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Passions Recaps: The week of February 19, 2001 on PS
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Monday, February 19, 2001

Despite Eve's frantic efforts to resuscitate her best friend, Grace flatlines as her horrified husband looks on. Gwen invites Ethan to come stay with her as long as he likes. Kay reminds a disapproving Father Lonigan that he cannot reveal her secret due to the sanctity of the confessional. Whitney warns Chad she'll have nothing more to do with him if he tells Ethan the truth about Theresa. Ivy watches Sam begging his wife to find the will to live, for their children's sake if not his own. As Charity continues to cry out from the computer screen, Miguel appeals to Father Lonigan for help. Ethan gently turns down Theresa's offer to have him move into the Lopez-Fitzgerald household. Sensing Kay starting to weaken, Hecuba sends a fierce wind sweeping through the Bennett house. Later, Grace makes a miraculous recovery and asks Kay to summon up all her strength to fight off the evil which threatens to destroy their entire family.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Luis tells a sympathetic Sheridan about Grace's miscarriage. Miguel grows frantic when Charity's voice sadly bids him farewell forever. Meanwhile, Father Lonigan entreats Kay to reveal that her cousin is burning in hell before it's too late to save her from eternal damnation. Ethan presses Chad for any theories he might have about how Ivy's letter wound up in the tabloids. Hecuba and Tabitha bring Timmy up to speed about Charity's condition as the witches wait for Kay to make her next move. Luis brings Sheridan to one of his high school hangouts during a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Theresa privately pleads with Chad not to reveal her secret but he urges her to come clean with Ethan before he's forced to unmask her himself. Miguel's friends attempt to console him as he fears he's lost the girl he loves. The little angel shows herself to Kay and warns her to help Miguel locate Charity before evil destroys the entire Bennett clan. As Hecuba enters the fray, Timmy begins jotting down notes for his next bestseller.

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Theresa attempts to come clean with Ethan but he misinterprets her remarks and guesses that her mother was the one who hid the truth about his family ties. As Kay and Father Lonigan battle the demons from hell, Hecuba and Tabitha lure Miguel and the others into a deadly trap. Meanwhile, Timmy furiously scribbles notes for his sequel. Though Whitney fears the worst for her best friend, Chad assures her that Ethan will forgive and forget once his fiancée admits the truth. Newly chummy Tabitha and Hecuba congratulate one another for wreaking such wonderful havoc at the Bennett house. With all hell breaking loose, Kay hears her terrified friends crying out for rescue but is held at bay by the hissing demons. Timmy daydreams of having a beautiful young protege to "educate" in the ways of the world. The little angel returns with another urgent warning for Kay. Later, the trapped teens' prayers are miraculously answered.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

Ethan again pressures Chad to reveal if he knew who was keeping the Cranes' dirty little secret. Urged by Father Lonigan to reject evil, Kay finally tells the others that Charity is burning in hell inside her bedroom closet. Meanwhile, Hecuba hisses to Tabitha that she'll make the soul-less teen roast for her treachery. Luis and Sheridan begin to make love in front of a roaring fire at the cottage. Though Simone and Jessica scoff at Kay's bizarre tale, Miguel decides to take a peek inside Charity's closet but finds nothing except the usual assortment of clothes. Theresa breathes a sigh of relief when Chad tells Ethan he hasn't a clue about who sent the story to the tabloid. Startled to spot Hecuba hovering outside the window, Kay tries to sound the alarm but her friends are unable to see the witch. Timmy is thrilled to learn that he and Tabitha have been invited to go on a nationwide book tour to promote Hidden Passions. Miguel checks the closet again and hears Charity faintly calling out his name.

Friday, February 23, 2001

At the hospital, Eve urges Sam not to blame himself for Grace's miscarriage but she secretly burns with guilt when he wonders who else knew the truth about Ivy's baby. Meanwhile, Pilar angrily orders Ivy to stay away from Sam and his wife before her selfish behavior destroys what's left of the Bennetts' marriage. Tabitha gleefully tells Timmy how satisfying it is to watch Hecuba fall flat on her face in a futile effort to conquer Charity. Father Lonigan explains to Miguel and the others how the serpents of hell found an entrance into the house via Charity's bedroom closet. As Timmy eagerly scribbles notes, Tabitha describes how every Standish woman through the ages has had supernatural powers. Ethan thanks a guilt-ridden Theresa for being the one person he can always count on for complete honesty. Grace gives Sam the cold shoulder when he attempts to apologize for the pain he's caused. Father Lonigan instructs Reese to look on the Internet for ancient religious documents which could help Miguel rescue Charity. Simone berates Kay for making a deal with the devil, then screams in terror to see her best friend suddenly transformed into a hideous creature. Ethan bitterly crosses his name out of the Cranes' family Bible. Seething with rage, Grace places a powerful curse on a trembling Ivy.

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