One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 26, 2001 on OLTL

Blair learned that Max had drugged her. Ben comforted Skye. Max was put into a cell near Todd and Blair. Starr blamed her mother for ruining everything. Jessica asked Cristian to stop making fake I.D.s. Asa accused Renee of betrayal.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 26, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, February 26, 2001


Jen wakes up and Cristian tells her that he knows she doctored one of his fake IDs. Will and Jessica enter Jen's room and Will demands to know who made her fake ID. She claims she did and Will doesn't believe her. He threatens to call their parents if she doesn't tell him. Will and Jessica go back out the hallway and Cristian asks Jen why she didn't bust him. She tells him not to worry, but he says it's too late for that. She explains that she had been at Colin's before getting drunk, but he hadn't physically hurt her. Will decides not to tell his parents, but Sam arrives at the hospital looking for Ben and runs into a nurse who spills the beans about Jen. Sam enters Jen's room just as Cristian is leaving. Jen assures Sam that Cristian had nothing to do with her binging, but had in fact saved her life. Cristian leaves to go take out his aggressions on Uncle Colin while Sam stays with Jen to play the doting Daddy. It's not long before Lindsay shows up to play the drama mama. Will gets in her face, but Jen defends her. Sam is confused by Will's reaction and asks him about it later, but will fanes innocence. Jen is told she is going to be released, but counseling is recommended.

Outside of Asa's hospital room, Ben and Rene argue. He tries to explain that he didn't want Asa as a father and Asa didn't want him as a son. Rene lashes back, "Neither do I; you're just as bad as Max!" Ben tells Rene that he couldn't tell her because he didn't want Asa to know. Rene tells Ben about being a Madame in a brothel and how it wasn't a good place to raise a child she loved. Ben defends, "I know the consequences of my choice when I made it, just like you did when you gave me up. Can't you understand that?" Rene asks Ben about his adoptive parents and Ben comforts her by saying that his mother was much like Rene: warm, generous, and good. Rene goes in to check on Asa and Ben leaves for home with the tension between them far from resolved. Max decides to play doctor, dresses up in scrubs and tries to visit Asa, but Bo halts his plan with an arrest for fraud. Bo and Max listen on as Rene gets good news from the doctor: Asa will be just fine with proper medication. Rae arrives at the hospital later and tries to convince Renee to be more forgiving with Ben, but she is still too hurt. Renee goes in to visit Asa, he wakes up and tells her he had a dream that Ben is their real son. She tells him that it wasn't a dream.


Rae and Adam tag team on Skye with unsuccessful attempts to convince her how special and loved she is. Adam tells Skye she is an adopted Chandler but he has always loved her and he always will. Adam apologizes to Skye for not being there for her when she was in jail. He explains that he didn't know she was even adopted until a couple years ago. He said he had been away on a trip for 7 months and came back to find Althea with a baby whom he presumed to be theirs. He defends he didn't tell her because he wanted to save her the pain. Skye blasts, "I have no parents. I have nobody. I am nobody." And with that, she throws them both out. She heads over to Llanview to get support from Ben.


Ben comforts Skye about their ironic common bond of adoption and Viki is supportive of their time together. When Gina appears at the door wanting to see Ben, Viki refuses and enjoys telling her that he can't be interrupted. Gina squawks in vain, and Viki assures Gina she will tell Ben that she came by.


Max and Nora talk about Asa and Nora tells Max that if Todd finds out Max set Blair up, Todd and Blair could still squirm their way out. He slyly admits to drugging Blair to hatch his plan and to having another ace up his sleeve. Nora confronts Max about his infidelity to Blair and he defends himself by reminding her of the gunshot to his back. She rebuts, "You did the same thing to Blair, but instead of using a 45, you used Todd." Meanwhile, down in the cells, Blair begs Todd repeatedly to tell her why he did what he did. "You know damn well what you did!" He replies scornfully. When she falls asleep for a short nap, Todd stares at her lovingly and reaches through the bars to touch her hair. She awakens to his touch, turns to him, and through the bars, they kiss. But he pulls away as cold as before. She again professes her love for him but he is unmoved, "You betrayed me. You never fell in love with me. You were just using me to get away with murder." Starr stops by momentarily to give Todd a hot coffee and Blair a cold shoulder. Blair is devastated that Todd turned their daughter against her. She starts to gear up for another tantrum, but is interrupted by the station's newest prisoner - Max. He is escorted in, and takes his rightful place in the cell across from both Todd and Blair.


Jessica and Sam arrive separately at the club trying to source out where Jen might have gotten her ID. Sam strikes out, but Jessica is told to ask the cute bartender for information, she is shocked to turn and see Cristian.

Tuesday, February 27, 2001

Cristian bangs on Colin's door, demanding that he leave Jen alone. Cris wants to know what Colin did to her to cause her to almost kill herself. Melanie arrives wondering the same thing. Lanie stops Cris from assaulting Colin, but not before Cris gives Colin a stern warning, "I'll kill you if you ever come near Jen or Jess again!" Colin asks for another pay-off, and Lanie wants to know how much it will take to get rid of him forever. Later, Jess goes to Break Bar attempting to find out how Jen got the fake ID. She sees some girls from school and sits down to chat with them. Sam arrives at the bar with the same goal in mind, but Jess stops him. She assures him she would have a better chance of finding out who is selling the IDs. She also tells Sam she is convinced that Cris has nothing to do with it. After Sam leaves, she goes back over to the girls who tell her where they got their fake IDs. Jessica is shocked when they point to Cristian!

Lindsay arrives at the hospital after hearing about Jen's condition. Before she can go into Jen's room, Will accuses her of causing Jen's stress. He tells her that it was right after Jen left Colin's house that she went on her booze binge. Lindsay rushes into Jen's room and asks her what Colin said about her. Will barges in and starts in on Lindsay for all the "horrible things" she has done. Sam quietly slips in the room in time to hear Will's accusations while Jen defends their mother. Privately, Sam asks Will to reveal what he knows about Lindsay. Although Will wants to confess, he remains silent about his mother's involvement in the kidnapping. Sam tells Will that Jess is trying to find out where Jen got her fake ID.

Max sneaks into Asa's room disguised as a doctor. Before he can speak to Asa, Bo busts in and arrests him. He tells Max that Hank is coming up with a list of charges a mile long, and he is going to jail with Todd and Blair. Dr. Larry tells the family that Asa's heart condition is serious enough that it could have been causing his erratic behavior over the last few months. Rae and Renee have a heart to heart, and Renee reveals that she is too hurt to forgive Ben just yet. Later, Asa wakes up to find Renee at his bedside. He thinks the day's events were all a dream. As hard as it is for Renee, she informs Asa that Ben really is their son.

Meanwhile, Skye seeks comfort from her ex-husband--Ben. As Viki walks in on the two of them embraced, Skye quickly apologizes for being there. However, Viki feels terrible for what her brother did to Skye and encourages Ben to be a friend to her. The doorbell rings and Viki leaves Ben and Skye alone. Gina is at the door, insisting on seeing Ben, but Viki refuses and turns her away--but not without a few harsh words!

As Blair sleeps on her bunk, Todd gently reaches out and touches her cheek. She wakes up and pulls him close for a tender kiss between the cell bars. After Todd pulls away, Blair tries to convince him that they are still in love. Blair is devastated when Starr comes for a visit and blames Blair for ruining everything. She cries out in pain and pleads to know why Todd is hurting her so badly. She can't believe he brought her up so high, and made her so happy just so he would be able to hurt her in the worst why. She demands to know if Max had something to do with why he has turned on her. She swears again on Starr's life that she refused Max's advances when he came to her room. Finally Todd screams out that she is lying because he saw what she did with Max. And speaking of the devil, just then, Max is lead into a cell right across from Todd and Blair.

February 28, 2001

As Lindsay gets Jen settled at Sam's place, the teenager promises that she will never drink again. Lindsay doesn't want her listening to Colin as he only caused her pain. She's thrilled that her children love and believe in her she says, as Will glares at her upon entering the room-he pretends to agree for Jen's sake. After Lindsay runs off to do some errands, he swears to Jen that he didn't tell Sam about her drinking, that he only happened to be at the hospital for something else. He questions her about the fake ID and Jen claims she made it herself, that Cris just lets her hang out at the bar and he's a good friend. Will also wants to know why Jen is suddenly defending Lindsay. His sister just thinks their mom has had it rough.

Lanie stops by to visit Colin to see if she can pay him off to leave everyone alone. He needs to support himself in some way, he tells her. She admits she's trying to save him from himself as he seems to be losing touch with reality. She advises him that he needs help and he tells her he wants her help. Colin suggests she speak to Nora for him and tell her all about how wonderful he was in the past so that Nora won't be afraid of him and will trust him. Lanie refuses which causes Colin to think that she doesn't want him to have anyone. He becomes agitated and begins to manhandle Lanie when Lindsay suddenly appears. As Lindsay tries to pull him away, Colin manages to imprison the two women. He rants and raves at them until Lindsay says she's not afraid of him, pushes him over and the sisters are able to flee.

Jess pays Cris a visit at Break Bar. She asks him how much it would cost her to get one of his fake ID's and though he denies it at first, he must confess when she tells him his "fan club" of young girl patrons filled her in. He calls her bluff by handing her the phone so that she can report him to someone. She decides to not do that just yet but she wants Cris to promise not to make any more of the IDs and wants him to stay away from Jen since Will is upset about that. Cris thinks it's all about Will, nothing else. Will walks in just then, wanting to clear the air with Cris. Jess starts to tell him something but he cuts her off and apologizes to Cris for coming down on him and he knows that Jess agrees with him. She lies about what she had to tell him and after they start up to their apartment, Jess heads back to the bar for a moment. Cris thanks her for not saying anything but she coldly says that she only did it for Will. Personally, she will forget that Cris ever existed.

Todd welcomes Max as he is put into a third cell. Blair is in discussion with Todd at the time, trying to find out what he saw. Max interrupts several times and the three bicker. Todd refuses to say anything except to the DA. Max gloats at Blair. After Todd leaves with a guard, Blair tries to get Max to talk to her. She knows he did something. When he refuses to tell her anything, Blair tells him he deserved whatever she did since he drove her to it and she will take everything away from him just like he took from her.

Nora wants Hank to drop charges against Skye since there was no physical evidence other than the planted gun. Sam arrives to demand that charges against Blair be dropped as well since Todd can hardly be a person to be believed. Hank divulges that he's put Max in a nearby cell and expects the truth to come out soon. Todd arrives and Hank asks the lawyers to leave. Todd wants to make a deal-he'll prove Blair shot Max for bail. Downstairs both prisoners receive visits from their attorneys. Both want bail. Max wants to get out of his fraud charges before Todd can tell what he saw. Later, Nora learns that Max is only being charged with a misdemeanor while Sam finds out that Blair is being held for arraignment. Nora promises Sam that she is afraid of Colin and is staying away from him.

Asa accuses Renee of betrayal though she tries to explain why she kept Max's secret from him. Ben walks in wanting to check on Renee. She asks him to leave but Asa demands they both leave-Ben is mistake, Renee is not a wife. He also suggests that another ‘john' is really Ben's father. He flatlines and doctors rush in. Later, Max shows up to speak with Asa.

Sam arrives home and he and Jen speak about his divorce from Lindsay. He admits that he never found out who made the phone call to him to let him know what Lindsay was up to. He's sorry he received it.

While Blair cries in her cell, Todd is offered bail of $500,000 unless he has nothing new to divulge. Gun residue, he says. It must still be on Blair's clothing and he has it all. He'll turn the clothes over to the police but only if he's set free.

Nora arrives home exhausted...the doorbell's Colin!

Thursday, March 1, 2001

Sam's house
Cristian visits Jenn, and she swears she's learned her lesson. Cristian begins to question her about what happened with Colin, but she won't talk. She tells Cris to leave but he goes toward the interior rooms of the house.

Nora's house
Colin convinces Nora to let him in by saying he'll tell her about Lindsay. He instead talks about his feelings for Nora and Nora, becoming frightened, tells him to get help. Lanie then bursts in, brandishing a fire poker and threatening Colin. Nora then tells him to leave and never come near her again. So he leaves, saying he's leaving town. After he's gone, Lanie tells Nora about his earlier erratic behavior and says she feels responsible. She then says she will stop him no matter what it takes.

Hospital medicine cabinet
Colin steals medicine with an unclear purpose.

Asa's hospital room
Max pleads his case to Asa at first, asking for forgiveness. But when Asa verbally attacks him and his father, Max becomes angry. Max then tells Asa that he will turn him in for attempted murder on Ben if Asa turns him in for fraud.

Kelly visits Blair and unsuccessfully tries to talk her away from Todd. Blair is desperate to get out before Todd makes an official statement. So, Kelly posts bail though quite unwillingly.

Todd's penthouse
Todd comes home to a penthouse full of gold balloons from Blair, and Starr tries to convince him to forgive her mother. Starr becomes angry and tries to leave, but Todd stops her by saying he loves her. She again begs him to forgive Blair and he says he can't. Starr, however ends up staying anyway. Todd then sits alone and cries, remembering he and Blair's last wedding. Then, he has a vision of Blair in the current wedding dress, saying she loves him. Todd's lawyer then shows up and tells him to turn Blair in or Todd himself will go to jail.

Asa's house
Blair points a gun at Max.

Friday, March 2, 2001

Break Bar

Will asks a girl at the bar where he can get a really good fake ID. Jessie walks up and asks if she should be jealous, and the girl tells Will to ask his girlfriend, so Will asks Jessie if she has found out where Jen got her fake ID.

Jen's House

Cristian hands Jen a glass of sports-aid and says, "Let's start over, with new rules." Jen asks if they will be his rules or hers. Cristian says that she has to try to let him be her friend. He tells her that he cares about her and that he feels responsible for her getting alcohol poisoning and he can't imagine what could have happened that was so horrible that would cause her to drink that much. He asks Jen to tell him what happened, but she refuses. Cristian says he is leaving and that Jen is going with him. When she refuses, he picks her up, throws her over his shoulder and walks out the door.

Lindsay's Art Studio

Colin is seen putting a syringe into a case. As he walks off the elevator, he speaks to Lindsay and she turns on him saying she is not afraid of him. Colin tells her he has good news; he is leaving town. He says he is getting as far away from Llanview as possible. Lindsay asks Colin when he is leaving and he tells her that he will leave just as soon as he collects everything he is owed and that her account is marked "final notice".

Llanview Police Station

Todd walks in with his attorney. Hank asks Todd if he brought the clothes Blair was wearing when she shot Max. Todd replies that when he gets a deal, he will provide the evidence. Hank reminds Todd that he does not have a lot of bargaining room and that he has already been charged with tampering with evidence and accessory after the fact and that Todd is looking at ten years. Todd says, "No, I'm looking at zilch because if you come after me, then you won't get Blair and that is who you really want." Hank responds that he actually wants both Todd and Blair. Todd then says if Hank wants to play hardball to forget the deal and that if he goes after him, Todd's attorney will get him off and Sam Rapport will get Blair off and Hank will be crucified in the newspapers. Hank says the D. A.'s office will cut ten years down to five and Todd says it is immunity or no deal. Hank says that is out of the question and Todd turns to leave. Todd's attorney says, "Then we have nothing to talk about, Mr. District Attorney." He and Todd start to leave when Hank tells them to wait. Hank tells Todd's attorney that he wants to talk to him alone. Todd says that it is ok with him to just be careful, that it just might be a proposition.

While Todd is waiting, Kelly walks in. She asks Todd how he could hurt Viki and Ben the way he did. "Ben Davidson got everything he deserves. He was lying and it's not nice to lie." says Todd; "I did Ben Davidson a favor. Now he gets to share in all that Buchanan money. He should thank me." Kelly responds that Ben didn't need Todd's help, but that Blair does. When Todd asks Kelly why he would help Blair, she replies "Oh that's easy. Because you still love her."

Buchanan Mansion

"What are you doing?" asks Max as Blair points a gun at him. Blair replies "What do you think, Max? The house is empty. There are no witnesses. I'm going to shoot you." Max tells Blair that she wouldn't dare and Blair says, "You're the big gambler. Why don't you call my bluff and find out?" Max tells her to put the gun away and Blair says that the gun is his motivation to tell her the truth and that he had better start talking before the gun does. Blair insists that Max did something between the night before the wedding and the ceremony to turn Todd against her and she wants to know what it was. Max says that since Blair shot him, maybe Todd had an attack of conscience. Blair says that she saw the look of betrayal in Todd's eyes. She tells Max that she must have had it every time she saw him and Skye together and that because Max did cheat on her it was justified, but that she was never unfaithful to Todd and she shouts at Max, "Tell me what you did. Why did he have that look?" Max responds that Todd is paranoid and that he is a jealous nutcase, as they both knew "just as we both know that you are not going to shoot me." he says. Blair cocks the gun and says, "Do we? You see Max, I'm about to be convicted of shooting you anyway." Max tells her not to do something she will regret and she asks why she would regret it "You've taken away the two things that mean the most to me. Todd and my little girl." Max tells her that she may still be acquitted for shooting him and Blair asks, "How, by being found insane?" and Max replies "If that's what it takes." "Fine." says Blair, "If I was crazy enough to shoot you once, why can't I be crazy enough to shoot you twice?"

Llanview Police Station

Kelly tells Todd, "There is one thing that I do know, you're not doing this because she (Blair) shot Max. You're not doing this because you don't love her. You're doing this because you do." Kelly continues by telling Todd that she never did believe that Todd loved Blair, but that Blair had convinced her that Todd did love her and that Blair loved him and, most importantly, how much both of them cared for Starr. Kelly said she realized now that Todd covered Blair's tracks after she shot Max. Todd says that is why Blair was going to marry him, but Kelly replies that Blair was marrying him because she loved him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him and that he was walking away from the best thing that he had ever had. Todd replies that Blair lied to him and betrayed him with Max. Kelly says that Blair never cheated on Todd. Todd asks "What about that little love nest that the two of them bought together? Blair is a conniver." Kelly tells Todd that Sam can make a case to get Blair off. She says that she can testify to Blair's mental state at the time of the shooting, but that if Todd testifies that she shot Max in cold blood, Blair will be sent away for years and that Starr will not have a mother. She asks Todd if that is what he really wants. She tells Todd that he can rescind his statement and save Blair, but if he goes through with it, it will destroy them both and there will be no going back. Todd looks very pensive and concerned.

Serenity Springs

With both of them wearing boxing gloves, Cristian tries to get Jen take out her anger on the punching bag. When she punches the bag, she turns to face Cristian and the bag swings into her back and throws her into his arms.

R. J.'s Bar

Roseanne stops R. J. as he is about to enter the bar and tells him that they have to talk immediately. R. J. tells her she will get her money and that there might be a bonus since the last tip helped protect his business and helped make Antonio and "the copette" look like fools. Roseanne says she does not want the money, she wants out. She tells him that she wants to be able to look at Antonio without thinking about how she is betraying him and she wants to put and end to the dirt that Colin MacIver has on her. She relates to R. J. that Colin had come to her motel room and tried to force her to go to bed with him, but that Sophia had shown up and saved her. R. J. tells Roseanne that if MacIver shows up around her again that he will take care of him. "Yeah, well you won't have to. If he shows up around me again, R. J., I'll take care of him myself."

Lindsay's Art Studio

Colin tells Lindsay her account is overdue and that he wants payment in full plus an additional fifty thousand dollars in penalties and late fees. Lindsay responds that she does not have access to anymore cash and that she has tapped out every source she has. Colin says that he won't be able to leave town and Lindsay replies that he would not give up the opportunity to keep torturing her. Colin assures Lindsay that he did mean it, but that if can't leave due to financial considerations then he will have to find something to keep him busy, like a nice new young woman. "You will not go near Jen. You will not use my children in your sick games." Colin says he will just have to find another game and takes a letter out of his pocket. He says that the letter is a copy of a letter he wrote to Bo and Sam and that it details how Lindsay kidnapped Nora and injected her with the drug to erase her memory. Colin says the letters are to be delivered immediately if he dies. Lindsay says that Colin won't use the letters. "Those letters are your insurance policy. They are what's keeping you alive. You turn me in and you're a dead man." Colin asks if she is threatening to kill him. "Maybe. Or maybe I'll just let one of those people in a long line behind me do it. You've made a lot of enemies here Colin." Lindsay replies. Colin again says he will leave just as soon as he can afford it. Then he opens up the letter and reads it to Lindsay "Dear Sam. I'm ready to tell you who really kidnapped Nora. Hugs and kisses, Colin."

Break Bar

Jessie tells Will that she had found at least a dozen places within walking distance of Llanview University where a fake ID could be obtained for just a few bucks. Will wants to know if she found out where Jen got her fake ID. Jessie lies to Will and says that she didn't. She tries to convince Will to forget about finding out where Jen got her ID, but Will is determined to find out who made the fake ID for Jen. Jessie tries to tell him that Jen is responsible for getting herself into trouble and that unless she is stupid or suicidal, she is not going to get drunk again. Will let it slip that he wants to make it up to Jen for "...our stupid family." Jessie asks him if he believes that Lindsay kidnapped Nora and asks if Jen went out and got drunk because she had found out. Will snaps that he does not want to talk about it. Jessie says that she understands that he can't tell her. Will apologizes, and tells Jessie that he does not want to keep secrets from her. Jessie replies that she really does understand.

Serenity Springs

Cristian tells Jen "That was some right punch. Whose face did you see on the bag, you're Uncle Colin's?" but Jen replies that it doesn't matter. Then they take turns punching the bag using subjects like marriage, love and trouble.

Llanview Police Station

Kelly says that Blair tried to convince her that Todd would never hurt her again. Todd replies that it was not his fault, but Blair's fault. Kelly says Blair's fault was loving Todd but that she doesn't deserve to go to prison too. Todd says that is not up to him, but Kelly replies that it is. She says that if he is bluffing to drop it and if he has evidence, to lie. Todd says that he is just looking for justice, but Kelly says it is vengeance he is looking for. "If you go through with this, you will not be able to look at yourself in the mirror or look at Starr for the rest of your life." Hank and Todd's attorney walk back into the room and the attorney says the D. A. is offering a suspended sentence and a year of probation. While Kelly looks at Todd, Hank tells Todd "If your evidence is real and compelling and conditional on you're testifying against Blair." Todd's attorney says he knows it's not immunity, but that Todd won't do jail time and advises Todd to take the deal. Todd looks at Kelly, then looks away.

Buchanan Mansion

Max tells Blair that she is crazy because she wanted to marry Todd, but Blair says that for the first time in her life everything was crystal clear and she had everything she wanted and that Max took it away from her. "Mission accomplished." Max replies with a smirk on his face. Blair points the gun at Max and says, "I want it back. All of it! I can't fix what I had with Todd unless you tell me what you did." Max looks at Blair and says, "I'm not going to tell you a damned thing." then turns and walks to the fireplace. Blair asks him if that is his final answer and Max says yes. "You lose." Blair says and pulls the trigger.

R. J.'s Bar

R. J. hands Roseanne some money and tells her to take it. Roseanne hesitates, but does take the money and says "Now, we're through?" but R. J. refers to her as his "burrowing little rodent" and says no that he still has need of her services. Roseanne says, "If you want a mole, go dig in your garden." R. J. counts of several more bills and says that maybe the money will help convince her. As she grabs the money, Roseanne says, "I am done being your spy, R. J. and I am done being stalked by Colin MacIver." R. J. tells Roseanne to leave Colin to him and that MacIver won't bother her again. When Roseanne asks him how he knows, R. J. replies "Because I am your guardian angel, Angel. So you just leave Colin to me."

Lindsay's Art Studio

Colin says that the letter will intrigue Sam and Lindsay says that the letter Colin has won't do anything. Colin replies that he will just have to mail it and find out. "I want my money, Lindsay." Colin says. Lindsay tells him that she can't get any more money and he replies "Then be inventive, Lindsay. Sell your car. Sell you business. Sell what you gave me for free." Lindsay starts to slap him, but Colin grabs her arm and says that he wants his cash and that he has a whole stack of those letters, each one with another sentence added. He gives Lindsay twenty-four hours to come up with the money or the first letter will be delivered and that for every day she does not get him the money she can add another fifty thousand dollars in interest and penalties and Sam will get another sentence.

Llanview Police Station

As he looks straight at Kelly, Todd says he will take the deal. Kelly says she is going to go find Blair and tell her what Todd is doing. Hank tells Kelly to tell Blair that it would be in her best interest to make a full confession right now. Kelly turns and walks out. Todd tells Hank that he wants the deal in writing. Hank tells Todd to get him the evidence and he will have the paperwork ready for Todd to sign when he gets back. Todd's attorney asks Todd if that is acceptable and Todd just shrugs and turns away with a look of regret. Hank says it is acceptable to everyone except Blair Cramer.

Buchanan Mansion

We see Blair lowering a smoking gun. "You can come out now Max." Max has hidden behind a chair and Blair has shot a piece of crystal sitting on the table beside it. "Maybe next time I won't miss." Max says that he will tell her. "I wanted to know the truth. I didn't want Skye to pay for something she didn't do." He states further that Blair and Todd had it coming after threatening him with exposure. Blair again asks what he did to make Todd turn on her. "I had an affair with you. At least that's the way it looked to Todd." Blair asks when and Max says "When he saw us in bed together naked."

Serenity Springs

"To love and trouble", says Cristian, "they're both the same thing." Jen asks Cristian if he was in love with Jessica and if that is why he and Will hate each other. Cristian admits that he was in love with Jessie, but that it didn't work out. Jen replies that it never does and that she had devoted her entire life to avoiding love at all cost. Cristian asks "All eighteen years?" Jen assures him that she is serious and Cristian says he is also staying away from love. Jen thanks him for dragging her to there. "I wanted to make you feel better. I kind of felt responsible, you know?" Jen says she hopes he doesn't feel responsible forever, but that maybe a year or two wouldn't be so bad.

Break Bar

Will asks Jessie if she is OK and Jess says she is just tired and needs some sleep. Will suggests that they go upstairs but Jessie says she needs to get a book from the library before it closes. Will asks if they are OK and Jessie says yes and that she will meet him at home later.

Todd's Penthouse

Todd hears Kelly in his head telling him that all he wants is vengeance and that Starr needs her mother. He rips into a pillow and pulls out a bag with the clothes Blair was wearing when she shot Max inside.

Buchanan Mansion

"That never happened." Blair tells Max "I have not gone to bed with you since the day I moved out." Max says that, technically, that was correct, she had not gone to bed with him, but he had gone to bed with her. He asks if she remembers the night before the wedding when he came by with the champagne toast. Catching on, Blair says, "You drugged me." Max admits that he used Skye's sleeping pills to drug her, then he undressed her, then himself, crawled into bed with her and waited for Todd. Blair says Todd wasn't coming back that night and asks Max how he got Todd to come to her room. Max says he didn't do anything, but Blair doesn't believe him because "Todd trusted me". Max tells her that Todd doesn't trust anyone. Blair says, "It was Skye wasn't it? She got into Todd's head didn't she?" Max says he doesn't know what she is talking about, but Blair cocks the gun again and points it at him but he refuses to say anything. Blair says that maybe she will just shoot him and then see if the gun will persuade his girlfriend to talk. Max admits that Skye did get to Todd and that it took all of her powers of persuasion to convince him that Max and Blair were making a fool of Todd. Then he told her about the cottage she and Max were supposed to have bought the day before the wedding. "You wanted the truth, well now you know and now it's over." Max says as he starts to walk out the door, but Blair replies "Not quite, Max. Now I'm really going to have to kill you."

Serenity Springs

Cristian tells Jen that the fake ID's is not something he is really proud of and Jen asks him what else he is involved in besides the fake ID's. Cristian tells her to leave it alone, that it is no one's business but his.

Antonio's Apartment

Jessie tells Antonio she needs to talk to him about Cristian. Antonio says that he wasn't taking sides between Jess and Cristian, and Jessie tells him that it's not about that. Then Jessie tells Antonio that Cristian is breaking the law.

Lindsay's Art Studio

Colin tells Lindsay that he will be back in touch soon and for her to get his money. Lindsay says he will get his money and to get out. As he is leaving, Colin picks up two very expensive looking pieces that Lindsay has on consignment and puts them in his pocket. He tells Lindsay that they will make a nice down payment. Lindsay closes the door after Colin leaves.

As he is about to enter the elevator he nearly falls down the elevator shaft. As he starts to jump back, R. J. steps up behind him and starts to push him down the elevator shaft.

Buchanan Mansion

Blair is pointing the gun at Max and he begs her not to shoot him. Blair pulls the trigger, but the gun doesn't fire. "You only put one bullet in the gun didn't you?" Max says. Blair says she just didn't trust herself. She tells Max that after she and Todd get through punishing him, he will wish he had been shot. She says she has to go find Todd and tell him what Max and Skye did.

Todd's Penthouse

Todd picks up the bag with Blair's clothes and starts out the door. We hear Blair telling Max "Todd needs to know that I would never betray him. That everything can go back to the way it was. That we can get married, be together and be a family." Todd starts to turn back, but then walks out and closes the door.

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