All My Children Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on AMC
Greenlee rejected Trey. Edmund discovered that Maria had been hiding Aidan for weeks. Aidan's shooter tracked him down and knocked him out. Edmund spiked Maria's drink with David's amnesia antidote. Mia told Jake that she wanted to slow things down. Reggie agreed to live with Trey temporarily.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, January 13, 2003


You may recall that Friday's episode ended with Trey suddenly grabbing Greenlee and kissing her in the boathouse. Today's episode began with that kiss, but it didn't last very long. Greenlee aggressively pulled herself away from Trey, covered her mouth in horror, and glared at him. Trey immediately started apologizing, but Greenlee ignored him, and bolted out of the boathouse.

Just then, David entered the boathouse, demanding to know why Greenlee just ran past him. "I kissed her" was Trey's simple answer. David was disgusted: "You kissed our brother's widow - HERE? What the hell were you thinking?" David shouted. He reminded Trey how the boathouse was Greenlee and Leo's special place. Looking quite ashamed, Trey claimed the kiss was "an accident" and could see now that it was a huge mistake on his part. But David, still appalled, decided to cut to the chase. "The real question is this: Are you falling in love with Greenlee" David demanded. No, of course not, Trey insisted, and continued to deny that he meant any harm. David didn't seem convinced because of Greenlee's recent claim that Trey was stalking her. He agreed that Trey should apologize to her, but advised that he wait until she cooled down.

Then David quickly changed the subject. He asked Trey if he would do him the favor of representing Reggie for free. Trey agreed and said he would see the D.A. right away. Just as Trey was leaving, Greenlee returned because she had forgotten her purse. Seeing that she still looked angry, Trey left quickly, leaving Greenlee and David in the boathouse alone. Shaking his head, David attempted to comfort Greenlee. But she angrily pushed his hands away. "You want some too? You want to pick up where your new brother left off?" she said angrily. Looking very hurt by this accusation, David tried to persuade her that he wanted nothing from her. But Greenlee bitterly responded that both brothers took advantage of Leo, so why not her too? Then she unbuttoned her coat and forcefully threw off David's coat, as if she was going to kiss him. This time it was David pushing Greenlee away, begging her to stop this, to just get help. Greenlee's face finally softened. With tears streaming down her face, she agreed she needed help and ran out of the boathouse. Back at her apartment, the therapist came over. Greenlee immediately told the therapist that she thought she was going crazy. "Oh good", the doctor responded.

In the meantime, Trey followed up on his promise by seeing the D.A. about Reggie's case. Jackson was shocked that Trey was defending the kid who "tried to carve Anna up." Just then, Janelle ran in. She was frantic because Reggie never made it to Juvey. Looking embarrassed, Jackson stalked out to find out where Reggie had disappeared. While Jackson was gone, Trey began discussing Reggie's background with Janelle. After filling him in, she questioned why David and he wanted to help this kid. Trey explained that he too grew up in foster care, and liked to fight the system. Janelle seemed touched by this explanation and saw hope for Reggie.

Just then, Jackson returned with bad news. A system error caused Reggie to enter the general population instead of the juvenile facility. Panicked that Reggie was in danger, Janelle ran off with Trey to track him down.


A disguised Aidan was about to board a bus to escape Pine Valley, but stopped when he heard Kendall shout his name. Hunched over, he approached Kendall & Maria. The two women nervously whispered that the cops were everywhere. Aidan announced that he needed to get on the bus - alone! Both women begged him not to leave. Just then, someone yelled "Maria." In a panic, Kendall grabbed Aidan and started smooching with him. The voice was Police Lieutenant Derek Fry and he was astonished to see Maria - back from the dead. Not recognizing Derek, but seeing that he was a cop, she guided Derek to the other side of the bus stop. Kendall continued to furiously kiss Aidan until Maria and Lieutenant Fry were far away. Aidan seemed confused as to why Kendall was showing all this affection at a time like this. Kendall quickly explained that she was protecting him from all the cops who were in "cuffing distance" and that she wasn't letting Aidan get on that bus. The cops aren't' looking for a guy who's crawling all over his girlfriend, she exclaimed, and initiated her kissing plan again. But Aidan didn't want to partake anymore. There's got to be another way, Aidan suggested. Kendall immediately became insulted. She ranted that she was knocking herself out by kissing him, and the least he could do is pretend to enjoy it. She accused Aidan of saving himself for Maureen, which made no sense to her, being that they hadn't even had sex. Aidan seemed taken aback. You talked about that with Maureen? Aidan asked. Kendall admitted that they did. They squabbled for a few moments until Kendall saw Derek Fry and Maria close by. She convinced Aidan to "follow her lead" and they resumed the kissing routine.

At this point, Derek was showing Maria the Wanted Poster of Aidan. Who is he, Maria asked innocently? But Derek saw right through her. He revealed that he knew Maria was lying, that she absolutely knew who Aidan was. Realizing she was caught, Maria confessed that she lied about knowing him, but emphatically denied that she was helping Aidan.

In the meantime, Aidan had decided to take the bus. He abruptly turned to leave, but stopped in his tracks at the sight of a red-haired woman. He had a sudden flashback to the woman. In the flashback, the woman greeted Aidan with a similar accent to his. Then she whipped out a gun and without any emotion, shot him in the stomach, and left him for dead.

Kendall begged Aidan to tell her why he was suddenly freaked out, but he brushed off her questions. Just then Maria ran over. Since he was still clearly frightened of the red-haired woman, he finally agreed to go with them. The trio hastily left the bus stop, and headed for the condo.

After they left, the red-haired woman approached a stranger in the bus stop. She asked the stranger if she recognized this photo of Maria. The stranger explained that she just saw Maria leave. The red-haired woman followed in hot pursuit.


JR, still wearing a head bandage, was rushing to leave the Chandler house when Adam stopped him. Adam complimented JR for going on this Harvard interview. Then he quickly reminded JR how hard it was to score this interview, given his failing grades. He suggested that JR change into a suit, but JR refused, claiming he'd look like a geek. Again, Adam tried to tell his son how proud he was for his renewed efforts towards Harvard, but JR, looking very uneasy, left quickly.

At the movie theatre, Laurie was waiting for JR. She ran into Jamie and Joni and sarcastically promised them that she and JR would stay far away from them. As soon as JR showed up, Laurie greeted him with a big kiss. The couple started passionately making out. Joni, looking uncomfortable, couldn't keep her eyes off of the makeout session. She told Jamie she was appalled by their open behavior. Jamie tried to change the subject, and then soon tried to kiss her. But Joni shoved candy in his face to prevent him from getting any closer.

In the meantime, JR and Laurie came up for air for a moment. Laurie asked JR how the Harvard interview went. But JR didn't want to talk about it. Laurie didn't seem to mind, so they returned to their makeout session.


After his short discussion with JR, Adam returned to the room where Liza and the therapist were waiting for him. Having overheard Adam's lecture, the therapist essentially told Adam that he was a control freak. Her solution: Go out on a date with Liza. But let Liza do the planning for the first one. Liza loved the idea and excitedly said she had something different in mind.

She decided to take Adam to the movies, one of those gory teen flicks. (Unbeknownst to them, she chose the exact movie theatre where JR, Laurie and the gang were). Armed with popcorn and snacks, Adam looked clearly disgruntled with the movie date. As soon as he viewed a gory scene, he spit out his popcorn, which landed on the heads of the couple in front of them. The couple started arguing with Adam about his obnoxious behavior. Liza pointed out another nearby couple who were passionately making out. (It was too dark to tell that that couple was Jamie and Laurie). Adam smiled and reached around Liza's seat to kiss her. But he let out a yelp because his hand landed in gum. Liza convinced him to ignore the gum, and pay attention to her. Much to the annoyance of the couple in front of them, they began giggling and kissing. When Adam's cell phone started ringing, that was the last straw for the other moviegoers. Everyone started yelling at Adam. He started arguing furiously with the boy nearby who he suddenly recognized as being Jamie. JR and Laurie heard Jamie yell Adam's name, and they became frightened that they would soon be caught.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Lysistrata was getting irritated, because Greenlee wasn't getting to the point, so she stretched out on her sofa. Finally, Greenlee spit out the fact that Trey kissed her. She was surprised by Lysistrata's response: "Whoo Hoo! It's about time!" She clarified herself, however, when she added, "It's about time somebody kissed you." Greenlee said that she didn't want Trey and never wanted Trey, and he had no reason to kiss her. Lysistrata asked her some probing questions about her relationships with Leo's brothers. After initially blaming them for Leo's death, she backed off a little before telling her that she just wished they would leave her alone. She asked the doctor why they keep consoling her, and pestering her. Lysistrata responded, "Because you want them to." She said that Leo's brothers provide somebody to blame for Leo's death, because she doesn't want to blame the right person. Greenlee scoffed, but then Lysistrata started to walk her through the night of Leo's death. Greenlee finally realized that Leo died because she called him from the falls, and he went to rescue her. She broke into tears as she said, "My God! I should have died that night, not Leo!" She sat on her couch and began crying as Lysistrata tried to convince her that blaming herself doesn't make it her fault. Finally, the doctor asked Greenlee why Leo's life is more valuable then her's, and Greenlee responded that he had passion and a gift for life. She repeated that she should have been the one to die. Lysistrata responded, "Well, then, there's only one thing left to do." She had Greenlee drag a chair over to the window, and made her stand on it. Confused, Greenlee asked her what she had to do now. Lysistrata reminded her that she said she should be dead, "So, go ahead, jump!" Greenlee said, "I don't want to die. Does a girl who wants to die spend a fortune on new shoes?" Lysistrata asked her if she was sure, and Greenlee replied that she definitely doesn't want to die. Lysistrata said good, and in one fluid motion said, "Time's up," grabbed her coat and left.

Maggie walked into her first day of class very tentative. She met a young woman she knew, and they talked about the difficult professor, Dr. Stevens. Maggie watched a man enter and sit in the back of the room, and she asked her friend who he was. Her friend responded that it was Henry Chin, someone who shouldn't be a student, he should be a teacher. Finally, Dr. Steven's arrived, and immediately warned the students that half of the class would be gone before the course is over. After class, Dr. Stevens told the students to pick a lab partner for their next class. Maggie was stuck, however, when all the students around her had already picked a partner. Finally, she saw Henry duck out the door in the back of the room. He returned a few minutes later, however, because he forgot his scarf, and Dr. Stevens caught him. She asked him who his lab partner would be, and he told her that he preferred to do the labs alone. She said that there is an even number of students for a reason, and she immediately assigned him to Maggie, who was still in the room without a partner. After Dr. Stevens left, Maggie immediately apologized to him for the professor forcing them on each other. She tried to give him her number, but Henry responded that he'll have to talk to the professor because he works alone. When Maggie's friend, Regina, came in to retrieve a book she'd left behind, she watched as Henry reluctantly took Maggie's number and promised to call her. Regina told Maggie that she'll probably never hear from him. Maggie told her that she'll just call him if he doesn't call her. Regina said, "Good luck getting his number." When Maggie asked her what that meant, she said, "Just be careful."

Adam moved down to confront Jamie about what he was doing in the movie theater during the day. Meanwhile, J.R. and Laurie decided to use the distraction as an opportunity to duck out. Unfortunately, J.R. accidentally walked into someone, and Adam glanced in his direction. Amid the shushes of the audience, Adam said, "J.R! What the devil are you doing here?" Adam rushed across three rows to ask J.R. why he wasn't in the interview with Harvard. The audience continued to clamor for Adam to keep it down, but he ignored them. He continued to ask J.R. why he didn't go to the interview, and is this how he wanted to present himself. J.R. was finally pushed too far and he screamed at Adam that he has no intention of going to Harvard. Adam tried to make J.R. understand all he went through to set up the interview. Meanwhile, the theater emptied as customers threatened to tell the manager. Joni tried to get Jamie to take her out, but Jamie refused to leave as he, Joni, Laurie, and Liza continued to watch the argument unfold. J.R. told Adam all he had to do was write a check and the meeting was set. Adam referred back to his childhood, and said he wants more for J.R. J.R. said that his father simply wanted him to be like him. J.R. said that he's the last person he wants to be like, ever. Liza asked them to take it outside, but Adam refused, saying J.R. is throwing his life away for some girl. Jamie had heard enough and started to intervene, but Joni chewed him out for "disrespecting Mr. Chandler." She finally decided to leave, without Jamie, so Jamie followed her. Adam then told J.R. to see how easy it was for some girl to lead him around, and then he asked if he got Laurie pregnant. J.R. became irate, and Laurie was speechless. Liza moved in to apologize to Laurie for Adam's behavior, but he told her not to apologize. Laurie couldn't even stammer a response, simply saying, "I never" and "I couldn't." Finally she left, as Liza looked after her. J.R. attempted to leave, too, but Adam grabbed his arm, saying "We aren't finished yet." He told J.R. that as long as he was staying in his house, he would live by his rules. Liza tried to intervene, but J.R. turned his attention to her and asked her how she could live with this sick guy. He said he didn't start it, but he's going to end it. J.R. turned to leave, but Adam tried to stop him. This time, J.R. screamed, "Sit", and forcefully placed Adam into one of the theater's seats. When Liza went to check on Adam, he pushed her away and stood up on his own. He looked at J.R. and called his son's name, but J.R. turned around and ran out of the theater. Adam sat back down and said, "My God. What have I done?"

Mia walked into the boathouse alone, and remembered the words Liza told her about losing your identity when you marry a career-driven man. Jake soon followed her, and asked her what she thought of the house they toured. He was surprised when she was somewhat less than enthusiastic and told him she'd rather wait until they're married before making another life decision. He said he asked Marian to show her the house of her dreams, but Mia chastised him and said that he should have discussed it with her first. He was surprised at her outburst, as he told her that he just wanted to look at a house, not buy it. She told him that she just wanted to slow things down and take things one day at a time. They should think things through before making any major decisions. He tried to concede that she could do whatever she wanted to, and he'll support her. When he said she didn't even have to work, she said, "You mean be a housewife, like that isn't work." Finally, Jake had enough of the discussion and he said he has to go the hospital. He left Mia standing in the boat house with her mouth hanging open.

Trey and Janelle showed up at the clinic with Reggie and filled David in on where he was. When David said he needed to check on his stitches, Janelle said that he isn't talking to anyone. Trey interjected that it's a good thing they got him out of Sykes Island in time, or he could have been hurt more. Later, David approached Janelle about sending Reggie home, but she informed him that he has nowhere to go, and she won't have him staying by himself. Reggie interrupted and told her he can take care of himself. She offered to let him stay with her until they can place him in a group home, but he responded that he's not going in a group home. David and Janelle tried one last time to have a look at his wound, but he refused and rushed out the door. Trey told them that he'll go after him, but Janelle questioned how he could succeed. Confidently, Trey said, "I'll bring him back."

Trey finally found Reggie in an alley, and he held him down until the boy assured him that he wouldn't run again. Trey told him that he needed someone to look at his wound, but Reggie said he doesn't want any of that foster care that Janelle's selling. He said he can take care of himself. Trey informed him that he's still a minor in the eyes of the law. When Reggie replied, "I don't think so," Trey told him that he thought the same thing when he was fifteen. Reggie laughed, thinking Trey probably didn't have it too rough. Trey spoke up, though, and said he knows exactly where Reggie's coming from. After giving Reggie his life story, Reggie sarcastically responded, "Oh, gee, I feel for you. Are we finished yet?" Trey became upset and told him that he didn't have to listen to him, but he does have to listen to Janelle. With a serious look on his face, Trey said, "If Janelle says you're going to the doctor, then you're going to the doctor."

Laurie was sitting in the boathouse, hoping that J.R. would arrive, but Jamie walked up instead. He told her he was looking for Joni. When he noticed her crying, he asked what happened after he left. She said there was more yelling and screaming. He tried to comfort her by telling her how much of a jerk Adam can be sometimes. She said that this was different. What happened at the theater wasn't Adam's fault, it was hers. She said they were arguing over her. When Jamie said they've been arguing a long time, and it has nothing to do with her, she reminded him that he didn't hear Adam today. Jamie continued comforting Laurie, assuring her that she isn't a bad influence, and any guy would be lucky to have her. He offered to walk her home, and she accepted. Jamie grabbed her by the hand and they left the boathouse.

Janelle and David were discussing what Trey's chances were of bringing Reggie back when the door opened and Trey and Reggie walked in. Trey said, "He's ready to see the doctor now." David said, "Good work," and Janelle offered her thanks as they led Reggie into the exam room.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

In her Enchantment office Erica welcomed her newest employee, Lena. Chris stormed in and told Erica that Enchantment was going under and it would be deader than Enron in a week. She thought he was joking and told Lena he had a strange sense of humor. Chris said he wasn't kidding around and Erica sent Lena to personnel. After she was gone Erica asked Chris what was going on. He was furious when he told her that one of Jordan's people called him to set up a physical for his new job. Erica admitted to talking with Jordan about a position for Chris. He was livid and told her that since she was choosing what job he should have he had done the same for her and that tomorrow she was starting at Macy's. Erica tried to explain that Jordan had an empire and that he needs Chris to head up the security operations. Chris wondered how she got Jordan to offer him the job but she said Jordan wanted Chris because of his background. Erica said she knows he saw her with Jordan and that he's just jealous. Chris said "Get over yourself! I'm not jealous, I'm angry at you!." He said he liked his job just fine and was mad that she flirted with someone to get him a job. Erica said she was just using her "God-given assets." Chris asked if she would be happy if he did the same thing. Outside the door Lena listened in. Boyd walked up and wondered why she was eaves-dropping. She denied this, saying she was waiting for Erica to show her where her new office was. They introduced themselves and she began to flirt with Boyd. Lena asked him to show her around Enchantment and they walked away. Inside Erica told Chris she didn't flirt with Jordan. Chris didn't buy it and told her that she has to understand what line she crossed and that if she does it again "this husband-to-be walks." Erica asked "Is it your way or the highway?" and Chris replied "You got it babe!" and walked out of the office. Erica threw a folder at the door.

Simone called the Valley Inn looking for Kendall, who was supposed to be at Fusion. She was told Kendall had checked out and was very upset. The photographers were there and behaving very uppity. Boyd walked in and Simone grabbed him, thinking he was the model Kendall had set up. He didn't know what she was talking about but agreed to do it. Then Mia arrived and Simone got her to stand in for Kendall. Simone had Boyd take his shirt off and he and Mia were supposed to act "hot." The photographer was less than pleased with them and complained about them constantly. Jake arrived and was slightly amused to see what was going on. After a few more minutes of the photographer's criticism, Boyd got angry and left.

At Greenlee's loft Trey knocked on the door. She opened it and he began to apologize for kissing her. She stopped him and said it was partly her fault. He said it wasn't but she told him she's working with Dr. Schwartz and that she realized that Trey is not responsible for Leo's death. Greenlee said it was just easier to blame him than to look at deeper issues. Trey asked "Do we still have a chance?." Greenlee was furious that he would even think they had a chance at a relationship. He said he just wanted a second chance. Greenlee said she was letting him off the hook but the kiss was completely inappropriate and a grotesque mistake. He said he didn't mean to suggest they could have an affair and that it would never happen again. Greenlee told Trey that the only part in her life he will have is as Fusion's chief council. Trey sadly left and Greenlee went to Fusion where she was told that Kendall was a no show. Mia walked over to Jake and they started kissing and snuggling. Simone and Greenlee watched. Greenlee said "If that's not what women want I don't know what is!." They convinced Jake to model with Mia. Mia admitted to Jake that this was a paying job for her and he was upset that she hadn't told him. They began to argue and the photographer started snapping and urging them on.

At the condo Kendall was in the kitchen half naked getting breakfast. Aidan walked out wrapped in a towel. He sat down and tried to take care of his wound. Kendall joined him and helped him with the bandage. She flirted the whole time, much to Aidan's disgust. She told him she was taking the day off to have some fun and asked if he'd like to have some fun with her. He wondered where Maureen was and Kendall told him she had left while he was in the shower. He got very angry and demanded that Kendall get his clothes so he could go find Maureen. Kendall was hurt that he showed so much passion for Maureen but went to get his clothes as Maureen walked in. Kendall told Maureen that Aidan felt like he needed a chaperone for the two of them but he denied this. Maureen said if they needed alone time they just had to tell her. Kendall said the truth was that Aidan only wanted to be alone with Maureen. She told them she was leaving and to tie a scarf on the doorknob if they needed her to stay gone longer. Aidan wouldn't let her leave though, telling her that if she leaves the people looking for him will make sure she's gone permanently. He told the two women that he saw the shooter at the bus station and that they had a picture of Maureen. Aidan said they'd torture Kendall and Maureen to find out where he was. He said they needed to go somewhere safe and told Maureen she needed a one way ticket to Wildwind. Maureen asked Kendall to leave her alone with Aidan for a moment and Kendall went into her room but stood near the door trying to listen. Maureen told him Kendall was crazy about him. Aidan told Maureen to go back to Edmund. She said Edmund probably won't take her back because she crushed his dream of reclaiming Maria. Aidan said he was sorry he put her in this position and Maureen said she doesn't think she'll ever be able to go back to Wildwind. He said as soon as it was safe he'd go talk to Edmund but she didn't think that would work. She told Aidan that she and Edmund had said some very hurtful things to each other and that on some level they both meant it. Maureen told Aidan it wasn't his fault, that things happen for a reason, "We're stuck together!." She said she saw glimmers of hope with Edmund but nothing she could build a life on. "He's cut me loose, I'm free." Maureen told Aidan while Kendall listened sadly.

Brooke walked into Wildwind and found Edmund sitting by the fireplace. He said he was getting his life together then showed Brooke the beautiful red dress he had bought for Maria for Valentine's Day. Then he tossed it on the fire and said it was too good for Maureen Gorman. Brooke was stunned and Edmund told her that he caught Maria trying to climb out a second story window to get to Aidan. Brooke admitted that she talked to Maria about the email and that maybe she forced Maria to run to Aidan. Edmund told Brooke thanks, you did me a favor.

He said it was pretty clear that Maria chose Aidan over him. "What's a little murder rap between lovers?" he quipped sarcasticly. Brooke asked if Maria and Aidan were really lovers and Edmund said they might as well be, she's not Maria. He said whoever she is he doesn't want to be with her. Brooke told him he had to go find her. She told him that love and time would bring Maria back but he said it wasn't working, that he doesn't feel anything for her. Brooke said he does, she's what makes him feel alive. "Maria is your heart and if you don't go after her you'll never feel alive again", Brooke told him. He admitted that he made a pact with "the devil", David Haywood and told her about his deal with the doctor. Brooke told him to go for it if there was a glimmer of hope. He wondered why she was pushing him so hard and Brooke said she wanted at least one of them to be happy. She said David could be the answer and asked Edmund what a future with Maria was worth to him in dollars and cents. He picked up the phone and called David to check on his progress. When he hung up he told Brooke that Daivd thinks he found something. "It could happen" Edmund said quietly.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

At the cabin, Edmund demands that David hand over the antidote he has developed. David tells Edmund he is 98% sure the drug will work, but that is just in theory. There have been no clinical trials. For that, he will need up to six months to perfect his work. Ed does NOT want to wait that long. When David receives a phone call, Edmund pockets a vial of the antidote.

When Jamie sees Joni at school, he apologizes for what the scene she had to witness between Adam and JR. Joni says she's glad she was there. Now she's sees that her parent's were right about Jamie and his family. Joni has made the decision that she'd rather hang out with her friends from church than with someone like Jamie. He's too different. Jamie has an idea. He asks Joni to take him on as a church project. Maybe she can change him. He thinks God would be impressed. Joni is not. She tells Jamie in no uncertain terms that they are not right for each other and she doesn't want to date him.

Janelle tries to get Reggie to leave the clinic and keep his appointment with Social Services. Reggie wants no part of it. He asks Janelle if he can stay with her instead. As Janelle lists the reasons that wouldn't be a good idea, Trey comes in and says that Reggie will be staying with him. Reggie says no way, but Trey pulls out legal papers saying he now has temporary custody of his client. Janelle agrees with Reggie. She tells Trey that he is not "Papa material." Trey asks Janelle if it has anything to do with his skin color. Janelle vehemently denies race is an issue. She doesn't think Trey has any idea of the problems Reggie has had to face in his young life. Trey informs her that he himself grew up within the system and he knows all to well about the trials and tribulations Reggie has been through. Reggie overhears their discussion and decides he'll give it a try. He agrees to move in with Trey.

Laurie finds JR at the boathouse. She asks him if he ditched school just to get back at his dad. JR insists he will not be Adam Chandler's puppet. Laurie asks if there is anything JR really cares about. She believes Adam has JR's best interests at heart. She tries to explain to JR that all parent's should be concerned with their children's grades and their futures. JR wants to give up everything for Laurie, even a Harvard education. Laurie adamantly refuses to be the reason JR screws up his life. She tells him it is over between them. If he won't face reality, then she will do it for both of them.

When Laurie returns to school, Adam meets her at her locker. He apologizes for his behavior the night before then asks Laurie if she has seen JR. Adam is worried sick. JR has been gone all night. As Adam tries to talk to Laurie, Mr. Lewis sees them together. He comes over and orders Adam to take his hands off his daughter. Laurie yells at them to both shut up. The two men are stunned at her tone. Laurie tells them they both got what they wanted. She and JR are both miserable because they did what they were told and broke up.

Aidan, Kendall, and Maria debate and bicker over what they should do next. Maria believes it is time for Aidan to turn himself over to the police. She feels they will listen to his story and will help him. As they talk, there is a knock at the door. Maria and Aidan scramble into the bedroom while Kendall opens the door. It is Isabella with the lease for the condo for Kendall to sign. As Kendall tries to hurry Isabella back out the door, Isabella mentions that the neighbors have told her that there have been strangers lurking around the condo. She is concerned that Kendall is leading some kind of wild lifestyle. Kendall assures her that she has no friends and certainly no boyfriends. Isabella is about to leave when she spies Maria's scarf. Though Kendall claims she bought it at the mall, Isabella knows that it is a one of a kind piece that Edmund purchased in Hungary. Kendall keeps making up excuses, then finally manages to push Isabella politely, but firmly, out the door.

Edmund sits by the fireplace at Wildwind staring at the vial in his hand. As he ponders it, Isabella drops in. She asks if Maria has regained any of her memories yet. Edmund sadly says no. He tells Isabella that Maria has moved out and he doesn't know where she has gone. Isabella tells Edmund about seeing the Maria's scarf at Kendall's place.

Maria and Aidan come back into the room. They are concerned that they have such nosy neighbors. Kendall comments that Isabella is a wonderful mother. She can't believe that Maria has no feelings at all for her. Kendall goes on to mention all the other blessings that have been bestowed on Maria: a husband, kids, family, castle, friends, etc. She calls Maria "Saint Maria of the Push-up Bra." Kendall feels it isn't fair that Maria not only has everything, she also has Aidan's affection. Aidan has had enough. He feels he has put the girls in enough danger and that he should leave. Meanwhile, a red haired woman is skulking outside by their door. As Aidan gets ready to leave, they hear keys in the door. The door opens and Edmund appears.

Friday, January 17, 2003

At the boathouse, Joni finds a sad JR, sitting on the floor at the boathouse. She told him she knew he and Laurie broke up. JR told Joni he doesn't want to go to Harvard. He told her his dad wants him to do what he wants not what he (JR) wants. JR wants to stay in Pine Valley to be with his friends. Joni couldn't believe that he is throwing away all the privileges the Chandler name can give him. You are golden she told him. Adam appeared at the boathouse looking for JR. He apologized to Joni for his behavior at the movie theater. He told JR he had apologized to Laurie as well. Adam also told JR he knows he and Laurie have broken up. He said he was sorry about that but JR didn't believe him. Adam told Joni he needed to talk to JR alone so Joni left. JR became agitated. He told Adam his mom was right about him. That Adam would try to pull him into the Chandler continuum, the big black hole. You love money, control and to own people he shouted angrily at Adam. Adam defended his reasons and realized it wasn't winning JR over. What do you want from me?" he asked JR. Adam admitted he was trying to overcome his failings. He exclaimed he was the only one in the world who loved his children as much as he did. JR replied that was not what he needed from his father. He reminded Adam about the time Adam had his breakdown and Adam had told him he was no longer his father. "You shut down on me," exclaimed JR. "You gave us all those rules. So I decided not to give a damn anymore. I pity you. I have no feelings for you." Adam denied JR didn't have any feelings for him. JR, frustrated, ran from the boathouse.

In chemistry class, Maggie didn't know the answer to the instructor's question about material that had been previously taught in class. No one else in the class did either, except for Henry, the quiet one who has no friends. A classmate whispered to Maggie that Henry had an IQ between brilliant and Einstein. After class, Maggie corned Henry and asked why he didn't call her. He said he never calls anyone and tried to make excuses to leave. Maggie asked Henry if he thought she was a dufus. He denied he had any thoughts about her. Maggie told him that since Prof. Stevens paired them for Chemistry lab they needed to work together. Henry was reluctant to meet with her to do lab work and made many excuses: he worked part time. Maggie replied she had a job off campus as well. Henry explained he gets only 4 hours sleep, getting up early to study. Maggie gave him her phone number again and told him to call her to study together. "If you don't call, I'll hunt you down," she told him.

Edmund charged through the condo door, shoving Maria aside and swung at Aidan. Maria pleaded with him to leave Aidan alone. Edmund finds out that she had been hiding him at Wildwind for several weeks. He became furious when Maria told him that Aidan had been shot and was recovering in the hayloft. Edmund shouted at Maria that she put the children's lives in danger as well as hers and his since Aidan is wanted for murder. He chided Maria for not calling him when she discovered Aidan had been shot and he would have helped. Maria didn't believe he would have. Edmund accused her of choosing Aidan over him. Edmund asked Maria to describe what Aidan means to her. "He makes me feel safe," she replied. "When I didn't have anybody he helped me." Maria tried to explain that Aidan was framed for murdering his lover, Fiona Sinclair. Edmund didn't buy it. He picked up the phone to call the police and Maria grabbed the phone away from him, throwing it on the floor. She begged him not to tell the police where Aidan was. Aidan told Edmund about seeing the assassin, Morgan, at the bus station and that she has Maria's picture. He knew she was asking everyone about Maria. Aidan told Edmund Morgan wants him not Maria and that Maria would be safe at Wildwind. Edmund finally agrees to take Maria home with him. Before leaving with Edmund, Maria said goodbye to Aidan wishing him to be safe until she sees him again. "No," said Aidan. "This is goodbye forever." Maria sadly left with Edmund.

At Wildwind Edmund told her she would be safe there and didn't want to talk about Aidan. Maria went upstairs to call Isabella to tell her she was home. Meanwhile downstairs, Edmund opened the drawer where he had hidden the vial of experimental drug that David was working on to restore Maria's memory. He put a few drops of it in a glass, added alcohol, and offered it to Maria when she later joined him. They drank to memories.

Back at the condo, Kendall, now that she thinks she has Aidan all to herself, talked to him after Maria left. She wondered if he loves Maria as much as he loved Fiona. Aidan didn't answer. Kendall wanted to know if Aidan is going to go after the assassin. He thanked her for hiding him out, gave her a hug and told her to go to work. Watch your back she cautions him as she left the condo. Shortly after she left, Aidan heard a noise. He went outside thinking Kendall was in danger and saw the trash bin had been knocked over. He slowly, cautiously, walked back to the condo doorway. Suddenly from behind he is hit in the face. He fell to the ground but soon tried to get up. Morgan, the assassin, hit him again and forced him into the condo.

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