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Leo agreed to marry Greenlee. Vanessa and Roger both plotted to get their hands on Greenlee's fortune. Laura was rushed to the hospital after another bad Ecstasy trip. Jake was determined to prove that David had rigged his heart problems. Opal arranged for Tad and Dixie to bump into each other at the hospital. Bianca got her journal back. Leslie opened canisters of laughing gas and knocked out everyone in the emergency room before escaping.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, April 23, 2001

Leo looked at Greenlee asked, "You want me to marry you? You're not kidding?" Leo asked Greenlee what he was supposed to do. Greenlee replied, "Say yes, [you'll] marry me." Leo told Greenlee that he loved her but he doesn't want to marry her. Greenlee asked him if he meant any of the things he said to her last night. He said that he did, he loved her but marrying her was not in the equation. Leo tried to tell Greenlee that marriage would not work. He cited other couples who are now split up. Greenlee told Leo that something was different about him and she wanted to know what it was. Greenlee asked Leo what made him come to her tonight and make love to her and tell her that he loved her. Greenlee told Leo that if he married her, it wouldn't be perfect but the only thing she wants is to wake up next to him every day. She tried to convince him and tell him that she wants to make love to him for the rest of his life. He looked at her and said "I'll do it." Greenlee asked Leo if he really meant it. She told him that she is so happy and then jumped into his lap. Leo told Greenlee that he loved her more than anything.

Bianca and Laura were looking at the web site on her laptop showing pictures of them taken at a party. Erica and Brooke came into the house and wanted to know what was going on. Erica took a look at the pictures from the web site and read the caption underneath. It said that the information came from Bianca's journal and it told how Bianca felt when she put her arms around Laura. It also said that she hadn't felt that way since she was with Sara. Laura tried to convince her mom and Erica that those pictures were all made up and everything was a lie and that the information couldn't be from Bianca's journal. Bianca just looked at Laura because she knew those where the exact words in her journal. Brooke asked Laura if she was taking Ecstasy and Laura told her mother "no." Bianca told Erica that it was true, Laura did take the drug a couple of times. Brooks and Laura began to exchange words and then they started to leave so they could carry on the conversation at home. Erica came up to Laura and told her that it was all her fault and then Brooke really got upset and told Erica to leave her daughter alone. Brooke and Erica then exchanged words. Brooke told Erica that she didn't need any help from her when it comes to talking to her own daughter. Brooke told Erica to talk to her own daughter and then she would discuss it with Laura when they got home. While Brooke and Erica were yelling at each other and blaming each other, Laura and Bianca left the house. They went outside and started to talk. Laura told Bianca that they talked about this before and thought they had it all cleared up. Bianca told Laura that no one was supposed to ever see what she wrote. They were her private thoughts and no one was to ever see them. Bianca said that she had feelings for Laura but she was never supposed to find out about it. She asked Laura what they were supposed to do now. Bianca told Laura that the one thing she wanted to do now was to disappear and she wanted to talk to her father and she wanted him back. Laura told Bianca that she wanted her to be her friend, she cared about her and she wanted to help her. Bianca said that if she really wanted to help her, then she needs to forget about what was written about her. Brooke and Erica came outside and Brooke took Laura home. Bianca told her mother to go inside and leave her alone. Erica went inside and made a phone call to Jackson. When he came on the phone she was crying and told Jack that what she expected to happen to Bianca was now happening. Bianca was outside crying also.

Gillian and Ryan arrived at their destination and as Gillian started to leave the car, Ryan pulled her back in and wanted to know if she wanted to "neck." He told her that it was an American custom. Gillian said that she would perform any American custom he wanted her to but she wanted to go back to the turret to get the Cameo first. As Ryan and Gillian arrived at the door, they noticed that the door was unlocked. Inside the room was the boy that Ryan caught steeling the $20.00 from the restaurant. He was hiding behind a curtain with a weapon (candlestick) when Ryan and Gillian came into the room. Dimitri and Alex were out walking on the grounds when they saw the light on in the turret. They came up to see who was in there when they ran into Ryan and Gillian. While Alex and Gillian were looking for her cameo, Dimitri was telling Ryan about Bart and how he has done everything to secure the property. Dimitri said that Anna was really distraught about Bart's death. The young man who was hiding behind the curtain jumped out the window and landed in the flowers below. He hurt his leg and was unable to move. Dimitri went to close the window and told Ryan that he thought he closed it before they left. Ryan told him that it was open when he and Gillian came in. Dimitri told Ryan that he got a couple of really good guard dogs as part of the security for the property. The boy who jumped out the window hurt his leg and could not walk on it. He was trying to stand up but kept falling down. He heard the dogs barking and knew he had to get out of there before the dogs found him. Gillian noticed how tired Dimitri and Alex were and told Ryan that it was a good thing that they came by tonight. Gillian told Dimitri and Alex that they wanted them to be their guests for the "incredible dream" cruise. They accepted and Gillian and Ryan left to make the plans. When they got to the car, Ryan told Gillian that he would buy her another broach and they could start their own memories. They got into the car and left. In the back seat, hiding under a blanket was the boy.

Roger grabbed Vanessa by the arm and led her to the Valley Inn lobby. He told her that he wanted Leo and his daughter, Greenlee, to get married and when they did, he wanted to get half of her dowry. He told Vanessa that he knew about her and Leo's schemes throughout Europe bilking the rich men. Vanessa told Roger that he was only interested in Greenlee because of her trust fund. Roger told Vanessa that he was suffering some embarrassing financial problems now and wanted her to help him get some money. Roger told Vanessa not to underestimate him because he does some of his best work under pressure.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Mr. St. Clair, principal of Pine Valley High School, led Dixie through the corridors of the school and praised her credentials as a teacher. Saying that she'd make "a dedicated substitute teacher," Mr. St. Clair, offered Dixie a position at the school. Dixie gleefully accepted the offer. She became uneasy, however, when the principal offer her a spot substituting for JR's class. Dixie explained that she'd rather not teach any of her son's classes. Mr. St. Clair nodded and said that her term as substitute would be over by the time JR returned to school. Dixie cocked her head to the side and listened as the principal explained that Adam taken JR out of school for a week or so. Dixie nodded, trying to hide the fact that she knew nothing of JR's mini-vacation, and said that she couldn't wait to "hear all about" her son's trip. Across the corridor, Mindy, Heather and Shannon giggled in front of a row of lockers. Bianca approached and angrily confronted Shannon over the "Baby Kane Exposed" web site. Bianca vowed to hold Shannon accountable for the site, but Shannon insisted that she had no part in the Internet site. Bianca then turned her attention to Mindy and blasted her for taking a photo of her and Laura in an embrace. Mindy replied that the photo was allegedly going to be used in the yearbook. As Bianca continued scolding Mindy, Mindy blurted out that taking the photo was all Shannon's idea. Obviously, Mindy's outburst gave Bianca the proof that Shannon had been involved in creating the web site. Heather broke her silence, telling Bianca that the web site contained only factual information. Shannon chirped in that she didn't understand why Bianca wasn't upset with Laura's drug use. Perhaps, the three girls giggled, Ecstasy puts Laura "in the mood." Bianca admitted that she wished Laura didn't use Ecstasy, unaware that Laura was listening in on the conversation from around the corner. Heather again offered her thoughts, saying, "And your mama wishes you were straight." Bianca glared into Shannon's eyes and demanded that she return her journal. Shannon rolled her eyes and told Bianca that she wasn't scared of her. "I am Erica Kane's daughter," Bianca snarled. "I can crash your whole world." Shannon showed a twinge of nervousness and quickly stated that she'd "ask around" to see if anyone had seen the diary. Laura rounded the corner and Shannon quickly turned her attention to her. She smiled broadly and told Laura that since she'd been such a good friend, she had a little surprise for her. Shannon, Mindy and Heather stepped away from the locker that they'd been guarding and revealed a collage of photos from semi-nude photos from Laura's days with Jim Thomasen. A group of students had gathered around the locker and began whispering and laughing at the photos. Two of the school's jocks, Ken and Marcus, chimed in with their thoughts on Laura's photos. Bianca stormed towards the locker and started removing the photos. To her surprise, Laura demanded that the photos remain up. She asked everyone if they enjoyed looking at sexually explicit photos of children. Laura turned to Ken and started unbuttoning her blouse. She remarked that the allegations that she has done "X" are true, adding that she's also done "triple X," an obvious reference to the pornographic photos. Bianca tried to dissuade Laura from making a scene and asked that she not unbutton her shirt. Laura, however, was determined to make a point. Shannon mused that Bianca and Laura were having a lovers' quarrel and asked that they kiss and make up. Without any kind of warning - or wind-up - Laura punched Shannon square on her nose. Shannon fell to the ground, hitting her head on the lockers. As a steady stream of blood trickled from her nose, Mindy began to panic. She looked at her friend and remarked, "Her parents made a fortune [for that nose]!" Later, Laura rebuffed Bianca's offers of assistance. After Laura stormed away, Ken and Marcus continued ogling the photos of Laura. "This is Bianca's girlfriend?" Ken squawked. "What a waste!"

At The Valley Inn, Greenlee ordered cappuccino for herself and her "fiancÚ," Leo. Greenlee made a point of emphasizing her affianced status. The pair started to kiss passionately. Across the room, the spectacle caused Liza and Tad to stop in their tracks. Tad wanted nothing more than to walk over to Leo and talk about David, but Liza held him back. Tad sighed deeply and sat down at a table with Liza - his back towards Leo. Tad told Liza that he had some good news; Dixie had asked him to hold off on filing for divorce. Liza was optimistic that things were taking a turn for the better. Tad gently told Liza that he needed to leave his post at Chandler Enterprises. He said that he was sure that Liza could get by without him. Liza sharply replied that she had been getting by without Tad's help; he'd been a virtual no-show at work since the David Hayward fiasco had started. Tad continued to ask for time off, and Liza refused each request. Liza claimed that Tad returning to work was a step in the right direction. After all, she noted, Dixie had decided to go back to teaching. Liza also revealed that she and Dixie had discussed how she had not gotten over her feelings for Tad. She stunned Tad by revealing that a part of her still loves him. It also surprised Adam, who approached the table from a few feet away. He sat down and asked Liza to elaborate on what she'd said. Liza assured her husband that she loved him madly and that she her feelings for Tad were not a threat to their marriage. With that, Adam urged Tad to hurry up and patch things up with Dixie. He also explained that the rift between him and Dixie was causing problems for JR. Tad insisted that he was not intentionally trying to create turmoil in the boy's life. Dixie arrived at the restaurant and Adam quickly tried to send her and Tad to a nearby "quiet, secluded" table. Dixie quickly explained that she was there to speak to Adam, not Tad. Tad was crushed, but Liza urged him to keep his chin up. At their nearby table, Dixie lashed out at Adam for taking JR out of school without her permission. Adam stated that JR was on a fishing trip with Stuart. Dixie grumbled that a fishing trip was not in their son's best interest; he should be in school. Adam crossly asked Dixie when she last did was in their son's best interest. The on-target remark silenced Dixie. She quietly told Adam that his comment was unwarranted, but she did not argue its validity. Dixie stormed away from the table after warning Adam never to take their son out of school without first talking to her.

Across the room, Greenlee flagged down Vanessa, who's entered the restaurant unaware that here son was there, and asked her to join her and Leo at the table. Vanessa gasped audibly when Greenlee asked if she'd prefer to be called "Vanessa or mother." Vanessa quickly regained use of her voice and begged Greenlee to allow her to help plan the nuptials. The contractor working on Greenlee's penthouse called about a snag he'd hit in the renovation process and Greenlee excused herself to take the call. While she was gone, Vanessa praised her son as a "scamp" who's finally lived up to his promise to fleece Greenlee. Leo argued that he and Greenlee were in love and warned his mother that she would not see a cent of Greenlee's money. Vanessa asked if Roger knew of Greenlee's engagement. Leo matter-of-factly replied that Roger was no longer a part of Greenlee's life. Greenlee returned to the table and Vanessa resumed talk of helping Greenlee build her trousseau. Leo shot off a fiery look at his mother. Vanessa was aghast when Leo stated that he was going to try to get back his job at "What on Earth for?" Vanessa howled. She cleared her throat and tried to clarify her apparent money-hungry remark. Vanessa claimed that she wondered why her son would take a job working for a man that obviously didn't respect him. Nevertheless, Vanessa proposed a toast to the pair, her "darling son" and his "exquisite bride-to-be." Leo and Greenlee headed on their way. Roger, who'd been hovering in the background and had overheard Vanessa's toast, wandered up to Vanessa and asked her if she was going to buy him some champagne to toast their good fortune. Vanessa numbly told Roger that she'd been told that Greenlee's fortune was off-limits to both of them. Roger explained that while he would walk Greenlee down the aisle, he was not about to give her away. He firmly stated that he would get something to help recoup the losses Greenlee has forced him to incur over the years. He then handed over a folded newspaper article to Vanessa. Vanessa took her time unfolding the piece of paper, but when she read the article on the paper, her jaw dropped. "How much do you want?" she asked, struggling to find her words. "A million dollars," Roger replied coldly. "For starters."

At Wildwind, Edmund returned from what he said was a Tempo business trip to Washington DC. Anna didn't believe that his trip was over, believing that he'd come back to babysit her while Dimitri and Alex spent time on the yacht with Ryan and Gillian. Edmund offered his condolences for the loss of Bart. Anna bowed her head and expressed her regret that she was not their for her protector in his one time of need. Edmund assured Anna that Bart had probably not suffered, but it wasn't of much comfort to her. Anna insisted that she was strong and that she did not need to be protected any longer. Edmund became unusually quiet. He realized that he'd heard similar remarks from Alex when they were together. Anna sat beside Edmund and asked him what was going on. Edmund admitted that he had not been in Washington; he'd gone to Anna's home. "Port Charles?" she asked with a hint of excitement. Edmund nodded and informed Anna that he'd brought back something for her - something from her past.

Aboard the Fidelity, Gabriel, the young mystery man who'd been wandering the Wildwind property, moved his skulking to the seas. He was forced to run out of the main room of the ship and hide behind a bar on the deck when he heard voices approaching. Gillian and Ryan entered the room discussing what could go wrong with their cruise venture. Gillian worried that she'd burn something in the kitchen or even fall overboard! As they talked, Gabriel limped down the deck with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. Alex and Dimitri arrived and Ryan and Gillian left the room to let the pair get comfortable. Alex wandered outside and stared off over the water. She recalled the last time she'd been on the boat. Dimitri remarked that it was the night Alex had disappeared. To Alex, though, it was remembered as the night she learned that her sister was still alive. Alex and Dimitri returned inside and found Gillian waiting with tea and scones. Gillian explained that she and Ryan had wanted to recreate the first time Dimitri and Alex had met. Dimitri, tongue in cheek, asked if there'd be any lamb served. Gillian immediately responded that if lamb was served, it would not be "Chops," the lamb her cousins had given her and Ryan as a wedding gift. In a storage area elsewhere on the ship, Gabriel gently poured some alcohol on his wounded leg. He screamed in pain when the alcohol hit the wound. He used a knife to cut a cloth to fit over his wound. Later, the young man fell asleep and was haunted by a voice in his head. An Englishwoman's voice echoed over and over in his head, saying, "Please leave immediately. All personnel, you have two minutes to vacate the premises." Back in the other part of the boat, Ryan and Dimitri discussed the travel plans for the mini-cruise. Alex and Dimitri again went outside. As they did, Leo and Greenlee entered wanting to know where they were all going. Ryan asked that the pair leave, but Leo refused to head back to land. Gillian briefed Leo and Greenlee about the cruise plans. Leo immediately pitched the idea of his returning to work to Ryan. He rattled off his list of accomplishments. Ryan, however, countered every high note with one of Leo's gaffes. Ryan asked Leo why he had a sudden interest in working - he never had one before. Leo looked longingly at Greenlee and said that things were different now; he and Greenlee were engaged. Ryan and Gillian were floored and did not know how to react. Greenlee decided that a toast was in order and headed off to find champagne. Ryan found it odd that Greenlee knew where to find the champagne and chased off after her. When he got onto the deck, he came to an abrupt halt. He peered down at the floor and several small pools of blood.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

The principal of Pine Valley High School was escorting Laura to her locker and telling her to remove her belongings. Laura asked him what happened to the x-rated photos that were hanging there and he told her they'd been removed and destroyed. She asked about Shannon and was told that she had gone to the hospital. Mr. St. Clair said that violence would not be tolerated at PVHS. Laura told him that Shannon had attacked her first and Bianca walked up and confirmed this. The principal said Laura was just lucky she was only being suspended. Bianca told him that Shannon and her friends had broken into her home and stolen her diary. He said he'd reprimand Shannon but wouldn't do anything else. This infuriated both Bianca and Laura. Laura apologized for punching Shannon but Mr. St. Clair refused to back down. Bianca told him it would ruin Laura's transcripts and he reminded her that it was only a temporary suspension. Laura was very upset and stomped away. She went over to her locker and began removing all it's contents. Bianca followed her and told her she was so sorry and Laura told her it wasn't her fault and that she appreciated Bianca sticking up for her. Laura told Bianca she wanted to be friends but Bianca told her again it wasn't possible, since now Laura knew Bianca's true feelings for her. Bianca said she knows Laura feels uncomfortable around her since the journal entries were made public. Laura tried to tell Bianca she was ok with it but Bianca said she wasn't ok with Laura knowing how she felt and that she was just going to back off. They both turned to find Erica standing there listening. Laura grabbed her belongings, told Bianca she was sorry and ran off. Bianca asked her mother what she was doing at the school. Erica told her she'd just come from Jack's office where he was successful in getting the web site pulled off the Internet. Bianca was thankful and told her mother she wanted to press charges against Shannon, Mindy and Heather. Erica told her that Jack said it would be better to just let it go, let the whole thing just die down. Bianca wasn't happy about this and said she didn't want Shannon to get away with what she'd done. Erica said it was best not to retaliate prompting Bianca to respond, "So Shannon wins?". Erica said she'd talk to Shannon's parents and she'd make sure the school administration disciplined her. Erica then reminded Bianca that school would be over soon and it would be better for her to just keep her distance from the whole crowd. Bianca instinctively knew that her mother also wanted her to cut ties with Laura. Erica admitted that she did believe it would be in Bianca's best interest to stay away from Laura. Bianca was upset that Erica had eavesdropped on her conversation with Laura, but Erica denied having done this. Bianca accused her mother of being "all freaked out" because she'd heard her declare her feelings for Laura. Bianca admitted that there is no future for her and Laura, but remained optimistic that one day she would meet that special someone who will return her affections. Erica looked a little pained but said "I just want you to be happy". Bianca said she hoped her mother could accept it when it happens.

Laura ran down a deserted hallway and pulled out her cell phone. She dialed the number and waited for an answer.

Jake took David's vital signs and made notes in his hospital chart. David asked "Am I okay?" several times but Jake ignored him as long as he could. Finally, Jake said his "rhythm" was back to normal. David criticized Jake's lacking bedside manner, but Jake countered that he has great bedside manner with patients that matter. Jake was highly suspicious of David's heart problems and then seemingly miraculous recovery. He told David he thought he did something to himself to make sure he didn't have to go to prison. David took great offense to this and said Jake was getting dangerously close to slander. He then started yelling about how he could sue Jake and the "whole damn hospital". Vanessa and Dr. Joe heard the commotion and ran into the room. Joe ordered Jake to leave and wait for him outside David's room. After checking David, Joe joined Jake and told him to "just let it go" and forget about David. Jake told his father that he knows David did something to bring on his arrhythmia. Again, Joe said to let it go and then left Jake standing outside David's room. Dixie showed up and Jake was disgusted that she would drop by the hospital to see David. Dixie corrected Jake, and told him she was there to take a TB test because she was going to be returning to teaching. She did break down and ask Jake how David was doing. Jake said David was doing fine and that he would be even better once he was behind bars. Jake walked off and Dixie stood outside the doors to David's room, looking through the windows.

Inside David's room, David thanked Vanessa for her help in getting the potassium injection, and mused that it was too bad he couldn't use that trick again. Vanessa said she was glad he was feeling better. The door opened and David looked up to see Dixie standing there. A huge smile spread across his face, but on Dixie's face there was just a look of repulsion. He cried out "I knew you'd come. You wouldn't stay away!". But Dixie just turned her head and let the door close as she walked away. David sunk back into his bed and told Vanessa he just had to get out of his predicemant because he could feel Dixie pulling away. Vanessa told him to let her go, that Dixie had been trouble from the beginning. David got very angry with his mother and said he'd never give up on Dixie. Vanessa said that she had worked up a little scenario to help David dodge the charges again him: David had already ingested some Libidozone before going to the party and therefore was under the influence of drugs and couldn't be held responsible for his actions. David told her to let him work things out. He said he'd overheard nurses gossiping, that a judge had been admitted with heart problems. David said he was going to offer to fix the man's heart and give him "a million reasons" to make sure his case was thrown out of court. Vanessa was horrified. "You're going to bribe a judge?" she squawked. David told her "Yes, and you're going to help me". Vanessa told her son she couldn't give the judge a million dollars but David assured her that he had the money. All he wanted Vanessa to do was to find out about the judge's condition and to make sure the judge paid him a visit. Vanessa told him she couldn't do it, but her attitude changed awfully quickly when David said he'd throw in a half million dollars for her. This stopped Vanessa from leaving the room. David told her to consider the money as her 401K since Palmer had not yet put her in his will. Vanessa flashed back to the conversation she'd had with Roger when he demanded a million dollars for his silence. She then asked David if he had that much disposable cash. He told her not to worry about it, that he has plenty. David told her to get a power of attorney form for him and that would enable her to transfer funds. He told her not to get too greedy and Vanessa went to find the form. She returned a little later with the form and David signed in all the right places, telling her he would revoke this as soon as "it's all over". He then told her to transfer 1.5 million dollars from his Swiss bank account to the Pine Valley Savings and Trust. Vanessa said he was asking her to do a big thing. David saw right through her, asking if she was trying to shake him down for more cash. She denied this and left the room with the papers in hand. David then said out loud to himself "Soon Dixie. Soon."

Anna and Edmund were in the turret. She was holding the photo of Robert Scorpio and said she remembered the face in the picture. Edmund confirmed that it was her husband and she said it was the face she'd seen in her mind. She gazed at the picture and said she had all these feelings but no real memory of what he was like; She remembered only bits and pieces. Edmund wondered if he'd made things worse for her by bringing her this photo. Anna assured him that his gift had done her a world of good. Edmund smiled and announced that he had pictures of General Hospital, Port Charles Police Department and even the house where Anna and Robert had lived. Anna was very moved and sat down to look at the pictures. She said she felt very comfortable looking at the pictures and asked Edmund if she could keep them. He said they were for her to have and she thanked him, telling him he was fantastic. She asked if he had a picture of her daughter Robin. Edmund said that he didn't have any pictures of the young woman, but indicated that he knows where to find her. Edmund asked Anna if she'd like to see Robin. Anna shook her head and said she couldn't see her daughter yet.Anna said she wants to see Robin more than anything, but when she does she wants to be a "whole person, not this pathetic shell." Edmund told her she was brave and promised that she will see her daughter one day. He asked if Anna had a scrapbook she could put the pictures in. He told her she could write down her thoughts and feelings about each photo and then one day show it to Robin. Anna thought that was a great idea. They began to clean up a little and Edmund found the crumpled picture of Alex, which Gabriel had stolen from the main house. Edmund smoothed it out and said "Eugenia was looking for this" with a puzzled look on his face.

On the Fidelity, Ryan, Gillian, Leo and Greenlee checked themselves to see where the blood on the deck had come from. No one was bleeding and the four of them went back inside and wondered where Dimitri and Alex were. Gillian said they had gone out on deck. She wondered if one of the champagne deliverymen had hurt themselves earlier that day. The mention of champagne perked Greenlee up and she said she hoped it wasn't the "cheap domestic kind." They all looked at her with disdain and Leo jumped in to try to smooth things over. He asked Ryan and Gillian to be happy for him and to try to accept Greenlee for his sake. They finally said they would and Ryan quipped "I hope you bring out the best in each other. God help us if you don't!". Ryan and Gillian thanked Greenlee for the few good deeds she'd done, like saving Gillian when she was having the miscarriage and for calling the police when the yacht had been hijacked by the drug smugglers. Then Ryan welcomed Leo back into the business, much to Leo's joy. Dimitri and Alex came back into the room and they all toasted to Leo and Greenlee's engagement. Leo and Ryan went off to the side of the room to talk. Leo told Ryan that he and Greenlee had gotten back together at Ryan's wedding and thanked him for giving him a second chance. Ryan walked back over to Gillian and they declared the evening a success, everyone on board was in love. Alex said everything was great at dinner but Greenlee commented that the wine had been too overpowering. Leo jumped in and covered her rudeness by complimenting the service. Gillian offered coffee but Leo and Greenlee said they needed to leave and make plans for their wedding. Ryan and Gillian stopped them, saying the entertainment portion of the evening was just beginning. They brought out a Karaoke machine, much to Greenlee's disgust. She clearly did not want to stay but Leo talked her into it. Leo went to help Ryan pick out a song and the yacht phone rang. Gillian told Greenlee to answer it and it was Laura calling from the high school. She asked for Leo but Greenlee wouldn't let her, telling her they were in the middle of celebrating their engagement and held the phone out so Laura could hear the music and laughter. She then hung up on Laura. Leo walked over and Greenlee told him it was a wrong number. Ryan and Gillian were the first ones up for singing and their chosen song was Sonny and Cher's "I've Got You Babe". They had a great time performing and Dimitri, Alex and Leo were really enjoying the show. Greenlee was still turned off and said it was too "hokey." She wanted to go find a private place for her and Leo and he agreed. She left the room while Ryan and Gillian finished their song. They asked Leo where Greenlee was and he told them she'd gone to the powder room. Gillian said if Greenlee didn't hurry back she'd miss her turn at karaoke. Under his breath Leo said, "If she's lucky".

Laura tried to call Leo on his cell phone but was told he was "out of range". She couldn't believe that it could be true that Leo and Greenlee were engaged. She slumped over and called herself "so pathetic." Laura stood up and dialed her phone again. She asked the person on the other -- "X", saying "make it a triple" and agreed to meet him at the mall.

In the meantime, Greenlee hunted around the yacht for a place to "hide" and found the storage room. She peaked into the room and declared it "perfect!". She popped the cork on the champagne she had with her and Gabriel, who was hiding inside, heard her. He tried to move himself into a better hiding position while outside the door Greenlee used her cell phone to call Leo. He answered and she told him she'd found the perfect spot. Leo told her to come back to the living room; the karaoke was over. She said "No, you find me. I'll make it worth the search" and hung up. She went into the storage room and sat the champagne bottle down. Greenlee began undressing in anticipation of Leo's arrival. Gabriel stood up behind her with the knife in his hand. Greenlee turned around and screamed in terror.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

At the mall, Bianca ran into Shannon, Mindy and Heather who handed her back her journal, claiming they had found it in a dumpster. They asked Bianca if things were "cool" between them, but Bianca was still angry that they had published her "thoughts over the internet." As she turned to walk away, Shannon asked her how things between her and Laura were and warned her that Laura "totally wasted." Bianca turned to see Laura stumbling around and falling onto a table. Stinking of perfume, Laura approached Bianca and excitedly told her that she had just been sampling at Lacy's. Mindy, Heather and Shannon retreated to a table and Bianca sat with Laura at another. She asked Laura how many hits she had taken and Laura replied that she had done a "triple." Bianca became worried that she kept rubbing her throat and informed her that it was one of the side effects of Ecstasy. Laura told her that she sounded like a public service announcement and Bianca told her she would stop. She asked Laura if she wanted to go home, but Laura said she didn't have one and went on to explain to Bianca that Brooke wasn't her mother and that she only took her in because she "felt sorry for a stray." Bianca tried to tell her that wasn't the case, but Laura was adamant. She explained to Bianca that she could "see the whole world" now and she realized that she didn't belong anywhere. She explained to Bianca that Brooke thought she was the "perfect woman" but that she wasn't. Bianca asked her if she turned to drugs when she felt "trapped" in her life and Laura admitted that she did. She tried to compare Laura to herself but Laura emphasized that she wasn't an addict and she didn't have a problem. She suggested that Bianca didn't really know her at all and that maybe they could be friends anymore. She turned to leave then doubled over. Bianca rushed to her side and Laura moaned in pain.

In a hospital room, Jake sat reading a medical journal on heart conditions. Joe walked in on him Jake admitted that he was doing some research to see how David was "manipulating" his heart. Joe warned him that he had to stop obsessing over David before he turned into what Tad had become but Jake was relentless. He explained to his father that David didn't deserve to be in a public hospital and that he should be recovering behind bars at Statesville.

In another room, David lovingly held a picture of Dixie in his hand. His thoughts were interrupted by a wheelchair-bound Judge Palmeroy, who had been called to David's room on Vanessa's behalf. David asked him how his heart was, but the Judge only replied that the doctor had given him a "fighting chance." David smiled and told the judge that this meant he had "better get (his) will in order." The judge became angry and told him that he had better do the same. David suggested that he could give the judge his life back in return for the judge helping him regain his own and he asked him if he was "interested." Judge Palmeroy asked him why he confessed if he was innocent and David explained that he had thought he lost Dixie's love, but realized that she still cared for him. The judge didn't buy it and was about to go back to his room to run tests but David stopped him. He told him that the tests would only reveal what the doctors and him already knew: that he was dying and that the medicines that he was being given were not doing anything to help him. He asked him if he had any children and the judge replied that he had two boys. David declared that he had performed surgery on patients in the same life-threatening situation as him and offered to give the judge their phone numbers. Judge Palmeroy was taken aback and asked David if he would still be able to sit on the bench. David replied that he would have to retire but that his financial situation was something they would have to "discuss" seeing as his retirement plan would run out. Surprised, the judge asked how he would be able to perform the surgery with his injury but David assured him that it was only a minor setback. Their conversation was suddenly interrupted by Jake, who walked into David's room, introduced himself to the judge and accused David of trying to bribe him and faking a heart condition. David explained that he had only been speaking to the judge on a patient-doctor level and was offering him his medical expertise on his condition. Jake didn't buy it and was about to protest when Joe came in and asked Jake to step outside with him. In the hallway, Joe reiterated that he was not to talk to David and warned him that if he did again, he was going to be suspended. He told Jake to look after other patients and walked away. Back in David's room, he assured Judge Palmeroy that Jake was not a threat and that the only thing they had to worry about was time. He explained that he had devised a plan and told the judge that continuing on with it was up to him. They were interrupted by Vanessa who brought the "documents" for the judge. Judge Palmeroy opened the envelope and pulled out a handful of money. He told David he would take them under "advisement" and that he would get back to them by tomorrow. After he left, Vanessa asked him how things had gone and David replied that he had a 50-50 chance of succeeding with their plan.

Aboard the Fidelity, Alex and Dimitri stepped onto the deck to escape "Karaoke hell" when they suddenly heard Greenlee's screams. Ryan, Gillian and Leo ran onto the deck and Greenlee came running from the side. She explained that she had just had an encounter with a bleeding man wielding a knife, but no one believed her. Ryan asked her to remember back when she claimed to have drowned just so she could play the "damsel in distress" to Leo's hero. They were about to go back inside, but Greenlee became frustrated and told them that if they didn't act quickly, they were going to be "picked off one by one." Leo asked her if she was telling the truth and Greenlee emphatically replied that she was. Dimitri pulled Alex aside and confided that he thought this person had something to do with whoever was after Anna but Alex didn't seem so sure. Greenlee loudly repeated that the man was bleeding and Ryan interrupted her by saying that they had seen spots of blood on the yacht earlier. Dimitri, Leo and Ryan agreed to go and Gillian warned her that if they didn't turn up with anything, she was going to walk the plank. As Greenlee begged Ryan not to leave her, Gillian came up behind her with a buoy and told her that she "better hold on to it because (she) may need it later."

Ryan and Dimitri returned from their search but came up with nothing. They accused Greenlee of ruining their evening and retreated into the cabin with their wives. Alone, Leo asked Greenlee why she lied but Greenlee assured him that she didn't. Suddenly, she screamed as the mysterious person peered out from a door. Everyone ran out just in time to see him jump over the deck. Without a moment's hesitation, Ryan leapt in after him.

David took a walk to the sunroom and was surprised when he saw Leslie there. She confided that she saw the judge visiting his room and that she was glad he was doing anything he could to get what he wanted. She stated that they were exactly alike, but David replied that they were complete opposites. Leslie told him that she was leaving for Oak Haven and wanted to say goodbye. She told him that she knew he would get off and then leave Dixie behind him because she couldn't change him from the man that he already was. The guard called for her and Leslie bid her "brother in crime" a fond farewell as she left the sunroom.

Roger visited Vanessa at the hospital. She pulled him into David's hospital room and produced an envelope with $500, 000. Confused, he told her that he asked for $1 million, but Vanessa replied that she couldn't get her hands on that kind of money. Roger threatened to blow the whistle on her plan but Vanessa cautioned him that this would ruin his plot to get his hands on Greenlee's trust fund. She reminded him that Leo and Greenlee weren't married yet and that there was no guaranteeing that Leo would steal from her once he was given the chance. Vanessa assured Roger that she would make his life even more "miserable" if he said anything and Roger took the money and left. Outside, he whispered to himself that Vanessa better be ready to "play with the big dogs."

Ryan rescued the stowaway and laid him out on the deck. When Alex didn't hear a heart beat, she began CPR and he quickly regained consciousness. She took Dimitri's jacket to wrap around his leg wound as Greenlee whined that no one thanked her for saving their lives. Leo took her aside and assured her that he was proud of her. Ryan stated that he had seen the stranger before in BJ's but didn't know who he was. He sent Gillian to tell the driver to turn them around as Alex declared that his wound was infected and needed to go to a hospital immediately.

David returned to his room and Vanessa asked if he had heard anything from the judge yet. David replied that he hadn't but that he needed to get out of the hospital. Vanessa told him that it would break her heart to see him in jail and David quickly reminded her that she didn't feel guilty allowing Leo to "rot in jail" for her crime. She told him that he was glad to see he was back to his old self by being "selfish" and doing whatever he could to save himself. She began to compare herself to him but David became angry and ordered her to leave. He tossed and turned in bed but finally got up, turned the light on and sadly remembered what Vanessa and Leslie had said to him.

Bianca returned to the table with two bottles of water. She found Laura looking at some photos she had taken in an inner city neighborhood. She reasoned that if they made her feel something, she was still high. Bianca studied the pictures and told Laura she should be "doing more of this." Laura was about to reply, but she suddenly began to gasp and sweat. She told Bianca that she couldn't catch her breath and asked her to stay with her until she was "back to (her) normal self." Bianca agreed as she held Laura's arm. They walked away from the table and Laura panted that she couldn't breathe.

Greenlee was alone on the deck when Leo approached her. She confided that if she hadn't screamed, the stranger wouldn't have jumped into the water but Leo assured her that it wasn't her fault. She told Leo that she ruined the party and asked him how she could fit in. Leo told her that she didn't have to critique the wine at dinner, but Greenlee replied that her "mouth was in overdrive and set in super obnoxious." Leo told her that he loved her and always would and the two shared a kiss. They got up to "finish what (they) started" and were walking across the deck when Roger appeared. He held up a bottle of wine and stated that "celebrations (were) in order."

Gillian, Ryan, Dimitri and Alex arrived at the ER with the stowaway on a stretcher and were greeted by Jake and Joe. Alex explained the situation and went in with Joe to check on him. Leslie walked into the ER with the guard, who left her to see if her ride was there. He warned her to stay but once he was out of earshot, Leslie replied that she wouldn't be taken to a padded cell.

Joe and Alex tended to the stranger in the examination room. He began to open his eyes and Joe explained that he was in a hospital. He suddenly jumped up but Alex and Joe held him down. The stowaway caught sight of Alex and remained transfixed on her, as he gave her a knowing gaze.

Leslie spotted a man bringing in tanks of medicines. She received permission from the guard to "stretch (her) legs" and went over to talk to the deliveryman. She asked him what was in the tanks and he replied that it was a new type of anesthesia which he heard you could "die laughing" from. Leslie smiled mischievously as she aeyed tanks.

Thursday, April 27, 2001

Roger showed up uninvited on the Fidelity with a peace offering bottle of champagne and his congratulations regarding their engagement. Leo was going to make him leave but Greenlee stopped him and told him, "She wanted her father to see what true love looks like." Greenlee and Roger bickered back and forth. Roger revealed to the shocked Leo and Greenlee that he knew Vanessa and that they went way back. Leo sent Greenlee off to put the champagne on ice. As soon as Greenlee was out of sight, Leo told Roger to "spill it." Roger then went on about how he had traveled in the same social circles with Vanessa and went on to blackmail Leo by showing him what appeared to be a newspaper article revealing information that Leo was trying to keep hidden. Roger then threatened Leo that he would expose his secret unless Leo "keeps him in the style in which he is accustomed" after he marries Greenlee and her vast fortune. Greenlee then interrupted them with the champagne for their toast.

Dixie ran into Tad at the mall and they exchanged a few words with each other quickly realizing that Opal had set them both up to be at the mall at the same time. Tad invited Dixie to join him for a cup of coffee and she smiled and readily agreed. Dixie and Tad discussed how they felt about each other and Dixie admitted to Tad that she felt closer to him than to any other person. Tad told her that he felt the same way about her. They spoke about their dreams and Tad told her that only two things scared him, somebody he cares about hurting the way he did when he was being tormented by Ray Gardner, and going through life without Dixie. He told her he didn't need her to protect him anymore, that he needed her to love him, only him. She told him that she hoped some day she could do that because he deserved that. Tad whisked her away to the hospital for a checkup when he found out that she was a week overdue for her monthly checkup, telling her that she isn't the only one who liked to feel needed.

Jake entered David's hospital room in an unusually good mood. Jake told him he was there to spread the good word that David's transfer had gone through and he was on his way to Statesville. David didn't buy it until Jake informed him that he knew that he had taken potassium that was stolen out of the medicine cabinet to alter his heart rate. Jake informed him that he was now going to take David down to the lab for a blood test that he would monitor himself to find out if indeed David's potassium level was elevated and that once Jake had proof that David's potassium level was in fact high, David would be spending that very night in Statesville prison.

By the nurses' station, Leslie was wandering around waiting for her transfer to Oak Haven. She spied a deliveryman with some large metal canisters filled with some type of gas. The deliveryman informed her that they were filled with a new anesthetic, like nitric oxide (laughing gas), that was odorless and colorless and that if given in large doses, can be quite deadly.

Anna, Dimitri, and Dr. Martin were in the ER with the young thief that had been lurking around Pine Valley. Anna tried to get him to speak and at least give his name but to no avail. Dimitri showed concern because Anna was giving the mysterious young man special concern and attention though she scarcely knew him. In the hallway, Gillian tried to convince Ryan to call the police and report that the stranger was seen previously stealing money off tables at BJs. Ryan refused to turn him in because he had been in that young lad's boots before and did not feel he was particularly dangerous, but just down on his luck.

The door to the ER burst open and Bianca came in with an ailing Laura hanging off her arm. Dr. Joe Martin approached the two girls and questioned them as to what was happening with Laura. Laura admitted to Joe that she had taken quite a bit of Ecstasy and couldn't breathe. She then slumped to the floor. Brooke entered the ER as they wheeled her daughter away for treatment. Brooke quizzed Bianca about what had happened to Laura. Bianca informed Brooke that Laura had been suspended from school and told her about the dirty pictures of Laura that were posted on her locker for all to see and how she had overreacted by hitting Shannon. Brooke then went on to share stories about Laura with Bianca such as the first time she had met her. Bianca told Brooke how much Laura loved her and how thankful she was to have her.

Leslie flirted with her guard comparing him to David Hasselhoff as she eyed the gas tanks. She then faked a dry throat and requested he go get her some water promising him that she would not move an inch in his absence. Predictably, as soon as the guard was out of sight, Leslie opened the valves on each one of the four tanks quickly filling the ER with the deadly gas. As Leslie was donning an oxygen mask, her guard returned with her water and quickly dropped to the floor in a faint. Everybody in the ER began dropping like flies. Leslie began to make her getaway move when Joe Martin entered and yelled at her to stay where she was. She then lunged toward a flare gun (that had been taken from the Fidelity by the mysterious young man being treated by Anna) and fired toward Joe missing him but starting a fire.

Pat Trowbridge entered the hospital corridor where Jake, David and the guard were en route on to the lab, laughing about something "going on" in the ER and how people are dropping like flies. Without warning, she passed out into Jake's arms. Jake went to call the ER and find out what was going on but first warned the guard not to take his eyes off of David. David, however, had plans of his own and grabbed the guard's gun and aiming it at him while forcing him to handcuff himself to a pipe in the hallway. Meanwhile, Leslie ran out of the hospital and placed the handle of a broom across the door handles in an attempt to prevent anybody from following her as she made her getaway.

Placing a handkerchief over his nose and mouth., David ran into the ER and quickly assessed the situation, David then turned the gas off and broke through the broom handle on the door to prop open the doors for air. He then used a fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire and placed the oxygen mask he found on the counter on Brooke and pulled Bianca outside into the fresh air. He next pulled Joe Martin outside just at Tad and Dixie came running up. After he saved Joe, he fainted in Dixie's lap.

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