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Edmund confessed that he had drugged Maria, whose health deteriorated. Aidan told Morgan that Maria was one of his scam victims. Tad caught Jake having sex with the new resident, Alison. Simone was arrested. A classmate cautioned Maggie about Henry. Greenlee worried that Fusion might go out of business.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 27, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, January 27, 2003

In their hide-out, Aidan continues to butter Morgan up and keeps enticing her to play chess with him. Aidan tries to warn Morgan that Julian is a very dangerous man. Aidan finally tells Morgan that, as a security expert, he has had access to all of Pine Valley's richest homes and had intended to rob them all when he had all the preparation work finished. Aidan tries to tempt Morgan to join him in his biggest scam of all, but she remains unconvinced.

Meanwhile, at Wildwind, Edmund is thrilled when Maria confides to him that much of her old medical training appears to be coming back to her. When Maria talks about resuming her studies at Pine Valley University, Edmund reminds her that there ARE better schools, but Maria expresses her confidence in Pine Valley University. Later, when Brooke stops by with some edits for Tempo, Brooke is also thrilled to see Maria studying and almost lets the cat out of the bag when she blurts out: "It worked!' Edmund quickly glosses over Brooke's exclamation and takes Brooke aside. Once Brooke and Edmund are alone, Edmund explains that he slipped a few drops of David's experimental drug into Maria's drink because Maria was unwilling to have anything to do with Hayward or the good doctor's plan to help Maria regain her memory. Brooke warns Edmund that the drug COULD be VERY harmful to Maria and urges her friend to think twice before continuing on his present course. After Brooke leaves, Edmund pitches the remainder of the vial into the trash. But, later, Edmund catches Maria calling Kendall to see if Kendall has heard from Aidan. Edmund asks Maria point blank if she is in love with Aidan. When Maria admits that she is NOT sure HOW she feels about Aidan, Edmund fishes the vial out of the trash and adds a few more drops to another drink, which Maria drinks.

At Laurie's Place, her father slaps her and she announces that Doug has gone too far this time. As Laurie and Doug argue, Laurie demands to know if Doug ever hit her mother and he denies it. Doug tries to apologize, but Laurie accuses him of keeping her working for him like a slave and using her mother as an excuse to beat her. Laurie finally announces that she has a new job and does NOT want to be late. So Laurie walks out, declaring that one of them needs to act like an adult! When Laurie arrives at work, Jamie is one of her first customers. When Jamie realizes that Laurie is having a bad day, and offers his sympathy - Laurie finally confides that she had an argument with her father and her Dad slapped her. Jamie urges Laurie to tell J.R. all about it, but Laurie refuses - pointing out that the LAST thing she needs is another fight between her father and J.R. As Jamie gives Laurie a comforting hug, J.R. arrives and sees them in a clinch. When J.R. demands to know WHY Laurie suddenly went off line while they were communicating, Laurie insists that it was because she had to get to work - and her Dad came in. Laurie tells J.R. again that they are finished as a couple. Later, J.R. confides to Jamie that he plans to confront Laurie about all the things she has been saying and clear the air, but Jamie tries to convince J.R. to let it go - because Laurie has told J.R. straight out that they are finished as a couple! Jamie urges J.R. to accept Laurie's decision and move on.

As Mia orders Chocolate Covered Brownies as a surprise for Jake, Jake is hitting the sheets with new resident Dr. Allison Waters in the Chief of Staff's Office. As Allison assures Jake that he should NOT feel guilty about getting it on with her, a knock at the door sends them both scrambling for their clothes. When Jake opens the door, he is relieved to find only his brother Tad. However, Tad quickly notices the disheveled appearance of their clothes and quickly guesses what Jake has been up to! As Tad reminds Jake that his brother has been there and done that - MANY times - Jake finally confesses that he has just been to bed with Allison - but still loves Mia! Tad is shocked when he realizes that Jake does NOT want to break up with Mia. Tad advises his brother NOT to tell Mia anything about his indiscretion if he wants to make it down the aisle with the woman of his dreams. Later, when Jake arrives home, Mia greets him with the Chocolate Covered Brownies, candlelight, and a skimpy nightie. However, as Mia gets all hot and bothered and announces that she plans to make up for lost time, Jake suggests that a shower would help him unwind from a tough day. However, as Mia dashes off to get the water hot, Jake calls Tad and begs his brother to page him. Tad quickly gets Jake's point. When Mia returns and wonders WHY Jake has not arrived at the shower yet, Jake's beeper goes off. Jake pretends that it is the Hospital and that he has to return to the Hospital. Mia believes him and Jake takes off.

While Maria and Edmund are toasting to a promising future, Aidan entices Morgan to kiss him and promises her that all sorts of delight would await her if she would only untie his hands. However, Morgan does NOT fall for Aidan's trick, but admits that she WOULD be interested in helping Aidan pull off one of his proposed scams. But Aidan has second thoughts when Morgan whips out a picture of Maria and informs her prisoner that Maria will be Morgan's first hit in Pine Valley!

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Morgan pressed Aidan on the importance of Maureen and what she met to him. He played it like Maureen was simply another score and he cared nothing about her. Morgan wasn't buying it, though, and told him that she would take care of things from here. Aidan objected and told her that he didn't work Maureen for months just to let Morgan get the score. He insisted that he go with her to get Maureen. Morgan continued to lead him on by telling him that she can handle her, even if she has to use her gun. He told her that she'll blow it if she goes alone, because he knows the layout, and he knows Maria. He continued to try to convince her to run away with him after they score on Maria, but she assured him there would be no problem getting Maria's money alone, and they can run away together afterwards. Finally, after warning her that the place was crawling with security, he told her about a secret entrance. Aidan warned her, though, that she'll never crack the safe, but she said she'll come up with something else if she can't get in. He finally told her the location of the safe, and Morgan moved closer to him to check his wrists. He pushed her away roughly, so she pulled her gun out and whipped him over the head with it. With Aidan dazed, she retied him to the chair and told him he made a huge mistake. She put on her coat and said that she's going to go off to Wildwind to get her score, and if Maria gets in her way, he'll have two women waiting for him in eternity (Fiona and Maria). Aidan struggled against his binds as she left.

Trey returned to his apartment to find Reggie cracking walnuts using a judge's mallet that used to belong to Oliver Wendell Holmes. He surprised Reggie by giving him keys to his apartment, telling him that he'll need to get in and out someday. When Trey left the room to get something, Kendall knocked on the door. She walked past Reggie and asked him where Trey was. Reggie responded, "What do you need with him when you got the real deal right here." Kendall brushed him off as Trey returned. He explained to Reggie that Kendall was his sister, but that didn't stop Reggie from continuing to try to pick her up. Trey explained to Kendall that Reggie works for Fusion now, and proceeded to tell her how they met, when there was another knock on the door. It was the doctor, Janelle. She informed Trey that social services has picked up on his detour from lawyer to arsonist. Trey said he didn't think it should matter, but she informed him that social services has his entire file, and he's hardly a suitable guardian. When she informed Reggie he should be prepared to go, if necessary, Reggie said it doesn't matter where he goes, ‘cause all he needs is a mattress. Against their wishes, Reggie grabbed his coat and took off. Janelle turned to face Trey, blaming him for everything. As she began ripping into him, Kendall stood up and screamed, "Would you just shut the hell up!" She started to defend Trey, but Janelle said that Reggie needs stability, but now he'll be removed from yet another foster home. She blamed Trey for not being completely honest with social services. Trey tried to assure her that he has Reggie's best interests in mind, and he will fight for him. She said that he better, and left with a slamming of the door. Trey turned to Kendall and thanked her for sticking up for him. She told him that she only wished she meant it, and then asked, "Are you insane?" She wondered what ulterior motives he had by taking Reggie in. Eventually she accused him of trying to score points with Janelle. She said that Janelle was making eyes with him, but Trey denied that he had any interest in Janelle. He said that he wanted to take Reggie in because he knows what it's like to bounce from one foster home to another. She tried to remind him of the responsibilities involved, but then she realized that he might be looking for a replacement for Leo. He told her that Reggie could never take Leo's place, and that isn't what he was doing. Kendall said that all she hopes for is that it doesn't blow up in his face.

Maria was going over her college application while drinking the cranberry and soda that Edmund fixed for her. They laughed over the essay she had to write about what she's been doing since she last left school, when the phone rang. Edmund picked it up by saying, "Good Evening", only to find David on the other end of the phone. He told Edmund to tell him how Maria's doing, and then he'll decide if it's a good evening or not. Edmund told Maria that it was work calling, as David told him to meet him at B.J.'s. Edmund agree to go, only after David threatened to tell Maria that she was being drugged. Before leaving, Isabella returned with the kids, and they gathered around Maria as she explained to them all about her medical books. Isabella was thrilled when Edmund told her that Maria was getting some of her memories back. Later, Maria, Isabella, and the kids were spending some quality time, with Maria brushing Maddie's hair. Isabella got excited and told Maria that she's brushing Maddie's hair the same way she got her hair brushed as a little girl. Maria let the kids go find some toys to play with as she downplayed Isabella's suggestion that she was getting more of her memory back. She began coughing.

Edmund showed up at B.J.'s, and David told him that he needs to figure out a way he can examine Maria. When Edmund told him that she's not going to let him near her, David said that if he doesn't examine her now, Edmund might have to wait for her autopsy. Edmund told him to quit the scare tactics, but David replied the animals he's testing are failing. He said there could be contributing factors, but they need to find out. He told Edmund that he could always have his experts contact him. Finally, Edmund said okay, but he assured David that Maria was in perfect health when he left her.

As Maria kept coughing, Isabella offered to make her some tea with lemon and honey. Maria reluctantly agreed, and as Isabella left to get some, she said, "Thanks, Mama." Isabella stopped, stared at her, and said, "You called me Mama." Maria told her that it probably slipped out because she was being so nice. Isabella was very happy as she hugged her and said that it'll become more natural soon. The grandkids reentered the room, but Maria told them she was sick and they all agreed Isabella would take them back to her home. As they said goodbye, Isabella told Maria that she hopes the next time she calls her Mama; it's because she remembers who she is.

Reggie showed up at B.J.'s, where Laurie greeted him. They knew each other from school, and began making small talk. She told him it had been a sucky day, and he responded that she could make it better by getting a couple of beers. She became upset with him and told him how messed up her father is when he drinks. Reggie backed down and said he knows how bad addiction is, because his mom is addicted to Heroin. She asked about his mom, and he told her about his new living arrangement. He said he may not be with Trey long, though, because Social Services is all messed up.

Edmund assured David that the drug was working, and he even tried to convince David to leave town to be with Anna. David wasn't convinced, however, and tried to get Edmund to promise not to give anymore of the drug to Maria. Edmund responded, "It's working," and David realized that Edmund had already given more of the drug to her. They were interrupted by a phone call from Isabella, who told Edmund about the return of Maria's memory. She told him that they had to leave, however, because Maria was coming down with something. Edmund's face fell as he heard the news. He told Isabella that he would call her when he checks on Maria. As he got up to leave, he filled David in, and David insisted that he go along. Edmund said he'll call him if it's serious, but he was adamant as he said, "You are not coming with me."

Maria was sipping her hot tea when a security guard informed her that she had another visitor. She looked up and saw Morgan enter the room. "I'd like to speak to you about Aidan Devane," she said. She said she was from Scotland Yard, and the security guard left to verify her badge number. As Maureen offered her something to drink, Morgan said that it was nice of her to offer, "But this isn't a social call."

Aidan struggled against the ropes that held him. They didn't let him go, however, as he said, "Damn it. I have to get to Maureen."

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Adam, Liza and Lysastrata (the therapist) were in the living room. Liza was describing the date at the movies and how Adam fought with JR. Adam complained the whole time about what a dumb date it was and Liza said the date was supposed to be about "us" and wondered when they would come first to him. They argued more and Adam said the date was an embarrasement for him and Liza and Liza slapped him across the face. Lysastra was thrilled and said "What took you so long?." She told Liza that the slap was a long time coming and asked how she felt. Liza said she was ashamed and apologized to Adam, which the therapist didn't approve of. They went back to discussing the date and Liza said she begged and pleaded with Adam not to bother JR but he couldn't leave it alone. Lysastrata said Liza was becoming a pushover. Liza said yes, that before she married Adam she played by her own rules but now she took herself out of the race. Liza said she doesn't like who she sees in the mirror anymore. Adam said Liza was his harshest critic and Liza said they fight and make up all the time. She said she has married him 3 times knowing the worst about him, "How sick does that make me?." Lysastrata asked how Liza's home life was when she was young. Liza described her mother's many affairs and how bad it hurt her father but that he never did anything about it. Liza said she thought her father was a wimp for not fighting back and then stopped herself. "Oh my God! I'm my father and you're my mother!" she said to Adam. Liza said her father always caved in and let Marian win their fights and it was easier for him that way. She thought maybe her mother provoked her father to make a connection with him and then asked Adam "Your only way to reach me is to hurt me?" Adam said no and the therapist said they needed to break the cycle now and get Liza back to the strong woman she used to be. "Starting with your and Adam's bedroom!" she announced and headed upstairs. Adam and Liza followed her into their room where she told them to lie down on the bed. They did so reluctantly and she said they looked like a couple of stiffs. She asked if Liza was comfortable on her side of the bed and Liza confessed that she'd rather be on the other side, closer to the door. Adam agreed to switch side, which they did. Then they were asked who was on top during sex. Adam was horrified and got off the bed saying the session was over. But Liza ordered him back in bed. Adam lay back down and Lisastrata asked the question again. Liza said Adam was always on top and the therapist asked if she was ok with that. Liza said their time together was usually pretty spectacular but lately it had been getting a little stale. Lysastrata asked Liza where her scarves were and Liza told her what draw they were in. She grabbed a handful and gave them to Liza and told Adam that his wife was going to tie him to the headboard. Adam was appalled but Liza smiled. Liza got Adam to agree after Lysastrata said it was all about control. Liza started tying him up but he complained the entire time, while Liza thought it was funny. After he was securely tied Liza asked "What now?." Lysastrata told her to "assert" herself and lock the bedroom door after she left. She left as Liza shut the door and locked it. Adam told Liza to untie him but Liza smiled and said "Our therapist may be gone but our session isn't over till I say it's over!" and climbed onto the bed and began kissing him.

Joni and her father walked into BJ's and Laurie took their order. She went to the counter to turn it in and Joni joined her and asked if she had seen JR. Laurie said he'd been in earlier and she told him again that it was over between them. Joni went back to her table and in walked Laurie's father. He sat down at the bar and Laurie came over, saying "Go ahead Dad, drink up, it's on me." He apologized and said he didn't come to drink and to show him some respect, "I'm still your father." Laurie said "Don't remind me" and walked away. JR came in and asked Laurie if her dad was messing with her. He offered to wait around and give her a ride home after work. She said she had to close but JR said he'd wait. Laurie had to take an order to a table and left JR alone near the door. Jamie came in and went over to Laurie to say hi. JR glared at them and Laurie went into the kitchen. Jamie joined JR and JR accused him of putting the moves on his girl. Jamie said he wasn't going after Laurie, they're just friends. He walked over to Laurie's father and started in on him about slapping Laurie. JR overheard and started spouting off and threatening to call the cops. Jamie told him he's a loud mouth jerk just like his father. JR walked away and went over to Laurie. He told her he was going to get his act together and that he wanted her back. Laurie said she can't be the reason JR gets his life in order. JR told her he'd be at the library and to call him if she needed him. He walked out and her father joined her, saying "He really cares for you, he's got my vote." Laurie was stunned and said she thought he hated JR. Her father said "Not Chandler, the other one, Jamie!."

Morgan continued pretending to be from Scotland Yard and asked Maureen to point her in the right direction to find Aidan, since they were "quite chummy." Maureen told her she didn't have to talk to her and said to look for the person who shot Aidan, then they'd find the real killer. Maureen told Morgan that she'd stake her life on Aidan's innocence. Meanwhile Aidan struggled to get untied and help Maureen. Morgan grilled Maureen about her relationship with Aidan and asked if they had been intimate. Maureen was appalled by the question and got angry. She told Morgan that she and Aidan did not have sex, and said again that the person who shot him was probably also the person who killed Fiona. Morgan asked if she still had the email Aidan tried to send and Maureen went to find the laptop computer. Morgan began snooping, trying to find the painting Aidan had told her that hid the safe. She found it just as Edmund came home. She started to introduce herself and Edmund told her he knew who she was and that she was to leave immediately. Maureen came down and said the message was lost and heard Edmund tell Morgan his wife was ill and it was time for her to go. Morgan said she'd be in touch and left. Maureen turned to Edmund and was upset because she thought he ordered Morgan out because she was there about Aidan.

Aidan found a nail sticking out of a chair and rubbed the cord against it until he got his hands free. He got his feet untied just as Morgan's car pulled up. He stood by the door and tried to over take Morgan but she got free and held the gun on him. "Don't you want to hear about my meeting with your precious Maria?" she taunted. Morgan said Maria had an attack of the vapors and Aidan told her she had that effect on people. Morgan told him Maria's "very chiseled husband" was waiting attendance on her. Aidan asked if she found the safe and she said it was exactly where he said it would be. Aidan tried to get her to go with him and break into the safe but she refused. He tried to grab her and she shot him in the hand. Morgan tied Aidan up again. He tried to convince her to let him go so they could break into the safe. She said they were going to hit Wildwind tonight and then head to Paradise Island. "Stand in my way and you and Maria get a bullet!" she told him.

Maureen told Edmund he was crowding her and trying to control her. She got very angry when Edmund said Isabella had called him because she was ill. Maureen said she had so much pressure on her to be Maria, all of Edmund's expectations and everyone else's too, "No wonder I'm sick!." She told him to leave her alone and started to walk away but fainted. Edmund lay her on the sofa and covered her up. She came to and Edmund said he was going to call the doctor. Maureen agreed until she heard Edmund try to get David Hayward. She demanded "Why are you calling him?." Edmund tried to pacify her but she argued with him. Then she passed out again and didn't wake up. A very frightened Edmund called David's cell phone and left a message that Maria was very sick and to come immediately. Then he went back to Maria and talked to her, saying David would be there soon and would know what to do. "Hang in there baby" he begged his wife.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Mia is on the phone trying to drum up business for Fusion when she notices that Jake has prepared a nice, romantic breakfast for them complete with strawberries. Mia realizes she has been spending too much time at work and too little time with Jake. Jake picks that moment to ask her to run away. At least for a few days to a country inn where they can concentrate on each other. Mia is worried about her work responsibilities, but agrees to Jake's plan. As Jake goes to pack, Mia receives an urgent message: Simone has been arrested and is at the police station.

Greenlee marches into the Fusion office with steam practically pouring from her ears. "Who did this?!" She demands after seeing the posters plastered all over Pine Valley. Before she and Kendall can investigate the matter any further, the phone rings. Mia tells them to come down to the precinct. Mia, Kendall, and Greenlee converge on the Pine Valley police station demanding to know what is going on. The officer explains that Simone is being charged with defacing public property. Simone complains that he has no appreciation for marketing. A lawyer overhears their predicament and offers to help. Since Trey is unavailable, Greenlee agrees. Simone is happy with the arrangement. Earlier, she heard the lawyer arguing with Jackson Montgomery. She likes his looks and his style.

Mia calls Jake and before she says a word, he knows their rendezvous at the Inn has been canceled. Mia apologizes and promises they'll go another time. Jake is deeply disappointed.

Maggie and Henry work together to solve their chemistry equations. Regina, a fellow classmate, stops by their table to ask Henry if he is hitting the books in order to hit on Maggie. Henry ignores her dig. He and Maggie decide to take a coffee break. Maggie imagines that Henry's family must be really proud of him deciding to become a doctor. He says his mother and sister are, but refuses to discuss his father. When Henry gets a call, Maggie asks Regina why she picks on Henry. Regina mysteriously tells Maggie to be careful with Henry if she wants a future in med school.

Edward nervously paces by the door waiting for David to arrive. Once he does, they get into their old argument over who's fault it is that Maria has taken ill. Edmund orders David to save Maria so he can get his wife back. He threatens David that if he doesn't cure Maria, then Edmund will take her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Maria writhes in her bed whispering for someone to help her. She dreams of wandering in a dark room lit only by pillars topped with candles. She reaches out her hand and Aidan is there. Before she can touch him, Edmund wakes her. David examines Maria and finds that she has a high temperature and erratic heart beat, but he doesn't know what to do for her. He cannot assure Edmund that Maria will recover and refuses to be held accountable for her illness. David leaves and Edmund sits next to Maria's bedside. She wakes again and tells him she's sorry. She's never felt so sick before. Edmund tells her she is sick because of him.

Friday, January 31, 2003

Jack visited Lily, his adopted daughter, in the hospital. He was very worried about her because she has viral pneumonia. Lily wanted her teacher, Mrs. Neff, and to go back to school. She wasn't able to understand she was sick and needed to stay in the hospital. The nurse came in and gave Lily a sedative to quiet down her anxiety and she soon fell asleep. Erica came by Lily's room and saw Jack. She convinced Jack to go with her to get some food and rest.

Erica took Jackson home to her penthouse. She empathized with Jack about his worry over Lily. He talked to her about his fears concerning her health and how unfair her life has been and how hard she has struggled to understand just the basics in life. Jack was worried he will lose Lily. Erica tried to reassure him she will recover from her illness and will grow into a lovely young woman. Jack told Erica he had an apology to make to her concerning his refusal to lie on the stand during Erica's and Travis' custody battle over Bianca. He wanted to punish Erica for dropping him for Travis. He now knows the hell he put Erica through for losing custody of Bianca. He wanted her forgiveness. She assured him she forgave him long ago. They hugged each other. They reminisce about their past relationship and Jack assured her that she would never lose him. They kissed a long, sensual kiss.

At Wildwind, Edmund was telling Maria she is sick because of him when Isabella came running into Maria's bedroom upset to see her ill. She could not understand why Edmund had not called a doctor. He tried to convince Isabella that a doctor couldn't help. She probably has the flu. Maria called out to Edmund and Isabella raced to her bedside. Isabella told Edmund that if he didn't call a doctor she would so Edmund called Jake to come over and look at Maria. Jake arrived at Wildwind and after examining Maria, took a blood sample for the lab. Isabella left to pick up the children at school. Jake returned to the hospital to get the lab blood work done. Edmund quickly called David from his cell phone and left a message that Jake has a blood sample and to do what he has to do now.

Maria woke up thirsty from a brief nap. As Edmund gave her a drink of water he confessed that he gave her something that made her sick. He tried to explain his desperation for finding Maria, his wife, and didn't want to lose her. He lost her once and didn't want to lose her again. Edmund told her about funding David Hayward's research for an antidote to get her memory back and that he slipped a few drops into her drink. He was encouraged because she was getting her memory back and so he gave her a few more drops but they made her sick. Maria's anger welled up in her as Edmund told his confession. She remained silent about her feelings until Edmund left the room. She muttered to herself, as she got out of bed, "You son of a bitch. It'll be a cold day in hell before you see me again."

Kendall, Greenlee and Mia were at PVU taking down their ad posters for Fusion lipstick. They were complaining that Simone was not helping them and wondered where she was.

At the university student lounge one of the students wanted the hot lipstick color that is shown on the posters. Kendall told the student to come back in an hour with all her friends because free samples would be given out. Greenlee gave Kendall a puzzled look and Kendall ran out of the student lounge. Simone and Kendall returned to the lounge with the lipstick samples. As Kendall began the sales pitch for Fusion, Simone joined in as well as Greenlee. They prompted Mia to join them as well. The four Fusion women gladly handed out samples to the gathered crowd of woman students. The samples all given out, the four ladies were pleased with the PR event. Greenlee's cell phone rang. It was Maxie Berlin. She wanted the new hot lip color, Rioja, on Lacey's shelves immediately because Lacey's was being stormed by woman customers demanding the latest hot color. Kendall confessed there was no lip color left in their warehouse. They are out. Greenlee lamented if they don't stock Lacey's shelves with the lip color, they are out of business.

At Wildwind, Aidan used a key to enter through the front door at Wildwind. Morgan was right behind him with a gun. They creped through the living room and Aidan opened the picture frame, revealing the safe. Morgan cautioned him he better get the safe open in 60 seconds. Aidan listened at the safe door as he turned the tumblers. When he finally got it opened, Morgan urged him to give her the hidden treasure. Aidan reached into the safe and suddenly whirled around pointing a pistol at Morgan who also pointed her pistol at Aidan. They were in a face off.

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