All My Children Recaps: The week of February 19, 2001 on AMC

Tad rescued JR, a.k.a. Junior. Leslie lured Dixie to the Chandler Enterprises Tower and tried to push her off the balcony. David heroically rescued Dixie, but received a stab wound from Leslie. Leslie fell to the ground, but managed to survive. Gillian lost her baby, and the chances of her becoming pregnant again were reduced. Jake granted her a divorce. Alex called Wildwind again, but this time her number could be traced. Roger and Erica enjoyed each other's company.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 19, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, February 19, 2001

Erica was in the dinning room of The Valley Inn waiting for Jackson. Roger was at the bar and decided to walk over to Erica's table and place his drink with the cigar in it in front of her. He apologized to Erica for being rude and offered to buy her a drink. She told him that she was waiting for a friend. Roger said maybe some other time. Roger then asked her if he could sit with her until her guest arrived. Erica asked Roger if he was sure that was his last cigar. Roger sat down and Erica apologized to him for over reacting about him smoking in the dining room. Roger told Erica to never regret being a woman of conviction. He told Erica that he was trying to instill that into his daughter. Erica asked if it was working. Roger said that he was trying to give her some guidance but she was not interested. Erica said that she knew what he was talking about because she had a teenage daughter also. They toasted to their daughters. Roger told Erica that he was in town to visit with his daughter. He said that he was hopeful that she would lean on him. He called her his "little baby." Roger asked Erica about her daughter and she told him that she had learned a lot from her daughter. Erica waved at Jack as he entered the door and Roger excused himself to go back and sit at the bar. Erica asked Jackson how his dinner was with Bianca. Jack told Erica how Bianca told her all about Sarah and her mother and how Erica helped the two of them reconcile. Erica told Jack that she was really surprised how Sarah's mother reacted when Sarah told her mother that she was gay. Erica told Jack that she could not have gotten through any of this without Jack's help. Jack told Erica how proud he was of her and Bianca. Erica told Jack that the best thing she could do was to let Bianca grow and then she could live her life to the fullest. The waiter brought a piece of cake to Erica and she and Jack commented on how large it was. Jack said that he wished he could stay and help her eat the cake but he had a hearing to get ready for. After he left, Roger rejoined her at the table. She asked Roger if he would like to join her for a piece of cake and he accepted. Roger asked Erica if Bianca was close to her father. Erica told him that Bianca's father died a few months ago. Roger told Erica that he and his wife just separated and wanted to know if she had any tips for a single parent. Erica told him to always listen to his daughter. Erica admitted that she was just getting used to what her daughter was saying instead of what she wanted to hear. Roger said that he loved his daughter but he was concerned that the divorce would devastate her. After a few more moments of talking, Erica excused herself and said that she had to get home to see Bianca. After Erica left, Roger was told that his cab was waiting on him to take him to the airport. Roger told the desk clerk that he had decided to stay a little longer and for him to get him the best available suite.

Ryan and Gillian were in the car waiting for Greenlee to return with a tow truck and an ambulance. Ryan was going to leave the car and look for Greenlee until Gillian yelled out in pain. He tried to comfort her and keep her warm. Gillian was telling Ryan that she was so cold. He asked her if she remembered the time he was cold and she comforted him. They were in the ice shack and they were on the run from the police. He told him how she kept him warm by wrapping her body around his after he got out of the water. Ryan assured her that he was not going anywhere. Greenlee came back into the car and she told Ryan that the gas station was closed but she used the pay phone and called a tow truck and an ambulance. They could hear the ambulance siren in the distance. Jake was on duty at the hospital when a call came in stating that they were bringing in a woman in her first trimester of pregnancy who had severe abdominal pains. Jake did not know at the time that it was Gillian they were talking about.

Dixie was in her house, in the dark, looking for Leslie's body with a flashlight. She saw the blood on the floor but could not find Leslie. Tad came up behind her and touched her shoulder. When he did that, Dixie screamed and threw the flashlight. Tad tried to calm Dixie down and told her that everything was all right. She ran into his arms but told him that everything was not all right. Dixie told Tad that Leslie was there and she was trying to kill her. Dixie said that Leslie's hands were around her throat and she was trying to strangle her. She also told Tad that Leslie turned the lights off at the circuit breaker and when she tried to call the police, the phone battery was dead. Tad told Dixie that he was going to turn the lights back on but Dixie did not want him to leave her alone. When he got the flashlight, he shined it on Dixie and saw the blood on her hands and was really concerned that she was hurt. Dixie told Tad that the blood was not hers, it was Leslie's because she hit her in the head with the flashlight. Tad shined the flashlight around the room and asked if Leslie did all that damage. Dixie thought she had killed Leslie but when she turned around she was gone. Dixie told Tad that she could still be in the house. Tad assured her that Leslie was gone. Tad asked Dixie to explain what happened. She proceeded to tell him that the roses she received were not from David, they were from Leslie and there was a tarantula in the box. She told Tad that David took the tarantula away. Then she said that Leslie came to the door and pretended to be injured but she was faking. Dixie told Tad that Leslie was extremely dangerous and would not stop until she got what she wanted and that was Tad. Tad said that he would call the police and that Leslie would go away for a long time. He told Dixie that she was his entire world and he would not let anything bad happen to her. They hugged each other. The police came and questioned Dixie. They offered to police the neighborhood and see if they could find her. Dixie told Tad that she was glad he was there. Tad told Dixie that he wished he could have gotten there sooner. Dixie asked Tad if he found Junior and he said that Junior was at Brooke's. Brooke called Tad and said that when she went to check on the boys in their beds, Junior was missing.

Junior was in the park sitting on a bench and smoking a cigarette. He saw David coming up the walk and he crushed the cigarette. David said hi to Junior and Junior told him that his name was now J.R. David told Junior that it was kind of late for a kid to be out and Junior told him that he wasn't a kid. David said that he was sorry he was upset with him about the flowers. David told him that he didn't send the flowers. David told Junior that he was sorry his friendship with his mother upset him. Junior told David that he wasn't friends with his mom, he was sleeping with her. Junior told David that Tad told him about the two of them. Junior told David to go to his house because his mom was probably waiting for him. David told Junior to go home and talk to his mother. Junior told David to leave him "the hell alone." David walked away and left Junior in the park.

Leslie was in the emergency room but not for treatment by any of the hospital staff. She wormed her way into one of the emergency room cubicles and broke into a medicine cabinet. She took a bottle of liquid marked Hydrate and put it into her purse and then walked out of the room.

Dixie started to explain to Tad that David did not send her the flowers. Tad started to tell Dixie about Junior and the conversation that they had when the doorbell rang. It was David and he wanted to know what went on tonight because of all the police cars out front. Dixie told David that Leslie broke in to their house and tried to kill her. Tad asked David why he was there and he said it was because of Junior. Dixie asked David if he saw Junior tonight. David said that he just left him at the park and he was going by the name J.R. now instead of Junior. Tad asked David why he didn't bring him home. David said that was not an option. Dixie asked David how Junior seemed and David told her that Junior knows about them. Dixie said that Junior seemed upset the last time she saw him but wanted to know how he found out. David looked at Tad and asked him if he wanted to tell her or should he. Dixie turned and looked at Tad with disgust in her face. Dixie asked Tad if he did that to get back at her. Tad went to grab Dixie and she pulled away from him. Tad told Dixie that when Junior asked him about his mom and David, he just told Junior to go and talk to his mom. Tad said that Junior figured it out and he didn't tell him. Dixie started to leave and said that she had to go and find Junior but Tad grabbed her arm and stopped her. She told Tad to let her go and Tad reminded her that she could not go looking for Junior alone. Leslie was still out there someplace. David told Tad and Dixie that he would go back to the park and bring Junior home. Tad told David that there was no way Junior would come back with him. David left and said that he was going to look for Leslie. Tad told Dixie that he would never ever do anything to come between her and Junior. Tad then told Dixie to come with him and they together would go and find Junior.

Gillian was wheeled into the emergency room. Ryan was right beside her looking around for a doctor. Ryan started calling for a doctor. Jake turned around and spotted Ryan and yelled out Gillian's name and then ran to the stretcher. They rushed Gillian into the room for an examination.

Greenlee was in the waiting room outside Gillian's room crying. Tina was walking by and saw Greenlee and asked her if she was OK. Greenlee showed Tina her shoes and commented "$500 of suede road kill." Tina looked at Greenlee and said "You are upset over a pair of shoes?" Greenlee replied, "I am a material girl!" Tina asked her if it was a rough night. Greenlee said "You have no idea!" before rising to her feet and stomping off.

Jake was getting Gillian ready for a pelvic exam and was waiting on the ultra sound machine. He also requested to have the operating room on standby. While the other doctor started the pelvic exam, Jake pulled Ryan aside and asked him what happened to her before she got sick. Ryan told Jake that she was OK and then doubled over in pain like she was having a cramp. Ryan also told Jake that when they started to walk, Gillian passed out. Jake was yelling at all the nurses to get the OBGYN doctor and the sonogram machine into the room NOW. Gillian yelled out in pain and Ryan ran to her side. The machine started beeping and the other doctor ran to Gillian's side only to find out that her blood pressure was dropping. From her pelvic exam, the doctor told Jake that the fallopian tube may have ruptured and they needed to get her into surgery now. Jake just stared at Gillian and kept repeating, "Oh my baby, Oh my baby." Ryan grabbed his arm and asked him what he was waiting for. The doctor told Jake that Gillian had major bleeding and she had to go to the operating room now. Ryan started to sign the consent papers for her surgery and Jake grabbed them and said that she was still his wife and he would sign the papers. He signed them and they wheeled Gillian out of the room. As Jake passed Ryan, Ryan grabbed his arm and told Jake that if anything happened to Gillian because he held back, it would all fall back on him.

Junior sat alone on a park bench. Two of his schoolmates appeared and asked him if he was ready to go to a rave. Junior told them that he changed his mind and needed to get home instead. The two boys left - after one made a remark about it being past Junior's bedtime --- and Junior went back to the park bench. Unaware of things around him, Junior did not know that Leslie was approaching him from behind. As she got close to him, she grabbed him and put a cloth over his mouth and nose. Junior struggled to break free, but as he inhaled the liquid on the cloth... he passed out.

Tuesday, February 20, 2001

On their way to the skating rink, Erica and Bianca stopped midway into the park for a brief chat. Bianca told her mother that Sarah had called to offer her thanks for being supportive. Erica downplayed the praise she'd gotten for being understanding, saying only that she had been more understanding than Mrs. Livingston. Bianca stepped away to pick up some hot cider for her and her mother. When she did, Roger Smythe, who had been lurking about in the background, stepped forward and pretended that seeing Erica was a coincidence. Roger smiled suavely and told Erica that he'd delayed his plans to leave Pine Valley. When asked why he'd done that, Roger said that meeting Erica made him want to stick around. The pair chatted briefly about the difficulties in bringing up children before Erica dashed off to help Bianca with the cider. Shortly after Erica left, Greenlee appeared before her father. She asked him why he was in the park. Roger cleared his throat and said that he'd been looking for her because he wanted to apologize for his drunken ramblings the night before. Greenlee was stunned by her father's sudden desire to take back all the mean things that he'd said. Needless to say, she was skeptical about his sudden apology. Roger said that he understood that Greenlee might not want to buy into his apology. He informed her that he'd bee sticking around town a little while longer and asked that they try to spend some time together to get to know one another again. Roger left, leaving a stunned Greenlee standing by herself with a look of confusion and pain on her face. Erica wandered over and made a few cheap shots at Greenlee before heading off to the skating rink with Bianca. The Kane women's skating outing lasted only a few moments; they decided to find something else to do because the rink was too crowded. Erica suggested some "power shopping" and a trip to the Glamorama. Bianca nixed the ideas and Erica accepted that she and her daughter have different leisure activities. The two went their separate ways. Before Erica could get very far, Roger once again reappeared. He boldly asked Erica if she'd like to join him for some coffee. Erica declined, saying that she had other things planned. After a pause, she looked up at Roger and told him that she would he free later in the day.

In the attic of an old church, Junior rubbed a cloth binding that tied his hands together behind his back against an old iron grating. Before he could free himself, Leslie returned toting a plastic bag from a nearby convenience store. She smiled broadly and announced that she'd picked up some donuts, beef jerky and other assorted goods. Junior reminded Leslie that Adam is his father. He said that anything she wanted would be hers for the taking. Leslie shook her head and explained that this was not a "standard kidnapping." She explained that she'd taken Junior so that she'd no longer be ignored. Being the "other woman," she said, was not an easy thing. She told Junior that she'd grown tired of the whispering and glares. Junior bowed his head and told Leslie that he didn't realize how difficult things must be for her. He asked Leslie if she could free his hands so that he could feed himself a donut or two. Leslie nodded and reached down to untie his hands. She caught a glimpse of a smirk on Junior's face and realized that Junior was trying to pull a fast one on her. She immediately stopped what she was doing. A little while later, Leslie revealed a pocket tape recorder and told Junior that he was going to make a tape recording for Tad and Dixie.

Tad and Dixie returned home without finding any signs of their missing son. David showed up at the house and said that he was surprised that Junior hadn't returned home. Tad announced that he felt Leslie was responsible for Junior's disappearance. David asked that Tad not jump to any unfounded conclusions. The doctor suggested that Junior had run off because he'd learned more than he should have about his mother's personal life. The two men nearly came to blows and had to be separated by a police officer that had been stationed at the house. The officer told Tad that the police department was handling Junior's disappearance as a runaway case. Until evidence surfaced that Leslie might be involved, that would not change. Dixie told Tad that someone needed to tell Adam about the situation. Tad asked that Dixie go with him, but Dixie wanted to remain behind. Tad wasn't too thrilled with the idea of leaving Dixie and David together, but he agreed to go to the police station and talk to Adam. As he left, he whispered a warning to David, telling him that it would only be a matter of time before everyone in town learned of his role in the Libidozone fiasco. After Tad left, David asked the policeman for some time alone with Dixie. He agreed. Once the coast was clear, David took Dixie in his arms and offered her a comforting hug. Dixie composed herself and headed to another room to look for some of Junior's things. She was going only a matter of a few moments when the phone rang. Leslie was disappointed to hear David's voice. David told her that Tad had gone to tell Adam about the kidnapping. Leslie sighed deeply and said that no one else had to have gotten involved in the situation. She blasted David for turning against her and warned him that she was going to take him down.

Liza visited Adam in his jail cell and told him that Barry was working on getting the charges against him dropped. So far, Barry had gotten all of the misdemeanors dropped. The felonies were another story. According to Liza, Barry was arguing that Adam would never have set fire to the trash can or attempted to flee with Hayley if he had not been unjustly accused of criminal activity. Things were going pretty well until Tad arrived and announced that Junior was missing. Adam reached out, grabbed a hold of Tad and out him in a stranglehold. It took Barry and a police officer to pry Adam off of Tad. Adam said he was furious that Tad's inability to control himself from having "sex with a lunatic" had put his son in the crossfire. Adam ordered Tad to continue searching for Junior. Tad lowered his head and walked away. Later, Barry returned and told Adam that he had some good news for him. Adam would, he said, be released from jail. However, the judge had decided that Adam's past record of disregarding the law could not be overlooked. Because of this, the judge had imposed "house arrest" on Adam. Barry said that Adam would be taken back to his home by the marshal's office and then be outfitted with a special monitoring device. If he were to leave his home, he would be re-arrested and held in a jail cell until his court date.

Ryan left Gillian's side for a moment to ask Jake for an update on her condition. Jake said that Gillian had lost a lot of blood and that the next few hours would be critical. Ryan returned to the room and resumed his watchful vigil by Gillian's bedside. Joe and Jake conferred about Gillian's case. Jake told his dad that Ryan had accused him of putting the baby's needs before Gillian's. Joe pursed his lips and said that Jake would never jeopardize someone's life in that way. Jake, however, wasn't so sure. Back inside the room, Ryan whispered that his personal incredible dream was to see Gillian's beautiful eyes again. Gillian started to stir, mumbling about the fate of her baby. Ryan's silence led Gillian to the conclusion that she had lost her baby. She apologized profusely, blaming herself for the death of her child. Jake walked into the room and assured Gillian that nothing she'd done had caused the baby's death. Test results showed that the pregnancy had been an ectopic pregnancy, or one that had occurred in the Fallopian tube instead of the uterus. What Jake did not reveal was that Gillian had lost functionality in that Fallopian tube and that her chances of becoming pregnant in the future would be greatly decreased. Jake moved to reassure Gillian that nothing she could have done would have prevented the same fate for the baby. Ryan followed Jake out of the room and apologized to him for his earlier outbursts in which he accused the doctor of not caring about Gillian's health. Jake tried to stop Ryan from saying anything further, but Ryan continued his apology. Ryan returned to the room, but Jake remained outside. Joe wandered over to him and told him to head home and get some rest. Jake nodded and agreed that it was time for him to go home, however, he said that he would not be returning. He ripped off his hospital badge and handed it and his stethoscope to his father.

Tad returned home and told Dixie that his visit with Adam went about as well as expected. Dixie decided to take another trip to see if she could find her son. David feared that Dixie might encounter Leslie and asked that he be allowed to go along with her with. Dixie agreed and the pair headed off together. A little while later, Leslie phoned the house again. Tad was relieved to hear her voice and asked if she had Junior. Leslie confirmed Tad's suspicion and swore that no harm had come to the boy. Leslie then offered to return Junior to Tad - but with some conditions. She told Tad that she wanted to meet with him alone. Leslie warned that if she saw anyone with him, she could not be held accountable for any harm that came to Junior. Tad agreed and Leslie told him to meet her in the attic of the old church. Tad stormed out of the house, perhaps arousing the curiosity of the officer that had been stationed outside.

Wednesday, February 21, 2001

Greenlee walked into the restaurant to pick up some take out dinner when she spied Jake sitting all alone. She asked him about Gillian and was told that Gillian would recover, but that she lost the baby. Greenlee said it was horrible news and that she wouldn't wish this upon Ryan and Gillian. Jake informed her that the baby was his. She apologized to him and gave him her sympathies, then tried to take her leave. Jake persuaded her to stay with him and ordered her a drink. She told Jake that she's no good at comforting people and Jake said that was ok, he wasn't looking for comfort. Sticking her foot in her mouth, Greenlee wondered how bad he must feel, not being able to save his own baby. Jake didn't get upset, saying that was exactly what he had been thinking.

Meanwhile Leo and Laura arrived for dinner. Leo complimented Laura, telling her he only had eyes for her this evening. She pointed Greenlee out to Leo, who watched as Greenlee ran her hand up and down Jake's arm in a gesture of sympathy. Leo turned back to Laura and said he didn't care if Greenlee was there but offered to take Laura somewhere else for dinner. She declined and then suggested a wager for the evening. If their date is a success, Laura would pay Leo $200. If the date is a disaster, Leo would pay Laura the $200. Leo said "You're on!"

Jake and Greenlee raised their glasses in a toast to better days when Greenlee spotted Leo with Laura. She looked very sad and turned back to Jake. Jake told her about being selfish at the hospital when Gillian was brought in, only thinking of the baby, not Gillian's health. Jake told her about his decision to quit medicine. Greenlee couldn't believe her ears and said "Now let me get this straight. The first time Gillian hurts you, you run off to a war zone. This time you're going to end your career?" She went on to tell him he's being too hard on himself and that he needed to go have some fun. Grabbing her coat, she told Jake to let her show him the fine art of wallowing in self indulgence. He hesitated but then agreed and they left together.

Laura had been telling Leo a story from her childhood, which reminded Leo of a scam his mother tried to pull off once. Laura tried to get Leo to elaborate but he told her he didn't want to tell her about the scamming, it would just ruin their date. She told him he could be honest with her so Leo tried to tell her a story but got distracted by Greenlee and Jake's departure. As they walked by Leo's table, he grabbed Laura and kissed her. He said he wanted to go someplace to be alone with her but Laura saw through this. She told him it wouldn't help stop him from thinking about Greenlee being with Jake. Leo looked sheepish and handed Laura $200, and said he was sorry. Laura took the money, stood up, said "So am I Leo" and walked out.

At WRCW Becca asked Hayley how she was feeling after her nap. Hayley said she was feeling guilty for taking so many naps and holding up production on her show. Mat joined them and Hayley told him her first guest was Dar, a "psychic to the stars." Before he could say anything Dar walked up and Hayley welcomed her. Dar told Mateo that the shipment of light beer he was waiting on just arrived. This freaked Matt and Hayley out until Dar admitted that she'd overheard the message in the green room. Hayley asked Dar to go up on the stage where they could go over the contents of the show. Dar took Hayley's hand and said this show would reveal more than they knew, and walked up to the stage. Mateo asked Hayley to not let the psychic "weird [her] out" and Hayley agreed. Mateo left and Hayley joined Dar. They began to discuss what would be on today's show when Dar stared off in to space. She told Hayley she was getting interference. She said it was someone from Hayley's past who wants her to admit something. Hayley told Dar to save anything about herself for after the show and reminded her to keep things light. They began taping and Hayley introduced her guest, saying Dar would reveal secrets about Hollywood and Wall Street. Dar said all she could see was the letter "L," someone named Lottie. She was getting a message from this person for Hayley. "Don't be afraid, be happy with your new life.". Hayley said she likes her life and doesn't want a new one. Dar told her she wasn't getting a new life, there was "new life" in her, that she was pregnant. A stunned Hayley stopped the taping while a thrilled Becca beamed from the side lines. Becca called Matt, who showed up and asked Hayley what was wrong. She said nothing, that she had the feeling something might be very, very right. Hayley cleared the set and kissed Mateo. He wanted to know what was going on and she told him the psychic said she was pregnant. He didn't believe it but Hayley did. He reminded her that she wasn't to let Dar weird her out but Hayley told him the message came from her Aunt Lottie. Mateo didn't want Hayley to get her hopes up. Hayley told her husband that she'd been having a feeling but didn't want to let herself believe it. Mateo finally believed that she was pregnant and they shared an ecstatic hug.

Tad walked into the building where Leslie was holding Junior. He called out for his son but was knocked unconscious by someone hitting him over the head with a board.

David and Dixie returned to her house to find Tad missing. Dixie was upset that he left without a note but David said maybe he knew where Junior was and went to get him. Dixie agreed, saying Tad wouldn't leave unless he had news of Junior. David got an emergency call from the hospital and had to leave. He tried to convince Dixie to go with him but she refused. David left and Dixie received a phone call from Leslie. Dixie asked her where she was holding her son and begged to talk to him. Leslie agreed and played the tape of Junior saying "Hi mom, I'm ok. Leslie's treating me alright". Dixie was relieved and Leslie told her J. R. would be home soon if she does exactly as she's told.

Tad hadn't been ambushed by Leslie as it initially appeared. Junior, who thought he was clobbering Leslie, helped Tad to his feet and told him they were in an attic. He told Tad he was the one who'd hit him, he'd thought it was Leslie returning to get him. Tad said they had to call Dixie and pulled out his cell phone. He placed the call but David answered, having returned from his hospital emergency. David told Tad that Dixie was upstairs resting and Tad ordered David to get her on the phone. Junior went ballistic when he realized David was in his house and went running out the door. Tad struggled to follow him and dropped the phone on the way out. David went upstairs to get Dixie and discovered that she wasn't resting at all. He went off on the policeman who was supposed to have been guarding her. He said all he knew was that she said she was going upstairs to rest. He went out to the car for a moment and that must have been when Dixie left. David was furious and then remembered the phone call from Tad. He grabbed the phone but Tad wasn't there. He checked the caller ID and it said the number was from Chandler Enterprises. David flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Leslie, when she had told him that someone was going to take a very long fall for this. He looked horrified and ran out of the house. A few minutes later Tad and Junior stormed into the house. The police officers said that Dixie was supposed to have gone to her room. If she wasn't there, then they said that they had no idea where she. Tad realized Leslie had Dixie.

Dixie arrived at Tad's darkened office and called out for Leslie. Leslie said she'd been waiting for her. Dixie told her that nobody knew she was there and demanded to see Junior. Leslie said that she wasn't turning him over yet and that they needed to "negotiate" first. Leslie said that Dixie wanted Junior safe and sound, that was her "deal breaker". Leslie said her deal breaker was Tad. But Dixie couldn't just hand Tad over the way Leslie could hand over Junior. Dixie told Leslie that she'd gotten under Tad's skin, and implied that she didn't want Tad if Tad wanted Leslie. Leslie told Dixie that she'd been dreaming of Tad for 20 years, that she was Tad's one great love. But then she'd gone away and came back to find Dixie in her place. She said Tad has to be given the chance to choose Leslie over Dixie. If Dixie wanted this to come to a successful conclusion, for Junior to come out of it alive, Leslie said there was one outcome - Dixie had to die. Leslie had no plans of murdering Dixie. Instead, she wanted Dixie to commit "suicide." Dixie agreed to give her life for her son's, prompting Leslie to remark that she knew Dixie would do the right thing. Dixie reminded Leslie that she would still have to face kidnapping charges. Not so, according to Leslie, who hinted she would portray Junior as unstable in court so that no one would believe his account of what happened. "What about David? He loves me!" Dixie cried. Leslie said David would just cut his losses since she had so much evidence against him. Dixie wondered what evidence Leslie had, but Leslie wouldn't tell her because wanted Dixie to die with a good opinion of David. Dixie told Leslie she could have everything she wants without anyone getting hurt. Leslie laughed and told her that all she had to do was dial a number on her cell phone and Junior would die. Leslie told Dixie she had to jump off the balcony of the high-rise's office before she dialed the last number. With that, Leslie started began pressing the numbers. Dixie just stood there for a moment as Leslie dialed the phone and then yelled "Ok, STOP!". Leslie looked at Dixie smugly and told her to "just do it fast, don't think about it". Dixie wanted to see Junior but Leslie refused. She picked up the phone again and started dialing. Dixie went to the edge of the railing, where Leslie followed her. Dixie turned around and grabbed Leslie, saying "Give me back my son or I'm pushing you over this balcony!". The two women struggled, but Leslie managed to wrestle free. Leslie then pulled a can of mace from her pocket and sprayed some in Dixie's face. Leslie grabbed Dixie and shoved her over the balcony as David ran into the office. David screamed Dixie's name in horror as he watched what Leslie had done.

Thursday, February 22, 2001

After the taping and their encounter with the psychic, Hayley and Mateo walked back to the condo with armfuls of groceries. Mateo told Hayley that he didn't believe what the psychic had said but Hayley argued that she was legit. Once inside, Hayley wondered if she had just made herself believe she was pregnant. To her amazement, Mateo pulled out a home pregnancy kit from one of the bags and challenged her to find out.

As the pregnancy test sat on the table, Hayley and Mateo stretched out on the couch and waited for the results. Hayley reasoned that home pregnancy tests weren't always accurate and suggested that they should wait until she began getting symptoms before they got their hopes up. Mateo told her that they had six minutes left before they could look and asked her if she wanted him to throw the test away. Hayley reluctantly agreed and as Mateo rose to throw it away, she warned him to not look at it. He picked it up and opened the lid of the garbage can but Hayley suddenly screamed out that she could wait another six minutes and Mateo burst out laughing. He told her that it was only a one minute test and that he just let her think it took longer because she was always so impatient. He turned it to face her and, before he raised it for Hayley to see, he told her that they would keep trying if it was negative. "Trying is all the fun," Hayley joked, but as Mateo raised the test to face level, she became quiet. Fearing the worst, Mateo began to console her but Hayley interrupted him and told him that she was pregnant. She turned the test to face him and the two joyously embraced. Hayley suddenly pulled back and became quiet. She asked Mateo when the baby could have been conceived and they estimated that it was around the time of the yacht party. Hayley became nervous and wondered if the Libidozone had done anything to harm the baby or if she had done something when she assumed Arlene's identity. Mateo assured her that she hadn't been drinking or taking men home with her and told her that he knew she would never do anything to harm their baby. Hayley agreed to call Dr. Clader the next morning to determine if she was really pregnant. Mateo told Hayley that she should believe in what she felt inside and trust herself, but she reasoned that she hadn't been very good at that lately. Mateo looked into Hayley's eyes and hoped that "she" would be as kind and caring as her mother. "The same goes for if it's a boy," Hayley replied and the pair kissed.

Back at home, Junior looked on as Tad called Adam to let him know that he found his son. When Adam asked if Leslie had been arrested yet, Tad explained that she had tricked him into rescuing Junior so she could go after Dixie. Adam warned him to find Dixie because he didn't want his son being "traumatized if anything happened to his mother." Tad told him that he was looking. "Keep me posted... and keep your pants on!" Adam hollered, and slammed the phone.

Adam paced around the room as he tried to come up with a plan to get away. He sat down on the couch and began pulling on the ankle cuff, but it wouldn't budge. "I bet I could be halfway there before they even sic the dogs on me," he mused, and crept towards the front door. As he opened it, a surly police officer faced him and asked him where he was going.

Derek arrived at Adam's to find Officer Baird hovering over him. He informed Adam that Junior had been found and asked him why he was trying to leave. Liza strolled down the stairs and asked Adam what he was up to. Derek warned him that if he got six feet away from his home, "signals would be set off from here to Center City." Adam turned his attention to Liza and asked her if she would let him speak privately with Derek but she refused, fearing that Adam would try to bribe the detective. Derek told him that the police officer was going to keep a close eye on him and warned him to stay put or else they would "lock (him) up and throw away the key." After he left and the officer returned to his post, Adam told Liza that he wanted a sandwich and she went off to the kitchen. Once alone, Adam called Stuart and told him to come right away but demanded that he take the tunnels and not let anyone, "especially Liza", see him.

As they ate their sandwiches, Adam asked Liza how Chandler Enterprises' financial situation was coming along. She replied that the fourth quarterly report was almost completed but that she was still waiting on a "few numbers." Adam told her that he worried that this would cause "negative repercussions" and convinced Liza to go to the office to get the reports in order. Once alone, Adam let Stuart in through the tunnel door and asked him to switch places with him. Stuart refused and told Adam that he wasn't going to break the law for him. He informed Stuart that Skye had called him from Llanview and that she "needed" him. "Is this it?" Stuart asked. "I'm afraid so," Adam quietly replied. Stuart's mood changed and he asked Adam how he was going to get the ankle cuff off. Adam responded that it would take some work and told Stuart to return to the tunnels and wait. Adam opened the front door and asked Officer Baird to come inside for a moment. Once inside, he poured himself a drink and offered one to the officer, but he refused. "Why do people always ask you that when they know you're on duty?" the officer questioned. "To see how far you'll go," Adam replied. He asked Officer Baird if he had any children and he replied that he had three boys, all of whom were honor students in school. Adam reasoned that it would be hard to send three boys to college for four years each on a police officer's salary. "If what's coming next is a threat or a bribe, I don't want to hear it," the officer interrupted, but Adam continued. He offered to send his three sons through college and pay for their tuition, textbooks, room and board, and spending money. The officer looked astounded but told Adam that he was leaving. Adam proceeded and asked the officer if he would help him "get out of the house for a few days" if he had a "fool-proof plan" where no one would know that he even left. Officer Baird looked skeptical but waited as Adam opened the tunnel door to reveal Stuart.

Liza arrived as Stuart was practicing being Adam and she knew something was up. She handed him the quarterly reports and he looked at them but had no idea what they were. He stuttered and stammered as the pair sat down on the couch. Liza confessed that she had waited a while before she left to see how long it would take him to escape. She purred in Stuart's ear that she was looking forward to the two of them spending a romantic evening alone in front of the fire. "I won't bite," she whispered. "Unless, of course, you want me to." Stuart jumped halfway across the couch and asked, "You know, don't you?" Liza replied that she did and could tell the two of them apart. She asked where Adam went, but Stuart replied that he couldn't tell her. She became frustrated and asked how he was able to get the ankle cuff off. "I guess anyone can be bought," Stuart replied, and assured her that Adam would explain everything once he got back.

Tad asked the police officer if he knew where David went but the officer replied that he didn't. Tad reasoned that he may have had his cell phone on him and he searched through Dixie's address book for his number.

On the terrace at Chandler Enterprises, Dixie held Leslie's face over the edge. Leslie suddenly grabbed a can of mace from her pocket and sprayed it in Dixie's eyes. Dixie recoiled in pain and Leslie grabbed her. David watched in horror as she picked Dixie up and threw her over the terrace. Dixie hung on as David ran to help her but Leslie quickly closed and locked the terrace doors. As Dixie screamed for mercy, Leslie made her way over to her and began pulling her fingers back, one by one.

Tad and Junior found the number and called, but David didn't answer. Tad assured Junior that they wouldn't hang up until David answered the phone.

As his phone rang, David pleaded with Leslie to stop before she went "down for murder." Dixie hung on for dear life as Leslie told David that what was about to happen wasn't murder but a "tragic accident." David finally broke the doors down but didn't get far before Leslie sprayed him with the mace and he backed away. She held the can in front of her and warned him to stay away from her. David pleaded with her to let Dixie live and reasoned that Tad wouldn't want to be with the woman who killed his wife. The phone continued to ring and David told Leslie that it was probably Tad. He tried to answer it but she stepped closer with the mace in front of her. It stopped ringing as he pulled it out and begged her to let him call Tad back.

Junior asked Tad why Leslie would want to hurt his mother when it was him she was really after. He told Tad that Leslie was "whacked" and that all she talked about when she kidnaped him was "how hard it was being the other woman." The phone suddenly rang and Tad answered it. David frantically told him that he found Dixie and Dixie screamed out and asked if Tad found Junior. Relieved at hearing his wife's voice, Tad replied that he had and David relayed the message. Without an explanation, David told Tad that they had a problem with Leslie and that he had to tell her how much he cared for her. Leslie warned David not to put words in his mouth but David feverishly reasoned that Tad had to "know what's at stake." Leslie refused to take the phone and demanded that he raise the volume so she could hear. Junior, David and Dixie listened as Tad told Leslie that he had cared about her ever since high school and that he would get her any help that she needed. David coaxed Leslie into taking the phone from him and as she did, he pushed her to the ground and ran for Dixie. He pulled Dixie up to safety, carried her into the office and laid her on the couch. Leslie got up, entered the office and picked up an envelope knife from the desk. As Dixie tried to string together words, David told her to keep quiet because she was hyperventilating. As he took his coat off and sprawled it on top of her, Leslie quietly approached him from behind. "I can't see very well," Dixie screamed, "but I think someone is behind you!" David turned around and grabbed Leslie's hands but she managed to stab him in the shoulder. He chased her to the terrace and Leslie told him that she was going to tell everyone what he had done. "You're credibility is shot," David retorted, but Leslie only responded that Dixie wouldn't die because of her; rather, she would die of a broken heart once she realized what her "lover" had done.

Junior looked on as Tad put the phone down. He told Junior that the line had gone dead but Junior interrupted and asked Tad why he had said such things to Leslie. Tad replied that David told him it was what Leslie wanted to hear. "Who cares what she wants to hear?!" Junior screamed, and became frantic with the thought that Leslie could be hurting his mother. Tad tried to comfort him, but when he called him 'Junior' he became enraged. "Stop calling me that!" Junior hollered, as he threw cushions at Tad. He told Tad that he "wrecked" their family and finally burst into tears. As he kicked and screamed, Tad grabbed him and held him as they fell onto the couch. Junior pushed Tad off of him and moved to the other side. Tad reasoned with him and told him that he could now "become a man" and learn how to "re-direct his anger to use it in a way to help him." He told Junior that together they could figure out where Dixie was, but only if Junior could calmly repeat everything that happened while he was with Leslie. Tad offered his hand to Junior and he took it. Junior asked how he could help and Tad replied that he needed to know everything that Leslie said to him because anything may lead to Dixie. He told Tad that Leslie mentioned "something about someone taking a fall," but Tad assumed that she meant it only as a figure of speech and was referring to David. Junior absentmindedly mentioned that Leslie had been holding a set of keys with a rabbit's foot on them and Tad suddenly became alert. He rushed to the desk and searched through one of the drawer's contents but came up empty handed. He told Junior that Leslie had taken his office keys. Tad rushed outside and told the officer to watch Junior and to call Derek and tell him to meet him at Chandler Enterprises.

Dixie tried to get up, but she fainted. On the terrace, Leslie told David that she was going to ruin his life and his career. David asked her how much Libidozone she had taken that night but Leslie only replied that she had taken "enough." She stepped up to the ledge to swing down to the terrace below them but David warned her that it wouldn't hold her weight. He reached out to help her back down, but Leslie wielded the knife and warned him to stay back. As she stood up, one of the bricks came loose and she slipped. David reached out and Leslie grabbed on to his bloodied arm. She frantically screamed for David to help her. "No," he replied and remained motionless.

Thursday, February 23, 2001

Greenlee and Jake paid a visit to a masseuse. As Greenlee moaned and groaned in satisfaction, Jake informed her that he didn't need this type of distraction and that he could be doing "more important things" than getting a massage. "Someone call the waambulance," Greenlee quipped and told him that his present situation proved that he required some rest and relaxation. Jake resigned in defeat and allowed his masseuse to "go at it" then screamed in pain when he did. Jake continued to whine about wasting his time on something so "utterly self-indulgent" but Greenlee could see through him. She told him that he spent his entire life trying to be something he wasn't, then beat himself up over the fact that he couldn't be what everyone wanted him to be. Jake began to get a little agitated and Greenlee asked him what he recommended to his stressed patients. "Diet and exercise," Jake groaned, as the masseuse elbowed his back. He informed Greenlee that this was his first massage and Greenlee asked the masseuses to leave so she could "deal with this yahoo" herself. Alone, Gillian requested that Jake lie down on the floor so she could "walk all over" him. "It wouldn't be the first time," Jake quipped and reluctantly agreed. He screamed out in pain as Greenlee proceeded to take baby steps along his back and assured him that he would "see God" once she got to his shoulder blades. Jake winced and Greenlee fell down in hysterics. They were interrupted by Claire, Greenlee's masseuse, who ran in and informed Jake that a woman had just jumped off the Chandler Enterprises building across the street and that "it looked bad." She mentioned that she knew the woman and stammered that she was a lawyer whose name was "Leslie something." When Jake realized she was referring to Leslie Coulson, he ran out of the room in search for his clothes.

Outside Gillian's hospital room, Dr. Clader assured Ryan that Gillian would make a good recovery and that she still had one healthy fallopian tube left if she wanted to get pregnant again. Ryan asked him if there was a possibility of Gillian having another ectopic pregnancy and the doctor told him that there was, but that she shouldn't try to get pregnant for another three months. When Ryan bowed his head in remorse, Dr. Clader placed a hand on his shoulder and told him that he had done a good thing by getting Gillian to the ER so quickly. Ryan only nodded and entered Gillian's room. Once inside, a groggy Gillian asked Ryan what the doctor had said about her having a baby. Ryan only replied that it was "a no-go for the next three months." Gillian pressed him for more information and asked him if she could get pregnant again. Ryan relayed the information that Dr. Clader had given him and stressed that "in no way did (he) say that (she) shouldn't or couldn't get pregnant." Sadly, Gillian turned her face away from Ryan and wondered if it was her "karma" that had made her lose the baby. She reasoned that she had deliberated about keeping the pregnancy in the first place and had been reluctant to tell Ryan about it. He assured her that they would get pregnant and have a family when they were ready and the two embraced as Dimitri entered and looked on. He offered to come back later, but Gillian and Ryan insisted that he stay. He came to Gillian's bedside and handed her a package which he thought would make her feel "a whole lot better." Gillian beamed as she opened the contents of the envelope to reveal her freshly signed divorce papers. Dimitri told Gillian to get better soon and rose to leave. Gillian quickly asked him if he had heard anything from Alex but Dimitri only shook his head. She revealed that Alex had told her once that when two people are meant to be together, nothing could keep them apart and that this was the advice she took when she reunited with Ryan. Dimitri smiled as Gillian assured him that Alex would come home because she loved him. He kissed Gillian on the forehead and told her that the two of them gave him hope and left. Alone, Ryan marveled at the fact that Jake had signed the divorce papers but Gillian assured him that he had felt hurt and had meant no harm. Ryan smiled and agreed. Quietly, he told her that he was happy that he could marry her again. "Forever," Gillian replied and the pair kissed. Ryan pulled back and told Gillian that he had a surprise for her. He turned around and produced the wedding rings from their first marriage. He explained to a shocked Gillian that he hadn't been able to throw them away and reasoned that when they were re-married, they would be reminded of their previous mistakes so they could never make them again. He nervously asked Gillian to be his wife and Gillian laughed at the fact that he would even have an ounce of doubt that she wouldn't accept. "If I could marry you right now, Ryan Lavery, I would," she told him and the two embraced.

At Wildwind, Edmund played with Sam and Maddie. He looked at a picture that Maddie drew that resembled "the fairies that Alex used to talk about." Quietly, the children wished that they had Alex back and Edmund promised them that he would find her. The phone suddenly rang and Sam went to answer it. Edmund turned around it amazement when Sam joyously declared, "Alex." Edmund rose and told Sam and Maddie to go upstairs and get ready for bed. Alone, he whispered into the phone, "Who the hell is this?" but Alex remained silent. He was about to hang up but she began to speak and begged him not to. Edmund pleaded with her to tell him where she was but Alex refused. "Don't make me regret this phone call," she told him. Dimitri suddenly walked in but Edmund waved him away. "Alex, please," he begged. "Let me help you." Upon hearing Alex's name, Dimitri snatched the phone away from Edmund and implored if it was really her on the other line. Alex answered and told Dimitri that she loved him. As Dimitri returned the sentiment, Edmund set to work on tracing the phone call. Dimitri asked Alex where she was and assured her that they would rescue her, but Alex warned him not to. She told him that if he loved her, he wouldn't come for her. She stopped short when she heard three clicks and asked Dimitri what the sounds were. Dimitri didn't answer and continued to beg her to return home. Alex warned him against tracing her phone call but it was too late: a number had already started appearing on the screen. She demanded that he stay away and hung up. Dimitri put down the phone and told Edmund that she had hung up but Edmund informed him that he had gotten the phone number and knew where she was.

Alex sat with her head in her hands and hoped aloud that the pair wouldn't come looking for her. Suddenly, a man approached her from behind and angrily asked her what she had done.

Leslie hung to David's wounded arm and begged him to raise her up. "You stabbed me, remember?" he asked her, and told her that he could barely feel his arm anymore. She pleaded with him to use his other arm to help her but he remained still. "Please, David!" she screamed, but her cries went unheeded. Leslie slipped further down until he loosened his grip and she plunged to the ground. David cradled his arm as he turned around and came face to face with Tad. Tad peered down over the ledge and cringed as he saw Leslie's body. Dixie suddenly called out for David and the pair ran to her. When he saw Dixie's teary and half-closed eyes, Tad immediately accused David of doing something to her. A frustrated David informed him that Leslie had tried to kill them and had sprayed mace in Dixie's eyes. Tad assured Dixie that Junior was fine and told David to see if he could help Leslie, but David refused. Tad scooped Dixie into his arms and declared that he was taking her to the hospital. David suggested that they take the back way to avoid the body but Tad ran out anyway. Alone, David gathered his coat and listened to the sounds of the police sirens from the cars that Tad had requested as back up.

Tad, Dixie and David arrived at the hospital. Dixie was put on a stretcher and when David went to examine her, Tad pushed him away. The nurses and doctors took her to an examining room and Derek arrived as Tad and David bickered back and forth. He advised them to tell him what had happened at Chandler Enterprises and told Tad that when he went to meet them, they had both left. Tad informed Derek that he should interrogate the "good doctor" and David sat down as he described in detail what had happened that night. Tad gave him a skeptical look as David told Derek that he couldn't hang on to Leslie any longer and she slipped. David looked shocked as Tad asked him if he had done all he could to help Leslie and demanded that he tell him how much he wanted her to live. David explained again that Leslie had been holding onto his wounded arm and that everything had happened in a "heart beat." Tad remained cynical. Derek handed David a napkin and suggested that he have his shoulder looked at. David reminded Tad that the he was the reason why Leslie had almost killed his wife. Tad lunged for David, but Joe suddenly appeared and pulled him back. He told Tad that he had just seen Dixie and that she was going to be all right. Joe informed Derek that Leslie had been caught on videotape stealing Libidozone from David's office. David quickly chirped in that Leslie had been the one who'd spiked the punch bowl at Ryan's yacht party. Tad remained dubious. As David cradled his arm, he told the trio that the guilt had gotten to Leslie and she had confessed of drugging the partygoers right before she fell to her death. Skeptical, Derek asked if Leslie had really confessed to a crime as she dangled over a ledge about to die and David agreed that she had. He challenged Derek to think that she wasn't crazy, considering what she had done to Dixie and Junior that night. The detective warned Tad and David that they weren't through yet and he went to speak with Dixie. Alone, Tad told David that it was convenient that the woman who was to blame for drugging the yacht party couldn't speak up for herself. David smirked as he reasoned that, after her last stunt that night, everyone would agree that Leslie had been the culprit. David wondered why, after the Martins spent months investigating, Tad wasn't pleased with the outcome. He told an angry Tad that he could no longer "try to poison Dixie" against him, but Tad replied that he didn't need to fear the strength of his marriage. David taunted him as he told him that this would be determined when Dixie requested her first visitor. "If I was a betting man, I'd be rich tonight," David smirked, "because I sure as hell wouldn't be beating on you."

In the examining room, Dixie fell asleep under the sedative and dreamed that Leslie was in the room trying to smother her with a pillow. She jumped awake and whispered for Tad, but David came rushing in instead. He assured her that Leslie wouldn't be back because she was dead. Dixie asked how Junior was and David replied that he was fine. When she mentioned Tad's name, David told her that she could see him when she woke up and he left. Outside, David stopped Tad from going into Dixie's room. Tad assured him that he didn't care if he was a doctor and that he wasn't going to stand between him and his wife. David coldly replied that Dixie didn't want to see him and had told him that herself. They began to argue but were interrupted by Jake and a team of paramedics who wheeled Leslie into the ER on a stretcher. David asked Jake why he hadn't taken her to the morgue. "Do I usually bag a cadaver in the ER?" he replied. David looked down at what appeared to be an unconscious Leslie, wrapped in a bloodied neck brace. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and glared at David.



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