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Passions Recaps: The week of February 12, 2001 on PS
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Monday, February 12, 2001

While Father Lonigan prays for the destruction of the evil forces which took Charity away, Tabitha and Timmy are forced to take cover as Hecuba unleashes her own fury on the duo. Later, Kay writhes in pain when she's accidentally splashed with holy water. Though Theresa tries to console her forlorn fiancé, Ethan declares that his whole life has been destroyed. At the hospital, an agitated Grace demands to know how Sam could keep the truth from her for so long. Meanwhile, Pilar desperately attempts to dissuade Ivy from intruding on Sam and his wife at such a delicate time. Simone is appalled to see burn marks on her best friend's arm. Hecuba and Tabitha scream in agony as holy water begins pouring down from the ceiling. Sheridan confides to Gwen how worried she is that her relationship with Luis may not survive the differences in their social class and upbringing. Ethan tells Theresa he needs some time alone to think things through. T.C. asks Sam if he still loves Ivy.

Tuesday, February 13, 2001

Gwen gleefully informs Theresa that she's lost Ethan and will never get him back. Meanwhile, alone in his room, Ethan crumples completely as the awful truth sinks in. At the hospital, Sam rips into Ivy for ruining his life. Kay feels herself being relentlessly pulled towards Father Lonigan as the priest commands the soulless one to come hither. Next door, Hecuba torments Timmy and Tabitha by firing bolts of lightning from her fingertips. Sheridan shakily admits to Luis how terrified she is that Alistair and Julian will find a way to separate them. Stung by Sam's harsh judgment, Ivy dissolves in tears and accepts a comforting hug from her repentant old flame. Ethan devastates Theresa by declaring that he can't love someone when he doesn't know who he is anymore. Troubled by a nightmare, Grace stumbles out of bed in search of Sam. Kay becomes surrounded by dark shadows which whisk her through the gates of hell. Stunned to see Sam with his arms around Ivy, Grace collapses in a heap.

Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Hecuba and Tabitha shudder to see Father Lonigan approaching the house with a vial of holy water at the ready. Unclear about his past and his future, Ethan explains to an appalled Theresa why it wouldn't be fair for him to marry her now. Eve hedges when Sam begs for the truth about his unborn child's condition. Afterwards, Sam angrily reminds Ivy that it will be on her head if anything happens to Grace or the baby. Timmy and the two witches take cover as another indoor downpour drenches them with holy water. As they both struggle in the arms of the damned, Charity tells a screaming Kay she's going to burn for eternity for the sin of selling her soul. Having survived the rain, Hecuba renews her attack on Tabitha and her talking doll. Kay and Charity cry out for help to Father Lonigan, who tries to rescue the girls from the flames of hell. Sam tells a dismayed Ivy he has no chance of building a relationship with his son because Ethan feels nothing but contempt for him now. As Gwen eagerly eavesdrops, Theresa offers to give back Ethan's engagement ring. Father Lonigan finally pulls Kay to safety but is unable to reach her cousin. Eve gives Sam the devastating news that Grace has miscarried.

Thursday, February 15, 2001

Timmy's brainstorm fails to produce results when Tabitha discovers that her powers still haven't returned. Father Lonigan lends Kay a sympathetic ear as she pours out the tale of how she sold her soul. Rebecca announces to Julian that she's just filed for divorce now that the man she truly loves has suddenly become available. Theresa freezes in fear when Ethan vows to ferret out by nightfall the identity of the person who withheld Ivy's secret from him. Eve cautions Sam that Grace's life is hanging by a thread. Kneeling by his wife's bedside, Sam tearfully begs her not to leave him. As Charity's friends search the neighborhood, Kay admits to Father Lonigan why she fell for Hecuba's lies. Devastated to learn that her baby is gone, Grace wails that she wants to die. Later, Ethan arrives and misinterprets some angry remarks from an anguished Sam. Miguel hears a familiar voice crying out from the Bennetts' computer. Ethan wounds Ivy by wondering aloud if he can ever love his mother again. Father Lonigan advises Kay to confess to Miguel how she sent her cousin to hell, but Hecuba decides to take matters into her own hands.

Friday, February 16, 2001

Though the others remain skeptical, Miguel stubbornly insists he's hearing Charity's voice emanating from the Bennetts' computer. Wielding his cross, Father Lonigan commands Hecuba to be banished to the depths of hell. At the hospital, Eve tells Pilar and the others that Grace has lost the will to live and is beyond the help of medical science. Certain that someone else knew about Ivy's letter, Ethan asks Chad to help him figure it out. Meanwhile, Pilar urges her daughter to come clean with Ethan before he hears the truth from some third party. Terrified that she'll never recover her soul, Kay pleads with the priest not to punish Hecuba. Ethan quizzes Pilar about who could have had access to his birth records. As the laptop begins jumping around, Charity's cries for help become audible to everyone in the living room. Kay reluctantly agrees to honor the bargain she made with Hecuba. Whitney begs Chad not to spill Theresa's secret to Ethan.

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