Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on GL

A rival family kidnapped Marah to get to Danny. Beth and Edmund drew closer. Harley and Phillip separated. Danny's plan to find Marah was working, and Sam was called on to be Marah's hero. Olivia found out but learned Marah might not survive. Beth and Edmund prepared for their trip back to Springfield.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 29, 2001 on GL
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Monday, January 29, 2001

In San Cristobel, Richard returned from his trip and met up with Dax. He said that the trip had been a success; not only had he found Rourke, but Rourke had also admitted to everything -- including Edmund being the mastermind behind the plot. Edmund's objective had been to make Cassie look like a harlot, and Richard told Dax that Edmund would pay for his actions. Richard told Dax that Rourke had received a Swiss bank account and a place to hide between Edmund's Eurotrash friends in Majorca. He said that Rourke had told him that Edmund thought he should be the true ruler of San Cristobel because he would be ruthless and severe. His plan concerning Richard was to undermine Richard's marriage to the point that Richard would be forced to abdicate.

Richard told Dax he was committed to duty and honor and was bound to turn the throne over to Edmund because of that. Dax said that he could not take the word of a proven liar. He needed to stall a bit longer and investigate further. He told Richard that until he had proof, he should do nothing because he could not be sure. Someone could possibly be trying to pit the brothers against each other and thus take down the house of Winslow. Richard said that was Edmund's theory.

Dax reminded Richard he could not react emotionally to his brother's behavior. Richard agreed and asked where they went from there. Dax said he needed to determine his parentage first. They discussed DNA testing. Richard said he wouldn't exhume Charlotte's body. Dax wondered if there were a set of hairbrushes or a tiara with some hair.

Richard remembered Edmund had a watch fob containing a lock of his mother's hair. Dax offered to search Edmund's room. Richard told Dax to invite Edmund in to see him. Dax was skeptical, but Richard thought he had the upper hand.

Edmund entered a room and saw Beth alone staring out a window. He asked her why she was troubled, and she told him that she was worried about Phillip and Harley, but mostly Harley. Edmund wondered why she was worried about Harley. Beth said she was sure Harley thought Beth was the reason for her marital problems. Edmund told her that if she did, she would be right.

Beth was shocked at Edmund's stance on the issue. Edmund continued by saying that the connection between Phillip and Beth was obvious, electric. Beth told him that she didn't want it that way. Edmund told her that it wasn't fate, just a bad habit -- a habit that Beth could break.

Richard waited for Edmund. Edmund walked in as Dax was leaving. Edmund said Dax looked like he should expect a firing squad. Edmund asked how he could help. Richard said he needed a favor for Cassie. She was away but wanted to expand the exhibit for the children's museum.

Richard wondered if Edmund had any mementoes. Edmund said he had nothing from his father. Richard reminded him that he had been their mother's favorite, and Edmund remembered the watch fob. Edmund called one of the aides to get it from his armoire. He told his aide to deliver it to the sitting room.

Richard thanked Edmund, and Edmund said, "Anything for crown and country." Richard said he was beginning to believe that. Edmund asked if Richard was hostile and wondered what he had done. Richard asked if Edmund wanted to confess something.

Susan entered and apologized for interrupting. Richard told her she was welcome to stay. Susan thanked Richard for letting her stay there, away from having to see the burned house in Springfield. Susan said Edmund was the best friend anyone could ask for. He had helped all of her family. Richard told Edmund he had quite a fan. Susan said she had heard bad things, but Edmund had been nothing but kind to her.

The aide arrived with the watch fob. Edmund showed it to Susan and then gave it to Richard. He left. Edmund told Susan she hadn't needed to say those things about him. Susan said they were true. Edmund asked her to ride with him, but she wanted to call Harley first. Susan asked him to stay so she didn't chicken out.

Susan called and talked to Harley about Zach. Susan asked how Harley was doing and mentioned the divorce. Harley said she was hanging in. Harley was surprised at Susan and thought she would be happy about the divorce. Susan said since Phillip was getting a divorce, he would be totally free. Harley asked if Susan meant he was free to go after Beth.

Susan tried to dodge the issue and admitted to being stuck between Beth and Harley. Harley asked how Susan was and said she missed her. Susan said she would be back soon because Phillip had given them a deadline. Harley told Susan she loved her. After they hung up, Edmund asked about Harley. Susan said everyone thought Edmund was the bad one, but she knew it was Phillip who hurt everyone.

Reva and Shayne talked in the Lewises' home. She was worried about keeping Marah away from Tony and wondered when Marah would be home. They played a few video games, and Shayne beat her time after time. The doorbell rang, and it was Perdita. She asked about Shayne. She goaded Reva about how Noah had been with her and had needed to rush off because of her call.

Shayne made a noise from the other room, and Reva turned to look. Perdita rushed past her and introduced herself to Shayne. She sat on the floor and started playing video games with Shayne, beating him. Shayne was impressed. Reva told them she was going to make some coffee. She called Noah and told him Perdita was there.

Noah arrived and asked to speak to Perdita alone. Noah and Perdita went out on the porch, and he asked her why she was really there. She told him she was checking out Shayne's accident for herself. Noah told Perdita to leave Reva and her kids alone. She asked him what he would do if she didn't. Noah said he would have to stop her. Perdita told him she didn't like her plans interrupted and expected him at her hotel suite the next evening at 7:00.

Noah went through the house, looking for bugs. Reva asked him what he was doing, and he showed her the bug he had found on the video game controller that Perdita had been using. Reva was annoyed and wanted to hit Perdita. She didn't like Perdita near her kids. Noah said he had to see her again the following night.

Reva wondered how long it would continue. Noah said until the election in Central America was over. It could get worse. He asked Reva to hold on. The doorbell rang, and it was Frank. He apologized to Noah and Reva for the bad news, but he had to let them know that Marah had been kidnapped.

At the Bauers', Michelle walked in, followed by Danny carrying all her packages. Michelle said that the baby would have everything it needed including its daddy. Danny told her that two days together didn't solve all their problems. Michelle challenged Danny to walk out the door. Danny said the past couple of days had been great. They had been in a city where they had no history and no enemies. It had been separate from reality.

Michelle insisted that she was not afraid of his world anymore. Danny said a few days before, people had been following her. Danny didn't want her and the baby to be part of his life. Michelle asked what would happen if he couldn't stop her. Michelle reminded Danny that he had made love to her, and she stroked his arm. He told her he loved her and wanted her, but the life he led would only hurt her and the baby.

Danny's phone rang, and it was May. She told him about Tony, asking him to get there as soon as possible. He told May to call Ray and no one else. Danny told Michelle that there was an emergency, and Michelle wanted to go with him. Danny said Michelle could go with him but needed to keep quiet about what she saw and heard. Michelle agreed and reminded him that she had kept the other Santos family secrets including the one about Carmen.

At Inferno, Catalina and May heard a noise then saw Tony tumble down the stairs, bleeding and unconscious. They got him into Danny's office and tried to take care of him. May told Catalina to cover Tony with a blanket while May got on the phone. May called Danny, and he said he would be right there.

Danny wiped the blood off Tony's face while trying to get him to awaken. Ray, Catalina, Michelle, and May were in the office too. Tony woke up and asked, "Where is she?" Danny asked him who had done it. Tony looked around and said he couldn't tell him. Danny asked the ladies to leave them alone for a moment.

The women left, and Tony told Danny that the goons had grabbed Marah. He tried to get up, saying he had to find her, but he couldn't. He told Danny and Ray that he and Marah had been at the Lewises', and one of the men had grabbed her, and the other had started beating on him. Ray and Danny were concerned, and Ray thought they should call the cops. Danny thought the only way to protect Marah was to deal with it themselves.

Danny thought the whole situation was a ploy to get his attention. Some of the families didn't like what he was doing and wanted to bargain with him. Danny said he just had to figure out how to get her back. Ray insisted on calling the police, and Danny finally agreed, deciding to ask Frank to be discreet. Danny asked Ray to take Tony to the hospital while Danny contacted Frank. Catalina went with them while Michelle waited for Danny.

Michelle asked Danny what had happened. He told her when they had been unable to get to Michelle, they had snatched Marah. Michelle said the danger was not from him but from his work. Frank arrived. Danny wanted him to keep the information to himself. He told Frank about Marah's kidnapping. He thought he knew who had done it, but needed Frank to be restrained. Frank agreed as long as Danny leveled with him. He said he would handle the Lewises while Danny went to look for Marah.

Danny wanted Frank to tell the Lewises that Marah was safe, and they were trying to get her back. Frank told Michelle he wished she wasn't in on it, and Danny agreed. Frank left, and Danny called Carlos. He asked what Carlos knew about the situation. Danny told Michelle he might have a lead on who had Marah. She asked what he would do. Danny said he would do whatever it took.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Olivia and Josh were on the couch on the Spaulding jet, drinking champagne. He told her that he wanted to get to the island so they could bask in seclusion. They kissed and talked about the future. He didn't want to wait and wished they were already there.

Olivia suggested that she knew a way to pass the time. Josh liked her ideas, and they started to sit back on the couch when the phone rang. Olivia told him it was Reva, and they shouldn't answer it. Josh thought it could be a business contact for Alan, and they should answer it and scoop the competition. Josh teased that it might be a telemarketer.

Olivia asked Josh if they should answer it. Josh told her to go ahead and answer it. She did and was surprised that it was Frank. Frank asked to speak to Josh. Josh answered. Frank apologized for calling him and told Josh about Marah's abduction. Josh said that he didn't believe Frank and then put the call on the speakerphone so Olivia could enjoy the joke as well.

Frank tried to tell Josh that it wasn't a joke and that Marah and Tony had been on the porch at the Lewis house when four guys had shown up and beaten up Tony then had taken Marah. Josh asked Frank why Reva hadn't heard anything. Olivia asked how Reva had made up the story, and Frank said she had gotten the story from him and Danny. Josh realized it was for real. Josh put Frank on hold. He was upset, and Olivia said that they had to go back. She tried to reassure Josh that they would find Marah. Josh told Frank they would be turning the plane around.

At the Lewises' home, Frank repeated that Marah had been kidnapped. Reva told him that Marah was at school. Frank told her that Tony and Marah had been on the front porch when four thugs had approached, kidnapped Marah, and beaten Tony pretty badly. Reva realized that she had been in the kitchen and Shayne had been asleep. Reva thought Perdita might be responsible. Frank asked who Perdita was.

Noah and Reva were talking about Perdita, but Noah didn't think she would do it. He would talk to her but thought Frank should follow other leads. Frank told Reva that thugs had been following Michelle the previous week. He thought Marah might be thought of as a Santos woman. Reva was angry and wanted to tear Danny and Tony apart. She wanted to go on television and demand Marah's return. Noah and Frank tried to calm her. They told her to let Danny try to get Marah back.

Frank wondered if there was anything he could do, and Reva said she needed a big favor. She got Frank to call Josh and break the news, and he did. Afterwards, she thanked him and told him that with the way things had been going, Josh would have never believed her. Reva thought a moment and asked Frank if Tony and Marah had staged the incident. Frank told her that Tony had been hurt pretty badly, and he didn't think it had been staged. Reva was upset and wondered why it was happening to her daughter.

Frank said the thugs wanted to bargain with Danny, and he was sure they wouldn't hurt Marah. Noah said if they wanted to hurt Marah, they would have left her with Tony. Frank told Reva to stay home in case someone tried to call her. She asked Frank to keep in touch. Frank told Noah to tie her down if he had to.

Reva told Noah to get out his spy book and do something. Noah said if it was mob related, his contacts couldn't help. He told her to take deep breaths. She asked Noah to check on Shayne. Noah told Reva to stay put while he went upstairs. She got her coat and left.

In San Cristobel, Richard looked at his cup again and said he wondered what Princess Charlotte wanted him to know. She had put the cup under his nose every day, and she had to have hated him. Dax said the princess wasn't capable of hating, especially not him. Richard gave Dax the lock of hair that Edmund had given him. Dax said that Charlotte had loved Richard and had known he was the one who should rule.

Dax took the hair for the test. He asked if Richard had spoken to Cassie. Richard said he had twice that day, but it was still not enough. Dax reminded him that he couldn't be with her for her safety. Richard said maybe he shouldn't be near Edmund, either, and would take the yacht out for a while. Dax assured him that no one knew who the hair belonged to, so the tests would be discreet and quick. They would know soon. Richard wondered if in his right mind he could turn the country over to Edmund.

In the garden, Edmund and Beth were having a picnic. Beth sat on the table rock and noticed the angel. Edmund said the angel was morose, and he had always avoided her. Beth said the angel looked very sad and asked if she meant something. Edmund told her that he wasn't sure, but she had a twin on Richard's christening cup. Beth thought that was strange.

Edmund poured Beth some tea and told her that it was getting cold. She asked him if he had ever served anyone before. He said he hadn't but had seen it done many times. Beth was happy and told him that the island was full of life, and Springfield was full of death. Edmund told her that it was only dormant, but spring was just around the corner. Beth said she wished she could hide out there forever.

Beth smelled something in the air and told him that she had dreamed of gardenias the previous night and had awoken to tons of them on her balcony. Edmund pulled a bouquet of gardenias out of the picnic basket, and Beth smiled. She had thought she had smelled them again. She asked him how he had known gardenias were her favorite. He told her that he hadn't; he had just hoped. Edmund said that his mother had grown gardenias in the greenhouse.

Beth said she had once spent a month trying to paint a gardenia and capture its texture. Edmund asked her if she would like to start painting again. He told her the things people dreamed about when they were young still mattered. Beth said it was too late, and she hadn't painted in years; she changed the subject. She asked Edmund if he had been close to his mother. He said his mother had tried and had been compensating for his father's coldness. In the garden, she had been very playful and kind to him. Edmund admitted trying to get attention any way he could, even through negative means.

Beth smiled at Edmund, and he kissed her hand. He told her that he could be very abhorrent. Beth told Edmund he could never be abhorrent to her. She knew the things he had done, but that was in the past, and she knew he had changed. Edmund said villainy was lonely and expensive, explaining, "You keep having drinks poured on you and having to get your clothes cleaned."

Beth had cream on her lips, and Edmund wiped it off then leaned closer to her, touching her face. He touched her neck and told her it felt like rain. Beth wondered why he was discussing the weather when he had been that close to kissing her. He said there was a storm approaching, and there was a lot of electricity in the air. She accused him of being skittish. He kissed her passionately, swung her around, and laid her on the blanket, still kissing her. She told him that when he focused on the kiss, he really got it right. Edmund kissed her again while lying on top of her.

In the palace, an aide put a jewelry case on the coffee table for Edmund. He said it was all of Princess Charlotte's jewels. Edmund dismissed him and went through the box until he found a rope of pearls. He said there was finally someone who was worthy of them. "These were made for you, Beth," Edmund said.

Beth sat on the couch and saw an envelope with her name on it, on top of a gift box. She took out a gardenia and breathed in deeply. Edmund entered and told her there were enough for her to bathe in if she would like. He told her she was so involved in the box that she had forgotten the real present. Inside the box was another box. She opened it and saw the pearls. He told her they had been his mother's. She said they were his, and he joked that people gossiped when he wore them.

Edmund put the pearls on Beth's neck and told her they needed to be worn on skin whose luster rivaled their own. He draped the pearls on her neck as he stood behind her, arranging them. Edmund touched her face. She thanked him for the gift, and he said the pleasure was all his. He kissed her hand and left.

Danny waited at Inferno for Carlos to call. Michelle was with him and said she had wanted to spend time with him but hadn't expected that. Danny said that he wanted her to leave as soon as someone could take her. May entered and said Tony had some cracked ribs but would be okay. She asked if Michelle wanted something to eat.

Danny encouraged Michelle to go with May. They talked about Tony, and May asked Michelle if it made her crazy when she didn't know what was going on. Michelle said it was worse sometimes when she did know. May wondered if it were the same thugs from the week before. She started comparing it to a movie, but Michelle stopped her.

Frank walked in and asked if Danny had heard anything. Frank said Reva was very upset. Danny said Reva was a loose cannon, and her being anywhere near the situation was a big problem. Frank offered to take Michelle home, and then he would contact his sources. Michelle didn't want to go but eventually agreed.

Tony arrived with Ray. Michelle wondered what Tony was doing there. Tony asked Danny about Marah. Tony thought Danny needed to hit back hard at Johnny Machado. Danny asked what would happen if it weren't him. Tony said if it were Johnny, Tony would like to deal with him. Danny wanted to handle it and said it would be better for Marah. Reva arrived and said she held each of them responsible for Marah's life and wanted to know how they were going to find her daughter.

Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Reva was in the Inferno office with Danny, Tony, and Ray. She asked where her daughter was. Danny told her that he was trying to find out. Reva was not satisfied with that and told him she wanted to know something immediately. Tony tried to tell her what had happened, but Reva didn't want to hear from him. She only wanted to know where her daughter was. She told them all that if Marah were hurt in any way, they each would have to pay for it.

Danny told Reva that he was the best way to get Marah back, and if Reva interfered, it would only be worse on Marah. Reva told him that she wasn't leaving; she would be sticking to Danny like glue. He told her that wasn't a good idea. He told her that the man he thought had Marah wanted something from him, and Danny would have to be the one to negotiate with him. Reva asked who had her, but Danny told her that he wasn't 100% certain yet. She asked when he would know. He told her that it should be by that evening.

Reva told Danny that she would back off until then because she trusted Danny, but after that and after Marah was home safely, she was going to tell the world how and why her little girl had been abducted. She left. Danny yelled at Tony for getting Marah into that mess, saying that if Tony had listened to Danny and not seen her in the first place, she would have never been taken. The phone rang, and it was Carlos. Carlos confirmed that it had been Johnny Machado.

Tony was angry and wanted to kill Johnny. Danny sat him down and said that he had to listen to Danny. If Tony didn't, he would never see Marah again. Danny said that violence only begot violence, and they did not need a bloodbath on their hands. Danny said that he and Ray were going to take Tony home, where he couldn't get into any more trouble.

Frank took Michelle home. She was worried about Marah, especially since Tony had been badly beaten. Frank said most thugs drew the line at women and children. Michelle said she should have been the one kidnapped instead of Marah. Frank tried to cheer her and told her she needed to think of the baby. Michelle told Frank he could get back to work. Frank said he was staying put.

Frank got Michelle some milk and told her that he could do all his work from there until someone else got there to watch her. She didn't think it was necessary, but he told her that someone could be out there watching her at that very moment. Michelle was worried about Marah, but Frank told her that the guys who had done it wanted Danny, not Marah. Michelle said the families wanted Danny back on their terms, but she wanted him back on hers, and she wouldn't give in. Frank said a part of him had thought she and Danny wouldn't return from New York. Michelle said she hadn't wanted to.

Michelle told Frank that Danny was a good person, not at all like Carmen. He just believed what his mother had told him about himself. Michelle wanted Danny back, but Danny believed the kidnapping proved they shouldn't be together. Michelle wished it could be just her, Danny, and the baby. Frank reminded her of trying to help the FBI take down the family a while back and said if they had succeeded then she would have her dream already.

Meta returned home and was upset about the kidnapping. She asked if Michelle knew why it had happened. Michelle said she wasn't sure. She told Meta about cooperating with the FBI. Meta advised Michelle to take it one day at a time. At that moment, Marah was the one who needed help.

In San Cristobel, Beth showed the pearls to Lillian and Susan. Lillian thought the gift was inappropriate. Edmund entered and said that Lillian might like them better if they were used to hang him from the rafters. Edmund looked at the pearls and talked about them. His mother had always wanted the pearls to go to the woman who had won his heart and admiration.

Edmund told Susan he thought his mother would have admired Beth and would have wanted her to have them. He said to give a gift like that with any expectation would cheapen them. Beth asked Edmund if he was sure, and he insisted. Beth put them on and turned to look at Lillian. Edmund said they needed a party to show off the pearls. He wanted to have an elegant dinner party to bid farewell to his American friends. Susan was interested.

Edmund said they would have the party with suitable escorts, and it would be black tie. Lillian said they didn't have anything to wear. Edmund reminded them of Cinderella and said they had a fairy godmother on the island. Priscilla, a designer, would be happy to find clothes for them and would love the publicity. Susan was excited about being in the newspaper. Edmund talked to Lillian and knew she didn't approve; he told her he liked her and wanted her to lighten up. She smiled.

Priscilla arrived to see the ladies. She hugged Edmund and asked what the occasion was. Priscilla revealed that she had clothing for them to try on. Edmund wanted Lillian to go first. They all modeled clothes and seemed to be having a great time.

Afterwards, Susan was sad and told Edmund that every dress she had liked, Beth and Lillian had said no to. The one they had selected was boring. Edmund said that the dress was beautiful. She was like a fine wine that needed to be held back, but in the end, it would be worth the wait. She said she got his point. He asked her what was really wrong. She said she had been having such a good time, she had almost forgotten about her dad. It was kind of hard not to feel guilty.

Edmund asked Susan if she felt she should never have another happy moment. He told her that if she and her father switched places, he would want her to have a good time. Susan realized he would. Edmund said Jim had loved her and wanted her to enjoy herself. Edmund hugged Susan and kissed her forehead.

Lillian talked with Beth. She admitted to having a good time trying on all those clothes. She said that she was dazzled by all of it, and Beth said she was starting to like Edmund. Lillian said she saw herself in Beth. There had been a time when she had wanted a man so much that she had overlooked his faults. Beth resented the comparison to Bradley Raines. Lillian said there was a reason that Edmund had a bad reputation. Beth just wanted to focus on the positive. Lillian wanted to see Beth happy.

Noah, Sam, and Shayne paced in the living room. Reva returned, and Shayne asked if she had talked to Danny. Reva said that they didn't know anything yet. Noah said they were using Marah to get to Danny. Josh burst in and wanted to know what was going on.

Josh asked Reva how Marah had gotten kidnapped. She tried to explain and said Tony had most likely been hiding when Josh left. Josh argued with Reva and told Reva she was supposed to take care of the kids. Noah defended Reva to Josh. Josh admitted that he was upset, and Olivia tried to calm him. Josh didn't want to sit around and wait; he wanted facts. Reva agreed.

Reva said they needed someone with a cool head, and that person was Josh. Noah said he would make some calls, and Olivia offered to talk to Danny. Reva didn't want to do anything to jeopardize Marah. Shayne said Marah was tougher than she looked. Josh said Shayne was right, and it was not the time for people to be lashing out. Reva agreed and started to cry. Josh told her they would get their girl back. They all hugged while Olivia watched.

Tony, Ray, and Danny saw Abuela at the Santos house. She was embroidering. Ray wanted to offer himself in exchange for Marah. Tony wanted to go after Johnny Machado, but Abuela told him to sit down. Danny said if Tony used violence, he could kiss Marah goodbye. Danny said any hostile move would blow up on them. Ray agreed.

Tony said he wanted to make the punks know who they were disrespecting. Tony appealed to Abuela, but she said her grandson didn't respect her opinion, so she was staying out of it. She sat and embroidered handkerchiefs for her grandsons. Danny wanted to know if she had some advice. She was playing hard to get but finally said she could help. Abuela said she could give them some information. Abuela had known Johnny Machado since he had been a bagman. He was a hands-on man who wanted to know all the details. He was directing the whole operation and would know where the girl was.

Danny said that Marah was probably at a remote location, and the kidnappers kept in touch by using a cell phone. Danny would demand to talk to Marah, and maybe they could catch the frequency of the phone. They would monitor Johnny's calls and try to find Marah's location. Abuela thought it was a good plan.

The guys got together and set a scanner up. Tony worked on it while Danny went to get the word out that he wanted to talk to Machado. Tony got on his knees and prayed to St. Anthony to return Marah to him. Danny told Ray they would need more than prayers. Ray told him not to knock the power of prayer.

Marah was tied up and blindfolded at the lighthouse. She sat on a chair and begged for someone to let her go. She cried and said she wanted to go home.

Thursday, February 1, 2001

In San Cristobel, the tables were set out in the courtyard for the party and waiters handed out champagne to the guests. Edmund introduced Susan to her escort, Lieutenant Peter Hogan, head of the royal canine patrol. Edmund told all the ladies how nice they looked in their gowns. Lillian thanked Edmund for the clothes and the party. Beth walked in adorned in the royal pearls. Edmund took her hand and kissed it.

An artist escorted Lillian. He showed up a bit late but was taken aback when he saw Lillian. He told her that he needed to have her in his bed or on his canvas -- or both. Lillian thought they should at least be introduced before they considered either option. Edmund made all the introductions, and the artist, Honoré, told Lillian how beautiful her family was. He asked Lillian again about painting her, but he hoped to paint her nude. Lillian told him that she had to decline, since they were leaving in the morning.

Edmund told Honoré not to frighten Lillian away. Honoré invited Lillian for a walk, and she accepted. Beth told Edmund that she hadn't seen her mom smile like that in many years, and she thanked him. She said that every woman needed to feel adored, but Edmund knew that all to well. She told him that she wished she could stay, but she had a life back in Springfield that she had to get back to. She mentioned that her trip home did not need to be a quick one. Edmund mentioned sailing home, and she agreed to so they could spend more time together.

Everyone sat down to a formal dinner. Honoré told them that he had no appetite since Lillian was leaving. Lillian told him she was sure he would get over it. Edmund mentioned that they could take the yacht out and then fly the rest of the way. Lillian told him she got seasick, and she and the kids would take a plane out. Edmund acted disappointed but told them that he and Beth would have to rough it alone, and the others could join them the next time. Edmund raised his glass and toasted Susan. Honoré took a napkin, drew a little picture, and signed it. He handed it to Lillian as a reminder of him.

Everyone was leaving, and Honoré and Lt. Hogan said goodnight to their dates. Beth thought the whole evening had passed by too quickly. Lillian thanked Edmund for the wonderful evening, and she retired to her room. The kids went up to their rooms, too, and Beth and Edmund were left alone. Music started playing, and Edmund told Beth he would like to dance. They waltzed. They ended the dance with a kiss.

At the carriage house, Holly asked Blake about her book. She said it was a very dark love story. Holly wondered if Selena was okay wherever she was. Holly noticed a paper on the desk, and Blake tried to hide it. Blake finally admitted that she was an ordained minister in the Church of Karma.

Blake said that she had a plan to become Mrs. Ross Marler again. Holly asked if it was legal, and Blake said in all 50 states. She had checked it out. Holly thought it was an outrageous idea but that it might just work. Blake said she was just trying to get Ross to sign the paper. She said it was a minor technicality, but it was something she felt she needed.

Ross walked in and asked what they were talking about. Blake tried to evade the question and offered Ross some cheese puffs. Holly told Blake about her "date" with Buzz the next week. Phillip interrupted when he rang the doorbell. Phillip said Ross needed a reality check and hoped Ross would listen to him. Ross invited Phillip in, and Blake and Holly went into the kitchen to chat after inviting Phillip to dinner.

Phillip and Ross sat down on the couch. Phillip said he had been thinking about what Ross had said and realized that there was a lot of truth in it. Phillip didn't like to accept failure, but he knew he had screwed up another marriage. Ross said Phillip had tried very hard. Phillip said he wasn't sure. He had continued to talk to Beth even though he had known it would upset his wife. He wondered if he might have wanted Harley to react the way she had.

Phillip said his only chance had been to tell Harley about the plane right away, but instead, he had listened to Beth and hadn't told everything until circumstances had forced him to. By then it had been too late. He had tried, but he knew that he couldn't fix it. Ross said Phillip was talking like he was the only one who could save the marriage. Ross reminded him it took two people. Ross said that people could forgive infidelity; Ross had. Phillip said he wouldn't have forgiven Harley, so he couldn't expect Harley to forgive him.

Ross asked about Phillip and Beth. Phillip said Beth had been his first love, and they shared a strong connection with the kids and all. Ross asked if they could get back together. Phillip said what they had shared in the past was not there anymore. Ross wondered if Phillip would let Beth move on. Phillip said he would as long as it wasn't with Edmund. Ross said Phillip shouldn't interfere and reminded him he'd had issues with Jim, who was a good man.

Ross told Phillip that from Beth's viewpoint, Edmund was similar to Phillip. If Phillip really cared about Beth's welfare, he would be careful how he reacted to Edmund. He didn't want to present as territorial. The more Phillip objected to Edmund, the more he would push Beth toward Edmund. Phillip said he thought Ross was right. It would take all the self-control he could muster to deal with Edmund. Phillip listed all the people Edmund had hurt. He thought Edmund was victimizing Beth. He wanted to protect his children without appearing jealous or territorial.

Tony, Ray, and Danny waited at the Santo compound for a call from the kidnappers. They were worried about Frank and Reva interfering. The phone rang, and Danny told Abuela to answer it. She handed the phone to Danny; it was Johnny Machado. Danny tapped Tony on the shoulder to tap the frequency. Danny told Johnny they had gotten the wrong girl. Johnny said he had thought she was Tony's girlfriend.

Johnny said that he didn't want to hurt Marah; he just wanted to talk to Danny. He asked for a meeting. Tony listened on the scanner. Danny said he would meet with Johnny after he talked to Marah to make sure she was safe. He hung up. Tony and Ray wondered if Marah was all right, and Danny said he thought so. Tony tried to think of ways to get Johnny back. Ray and Danny tried to calm him down. Abuela told Tony to be patient.

Danny answered the phone and motioned to Tony to get on the scanner. Marah said, "Tony?" Danny told Marah it was Danny. She asked about Tony and was worried he had been killed. Danny reassured her. Tony grabbed the phone and asked how she was. He told her they would get her out of there and to be brave. He wanted her to answer yes or no to his questions. He wanted her to tell him where she was in one breath. She tried to say it was a small room that echoed, but the call was cut off. They had gotten her on the scanner. Danny told Tony to monitor the frequency and assured him they would get her back.

The guys sat by the scanner, monitoring Johnny's cell phone. They listened to all his calls but didn't get much information. Johnny called Danny again and asked if Danny was satisfied. Johnny said he would call to make an appointment the next night. Danny wanted Marah at the meeting. Johnny said okay, but Danny wouldn't get her back until he agreed to Johnny's terms.

Danny said he wouldn't rescue Marah in daylight, which left the next night. Tony wanted to help with the rescue. Danny told Tony to monitor the scanner so they could find her by the next day.

Friday, February 2, 2001

In San Cristobel, Dax was dressed for fencing when Richard returned. Richard said as bad as sharing a palace with Edmund was, sitting at sea with only his thoughts was worse. He told of how he had gone out in the yacht and had still been able to see San Cristobel. He had been left to ponder the implications of what had happened and the effect it might have on the country. Dax said that they still had time, and the results of the paternity test would not be back until late that evening or maybe even the next day. Dax told Richard that Edmund was planning on taking the yacht on a slow cruise back to the states with Mrs. LeMay.

Richard commented on what a fast worker Edmund was. Dax thought Richard should try to keep Edmund in the country. Richard held an épée and told Dax that Edmund was free to leave. He could always get Edmund back, and he didn't want to make Edmund suspect anything. Edmund entered clad in fencing wear as well. He welcomed Richard back. Richard said that he had known Edmund wanted the yacht and would hate to interfere with his social life. Edmund thought Richard was cranky because he didn't have a social life.

Edmund said the official story was that Cassie was in seclusion, but he wondered if the truth was really that Richard was in exclusion. Richard took the sword to Edmund's throat and said, "Allow me to remind you of something." Richard told Edmund that when Edmund referred to Cassie, he should refer to her as "Her Royal Highness." Richard was surprised that Edmund, who was such a stickler for protocol, should forget her title. Edmund was shocked and apologized.

Richard told Edmund he was a bachelor and couldn't understand the needs of a pregnant wife. Richard pitied Beth and said he would have the yacht prepared for their "excursion." Richard handed the sword to Dax and said the button had fallen off. He walked out. Edmund told Dax that Richard was in a bad mood.

Susan walked in and was upset that she had to return to Springfield. She was interested in fencing but thought girls didn't get to fence. Edmund wanted her to give it a try. She left and then returned dressed for fencing. Edmund showed her how to hold the épée while Dax observed. Edmund explained that the object was to poke the other person without getting poked. Edmund compared fencing to dance. Susan liked it but thought it was scary.

Edmund said Susan had as much right as any boy to defend herself. Susan put on her mask, and they started the fencing lesson. Edmund tried to explain that in fencing, the mind needed to be as sharp as the body. He continued to teach her as Dax observed. Susan didn't think she was good at it, but Edmund encouraged her. He reminded her about Machiavelli and Cousin Bette. He told her the more people believed in themselves, the more those people could do.

Susan hit Edmund on his forehead and wounded him. She dropped her épée and was very upset. Edmund told her it had been his fault and advised her never to drop her weapon. Dax saw Richard in the hall and asked him what was wrong. Richard said it disturbed him that Edmund could harbor two distinct hearts: one so very good and one of pure evil.

Beth kissed little James goodbye when Lillian arrived at the courtyard with Susan. They were going to the airport. Lillian said the children would be fine, and it would be good for Beth to relax with no responsibilities. Lillian thanked Edmund for a wonderful vacation. Susan didn't want to leave, but Edmund assured her she would be back.

Susan asked how Edmund's head felt. He reminded her to keep reading. Susan kissed Beth and Edmund. Beth said she would see Susan soon. Edmund told Beth not to make promises she couldn't keep. He might keep the yacht out for months, stopping at every port and cove they passed. Beth wondered what they would do during all that time.

Olivia, Sam, and Josh waited at Olivia's to hear about Marah. Sam was very nervous and wished he could help. He paced around and apologized to Josh and Olivia for being so nervous. The phone rang, and Sam answered it. It was Danny. He told Sam not to let anyone know he had called and go to 10 High Ridge Road. Danny would meet him there. Sam pretended it was a friend inviting him to snowboard, and Olivia encouraged him to leave and have a good time.

At the Bauers', Frank loaded his gun and wished himself a happy birthday. David called with a message from one of their mob sources. Danny and Johnny were supposed to meet that night. Frank asked David to trust him; he couldn't share the details for the time being. Frank asked Michelle about Johnny Machado and told her that Danny had a meeting with him. Michelle worried that Danny might be set up and wanted Frank to protect him.

Michelle got some breakfast for Frank but asked him to take the gun off the table. Frank asked if guns weren't like silverware in the Santos family. Michelle said she had married a man and not the family. If things worked out, maybe Danny wouldn't be in the family for long. Frank wanted to know what she meant, but Michelle evaded the question. Frank asked Michelle if Harley could visit, since it was his birthday. She had planned to give him a party. Michelle said she would be glad to give him a party.

Michelle got some balloons and crepe paper out and decorated the kitchen. She said on her next birthday, she would have Danny and her baby with her, and everything would be perfect. Harley arrived with groceries and noticed Frank's gun. She wondered why the party had been moved there. He told her not to ask any questions. Harley asked why Michelle wasn't saying anything.

At the Santos compound, Danny and Tony listened to Johnny's conversations on the scanner. Tony tried to run out when he heard something about the lighthouse. Danny tried to stop him, and Ray agreed. Danny thought Tony and Marah would both get shot. The only way to get Marah back alive was to keep the police and the guns out of it.

The phone rang. Frank told Danny they had a problem; Danny had been holding out on him. Danny told Frank he knew everything Danny knew. Frank mentioned the meeting with Johnny. Danny said he had planned to fill Frank in once he had more info. Frank asked questions about Marah and did not buy Danny's story.

Frank threatened a SWAT team and told Danny he couldn't promise anything unless Danny told Frank everything. Frank wanted 45 minutes notice to get the police in place. Danny told Ray and Tony that Frank knew about the meeting. Danny decided to get Marah out first before the meeting and the arrival of the police. Tony said he knew how they could get Marah out. He told them about Sam, and Danny called him.

Sam arrived at the Santos house. He told Tony it had been bound to happen to Marah and wondered why Tony couldn't leave her alone. Tony and Sam yelled at each other, and Ray and Danny tried to break it up and get to the point. Danny finally asked if Sam could climb the lighthouse. Sam said he could and asked if that was where Marah was being held. He asked why they didn't call the police. Danny said it would make things worse.

Danny explained that they had to get Marah out of the lighthouse by 11:00 p.m. He asked if Sam could get her out without being seen. Tony wanted to go, but Sam said he had to do it alone. Ray reminded Tony of his broken ribs. Danny said the guys had to put aside their differences, or the plan was off. They both agreed.

Back at Olivia's, Olivia asked Josh if he was sleepy, but he said he was numb. He was worried about things he had said and things he shouldn't have said. Josh said he should have tried harder to keep Marah from Tony. Olivia said kids were kids, and parents couldn't control them. They had to learn from their own mistakes.

Sam arrived home, and everyone was in bed. He went to his room and tried to sneak out with his climbing gear. Olivia walked out of the bedroom. She told him he wasn't going climbing. Sam had to tell her he was doing it to save Marah. He wanted to help.

Olivia told Sam she couldn't let him do it and would call the police. Sam said mobsters had Marah, and she had to keep his secret. Olivia didn't want Sam to risk his life. Sam insisted and said both he and Marah would wind up dead if Olivia told anyone. She reluctantly let him leave.

Olivia was at the window in her robe when Josh walked out of the bedroom and up behind her. He thanked her for letting him sleep. She was looking at the lighthouse. Josh said it was supposed to be the coldest night of the year, and he wouldn't want to be stuck out there.

Sam arrived at the lighthouse, and Ray handed him a rope. Danny and Tony were with him. Sam tied the rope around himself and started to free climb.

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