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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 30, 2001 on GL
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Monday, April 30, 2001

At Cedars:

Reva is waiting for her test results talking to Marah. Marah tells her about Sam and his idea about her birthday party. Marah tells Reva he will handle everything but the cake. She talks about the great chocolate cake Reva has always made from her grandma's recipe. She tells Reva not to worry about baking it this year, she will settle for a bought cake. Reva seems disappointed and tells Marah that there has always been something magical about making your child's birthday cake. Marah tells her that they will make it together then. Reva liked that idea. The doctor came out and tells Reva that her progress hasn't been what they had hoped and he has to tell her that it is possible she may never get her sight back. Reva is angry that the doctor even suggested she should give up hope. The doctor tells Reva there has been no improvement. Her eyes aren't responding to the treatment and people who regain their site usually show improvement by now. He wants her to face the fact that she may never see. Reva tells the doctor she will see again. The doctor says he isn't saying she won't regain her sight; he just wants her to start thinking about adjusting to her current situation. He offers to call Noah for her but she says he is waiting on her at home. The doctor leaves. Reva tells Marah she wants to go home. Marah offers to call Josh but Reva says she has a fiancÚ at home who she will talk to. Marah wonders why she can't call her dad. Reva says that Noah asked Josh to back off and she thinks Noah is right. Reva said she has hurt Noah by making him feel second and she will not do that again. Marah says Noah is a big boy and should realize that Reva has a right to be selfish now. Marah says Josh has been around her whole life and he is whom she should call. Reva says she does have a history with Josh but she wants to build intimacy with Noah and he is the one she wants to run home and share this with. Reva asks Marah if she expected her blindness to bring her and Josh back together. Marah says she just wants her to have the people around her that she needs. She feels Reva doesn't let go around her kids or Noah and makes jokes instead. But with Josh she doesn't do that. Reva leaves to feel out some forms while Marah stays behind and calls her dad.

At Harley's:

Harley wakes up on the couch when she hears Zach on the monitor. She tries to roll over and ignore it when Phillip sticks his head in the door. He asks if she is okay and she tells him she is glad to see him. She tells him how tired she is and asks him to take care of Zach. Phillip asks if she is sick and she tells him she is just a bit tired. Phillip suggests Rick check her out but Harley says she will be fine. Phillip tells her that he is leaving to go to SC and after a short run in, Harley tells him to bring their friends home safely. Richard calls Phillip on his cell and tells him to contact Reva and Noah. Noah will be needed to help in their escape and Reva needs to know that he and Cassie are alright. Phillip tells him he will contact him the next day. Phillip tells Harley that he knows it is killing her not to be involved in this. She tells him she would rather be helping save friends then working to destroy them. He tells her that he heard she was put on the Santos case. Harley hates it but Phillip tells her it will probably be better that Michelle and Danny have someone on their side instead of someone wanting to bury them. Harley tells him her new boss wants to bury them. Right on cue, Gus shows up and Phillip answers the door. Harley introduces the two and Phillip excuses himself after telling Gus to lighten up on Harley, she needs some rest. Phillip leaves. Gus tells Harley she may be tired because every time he comes over there is a different guy there. Harley is offended. She tells him that she Phillip is her ex-husband and babies father. She tells him she is off the clock and she has a life. Gus asks her to make him some coffee. He tells her he thinks she isn't a real cop since she doesn't make coffee, eat doughnuts and she has a social life. Harley tells her that having a life and being close to people reminds her of why she is a cop. He calls her a people person and tells her that her people skills will be handy in her next assignment. Gus tells her that she has to plant a bug in the Bauer house. Harley doesn't want to but Gus tells her that she has to make a decision whether she wants to be a good friend or a good cop. Harley tells Gus he probably doesn't have any friends. He says he does and he would put his house in a second. He trusts the system. Harley says he makes her sick. She runs to the bathroom, really sick.

At Lewis Construction office:

Tony is working when two construction guys come in and tell him they thought the Santos were out of business. Tony tells them he is just working for his girlfriend's dad. They don't believe him and think he is there to cause trouble and revive the Santos business. Tony tells them he isn't there for that but they don't buy it. Tony tells them he doesn't want to get in to this with them and doesn't want to cause any trouble on the site. They shove him up against the wall and say they want to take Tony for a ride. Tony says they don't have to leave to settle the problem. He isn't trying to do anything but make an honest living. The guys aren't buying it and think that Tony is working there to infiltrate the business. Tony gets away from the wall and turns to punch one of the guys just as Josh enters. Josh asks what is going on now. The two men tell Josh and Billy they were just getting acquainted with Tony. Josh tells the guys to leave and asks Tony if it is possible for him to stay out of trouble. Just then Marah calls Josh and she tells him about the doctor's visit. She wants Josh to come comfort her mom. He tells her he can't do that and asks her to come over to the site alone after she drops her mom off with Noah. Josh tells Billy that Marah is coming over and Billy suggests Josh go talk to Tony's new buddies before Marah gets there. Josh leaves. Tony tells Billy he won't fit in there. Not with the pillars of the community, Billy laughs. Billy tells Tony that the greatest thing about Josh is that he is very forgiving. He was holding out his hand when he offered Tony this job. Billy assures Tony that the love of a woman can take you places, but Tony is the only one who can make the change. Marah arrives and Billy asks her if Reva has seen the doctor. Marah tells Billy she has and will probably need a call from him. Billy says he will call her later and he leaves to go outside. Marah apologizes to Tony for her tantrum. Tony says he didn't believe a minute of it; he knew she found him irresistible. Tony kisses her and asks about her mom. Marah tells him about the doctor's visit and says Reva is dealing with it by not dealing with it; instead she is planning her birthday party. Tony offers to help out but Marah tells him Sam is planning it. Tony is annoyed that "Puppy Dog" is helping and wonders why she doesn't want him to help. Marah tells him that she would rather Tony concentrate on her and not her party. She tells him she is jealous about the job to, she wants him all to herself and now she has to share him with her dad too. Tony says he took the job so he could be with her. The job isn't going perfectly but he will try to see it through. Marah tells him she doesn't want him to get hurt and her family can be cruel. She tells him she just wasn't ready to share him with anyone. He kisses her again just as Josh walks in. Tony leaves to take some papers to Billy. Josh and Marah discuss Tony and then her mom. Marah tells Josh she is upset because of what is going on with Reva. She is putting on a brave front and needs comfort from Josh since he knows how to help her. Josh says Noah is right about setting boundaries but tells Marah she should try to make Reva see she is the same person. Marah is upset that Josh won't help and Josh asks she should give Tony space at work as well. He thinks her being there will only make it harder for him to succeed.

At the Lewis House:

Marah and Reva arrive home. Sam is there and offers to take Marah to school. Noah wonders what the doctor said. Reva says she may not regain her sight and has to face it by making some changes. Reva tells Noah she has to relearn things. Noah tells her she is amazing doing things that even sighted people wouldn't do. He reminds her how she went after Edmund and then beat up the intruder that broke in. Reva says she does enjoy spending more time with the kids but that is being selfish and she needs to learn to do more. Reva doesn't want her children protecting her; that is her job. She will learn to be independent again.

Outside, Sam tells Marah that her mom needs help but Reva doesn't want to let on to her that she does. Marah wished Tony was there and thinks she is selfish for thinking of Tony after the news her mom got. Sam says that while Marah was telling him all about her mom he was thinking how beautiful she was and asked her if that made him selfish. Marah smiles and says she doesn't know why Sam wastes his time with her. Sam says that her mother will be all right and things will work out with Tony. He tells her he will take her to school but she tells him she has to go by the site to see her dad.

Noah tells Reva she defies all the rules and this prognosis may not be right. He tells her he fell in love with her and isn't going anywhere. He kisses her and the doorbell interrupts. It is Phillip. He wants to talk to both of them. He has news about Richard and Cassie. He tells them what is going on and about the escape plan. Phillip says Richard wants a back up plan and he asks Noah for help. Noah is reluctant to help because Reva needs him right now but Reva wants him to go to San Cristobel . She trusts him to help Richard and Cassie get out safely. Noah agrees to help but says he will travel separately so the guards won't even know he is on the island. He says he will contact a few people that will be able to help them.

Tuesday, May 1, 2001

In San Cristobel:

Richard comes in to check on Cassie. She tells him she is hot and throws her blanket off. Richard sees her foot has black and blue lines around it and Richard is concerned. Richard tells her that it looks like there must still be a piece of the spine still in her foot that is causing blood poisoning. He feels her forehead and tells her she is burning up with fever. He tries to pick her up, telling her that she has to get to the hospital immediately. She tells him they can't go, Edmund will catch them and they will both be put in prison. He tells her that the poison is flowing fast through her blood stream towards her heart and if it gets past her groin area there is no hope. Cassie tells him that she doesn't want him to get captured again. Richard tells her that he can survive imprisonment, torture and anything else Edmund can dish out but he cannot live if she were to die. Richard tells her he loves her and God isn't so cruel that he would separate them now. Richard calls for Mrs. Weymouth and vows not to let Cassie die. Richard gives Cassie a drink of water. He asks Lydia to tell Cassie how serious blood poisoning can be. Lydia offers to take Cassie to the hospital. Cassie refuses and asks Lydia if she still has her husband's medical bag. She went to get it and Richard searched it for vast supplies and antibiotics. He asks Cassie if she is sure about this and she tells him she trusts him to take care of her. Lydia turns to the window when they hear sirens outside. They seem to drive past and Richard hurries to get through with the medical treatment. He gets the little piece of spine and applies as much antiseptic as he can. He gives Cassie an antibiotic and apologizes for hurting her. Lydia is watching the police out the window. Suddenly, they are right outside, banging on the door. Richard gets Cassie and they sneak out the window. Lydia answers the door and tells the guards they have already searched her home. The guards push past her and search again, finding nothing. They tell Lydia the dogs must have been on a false scent. They leave and Lydia says "Godspeed Prince Richard and Princess Cassie."

At the palace, Olivia, Beth and Edmund are having brunch. They talk about Olivia's plans for the harbor front and how happy Beth is to be back in San Cristobel . Edmund goes to answer the phone and hands it over to Olivia. Holly is at Immigration and they have arrested her. She is fit to be tied calling Edmund a big "wus." Olivia talks to Edmund and he asks if Holly is going to be biased. Olivia asks Holly, who says she will be fair. Edmund gets on the phone and tells Immigration to let Holly go and bring her directly to the palace. Olivia thanks Edmund, who only replies you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Holly comes in with the guard and Edmund excuses him. He offers Holly some brunch and she is still yelling about how she was treated. She wonders why she was brought there to the palace. Edmund tells her she will be his guest and they have her room waiting on her next to Olivia's. Holly says Edmund won't censor her. Edmund tells Holly to write only what she sees and hears, not others' opinions. They start talking about Olivia's project. Holly is still argumentative. Beth tells her that everyone has things in their past they may not want to talk about and throws up the fact that Holly kidnapped a vanload of children. Holly gets up and leaves the room to unpack, Olivia, feeling insulted as well, leaves with her. On the way to her room, Holly asks Olivia how she can stand to do business with Edmund. Olivia says Edmund is going to make Josh very rich. She tells Holly she will also get a great story that she can tell her way as soon as she is back in the states.

At Infierno:

Michelle and Danny have the baby at the club. Ray and Catalina are playing with Robert. Ray asks how things are on the fed front and Danny tells him Gus is still around but they are clean so they should be fine. Danny thinks Gus will give up and leave town eventually. Just then Gus walks in, (he has a 'bug' hidden in a book that he is planning on planting in the club.) Catalina seats Gus at a table and Danny comes over and tells him to get out. Gus tells Danny he was minding his own business and not bothering him and his family. Danny says he will press charges for harassment if he doesn't back off. Gus gets up and says he will eat somewhere else. Gus leaves. Michelle tells Danny that Gus just wanted to get his goat. Danny says Gus won't leave town until he gets something on him. Ray says there is nothing to get on him so they can relax.

At Company:

Harley sees Buzz reading Blake's book. He is oblivious to everyone and everything around him. Harley goes over and asks Frank if Buzz acknowledged him. He tells her that he is consumed with reading Blake's book. Buzz is yelling at the book telling it that he didn't do a lot of the stuff in it.

Harley tells Frank that Gus got a court order to bug the Bauer's House and she has to plant it. Frank asks if she did it yet. She says she hasn't had time. She asks his opinion on what he thinks will happen if Danny and Michelle find out. Frank tells him that she can't tell them. Harley says she hates doing this especially now that Michelle and Danny are finally happy. Frank asks Harley if she wants Gus to think she doesn't know how to draw the line between her job and friendship. Frank says if Danny is out of the business the bug will get him off the hook, otherwise he will get what he deserves. Harley tells Frank that if Michelle did burn the evidence the bug will incriminate her. Frank tells her Michelle would never do that and the bug will probably only pick up everyone talking baby talk to Robert. Harley says she will do it but she feels like a traitor. Rick comes over and tells her she doesn't look like a traitor. Harley feels busted but realizes soon thereafter that Rick didn't overhear anything else. She goes and gets Rick some coffee and lunch. Frank tells her that she looks guilty and she needs to stop waiting on Rick hand and foot. Rick talks to Frank about May. Rick asks how many dates he had with her and talks about her dishonesty. Frank tells him that it was just part of her job. Rick thinks there was a line and she crossed it. Frank tells him to blame Gus if he wants to blame someone. Harley is feeling guiltier now. Harley gives Rick his lunch and he tells her she doesn't have to act so guilty. He knows he is just doing her job, investigating his sister. He sees the Bauer family moving away from organized crime and everything will be fine. He tells her that Gus won't find anything because there is nothing to find. Rick gets up for more coffee and Harley tells Frank that Gus won't be satisfied even if Danny is a choirboy. Harley feels bad about having to plant a bug. Frank tries to reassure her and says they have both gotten attached to the Bauer's since they got divorced. Harley doesn't want to get thrown off the barbecue guest list. Rick comes over with cake and Harley says it is on the house. Harley says she owes him for the free medical advice. She shows Frank her rash and thinks it is due to Gus. Rick knows that Gus is pushing the investigation but tells the Cooper's his sister deserves to be happy. Rick's beeper goes off and he leaves. Frank tells Harley Rick won't hold it against her. Harley says she feels two inches tall. Frank is worried about her health as well. She tries to get him off the subject by telling him Buzz is over there getting more and more angry while reading that book and he should really go talk to him. Frank says he will take care of Buzz. He goes over to him and asks him how he is. Buzz says he is fine and Frank leaves. Frank tells Harley he thinks Buzz may be making peace by reading the book. Harley thinks there may be trouble coming when she sees Blake coming in. Blake tells Ross she can't hide from Buzz any longer, she has to confront him. They go in and see Buzz reading the book. Blake asks Buzz what he thinks. He doesn't say anything and she tells him she knows he is angry. He tells her he isn't angry anymore, now he is furious. He tells her he is furious because it is such a great read. He thinks it is a hell of a book and he can't put it down. So he is mad that she ruined his life and the book is actually enjoyable for him. Buzz says he understands why things happened now. Selena told Blake a lot more than she ever told him. He didn't know that Selena's son knew what happened and left her angry. Buzz wonders if Selena knows where her son is now. Blake says she doesn't know about that. Buzz wants to apologize to Holly and Blake tells him she is in San Cristobel . He asks about Billy and is pleased when Blake says he didn't go with her. Frank says "Fed Alert" when Gus arrives. Gus asks Harley if she planted the bug yet and she says no. He tells her he planted one but she has to be the one to plant the one in the house. He asks her if she is going to throw up again since he is there. Frank gets concerned again. Gus is sure she will build up immunity to him soon. Harley says she is already immune.

Wednesday, May 2, 2001

At Harley's:
Harley is cleaning the living room when she bends over and her pants pop open. She comments on how she is not only divorced and stressed out but now she is getting fat as well. She goes over to get a safety pin to fix her pants when Gus knocks on the door. She opens the door and sees that Gus has broke off the doorknocker and as is his usual charming self, he barges in her home. Gus tells her that she is to plant the bug at the Bauer's that morning. Harley tells him that she needs time; she can't just go over there for no apparent reason and bug the house. She tells him that she does have a life and has a child to raise and she just can't drop everything on his every whim. He tells her to place the bug in the back of the living room close to the kitchen so they can catch those conversations as well. Gus tells her they will have a satellite pointed to the bedroom so they can catch what all goes on in there. Harley tells Gus she doesn't think they will get much listening to Danny and Michelle's pillow talk. Harley tells him that doing this is exploiting her friendship with the Bauer's and she doesn't like it one bit.

On the Spaulding Jet:
Alan, Lillian, Claire, Phillip and the kids are on their way to the coronation. Everyone is involved in small talk. Lillian tells Alan and Claire how excited Lizzie is about the coronation and how she wished she could share in her excitement. She asks Alan why he is going down and he tells her it is all business, nothing more. Lillian wonders if he may be trying to get Beth and Phillip back together. Phillip comes in and Alan tells Lillian that what he (Alan) is accomplishing is to make Beth mad at him and not Phillip. Alan tells Phillip he will keep his opinions to himself from here on out.

After they land, a palace associate enters the plane and welcomes their guests telling them that they have military escorts to take them to the palace where they will be staying. He tells them that they have been cleared and he will just need to gather their passports for customs. Lillian gets them all together and hands them to the associate. The man pulls Phillip aside and tells him that they have made special accommodations for him. He will have personal military guards with him at all times. Phillip tells him he must be special but warns the guy if the guards frighten his children there will be hell to pay. Alan asks the guy if he knows who he talking to. The associate says he is talking to a man who has committed crimes against the state and who is only being allowed back into the country by the grace of Prince Edmund.

Richard and Cassie climb back in the Weymouth's window and Richard helps Cassie into bed. He covers her with a blanket and tries to warm her up. They had spent the evening outside and the cold has made Cassie's foot feel a little better. They haven't heard the dogs for a while but Richard is sure Edmund is continuing to hunt them. Cassie is angry with Edmund and wants him to be brought down. Richard tells her that keeping Edmund preoccupied with finding them is taking his focus off other things, which is a start to bringing him down. He puts a clean bandage on Cassie's foot and tells her that the swelling has gone down. Lydia brings Cassie some coffee and tells them how worried she was about them last night. Richard thanks Lydia for all her help but tells her that after breakfast he and Cassie will be leaving. Lydia insists they stay but Richard is concerned that they have already put Lydia in enough danger. Just then a team of guards knock on the door and demand entrance. Richard looks out the window and they are unable to sneak out because of guards stationed there as well. Richard tells Lydia to try to stall the guards while they hide and if they break through he will try his best to take care of them. Richard takes out a gun. Lydia goes to the door and tells the guards that she doesn't appreciate them coming by for the forth time. She tells them that they have ruined her garden and she doesn't want them back in her home. They tell her that they have orders from Prince Edmund. She tells them to tell Edmund that she will not let them back in her home and if he continues the harassment she will go to the press and give them all an earful on the Prince and what he is really all about. She tells them to go to Edmund and tell her all she has said. They leave. Cassie and Richard are relieved. Lydia tells them that felt good but she would have liked to give that speech to Edmund in person. Richard and Cassie get ready to leave. Cassie thinks Lydia has been great. Richard tells her that it is the people like Lydia that they are fighting for and once they are safe in Springfield; their real battle against Edmund will begin.

Olivia is making her presentation to Edmund in the sitting room. He is impressed. She tells Edmund this project will generate good will. Edmund reminds Olivia about their business arrangement and tells her that it is imperative that it stay between them. She tells him that would hurt them both and she wouldn't be interested in that. Edmund wants to make sure that Holly doesn't know. An aide comes in and reports to Edmund about the search and how they have not found Richard or Cassie as of yet and they have searched the whole island. Edmund tells them to search again, concentrating on Richard's supporters. He tells them Richard and Cassie cannot be allowed to leave the island. Beth talks to Olivia about how great her presentation is. Holly comes in and Edmund asks her if she slept well and she makes some comments about the armed guards. Edmund asks Beth to help him get ready for the press conference. Holly tells Olivia she should never have stayed in the palace. Olivia thanks her for covering the story. Holly says she won't do a hatchet job on Edmund but she won't give him a free ride. Olivia says the SC economy is depressed and tourism is the only way to improve it. Holly says she will write about the project and Olivia asks her not to make waves at the press conference.

After the press conference everyone comes back into the sitting room. Holly tells Edmund that he did a great job at dodging her questions. Edmund asks her what she wants to know, he will answer any concerns she may have. Holly asks him what he expects to gain personally from the harbor development project. He tells her he is only interested in strengthening the economy of San Cristobel . Holly says most people don't think he should be on the throne. Richard thinks people in government should serve the people and not themselves. Edmund criticizes Richard and says that he threw SC into chaos and it is up to Edmund to get them out. Holly challenges him about his treatment of Richard. Olivia tells Holly to stop. Holly asks her why she is defending an obvious dictator. Holly tells Olivia she needs Reva's ophthalmologist. Beth comes in with news that the Spaulding plane has landed. Olivia takes Holly into the hall and they argue over Edmund and the harbor deal. Holly thinks Olivia should get out of the deal now. The Spaulding's enter and Olivia tells Alan the press loved the presentation. Edmund greets all the guests and shakes Phillip's hand as Phillip stands between two guards. Beth tells Phillip he knew this was the way it would be and he shouldn't be surprised. Phillip gets a call from Noah who is on the island. Phillip tells the guards it is his broker and they back off. Noah tells Phillip he hooked up with someone from the agency for plan B and they should be able to get Richard and Cassie off the island soon.

At the Bauer's:
Harley comes over and asks for Rick. Meta tells her he is at work but invites her for some tea and conversation. Harley agrees and looks around for a place to hide the bug. Meta goes to the kitchen to start the kettle while Harley goes over to the table and starts to put the bug into place. Meta comes back in and asks her what she is doing. Harley acts like she was getting dizzy and just trying to regain her balance. Harley tells Meta how bad she has been feeling lately. Meta tells Harley that she will have to go see Rick and tell him what is going on. Meta tells Harley what a good friend she and Frank have been to the family. The kettle whistles and Meta leaves to turn it off. Harley secures the bug under the table. When Meta returns Harley tells her she has to get back to work. Meta makes her promise to get checked out as soon as she can concerning her dizzy spells.

Danny and Michelle get home and are talking about the baby. Meta tells them everything is fine and the baby is the sweetest baby she has ever seen. Michelle asks Danny how things are at the club. Danny is worried about paying the bills. Michelle tells him they will manage. Meta thought the club made a profit. He says that he used to subsidize the club from the casino but now that everything is on the up and up he can't continue operating the casino since Gus is around. Danny asks Meta if the daughters of SF will have a bake sale for him. Michelle tells him she knows what they can do. She tells him that he should start really using the casino as a charity thing. HE can throw big charity functions and that will bring people in to eat and drink. Danny says a cash bar will help. Meta tells them that she is organizing a charity function for the lighthouse but Claire wants to have it at the Country Club. Michelle tells her to forget that, they will have it at Infierno. They all agree that it is a good idea. Danny says he will want to work with Meta, not Claire. He hugs Meta for helping.

At Millennium:
Sam meets Catalina and asks her if he can have her insight into the Latino mind. He wants to learn more about Tony. He can't understand the makeup/break up thing with Tony and Marah. Catalina says that Tony and Marah don't understand each other. Sam realizes Marah wants her bad boy and Tony wants to reform for her but Sam wants Marah. He had a moment yesterday with Marah where they connected and it felt good. If the image of Tony is something made up, it is so frustrating. Sam wishes Tony would go back to Chicago but Catalina says then Marah might go to Sam on the rebound and he wont want that. If Marah and Tony are meant to be, it will work for them. You can't make a person love you, no matter how badly you want them to. Catalina looks sad and Sam realizes that she is talking about herself as well.

At Company:
Harley tells Gus that she planted the bug. He tells her that is good but they are just getting started. Now they will hang Michelle and Danny with the evidence. He takes a sip of his coffee and tells Harley his plan for surveillance. Harley thinks the coffee smells rancid. They talk about the surveillance and Gus tells her that she will have many hours stuck in the van with him listening to Santos conversations. Harley's safety pin pops and she gets stuck. Gus tells her she is getting fat as well. Harley thinks a minute and has a look of clarity on her face. She gets up and tells Gus she has to go.

Thursday, May 3, 2001

In San Cristobel:

The SF posse is in the sitting room with Edmund having a little pre celebration for the coronation. Edmund is glad Beth is there and asks her if she is a little nervous. Beth tells him that no one from home seems to share the enthusiasm they have for the coronation. Beth promises this will be his day and no one will spoil it for Edmund. Beth goes over and thanks Phillip for bringing the kids down. Alan tells her that she looks great and he wishes she would spend more time in Springfield. Alan reminds her that his doors are always open to her and Beth tells him if he had thought of that a few years ago, they wouldn't be in the mess they are in. Alan asks her if the Prince and tiara are more important to her than her kids but Beth tells him she intends on having both. She walks away and Alan says to himself that Beth is a true Spaulding. Olivia admires her for standing up to Alan. Phillip asks Alan what he said to Beth. Alan says he was playing bad cop so that Phillip could swoop in and play good cop. He thinks they will make a good team. Phillip doesn't want Alan involved with Beth at all. Alan says he just planted a seeds. Phillip is annoyed with Alan. Olivia tells Alan he won't get Phillip and Beth back unless he strands them on a plane again. Olivia reminds him that they need to keep Edmund happy. Alan wonders if Edmund would withdraw his support if Beth left him. Alan says the kickback should have insured his support. Olivia is shocked that Alan figured out about the kickback but tries to deny it. Claire comes over and makes a snide remark. When Alan leaves to get Claire a drink, Claire tells Olivia she couldn't steal Alan from her if she tried. Alan goes over to Edmund and tells him that Beth will always belong to Phillip and he should know that. Edmund tells him that he won't give her up. Edmund leaves the room for a moment and Alan asks Beth to give him a tour of the palace, saying he is particularly interested in the prison. He, Beth and Phillip go to see the cells. When they go inside the cell that Phillip and Richard had been held in, Alan asked to borrow Phillip's cell phone and left he and Beth inside the cell. After he was outside, he shut the door and locked them both in. Phillip was yelling for Alan and Beth was laughing at the expression on Phillip's face.

At the Weymouth's:

Richard calls Phillip and learns that Noah is in town and gets his number. He calls Noah and tells him where they are and asks about the plan. Noah comes right over.

Richard greets Noah and checks out Cassie's foot. He tells Richard he did a good job. Cassie asks about Reva and Noah tells her about the latest doctor appointment and how Reva really just needs her sister at home. He goes on to tell them the plan. He tells them they will hide in his trunk and they will go to meet Phillip who will have a seaplane waiting on them. Cassie is worried that something may go wrong but Noah tells her that they also have a plan B. Noah tells them that all will be okay as long as nothing happens to Phillip; he is there eyes and ears at the palace.

At the Bauer's:

Rick is talking to Robert. He tells him how his dad is a good man and loves him so much. Rick tells him that Danny protected Robert and his mom and did something that he should have never had to do. Danny comes in and is happy to see Rick with the baby. Danny says he and Rick don't really know each other. Rick says he knows Danny loves Michelle and the baby and that is all he needs to know. Rick tells him he loves Robert as well and he will keep the baby anytime. Danny says he is going to go help Michelle dig around in the garden.

Outside, Michelle is potting plants and Danny gives her a Popsicle. Michelle loves how domestic their little family is. Danny tells Michelle about seeing Rick with Robert and how he seems to accept him. He tells her that Rick seems sure that he will protect her and the baby, a little too sure. He wonders if Rick knows how Danny protected her and the baby from Carmen. He overheard something and wonders how Rick would know. Michelle admits to telling Rick and Meta about Carmen. Danny is upset tells Michelle she wasn't supposed to share that secret with anyone. Michelle says Danny was gone and the secret was tearing her up. She was pregnant and she had to tell someone, so she told Rick and Meta. Danny says she betrayed them. They go into the house and into the living room. She tells him that her family isn't like his and they care and love Danny like he was one of their own. Danny tells her he doesn't even like that she knows what happened to his mother, but he definitely doesn't want anyone else to know.

At Cedar's:

Harley comes out of the OB/GYN and says "not again". She sits with her head in her hands when Blake comes through the lobby. Blake asks Harley what she is doing in the hospital. Harley tells her she was having a rash checked out. Blake wonders if it is contagious and tells Harley she is very pale. Blake asks Harley to come to Company with her so she can try to make peace with Buzz. Harley leaves with Blake.

At Company:

Blake tells Harley that her publicist wants her to go on a book tour and she doesn't want to go. Ross is busy with work and Holly is traveling to San Cristobel . Harley tells her that she understands just when you think you have everything going well, something else happens. Blake asks Harley if she is okay. Blake says she is lucky to have Ross so that she can write but she realizes Harley doesn't have anyone and asks her how she is doing after the divorce. Harley runs to the bathroom and Buzz comes over and offers Blake coffee. She orders tea for Harley. Buzz goes to get the drinks and Harley comes back to the table. Blake thinks Harley should go back to the doctor. Harley says she will be okay. Blake gives her a copy of the new book and signs it. Harley shows it to Buzz and he tells her she worked hard on it and shouldn't give it away. Buzz apologizes to Blake and tells her he learned so much about Selena and would like to help make the book a success so it reaches Selena. He offers to have a book signing party at Company and he will invite the press and wonders if Holly would come. Blake thinks this is a ploy to get Holly back. Buzz says only partially. Blake thinks Buzz would be good for Holly. Harley tells them she would like to be Blake's stepsister. Blake tells them she has to get home and she gathers the kids to leave, thanking Buzz again. She tells Buzz to take care of Harley. Buzz tells Harley he thought she would be happy when he made up with Blake. He wonders what is up with her. Harley wonders why people make the same mistakes over and over again. Buzz thinks she is talking about him but she says the mistake is all hers and it will just get bigger and bigger. Buzz tells Harley that whatever she did he has probably done it at least one. Harley is sure he hasn't been in her shoes before. Buzz asks her if she wants to talk to Frank and tells her to forgive herself. He goes to call Frank for her. Rick comes in and sits with Harley. Rick asks Harley if she is okay. He tells her that she is one of his top 6 favorite people and would like to help her if she has a problem. They talk about baby Robert and how Rick wishes he had a child. Frank comes in and asks Rick if he and Harley can have a minute. Rick moves to the bar and Frank tells Harley that Buzz called him. He asks if Harley if he has to beat up someone for her. She says just her. Frank wants her to tell him what is bothering her but she doesn't want to say it. She tells him she has been working so hard and has ended up screwing things up and being that stupid 16-year-old kid all over again. Frank says she has grown up so beautifully and he is proud of her. Harley says she thought she made that mistake because she was young and careless. Her life was finally on track and the world starts spinning again. Frank thinks she is doing just fine. Harley says she ignored all the signs, she attributed the nausea, fatigue and weight gain to stress. She lied to herself with Susan but she can't do it this time. Frank finally understanding and tells her not to tell him. Harley tells him that she is pregnant.

Friday, May 4, 2001

At Company:

Frank asks Harley what she is going to do. She has no idea but begs him not to tell anyone. Frank tells her that she won't be able to hide it much longer and asks her if he is to go around and tell people she is into smuggling bowling balls. He tells her that Phillip will get suspicious when she shows up in a few months with a baby.

At the Bauer House:

Danny and Michelle are still talking about how she told Rick and Meta about Carmen. They never come out and say that what happened to Carmen but it is enough to perk the listening Gus up. He goes through the files while he listens and reads about Carmen's death. Inside, Danny tells Michelle he feels betrayed because she talked to others about it. Michelle tells him that she was suffering and had to talk to someone and Danny had cut himself off from her so all she had was her family. She tells him that her family is now his family and they can be trusted. Danny is still not convinced and worried about what will happen if any of it gets out. Michelle tells him that he is just going to have to deal with it because she can't undo it and she doesn't want to. She tells him that if anything he owes her an apology. Danny sits back and tells her that he didn't realize she was so affected by what happened to Carmen and Michelle tells him he couldn't have known because he left her life and wouldn't talk to her. She tells him that they finally won and have their family and she doesn't want Carmen to come between them yet again. Danny sits with her and apologizes to her and holds her. He asks her who else knows what happened besides Rick and Meta. Michelle tells him that Claire probably figured it out by now since she was very aware of what happened when she (Michelle) was kidnapped from the hospital. Danny tells her that he remembers Claire telling her to go to Abuela to find out where Michelle had been taken. He wonders if they can trust Claire. Michelle tells him that Maureen always told her to give people trust and they will repay you by being trustworthy. Danny tells her he hopes she was right. Michelle thinks they should give Claire a chance. Meanwhile, Harley shows up at the van and listens into the conversation as well. Gus asks her what she knows about Claire and her connection to Carmen. She tells Gus that Claire was there when Carmen died and she handled all the arrangements. Gus thinks that is odd. He continues to ask Harley questions but she is preoccupied and not listening to him. Gus gets her attention and tells her that they should pay a visit to Claire Ramsey and with the taped evidence they should be able to get a court order to test Carmen's remains.

At the Lewis House:

Reva is working with her mobile coach. She has a white cane and is learning to test the area before she walks. Reva tells her that she doesn't know if she can get used to it. The coach tells her she will be fine and she goes to leave for another appointment. Marah tells her mom that she is doing great and will perfect it just like she does everything else. Sam shows up and asks Reva how she is. He hugs Marah and tells them both that he was planning the party for tomorrow night and he started thinking that they should have it at their house instead of his. He thought that Reva might be more comfortable with familiar surroundings. He tells them that he just needs a little room for all the mattresses. The ladies laugh and he tells them he refuses to give conventional parties. Reva thanks him and excuses herself to the kitchen. Marah thanks Sam for everything and tells her that her mom trusts him. He asks her if she has talked to Tony. She tells him that Tony is concentration on his new career. Sam asks her if that means he won't be coming to the party. Marah tells him if her dad is there, Tony will be there.

In San Cristobel:

Olivia, Claire and Alan are having a drink when Phillip's cell phone rings. Everyone looks at his or her phones and Alan tells him that it is Phillip's and he doesn't know how to turn it off. Edmund tells him he will look at it and shows it to his aide and tells him to note the number and have all calls traced that the phone makes. The aide does and Edmund shuts the call off. Edmund gives the phone back to Alan and leaves the room. Alan goes on to tell Claire and Olivia that he left Beth and Phillip in the dungeon. Outside, Edmund asks his aide where Beth is. The aide tells him that Phillip, Beth and Alan all went on a tour of the palace. Edmund goes back in and asks Alan where Beth and Phillip are. Alan tells him they will show up sooner or later. Edmund tells him to tell him where they are or he will can the harbor project. Alan refuses. Olivia speaks up and tells Edmund that they are in the dungeon. Edmund thanks her and Alan is upset that she told. Olivia tells Alan that she will not risk this project for anything, it is only business.

Beth and Phillip are stuck in the dungeon and he is yelling to get someone's attention. Beth tells him not to worry; Edmund will come looking for her soon. He doesn't understand why Alan would do this to them and Beth tells him he was hoping that the same thing would happen that happened last time they were trapped alone in San Cristobel . Beth thinks it could be a good thing and tells Phillip that they do need to the time to talk. She tells him that she cares for him and she loves their family but he has to know that she loves Edmund. She tells him she would die for Edmund and she and Phillip will have to find a way to coexist with Edmund for the next 15 or so years. She tells him she is very serious about Edmund because he cares for her and accepts her for who she is and she doesn't have to worry about living up to his ideals of her. Phillip tells her that it is more than just her life though; it is also his children's life. Beth tells him that Edmund would never hurt the kids and they love him. Phillip is unhappy. Beth tells him that she is no longer the poor girl that he had to save from the boogieman and she is happy now and thought he would want that. Phillip tells her that he is scared if he doesn't say something, somewhere down the road she will wish he did. She tells him he doesn't have to save her from herself. She tells him if Edmund and her don't work out at least she will have these moments of happiness. She hugs Phillip just as Edmund comes down and opens the cell. Beth walks out and Edmund tells Phillip not to ever try to get between him and Beth.

Phillip, Beth and Edmund come back into the sitting room. Phillip tells Alan to give him his phone. Alan tells him it has been ringing. Phillip asks if he answered it and he tells him he didn't. Phillip tells Alan not to try that with him anymore and when Alan starts to speak, Phillip tells him to go to hell.

Noah, Richard and Cassie are going over their plans. They have a map out looking at where the seaplane will land and where they will have to go to meet it.

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