One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 12, 2001 on OLTL

Colin offered to answer Nora's questions after they slept together. Asa saved Nora. Blair informed Max that she intended to marry Todd. Max and Skye plotted against Todd and Blair. Lindsay imagined that she saw herself in real-life scenes on the television.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 12, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, February 12, 2001


Outside the Club, Will urges Jessica to go with him inside so he can dutifully play his role of big brother and keep an eye on Jen. Meanwhile, inside the club, Cristian is telling Jen he doesn't appreciate being used to stick it to her family. She coyly apologizes and when she sees Will and Jen enter the bar, bad-acting Jen stands on her bar stool and announces to all that her engagement to Cristian is off. Cristian accommodates her flirting until Will comes over and interrupts them. Jen puts "big brother" in his place and then decides to catch a cab home.


Todd shows a romantic mushy side as he showers Blair with compliments and speaks of their future happiness. But when Blair tells him that it's time for her to get her beauty sleep, he asks if she's trying to ditch him so she can "sleep tight" with Max. Blair pleads with Todd that he needs to trust her and he leaves her room uncharacteristically forlorn. Meanwhile, in Skye's room, Skye is giving Max some sleeping pills to put into Blair's champagne. He agrees to use it instead of sleeping with Blair. When Max arrives at Blair's room, she opens the door dressed in lingerie and tells him that she's been expecting him. Blair builds his hopes and then knocks him on his butt by announcing that she's marrying Todd because she loves Todd and she asks Max to leave. Stunned but quick-thinking, Max begs Blair for a farewell toast. She obliges and ignorantly sips on her jimmied drink.


Sam, Viki, and Ben return to Llanfair following the engagement dinner to find a note from Gina for Ben. Viki admits to Sam that Gina is still in love with Ben and she doesn't trust Gina. Soon after, the phone rings. Asa – still shaken from his confrontation with Gina and his lie to Renee about having nothing to do with the hit on Ben, tells Ben that they have to talk. Ben kisses Viki goodbye and exits as Todd makes his dramatic entrance. Todd is flustered and shares his confusion with Sam and Viki. They encourage him to maximize his happiness and take a leap of faith to trust Blair.


Ben arrives and stands under Asa's cold glares. Asa refers to Ben's actions of "sending a woman" to do his dirty-work as "yellow-bellied." When Ben denies it and tells Asa that all would be fine if he would just leave Ben and his family alone, Asa starts rambling about how he can't get Ben out of his head and dreams and life. Ben appears concerned at his father's delusions.


With a passed out Blair and an undressing Max back at the hotel, Skye knocks on Todd's door and frantically tells him that he has to come with her, that Max is in Blair's bed!

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Colin calls Nora attempting to get her to come over. He claims he is all alone and will be leaving town. Desperate for information, Nora offers to come over right away. When she can't get a hold of Max, she leaves a message with Nigel for Asa. Nigel says he will tell Asa she is going over to Colin's. Meanwhile, Ben is in with Asa. Asa begins blaming him for all the problems in his life, and accuses him of threatening Max. He insists that Ben stay out of his dreams, and wants to know what really happened that night in the tact room when Ben saved his life. After Asa begins to hallucinate, and has a mild attack, Ben tells him that next time he has a heart attack, he promises to let him die. After Ben leaves, Lindsay strolls in to continue blackmailing him. Asa hands her another check... Ben returns to Viki's to find Gina there with her. Moments earlier, Gina admitted to Viki that she still wanted Ben.

Nora arrives at Colin's to find him with his shirt open, candles and flowers everywhere. He begins to sweet talk her and she promises she is a friend. He convinces her to come upstairs to the bedroom in order to better remember their time together. There is a romantic setting in the bedroom, and Colin wants Nora to give him a chance to prove his feelings to her. He tells Nora he will answer ALL her questions—after they make love...

Skye pays Todd a visit and tries to convince him that Max and Blair were together. He starts to get angry, but then blows her off. Skye goes to Blair's hotel room and tells Max that she thinks their plan has failed. Back at the penthouse, Todd fights with his inner-self, unsure if he can really trust Blair. Just as Max and Skye are about to leave, they hear the elevator outside the door. Max quickly crawls back in bed with Blair, and throws her arms around him. Todd quietly enters and sees the two together! However, he surprisingly keeps his temper in-check and leaves as silently as he entered.

February 14, 2001

Break Bar

It's Valentine's Day and Cris does not want to wear the skimpy outfit that R.J. wants all of his bartenders to wear. Jen voices her approval and Cris finally agrees after telling R.J. he wants a bigger payoff. R.J. will discuss it with him later.

Apartment Upstairs

The music is blaring from R.J.'s bar and Jess decides to go downstairs to speak with him about it. Will is upset about that and also Colin's visit. He wonders if Jess was afraid of him when she saw him. She admits she was. After Jess goes to see R.J., Will makes a phone call to Nora. He leaves her a message to get in touch and warns her not to go near Colin.

Motel Room

Antonio visits Roseanne after work but she reminds him that it's Valentine's Day and she would feel pressured if she went out with him. She'd prefer a raincheck for dinner tomorrow instead, she tells him. He leaves but returns later with the photo strip the two had taken in a machine the last time she was so upset. He convinces her to go out with him.


Kevin and Kelly chat about Blair and Kelly's concern for her. Kev reassures Kelly that as long as she's available for Blair everything will be ok. Bo and Lanie arrive and sit at a nearby table. Not only are they celebrating Valentine's Day but Lanie has just been hired to work with Larry Wolek. Bo gives Lanie a diamond necklace. Antonio and Roseanne arrive and all of the couples dance, cut in on each other and have a great time.

Lindsay's Place

Valentine's Day has turned out to be a bad day for Lindsay. After checking her mail she turns on the TV. No matter how many times she changes channels, she sees herself in various conversations, disputes and confrontations that she had with almost everyone-Will, Lanie,Jen, Colin, Antonio and Roseanne. After those, she views her almost wedding vows with Bo and Nora's interruption of the wedding with her accusations. Lastly she sees herself in the bathroom with Nora when they were caught by fire. Nora chokes her and "The End" flashes onto the screen. Lindsay vows that it's not the end by far.


Jess runs into Jen who thinks Will sent her to check up on things; she doesn't believe that Jess only wants to see R.J. Jess can't believe the outfit that Cris is wearing but Jen only defends him and tells Jess to get off everyone's backs. Jen goes off to flirt with Cris who notices she's been drinking. He's upset about that but she gets on him about how he serves everyone else, including those he makes fake id's for. He does not want to get caught and get in trouble, he explains. She knows he wants to be a criminal like R.J. and can't understand how he can be so totally different all the time. She wants to know who the real Cris is.

Upstairs Again

Jess and Will exchange gifts-she gives him a first edition of poetry by Robert Browning. She hesitates to take Will's small box but finally does and opens it to find a pair of diamond earrings. She has another gift for him, she tells him, herself wearing only his gift.

Colin's House

Colin wants to make love to Nora in the room where she was held captive, though this time it's filled with candles. Nora is overwhelmed and explains that she doesn't want to rush into anything and she'd much prefer to hear about her past. Colin wants Nora to trust him and hands her a diamond engagement ring. He is totally committed and thought Nora was also and can't believe it when she pushes him away after grabbing her and kissing her. She yells at him not to touch her and he realizes that Nora's been lying and using him just like Lindsay said. Nora tries to assure Colin that he couldn't possibly love her. He becomes extremely agitated and shows her his shrine. Nora becomes frightened now and as he grabs her again Asa appears in the doorway with a gun telling Colin he's dead. Nora finally convinces Asa not to pull the trigger but Asa threatens him as they leave. Colin goes ballistic and destroys his shrine, sobbing afterwards.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Break Bar

Antonio confronts Cristian about Cristian's picture in the paper. Antonio then chastises Cris about becoming a criminal and begs him to quit his job. Antonio and R.J. argue about Cris, and R.J. and Cris both tell Antonio to leave. R.J. and Cris talk after Antonio leaves and R.J. decides to let Cris in on the "serious money."

Colin's house

Lindsay walks in to see a despondent Colin sitting with Nora's picture. At first she tries to sympathize with him, saying how Nora betrayed him. Colin becomes angry as Lindsay proposes forgiving each other. Colin tells her all her secrets will come out and she responds with criticism about their affair. Colin becomes even angrier and threatens her and Jenn. Lindsay threatens to kill him if he bothers Jenn, then Colin tells her she must keep paying to keep him quiet. Lindsay says she knows Will won't turn her in, but Colin thinks Will will talk eventually. When alone, Colin says Nora will pay for what she's done to him.

Sam's house

Jess visits Jenn and proposes they get along for Will's sake. Jenn rejects the offer and goads Jess about Cris. Jenn basically tells Jess to butt out of her relationship with Will. A frustrated Jess then leaves. Jenn then sits down and makes herself a fake I.D.

Skye's hotel room Skye brushes off Max's advances and she wonders why Todd isn't crazy with jealousy yet. Max tells her it will all work out. When they don't hear anything, Max goes to do more damage. When Max returns, Skye tells him she made a phone call and we later find out it was to John Sykes. Max and Skye then try again to hear Blair and Todd.

Blair's hotel room

Blair wakes up oblivious to what happened, and gets a visit from Todd. They discuss their past marriages and Todd then questions Blair about Max. Just as Blair is denying everything, Max comes to the door and tells Todd he visited Blair after Todd left but nothing happened. Blair apologizes to Todd after Max leaves, still swearing nothing happened. They discuss the importance of trust, then John Sykes appears at the door with more questions about Max's shooting. Todd tells him he has something to say on the matter.

Will and Jess's apartment

Nora visits Will, and they discuss Colin's shrine to her. Will figures out that Nora is trying to get Colin to implicate Lindsay. Nora tells Will she simply wants justice and her memories back. Will says he will help her.

Friday, February 16, 2001

OLTL was interrupted due to an ABC Special News Report regarding the attack on Iraq. This re-cap will be incomplete.

Will & Jessie's Apartment

Nora badgers Will about what happened at Colin's house. Will tries to tell her that Colin is sick and she replies that she knows that, but she wants to know what Colin said to Will about Lindsay. She realizes she is badgering Will and immediately apologizes to him. As she starts to leave, Will tells her to wait.

Buchanan Mansion

Asa tells Renee that Max did not come home the night before and he is convinced that Ben Davidson has Max. He tells Renee that he wants her to move back to the mansion so she will be safe and that he has been having bad dreams. He asks Renee to help him keep their "son" (referring to Max) alive.

Blair's Hotel Room

John Sykes is still questioning Todd and Blair regarding Max's shooting. Todd tells John that someone very close to him did lie to Detective Sykes and that it was Starr when she made up that story about Rae being the one who shot Max. Todd then apologizes for any "inconvenience" they may have caused John in his investigation and says that if he needs either himself or Blair to testify against Skye they will be happy to do so.

Skye's Hotel Room

Just as Max is gloating that Blair and Todd are tripping over each other to see which one can confess first, John Sykes knocks on the door. Skye rushes to the door and asks him if Todd and Blair confessed, to which he replies that they did not. John tells Max and Skye that as far as he can tell, Blair and Todd are tighter than ever and asks Skye what is going on. Skye looks at Max pointedly and tells John that she had been misinformed. John turns to Max, who indicates he doesn't know anything.

After John leaves, Skye is berating Max about the fact that their plan failed and says she sees a future for herself in the prison laundry. Max reaches in his pocket and hands her a folded document and says, "Always be prepared, Skye". When she opens the document she laughs and tells Max he is a genius. The document is some kind of deed. Skye says she is going to make sure "you know who" finds out about this right away. Just as she is about to leave the room, the phone rings and it is Renee looking for Max. Max starts to tell Renee he is busy and can't talk, but stops to listen to what she has to say. He tells Skye he has to go home due to a family emergency and for her to go ahead and get the plan started and he will catch up to her later.

Blair's Hotel Room

Blair asks Todd what the visit from John was all about and Todd makes up a story about not wanting Starr to have a criminal record. He then tells Blair that he does believe her and that he trusts her. Blair gets tears in her eyes and says those are the sweetest three words he has ever said to her and starts to kiss Todd, but he stops her and tells her that it would be bad luck to kiss the groom on the wedding day. Todd leaves and outside in the hall it is obvious by the look on his face that he is very angry.

Will and Jessie's Apartment

Will asks Nora what would happen to Lindsay if it came out that she was a part of her memory loss. Nora says it would depend on what state of mind Lindsay was in and whether or not Colin forced her to do something. Will asks if Lindsay would go to prison. Nora tells Will she can't answer that. Will talks in length to Nora about Lindsay and how everyone she has ever loved has hurt her. Nora tells Will that he has always been there for his mother. Nora tells Will that if Lindsay had anything to do with her memory loss and kidnapping, that the truth will come out one way or the other. Will says that he is all his mother has. Nora tells Will that she is his friend and that she would never force him to say or do something he did not want to and that only he can be the judge of what is right or wrong for himself. Will tells Nora that he doesn't feel as if he is being too good of a friend right now, but Nora says he is her friend and that she is grateful. Will says that is all he has to tell her about his mom. Nora tells him that Lindsay is lucky to have a son like him and that he should take care of her but, more importantly, he should take care of himself.

Buchanan Mansion

Max walks in with Renee and asks Asa what is wrong. Asa tells Max that he has to be more careful until "he" is put away. Max asks who and Asa tells Max that Ben Davidson is the one who shot him. Max tells Asa that Ben Davidson is not the one who shot him and that Davidson had nothing to do with the shooting. Asa asks Max who is involved and Max says he can't say, but if Asa will come to Todd and Blair's wedding that he and everyone else will find out the truth. Before he leaves, Max makes Asa promise that he will stay calm and not resort to any kind of violence or threats.

Blair's Hotel Room

Kelly shows up with sacks of stuff for Blair to use for the wedding. Blair tells Kelly she is thrilled that she is standing up for her, but that she knows Kelly is not happy about her marrying Todd. Kelly admits that she did just that, but realized she should not judge someone else when she was unable to convince Blair not to marry Todd. Blair tells Kelly that she loves Todd and that he loves her. She then tells Kelly that Todd is working very hard and that he is even learning to trust.

Todd's Penthouse

Todd walks in just as Starr is walking down the stairs in her wedding attire. Starr asks him if he is going to change and if the wedding is for real this time. The doorbell rings and it is Skye saying she is so glad she got there in time. Todd sends Starr upstairs. Skye tells Todd that she saw Max "creep" out of Blair's room and that Max and Blair slept together on the night before their wedding. Todd tells Skye to get out, but she tells him there is more, that Max and Blair have bought themselves a little "love nest" and that they are going to make Todd a laughing stock.


Ben is telling Viki how irrational Asa was behaving. He suggests that perhaps Asa overheard he and Max arguing on the night Asa had his heart attack in the tack room. Viki asks if he means that Asa might know that Ben is his son and Ben says "and that I have the power to take Max away from him." Viki says that would make a lot of sense and that perhaps subconsciously, Asa has had it on his mind ever since the attack. Viki says that since Asa has been acting so bizarre for so long, that no one could say what he would be capable of and that Asa might very well have ordered the hit on Ben. Viki gets ready to leave, telling Ben that she has one thing she has to take care of and that she will meet him at home and they will go to Todd's wedding together.

As Ben is about to leave Bo walks in and Ben stops him. Ben tells Bo that he thinks Asa is really starting to lose it. Bo asks what Asa has done now. Ben asks Bo if he thinks it is possible that Asa could have been behind the attempted hit on him. He tells Bo he is not going to go after Asa; he just wants to know if it is possible. Bo tells Ben that "off the record" he thinks Asa could have been behind the attempted hit on Ben.

Blair's Hotel Room

Kelly finds Max's handkerchief by Blair's bed. Blair tells Kelly about Max coming back to her room after Todd left the night before, but that she thinks she finally got it through Max's head that she is not interested in him. There is a knock at the door and it is a delivery of roses with a "Deepest Sympathy" card.

Todd's Penthouse

Todd asks Skye if Max and Blair has bought a "love nest" why hadn't Blair called off the wedding. Skye suggests that it might be because Blair plans on waiting until she can dump him at the altar for everyone's enjoyment. Skye tells Todd that real estate transactions are public record and for him to look up the transaction. Todd says he does not need to, that he trusts Blair. Skye leaves and Todd goes to his computer and finds the real estate transaction.

Skye's Hotel Room

Max and Skye are talking about the storm that is about to hit, but Skye is not convinced. Max says the only way Todd won't blow is if he has figured out that he and Skye are behind trying to break Todd and Blair up. Skye opens the door and starts to go to Blair's room but Max says she has to give the little plot time to work. Nora walks up and asks if they want to explain the "little plot" to her.

Blair's Hotel Room

Kelly learns that the florist mixed up their orders and that Blair received the arrangement meant for a funeral and that her wedding bouquet was sent to the funeral in error. Blair says it feels like an omen. Kelly tells Blair not to get cold feet and that the wedding is going to go off without a hitch. Blair again tells Kelly how much she loves Todd and how important it is that Todd trusts her. Blair explains that she is very happy and that she knows Max never loved or trusted her but that Todd does and that this is "the real deal". Kelly says she hopes so.

Buchanan Mansion

Renee opens the door to Viki, who says she wants to talk to Asa. Asa tells Viki to tell Ben that he is never going to get a chance to kill Max. Viki tells Asa that Ben does not want to kill Max. Asa says that if Ben stays in Llanview he will destroy all of Asa's family and Asa will be left with nothing. Viki asks Asa if he had anything to do with Ben's shooting on their wedding day. Asa looks horrified and denies any involvement. Viki begs Asa to come back to them. Asa tells Viki that Ben is going to hurt all of them, that he has seen it in his dreams.


Bo tells Ben that Asa could not have been behind the shooting at the motel because he had no way of knowing where Ben was. Ben tells Bo about the drive-by shooting at Llanfair.

This is where the ABC Special News Report interrupted programming.

Blair's Hotel Room

(From ABC Daytime: Blair later considered postponing the wedding when Todd told her that Starr refused to attend. Todd convinced Blair that they should move forward and execute their day of revenge.)

We hear Blair tell Todd "Ok, if that's what you want, but you are going to be the one to explain it to Starr." Todd replies that there won't be anything to explain and they walk out of the room.

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