All My Children Recaps: The week of December 2, 2002 on AMC
Liza told Tad about her involvement in Mia's fall. Jake asked Mia to marry him in the hospital, but she declined. JR learned that Laurie's father was the school janitor. David told Maria and Edmund that he might be able to develop an antidote for her memory loss.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 2, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, December 2, 2002


Kendall's morning started with a bang .. well, a knock actually. It was Aidan, and ever since Thanksgiving, he's been feeling pretty thankful that Kendall is around. They were about to further discuss his grateful feelings over lunch when the phone rang. Unfortunately for Kendall, Aidan answered the call. On the phone, he heard that Kendall was responsible for sending her own mother to jail for Thanksgiving. Appalled at her behavior, Aidan begged Kendall to give peace a chance, to stop with this mother-revenge thing. Unsuccessful, he stalked out - leaving Kendall in hysterics that no one will ever love her.


Meanwhile, at high school, JR decided to rekindle his romance with Laurie. But when he leaned over to kiss her, he got the big brush off. She immediately blamed JR for getting her fired, reiterating that she isn't rich like him. JR attempted to apologize, but just when it seemed like she was getting receptive, she suddenly ran away. For some reason, the janitor got her spooked. Completely confused, JR took off.

He ended up at Kendall's door. Kendall, expecting Aidan, broke down when she saw JR, and fell into his arms. She then carefully admonished JR that they were just friends. JR agreed, and told Kendall about his confusion with Laurie. Kendall declared that any girl who pushed JR away is obviously an idiot. Suddenly JR was much more interested in reminding Kendall about their recent kiss, than discussing Laurie. Kendall resisted this conversation for a few seconds, and then before you knew it, they were kissing again.


Erica is now free, but the jail food did not calm her down a bit. All she can think about is getting revenge on Kendall. But Chris wasn't having any of it. He accused Erica of being obsessed, and warned that her obsession was going to stamp out their relationship (no pun intended).

Bianca then showed up at Erica's new digs and took Chris's side immediately. She declared that Kendall was out of her life forever, and that Erica should do the same. Erica agreed to take her daughter's advice and invited Bianca to join her and Chris for dinner. Bianca declined, claiming she had to go to a Study Group. But sneakiness runs in the family. Turned out, there was no study group. Instead, Bianca called Kendall. But Kendall ignored the ring because by now, she was heavily making out with JR. Happy that Kendall wasn't home, Bianca made a beeline for Kendall's apartment with a credit card in hand. She easily broke in. She flung open the door, only to find Kendall, practically naked. Kendall became enraged that Bianca just broke in. Mortified, Bianca apologized and made a hasty exit. But not soon enough! Suddenly, there was JR, and let's just say he wasn't wearing too many clothes either.


That mysterious janitor approached Laurie again. Laurie became visibly upset when the janitor threatened to teach JR a lesson. She managed to calm him down, but her girlfriend Joanie is very curious as to why this strange man is butting into Laurie's life.


Maria and Edmund are looking much chummier these days. She insisted that he not cancel his plans for "The Crystal Ball" in hopes that the party will ignite some memories. She confessed that this amnesia thing was quite frustrating and blamed one person for it: David. Then, speaking of the devil, guess who rang the doorbell. You got it: none other than David. But, before Edmund could slam the door in his face, David managed to blurt out that he had a proposition for Maria that could change her life forever. He thought he had a new drug that could potentially bring back Maria's memory.

Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Kendall immediately began grilling Bianca on why she broke into her hotel room. Instead of answering, however, Bianca looked at Kendall and J.R. and said to Kendall, "You have never sunk this low." J.R. tried to explain to Bianca that nothing happened between them, but Kendall told him he didn't owe her an explanation. Bianca criticized Kendall for sleeping with every guy in town, and now she was robbing the cradle. Kendall stopped J.R. from explaining what happened, as she accused Bianca of being jealous that they were together. Bianca turned away and left in disgust. After she was gone, J.R. asked Kendall why she wanted Bianca to think they slept together. Kendall repeated to him that it was none of Bianca's business, and if she wants to fly off the handle and jump to conclusions, that's her problem. J.R. said that he was worried Bianca would start telling everyone that they had slept together, when they didn't. He told Kendall he also thought that Bianca was freaked about him and Kendall because she also walked in on him and Frankie the night Frankie died. Kendall said that it probably never crossed her mind, and telling her the truth would have just prompted her to scold J.R. for being attracted to someone like Kendall. J.R. asked Kendall if it bothered her that he was attracted to her. "Because I am," he said, "a lot." Kendall told him that she it's no big secret that he's attracted to her. J.R. went on to tell her that he knows there really can't be anything between them, but he's still her friend. Kendall interrupted him and told him that she does care about him, also....a lot. She went on to tell him that she's not sure where that leaves them, and she's not sure where they're headed. She told him, however, not to rush things, and they'll see where they go. He said, "So it's back to you and me, then?" She replied yes, and J.R. turned to leave. At the door, he told Kendall that Ryan was wrong for leaving her, and he would never do that.

After sitting by Mia's bedside, Jake joined Liza, Marian, and Adam out in the waiting room. They began asking him how she's doing, but guessed by the look on his face that she was getting worse. He informed them that Mia has an infection caused by an abscess, and he couldn't guarantee that she would improve. Jake told them that they were doing everything they could. Dr. Rodriguez came up and pulled Jake away to look at some lab results of Mia's. Adam told Liza and Marian that he was going to go and try to find some real answers. Liza was alone with her mother, and told her again that she needs to tell the truth. Marian told Liza that ruining her life would do nobody any good, and she needs to keep it a secret. She reminded her daughter how Adam could take Colby away from her if the truth came out. Liza was still feeling incredibly guilty when Jake returned. He asked Liza if he could speak with her alone, so Marian left. Jake told her that Mia's white blood cell count is off the charts, and he only hopes they caught the infection in time. He said that this was supposed to be the happiest time in their lives, and now he might lose her. He looked at Liza and said that he wants to know who's responsible. Who's to blame for what happened to Mia? Liza tried to tell Jake that he could blame her. She told him that the miles and miles of fabric made it easy for someone to trip and fall. Jake said that blaming her would be like blaming the seamstress. He told her that she's not at fault, and she is the one person Mia needs to help bring her back. As Jake and Liza walked up to Mia's window to watch her, Liza asked if she could step into her room. Jake said that it would probably make her very happy. He was paged as she entered the room, but assured her he would be right back. Liza entered Mia's room and sat down next to her sister's bed. She began telling her that she hopes she gets well soon, and finally broke into tears. She told Mia that she's very, very sorry. Hearing somebody behind her, Liza turned around and saw Adam standing in the doorway. She asked him if he found anything out, but he told her he found out nothing. Liza told him that she wants Mia to come home with them so she could take care of her, as soon as she's ready to leave. Adam said that it would be a great idea. Liza was surprised, but Adam reminded her how fond he is of Mia. Liza said, "But she's MY family." Adam told Liza, "You're my family." She began tearing up again as Adam told her that she would always be his family, no matter how many stupid mistakes he makes. As Liza turned her back and started crying, Adam moved to comfort her. He pulled back, however, and chose to leave the room instead.

Anna was on the phone and told the person that it was great news. After hanging up, she was ecstatic and said, "I have to tell David." As she opened up the door to leave the cabin, Jackson was standing on the doorstep. He asked her if she has a moment, because he has something important to tell her. Anna agreed to talk to him, but warned him that she wasn't going to give up anything on David. Jackson assured her that he wasn't there in his professional capacity. He was there to set the record straight, "about you and me". Anna wouldn't let him talk at first, as she guessed that he wanted to say "I told you so", or chastise her for choosing a liar over her job. She asked Jackson if he's ever wanted to give up as much for a woman he's loved, and he told her he definitely has. She told him that it couldn't have been that long ago, and Jackson said that it hasn't been "or I wouldn't be standing here right now." When Anna asked him to clarify what he means, Jackson asked her if she felt the same attraction for him that he felt for her. She was stunned, and repeated that she was in love with David. Jackson told her that she didn't have to be. He began reminding her about all of the things that are lacking in her current relationship, such as honesty and trust, and how he could give those things to her. While she agreed with all Jackson was saying to her, she told him that she still has a fierce love for David in her heart. She moved closer to Jackson and told him that he deserves far more then she could ever give him.

When David confirmed to Maria that she could have her entire memory back, Edmund surprisingly responded by pushing David onto the couch, calling him a sick SOB, and saying, "I should kill you right now!" He told Hayward that he wasn't going to let Maria be a guinea pig for him. She told Edmund to let David finish, and David told them both that it was too complicated to explain how, but he could do it. When Maria asked for his terms, David told her that he wants her to quit cooperating with the DA, and do not help them convict him, and he'll help her get her memory back. Edmund was skeptical, but Maria asked David to continue. David told her that he believes he has isolated the chemical compound that caused her memory loss, and he could probably reverse it. He wants her guarantee, however, that there will be no civil or criminal charges brought against him. When he asked Maria what she thought, she responded that it sounded like he was blackmailing her. She said that he blackmailed her once before to keep her away from town, and he's blackmailing her again. She said, "I would die before I let you play me again, David. I'll see you in hell, first." She began ripping into him about his ethics and told him that his medical license should be revoked. She said that he's only interested in himself, and she has no desire to help him out. He agreed that he was interested in his freedom, because he has a wife and a child on the way. Maria asked him why she should give him the same consideration that he denied to her family when he kept her away. She told David to call her when he has matched Edmund and her kids "tear for tear", and she might consider his offer. Without any further prodding, David left. When he was gone, Maria asked Edmund how he was feeling about the offer. He responded that he doesn't want her to do something that she might regret. He told her to forget about her family's thoughts, and his thoughts, and asked her, "What do you want?" He said that they could probably get his formula, and give it to a reputable doctor. She told him that he would never give that up, and Edmund said that he wasn't planning to ask him. She remained skeptical and said that it would probably take years to get the desired results. Edmund told her that there were still other options. She told him that she could possibly let him off the hook, but she might still be no closer to remembering their lives together. He told her again to forget about everyone else and think only of what she wants. She said that she wants desperately to remember the past, but she's not willing to give David the power over her life that he desires. Edmund asked her if it was worth throwing away remembering her life just to punish the man who took it away in the first place.

Bianca was visibly upset as she stalked through the boathouse. Footsteps sounded behind her, and Maggie walked in. Seeing the look on Bianca's face, Maggie said, "It can't be all that bad. Can it?" Bianca told Maggie what she was doing and what she saw. She admitted she wanted to steal the confession Kendall had so her mom could relax more. She said that seeing Kendall with J.R. was too much for her. Maggie told her that she shouldn't let what Kendall does bother her, and Bianca told her that Kendall was probably right: she is jealous. When Maggie questioned what she meant, Bianca said that she was jealous of people that take their happiness for granted; when she doesn't have the same freedom they do to choose her partner. Maggie told her that she needs to stop pressuring herself to find someone. Bianca said that she wants to feel what she once felt with Frankie. Maggie said that she's being hard on herself, and she shouldn't be. She asked Bianca, "Don't you think I know how hard it is to see me, or listen to my voice?" Bianca responded by saying, "I just miss her so much." Frankie said, "Me, too."

Jack told Anna that he said all he came to say, and she could forget all about it if she wanted to. She told him that she would never do that, and he assured her that the welcome mat will stay outside of his door. They were interrupted by David returning home. Seeing Jack, he became defensive and asked, "What? What?" Jackson grabbed his coat, told him he just came to see Anna, and left. David slammed the door after him, as Anna scolded him for not saying goodbye when he left earlier. He told her that he went to see Maria, but it didn't go well. She told him that she was incredibly happy, and asked him to drop his attitude long enough for her to tell him why. She told him that the hospital called with the amnio results, and the baby's fine. David was happy to hear the news, but Anna continued. She told him that they were going to have a little girl. David became ecstatic and said, "Thank God," as he pulled her into an embrace.

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Kendall was in her room getting ready for the day. She picked up the necklace with Ryan's ring and started to put it on when a knock on the door interrupted her. She put it down and opened the door to find an angry Trey. He stormed in and told her if she "keeps this up she'll be in a world of trouble." Kendall didn't know what he was talking about until he asked what she was doing with JR. She asked how he knew about that and then jumped to the conclusion that Bianca had tattled. He told her no, that Maggie had told him at dinner the night before. Trey asked if it was true and Kendall said it was none of his business. He demanded to know what happened between her and JR and finally Kendall told him nothing at all happened. She offered to take a lie detector test and that convinced Trey that she was being truthful. Trey said he was worried about her, that since Ryan left her life has been in the deep freeze. She sadly agreed. They sat down and she said things have been bad for her since Ryan left. Trey reminded her that JR is jailbait and that it doesn't look good for her to be hanging around with him. She insisted again that nothing was going on with JR. Trey said she was lonely and was missing Ryan "How long till you cave and sleep with JR?." Kendall said JR was just a friend and promised not to sleep with him. Trey told her she had to get her act together and said she ought to work with Greenlee. Kendall absolutely refused. Trey got mad and said he didn't know why he bothered with her. Kendall said "Because you're my big brother, thanks for caring." This made Trey feel better and he left. Kendall went back to the necklace and held it up. She sadly put it back in the box and put it in a drawer.

JR was at the boathouse waiting for Laurie. She arrived and they kissed. He said he felt bad about everything that happened and he handed her a gift. She eagerly opened it and was shocked to find an mp3 player. JR excitedly told her he had downloaded 300 songs for her but she handed it back to him saying it was too much. "I can't accept this. You can't buy friends!" she told him. JR was offended that she thought it was a bribe. Laurie asked how she could explain such a gift to her father. JR was hurt. She said she was going to school and asked if he was coming along. JR said no, his friend Justin was taking notes for him. Laurie said "Figures, is there anything you ever have to worry about?" and left. JR was upset and left the boathouse. He ended up at Kendall's door just as she opened it to leave. She asked "Shouldn't you be in school?"

Greenlee sat at home drinking coffee and reading the paper. A knock at the door disturbed her and she opened it to find Bianca. Greenlee asked if Leo sent her too and Bianca didn't know what she was talking about. Greenlee said that Trey and David make up excuses to come check on her and say they had a dream that Leo told them to do it. Bianca said she wasn't there to check up on her, that she was there to offer her a job. Bianca said it was for the marketing division and Greenlee had her come into the loft. Bianca told her that her mother put her in charge of the department and she needs a really big gun to help her. She said Greenlee already has the respect of everyone there and the employees still talk about her. Greenlee accepted the job and Bianca was thrilled. Greenlee said she couldn't believe that Erica would let her come back and asked if Bianca had cleared this with her. Bianca said not yet but she needs help and Greenlee can't stay in the loft forever. Greenlee got angry and decided that Bianca was doing this out of pity. She said she wouldn't take a mercy job and told Bianca she didn't need her help. Greenlee got nasty and said she felt sorry for Bianca, having a dragon mother and a psycho sister. Bianca was hurt and left. Greenlee picked up the paper and began reading again. A small smile came across her face as she said "I'll be damned!." She walked around the loft for a bit thinking. Trey knocked on the door and she let him in. She asked if he ever did real estate while he was practicing law. He said yes but reminded her he was currently suspended from law. She said she had a brainstorm and with his help she could put Erica and Binky out of business.

Chris held his hands over Erica's eyes as he led her into a shop. When he uncovered them she was surprised to see they were in a bridal shop. Chris said they were going to buy her wedding gown right now. Erica looked around the shop as Chris went to bring out the owners, a mother-daughter team named Loretta and Fran. They fawned all over Erica, gushing with serious NY accents. Chris said Loretta was a saint, that he went to the academy with her son. Fran said they have everything there to serve Erica's bridal needs and that she even ordered some designer gowns. "How do you feel about sequins?" she asked a horrified Erica. They went to get the gowns and Chris asked if Erica was ok. She said "Absolutely not!." She told Chris the dresses in this shop were not her style and very retro. She reminded him that she's working with a designer in Paris and Chris said he knows and that it will take months to get a dress from Paris. He said they're supposed to get married at Christmas which is right around the corner. Erica said she'd make a beautiful June bride. Chris said she was stalling because she doesn't really want to marry him. Erica denied this and said she loves him. Chris said he knows she made other plans for Christmas and wondered when she was going to tell him. She said she needed to postpone the wedding so she could get the right dress and that was the only reason. Chris finally calmed down but said he'd hoped that her seeing the dresses would get her so excited to be married that she'd insist on going to a justice of the peace right now. She said she was excited but wants the "wedding of the century." He said bigger, better and for good this time? She happily agreed. Chris wondered how he would break it to his friends that Erica wasn't going to get a dress today. She agreed to trying on some just to make them happy.

Stuart returned to the gatehouse where Marian was getting the costumes ready to take back to the shop. They talked about Mia's fall and he wondered why she was in the attic. He told Marian he was in his car in the driveway that night when he heard a crash. He looked up and saw a woman standing in the broken window. "Who was it?" he asked. Marian looked away and said Mia was alone. Stuart argued that he saw someone and Marian tried to convince him that his eyes had played a trick on him. He refused to believe it and said he knows he saw a woman in costume standing at the window. Marian gathered up the costumes and Stuart recognized Liza's dress. He said it was the one he saw in the window. He asked if Liza was in the attic that night. Marian said Liza loves Mia and never intended to..... then stopped talking. Stuart asked if Liza pushed Mia out the window. She said it was an accident, that she didn't mean to and that was the truth. Stuart asked "If it was an accident why didn't Liza say so?." Marian said Liza had thought that Mia and Adam were having an affair and that she followed Mia to the attic. Stuart asked again if it was an accident why didn't Liza tell anyone? "Did you tell her to lie?" he asked his wife. Marian said yes, for her own good because Adam could use this against her in a custody battle. Stuart said Liza should tell the truth but Marian begged him to understand why she couldn't. He said he couldn't understand and that he had to talk to Liza and he left.

At the hospital Jake spoke with one of Mia's doctors. The doctor told Jake that Mia's condition had deteriorated significantly. Jake was devastated and asked what could be done. The doctor told him what they were doing but said it was a waiting game. Then he said he was sorry and walked away. In Mia's room Liza talked quietly to her while she slept. All of a sudden Mia sat up in bed and yelled "Don't push me!." She laid back down and mumbled "Why did you? How could you?" as Liza tried to calm her down. Jake walked in and told Liza that Mia's infection was spreading and not responding to medications. Liza begged him to do something and Jake said they were trying everything they could. He looked down at Mia and said they were planning their lives together and now they're counting her life in hours. He asked out loud "How did she fall out the window?" and Liza had to turn away. Jake blamed himself for not being at the party to prevent Mia's fall. Liza told him it wasn't his fault. He got a page and left. Liza stayed and whispered "What have I done?." She sat next to Mia and told her how she'd always wanted a sister but when Mia appeared she was suspicious. But Mia was so good to her and Colby and that now it was Liza's turn to take care of Mia. Liza cried and said she was sorry she ever doubted Mia. Mia muttered "Help me! Mama!!." Liza told her she had to get better, "We all love and need you."

As she cried she told Mia "I'm so sorry for what happened! Please don't leave us, don't leave me." Stuart walked in and heard everything.

Thursday, December 5, 2002

JR visits Kendall, hands her an MP3 player and asks if it would make a good gift. Of course, Kendall thinks it is a gift for her and eagerly accepts it. JR explains that he bought it as a gift for Laurie and that she turned it down. Kendall was aghast that any girl could turn down an expensive gift like that. JR asks Kendall for advice. What does Laurie really want? Kendall figures out that Laurie is the kind of girl that isn't into material things. She doesn't want a gift that took no more thought than the use of his daddy's credit card. Kendall suggests that JR takes it slow with Laurie and let her get to know him better. Then she can see what a great guy he really is.

At the high school, Laurie opens her locker and stares at a picture of herself and JR together. The janitor comes up behind her and asks why she didn't tell him that Adam Chandler Junior was her boyfriend. The janitor angrily tells Laurie that "Richie Rich" is not the one for her. Laurie's girlfriend approaches and tells Laurie she should watch out for the creepy janitor because he seems to have a thing for Laurie. After the girlfriend leaves, the janitor comes over and starts talking to Laurie again. JR comes up behind, grabs the janitor by the arm and tells him to leave Laurie alone or JR will report him. The janitor moves away and continues cleaning. JR gives Laurie a CD burned with her favorite songs that he made for her. Laurie likes the gift, but tells JR she can't accept it. She also can't be his girlfriend anymore. Laurie's excuse is that she needs to concentrate on her grades and doesn't have time for a relationship. JR doesn't buy it and accuses Laurie of letting the creepy janitor influence her. Laurie admits that yes, she does because he is her father.

Tad finds Jake in the hospital chapel. When he asks about Mia, Jake sadly says that he is losing her and there is nothing he can do about it. Tad advises Jake not to waste the little time they may have left. He tells Jake that every minute they have together is another chance to tell Mia how he feels about her.

Liza sits at Mia's bedside watching over her sister. Stuart enters and asks Liza if they can talk in private. Liza goes into the hallway with Stuart where he begins to ask her about Mia's fall. Before Stuart can say anything, Marion comes along and stops him. When Liza leaves, Marion begs Stuart to leave it alone. Stuart reluctantly agrees.

Jake comes to Mia's room and even though she is unconscious, he talks to her and tells her how much he loves and needs her. Mia wakes up and says she loves Jake too. Jake asks her for a favor. He wants them to married that night. Mia is worried that this means Jake thinks she is going to die. Jake assures her that isn't true. He just wants to make every moment count.

Liza watches Jake and Mia from the hallway. Tad comes and apologizes for the way Jamie acted at the party. Liza never should have found out about Adam's affair that way. Liza says she already knew Adam was cheating on her. Tad realizes that Liza still believed Adam's affair was with Mia. Tad asks what exactly happened the night of the party.

Greenlee confides in Trey that she is going to start her own cosmetics company. Trey hugs her in congratulations, but a horrified Greenlee pushes him away asking what is he doing? She adamantly informs Trey he will never take Leo's place. Trey backpedals saying that isn't what he is trying to do. Greenlee asks Trey if he will find out for her who owns a certain building that used to house a pharmaceutical company. It will be the perfect spot to start her company. She needs him to find the owner and make an offer as soon as possible. If he can accomplish this, she'll find a spot for him on her team.

Trey leaves on his mission while Greenlee gets on the phone to raise some capital. Unfortunately, she is told by her financial advisor that because of the drop in the stock market, her inheritance isn't worth nearly as much as it used to be. In fact, there isn't even enough there for her to buy the building. Greenlee places another call to her mother and asks Mary to come over. When Mary arrives, Greenlee excitedly tells her about her new idea and asks for a loan. Mary says it sounds too risky. She can't afford to loan the money unless it is a sure thing. Greenlee is deeply disappointed, but vows to find a way to make it work.

Trey meets Kendall, but tells her he has to cancel their lunch date. He explains that he is making a real estate deal for Greenlee. He doesn't want to tell Kendall more, but Kendall assures him it doesn't matter because she certainly doesn't have the money to interfere with any of Greenlee's business deals. Trey tells Kendall he needs to find out who owns a certain building in Pine Valley. Petey overhears and says he knows who owns the building, but won't tell unless they pay him. Kendall sees through his ploy and knows that Palmer must own the building. She tells Trey she will talk to Palmer about selling if Trey will ask Greenlee to give Kendall a job in her new company. Trey won't promise anything, but says that he will try.

Friday, December 6, 2002

Tad asked Liza at Pine Valley Hospital where was she when Mia fell from the window. Liza tried to get Tad to believe she was in the room downstairs when Jamie revealed that his mom, Brooke, and Adam were having an affair. Tad caught her in her lie. Liza became indigent and left the hospital hallway. Tad followed her to the hospital chapel. She asked him to leave her alone but Tad continued to question her. Where was she when Mia fell? Did you push Mia out the window? Liza regretfully and with much remorse admitted she almost killed her sister. Tad is stunned. He couldn't believe what he just heard! Liza explained it was an accident. She had heard Mia talking on the phone about having a baby and Liza thought she was talking to Adam. She wanted to turn Mia around and confront her for taking her family away from her and for having an affair with Adam. Liza explained how angry she was and wanted Mia out of her family. But as she approached Mia, she tripped on her dress and fell against Mia, causing her to fall through the window. Liza realized she had falsely accused Mia of having an affair with Adam. She didn't want to hurt Mia. Liza asked Tad to keep her secret. She is afraid if Adam finds out she will lose Colby forever. Tad asked if anyone else knew. Liza nodded--her mother. Tad was not pleased. "She's not the brightest bulb on the Pine Valley billboard," he commented. He implored Liza to tell Jake the truth.

Jake tried to work out details to have Judge Richards perform he and Mia's wedding in the hospital when Mia told him she didn't want to get married in a hospital bed. She wanted a white wedding dress, not a hospital gown. Jake relented. He understood why it was important to Mia to have her family with her at her wedding. He began to question her about the details of her fall. Mia couldn't remember. Jake vowed he would find out who was responsible for hurting Mia. He then told Mia she was being moved out of ICU to another room and helped her out of the hospital bed and walked slowly with her out of the room. Mia told him she wanted to find Liza to ask her to be her Matron of Honor.

Tad finally convinced Liza to tell the police about the accident. Liza was afraid of Mia's finding out she's the reason she fell out the window. While they were talking, they heard someone behind them. They turned around and saw Jake and Mia who have overhead Liza's confession.

JR and Laurie went to BJ's. He wanted to convince Laurie that he wasn't trying to buy her attention. Unknown to them, Laurie's father had followed them and was watching nearby. JR finally confessed to Laurie he was hung up on her. Laurie tried to convince him that there is too much difference between them. He is rich and rides around in limos. Laurie's father, Mr. Lewis, interrupted their conversation. He wanted to talk to JR alone and sent Laurie to get some groceries. Mr. Lewis told JR he hated Adam for taking his job away from him and for ruining his life. Adam had eliminated his entire division at the company. JR offered to go to Adam and get Mr. Lewis' job back. Mr. Lewis replied that JR was never going to date his daughter. JR left the restaurant to find Laurie. He caught up to her walking home with groceries. He vowed he wouldn't give up trying to see her.

Maria talked to Jack about the possibility of David being convicted in a court of law. Jack agreed he didn't have enough evidence. Maria told Jack that David has an antidote that will restore her memory but he won't give it to her unless she promises not to testify against him. Jack had an idea on how to get Hayward into a courtroom. Maria could sue him for malpractice and she would win. The evidence standards in a civil suit were lower. Whatever the jury awarded her, David's insurance would pay it. They would then drop David's insurance coverage as they looked down on experimental drugs. No insurance, no practice, no patients, no career, no research and no Nobel Prize. Maria was anxious to begin the civil suit. Jack cautioned her that her children would be deposed in the civil suit. Maria realized she couldn't do that to Sam and Maddie. The suit would cost her her family. Jack left her to think about the suit. Aidan brought Maria a drink. She vented her frustration toward David on how he always gets away with everything. Aidan reminded her there are other ways to extract justice. Maria confided in Aidan she wished David would feel lost, alone and scared just like she did for so many years. Maria left the bar. Aidan called Anna to find out where she was. She was at the mall shopping. Aidan then left after asking another employee to cover his shift for him.

Edmund visited David at David's mountain hideaway. Edmund wanted specific information on the antidote: how does it work and he wants lab research on its effectiveness. He didn't want Maria to be a guinea pig again for David's experimental drugs. David told Edmund that it would take a lot of money, which he doesn't have. Edmund agreed to bankroll the lab's research in return for David's silence about their deal. He didn't want Maria to know anything about their agreement. David gave him a CD containing the formula. Edmund advised him to be careful or he will wish he had gone to jail. David didn't seem to be intimated by Edmund and calmly laid down on his bed, he hands behind his head as Edmund left the cabin.

Later, while he was working on his computer, David heard a noise outside. He opened the door to investigate. Suddenly he was hit with a punch causing him to fall to the floor, unconscious. Aidan stepped into the room.

Maria returned to the bar looking for Aidan. She was told he had left. Maria believed she knew where Aidan had gone.

Meanwhile, David regained consciousness and found himself tied up. Aidan told him he is going to give him a taste of is own medicine as he showed David a filled syringe. "Don't worry," Aidan replied. "You won't remember a thing."

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