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Skye learned that Rae was her mother, and Adam, her adoptive father. Todd disrupted his wedding ceremony to Blair. Jen was rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning. Todd and Blair were arrested. Sophia saved Roseanne from Colin.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 19, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, February 19, 2001


Lindsay welcomes Colin with a knife. He grabs the knife and then Lindsay. He reminds Lindsay of the letters that would be mailed in the event of his demise and he warns Lindsay of her payment that's due at the end of the month. Colin leaves and Lindsay heads to Sam's to warn Jen to stay away from Colin.

Jen asks Lanie what she knows about Lindsay's involvement with Nora's kidnapping. But before Jen can learn of Lanie's suspicions about Lindsay's evil ways, Lindsay makes her entrance and asks Lanie to stop poisoning her daughter's mind with lies. After Jen defends Lanie, Lindsay warns Jen that she has to stay clear of Colin. Lanie concurs. Jen exits and Lanie offers to help Lindsay. Lindsay questions Lanie's sincerity and prods about the deep, dark "family secret."


The flower-infested festivities begin with Bo arriving to oversee any wedding chaos. Max feigns innocence of any knowledge of pending doom and gloom. Kelly and Blair enter the bridal suit to prepare and Best Man Sam interrupts and asks to speak to Blair privately. Once alone, Sam asks Blair about Max's shooting. She defends her love for Todd saying "We need each other; we belong together!" A content Sam wishes her well. Meanwhile, Viki misinterprets Todd's anxiety as wedding jitters. He asks Viki if broken trust can be fixed. She tells him to settle any concerns with Blair before the ceremony.

Off in circus ring #3 – Kelly asks Max to leave Blair alone. He promises to not interfere anymore than he already has. Circus ring #4, The Ladies Restroom: Nora and Rae gossip about the betrothed couple. Rae unsuccessfully prods Nora for info about Skye's trial. Rae admits that she believes Skye is her own worst enemy just as Skye exits the bathroom stall. An enraged Skye proclaims Rae a "miserable old crone." A verbal dispute follows until Nora interrupts and Skye leaves the restroom to be comforted by Max. Max consoles Skye and tells her it's just a matter of time until the Todd Bomb goes off.

Appearing to follow Viki's advice, the groom appears in Blair's room. She flirts and asks him if he can't wait another half hour. He tells her it can't wait and this is her last change her mind about going through with it. She takes his coldness for nerves and tries to comfort him by assuring, "We're getting married because we love each other...You have to believe me and you have to trust me. We're going to be happy." A disheartened Todd exits the room adding, "See you in front of the judge."

Meanwhile, back in Ring #3, Asa picks an argument with Ben. "This man is going to take my son's life!" Bo thought he was going to have to get involved, but all concluded peacefully when Max saved the day. Nora tells Bo that the assortment of wedding guests is giving her the creeps.

On with the show...

Todd confirms the dreary musical selection, the organist begins to play, and the guests take their seats. Amidst a half-empty house, Maid of Honor Kelly makes her entrance. Blair enters the doorway, pauses, and proudly steps unescorted down the aisle. "Showtime," Todd whispers, taking his bride's hand. Blair hands her flowers to Kelly and the judge begins the service. Blair smiles lovingly at her husband-to-be. When the judge asks if anyone knows of any just reason why this couple should not be wed, the bride, groom, and guests alike look around for any pending announcements. Max and Skye vent frustration when no one speaks up. The judge encourages Blair and Todd to profess their self-written vows. Blair begins, her monologue dressed with love, honesty, and vulnerability. "All I want to prove is how much I love you and I intend to do so every day of my life." Todd follows, "We can't deceive one another...we can't keep secrets...we have been through a we put all of that behind us. Today marks a new beginning. My vow to you is that I will always surprise you." Blair beams. When the judge starts to ask Todd if "he does," Todd interrupts, "Ladies first!" After she pledges her faith, Todd gets asked the same. "Hell no! She shot her last husband in the back." All look on in shock, especially Blair.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Roseanne meets R.J. at Break Bar pleading with him to let her go. He demands, however, that she continues to be his spy at that police department and he will continue to pay her well for her services. T้arfully she leaves, as Cristian and R.J. discuss the heist. Cris will never agree to be part of a murder, but he will participate in R.J.'s latest scheme. Meanwhile, Antonio and Sophia try to figure out who the mole in the department is. They agree not to tell anyone about the latest bust, and quickly shut-up when Roseanne finds them together. After Sophia leaves, Antonio and Roseanne talk about their "new" relationship, and both are happy with the direction it is going. Roseanne thanks Antonio for the second chance, and hopes she never lets him down again.

Jen goes straight to Colin's, looking for answers about her mother. Colin manipulates Jen and blames her for breaking up her parents. He reminds her of the day she came home and found Lindsay with another man. Jen had called Colin and asked him to make an anonymous call to Sam. When Sam got the call, he rushed home, found Lindsay in bed with his partner, and thus brought the end of the marriage. Colin points out that it was all Jen's fault for her parent's divorce. He also tries to convince her of Lindsay's involvement in the kidnapping. Upset, Jen abruptly leaves, as Colin congratulates him self on his mind games.

Melanie attempts to get Lindsay to reveal her secret, so that Colin can't blackmail them anymore. Lindsay tries to deny that Colin is blackmailing her, but Lanie knows that it must be because of her involvement in Nora's kidnapping. Lanie offers to tell her secret first, and then wants Lindsay to reveal hers. She tells Lindsay, that their only chance of conquering Colin is if they stick together and trust each other. Lindsay, desperately wanting someone to trust and love her is about to open up to her sister, when she looks down and notices Lanie's engagement ring. She stops herself and accuses her sister of siding with Bo when the truth comes out. She decides she will never be able to trust Lanie if she marries Bo. The sisters end up disagreeing and Lindsay leaves.

All hell breaks loose at Blair and Todd's wedding as he repeats that Blair shot Max in the back. Confused, Blair begs Todd to stop what he is saying. He tells her she knows why he is doing this. Skye jumps up in triumph and demands they are arrested. Todd goes on to explain how he helped Blair clean up the blood, wash off the gunshot residue, hide her clothes, and planted the gun in Skye's room. As Skye starts to make a ruckus about suing Todd and how she is going to call her father, Todd begins to laugh at her, "you don't even know who your father is." Then looking at Rae, "or who your mother is for that matter!" John and Rae jump up, begging Todd to stop, but Skye wants to hear what Todd has to say. So, Todd pulls out his copy of the Bible page showing that Rae is in fact Skye's mother. Skye denies it, but Rae tearfully tells her it's the truth. Crying, Blair pleads with Todd that she doesn't understand why he is doing this, but Todd tells her she knows what she did. Kelly leads a shaken Blair away. Max say's he's heard enough of Todd for one day, and is about to leave with Skye when Todd stops him. Ben and Viki look at each other, knowing what is about to happen. Todd shouts, "I'm not through with you, Max Holden!" He then cheerfully announces that Max isn't Asa's son!

February 21, 2001

At Break Bar, Chad serves Jen after seeing her fake ID. Just as she's about to drink, Will walks in and grabs it from her. He'll kill Cris for serving her, he tells her but she states that Cris isn't even around. She mentions that she went to visit Colin which annoys Will and she still wants to know what's going on...she knows Colin told Will things about Lindsay. She wants to know if Lindsay did indeed kidnap Nora because she knows Will is hiding something. As Jess looks on perplexed, Will basically ignores Jen's questions so she storms out and says she'll drink elsewhere. Jess notices that Will didn't say anything in Lindsay's defense. He's upset that Jen has been drinking but Jess insists that it's just important for Jen to know he cares.

Sophia and Antonio train their guns on a suspect and urge him to turn around with his hands up. It's Cris!! As Antonio locks handcuffs on him, Sophia reads him his rights-he's being arrested for receiving stolen goods. Just then R.J. walks in whistling with a bill of sale in his hand. All of the liquor they see has been bought and paid for so they'd better release Cris. Antonio tries to question his brother but gets nowhere. Antonio growls that he'll find out who tipped them off, then tries to go after R.J. when he demands an apology in lieu of an official complaint he could make. Sophia apologizes for the both of them as she holds her partner back.

In the ladies' room, Skye orders Rae away from her. She's in disbelief as Rae tells her she only wants to explain how she knows that Skye is her daughter. She proceeds to show her the original Bible page that Todd had the copy of. She explains her past, her pregnancy, how she was told that her baby had died and that she only learned the truth recently, that the baby had in fact been kidnapped and turned over to the Chandlers. Daniel had agreed to help her out but had robbed her instead, though Sophia eventually found the Bible page accidentally and passed it on to John who gave it to her. She wants Skye to have it now. Skye thinks Rae is just desperate to have a baby and doesn't believe her for a minute. In fact, when her father finds out he will sue her and Myrtle, who would now suppposedly be her grandmother. She orders Rae to stay away from her and her family and tells her to drop dead. She places a call to her father, Adam, who is busy with another problem right now (his young son is missing). He will visit her in Llanview as soon as he can. Skye divulges that she's been told he's not her father.

Todd carries on with his show at what was supposed to be his wedding. Max is not really Asa's son, he's just told everyone, but Bo wants proof. Todd hands Bo a computer disk but says that Blair knew all along. All eyes turn to Blair but she disputes everything that Todd has divulged to the group regarding Max's shooting and scam of the Buchanan family. She also insists that it was Todd who shot Max and not her. Bo doesn't think that Max has ever acted like a brother or uncle to Viki's children and he thinks Max should prove he's a Buchanan, he knows Max's history as a con artist. Todd insists that there are others present who know the truth as well. Viki tries repeatedly to get Todd to stop to no avail. He also accuses Renee of knowing the truth about Max and now everyone looks at her. She tries to end the discussion but when Asa insists that Max is really his son and that Ben is behind this whole thing to take Max away, she can take it no longer. She attempts to explain why she hid the truth from Asa but then Todd jumps in and mentions that he knows who her real son is. She alternately pleads and demands to know the truth. As Sam and Ben try to remove Todd from the room, he announces that her real son is present.

As Roseanne prepares to get into the shower, there's a knock at her motel room door. It's Colin, with a bottle and he wants to spend time with her. He'll even take a shower with her he tells her as he starts to undress. She threatens to call the cops but Colin wants to know if she's told Antonio about their previous tryst or the fact that she's tipping off R.J.

Cris returns to the bar and Will mentions that his sister was served a drink. Cris becomes concerned and rushes back outside to search for Jen.

Jen is in the park with a bottle of vodka. She drinks the entire bottle and falls to the snow covered ground.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

A portion of this recap was gained from due to preemption by a presidential news conference.

The park

Cristian wanders around feeling guilty and looking for Jenn, whom we see is unconscious on the ground. Skye then comes into the park, still upset over the revelation that Rae is her mother. As she turns around, she finds a near empty pint of vodka and Jenn lying on the ground. Skye begins to yell for help and Cristian appears and carries Jenn to the hospital.


Cristian and Skye arrive at the emergency room and Dr. Larry Wolek tells them he doesn't know if Jenn will be okay because she is having trouble breathing, and alcohol poisoning is suspected. Upon examination of Jenn, Larry tells Cristian that her life is in danger. Skye then leaves and goes to her room, where she finds her father, Adam Chandler, waiting for her.

Police Station

Antonio and Sophia discuss Cristian's involvement with R.J. Antonio is pessimistic about it, but Sophia believes that Cris will come around. Later R.J. comes in wanting to file harrassment charges against the police. Antonio threatens that the police will then be glued to R.J., and R.J. counters saying that Antonio will never know the truth of Cris's involvement in his business.

Roseanne's room

Colin continues to try to blackmail Roseanne for sex. She becomes frightened and tries to struggle. Sophia then bursts in and saves her. After Colin leaves, Sophia develops suspicions about Roseanne and Colin's relationship.

Todd and Blair's wedding

Sam, Blair, and Viki try to talk Todd out of revealing Ben as Asa's son, but Todd persists with his game. Max tries to get Asa to leave, but Renee stops them and demands the truth. Ben finally cracks and tells everyone he's Asa's son. Bo and Renee believe him, but Asa thinks Ben's just trying to get inside and bring down the family. Ben says he saved Asa's life because Max told him he was Asa's son. Asa then develops heart problems and is rushed to the hospital.

Bathroom at wedding

Blair tries to get away in Rae's clothes, but Rae catches her. They argue about Skye, and Rae drags Blair back just in time to see Todd arrested.

Friday, February 23, 2001

Llanview Hospital – Jen Rapport's Emergency Room

Cristian is sitting talking to an unconscious Jen when Will and Jesse burst in. Will pushes Cristian and tells him to get away from her. Cristian tells them that Jen has alcohol poisoning and Will immediately accuses Cristian of being responsible.

Skye's Hotel Room

Skye walks into her room to find Adam Chandler waiting for her. Skye tells Adam that he is the only one who can stop Rae Cummings from spreading the ridiculous lie that Skye is her daughter.

Rae Cummings House

Rae is puttering around when her mother, Myrtle Fargate walks in. They embrace and Myrtle asks what is going on. Rae then tells her that Todd Manning decided to blow up his own wedding with a series of bombshells about people in Llanview and that one of the bombs was to tell everyone that Rae is Skye Chandler's real mother. Rae tells Myrtle that Skye didn't believe it and wants nothing to do with Rae and hates her more now than previously. Rae asks Myrtle if she should just walk away and Myrtle tells her "Nonsense!" Myrtle tells Rae to pull herself together and to start thinking like Myrtle Fargate's daughter and then the two of them will figure out what to do next.

Llanview Hospital – Asa Buchanan's Emergency Room

Larry Wolek is checking Asa with Renee nearby. Renee tells Larry that Asa has had a shock and that the news was too much for him. Larry continues to talk to Asa, trying to get him to respond. The only thing Asa will say is "My son" over and over again.

Palace Hotel

Bo is in the process of arresting Todd on several charges. Sam refuses to represent Todd because he just about ruined Ben's life, but he tells Blair he will represent her. Viki asks Todd why he did what he did on his wedding day and Todd replies "I couldn't do it, Viki. I couldn't put the pieces back together after the trust was broken." Blair asks him what he is talking about "What trust got broken that made you do this?" Max says Todd did it because he could and if Asa died Todd would be guilty of murder. Max starts to leave, but Bo tells him to stay away from his father and that he is taking Max in for questioning regarding the matter of defrauding Asa Buchanan. Max asks Nora if she is available, but Nora says that until the charges against Skye have been dropped she couldn't represent the man Skye is accused of shooting. Bo asks John Sykes to take Blair, Todd and Max downtown to the station so Bo could go to the hospital to see Asa. After everyone leaves, Ben starts to apologize to Kevin for not telling him, but Kevin tells Ben he doesn't have to explain himself. Kevin says "Asa is my grandfather, but I know the man." He then leaves to go write a story for the paper about the happenings of the evening. Sam tells Ben that he had no idea that Todd knew the truth. Ben tells Sam "You don't have to apologize to me, you're my brother." and Sam replies "Yes, I am." The only one left in the room is Bo and he and Ben stand a look at each other for a long moment, but say nothing to each other and Bo turns to leave. Left alone, Ben and Viki embrace and Ben says "I knew the moment I had to tell Renee that she was my mother that things would change, and they did. It's real. I'm Asa's son."

Llanview Hospital – Asa's Emergency Room

Asa's blood pressure starts to drop and Renee says "God, please don't let him die."

Skye's Hotel Room

Skye tells Adam Chandler that Rae Cummings hates her and that Rae's goal in life was to make Skye's life as miserable as possible. Adam replies "By claiming to be your mother?" Skye asks what could be worse than not being Adam Chandler's daughter. She then tells Adam the whole story about Rae giving up her child as a teenager, the page from the bible that the Dr. had and how Daniel had kept the information from Rae. Adam says he met Rae when she was in Pine Valley, but he had no idea that she was looking for her own daughter. Skye tells Adam that while she was in jail, Rae would come to her cell and try to "bait" Skye. She tells Adam that she wants to go home to Pine Valley with him and that she feels sure the DA in Llanview will drop all the charges and that it is just a matter of the paper work. Skye says she really wants to be with her family and that she will even try to get along with Haley. Adam says, "Honey, I'm sorry. I can't do that." Skye asks him "Why not. You're my father. Why can't I just go home with you?"

Llanview Hospital – Jen's Emergency Room

Cristian tells Jessie and Will that Dr. Wolek said it was a good thing they got Jen to the hospital when they did. Jessie says "You saved her life." Will looks up at Cristian. A nurse comes in with Jen's purse and Jessie says she will sign for it. Will says he knows Cris saved Jen's life, but that maybe her life wouldn't have needed saving if she had not been hanging out with Cristian. He questions how she got the alcohol if not for Cristian and Cristian replies that he wouldn't do that. Jessie is looking at Jen's driver's license then speaks up and says she knows how Jen got the alcohol. She tells them that the license says Jen is 22. Will looks at it and says, "How did Jen get a fake id?" Cris looks very guilty.

Llanview Hospital

Bo and Renee are standing outside Asa's emergency room when Larry comes out of the room. Larry tells them that Asa's heart is not pumping correctly, that his heart is enlarged and that it has been that way ever since Asa's heart surgery. Renee asks why the problem was not diagnosed before, and Larry tells her that he had never kept any of his appointments to come in for a checkup. Bo asks to see his father and Larry allows him to see Asa briefly. Larry tells Bo and Renee that they have to run some tests to see if Asa needs a pacemaker. Bo and Renee go in to see Asa. Bo tells Asa that he loves him and that no matter what has happened that is a given. Renee tells Bo that no matter how close Asa got to Max, he never stopped loving Bo. Bo gets a look of hatred on his face and asks Renee why she let the lie about Max being Asa's son go on so long. Renee responded that she was terrified that if Asa learned the truth, he would end up back in the hospital or in the grave. She told Bo she didn't know anything about the rest of it, about Ben being she and Asa's son. Renee tells Bo about slapping Max so hard that his aneurysm burst and then while Max was recovering she found out how much Asa loved Max and that she let the lie get out of hand. Bo tells Renee that it was not just for Asa and Renee admits that she made a pact with the devil, but that it is all over and she wants to know what will happen to Max.

Llanview Police Station

Hank Gannon and John take Todd into a room for questioning. Nora tells Sam "Well, we knew something was going to happen." and Sam asks her what "we" knew. She says all she knew was that Max was going to try to get Todd to turn on Blair. Sam tells Nora that he does not think the DA will drop the charges against Skye until he has an airtight case against the person who shot Max and that all they have right now is Todd's word.

John tells Todd what he said regarding Blair's shooting Max in the back "for the record". Hank asks Todd exactly what happened but Todd refuses to say anything until he is guaranteed prosecution immunity, but Hank tells him that he won't get anything until he gives them some information. Todd says he knows they gave Colin a free ride when he kidnapped Nora.

Blair is talking to Kelly when she sees Max laughing. She asks him what he is laughing at and Max tells her he is laughing at her. Blair tells him she is happy that he is in trouble up to his neck, but Max says he always manages to have an ace or two up his sleeve. Max tells her he will always savor the memory of her telling him how much in love she and Todd were and that she and Todd did exactly what he expected. Blair asks Max what he expected and if he knew something she didn't know. Max tells Blair that he always expects the worst from her and that loyalty is very low on her list of priorities. Blair asks if had anything to do with Todd turning on her.

John brings Todd back and sends Max in to see Hank. Blair starts proclaiming that she did not shoot Max, but that Todd did and the only reason she had not said anything was because of Starr. John tells Blair that he cannot arrest her for shooting Max, but that she has just confessed to the same crimes that Todd had confessed to and arrests her for falsification and hindering arrest.

Palace Hotel

Ben is talking to Viki and says he never wanted Asa to be his father. He said he hated not telling Renee the truth, but that he had no choice because he didn't want to lose Sam and his family. He said he was so sure that he way was the right way. Ben says that when he looks into Asa's eyes all he sees is hate. Ben says he hates the way he feels about Asa and Viki says that he loves Renee. Ben says yes and that he always will but that he is afraid he has lost her.

Llanview Hospital – Asa's Emergency Room

Renee asks Bo if he is going to ask her to press charges against Max. Bo tells her charges from her would not hold up because she knew about the fraud for over a year and did nothing about it. He tells Renee that Asa is the only one who has a case against Max and that Asa was in no shape to do anything so Max might get away with the fraud, but Bo has no intention of letting that happen. Not as a cop or as Asa Buchanan's son. Renee asks if it makes any difference that Asa loves Max. Bo tells Renee that the reason Asa loves Max is because he had months to believe that Max was his real son. Renee knows that Bo blames her. Bo says that his father would not be lying in that hospital bed if he had not worried himself sick that his make believe son was the victim of some make believe murder plot and that if Bo had known the truth he might could have done something about it. Renee says that if Max could help Asa, she would make a pact with that devil again.

Rae Cummings House

Rae tells Myrtle that she should have never initiated her search for her daughter. Myrtle says they are going to stop the "should have", "could have", and take care of business immediately. Rae wonders if Skye has told Adam and how much he already knew.

Skye's Hotel Room

Adam says he can't take Skye home with him because he is having troubles of his own and that he is not even supposed to be out of the house. He tells Skye that he can send people to assist her lawyer. Skye tells Adam she needs him, not one of his flunkies. Adam says he loves her and that he trusts her to take care of herself because she is tough and she is smart. Skye says that is because she is a Chandler and her father's daughter. "Right, Daddy?" Skye asks.

Llanview Hospital – Jen's Emergency Room

Jessie tells Will that Jen wouldn't have any problem getting a fake ID and that most kids in school have one. Cristian asks to look at the ID while Will tells Jess that he doesn't care about everybody else and that his sister is lying in a hospital bed because some idiot decided to make her a fake ID and if he ever finds out who it is he is going to kill them.

Palace Hotel

Viki tells Ben that Renee loves him and that she forgave Max when she found out that he wasn't her real son. Ben recalls that Renee cried on his shoulder and that she longed to know who her real son was and that all Renee was going to remember was that Ben hadn't told her the truth then. Viki says Renee will understand. Viki says that the worst is over and that no matter what the fall-out might be, it will not effect she and Ben.

Rae's House

Myrtle tells Rae that she expects her to take the bull by the horns whether it is called Skye or Adam Chandler. Myrtle tells Rae that she has nothing to be ashamed of and Rae agrees. Rae feels that she is doing the right thing. Myrtle tells Rae that Skye will understand someday. Rae says she knows what she has to do, but that she has to do it alone. Myrtle agrees.

Skye's Hotel Room

Adam apologizes to Skye because she has had to go through so much alone but that she was not alone and certainly not an "afterthought". Skye asks him why he said "afterthought". Adam tells Skye he loves her and Skye replies that he has said that twice in one day and that is a record. Adam says that they should have had this discussion before and tells Skye to sit down. Skye has a terrified look on her face as if she is scared to death of what Adam is going to say. She starts babbling about going home and how she will make it up to everyone in the family and that there is no truth to what Rae Cummings is saying about Skye being her daughter. Adam tells her, for the third time, that he loves her and he wants her to listen to him. He tells Skye that she is his daughter, but that she is not his biological daughter. Just then, Rae knocks on the door and Adam lets her in. Skye is in shock.

Llanview Hospital – Jen's Emergency Room

Larry tells Will and Jessie that Jen's condition has improved and that she is out of the woods and should be waking up soon.

Llanview Hospital – Asa's Emergency Room

Larry comes in to take Asa for tests and tells Renee to stay in the room and wait. Renee is standing in the empty room when Ben opens the door and Renee turns to look at him with a look of anger.

Llanview Police Station

John tells Bo that they still have two versions of what happened to Max and that Todd wants full immunity before he will go on the record. John says they have charged Todd with everything but the shooting for now. Bo tells John to lock Blair and Todd up next to each other and that maybe a little jail time next to Blair will convince Todd to issue a statement.

Max asks Bo how Asa is and tells Bo that he really does love Asa like a father. Bo tells Max that he separated Asa from his family and encouraged Asa's paranoia against Ben Davidson and Sam Rapport, but that now Bo understands why. Max says he tried to keep Asa from going after Ben and from cutting Bo and Clint out of his will. Bo tells Max that he put Asa in that hospital bed and for Max not to ever tell him how much he loves Asa. Max turns to leave but Bo tells him he is not free to go and to wait in the interrogation room and that, if Max knows what is good for him, he will cooperate.

Sam asks Bo how Asa is. Bo tells him that Asa is hanging in there then he asks Sam if he knew and Sam says that he did. Bo says "Interesting."

Nora goes into the interrogation room with Max and asks him what he knows. Nora tells Max that he invited Bo, Asa, herself and the police to the wedding and that it was as if Max knew Todd was going to turn on Blair. Max asks if she is his lawyer, but Nora says she is his friend who happens to be a lawyer. Max tells Nora that he hit Todd in his jealous bone and that Todd was convinced that he saw Max and Blair in bed together. Nora tells Max that if Todd suspects that he will take back the statement he made about Blair and that Skye will end up going to jail.

John puts Todd and Blair in adjoining cells and they glare at each other.

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