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Passions Recaps: The week of January 27, 2003 on PS
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Monday, January 27, 2003

Ethan and Gwen muss the bed sheets once more in Ethan effort to prove to Gwen his love. He tells Gwen that she does not have to be insecure where Theresa is concerned. He promises that they will move out of the mansion as soon as they can swing it financially. Gwen is overjoyed, especially since Ethan also promised he will try to get another job away from Theresa soon as well.

Fox admires Theresa for her motherly ways toward Little Ethan. He tells her how cold Ivy was to him and his other siblings. All his other siblings except Ethan. Fox tells Theresa that he didn't even rate Pilar as a nanny. Ethan got Pilar and he and the others got a cold mean governess. Theresa then asks Fox to leave because she has to get up early for a meeting. He asks to stay to learn more about true love. Theresa takes it as a pass. Fox assures her it is not. Theresa doesn't buy it and tells him he is a true Crane through and through.

Sheridan prays for guidance. Luis walks in and tires to comfort her. Beth prays that Sheridan gives Antonio the drug for her own selfish reasons. Sheridan puts all the blame for Antonio's condition on her shoulders. From the accident to forgetting his medication. Luis tells her it is not true. He tells her that finding each other at the Inn was an accident. Sheridan tells Luis that she loves him so much it made her forget all about Antonio.

Hank calls Theresa to the hospital. He tells her to hurry because Antonio is not doing well.

Sam brings Kay's scarf home to Grace. He gently explains that he found blood near the scarf. He tells Grace he only came home to tell her before she hears it from someone else. Sam and Grace embrace. Grace gets scared thinking that some awful stranger may have picked Kay up. Both Sam and Grace apologize for the hurtful things they said to each other when they found Kay gone. Ivy tells David to do something because the couple seems to be getting closer.

Kay walks in on Tabitha's pregnancy problems. She sees butterflies fly out of Tabby's mouth and ears as she spins in the air. Tabitha laughs Kay off and tries to give mortal explanations. Kay tells her to knock it off once and for all. She knows the truth and plans on telling everyone that Tabitha is a witch. Kay grows mean and cold toward Tabby and says now that she knows the truth, it explains a lot of things. Tabitha asks Kay if her mother knows she is at her house. Kay tells her no and that she ran away from home. Tabby smiles when she realizes that no one knows Kay is there. Tabitha then offers Kay a sleeping bag if she will fetch it from the basement. Kay tells her it doesn't matter if she is nice to her she plans on telling everyone just what Tabitha is. She then accepts Tabitha's offer to get the sleeping bag from Tabby's creepy "basement."

Theresa walks in on Ethan and Gwen making love. Gwen freaks out and tells Theresa she crossed a line this time. Theresa stops Gwen's tirade and explains about Antonio and how Sheridan needs Ethan. Ethan jumps out of bed and tells her they will go to the hospital with her. Fox sees first hand that Theresa is right and she does share a bond with Ethan.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Charity prays for Kay's safety. As she is praying she seems to go into a trance. Charity blankly stumbles from the kitchen to the front door. The Bennett's can't communicate with her. Grace suggests that they leave Charity alone in the hopes that she will lead them to Kay. Everyone dons their coats to follow Charity. Ivy stays behind and laughs at the absurdity of the Bennett Clan with their weird premonitions. David cautions her not to laugh because Charity does seem to have powers. Ivy tells David that taking Sam away from all the looneys in the house will be an act of kindness.

Julian and Rebecca come up with a new sex game to play. A short while later, Julian is apologizing and Rebecca is frustrated. Apparently he is suffering from low libido. Julian blames his temporary impotence on Theresa. He says he is frightened and can't concentrate because Theresa is so power hungry she seems to be planning on taking control of Crane Industries away from him along with his power, mansion and wealth. Rebecca explains to Julian that is why it is so important to be rid of Theresa. She is pinning her hopes on a mystery man who will give them information to use against Theresa. Rebecca gets excited when her mystery man calls. He assures her that he has the kind of dirt they need to bury Theresa. His price is steep. He demands one million dollars. Rebecca breaks the news to Julian and he balks at the price.

Kay informs Tabitha that she is planning on blowing the whistle. She is going to tell everyone as soon as possible that Tabitha is a real witch. Tabitha says to herself that once Kay goes to the basement she will be silenced forever. Just as Tabitha is about to give Kay the big push down the basement steps, Charity arrives. Grace, Sam, John and Jessica rush in to find Kay. Grace tells Kay that she should call the doctor and get Kay's head injury looked at. Kay tells her no. Grace says that she should then go home to bed and rest. Kay tells Grace no and that she is not going home with her. Sam tries to talk Kay into going home even if it is only just for one night. Sam talks to Kay as lovingly and as supportive as possible. Grace tells Kay that she loves her and wants her to come home too. Kay tells Sam that Grace is lying. She says that they are surrounded by lies and liars. Kay says that nothing is as it seems.

Theresa, Ethan and Gwen arrive at the hospital as Sheridan is ready to announce her decision about Antonio's fate. Sheridan announces that she wants to honor Antonio's last wish. Pilar won't let Sheridan finish. She knows where Sheridan's decision is going. Pilar takes out her claws to fight for her son's life. She tells Sheridan that not giving Antonio that drug is the same as putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger. Pilar then accuses both Sheridan and Luis of wanting Antonio's quick death so they can be together. Pilar lays it on the line. If Antonio is not given that drug she will disown the both of them forever. The nurse informs Sheridan that Eve is coming with the drug cocktail and they need a decision now. Sheridan gives in to Pilar and orders the drug for Antonio. Pilar is grateful and Beth is overjoyed. Beth is sure that now nothing will stop her from getting Luis. She is crying with tears of joy as she hugs her mother. Mrs. Wallace is sick at the sight of Beth's happiness. Fox whispers to Gwen "I think Luis just lost Aunt Sheridan." Kay drops a bombshell. She announces that Ivy and David are working together. Kay tells everyone that David is not married to Grace and John is not her son. She then explains that it was all a big lie cooked up by Ivy and David to wreck the Bennett marriage.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Sheridan stands by her decision to give Antonio the experimental drug. Eve explains the devastating possible consequences once again. Sheridan tells Eve that Antonio saved her life more than once and she owes it to him to try to save his. Luis and Sheridan both acknowledge that they may never be able to be together now. If Antonio enters a vegetative state, Sheridan must honor her wedding vows and stay by him in sickness and in health. Beth hears this and celebrates by hugging her mother. Mrs. Wallace can't stand that Beth will finally be able to snare Luis and announces that she is going to tell Luis the awful truth about Beth. Beth pushes her mother out of the room and into her own hospital room. Beth shuts the door and Mrs. Wallace falls on the bed. Beth threatens her to keep her mouth shut. She swears she will get Luis by any means possible and will be damned if she will let her mother interfere. Mrs. Wallace clutches her chest as another heart attack is brought on. She weakly tells Beth to call for the doctor. Beth smiles and says that all her prayers are being answered today. She mocks her dying mother by asking, "Oh, did you say something?" She lays beside her mother and whispers in her ear, "Can you speak up a little? Do you want something?" Mrs. Wallace reaches for the call buzzer. Beth snatches it away from her and pulls it so hard that it comes unplugged. She whisks it out of her mother's grasp. Beth tells her mother she meant what she said about not letting her spoil the last chance she has with Luis.

Pilar and the rest of the family are grateful for Sheridan's decision. Sheridan leaves the hospital for some time alone and goes out in the snowstorm. Luis follows her and she falls into his arms. Luis is trying to be positive for both of them. He insists that the drug could work and then they can go to Antonio and tell him the truth.

Ethan tells Theresa he is glad that he came to the hospital and is happy to see that Antonio may have a chance at life. They hug as Gwen happens to walk in. She stands back, unnoticed as the pair begin to talk. Ethan gets angry with Theresa when the subject of Ivy comes up. He tells Theresa that her behavior toward his mother was unforgivable. He seems unwilling to acknowledge any wrong doing on Ivy's part. Theresa tells Ethan that Ivy would have done worse to her and Little Ethan given the chance. Ethan walks away angry and his parting words are that he only wants to speak to Theresa on a professional level. Gwen takes in the fight and smiles that Theresa once again alienated Ethan even further. Pilar tries to comfort Theresa. Theresa asks her mother why Ethan is so blind to Ivy's evil. Pilar says that we sometimes put blinders on when it comes to the people we love. Theresa tells Pilar that if Ethan would only see Ivy for the evil witch that she really is, he would probably come back to her and leave Gwen.

Kay drops the bombshell that Ivy and David are working together to break up the Bennett marriage. This upsets John who calls Kay nothing but a dirty liar. He runs to the Bennett house to get David and prove Kay wrong. David and Ivy panic when they hear Kay did spill the truth about them. John takes David to Tabitha's and Ivy follows along, knowing she could lose both Sam and Ethan if Kay is believed. Kay swears she is not lying. Grace is reluctant to believe her. Sam also doesn't jump on Kay's announcement as the truth. Ivy walks in and tells Kay that she is making the whole thing up. David stays silent. Kay begs her father to look into her eyes. She reminds Sam that he could always tell if she were lying. Sam takes Kay aside and as she tearfully pleads her case, he tells her he does in fact believe her. Kay thanks her dad and hugs him tight. Ivy looks scared and David still does not break his silence.

Luis tells Sheridan that they should be heading back to the hospital now. Sheridan asks him for a little more time. She says after they go back, they will probably never be alone together like this again.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Fox tells Theresa that he overheard her earlier conversation with Ethan. He reminds Theresa that his mother is very clever and she will never slip up enough that Ethan will see her for what she really is. Theresa says that Ivy will make a fatal mistake one day and Ethan will see how evil she is. Theresa is convinced that if Ethan does turn against Ivy, he will turn to her for comfort instead of Gwen.

Ethan tries to get Gwen to go home to rest. She refuses for Sheridan's sake. Ethan leaves to get Gwen some juice to keep up her strength. Gwen stares at Theresa saying I'm staying to keep you away from Ethan.

Pilar takes Theresa out of Gwen's way when she asks her to come to Antonio's bedside to pray. Miguel, and Hank are there and everyone prays for Antonio to recover from the experimental drug treatment.

Eve shows up at Tabitha's because Jessica called her. The Bennett's explain to Eve what Kay has been through and that she should be seen by a doctor. Kay refuses to let Eve check her until everyone believes her story about David and Ivy trying to break up her parents' marriage. Jessica takes Eve aside and tells her she is sorry if she interrupted anything important at the hospital. Eve explains about Antonio's condition. After hearing this, Jessica urges Charity to call Miguel to offer her support. Miguel is summoned to the nurses desk to take the call. Charity just tells Miguel she is praying for him and his family. She says she will not come to the hospital because that is Kay's place now, since she is carrying his baby. Miguel begs Charity not to say that and reaches out to her. Charity pulls away and tells Miguel that she will pray for Antonio and hangs up on him. Miguel is once again heartbroken. He asks Theresa why no one in their family can find true love and happiness.

Kay gets angry with Grace for not believing her. Kay yells to Grace "I lost someone I love and now you know how it feels. John is not your son so get over it!" Grace walks away before she says something she will regret. Sam turns on Ivy. Ivy looks innocent and tells Sam surely he doesn't beleive Kay. Sam surprises Ivy by saying that he saw the look in his daughter's eyes and she is telling what she believes to be the truth. He spells it out for Ivy, he will have nothing to do with her ever again if this turns out to be true. He then turns on David and threatens to tear him apart with his bare hands.

Mrs. Wallace keeps begging Beth to call for help. She gets weaker and weaker. Finally she passes out. Beth puts her in bed and situated so it looks like she is resting peacefully. The nurse walks in and even comments to Beth how peaceful her mother is sleeping. The nurse then realizes that Mrs. Wallace has no pulse. She calls "CODE BLUE!" The hospital staff tries to revive Mrs. Wallace as Beth watches and prays that it is too late.

Sheridan and Luis share a stolen kiss. Sheridan then agrees with Luis that they must go back to the hospital so he can be with his family and she can be with her husband. The family leaves Sheridan alone with Antonio. Hank and the others agree that Sheridan did the right thing by giving Antonio the drug.

Eve is happy to hear that Ivy is going to get exactly what she deserves now that Kay has spilled the truth. Eve then tells David she feels sorry for him too. David asks Eve what about her? Eve stands to lose too because Ivy will announce that Eve changed the DNA results because of blackmail. David insists that Ivy will take everyone down with her and Eve's secrets will be exposed.

Sam pleads with Grace to look deeply into Kay's eyes. He tells Grace that even though she has grown apart from Kay, she is still her daughter. Sam is sure if Grace looks closely enough, she will see the truth in Kay's eyes as well. David then explains to Eve that it is all over no matter what. Kay's announcement, even if she is not believed will put Sam back on their trail and eventually he will find out the truth. Grace then puts a hand to her mouth and says "Oh my god! You are telling the truth. Yes you are!"

John yells "NO!" He can't believe that his father would be a party to anything so horrible.

Theresa leaves the hospital and chases after Ethan and Gwen. She tells the pair she will walk out with them. She then manages to take Ethan from Gwen's side with talk of work. Fox smiles and agrees that Theresa is amazing.

Sheridan talks to Antonio and promises that she will be at his side forever honoring her marriage vows.

Luis finds Beth at her mother's side. She throws herself in his arms crying that her poor mother had another heart attack. She begs Luis never to leave her.

Friday, January 31, 2003

Eve is shaken when she realizes that her part in Ivy's evil plan will be exposed along with her secrets. She confides this to David. David knows how Eve feels. David explains that he is going to lose the two people in this world that he loves the most, his son John and Grace. David then confesses to Eve he loves Grace with all his heart. Eve damns Ivy and throws a glass at the kitchn wall. Jessica hears the noise and goes to see what is going on. Eve covers and Jessica leaves her and David alone once again to discuss their problems and their nemisis, Ivy. David tells eve is knows john will hate him forever when everything finally comes out. Eve then confides that it is not only Ivy who wants to ruin her life, it is her sister as well. Eve confesses that Liz is her sister and that she is trying to take TC away from her.

Liz in the meanwhile continues her seduction of TC. She fantisizes about how hurt Eve will be. She smiles at the sweet revenge she will finally have.

Sam and Grace believe Kay when they look into her eyes. Sam turns on Ivy and says that it all makes sense. Sam is sure that they have been manipulated by Ivy and David. Sam and Grace embrace when they realize that they are still married. Grace then sees how heartbroken John is and asks Kay once again if she is lying. Kay gets hurt and angry. She tells her mother that she has been given the greatest news possible, she is still married to Sam. Kay can't understand why having a stranger be her son is more important that her marriage and the rest of her children. Grace says from day one, she felt married to David and she felt connected to John. She doesn't want to lose them. Sam gets put out with Grace by saying that she doesn't want to lose David as well as John because she has feelings for him. His attitude brings a spark of hope to Ivy. Sam questions Grace if she is upset over being married to him and not David. Sam asks Grace if she wants David more than him. Grace explains that finding John filled the whole in her heart left by the miscarriage. She says she can't let go of John. Kay turns on her mother. She points out that she was Grace's daughter a lot longer than John was her son yet she has no trouble letting go of her and kicking her out of the house. Ivy then takes the opportunity to but in and remind everyone the DNA test that proved John and Grace were related. Grace then jumps on this fact and hollers to Kay only god can give two people the same DNA. Ivy sits back and claims Kay is crazy and a liar. Kay says that DNA tests can be false or even rigged. Ivy acts outraged when she asks Kay if she really believes Eve, her parents' best friend would deliberately rig the DNA results. Eve walks in on the conversation and puts Eve on the spot by asking if there was anything wrong with the DNA test she ran on John and Grace.

Beth hangs onto Luis for support as she pretends she will be lost and heartbroken if her mother dies. The doctors revive her. They explain to Beth that her mother is stable. Beth can't believe it when she flashes back to her mother's attack and how long she made her mother suffer before help arrived. The doctors tell Beth that her mother is stable but it is touch and go. Luis tells Beth that he and Sheridan probably have no future together so he can be there for her. Beth hugs Luis and hangs on tight.

Pilar and Sheridan have a heart to heart. Sheridan tells Pilar once again that she will stand by Antonio and her wedding vows. Sheridan knows that her future depends on how Antonio responds to the drug. She is trying to prepare herself for a life without Luis.

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