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Leo talked Greenlee into a secret prenuptial agreement that would block him from accessing her money. Millicent scoffed at Greenlee's insistence that Leo loved her. Roger backed down from his blackmailing of Leo. Brooke learned that the damage done to Laura's heart was irreversible. Erica comforted Brooke and offered any help she might need. Ryan and Gillian agreed to play host to a reality show aboard the Fidelity. Maddie found Gabriel lurking in the hunting lodge.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 30, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, April 30, 2001

Aboard Fidelity, Greenlee questioned Roger and Leo about what they were talking about and what Roger put into his pocket. She felt it was a newspaper clipping. She was getting more insistent, when Gillian and Ryan interrupted them. They asked Greenlee to go with them and show them where the stowaway had been hiding. Greenlee agreed to go, but turned to Roger and Leo before she left and told them they would continue the discussion when she returned. Greenlee took Ryan and Gillian to the storeroom where she had discovered the stowaway. She told them what happened. They looked around the room when Ryan noticed a bloody blanket on the floor. They recognized it as the blanket Ryan kept in his car. They realized that the boy must have been in their car when they came to the yacht. Ryan wondered if the boy had talked yet and how he was injured. Ryan and Gillian decided to go to the hospital to find out. While Greenlee was with Ryan and Gillian, Leo and Roger continued their discussion. Leo insisted he did not want Greenlee's money - that the really loved her. He knew Roger's game and that Roger wouldn't tell Greenlee about the newspaper clipping yet. It would ruin his chances of getting her money. Leo told Roger to keep his "fat mouth" shut. Roger said he wouldn't tell Greenlee - yet. Just then Greenlee came back. She wanted to know what he wouldn't tell her. She asked Leo if Roger was threatening him. Leo told her that they were discussing a business partnership. He said Roger wanted to do some investing and wanted him to talk to Palmer about it; the article was just something Roger had cut from the business section of the paper. Greenlee became quite indignant about this and said her father had no business sense and that they were not interested in being partners in anything with him. Roger stated that he knew a lot more than she thinks he does and that Leo recognized that. Greenlee suspected something, but Roger hedged all her questions. She finally told Roger to leave. This was her engagement day and she didn't want it ruined by him. He wished her happiness and left. After he was gone, Greenlee questioned Leo again. She told Leo to be honest with her. He said he really wanted to be honest with her and finally told her that Roger felt he was marrying Greenlee for her money. Because of his less than perfect past, Leo felt other people would feel the same way when they heard of their engagement. He told Greenlee he had something important to ask her and it would determine whether they get married or not- he wanted a prenuptial agreement. Greenlee scoffed at the idea at first, but Leo was very insistent. He said he would go to his lawyer and have him write up a prenup which he wanted her to sign before he'd marry her. He told her he wanted them to live off of what he could make for a living - not her trust fund. Greenlee finally agreed to sign the prenup. She wanted to tell her father and Leo told her they would do that together after they signed the papers. With that, Greenlee hugged Leo and told him that he was the best thing that ever happened to her. Leo looked distraught.

Total chaos swept through the hospital. Smoke poured from the building, people were unconscious, while others coughed and gasped for air. Rescue workers worked to evacuate the building. The stowaway came out of the building and looked around. No one noticed as he slipped away. Dixie, Tad and David were outside the hospital. Dixie asked David what happened and Tad asked if Joe was all right. David told Tad he had taken Joe's pulse and he was ok. Tad decided to go inside and look for Brooke and Jake. Dixie worried that there were still oxygen tanks in there that could explode. David stumbled inside and found Brooke. He helped her out of the building.

Dimitri tried to rouse Alex but she did not respond. As he gently spoke to her, Alex began to stir. Upon regaining consciousness, she asked about the boy. Dimitri wanted her to rest. While Alex rested, Gillian and Ryan arrived at the hospital looking for the stowaway. They were shocked to hear what had happened. Ryan showed the blanket to Dimitri and Alex. They discussed the young stowaway - who they now called a "boy" -- and Ryan decided to find him. Alex wanted to find the boy, also, because she felt he wanted to talk to her. She felt strongly that the boy was not dangerous, just frightened. Just then Gillian and Ryan returned and said the boy was gone.

Tad finally found Jake, who was helping evacuate people. Jake went to check on Joe, while Tad went back inside to help with the evacuation. Brooke regained consciousness and said Laura was still inside. Tad told her everyone was out. At this point, Brooke became hysterical and begged someone to go back inside and look for her. She told them Laura was in a back cubicle. The police finally went inside to look. Right next to them, Jake talked to another doctor he had rescued. She asked him what happened and he told her he wasn't sure, but he had a pretty good idea. Then he looked over at David. Inside the hospital, David, Brooke and Tad resumed their search for Laura. When they found her, she was in very serious condition and barely conscious. After Brooke explained what happened, Laura told her she became frightened and didn't know what to do, so she ripped the wires to the heart monitor off. David looked alarmed and asked why she was on a heart monitor. Brooke urged her to tell David, so Laura told him she had taken "X" that was laced with speed. David was worried about some physical signs and took Laura's pulse. He then asked a nurse to set up Laura for the heart monitor. The nurse told him she would have to get authority to do that. David decided not to wait and took Laura into a room. He was just about to hook her up to the heart monitor when Jake burst into the room demanding to know what was going on. Jake was irate that David would dare to treat Laura. He physically stopped David from helping Laura, saying he would break David's other hand if he went near her. Brooke and Bianca looked shocked as they watched the two doctors argue. Brooke asked Jake what was wrong. Jake told her David had been fired and was under house arrest for a whole list of felonies. He had no authority to treat anyone in the hospital. Brooke said that if David could help Laura, she wanted him there. By this time there was no reasoning with Jake. He accused David of creating a diversion so he wouldn't have to take the blood test Jake had set up earlier. Just then Tad and Dixie entered the room. Tad told Jake to keep his voice down, that maybe he didn't know the whole story. Jake was beyond listening and he went on about the potassium he felt David took to slow down his heart rate. Brooke begged Jake to let David help Laura. Jake refused and said he would hook up the heart monitor himself. Tad and Dixie left the room. Once outside, Tad told Dixie he was fearful that Jake was going to lose it. Tad didn't believe "even David" would cause this calamity. Knowing what a great surgeon David is, and the fact that he saved Dixie's life more than once, was enough reason for Tad to believe that if David felt there was something wrong with Laura, Jake should listen. David seemed upset as he watched the monitor. Brooke wanted to know what was wrong. It irritated Jake that David was still in the room. Stepping outside the room, David told Brooke he had done a short evaluation of Laura and felt there was more going on than just drugs. He asked when Laura's had her last physical. Just then Jake came out of the room and told David again that he is not Laura's doctor. He said David couldn't possibly know what's wrong with Laura. There isn't enough information to go on. He didn't stop there, but continued to accuse David of playing Superman with his rescues earlier. Jake felt David was using Laura's condition as a ploy to avoid taking the blood test. David implored Jake to put aside his feelings and think of him as a doctor and not to throw him out without his consult. Later, Brooke came out of Laura's room, deep in thought. She remembered a time long ago when her daughter, Laura, was in the hospital after being hit by a car. Her thoughts were interrupted by Dixie and Tad. Brooke told them David was worried there was something wrong with Laura's heart. Tad asked if David had related that to Jake. Brooke said yes, but that Jake didn't want to hear anything David had to say. Tad comforted Brooke. In Laura's room, Bianca and Laura talked, when suddenly Laura lost consciousness. Outside the room, Jake was still insisting he didn't want David's help. Jake told David he was going to take him down for the blood test. Suddenly, the alarm went off on Laura's heart monitor. Jake and David rushed back into the room. David announced that Laura had crashed; her heart had stopped. As he and Jake worked together to resuscitate Laura, Brooke and Bianca watched in horror.

At Wildwind, Gabriel, the stowaway, dragged himself into the stables. He turned to look behind him and saw one of Dimitri's guard dogs standing in the door. The dog began to bark and snarl.

Tuesday, May 1, 2001


Hayley and Mateo arrived home from their trip and were surprised by Adam, Liza, JR and Mateo's mom, who came bearing gifts for the baby. Mateo's mom knitted a sweater and Liza and Adam presented Hayley with a baby blanket. JR apologized for not bringing anything for the baby and Hayley told him that the only thing she wanted from his was a promise, a promise to teach his little niece or nephew how to kick a soccer ball. Mateo's mom prepared a bunch of food, so Mateo, Liza and Adam went to the kitchen to set everything up. This left JR alone with Hayley. Hayley asked JR how he was doing with everything that was going on. He said he was fine and she told him that any time he needed someone to talk to, he could confide in her. The guests returned with food and Adam told JR how happy his mother would be that he returned early from his fishing trip. JR explained that he did not come home to see his mom, his band had a lot of work to do and he had to leave. He would be home around midnight. Adam then turned to Mateo and said that he wanted to talk to Mateo about him becoming a father and how Mateo should think about going to work for Adam; he needed a job that could provide for a family and a college education for his child. Mateo assured Adam that he could take care of his family. Adam then imagined what life would be like with Mateo as a father. Adam walked in the living room and Mateo and his son were playing catch. 'Son' joked about dropping out of school and playing for the big leagues. Adam jumped in and asked his grandchild about his future, he couldn't be a ball player. Mateo told Adam that 'son' could work with him at the bar for a while. Adam suggested to his grandchild that he take him down to Wall Street to see the stock exchange. He would teach him how to invest. Much to Adam's chagrin, the child replied "I just wanna play ball."

Adam pleaded with Mateo once again to get another job; if he didn't want to work for Adam, then perhaps he could work for Liza at Chandler Enterprises. Mateo told Adam that he was very happy owning a bar. Adam questioned what kind of role model Mateo would be since he was simply a "glorified bartender." Mateo's voice became loud and he asked what kind of role model Adam was since he had just recently gotten out of jail. Hayley overheard their conversation and walked up just as Mateo went to get some air. Mateo then imagined what life would be like for his child if Adam were to take over. Adam and Mateo's son were both wearing suits, carrying briefcases and reading the newspaper. They were discussing stock numbers as Mateo walked up to them and asked his son if 'grandpa' was helping him with his math. The child explained that they were diversifying their stock portfolio. Mateo then asked if he was ready to go to the ball game and the son replied that he couldn't go to the game, that 'grandpa' was going to explain merging markets. "But you love baseball, you wanted to play when you grew up," Mateo said. "Father, I said I wanted to own them, not play for them." The 'welcome home' party ended and Hayley and Mateo were left alone. Mateo held Hayley and felt the baby kick for the first time. He was overwhelmed with excitement.

At the hospital, Dimitri and Alex discussed Gabriel. Alex told Dimitri that Gabriel was in no condition to run. Dimitri suggested that it was Gabriel that set the fire but Alex convinced him that it was not. Dimitri understood that Alex had some sort of connection with Gabriel but said that she was in no condition to take on any strays right now, especially ones who threaten people with knives. Alex told Dimitri that Gabriel was terrified, Greenlee had cornered him on the yacht and he had no choice but to jump off the boat. Alex reminded Dimitri that Gabriel had a serious wound to his leg. Dimitri realized that Alex was determined to find Gabriel. They went to speak to staff members to find out if anyone knew where he went.

Outside the E.R. Tad and Dixie were making sure Joe was okay. He said that he had no idea how he got out there and Dixie explained that it was David. They questioned whether or not Joe knew what happened and Tad wondered aloud if David had anything to do with it. In the E.R., Jake and David were working on an unconscious Laura. A police officer walked in the room and asked Jake if he wanted him to take David. Jake said no, he needed David's help. Brooke was repeatedly asking Jake what was wrong with Laura and Jake explained that she was in respiratory failure. Bianca was standing outside of Laura's room hoping outloud that she would be okay. Erica walked in hugged her daughter and asked if she was alright. Bianca told Erica that she was okay, that it was Laura who was in trouble. Bianca explained that Laura had taken some Ecstasy and had collapsed so Bianca brought her in.

In Laura's room, Brooke asked Jake again what was wrong; were Laura's medical problems caused by the drugs or something else. Jake tried to reassure Brooke by telling her he would find out what was wrong. David added that it could have been the drug but that he would have to run some tests. Jake reminded him that he was no longer on staff and was not authorized to make a diagnosis. David said that he didn't care who ran the tests, just as long as they were done. Jake told the waiting police officer that David was ready to leave. David told Jake that he had better be prepared for the mistake he was about to make by sending David away. David left with the officer. Brooke asked Jake why he was dismissing David's suggestions and Jake explained that David had an agenda; he was only looking out for himself and didn't care about any of the patients. Jake exited and left Brooke to sit with Laura. Brooke took Laura's hand and told her she loved her. An Orderly then walked into the room to take a chest x-ray and asked Brooke to leave. Brooke exited hesitantly. Erica walked over to Brooke and asked how Laura was. Brooke explained that David had suggested some tests and Erica told her that whatever David said, Brooke should go along with. Brooke then told her that Jake had said David was making the whole thing up just so that he could avoid jail. He had a way of manipulating people. Erica reminded her that David saved the lives of Erica, Dimitri and Dixie. She added that whatever problems David had, he also had a gift, he could see things that other people couldn't. Brooke walked over to David, who had been sitting in the waiting room and asked him to help Laura. David questioned Brooke about Laura's medical history and Brooke explained that she didn't know much. Laura's biological mother had died and her father ran away, she said. David told her that any family history could be very valuable. He said that he could not make any definite diagnosis until more tests were performed and explained that he could not do them because he was on his way to jail. Brooke grabbed him and proceeded to drag him to Laura's room when the officer guarding him interrupted and said that he was a prisoner and couldn't go anywhere. Brooke told the officer that he could guard David while he treated Laura. They walked into Laura's room and David told the attending physician that he wanted tests run. The doctor replied by telling him she would have to consult with Jake. Brooke stepped in and told the doctor that she didn't care what the protocol was around the hospital; her daughter needed help and David would be the one to help her.

Outside, Jake and Joe were looking around and Jake said that he believed David was reponsible for what had happened; he had tried to stay out of jail by breaking his hand, faking a heart problem and he stole a cops gun and handcuffed the cop to a pole. Dixie and Tad overhead and Tad asked Jake if it was true; had David tried to escape. Jake said that he thought it was David who had opened the canisters and set the fire to escape. Dixie said if that was true, then why was David still around helping people. Joe then said that it wasn't David, it was Leslie Coulson. He remembered that Leslie was standing by the canisters and when he tried to stop her she shot at him with the flare gun they had removed from Gabriel when he first came to the hospital. "That means that Leslie Coulson is out there," Tad said.

Back in Laura's room, David was looking at the heart monitor while Jake looked over his shoulder. Jake suggested to Brooke that she get some fresh air so she wouldn't wear herself out. She left the room and Erica came to her to comfort her. Brooke told Erica that she was right; Brooke should have seen the signs that Laura was using drugs. She confided to Erica of how helpless she felt. Erica understood, as she went through the same thing when Bianca was sick. David and Jake followed Brooke out of the room and Jake apologized to David for believing that it was he who opened the canisters. David asked Jake what changed his mind when Tad and Dixie walked up. Dixie told David that Leslie had done the deed and got away in the process. Tad was concerned that Leslie was running around somewhere so he suggested that he take Dixie home. They left together.

Joe returned inside and ran into Alex and Dimitri. He explains that unfortunately Alex's patient gave them the slip. Alex replied that she already knew he ran and asked Joe to call her if he ever returned. Joe agreed and had to run off because he was paged. Alex was very concerned for Gabriel. She had many questions; why had he stowed away on the boat, how did he get wounded. Dimitri suggested that she just let it go but she told him she couldn't. She said that Gabriel looked at her in a certain way, as if he recognized her but she did not recognize him. "Oh my God," Dimitri gasped. "What if he thought you were Anna?" Jake and David, who had gone back into Laura's room to examine her, came out to talk to Brooke. David advised Brooke they could not give her a diagnosis yet until more tests were run and then Jake stepped in and said that he would order a complete cardiac workout. A nurse then came out of the room and told Brooke that Laura had regained consciousness. Brooke ran in to see Laura and told her everything would be fine. Laura, wanting to speak, tried to remove the breathing tube so Brooke handed her some paper and a pen. Laura wrote, "Sorry mom." Brooke smiled and told Laura that the only thing she cared about right now was that Laura was awake. Jake told David that he would have another doctor take over Laura's case, just then the officer walked up to David to take him away to jail. "Aren't you gonna say Bon Voyage?" David asked Jake. Jake replied by saying that David was right in ordering additional tests for Laura.

At the stables, Gabriel was confronted by a snarling guard dog. He raised his arm and in a circular motion mesmerizing the dog. The dog laid down. A security guard began calling the dogs name and came into the stables to find him. Gabriel hid and the security guard with dog in tow, left. Gabriel came out from his hiding place turned on a light and proceeded to look for food. Just as he found food, he heard someone come in. He hid once again, and Edmund walked in followed by Anna. Anna asked Edmund what he was doing at the stables and he explained that he had seen a light on and wondered who was in the stables. They chat and Anna, who was swinging a riding crop, asked Edmund how he knew immediately that she was not Alex. A confused Gabriel, listened in. Edmund said jokingly "actually you're holding that crop backwards." Anna replied with a smile, "ah yes, well Alex is the equestrian, my experience with horses is limited to merry-go-rounds." Anna asked Edmund about his feelings for Alex and he explained that she was his concern right now. She was still swinging the riding crop and he grabbed it and they stood there for a moment staring into each other's eyes. Edmund tried to change the subject and began talking about riding. He told Anna that Alex had bought a horse and named it Scorpio. Anna was surprised by this and Edmund then asked Anna if she had any more memories. She said 'no.' He then suggested that perhaps Alex was a key to Anna's past. He explained that when he and Dimitri were in England looking for Alex, they found a trunk that contained things from her childhood and it would be a good idea for Anna to have a look at everything. She agreed and they left to look at the horses. Gabriel, who was still hiding, had a memory of a voice saying to him, "Get Anna Devane, your life depends on it."

Tad and Dixie arrived at her house and Dixie told Tad that he didn't have to stick around. He told her he would and Dixie went to get blankets for the couch. They turned their backs to one another, but each took furtive glances at the other and frowned when they realized how unhappy they've come to be.

Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Dixie carried a breakfast tray for Tad into the living room. She looked around but couldn't find him and jumped to the conclusion that he'd left already. She sat the tray down on the coffee table just as Tad walked in the front door, looking very upset. She beamed at him but he just scowled. He said he'd gone to search the garage after having already searched the attic. Dixie asked if he was looking for Leslie and if there had been any sign of her. Tad, grumpily, said to her "I wasn't looking for Leslie. It's obvious, you couldn't wait for me to leave!". Dixie looked rather confused. Tad went on to say "You got rid of it, you didn't even ask me if I wanted it!". Dixie still had no idea what he was talking about so Tad held up a golf ball and said he found it in the garbage. "The golf ball washer is gone!" he cried. Dixie smiled and admitted that it was indeed gone, she had put it "in a better place" because it was "ugly and icky". Tad was appalled because he considered it to be pop art. He then wondered how she would feel if he got rid of Pierre, the ceramic pig who resided on top of the refrigerator. Dixie ran into the kitchen and screamed "What have you done with Pierre!". She ran back into the living room where Tad said he didn't throw the pig away, he just hid him so Dixie "would feel [his] pain". Dixie smiled sheepishly then apologized several times, ending with "I'm so sorry for so many things". They sat next to each other on the couch and reached out to touch each other's hands. JR suddenly walked in saying he was there to pick up some CD's. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Tad and Dixie on the couch together (and Dixie still in her nightgown). Hope crept over his face when he asked his mom what was going on. Tad and Dixie moved their hands apart and looked a little guilty. Dixie told JR they were just joking around and he asked if the two of them were back together since Tad spent the night. Dixie said no, and explained that Tad had spent the night in the house because Leslie had escaped from the hospital. She told him not to worry though, because there were police officers watching the house. JR got upset and very bent out of shape about the police surveillance. Just then one of the officers knocked on the door and Tad let him in. He had information regarding Leslie's whereabouts. Apparently she'd stolen someone's ID and credit cards and boarded a plane in Center City bound for Los Angeles. They alerted the LAPD but she was able to get past them once she landed in California. The officer left the house and Dixie said she was glad that Leslie was clear across the country, not in Pine Valley. JR rather nastily said "Guess that means you're out of here, Mom doesn't need you to watch her?" to Tad. Dixie said she still needed company and asked JR to move back in. He refused and his mother told him about being a substitute teacher at his school. He was less than enthusiastic and told her "it sucks" as he walked toward the door. Dixie cried out "Junior!" and he whipped around saying "It's JR, can't you get anything right?". His mother said she wanted to see him after soccer practice to discuss his behavior and JR was very rude but agreed. He stormed out of the house and Dixie apologized to Tad for JR's behavior. Tad said he understood and Dixie said she "doesn't understand anything" and said she had to go get ready for school. A little later she returned to the living room dressed for her first day of teaching. Tad told her she looked great but Dixie was nervous about being a substitute, worrying that the kids "might tie her to a chair or something". Tad told her she'd be fine and Dixie thanked him for staying with her last night. He replied that it was the best night of sleep he'd had in a long time. They head for the door and Dixie stepped out while Tad looked around the room with a very wistful and sad face.

Instead of going to school JR met a friend at the mall. He handed over the stack of CD's while his friend explained that they'd hang out there until his parents were gone and then go back to his house where some other guys would meet them. They were just going to hang out for the day rather than go to school. JR told him he had a change of plans now that his mother was working at the school. His friend said "Guess you won't be doing alot of things now?" and JR replied that he's "not letting his mom get in his way". JR handed over a wad of cash and said their plans were still on for tonight before he walked away.

At a different location in the mall Greenlee ran into Jake. She teased him about being an early morning power shopper but he wasn't in the mood for her antics. He told her he was there to buy a second bath mat, since his roommate always left the one he had soaking wet. Greenlee said she liked to drip dry and asked if he noticed the mat was dry this morning. Jake said yes and Greenlee said it was because she had spent the night with Leo on the yacht. Bubbling with excitement she told Jake that she and Leo were engaged. Jake was not enthusiastic, saying "In your dreams!" and implied that Leo would never settle down. He walked away and Greenlee followed him. When she caught up with him she demanded an apology. He asked "what for?" and she went off on a tangent, insulting his taste in "boring bathmats" which meant his life was also boring. She wanted an apology because she felt Jake put down her engagement to Leo. She decided it was because he was jealous, that she could make something work and his own marriage had failed. Jake said "not hardly!". Greenlee sat down with Jake and explained that she cares what Jake thinks because she thinks of him as a friend. Jake said she was a first class pain in the rear but yes, they were friends. Greenlee said he might as well accept the engagement and be happy for her. Laughingly Jake said he would accept it but he wasn't happy about it. Then Greenlee had the nerve to ask Jake to move out of the loft. Astounded, Jake asked if she'd been hit in the head with a basketball again saying "I'm not going anywhere!". He suggested that she move in with Leo but she said there wasn't enough room in his cabin on the yacht. Jake suggested that she get a room at the Valley Inn. He asked Greenlee if she realized that Leo was marrying her for her money. She denied this and Jake told her to open her eyes, that Leo was "just a younger, hipper version of Roger". Greenlee got upset and said Leo wasn't anything like her father and that if anyone doesn't like Leo they can go straight to hell. She got up and stomped away from Jake.

In the jail David's attorney told him they could use David's "heroic behavior" at the ER last night to their benefit. David wasn't worried and told the attorney he knew the charges were going to be dropped. Leo showed up and told David that Vanessa had sent him. David sent Mr. O'Neil away and asked Leo why Vanessa hadn't come instead. Leo told him Vanessa went to visit someone whose husband had passed away last night of heart problems. He fumbled for the man's name, saying it was something like "Pomegranate." David began to panic and asked if it was Judge Pomeroy and Leo nodded his head. David freaked out and tried to grab Leo through the cell bars. A guard stepped in and stopped the fight. David demanded to know if Leo was telling the truth and Leo whipped out the obituary from the newspaper. David read it and muttered "it's too late, the money's gone". Leo wanted to know what was going on but then realized that David was bribing a judge. David said "I give up, I'm all played out". Leo told him that his attorney was right; what he had done last night was good and should count for something in court. Leo went on to say "Nerves of steel, a sharp mind, steady hands - you have them all, they're gifts. You don't give up on your patients and that says you're not as selfish as everyone says you are." David was touched but told Leo to stop, "you're turning my head!" Leo also told him that when he saw David with Dixie he knew David had a heart. Leo was proud of what David did at the ER last night, saying "you don't turn your back on people who need you."

Bianca brought a gift bag into Laura's hospital room and told her she was looking better. Bianca asked what she wanted first, gossip or gifts and Laura said "bring on the goods!". Bianca brought her friend several magazines, essential oils and headbands to help with "hospital bed-head". Laura was touched by Bianca's thoughtfulness and tried to apologize for everything. Bianca said she was sorry too and they smiled at each other. Meanwhile outside the room Brooke was conferring with Dr. Bryant, the cardiologist. He told Brooke that Laura has a congenital heart defect. Brooke asked if surgery was the next step to correct it but he told her it wasn't that simple, that there was a complication. He told Brooke that Laura may have a virus that attacks the heart, but he won't know for sure until the test results are back. Brooke asked how serious but he refused to speculate and then got called away. Brooke went back into Laura's room and told Bianca it was sweet of her to bring gifts for Laura. She told Laura that the doctor said her respiratory crisis was over and that she's on the mend. Laura could tell there was something else and tried to get Brooke to tell her. Her mother told her that the drug she took may have aggravated another problem and that she may have a virus. Laura wanted to know more but Brooke avoided the questions, saying she had to make a call to Tempo and would be back. After she left the room she found Dr. Bryant who said he was still waiting for the results. Brooke wanted to know what exactly he was looking for in the test results and what he thinks is going on with Laura. He stated again that they'd just have to wait for the test results to know for sure. Brooke wanted to know where David Hayward was and Dr. Bryant said he thought he'd been taken to the Pine Valley Police Station. Brooke grabbed Laura's chart and ran out of the hospital. Bianca was still with Laura and they discussed Brooke's love for her daughter. Laura said she really loves Brooke too and that she didn't mean what she'd said the night before, about Brooke not being her real mom. Bianca said she'd never tell anyone ever. Laura wanted to be briefed on the latest chatter. Bianca told her Jack had gotten the web site removed, and that her mother won't let her press charges against Shannon. She then mentioned Leo and Greenlee's engagement and Laura said it was okay; she was over him.

Brooke rushed to David's cell and thrust the chart between the bars. Leo realized that Laura was in the hospital and left before hearing David's evaluation of the charts. David told Brooke that the virus that Laura might have is one that could lead toward total heart failure. Brooke was devastated and was desperate to get David out of the cell and to her daughter's bedside. David told her there was no way and that Dr. Bryant was a competent doctor. Brooke tearfully said she wanted David to help Laura, that he was the one that could save Laura. David sadly said "I'm sorry"

Leo rushed to Laura's hospital room and said hello to both Laura and "Binks". Bianca skillfully exited the room so they could talk. She peeked through the door window and saw Leo take Laura's hand, which made Bianca smile. Leo asked Laura what had happened and she admitted to taking "X" last night and that she might have a virus. He asked if she was going to be ok and she assured him she'd be fine. Leo told her about his engagement and Laura said she was glad for him. Leo smiled at her and said "Liar!". Laura said Leo was her "bud" and if he was happy, she was happy. Leo called her his "budette" and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek.

Greenlee showed up at the hospital looking for Leo. Bianca stopped her from going in Laura's room but Greenlee peered through the window and saw the kiss Leo planted on Laura.

Thursday, May 3, 2001

In her hospital room, Laura assured Leo that she wanted him to be happy. When he told her that Greenlee was going to be the one to do this, she told him to not let her get away. Greenlee stood peering in from the hallway and was about to barge in when Bianca stopped her. She told Greenlee that Laura was sick and didn't need to be bothered but Greenlee assured her that Leo had called her for moral support and walked in anyway. She put her arm around Leo and asked if Laura had heard "the news." Leo replied that Laura knew they were getting married and Greenlee became concerned as she told Laura that there was something she had to tell her. She explained that the three of them all cared for Leo and suggested that they become friends in order to make him happier. Bianca was astounded at the request but Laura replied that Greenlee was right because everyone made mistakes. Brooke walked in as Laura advised Leo and Greenlee to not take each other for granted and to be happy. Greenlee thanked her and told her that they were going to leave. "But we'll be back, girlfriend!" Greenlee assured her, as the pair left. Bianca told Laura that she would be back as well and followed Greenlee and Leo out. Brooke sat down on the bed as Laura told her that Leo was in love and was marrying Greenlee. She held back tears as she realized that she "never had a chance with Leo" and wondered what was "wrong" with her. Outside, Greenlee looked at the clock and told Leo and Bianca that she was going to be late visiting her grandmother, who was throwing "a giant party" for her and Leo's engagement and rushed off. Alone, Bianca gripped Leo's arm and led him away as she demanded to know what was going on.

In her room, Brooke and Laura embraced. Laura pulled away and wondered how she could let herself believe that Leo could love her. She told Brooke that seeing him with Greenlee was painful and that she wished someone could "kill (her) now." Brooke replied that she shouldn't give up and reasoned that it was no one's fault. She encouraged Laura by telling her that her pain would diminish with time and promised that she would find a man one day who would love her. She smiled encouragingly at Laura and told her that her heart would heal, but as soon as the two embraced a tear slightly trickled down Brooke's face. Brooke repeated that she would feel better over time and Laura replied that she knew it would take a while. She apologized for taking drugs to try to make herself feel better, but Brooke told her that she had nothing to feel sorry about. Laura stated that she felt like "road kill" and Brooke suggested that she get some sleep. They were interrupted by Dr. Bryant, who wanted to ask Laura some questions. He sat down on a chair and asked Laura if had been sleeping more lately and if she was frequently short-winded. Laura answered yes to both questions and the doctor gave her a solemn look, as she wondered what type of virus she had. She became scared and demanded to know what was going on. Dr. Bryant explained that they were getting more test results back and that he would talk to her later. Brooke followed Dr. Bryant into the hallway and apologized for taking the clipboard from him earlier. She confided that she was scared and that she knew Laura had a virus that was affecting her heart. The doctor replied that it was more serious than they had thought. She demanded that they cure her virus, but he told her it wasn't that easy.

Bianca and Leo arrived at BJ's and she demanded to know why he was marrying Greenlee. She reasoned that he was a guy and that Greenlee was attractive, but Leo told her it was more than that. Bianca countered that they were going to have a long engagement because he wasn't sure that he was doing the right thing, but Leo replied that they were getting married "as soon as possible." He explained to Bianca that Roger was blackmailing him by threatening to expose a dark secret from his past. Bianca tried to convince him that rushing into marriage wasn't the answer to his problem, but Leo assured her that showing Greenlee that he loved her would solve everything. Bianca asked Leo how he was going to "take care" of Roger and Leo told her that he and Greenlee had a secret plan. He explained that they were writing a pre-nuptial where Leo wouldn't be able to get his hands on her money. In that way, if Roger told Greenlee what he knew about him, she wouldn't believe he was like that anymore. Bianca replied that it sounded risky, but Leo told her that Roger couldn't know and that they had to move fast in order for it to work. Confused, Bianca asked what he had done in his past to make Roger blackmail him but Leo replied that some things were better left unsaid. She continued to press him and asked him to tell her.

Outside Greenlee's loft, her grandmother began to write a nasty note outlining her "inconsideration" for being late. Suddenly, Greenlee ran up, apologized and explained that she was visiting a sick friend in the hospital. "How very unlike you," her grandmother commented, and Greenlee suggested that maybe she was changing. She led her grandmother inside and clarified her living conditions with Jake. She emphasized that she and Leo weren't going to be living there and thanked her grandmother for throwing the engagement party for her. She picked up a wedding magazine as she happily told her grandmother that she had found a modern version of the dress she wore when she married her grandfather. Her grandmother interrupted her and told her that she would not be getting an extravagant engagement party because she was not going to marry Leo. She told a stunned Greenlee that Leo was a "fortune hunter, just like (her) father." Roger came to Greenlee's door and listened as her grandmother told Greenlee that she was defending Leo just as her mother defended her father. Exasperated, Greenlee stated that Leo was nothing like her father and told her she could prove it. Her grandmother replied that she knew Leo was a "cad" and that he was only after her money. Roger listened on as Greenlee interrupted her and informed her of their pre-nuptuial agreement.

On the yacht, Ryan screamed out for Gillian and became nervous when he couldn't find her. Suddenly, she walked down the stairs with a pretty dress on and a look of confusion on her face. She asked why he wasn't dressed but Ryan only returned her question with a puzzled look. "Oh no!" he cried, as it suddenly dawned on him and he ran upstairs to change. He returned moments later dressed in a suit and apologized for forgetting that they had a client, Ms. Pringle, visiting the yacht that day. He and Gillian theorized why Ms. Pringle hadn't requested a band or caterers and reasoned that she was a rich woman who was carrying on a wild affair with a secret lover. They hoped that she would be impressed with them and would tell "all of her rich friends" to rent the yacht, so they could eventually buy it back and stop working for Adam. They embraced just as Ilene Pringle walked in. She exclaimed that everything was perfect and that she was "scouting" everything out. She introduced herself to Ryan and Gillian and asked them if they were ready for an adventure.

After a quick tour, Ilene explained to Ryan and Gillian that she wanted to shoot a reality TV show on the yacht and that she wanted to shoot the pilot that night. Gillian was a bit dubious, but Ryan seemed intrigued. Ilene left to view the state rooms and once alone, Ryan told Gillian that if the pilot succeeded, they would no longer have to work for Adam. Gillian reminded him that they weren't even supposed to have clients on the yacht and wondered what Adam would do once he saw the show. Ilene returned and asked the pair if they had made up their minds. Ryan shook hands with her and told her she had a deal. Gillian named the show "Dream Boat" and left to get some champagne. Once she was gone, Ilene told Ryan that she had a proposition for him.

Ryan laughed and told Ilene he didn't think he and Gillian would be good characters on the TV show. Ilene explained that they were young and good-looking, but Ryan replied that they were newlyweds and were in love. Ilene gave up as Gillian walked in with three champagne glasses. She confided that she couldn't believe everything was happening so fast, but Ryan reasoned that life was full of surprises. Gillian wondered if there were any more she should know about, but Ryan assured her that there wasn't. Ilene decided that she wanted to shoot some preliminary footage and left to get her equipment from the deck. Adam entered from another door and angrily demanded to know why a TV truck was parked in his spot and why they were taking the yacht out without his consent.

Edmund led Anna into the hunting lodge to investigate a trunk full of items that may have been from her past. He reminded a dubious Anna of "primal memory", which was the ability to remember things before you can think or speak. Anna decided to play along and began to take items out of the trunk. She wasn't able to identify a map, cricket bat or an oar, but froze when she pulled out a wooden recorder. From the outside of the cabin, the mysterious stowaway peered in and watched their every move. Edmund asked Anna if the recorder meant anything to her, but Anna replied that she was only surprised that Alex could have played such an instrument because she hadn't mentioned it to her before. Edmund told her that these items may have belonged to her father and pulled out a list of words from a book. He explained to Anna that Alex and her father used to play a game where they would try to stump each other on difficult words. Anna noticed that Edmund became sentimental as he talked about Alex and suggested that they investigate the trunk another day. Outside, the stowaway heard a noise and ran away. Edmund and Anna were interrupted by Alex, who stepped inside to join them. She told the pair that she hoped the items in the trunk were helping Anna regain some of her memory and laughed as Edmund passed her a large medical book. Alex explained to Anna that she had wanted to be a veterinarian before becoming a doctor and described the way she helped "small, helpless" animals in her youth. Anna became angry and asked if she was only trying to help her "small, helpless sister with her injured brain" and slammed down the lid of the trunk. Alex assured Anna that something in the trunk would trigger a memory, but Anna was dubious. Edmund reminded her of the recorder and Alex stated that it didn't belong to her. They began to talk about it, as the stowaway returned to the window. He peered in as Anna took the recorder from Edmund and began playing a song. She was interrupted by the sounds of a dog from outside, who was barking at the stowaway. He looked at the dog and made motions with his hands until it became calm and he walked away with it. Inside the hunting lodge, Alex, Edmund and Anna were amazed at what had just occurred. Anna told the pair that she couldn't remember learning to play the recorder but that the song was familiar to her. Alex encouraged her to continue browsing through the trunk and left. Alone, Edmund assured Anna that she would get her memory back. She picked up the recorder to play again, but all that came out was high-pitched squeaks. She placed the recorder on top of the trunk and decided that she had done enough for the day. Anna and Edmund left the lodge and made their way to the turret. Once they had left, the stowaway entered and picked up the recorder. Outside, the once-vicious Rottweiler lay asleep under the bushes. He held the recorder over his knee, broke it in half and let it fall to the ground. He kneeled to pick it up as Maddie opened the door to the cabin and asked him who he was.

Thursday, May 4, 2001

Still seated at a table at BJ's, Leo expressed sincere regret to Bianca over the past scams that he'd pulled. According to Leo, Roger knew the "worst thing" he'd ever done. Bianca gently pressed for more information, but Leo refused to offer up any details. Bianca tried to put a positive spin on it all, reminding Leo that he's changed since his days as a grifter. Leo became troubled by the conversation and quickly rose from his chair, saying that he had to "get out" of the restaurant. Bianca was left behind with a bewildered look on her face as Leo raced out the front door.

Aboard Fidelity, Adam demanded to what the "strangers" were doing aboard his yacht. Ryan tried to remind Adam that he had given him complete control on the day-to-day decisions. Ilene returned to the main room and introduced herself. She explained that she had not been aware that Adam owned the ship. Ilene added heaps of kind words into her discussion with Adam. "You can use all the flattery you want," Adam said with a sly grin. "It just won't get you anywhere." Ilene and Adam journeyed up the deck, leaving Ryan and Gillian behind. Ryan began to panic, fearing that Adam would ruin the deal he'd made with Ilene. Ryan had arranged everything so that he and Gillian would be the ones to reap the profits from the television venture. With Adam in the picture, Ryan feared that Adam would take all the money for himself. Adam returned a short time later with a broad smile on his face. He asked Ryan why he had not been upfront with him about the deal he'd made with Ilene. Before Ryan could say a word, Adam mentioned that Ilene had told him all about the free publicity films she'd be filming. Ryan immediately realized that Ilene had not told Adam the real reason she was onboard the ship. Later, after Adam left, Ilene was evasive about the real reason she hadn't told Adam the real story. The look on her face and a statement that she likes Ryan more than she likes Adam made it appear as if Ilene had a crush on Ryan. She did nothing, however, to solidify that vibe. Ilene was ready to roll film right then and there. A call to one of the couples she's arranged for the couples' cruise bailed out on her; it seems that they'd split up. According to Ilene and Ryan's vision, the yacht would serve as a place where committed couples could test the strength of their relationships. In essence, while aboard the ship, the couples would be temped by other boatmates. Now that one couple was out, Ilene felt that Ryan and Gillian had to appear on the show. Ryan shook his head and said that he had a better idea.

Roger continued to listen in on the conversation between Millicent and Greenlee. Millicent called her granddaughter's belief that a prenuptial agreement would spare a raid by Leo "foolish." Suddenly, Roger burst into the loft and the conversation screeched to a halt. Greenlee briefed her father on the argument she was having with Millicent. Surprisingly, Roger came to Leo's defense, saying that his willingness to sign a "prenup" proved that he was on the up and up. Roger reminded Millicent that her husband, Woodruff, had also been penniless when they'd gotten married. Millicent quickly noted that her husband had "worked hard for three years" and managed to double her inheritance in that time. She added that she and Woodruff "took full measure of Leo" and determined that he was a "parasite." As Roger continued to defend Leo, Millicent became more and more suspicious. She accused him of having some sort of vested interested in Leo and Greenlee's marriage. Millicent walked towards the door, telling Greenlee that she was not welcome in her house until she had come to her senses. After Millicent left, Roger rolled his eyes and grumbled that he's had to deal with his mother-in-law's attitude for over 30 years. An out-of-breath Leo raced into the loft. He was shocked to see Roger and Greenlee engaged in a civil conversation. Greenlee received a call from the contractor working on her penthouse and scurried out of the loft to talk to him. Leo demanded to know what Roger was up to and assured him that he would be paid once he and Greenlee were married. Roger flashed an icy frown and told Leo that he knew all about the prenuptial agreement he was planning to sign. Roger shook his head slightly as he mentioned how he'd now have to "break [his] little girl's heart" by telling her of Leo's past, specifically "the life [he] led in Verona." Leo's eyes widened. He pointed out that if Roger spilled the beans, he too would be cut out of Greenlee's life. Roger admitted that Leo was probably right. However, he noted, "When you work a scam you must be prepared to lose it all." Leo urged Roger to remain calm and to let him and Greenlee be happy. He vowed that he would have an easier time getting money from Greenlee if he remained in her good graces. Roger seemed to agree with what Leo was saying. In a surprising move, he handed over the newspaper article that he'd been using to blackmail Leo. Leo snatched the piece of paper and said that he was glad he and Roger had come to an understanding. When Greenlee returned and found the two men smiling, she immediately knew that something was amiss. Roger announced that he was going to throw the engagement party that Millicent had refused to back. Greenlee assured her dad that he didn't have to host a party for her, but Roger insisted. Later, after Roger left, Leo tried to hurry Greenlee out of the loft so that they could sign the prenuptial agreement. Greenlee said that she saw no reason why they had to sign the agreement; Leo, she said with a smile, was obviously not interested in her money. "Someday you might need proof," Leo replied cryptically. Ryan placed a phone call to Leo and told him that he needed him, his leather pants and Greenlee to report to the yacht immediately. Leo tried to get out of it, but Greenlee reminded him that he was going to need a job if he didn't plan to live off of her money.

At BJ's, Roger placed a call to someone in Italy and said that he wanted to discuss Leo du Pres. From the expression of joy on Roger's face, it was quite clear that the mention of Leo's name did not at all please the person on the other end of the line.

Dr. Bryant coldly informed Brooke that Laura's heart was operating "at 30% capacity." Any damage, he stated, was irreversible. Brooke was stunned. "She was fine a week ago!" Brooke said in disbelief. Dr. Bryant said that there was nothing that he could do to help Laura. He admitted that they could "explore" the idea of a heart transplant, but he doubted that Laura would be a suitable choice for a transplant because the prognosis was so grim. "Do you think you could be a little more pessimistic?" Brooke snapped. The doctor explained that he thinks it's best to prepare Laura for the worst. Brooke cast a quick glance into Laura's room and saw her sitting on her bed reading one of the magazines Bianca had given her. After the doctor left, Erica arrived on the scene and sensed that something was terribly wrong. Brooke angrily and tearfully told Erica that Dr. Bryant had done everything short of telling her to buy "a black dress." Erica was outraged that the doctor had been so cold and unfeeling. She did, however, feel that Laura had a right to know the truth. Telling Laura the truth, explained Erica, would "prepare her for the fight of her life." Bianca approached the two women and asked them if everything was okay. Brooke wiped the tears from her eyes and assured Bianca that everything was okay. Bianca went in to see Laura, who was preparing what she and Bianca would wear to Leo and Greenlee's wedding. Laura admitted that she still was not over Leo. Bianca looked on painfully, saying that she knew how Laura felt. Laura assumed that Bianca was referring to Sarah; Bianca, however, remained silent. Laura suggested that she and Bianca take a trip to Europe after she's released from the hospital. Back outside in the corridor, Brooke finally agreed with Erica about telling Laura the truth. She wanted to wait a little while until she had a chance to do some research about transplants. In an amazing show of support for her frequent enemy, Erica offered to make calls and call in favors to do whatever she could to help Laura. Laura slowly walked out of her room, an stand by her side, and gushed the good news about her planned trip to Europe. Brooke begged Laura to go back to her room and rest. Brooke's unusual display of concern signaled to Laura that something wasn't quite right.

"Who are you?" Maddie asked as she entered the hunting lodge. Gabriel, the mystery man lurking about the property, said nothing. His silence prompted Maddie to ask if the young man was able to talk. Gabriel extended his arm and pointed towards the door. Maddie spun around to see what he was pointing at, but when she turned back towards the stranger... he was gone. A few seconds later, Alex and Edmund wandered into the lodge and asked Maddie was she was doing. Alex spotted the broken recorder on the floor. Edmund assumed that Maddie had broken it, but Maddie claimed that the "magic man" had broken it. Edmund smiled and thought that Maddie might be trying to blame one of her imaginary friends. Maddie shook her head and said that her imaginary friend only looked after her dolls to protect them from bad people. One of the housekeepers scurried into the lodge and hustled Maddie back to the main house for some cookies. Edmund was saddened by the fact that Maddie feels she needs imaginary friends to protect her toys from bad people. Alex feared that her roller coaster life had irreparably harmed Edmund's children. In spite of all the commotion she'd brought, Edmund refused to hold any ill will against his sister-in-law. For the first time since Dimitri's return, Edmund and Alex openly discussed the relationship that they'd had. "What we had was great, wasn't it?" Edmund smiled. Alex nodded and informed Edmund that what they had was real - and that she had never turned to him because of grief. Edmund told Alex that he had had to pay a "really high price" to get his brother back; the price, of course, being the loss of his lover. Outside, Maddie sat on a bench eating a cookie. Her new playmate, Gabriel, slowly approached. Maddie held out the cookie and Gabriel hungrily ate it. Maddie smiled broadly and told him that she had a lot more cookies. She held out her hand and Gabriel took it. Maddie then led Gabriel off to parts unknown. A little while later, Edmund left the lodge. Alex walked around the porch, pausing when she spotted something in the nearby bushes. She called out to Edmund and he raced back to her side. Together, they went over to investigate. There, in the bushes, they discovered the lifeless body of one of the guard dogs.



Y&R's Max Page back in the hospital
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