All My Children Recaps: The week of January 20, 2003 on AMC

Maria got disoriented after taking the anti-amnesia drug. Morgan held Aidan hostage. A pretty blonde doctor made a move on Jake. Kendall ran into Erica at a cosmetics convention in Aspen. Henry behaved mysteriously after falling asleep in Maggie's dorm room. Reggie took a part-time job at Fusion.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 20, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, January 20, 2003


"Finish your drink" Edmund said, with hope in his heart. Maria drank up, having no idea that Edmund had spiked her glass with David's amnesia antidote. Maria started to look a little woozy. The suddenly she looked up at Edmund. "Edmund, it's you," she announced with a smile. She remembered everything, their marriage, their love, and their life together. Teary-eyed, Edmund stared at Maria in disbelief, stammering about how long he had waited for this day. Maria got so excited about her memory; she gave him a big kiss. Then she and Edmund started really kissing. He took her in his arms, and carried her towards the bedroom.

Were you fooled? Well, so were we all. It was just Edmund's fantasy. In reality, what Maria was really saying was "Edmund, what did you put in my drink?" He assured her that it was scotch, her favorite. Maria complained of a headache and not feeling well, and went upstairs to rest. Before leaving, she turned to Edmund and thanked him for not turning in Aidan, and apologized once again for lying to him.

After she was upstairs, there was a knock at the door. It was David and he was pretty angry. He figured out that Edmund had stolen his anti-amnesia potion. He roared that it was only 98% ready, and it could potentially wipe out Maria's entire memory.

In the meantime, Maria was tossing and turning in her bed. She was having a horrible nightmare and kept repeating, "Don't kill me. Don't kill me."

Just then, Edmund and David heard a blood-curdling scream. Edmund dashed upstairs. He found Maria still asleep, covered in sweat, and crying hysterically. Edmund woke her up and she told him about her dream "which seemed so real." She described a scene at the airport. She was trying to leave, and Edmund was very cold to her. He was telling her "Give it up." Edmund realized that this was no dream, but a memory, albeit a bad one. He explained that she was describing that awful day when they were forced to give Sammy back to his birth mother. He explained further that Maria had in fact, gone to the airport in order to leave the country with the baby, but he had stopped her. Maria said that she couldn't really remember this, but Edmund was excited anyway. He encouraged her to go back to sleep and headed back downstairs. ‘

David was waiting for him in the living room and demanded that Edmund return the drug. But instead, Edmund thanked him because the drug was working on Maria. David's mouth opened wide. "You gave her the drug? ... You idiotic self-serving lunatic!" David ranted about the danger of the possible side effects, but Edmund wasn't listening. He got in David's face, and shouted that nothing would stop him from getting his wife's memory back. David accused Edmund of "losing it" and ran upstairs to examine Maria. Edmund chased him and together they pounced into Maria's room. But no Maria. She was gone.


Aidan woke up groaning in pain. But this time, it wasn't from the gunshot wound. You may recall that Friday's episode ended with Aidan getting pistol-whipped. As he became conscious, he realized that he was trapped. He was tied to a chair inside the condo and Morgan was standing in front of him, smiling.

Soon, the details of their strange relationship began to unfold. From their conversation, It became quickly evident that Morgan and Aidan had some sort of love-hate thing going on, from their past. Morgan paced the floor as she awaited Julian's arrival, who Aidan who also knew well. Fiona slyly predicted that Aidan would be dead soon after Julian arrived. So why wait, Aidan demanded? "Go on and take your best shot. You got me right where you want me." But instead of shooting him, Morgan straddled her legs over his, and sat on Aidan's lap. With an evil smile, she accused Aidan of betraying Julian by fooling around with his wife. But Aidan accused right back. You think I betrayed you with Fiona, don't you? Isn't that why you want me dead, Aidan demanded? The question seemed to hit a nerve with Morgan. She frowned and abruptly stood up from his lap. "Don't flatter yourself," she retorted angrily. "I got over you two seconds after you climbed out of my bed. " But Aidan pressed on. You want me, he insisted. They argued some more about Julian and why Morgan trusted him. Morgan then brought up the fact that Aidan killed Fiona. Aidan loudly denied this and was adamant that Julian was the one who killed her.

Morgan changed the subject to Aidan's fondness of "helping out" helpless women, like Maria for example. The mention of Maria's name got Aidan angry and he threatened that Morgan better stay away from her. Morgan grabbed Aidan's face from behind his chair and kissed him briefly. Then she pushed him away angrily as she recalled that he had double-crossed her. Aidan begged Morgan to believe that Julian was the one who killed Fiona when suddenly it dawned on him that Morgan was sleeping with Julian. Julian loves me, she responded. Aidan warned her that Julian's women always end up "six feet under", like Fiona. Just then Morgan's cell phone rang. Speaking of the devil – that's right – it was Julian. As Morgan chatted with Julian, Aidan was secretly struggling to untie the ropes on his hands


The Fusion women were busy gushing over the photos of Jake and Mia. "You mean I'm going to be the face that launches Fusion lipstick?" Mia asked in disbelief. Just then Kendall walked in. "Like hell you are" she yelled across the room. Kendall insisted that she was the face of Fusion. But Greenlee was still angry that Kendall had blown off the photo shoot and stood by her decision about Mia's lips. This argument led into Kendall and Greenlee having their usual catfight. Greenlee mocked Kendall for blowing off the shoot for "some guy." Kendall tried to explain that this wasn't about "some guy", but an emergency. But Greenlee wasn't buying it.

Back at the worktable, Mia confided in Simone that she was worried that this job would take a toll on her personal life. She announced that she better call Jake. But just then, more Mia/Jake photos came in. "These would be great for the billboard" Simone exclaimed. Mia got so excited at the prospect of her lips on a billboard that she forgot to call Jake.

In the meantime, Kendall was still trying to explain the "emergency" to Greenlee. "Kendall, you can't ditch work for some guy" Greenlee explained impatiently. Then Kendall dropped a bomb: "Like you wouldn't drop everything ... if Leo walked in that door?" At first, Greenlee just stared. Kendall immediately apologized, but Greenlee seemed unphased by Kendall's insensitivity. She admitted that if Leo walked in, that yes, she would drop everything. But that's never going to happen, she said quietly. Then she became business-like and announced the start of their marketing meeting. Mia told Greenlee that she just had to go call Jake. "Call him later" Greenlee snapped, which sent Mia running to the conference room. .


Jake was at home, preparing a beautiful candlelit dinner for Mia. He called Mia at work, but she never made it to the phone. Jus then, the doorbell rang. With a rose in his hand, he went to answer the door. It was Tad. Oh, you shouldn't have done all this for me, Tad said jokingly. But Jake wasn't laughing because he was annoyed that Mia hadn't returned any of his phone calls. He abruptly demanded to know why Tad had come over. Tad began to explain an idea he had for the foundation, but Jake cut him off. "When are you going to get a life?" Jake asked crudely. Tad was completely taken aback by this question. Jake quickly explained that he just wanted to focus on life things, like this dinner he was preparing for him and Mia. He admitted that he and Mia had fought earlier, and that he had overreacted about her quitting the hospital job. "So, you were a jerk, and this is a makeup dinner" Tad concluded. Jake agreed that this was the case, and looked forward to a time when Mia would be working fewer hours.

At this point, Tad decided to have a brotherly talk with Jake about his impending nuptials. He wondered if Mia was playing Jake for a sucker. He questioned Mia's new hours, why she hadn't returned Jake's calls, and why, above all, had the wedding been postponed. Jake insisted that everything was fine, but Tad continued. He proposed that their engagement was rushed, and that maybe he wasn't ready. Jake vigorously confirmed that he was completely ready to get married. "Then maybe it's Mia who's not ready to marry you," Tad gently suggested. Tad reminded Jake about his other "sure things": Greenlee, Gillian, Liza. At that point, Jake got very defensive. Tad finally backed down and left.

As soon as Tad left, Jake blew out the candles and called Fusion again. This time Kendall answered. When Jake asked if his fiancée was available, Kendall could only think about revenge on Mia, that "back-stabbing little suck-up." She lied to Jake by telling him that Mia said she was too busy to come to the phone. Kendall hung up with an evil smile as Jake tossed the phone down in disgust.

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Simone and Kendall were sitting at the bar in the Valley Inn, brainstorming about ways to get their product noticed. Simone brought up a convention in Aspen, but both women knew they couldn't afford to go. When the bartender arrived to take their drink orders, he asked Kendall if she'd seen Aidan, but she told him he probably just flew the coop. She ordered her drink, but was surprised when Simone changed her mind about joining her. Simone told Kendall she wanted to run this Aspen-thing by Greenlee to see if they could scrape up some dough. Kendall became serious and told Simone not to mention anything to Greenlee. She told her that she wanted to go to Aspen, and she'll figure out a way to do it. If Greenlee finds out, then she'll try to wiggle her way into going, and Kendall didn't want that. Simone finally agreed to let Kendall do what she wanted, and she left. While Kendall was nursing her drink, Boyd walked by. He ignored Kendall when she asked him to join her. Noticing how upset he was, Kendall apologized for missing the photo shoot. Boyd was also upset because he felt he was being used against Erica, and he made Kendall see that he works for Erica and won't work against her. Kendall apologized again. She managed to convince Boyd that they had set up the photo shoot so the two of them could get together. When he reminded her that she had turned down his request for a date, she told him that she reconsidered. Boyd said that he wasn't mad at her, and was actually thinking about doing something with her on Saturday night. When she asked him about tonight, he said he was meeting someone. A European woman, Lena, entered the bar at that point, kissed Boyd on his cheeks and apologized for being late. Boyd introduced her as the new Vice President at Enchantment, and the two of them left to get a table. Kendall watched them from the bar as they sat down. Lena told Boyd that she appreciates him helping her find out about the cosmetics business, and she said he is the heart and soul of Enchantment. Kendall's eavesdropping was interrupted by Palmer and Petey, who wanted to see the new spy movie. Kendall agreed to take him, but first she needed to discuss a proposition with Palmer. As they sat down at a table, Kendall filled Palmer in on what she wanted to do. He reminded her that he said he wouldn't help her anymore after he leased the building to her. Kendall said that she doesn't want him to give her anything. She was actually offering to take Petey with her, because he doesn't have anyone to take care of him. When Petey found out it was in Aspen, he became excited and repeatedly asked Palmer, "Can I go? Can I go?" Palmer asked Petey how he would get his homework done, and then reminded Kendall that Erica would be there. When they both gave him satisfactory responses, Palmer told them that they were both heading to Aspen.

Aidan was struggling at the ropes that held him when Morgan returned with some hot food for him. He asked her where Julian was, and Morgan commented "Anxious for your executioner are you?" She told him Julian had to take care of something "close to your heart". Aidan said that nothing's close to his heart, and he began arguing with Morgan about the women in his past. She asked him if he has the American idea that good always prevails. It doesn't, she replied, because their roles would be reversed if it did. As Morgan ate, Aidan tried to convince her she should be doing something different with her life then what she's doing for Julian. He reminded her how good she was at chess, but she never beat him. She disputed that fact, and they began arguing until Aidan challenged her to a game. She saw through him and said that he's just using this as a means to escape, but he told her that she either has to trust him, or they sit there doing nothing. She went ahead and set up the chess board, and Aidan asked her what the stakes would be. He suggested the rest of the food she brought, Vindaloo. When she asked, "What if I win," he responded, "Yeah, right. When hell freezes over." Morgan was surprised when Aidan beat her in only 18 moves. She brought his food over to him and set it on the table. Aidan asked her to untie him so he could eat. He told her that she has a gun and the doors are locked, so she should feel safe. Reluctantly, Morgan agreed to untie him, with the warning not to make one wrong move.

Edmund stormed down the stairs at Wildwind, with David behind him. He opened the front door and saw Maria's car was gone. Meanwhile, David continued chastising Edmund for giving Maria the drug. Edmund ran to the phone to call Derek, but David slammed the phone down and said, "No police!" He told him that he's not going to let anything jeopardize his future with Anna if the police found out what he did. Edmund told him that he could lose her if they don't find her, but David responded, "You've already lost her!"

Maria walked into a common room at PVU, shivering and obviously disoriented. Regina, Maggie's friend, saw her sitting and walked up to her. She asked her if she was okay, but Maria didn't respond. She left to get Maria some coffee as Henry and Maggie walked in. They were relieved that they survived their first chem lab, and now all they had to do was finish some paperwork. They agreed to go to Maggie's dorm room, when she caught sight of Maria. Maggie excused herself and walked up to her saying, "Ms. Gorman? Maureen?" Maria finally looked up, as Maggie said hi. Maria responded, "Do I know you?" When Maggie reminded her that she was David's cousin, she responded, "I'd downplay that family tie if I were you." She had picked up Regina's Organic Chemistry book and was skimming through it. Maggie attempted a conversation, but Maria ignored her except to say that she was feeling better then she'd felt in a long time. Maggie returned to Henry and told him that it was like talking to herself. They agreed to meet at her dorm room an hour later, and Maggie walked him out. Meanwhile, Regina returned with Maria's coffee. Instead of drinking it, however, Maria told her she had something important to do. As she left, she thanked Regina for being one of the few who cared.

David began grilling Edmund about Maria's reaction to the drug, and Edmund told him about everything, including the dream she had. He told David that they needed to go find her, and David agreed to go with him so he could examine her. As Edmund opened the front door, Maria was standing there, holding a blue envelope. Edmund hugged her and told her how worried he was. She looked past him to David and asked, "What are you doing here?" David tried to explain that he was just following up to see how she was. She wouldn't listen to him and told him to leave them alone. Edmund eventually threw him out, but David told him quietly that he still needs to see how she's doing. Edmund promised to call him and then shut the door. He turned to Maria and asked her where she was. When she responded, "Pine Valley University," he reminded her that her life was still in danger. "Don't you care about anyone," he asked. He got her a blanket and some hot coffee and asked her to explain what she was doing at the school. She told him that she was sort of drawn to PVU, and then she found a book on organic chemistry. She said that she understood the complicated chemical formulas, so she realized she could probably become a doctor again. That's why she picked up enrollment information for the medical school at PVU. She told him that it was eerie how it worked, and she has no idea why her memories are starting to come back. She took her enrollment information and left the room. When she was gone, Edmund took the vial out of his pocket and said, "I know why."

David surprised Maggie in the study room of her dorm and offered to take her to dinner. She told him that she had to pass, because she was meeting her study partner. They were interrupted by David's cell phone, and it was Anna. Anna told him that their fears were realized, and Dr. Hoffman recommends surgery in utero. David told her that the surgery has a high success rate, and he was sure it would be okay. Through tears, Anna told him that whatever he decided she would go with, but he told her they would make this decision together. After hanging up, Maggie saw the look on his face and guessed that he didn't have good news. David filled her in, and she sympathized with what he was going through. She knew he didn't perform well when he was helpless, as he was now. They reminisced about their childhood, and each recognized that having a weak mother-figure may have contributed to their control issues. Maggie even realized that this may be the reason she went into medicine. David told her that he was proud of her, and Maggie responded, "I'm proud of me too."

Henry showed up at Maggie's dorm room, and the two of them began working on their chem lab. He noticed a picture of Maggie with Frankie and asked, innocently, "What's it like being a twin?" She told him that her sister died, and then quickly changed the subject by asking for a soda. He got her one and then helped himself, but it exploded all over him. They were relieved that it didn't get on their report, and then Henry dared her to open her own soda. She did reluctantly, and they toasted to their completed assignment.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

After pulling an all nighter Maggie and Henry fell asleep in her dorm room. In the morning Maggie woke up and saw Henry asleep in the chair. She woke him up and he got upset that he was "late." He apologized and ran out the door as she asked if he wanted to meet later. That afternoon they ran into each other at the student union. Henry told her they shouldn't try to study in her room and Maggie said "That bed is just too tempting!." Henry looked embarrassed and Maggie realized how that sounded. She offered to meet at his room and Henry said he lives off campus. Maggie started to question him but he took off.

In Trey's apartment Reggie sat down and listened to music on his headphones. A knock at the door disturbed him and he opened the door to find Greenlee, who was shocked not to find Trey. She asked who he was and Reggie told her he lived there. Greenlee walked on in and called out for Trey, who appeared from the bedroom. Reggie told him "his girl" was there and Greenlee demanded to know what Trey had been saying about her. Trey quickly told Reggie that Greenlee was his sister in law. Reggie said she was hot and sat down in the living room. Trey explained why Reggie was there and Greenlee asked if he was qualified to be a guardian. She brought up Trey's arson charge, his identity theft and other problems. Reggie's ears perked up. Trey said Reggie was better off with him than in a group home. Greenlee laughed and Reggie got in her face, asking if she was laughing at him. She said no, she was laughing at Trey. Trey told her to lay off and said he was serious about helping Reggie. He handed her some Fusion papers and told her he really does want to help Reggie. He said Reggie needed a part time job and that Greenlee said she needed help at Fusion. Reggie wanted to know what Fusion was and when told it was a cosmetics company, he refused to "sell smelly stuff." Trey told him he'd be doing odd jobs in the office. Reggie said it sounded boring but Trey told him he'd be around a bunch of hot women and he agreed.

In his office at the hospital Jake walked around aimlessly. He picked up a photo of Mia and then grabbed the phone. Quickly he slammed it back down as Tad walked in with the proposal for Dixie's memorial. Jake told him that Mia never showed up for dinner last night and that she came home after midnight and left this morning before he got up. Jake said he didn't know what was happening between him and Mia. "Maybe you're right Tad. Maybe Mia doesn't want to get married, at least not to me", he sadly told his brother. Tad tried to cheer Jake up and said what woman wouldn't want to marry a handsome, successful doctor. "I'd be proud to marry you! And mom and dad would be real proud if I brought home a doctor!" he quipped. Jake wasn't amused. He said he loves Mia with all his heart but now Fusion is her number 1 priority. Jake said he's always put Mia first but she's pulling away. Tad said just because she wants a career it doesn't mean she doesn't want to get married. Jake said Mia wasn't returning his phone calls and Tad said that wasn't a good sign. Jake said things were falling apart. Tad said Mia had so much on her plate, what with recovering from the fall, the new job, planning a wedding that maybe Jake wasn't the problem. Jake started to cry and said he wants to spend the rest of his life with Mia. He said Mia told him she wanted to start a family with him and grow old with him. Tad asked if they had passion and Jake said it was there for him. Tad said maybe Mia wasn't finding what she needed with Jake and that maybe Jake should dump her. Jake got very upset and ordered Tad to leave. Tad said Jake needed to hear this because Mia was treating him like a doormat. "What if this is like Gillian and Greenlee?" Tad asked. He asked Jake why he wanted to get married so quickly and Jake said because he loved Mia. Tad said maybe he was just in love with the idea of being someone's husband. Jake got angry and began saying hurtful things about Tad's previous relationships, ending with "It seems like you love Dixie more now that she's dead than you ever did when she was alive!." Tad grabbed Jake by the throat and told him to never say that again. Jake asked why he was dumping on Mia and Tad said he was on his brother's side and that Mia was the one dumping on Jake. Jake backed down and apologized to Tad. Tad told him to make sure Mia means that much to him because if anyone is going to get hurt in this relationship, "I sure as hell don't want it to be you." Tad's phone rang and he took the call and said he'd come to the office immediately. He left and Jake sat down, thinking about what Tad had said. Then he remembered when he proposed to Mia. A nurse interrupted and told him they had car accident victims coming into the ER. Jake rushed out to help. He went into one exam room with a pretty, blonde resident and coached her through a difficult procedure. Dr. Alison Waters was relieved and thanked Jake for his help. He told her to keep up the good work and went in the hallway. But he turned back to look and Dr. Waters was looking at him and smiling. Later she stopped Jake and thanked him again. She told him some of the residents were going to BJ's later for dinner and asked him to come along. He started to turn her down but Alison said she wanted to buy him a drink. Jake smiled and said "Why not?!"

Mia was on the phone at Fusion, arguing with a bank rep. Liza walked in as Mia hung up and Mia told her how much she loves this job, "It's such a rush!." Liza reminded her that they had an appointment with a wedding dressmaker. Mia forgot about it and didn't want to leave Fusion. Liza asked if this job was more important than getting married to Jake. Mia said of course not but the wedding wasn't for 6 months and Fusion needed her now. She said if she left now it wouldn't be professional. Liza wondered if Mia was using work to avoid her life. Mia said Jake understood how much this meant to her and Liza wondered if he really did. She told Mia not to lose sight of life with Jake. Mia said Jake was even busier than she was but "we're solid." Mia said she was tired of making decisions that she regrets and that this job has opened up new worlds for her. She said she always felt gawky and awkward but now she feels like a real woman. She said now all she thinks about is her hair, makeup, clothes. She said she never felt good about herself before but now she's made peace and that life is full of possibilities. Liza smiled and said "Love will do that!." Mia said it wasn't just love, it was this job. "I just can't wait to come to work!" Simone rushed in and gushed about Mia's photos, saying Mia was going to launch Fusion's first campaign. Liza grinned and said "My sister, the pin-up girl!." Mia was nervous and Simone thanked Liza for all of her help. Liza left and Simone and Mia talked . Simone said she couldn't believe Mia was getting married in 6 months. "If the pictures are any indication, you two are going to be insanely happy!" Simone told Mia. Both women got on phones and made business calls. When they hung up Mia wondered where Greenlee and Kendall were. Simone told her Kendall was in Aspen at a cosmetics convention with Petey Cortlandt. Mia laughed as Greenlee, Trey and Reggie walked in. Trey introduced Reggie and Greenlee said he was going to work part time for them. The ladies welcomed him and Trey told him to come back in a little while when Greenlee had found something for him to do. Simone told Mia she was going to call the photographer and set up another shoot. Mia told her not to make it for tonight because she wanted to have dinner with Jake.

Joni and Laurie went to PVU to check out the campus. Laurie went to get course books and Joni took a seat in the student center. Jamie walked in and joined her. He begged her for a second chance but Joni told him they were just too different. He argued but she refused to discuss it so Jamie walked away. Laurie came back and asked Joni what she was doing, sending Jamie away. Laurie said Jamie really liked her, but Joni said she didn't want to "date a tabloid headline." Laurie said they all make mistakes and Joni asked why she dumped JR. Laurie said she couldn't compare her and JR to Joni and Jamie. But Joni said Jamie and JR were just alike. Laurie said it was her idea to break up with JR and that Joni only did it because her parents told her to. Laurie saw Jamie across the room and went over to him. They spoke for a moment and Laurie returned to Joni. She told Joni that Jamie really was sweet and Joni said "Just like JR!"

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Bianca diligently wades through paperwork at Enchantment then picks up a cruise brochure. She stares at the picture on the cover then picks up the phone and makes a reservation for the Ladies Only Cruise. Boyd comes in to ask Bianca if she knows anything at all about how Kendall is doing with Fusion. Bianca sees through the question and realizes that Boyd has a "thing" for Kendall. Boyd admits he is in love with her. Bianca is amused that Boyd can fall in love so easily. She points out that he hardly knows Kendall. Boyd explains that he got to know her when she worked at Enchantment. He claims Kendall has real talent. He has only met one other person like her...Erica. Boyd goes on and on about Kendall, her drive, her ambition, her vulnerability. He can't stop thinking of her.

Bianca tells Boyd she's sorry she can't give him any advice. She doesn't know Kendall well enough. What is it she really wants, Boyd wonders. Bianca supposes Kendall wants what everyone else wants: to find her place in the world and find happiness. Bianca believes Kendall came close to that with Ryan. With Ryan, Kendall could see herself through his eyes and almost believed she could become the person he saw in her.

As Bianca and Boyd have their discussion, Lena eavesdrops outside the door. When Lena comes in, Boyd excuses himself. Lena tells Bianca she has found a discrepancy in the reports for the IRS. She needs the access codes for the confidential files. Bianca doesn't have them, but offers to call Val. When Val arrives, Bianca tells him what is needed. He refuses to give out the numbers. Lena says it's all right. She can wait until Erica returns. When Val leaves, Bianca and Lena talk a little about traveling in Europe. Lena comes on to Bianca a little and tells Bianca how beautiful she is.

Outside the Aspen Inn, Erica is asked by Maxie Berlin if Enchantment is unveiling any new products at the conference. When told no, Maxie goes on to gush about how well Kendall is doing. Erica is surprised to hear that Kendall is there. She is infuriated when Maxie lets on that Kendall mentioned her connection to Erica during questions from reporters.

At the cosmetics conference, Kendall manages to impress the cosmetics industry. Maxie Berlin, the buyer for Lacey's Department store, assures Kendall there will be shelf space for Fusion products. Kendall is thrilled at her coup, then as she scans the crowd, sees a man who, from the back, looks like Aidan. Kendall rushes over to him then is disappointed when he turns around and she realizes she made a mistake. Deflated, Kendall takes a seat at the bar where the bartender makes her a martini. A man comes over and takes a seat next to her. He introduces himself as Michael Kinsey. As they talk, Michael tells Kendall he is an importer of European luxury items. Kendall, in return, tells him about her job at Fusion. Michael receives a call on his cell phone and has to leave though he promises to return.

Instead, Erica turns up at Kendall's side. Immediately, a reporter approaches and wants to take a picture of the mother/daughter "team". When the reporter asks if there is any rivalry between them, Erica responds that Kendall is no competition to her. Kendall responds that she only hopes to one day match Erica's success. Erica shoos the reporter away, then turns on Kendall. She threatens Kendall to never mention either Erica or Enchantment to the reporters ever again. Erica does not want her own reputation to suffer when Kendall's latest venture fails. Kendall is hurt, but replies that she still admires Erica as her role model. In response, Erica calls Kendall a thief, sneak, and a taker.

Erica stalks out and Kendall is left alone with her martini until Michael appears again. He apologizes for taking so long, then asks Kendall if she would have dinner with him. Kendall says no, she's not there alone, she's with a ten year old. The bartender overhears and mentions that the Inn has nighttime snowboarding for kids. Kendall agrees to dinner when she finds out it will be her last chance to get to know Michael better. He informs her he is leaving for Singapore in the morning. After Kendall leaves Michael pays for their drinks with his credit card. The name on the card is NOT Michael Kinsey.

At dinner time, Kendall comes downstairs wearing a little, black sparkly number. Even Petey is impressed with her look. Michael comes in and hands Kendall a single red rose. He escorts her into the dining room where he orders their best wine. He tells Kendall that he hopes she doesn't mind, but he has already ordered for her. The chef is good friend of his and will be preparing them a special meal. During dinner, Michael impresses Kendall with tales of parasailing off the coast of some tropical island and his travels in Europe. When Kendall brings up her own humble beginnings, Michael assures her she deserves the best life has to offer.

Meanwhile, Erica returns to her room in a huff. As she walks in, she notices the bed is covered in rose petals. There are candles burning, wine is cooling, and Chris is waiting patiently for her. He says he didn't like the way they left things in Pine Valley. Erica throws her arms around his neck and all is forgiven between them. Erica then tells Chris about Kendall being there. She claims Kendall refuses to leave her alone. Chris tries to tell Erica that Kendall only wants Erica to notice her. Erica has no intention of having anything at all to do with Kendall. Erica and Chris decide to go to dinner until they see Kendall there with her date. Chris decides it would be better for them to order room service.

After Kendall and Michael's dinner, they dance and sample some of the Inn's special reserve Cognac. When it is time to say goodnight and goodbye, they kiss. Their special moment is interrupted by Petey coming in escorted by an Inn security guard. Somehow he managed to get into trouble. Kendall tells the officer she will be in in a moment. She turns around and Michael is gone. Kendall smiles telling herself it was perfect while it lasted.

Friday, January 24, 2003

At BJ's, Jake talks to Mia about the late hours she has been keeping working at Fusion. He wanted her to come home early and Mia explained she had to finish working on the Marketing budget. Jake was becoming impatient with her and asked if she was still in love with him. Mia empathically assured him she loves him dearly and when things are caught up at Fusion she'll have more time to spend with him. Jake countered with how much he has compressed his schedule so he could have time to spend with her. He felt she was not doing the same. Simone interrupted their disagreement and pulled Mia away saying they needed to get back to the office to make sure Greenlee and Kendall didn't destroy the place. Jake wondered what was going on. Mia assured Jake she'll make it up to him and asked that he wait up for her. She then left with Simone.

Kendall and Greenlee talked at Fusion. Kendall wondered where Greenlee's snarkiness had disappeared. Greenlee explained she is seeing a shrink and therapy seemed to be helping her. Kendall wondered how therapy worked. Greenlee couldn't explain it. Kendall was glad she was getting help and told Greenlee she was sorry about Leo's death. Greenlee changed the subject and asked how things went at the Aspen convention. Kendall talked about meeting Michael and having dinner with him and then he disappeared in the snow. "You're off your game, " commented Greenlee. "You always get the digits." Kendall shrugged her shoulders lamenting she didn't have his phone number nor did he have hers.

Simone and Mia returned to Fusion. Simone carried a huge armful of long stem red roses. Mia gazed wistfully at them and flashed back to her conversation with Jake at BJ's about how she would be there for Jake. She suddenly said she had something to do and ran out of the office. Greenlee wondered who were the roses for. Simone said they were Kendall's. Kendall was too nervous and excited to read the card so Greenlee did the honors. "You didn't get his digits, but he sure got yours," she said to Kendall. They were from Michael. Kendall beamed.

Laurie was wondering when her dad was coming home. He soon entered their apartment drunk and accused Laurie of starting up again with that Chandler kid (JR). Laurie was disgusted he was drunk and asked what happened at work. Doug was reprimanded at work for not mopping up a spill near the salad bar. The school principal chewed him out in front of the staff and students. Laurie told him that was not a good reason to get drunk. He demanded respect from her. She shouted back at him she hated him. He retorted she was just like all woman especially his wife. Always demanding him to do better. He suddenly slapped Laurie's face. He quickly apologized. Laurie wondered what was going to happen when he lost his job from being drunk all the time. Doug commented maybe he would let Laurie see that Chandler kid so she could ask him for the rent money

Alison came into the restaurant. Seeing Jake looking frustrated she went over to him and wondered out loud who stole his toys. Jake asked how her car repair was going and she replied she needed to leave it over night. She wondered how she was going to get home. She commented to Jake that she'd have to walk or get a cab unless someone could give her a ride as she looked pleadingly at Jake. He consented to taking her home but first he had to go to the hospital to get the car keys in his office. They walked together to his office.

In Jake's office, Jake picked up his car keys and then noticed Alison and closed the office door, locking it. She approached him seductively standing in front of him by his desk. They suddenly kissed and frantically took off their clothes. Jake swept the desktop clear of stuff and placed Alison upon his desk. They lustfully kissed each other.



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