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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 19, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, February 19, 2001

Julia warns Craig about Carly's plans for his horse. He's curious as to why she always comes running to him with a story whenever her marriage is in trouble. Julia warns that he'll lose everything if Carly's successful and she'll lose her husband. He agrees to help her and promises not to tell Jack. Hearing about Joe, Julia decides to go to the hospital. As Jake meets his twin daughters for the first time, Cloche explains that Vicky's dying wish was to keep the baby's a secret in order to protect them. Jake stumbles for words and then promises the girls that he will never let them out of his sight again. Naming them Michelle and Bridget after Vicky's father and their friend, Jake calls out to Vicky for a visit to see him with their daughters. Holden calls Jack with the news about the attempt to steal Flashdance, ruining Jack and Carly's plans for passion. He then tries to ease Rose's fears as she waits by her father's bedside. When Joe comes to in response to the mention of the word cannoli, Rose is relieved. Emma suggests that he recuperate at the farm and Holden assures Rose that he feels fine about the living arrangements. Jack and Carly rush to the hospital where they're embarrassed to run into Julia. With Margo's support, Tom explains to Craig that he can't represent him in a case to take Flashdance as his own.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

Bryant calls Jennifer and tells her that he has missed her and wishes her a belated Happy Valentines Day. Someone starts bagging on his door and he tells Jennifer that he will call her later. Lucinda is at the door and she tells Bryant that she couldn't sleep. She wants to know what he had found out from his father about taking the money from his trust fund. He tells Lucinda that what his father told him, he had accepted. Lucinda thinks her grandson is crazy for trusting his father and she demands to know what Craig had told him. He tells her that Craig had felt like he lived in Lucinda and Sierra's shadow because he had to live off their money. He says that his father had said that Lucinda only got ahead because she had married rich men. Lucinda says it is the pot calling the kettle black? Bryant tells Lucinda that he doesn't want people looking at him like they do his father. He tells her that he plans on working and getting money for the repairs on the mausoleum that he had broken into. He tells her that the only problem is that he had received a letter and the damages are over $7,000. Lucinda tells him that she can see that he is trying to make a good life for himself and she is going to pay for the damages. At first he argues with his grandmother, but then he gives in and accepts her gift. He kisses her goodnight and she leaves the pool house. After she is gone, Bryant looks at the letter again and then sees something he didn't see before. There is another knock at the door and Jennifer had stopped by to see Bryant. Bryant invites her in and shows her the letter about the damages. He points out that there is an address for them to send the money to. He tells Jennifer that he feels that the con artist will show up to get the money and then he can nail him. Jennifer isn't sure about the plan. Bryant asks if she wants to come along? She asks him what is she supposed to do if his spandex floozy comes instead? He says that he understands and he can go alone. She has a second thought and says that she will come along; she might like seeing that girl again.

The two con artists meet at the Lakeview. Ruby asks her partner if they shouldn't be keeping a low profile? He tells her that he is practicing belonging. She tells him that usually after they make their mark, they leave a town and go to the next. He tells her that he is tired of that. He wants more. He shows her the letter about the mausoleum getting broken into and when she reads it she says that the perp sounds like Bryant. He agrees and informs her that they are going to use Bryant to get closer to Lucinda.

Simon is working on a car and Katie tries to join him. He asks her if she is going to be out there long and when she says yes, he tells her to lock up and shut off the lights when she is done. He goes into the other room and leaves her by herself. After he is gone, Henry shows up. He tells her that he needs money to get out of town. She reminds him that she is married to a mechanic and they have no money. He tells her that she can give him money and he will go away or he may have to spill the beans on her unpregnancy. She tells him to be quiet, Simon is in the other room and he may hear him. As they are arguing about her not being pregnant, Simon opens the door and hears them. Simon walks out and asks Katie to introduce him to her friend. She says that he remembers Henry. Simon remembers the woman in the doctor's office and puts two and two together and realizes that it was Henry dressed up in drag. Katie thanks Henry for stopping by, but he has to go now. Henry whispers that he still needs money. Katie walks with him to the door and gives him what little money she has. He tells her that it is only enough for a cab ride to the bus station. Simon watches as Katie gives Henry money. After Henry leaves, Simon accuses Katie of not being pregnant. She gets upset and runs out on him.

Molly and Jake take the girls to the cemetery where Vicky's body is buried. Jake asks Vicky to appear to them just one more time. Vicky does appear and she is smiling at Jake and Molly and the girls. She tells Jake that she has never felt so much peace before this. She tells him that she can cross over now and they can go on with their lives. She motions to Jake that she wants to talk to Molly. Jake steps back and then Vicky gives him a look as to, "Go away, I need girl talk with Molly." Jake takes the girls and steps away and leaves Molly and Vicky to talk. Vicky tells Molly that she is so happy that Molly will be in Jake's life. She tells her that she saw Molly coming into his life. She says that before Molly, Jake was lost and Molly found him and made him live again. She says that she will be forever thankful to her for that. She tells Molly to go and have a great life with Jake and the girls. Molly tells Vicky that she feels like she is taking the girls from her. Vicky says that she is not taking anything. She goes on to say that she came to Molly because she knew she could love freely. Molly tells her that she will do her best with the girls and they will always remember her. Vicky tells Jake that she can't stay much longer. Molly goes to the girls and Jake walks back over to Vicky. Jake starts to cry and Vicky tells him that everything is going to be all right now. He says, "How can everything be all right when you are not here?" She tells him that he and Molly will be very happy now. She says that their soles are linked forever. He tells her that he will see her again some day. She says that she has to go and he says that he doesn't want her to be alone. She says that she won't be alone. She is going to find Bridget and her father. She says that she will love him forever and then she fades away.

[Note from Sandy: this was a real tearjerker. I can't do it justice as I write this recap. I didn't watch Another World but these two actors (Jake and Vicky) are so good that I was bawling my eyes out. Just know that as I was writing this last bit, I was crying again, it was so good!] Recap --->

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Carly determines to get Hal to release Flashdance to her. Jack catches Julia snooping through his file on Craig. Simon is dubious about Katie's claim that Henry has been spying on her and urges her to confess her pregnancy is fake. Hal threatens to tell the Hong Kong authorities of Mei-Lin's arrest unless she signs her statement declaring that Craig murdered Winston but deliberately poisoning him.

Mei-Lin turns the tables on Hal by threatening to tell the commissioner that her statement was coerced by Hal. At Jack's urging, Julia agrees to see Dr. Michaels. Katie finally confirms Simon's assertion that she's been lying but begs him not to leave her. A sarcastic Simon denies Katie's declaration of love and thanks her for ruining his life.

Mei-Lin shrugs off Henry's attempt to blackmail her and orders him to tell Craig to come and pay her bail. Barbara suggests to Craig that he borrow money from her to solve his money woes. Hal enlists Jack's help in disproving Winston's official cause of death.

When Carly shows up at the police station with her papers claiming ownership of Flashdance, Hal is scornful and implies she was a partner with Craig in helping to kill Winston. After Craig refuses Barbara's offer of a loan, Barbara invites him to go to the Dominican Republic with her to get her divorce.

Julia tells Dr. Michaels she's been plagued by nightmares. Simon orders Katie to move out, ignoring her reminder that he'll be deported if they don't stay married. When Dr. Michaels writes Julia a prescription for some sleeping pills, Julia swipes some of the sheets from Dr. Michael's prescription pad.

Henry listens in as Hal warns Carly that if she doesn't help him nail Craig, she'll suffer when it comes to getting custody of Parker. Alone, a despondent Katie decides she won't leave--Simon needs her now more than ever. Craig explains to Barbara that his business problems prevent him from leaving Oakdale. Henry informs Craig that Hal has asked Carly to dig up dirt on Craig.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

Reading a report from his teacher at school that Will is withdrawn and letting his studies slip, Barbara convinces Hal to sign the divorce papers. She then lets Julia know that she's heading to the Dominican Republic to get a quickie divorce. Julia leaks that Jack's seeing Carly again and swears her to secrecy. Jack's concerned when Julia mentions that Dr. Michaels prescribed some sleeping pills for her. He slips out to meet Carly at the playground where she asks for his help calming down Hal. When Parker is hit while walking near the swings, the two rush the boy to the hospital. Pushed by Margo, Cass agrees to handle Craig's case. Craig asks him to make sure that he gets Flashdance while Carly gets nothing. Hearing about the accident at the playground, Craig rushes to the hospital and brings Cass with him. When Hal announces that this accident has convinced him to have Parker taken from her, Craig introduces Cass to Hal as Carly's attorney. Upset that he's gone to another "meeting," Julia considers popping a pill. Lucinda offers Simon another deal to leave town. Halliwell arrives and is told that Katie suffered a miscarriage. Simon assures them all that he is staying married to Katie. He later advises Katie that when Lily returns, he will face her with the truth. Katie promises no more tricks.

Friday, February 23, 2001

Holden brought Rose and Joe to the Snyder farm so that Emma could help with Joe's recuperation. Holden cautioned Rose not to interpret their current living arrangements as permanent. She convinced him not to worry--she was just enjoying the current situation and the two of them made passionate love in the stables.

At the hospital, Hal refused to let Parker go home with Carly. Cass, Craig's lawyer, reminded Hal that he only had joint custody and that if he didn't cooperate, a petition would be filed in family court that would give Carly temporary custody of Parker. Frustrated and angry, Hal had no choice but to allow his son to leave with Carly and Craig. Before leaving, Hal warned Craig that he would pay for breaking up his marriage and for his son Bryant, almost killing Parker. Carly took Parker back to Craig's suite and thanked Craig for helping her get Parker back. Overcome with gratitude, she admitted to him that she knew where his money was and had known it for a very long time.

Dr. Michaels paid Jack a visit at the police station to discuss her concerns about Julia's condition and her strong feeling that Julia needed intense therapy. Jack was worried when the doctor told him she had prescribed sleeping pills for Julia and went home to find her. When he found an empty pill bottle and no Julia, he frantically started searching for her. He was relieved when he found her at Fashions, acting as if nothing had happened. She told him he had nothing to worry about--she had merely flushed the pills down the toilet. She then informed Jack that she was ready to go make a baby and though Jack was still concerned, he left with her to go home.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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