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Monday, February 19

An inebriated Ian realizes the woman he's kissing is his wife and not the lady he loves. Embarrassed, he apologizes to Arianna, who assures him she understands the loss he's suffered and is grateful for all the tremendous sacrifices he's made on her behalf. Startled to learn that she may be pregnant, Lucy bolts from the cubicle in the emergency room and runs smack into Kevin. Unsure how to proceed now that her life has fallen apart, Eve decides impulsively to take a trip to the island Ian once spoke of during their imprisonment. Rhonda attempts to derail her daughter's enthusiasm for the new man in her life by cautioning Karen that her sobriety could be at stake if she pursues her interest in Frank. Following another argument with her "Doc", Lucy elects not to let Kevin know that she could be carrying his child. Meanwhile, Arianna explains to an irked Ian why Ben will never stop harassing them unless they produce a baby to prove that their union is real. Frank's upset when Karen abruptly cancels their date and hints she won't be available for some time to come.

Tuesday, February 20

Alison and Jamal enjoy working together to get the bike shop ready for its grand opening. After a puzzling phone call from Gabriela, however, Alison questions her boyfriend about the shooting at the warehouse. Eve strolls around the island paradise, daydreaming of Ian, but her blissful existence comes to an abrupt end when she's suddenly taken captive. Arianna fears that her husband is about to do something rash following her revelation about the new threat from her fanatical family. Meanwhile, Ian corners Ben and pulls a gun on his new brother-in-law. Jamal tries to stonewall when Alison quizzes him about his connection to Travis Williams. Forced to admit how he nearly fell for Travis' lies, Jamal assures Alison he backed out of driving the getaway car long before the robbery actually went down. As the stranger apologizes for his guards' overreaction, Eve hears a child crying out for help. A rattled Ben implores Ian to put his weapon down but the doctor only tightens his grip on the trigger. On the island, the stranger explains to Eve that his son is suffering from a deadly disease which is highly contagious. Joe's entrance distracts Ian long enough for Ben to grab the gun away from his captor. Jamal is thrilled when his first customer walks through the door. Joe is shot as he struggles with Ben for control of the weapon.

Wednesday, February 21

Lucy purchases a home pregnancy test. Karen apologetically admits to Frank that she lied about having to work. As Ian leans over the wounded Joe, Ben shrilly insists that the shooting was accidental. On the island, the boy's father again tries to bar Eve from the ailing child's bedside but his wife pleads with the doctor to stay and help. Kevin eavesdrops as Lucy urges an exasperated Livvie to give her father a second chance. Karen explains to Frank how Rhonda has a jaded opinion about men in general. Ben refuses to let Ian call an ambulance for Joe. After examining the feverish Kalo, Eve diagnoses the boy with a form of the hanta virus. When the child suddenly stops breathing, Eve performs mouth to mouth resuscitation to bring him around. Livvie reminds Kevin that she needs more space to live her own life and make her own decisions. Claiming that Joe is already dead, Ian attacks Ben and manages to wrestle the gun away from him. Fearful of facing a murder charge, Ben takes it on the lam while Ian moves to the phone. Later, Joe and Ian congratulate one another on pulling off such a flawless scheme to con Ben into fleeing the country. Kalo steadily improves but his physician begins to show signs of developing the virus. Kevin jumps to the wrong conclusion after catching a glimpse of the home pregnancy test.

Thursday, February 22

With her young patient well on the mend, Eve is flattered to learn that the island community is planning a huge celebration to honor her good deed. Ian returns home and told his wife that he's taken care of her family problems once and for all. Though Lucy attempts to deflect his questions, Kevin demands to know if she really is carrying his child. Certain Kevin no longer cares for her, Lucy icily assures him she doesn't expect anything from him in the fatherhood department if it turns out that she is indeed pregnant. Ian describes for Arianna how he and Joe tricked Ben into leaving the country. With her dangerous brother out of the picture, Arianna sadly wonders if Ian means now to end their marriage of convenience. Kalo's father makes a special carving for Eve to thank her for saving his son. Arianna is delighted when Ian presents her with a wedding ring and then slips a matching band onto his own finger. After Eve collapses with a high fever, Kalo's mother decides to administer a home remedy designed to provide her with visions to carry her from this world to the next. Lucy shakily admits to Kevin how afraid she is of getting her hopes up about finally bearing a healthy child of her own.

Friday, February 23

Jamal and Alison work feverishly to get the bike shop ready for its grand opening. Deep in a fever dream brought on by the "morlo", Eve imagines herself as a nurse welcoming her lover home from the war. Lucy tries not to get her hopes up as she uses the home pregnancy test. After Jack drops by to admire the new shop, Jamal asks his friend to keep an eye on things while he and Alison take a well-deserved break. Kalo's father scolds his wife for giving Eve the morlo despite his specific instructions to wait for the island's healer. Lucy sadly reports to a disappointed Kevin that the pregnancy test was negative. Jamal reassures Alison that Travis can do nothing to jeopardize their bright future. Meanwhile, two of Travis' running buddies come to the bike shop and begin trashing the place. Kevin's efforts to soothe Lucy only make matters worse as she watches her fondest dreams go up in smoke. Ian arrives as Eve calls out his name in her sleep.

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