed a series of truck hijackings and determined that R.J. was possibly behind them. They decided to work on a plan and set up a decoy, but Sophia got assigned to fill in for an absentee police officer, and Antonio was told to help Roseanne with filing. Ms. Delgado showed up with Lindsay, who had agreed not to mention Colin. Hank welcomed Bo and congratulated him on locating Melanie, who was with him. Bo and Melanie announced that they were engaged as Melanie spotted her sister nearby.

Thursday, February 1, 2001

Viki returned home from a conference to a not-so-pleasant visit from Gina Russo. They had a tense conversation about Ben as Gina thumbed through Ben and Viki's wedding photos. Ben walked in on them and kissed Viki as Gina watched jealously. Gina demanded that Ben go alone with her to a warehouse where something mob-related was about to go down. She told Viki that she would definitely nail her own brother to help Ben. As Ben and Gina left, Viki apprehensively closed the door. She heard shots fired and ran outside.

Bo and Melanie announced their engagement at the police station as Lindsay and Nora looked on. Lindsay made a scene, and Melanie told her to just be happy for them. Lindsay played on Melanie's conscience by saying that Melanie wasn't keeping any secrets. Nora confronted Lindsay, telling her to back off Bo and Melanie and that she was fine with the engagement. Nora then went into Bo's office and congratulated him, as Melanie listened in. Melanie felt guilty when she heard Bo say he knew everything about her. When Nora left and Melanie walked in, Bo asked Melanie to move in with him immediately.

Meanwhile, Roseanne confessed to Antonio that she had gotten drunk and made a mistake, though she never gave him all the details. Antonio told her he still cared for her and that he would like to work everything out. He then asked for her help in nailing R.J.

Sam busted Jen for staying out all night, and she tried to lie and say she had been at Will's. However, she didn't know Will had already said he hadn't seen her. Ben introduced himself to Jen then left. Lindsay walked in, ranting about Bo and Melanie's engagement, which caused Sam and Lindsay to fight.

Jen stepped outside, and Will mediated. Nora introduced herself to Jen outside. Lindsay walked out and was very upset to see it, which caused Jen to pick up on Lindsay's guilt. Jen demanded to know what everyone was keeping from her about Lindsay. Colin appeared and said he'd tell her.

Colin walked into Jessica and Will's apartment after Jessica had just bumped into Cristian. Colin threatened Will because he was angry about Will messing with his investment. Jessica became angry and tried to throw him out. Cristian entered and removed Colin just as he was threatening to hurt Jessica. Jessica thanked Cristian for his help, saying he didn't have to do it. Cristian told her he would always be there for her.

Friday, February 2, 2001

As Ben and Gina were leaving for the meeting Gina had arranged, a car drove by, and shots were fired at them. They rushed back in the house, and Viki was upset that she had almost lost Ben again. He told her that Gina's quick reflexes had saved them, and against Viki's wishes, he went back outside to look for evidence. Gina stopped Viki when Viki tried to call the police, insisting the police would be no help in the situation.

Viki was suspicious of Gina and asked what Gina had to gain by helping Ben. Ben walked back inside and said he had found only one shell casing, and the rest had probably gone wide. He decided it meant that "they" were desperate and didn't care what else they hit. He and Gina left for their meeting, despite Viki's bad feeling about it. They ended up in a tacky hotel room, waiting for their contacts. Gina asked Ben if it reminded him of the hotel room where they'd stayed in Las Vegas, and she proceeded to take him on a trip down memory lane about when they had run away from their families.

Back at Llanfair, Todd and Blair had arrived just as Ben and Gina were leaving. Todd gave a wedding invitation to Viki and one to Gina, too, although he didn't know who she was. Blair told Viki she hoped Viki would attend the wedding and left Todd alone with Viki to talk. After Viki filled him in a little about Gina, Todd kept needling Viki. He asked if she was worried about Ben going on a "date" with his ex-girlfriend.

When Todd said that Ben was probably in a motel room with Gina at that very moment, "about to score the winning touchdown", he had gone too far, and Viki slapped him. Viki apologized, but Todd just shrugged it off. Viki told him she was worried about Todd's marriage to Blair. She didn't think it would work out any better than it had the last time. Todd didn't listen and headed off to deliver more invitations.

Colin barged his way into Sam's house and threatened to reveal what Lindsay had been hiding. Will grabbed Colin, tried to shut him, up and threw him out, but Nora and Jen wanted to hear what he had to say. Just as it seemed that he was about to reveal Lindsay's part in Nora's kidnapping, he told them that he and Lindsay had had an affair back when she had still been married to Sam. He said they had started their affair again recently.

Will refused to believe Colin and pushed him toward the door. When Colin made sure to mention that he had seen Jessica earlier, Will started to worry and rushed home. Lindsay tried to approach Jen and talk to her, but Jen believed everything that Colin had said. She said she could see in her mother's eyes that it was true. "You disgust me," Jen told Lindsay before storming out. When Nora left a few minutes later, she found Colin waiting for her. He told her to go with him. Later, in the park, Cristian found Jen sitting on a park bench.

Jessica thanked Cristian for saving her from Colin. She told him that she was worried about him and the way his life had been going lately. Cristian should be finding some way to use his talents instead of working for R.J. Cristian didn't appreciate her interference and informed her it was not her concern anymore. Will returned from Sam's house, and Jessica was a little worried about how he'd react to Cristian being there, but he seemed fine with it. He was just glad she was all right. He said he had been worried when he'd heard Colin had been there.

Max was in Skye's hotel room, trying to convince her that he believed she was innocent and asking her to team up with him to get Todd and Blair. She seemed willing to help him until he told her his plan. He was going to seduce Blair to split her and Todd up. Skye responded by hitting him in the face with the metal cover from their room service.

Todd and Blair let themselves in just at that moment, and Todd commented that it looked like a fun game. He asked if he could play. Todd and Blair said they were there to inform Max that the judge had signed his divorce papers from Blair that morning, and they delivered an invitation to their wedding. After they left, Max somehow convinced Skye that his plan was the best way for them to protect themselves from Todd and Blair.

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