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Monday, January 27, 2003

Jessica visits Marshall in his hospital room, where he is sitting on his bed fully dressed. He tells her that he will not hold her to her promise to go to Washington to help him find his daughter Zara, who is in Buenos Aires. Jessica reminds Marshall that he is not healthy enough to travel, and that she is capable of making her own decisions. Marshall suggests to Jessica that she doesn't know her own heart.

Ben tells Isaac that he has asked Jessica not to help Marshall by going to Washington. Isaac advises Ben that he must decide whether he can forgive Jessica or not, and to stick to it. Ben promises Isaac that he will look past Jessica's involvement with Marshall and will even apologize. He leaves Isaac to go to the hospital. When Ben arrives at the hospital, Bob Hughes waylays him for a consultation just outside of Marshall's room, before Ben has a chance to apologize to Jessica and Marshall. Jessica implies that she will represent Marshall in his legal difficulties, then she walks out the door to catch the plane to Washington. Marshall struggles out of his bed, gasping, "Sorry, Jessica. This isn't your call to make." As Bob and Ben return from their consultation, a nurse advises them that Marshall has left the hospital. On the plane, Jessica has just fastened her seat belt when Marshall takes the seat beside her.

Emily urges Carly to take off on the honeymoon trip as soon as possible, and to wait to tell Jack about the possibility that Mike might be the baby's father until they are away together. Carly leaves to go find Jack, and Emily leaves to go to Carly's house to get Parker.

Craig calls Carly's house to warn her that Rosanna knows that Mike might be the father of Carly's baby, but Molly answers Carly's phone. Craig asks Molly to tell Carly that "Rosanna knows everything." Emily bursts in the door, saying that she is there to take Parker home to keep him during the honeymoon. Molly tells Emily about Craig's message, but Emily urges Molly to let Carly and Jack leave for their honeymoon without worrying them with Craig's message. After Emily leaves with Parker, Molly goes back to the cottage. Lucina drops into the cottage, which Molly and Mike are renting from her. Molly asks Lucinda if they can buy the cottage. Molly tells Lucinda how much she loves Mike.

Although Jack is ready to leave the police station for the honeymoon, Hal insists that Jack question Magda, who has been arrested for passing bad checks. Carly comes into the police station to find Jack, and Magda sees Carly when she is standing outside the interrogation room. Jack promises to leave as soon as he finishes questioning Magda. Carly goes home to wait for Jack.

Rosanna confronts Mike with the possibility that he might be the father of Carly's baby, based on the fact that Carly's doctor had mentioned to Rosanna that Carly was in the second trimester of her pregnancy. Mike begs Rosanna not to hurt Molly by telling her about the paternity of Carly's baby. He insists that he should be the one to tell Molly. Rosanna cries as she tells Mike that he will now break Molly's heart the way he once broke hers. Mike stomps out.

Rosanna goes directly to Craig's home and asks him why he hurt her in order to protect Carly. He tells Rosanna that he refused to continue the lie in order to protect Carly, and that this proves that he loves Rosanna. Craig asks Rosanna, "Can you please forgive me for not sleeping with Carly?" Rosanna responds, "Craig, you can't possibly think that we're still getting married?" Craig pulls the ring from his pocket and drops to one knee in front of her. Rosanna smiles through her tears.

Jack finishes his interview with Magda. Unaware that Jack is married to Carly, Magda tells Jack that she recognized Carly because she was working on security at Monte Carlo. She tells Jack that she came across Henry taking pictures of Carly and Mike making love the night before Carly's wedding. Jack tells Hal what Magda told him, then he remembers finding Carly in Craig's arms the afternoon before the wedding, and thinks that Magda was confusing Mike for Craig. But Hal reminds Jack that Craig was with Hal that night. Hal emphatically advises Jack to go home and have a long talk with Carly, and Jack leaves the police station to find her.

Mike appears at Carly's door and asks her directly if the baby could be his. Carly, despairing, admits it, but begs Mike to let her tell Jack first. She informs Mike that he will have no part in the baby's life, and that the baby will be raised by Jack, and only Jack. Carly begs Mike to keep their secret, but Mike promises that if she doesn't tell, he will. Heartbroken at the thought of all the people who will be hurt by the news about her one-night stand with Mike, Carly cries in Mike's arms. Jack bursts in the door to find them embracing.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Marshall convinces Jessica to let him stay on the flight to D.C. Meanwhile, Ben finds out from Lien that Marshall's daughter, Zara, is dead. Lien and Ben head to D.C. to tell Marshall and Jessica the bad news. Craig finally convinces Rosanna to accept his proposal. Later, Lucy is very happy that Rosanna is going to be a part of their family. Lucy urges Rosanna to have a big wedding so that she can be a bridesmaid. Craig is happy to see Lucy in good spirits until he realizes it is because of Aaron. Later, Craig answers a call from Alison who promises him that Lucy will hate Aaron by the end of the week. Jack confronts Carly and Mike about their affair. Mike pleads with Jack to take it out on him and not Carly but Jack orders Mike to leave. When Jack and Carly are alone Jack questions whether the baby is his or Mike's. Carly voices her uncertainty and then apologizes to Jack. Jack is upset at the fact that everyone, even Craig, knew the truth but him. Jack tells a distraught Carly that he wants her to leave. He places his ring on the table and leaves. Meanwhile, Mike comes home to Molly who informs him that Lucinda has agreed to sell them the cottage. Mike realizes that Molly has taken off her wedding ring. He confesses to Molly about his affair and she is stunned. Molly finally puts all the pieces together and goes to see Carly.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Paul and Rose meet at the Lakeview. Barbara comes in and acts like she's happy to see her. Rose asks Barbara, "Are you drunk?" Then tells her "Get out of my sight." Barbara makes sure to kiss Paul good-bye and tell him that she'll call him. Rose is annoyed by Barbara. Paul says, "I wish I had different parents but I don't." Paul explains about Will and the fire and says that he doesn't want to abandon Will. Rose doesn't understand so Paul leaves. Barbara runs to Paul and says she is upset because she just found out that she wasn't called into a meeting with Dr. Michaels. Paul tells Barbara that if she sees Rose, to just walk away. Barbara tells Paul that Rose is a "lousy influence" on him. Later, Rose and Paul meet back at the Lakeview and decide to start from the beginning.

Hal tells Emily that Jack knows, saying it was just a matter of time. He gets a call from Dr. Michaels and has to leave to meet with her. Alison is there and becomes worried about Will. She goes to the hospital to see him and starts asking him questions. Hal walks in and Alison is told to leave while Dr. Michaels talks with Hal. Dr. Michaels says that Barbara put pressure on Will who became the only child that hadn't abandoned her. Will was left "holding the bag." She tells Hal that Will is angry but doesn't know how to express it. He's afraid to stand up for himself but he's asking for help. Dr. Michaels says she wants Barbara to have a psychological evaluation because she is a serious problem. She also tells Hal that after Alison's visits, Will shuts down and doesn't speak freely. Hal tells Alison that only the immediate family can now visit Will. Alison bumps into Chris Hughes, sending his files into the air. She ends up standing right on top of Will's file. She knows that somehow she must look at the file to see if Will has remembered anything.

Carly tells Molly that she didn't set out to hurt her. Carly says, "It just happened. It wasn't planned. It was about stopping the pain." Molly tells her "You can't get that drunk. Trust me, I tried." Mike calls Carly while Molly is there. Molly knows it is Mike. Carly says he was looking for Jack but she knows that Mike really loves Molly. Carly says that night she just needed to connect with somebody, that it could have been anybody - it just happened to be Mike. Molly is very angry and Carly says that Molly has done some terrible things in her life and people have forgiven her. Carly asks if Molly can forgive her. Molly asks Carly how she would feel if Molly slept with Jack. She tells Carly, "You are selfish, greedy, cruel and I don't love you anymore." Molly leaves and Carly goes to see Parker who is with Emily. Carly tells Emily that she is going to take Parker and go to Cancun. Emily tires to convince her to leave Parker but Carly says she needs her son.

Jack goes back to the police station and Mike goes to see him and apologizes. He tells him it was one time - "one stupid moment" and it will never happen again. Jack asks him what kind of a man he is because he disrespected their friendship. Jack says that Carly has been lying to him. Mike says Jack is stubborn and tells him to forgive Carly. Mike is angry that Jack won't give Carly another chance. He tells Jack he could have gotten Carly a cup of coffee or he could have opened up a bottle of champagne. He chose the champagne. Then, POW - Jack punches Mike square in the face. Mike leaves saying he needs to make things right with Molly.

When Mike goes home, he sees Molly who has packed her things and walks out. Jack goes home to find a note from Carly explaining that she took Parker and went to Cancun.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Kim and Chris meet for coffee and Kim asks her son to check up on Will because Barbara had been complaining about the care her son has been getting. Chris tells his mother that he will do some investigating and make sure that Will's care is up and up. When Chris gets to the hospital to start his shift, he goes up to the psyche ward and Alison is sitting at a desk pretending to read a magazine. Chris starts to talk to the nurse in charge and who has an armful of files. After flirting with the nurse, Chris asks if he can see Will Munson's file. The nurse informs him that Will is a patient of Dr. Michaels and she can't let him see the file. Chris flirts a little more and tells her that Will is a cousin of his and he just wants to check on everything and make sure that Will is being taken care of. The nurse gives Chris the file. Alison watches the two intently. The nurse leaves and Chris starts to read the file. John Dixon walks in and sees Chris reading the file. He walks up behind Chris and asks what is he doing. Chris jumps, closes the file and puts the file in Dr. Michaels' slot. John yells at Chris when he sees that the file is Will's. He reminds Chris that it is unethical that he would look into a patient's file that is not in his care. John asks if Chris would like to be written up and let the board look into the matter. Bob walks up and sees John talking to Chris. He walks over and asks what is going on. John lies and says that Chris was late for his rounds and he was letting him know that can't happen again. John leaves and Bob tells Chris that he doesn't believe John and he wants to know what was going on between the two. Chris tells his father that he was looking at Will's file and John caught him. Bob tells his son how wrong that is and Chris tells him that he found some things in Will's file. He shows his father that there was an accelerant that was used in the fire, but Will had no evidence of an accelerant on is body. He goes on to say that Will admits to lighting the matches, but he insist that he stomped the match out. Chris asks his father to take a look at the file and discuss it with Dr. Michaels. Bob says that he would have to have a darn good reason to do that. Chris says that he thinks that Will has painted himself into a corner and is confused. Alison sits and listens intently.

At the police station, Margo and Hal are discussing Jack and the tragic situation he and Carly are in. Jack walks into the room and announces that he has brought rolls for everyone at the station. Margo and Hal look at each quizzically. Jack goes to his desk and starts to shuffle papers. Hal walks over and asks if Jack would do better if he took some time off. Jack tells his friend that he can't just sit in the house and look at Parker's toys and do nothing. He adds that if he is working, then his mind will be on other thoughts rather than Carly. Jack sits down and gets to work and Hal walk over to Emily who has just walked in the door. As Jack is working, Magda (the security guard at Monte Carlo) comes in and tells Jack that thanks to him she has turned her life around and is starting over. Before she goes, she hands Jack a mini camera that she had taken from Henry the night that Carly and Mike slept together. She tells him that the pictures on that camera would be worth a lot, but she is handing the camera over to him. Jack stands up and throws the camera across the room and orders Magda to leave the station. Magda is stunned and doesn't know what she has done. Margo escorts Magda out and Hal deals with Jack. Hal begs Jack to please take some time off. Jack points at Emily and tells Hal to be careful of her because they all lie. Hal grabs Jack and pushes him into the interrogation. Hal tells Jack that he has just crossed the line. Jack can't settle down and Hal orders him to leave and not return for two weeks. Jack leaves the police station and goes to the Lakeview Lounge. He orders a boilermaker and then a beautiful woman walks over and sits at the bar with Jack. The woman sees that he is drinking a boilermaker and says that he must be trouble. He asks if she is looking for trouble and she says that she just might be.

Ben and Lien are waiting on the plane for take off. Ben tells Lien to save time he will call the hotel where Jessica and Marshall are staying and inform her that they are on their way with some information. When he calls the hotel, he mistakenly asks for Marshall Travers room and then changes his mind and asks for Jessica Griffin's room. The desk person tells him that Marshall and Jessica are staying in the same room. Ben decides not to be connected to the room and hangs up. Ben tells Lien that Jessica and Marshall are in the same room. Lien tries to get Ben to see the logical side of things. She reminds him that Marshall is just out of the hospital and Jessica probably didn't want to leave him alone in a hotel room. Ben suggests that they could have gotten two rooms with adjoining doors. The plane takes off for Washington.

In Washington, Marshall wakes up and sees Jessica milling around the room. She sees that he has woken up and tells him that she ordered breakfast for him. He tells her that she has read his mind. She says, "That isn't hard." Marshall asks if she knows what he is thinking now. Jessica looks at him and he says, "A shave. I need a shave." Jessica shaves his face for him and then she showers and gets dressed. She sends Marshall to the shower and tells him that she will check on his suit that they sent to be cleaned last night. Jessica calls the front desk and they tell her that the suit is on its way up. As she is hanging up the phone, there is a knock at the door. She gets her purse to get some money out for a tip. When she opens the door, Lien and Ben are standing there and Ben is holding Marshall's suit. Ben tells Jessica that they have taken care of the suit, tip and all. Jessica is surprised and asks what are they doing there. Lien tells Jessica that she tried to call her yesterday, but missed her. Lien informs Jessica that she has some information on Marshall's daughter. Jessica asks the two to come in. As Ben enters the room, he sees that the bed has been slept in. Marshall walks out to ask Jessica to help him change his bandage and sees Ben and Lien standing there. All Marshall is wearing is his under shorts. Jessica introduces Marshall to Lien. Marshall shakes her hand and then retrieves his robe. When he returns, Lien informs Marshall that she has some bad news about his daughter. Marshall sits down. Lien tells him that his daughter is dead. Marshall tells her that can't be. Lien gives him a file that has her death certificate in it. She informs Marshall that the place where Stenbeck said his daughter was is a cemetery. She tells him that she had it checked out and it is true. Marshall breaks down and starts to cry. Lien and Ben tell Marshall how sorry they are and Lien says that she has to leave and get back to her office. Jessica walks the two to the door. Lien says goodbye to Jessica. Ben tells Jessica that he will go with Lien to her office and then the three of them can go back to Oakdale together. He tells Jessica that he wants to talk to her about being friends again. Jessica tells Ben that Marshall shouldn't be flying again so soon and she will be staying in Washington with him until he feels able to leave again. That answer does not make Ben a happy man.

Molly is just waking up in her hotel room. She has just had a dream about she and Mike in bed together and Mike tells her that he will be with her forever. Molly is startled out of her dream from a knocking at the door. She walks over to the door and asks who is there. From the other side of the door, Mike asks if they can talk and he begs her to open the door. Molly thinks for a second and opens the door. She tells Mike that she doesn't want to see him ever again. Mike says that they need to talk about what has happened. He walks into the room and closes the door. Molly asks him how could he sleep with her cousin. She goes on to say that it could be different if the person he had been with was some no face person, but she has to see Carly and watch her get bigger and bigger everyday with his child. Molly reminds him that he yelled at her when she had kept the secret about donating the money to the hospital to make sure he had a job that would keep him in Oakdale. He tells her that she has every right to be angry with him and he has been so wrong. He reminds her that it was fate that brought them together and when he saw her in the bar in New York, he knew that she was the one for him. He tells her that the best time in his life was when they were together at the cottage. He says that he wants her and only her. He tells her that there has got to be a way to restore her belief in him. He says that she doesn't have to forgive, but just please come home. He begs her not to turn her back on him and give them another chance.

Friday, January 31, 2003

by Andy

At the hospital, Chris Hughes tries to get his father to read Will Munson's psychology file, but Bob scolds his son for snooping and threatens to write him up next time he catches him in an area where he doesn't belong. After both doctors return to work, the eavesdropping candy striper Alison sneaks over to the wall holding several charts, snatches Will's chart, and tries to find out what doctors have been saying about Will. She reads, " 'Patient can't make the connection between playing with the matches and starting the fire.'...So, I help him fill in the blanks. Make him think he did it, and I'm in the clear." She walks out of the area and into the hallway where she runs into Emily and her mother. Emily says Hal won't budge because Dr. Michaels advised him to not allow Alison to visit with Will. Susan doesn't know much about the situation, but volunteers to speak with Dr. Michaels directly on Alison's behalf. Alison hugs her mother for the first time in months, and Susan gratefully accepts the attention. Emily doesn't let Alison off the hook so easily. She demands to know what she was doing in the psyche ward after she was told to stay away. Later, Susan returns with good news. Dr. Michaels approved one last visit with Will, then Alison can see him anytime she wants when he returns home. Susan is rewarded with another hug, then Alison runs to see Will. Emily is curious why Alison is so happy. Susan reminds Emily that Alison is acting just like she did when she was her age. Emily doesn't appreciate the comparison, and still wonders what Alison is up to.

In Molly's suite, she asks Mike, "You want another chance?" Mike pleads with her, "I made a mistake." Molly zings back, "You made a baby." Molly can't figure out why, after all this time of using protection with her, why he made love to Carly one night without using a condom. "I didn't know you were saving yourself for Carly." She asks him if he has always been loved by his family and friends. He nods, and says, "I've been lucky." She tells him of her history, "Some people haven't always been that lucky. Because-my parents had little or no use for me. And my boyfriends were all users. And I never had a real girlfriend until Carly came into my life. And nobody loved me until Jake. I wanted to die with him." She tells him that he won't get another chance to pick her up off the floor. "This conversation is over! Just get out!" Before he leaves, Mike says, "You're wrong about us. We can make it and I will prove it to you."

At the Lakeview Lounge, Jack is getting tanked while pursuing an interested lady. Joan hikes her dress up over her knee and continues to seductively talk with Jack. Jack tries to wade through to his senses, and says, "I-I'm married." The lady plays with her wedding ring and says, "Me too." Jack asks if her husband knows that she's out looking to get lucky in a bar. Joan is taken aback and says, "You don't know me. You don't know my marriage. You have no right to speak to me like this." She picks up her purse, and walks out. Jack apologizes, but it's too late. As Jack throws a payment down on the bar for the drinks, Mike bellies up to the bar and barks that he wants whatever is ready on draught. Jack sighs and says, "I just can't catch a break." Mike tells him he was here talking with Molly, who moved out. Jack congratulates her decision. They exchange glares, then Jack storms off.

Outside Marshall's hotel room in Washington, DC, Jessica and Ben argue about why she is deciding to stay and take care of Marshall. Jessica can see that Ben doesn't understand and retreats to the room. Ben stops her and apologizes for his recent attitude, and tells her, "I'm ready to forgive you." Jessica is unmoved by the gesture and says, "If you don't have anything else to say to me, have a safe flight." She closes the door and Marshall asks her what time her flight leaves. Jessica storms off to the bathroom telling him she isn't leaving until it's safe for Marshall to travel. Later, Marshall wonders aloud why Lien and Ben came in person to deliver the bad news. Jessica says that sometimes when people are grieving, they need the support of their friends. Marshall wraps his arms around her waist and says, "I can think of a few better ways to remind me how life is good. Show me I'm not alone." Jessica stomps her heel into Marshall's foot. He screams, then asks, "What did you do that for?!" She says, "I would have slapped you, but you just had brain surgery." She redirects the focus back to his daughter's death, and tries to get him to mourn for Zara. He focuses on the mistakes he made with Zara and her mother, then finally breaks down and cries. Outside the door, Ben calls Lien in DC and thanks her for all her recent support. He hangs up, then walks to Marshall's room. He finds a "Privacy Please" sign hanging on the knob, listens at the door, then walks away when he hears hushed voices. Inside, Jessica comforts Marshall, then tucks him in for a nap.

Back in Molly's suite, she is curled up on her couch crying when there is a knock at the door. She tells Mike to go away, but it's Jack. She opens the door and lets him inside. They commiserate about their similar situations. He asks for a drink, but Molly pours him a cup of tea. She admits she still loves Mike, and tells him he still loves Carly. But, she doesn't love him enough to take him back. Jack tells her that he hit Mike hard at the station, and that Hal forced him to take two weeks off. She begins to weep again, and Jack holds her in his arms. She says, "I'm so glad you're here." He brushes a tear from her face and says, "Me too." Later, they're eating some snacks, and Jack starts rubbing her shoulders. They get into another compromising position and she asks what they're going to do. Later still, both pull out some photos of Mike and Carly and lay them on a silver plate next to a pair of scissors and a lighter. Jack is first up. He lifts Carly's photo and sets fire to it. Molly watches it burn for a short time, then grabs the photo, puts out the fire, and breaks down weeping. Jack grabs her and tries to console her. She starts to hit his chest in anger, until she wearily stops and looks into his eyes. They both pause, then fall into a passionate kiss.

Paul meets his mother at the Java café, and confirms that Hal had a secret meeting with Lynn Michaels regarding Will. Barbara freaks out, wondering if everyone is conspiring against her. She says a court date has been scheduled to determine if Will can be released from the hospital, but she fears they will assign custody to Hal. She begs Paul to help stop this from happening. Paul says he will testify on Will's behalf. Barbara briefly accuses Paul for being responsible for the fire because he left Will alone. Paul eyes erupt with flames. He stands up and starts to walk out. Barbar stops her son and spits, "He needs us. We're an imperfect family, but he needs us." He again says he will support whatever the court finds, even if it means Will is returned to Hal's custody. Barbara says, "Oh Paul, I'm beginning to think you're father was right about you."

Lucinda meets Lily for lunch at the Lakeview. Lucinda wonders where Rose is because she was invited also. Lily wants to try to talk with her mother about backing Rose's latest dream to open a hair salon before Rose arrives. Lucinda waffles at the idea while Rose comes within earshot. Rose blurts, "It's a good thing I'm not hittin' ya up for a loan then, huh?" Later, Rose shows her the business plan. Lucinda finally offers Rose financial help, but Rose turns her down because she wants to start her business on her own. Rose runs off to meet up with Paul. Lily sees Mike walk through. She rushes up to him and offers him her ear, if he wants it. They sit at a table and start to talk things through. Lily advises him to be patient.

Rose meets Paul at the bar. They try to have another date, but Paul is still a little uncomfortable.

Alison finally meets with Will and starts to feed him false information. She tells him that he lit the matches and then dropped them into the straw, but they instead fell onto the oily rags Aaron left lying around, and then the rags caught on fire. Will says he never said those things, and doesn't remember anything like that happening. Will then asks her if she was the one who started the fire. "Was it you?"


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